Elite performers are masterful time managers. They focus on the world.

They are all about protection. Protecting your time will allow you to conserve energy and be far more effective in everything that you do, leading to increase output as well as a greater sense of self-worth and internal peace. “The person who chases two rabbits catches neither ,”said Confucius. And Peter Drucker said that: “There is nothing so useless as doing effectively, that which should not be done at all.” The sword crafter metaphor. Focus on your highest priorities. This is not simple but profound way to live a great professional, personal and spiritual life. Time is The Great Equalizer. We all are given an allotment of only 24hours in a day. Mahatma Gandhi had 24 hours in a day. Richard Branson, the great entrepreneur ,has 24 hours in a day. Nelson Mandela has 24 hours in a day. Benjamin Franklin had 24 hours in a day. And you have 24 hours in your day. What separates a great, fully lived life from a mediocre one is how you protect and manage the time that you have. It is interesting to note that most people wish they had more time and yet they squander the time that they are given. Paying great attention to your time and how you intersect with it will transform your life. It is so important to simplify your life so that your life is lived around your highest priorities. The law of Linkage simply states: link all that you do with what truly counts in your life and your final outcomes. This is the essence of being strategic. Too many people do not live a strategic professional life. They are reactive rather than proactive .Thy live by accident. They wander through life in a form of waking sleep. And they get to the end of their lives and feel heartbroken at a life half lived. Too many people do not create the lives they want. Here is a big idea: creating the life you want is a high act of self-love. In doing so you honor yourself. Your confidence increases. Your energy levels increase. Your creative output increases. Your energy levels increase. Your creative output increases. All this, because you are being true to yourself. You are being authentic. And every elite performer is authentic. You have a responsibility to play your highest game .It is not about looking good in the world. It is about honoring yourself. You will be happiest in your life when you are progressing and growing. Living in the safe harbor of complacency and your comfort zone offers only an illusion of security. It is actually the kiss of death. It is the beginning of the end. When you are taking risks, reaching for the stars and playing your best game, you are being fully alive and walking towards the happiness that you deserve. You are here on the planet to create value (see yourself as a value creator) and to stand for something.

The greatest regret that most people have at the end of their lives is for all the opportunities they did not seize and all the deeds left undone. My definition of success is simple: to be in the process of creating the life that is most important to you.(discussion point) Daily Acts of Greatness Concept. A great life is built up of wonderfully well-lived days strung together like a necklace of pearls. You do not have to strive for the grand gesture. Focus on daily acts of greatness. The Slight Edge Principle (1%daily enhancements compound over time to 365%plus more). The people who had 1,000 people at their funeral were not famous nor generally rich. They were simply good and great in their own unique way. Make each day count. There will never be a better day to live your biggest life. You can change your entire life today with a decision made from the deepest life. You can change your entire life today with a big decision made from the deepest place within you. What takes the months and the weeks is the maintenance around that commitment. As they say in the Hebrew tradition: ”if not now, then when? ”The world needs you to shine. The world needs you to play your biggest game. Shift from being busy to achieving results.

“One day, the great inventor Thomas Edison was asked the secret behind his extraordinary success. He pondered for a moment and then replied ‘the ability to apply your physical and mental abilities to one problem incessantly without growing weary’. You do something all day long, don’t you? Everyone does. If you get up at 7 a.m. and go to bed at 11 p.m., you have put in 16 good hours, and it certain that most people have been doing something all that time. The only trouble is that they devote their time to a great many things, while I devote mine to only one. If they took the time in question and applied it to one object, they would succeed.” From Leadership Wisdom from the Monk Who sold His Ferrari at page 175 “Concentration is the secret of strength in war, in trade; in short in the management of human affairs,’ said Emerson. In leadership, there are activities that are worthy of your energy and attention, and there are activities that are unworthy of them. Once you figure out which ones to focus on and then have the self-discipline to do it, your effectiveness as a leader will be liberated” From Leadership Wisdom from the Monk Who sold His Ferrari at page 175

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