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Vietnamese Adolescents¶ CompanionProposal

Lecturer: Doan Mai Anh Student: Tran Le Nam Tra Student ID: s3221648 Date of submission: 26th March, 2010 Due date: 26th March, 2010


Executive summary:

The aim of this proposal is to offer an idea of Vietnamese Adolescents¶ Companion (VAC) for raising public awareness and prevention from teenager sexual abuse and more important is to propose a communication strategy for VACto get the most votes for votes from public and win the Iris Company¶s $1.5 million. Included in the proposal is a detailed information and execution of a tactic and using of communication channels. Also, the objectives, benefits and evaluation sectors of this plan are provided in order to The only one tactic introduced in the proposal, which is the ³To Share is to Receive´ writing competition, together with a good preparation and a variety usage of communication channels will help strongly promote for the idea and raise public awareness as well as grab a lot of attention.



To respond to the fact that Vietnamese adolescents have to face with sexual abuse and suffer from its severe consequences, Vietnamese Adolescents¶ Companion has come up with an idea that build up a solution, a prevention for the young generation to face with the risks. This document was written with the purpose of proposing a communication strategy to get the most votes for VAC¶s idea posted on Iris Company¶s websites. And the reward of $1.5 million will be able to help carry out the idea of VAC. There is a rationale in ordering the sections in this document in order to specify the purposes, emphasize the possible outcomes and raising the awareness of public about the reality of the youth suffering from sexual abuse and assaults. This document provides a full concept of the upcoming strategy, which includes the target public, benefits, objectives, preparation and implementation of the tactic. Also, the evaluation is provided in order to measure the success of this communication plan.


Vietnamese Adolescents¶ Companion ± An idea for a prevention of Adolescent sexual abuse

Based on a deep social and communication research, Vietnamese Adolescents¶ Companion (VAC) found out that the reality of Vietnamese Adolescent suffer from sexual abuse, sexual assault has fallen out of control recent years. Consequently, there is an urgent need in providing Specifically, the ideas of VAC is to provide a variety of activities, in which the adolescent will be prepared for the risks of being abused, the courses will be provided with excellent teaching equipments and study materials to assure that students enjoy and take advantage from those courses. Furthermore, the course will be introduced to the school¶s curriculum without being grade in order to encourage students to attend and contribute to the classes. Teachers for those courses vary from doctors, professors, to singers, parents with the assurance that they have enough knowledge and skill to deliver the messages of each class. Also, a centre of consultant and a hot line for advice giving and answering will be set up to enable the youth to be confident to face and to cope with risks of being sexual abuse.



The expecting benefits of this proposal at the end of the voting periods are not only the amount of money that VAC will receive to carry out our idea but also other apparent outcomes for the society: Increase awareness and attention among public about the issue of Adolescent sexual abuse. More engagement from different publics in society towards victims of sexual abuse and young people to Enhance the reputation of Iris Company as the sponsor for the plan of education Vietnamese adolescents about what is sexual abuse and how to prevent it.


Target public

With a deep research on Vietnamese teenager, adolescent, young people sector and the online community, this proposal promises certain benefits that the idea can bring about to build Vietnam a better place for developing and for living. Target public of the idea of VAC is the adolescent, who aged from 14 to 19, either in rural or urban areas who can be victims of sexual abuse or assaults while the target public of the proposal was internet user who are in the age of 15 to 30. This group of target is the most active user of the internet, in term of getting information, entertaining and interacting with the online community. As a result, the target public of this communication plan can be identified as below: Young adults aged from 16 ± 30 years old Have access to internet, participate in social networking and use other forms of internet activities.



The goal of this document is to provide a clearer sight on the idea of VAC and a communication plan that call for the most votes from public for this idea on Irish Company Website.


Reach 60% of target public to be aware of the campaign


Increase awareness, attention and information among the target public up to 90% after the campaign Increase actions among the target public up to 70% after the campaign.

VII. Tactic:


The main tactic of this campaign is the Writing Competition name ³To Share is to Receive´. Instructions: Anyone who have a story of real experience or memories, either of her/himself or his/her friends, relatives, families, colleagues, etc. about sexual abuse, can participate in this competition by posting the story on the official website of the contest at: The winners will be decided by the number of votes for the stories, at this site and at their home site. Award: There is one award of $2000 from the Judges ± who are 5 famous writing blogger of the Internet: Trang Ha, Ha Kin, Keng, Dang Thieu Quang and There is one award of $1500 from the votes of the audience. There are awards of $500 for five voters who have valid and excellent comments for the stories, choosing by the judges. Purpose: By sharing the stories of individual and voting for the good stories, target public may have a better knowledge and perception about the issue of sexual abuse. Moreover, sharing links and introducing the stories and websites for friends is the way that the awareness is increased and paid attention.

Official website: this website will be the place where participants post their stories or links to their stories from their home sites. Readers can also

introduce interesting stories of other authors by posting the link to this websites (with the agreement of the authors) Social Web blogs:;; these are the main sources of writing stories for the competitions. Writer can share the link directly to the official website. Social network pages: Twitter, Digg, Facebook: a fan page name ³To share is to Receive´, open discussion board for the latest stories and giving comments; use ³Notes´ tool to create piece of writing and sharing the stories to the online community. Social bookmarking: will be encouraged to use as to sharing the link of the own authors as well as favorite authors in order to get votes. Online newspapers:;; etc with the column of ³Ban Doc Viet´ is where good stories can be found and share.

Objectives: 20% of the target public contributes in the competition by writing stories 80% of the target public participates by voting, sharing, giving comments for the candidates.

VIII. Budget
The expenses for this campaign will be divided into spending for the award for the winner of the writing competition. Awards: $6000 Other Expense: $500 Sum: $6500



The number of qualified stories posted on the website, the numbers of links that are shared among the participants and contributors to the competitions, the number of fans, friends, their comments and views of the fan pages, etc. are possible a good indication of the effectiveness of this strategy. Eventually, the number of votes for the idea on Iris Company¶s website at the end of the competition period is definitely an utmost reflection of the whole plan.



With the aim at proposing a communication plan for the idea of Vietnamese Adolescents¶ Companion to get the highest number of votes on Irish Company¶s website, this document look forward to fulfill the objectives by providing a smart choice of tactics and communication channels. As a result, the success of this campaign will be the first step that brings VAC nearer to the win of Iris¶ $1.5 million for the idea.

May you have further inquiries on the matter and this proposal, please feel free to contact us via our website at www.vietnamese or call us at (64) ± 9348 172 2352

Position Paper
Vietnamese Adolescents¶ Companion (VAC) ± Prevent Adolescents from Sexual Abuse for a better future of Vietnamese young generation.
The Convention of the Rights of the Child states that every child and adolescent has an individual right to be protected from all forms of sexual exploitation and abuse (UNICEF, 1989). Although this doctrine was adopted in 1989, the reality of adolescents and young people in Asian countries, especially Vietnam, who suffered from sexual abuse, has fallen quite short of this statement. This position paper will start on elaborating the adolescent sexual abuse in Vietnam especially the problem of providing adolescent with adequate knowledge to self - protect. Together with Iris Company, Vietnamese Adolescent¶s Companion strongly holds the position that Vietnamese young generation deserves a safe and happy life to grow up, to succeed and to contribute to the nation-building of our country. A definition for Adolescent ± Sexual Abuse: There are different ways to identify what is called ³sexual abuse´. It can be the action of ³when an older child, a youth or an adult uses a child or youth for his or her own sexual gratification, includes incest´ (Trocme& Wolfe 2001). Another definition of sexual abuse is ³any act (verbal and/or physical) which breaks a person¶s trust and/or safety and is sexual in nature. Victims/survivors of sexual assaults are forced, coerced, and/or manipulated to participate in the unwanted sexual activity´ (WCASA, 2000). In addition, young people (adolescents) aged from 16 to 19 are claimed to be ³3 ½ times more likely than the general population to be victims of raping, attempted rape, or sexual assault´ (WCASA, 2000). Facts on the issue: Approximately, 1.8 million adolescents in the United States have been the victims of sexual assault and 33% of sexual assaults occur when the victim is between the ages of 12-17 (U.S. Department of Justice Statistics, 2000). The reality of this issue in Asian countries is even worse. Young people between the ages of 14 and 25 are currently the largest demographic segment

(25% of the total population) although to date, no descriptive or analytical research about adolescent sexual abuse in Vietnam has published in peer-reviewed journals, Ms Le Hong Loan, Chief of UNICEF¶s Child protection section states in a research about sexual abuse that ³violence and abuse are unacceptable situations that many children and adolescents face every day in Vietnam´. Through this fact, urgent demands have been made for a higher education, protection from sexual abuse.A research in 2007 of UNICEF showed the fact that the greatest threats to adolescent development are abuse, exploitation and violence, and the lack of vital knowledge about sexual and reproductive health, including HIV/AIDS (UNICEF 2007). Obviously, the reason for this is the immeasurable consequences of sexual abuse on its victim, not only in individual but also in family and community. These effectsdrive Asian countries, especially Vietnam to the burning issue of preparing the young generation with adequate information so that they can protect themselves better in facing with risks. Individual Level Being a victim of sexual abuse affects significantly the future of an adolescent. The evidence of those effects can be seen either in emotional, physical and behavioral ways. Often, sexual abuse causes trauma, including symptoms of PTSD (Post ± Traumatic Stress Disorder) (Dowling 2001). Furthermore, sexual abuse can lead to other syndrome of symptoms such as repetition (the compulsion to re-live the trauma), nightmares, and dissociation (slipping into trance states when some smell, or sight, or person triggers traumatic memory) (Futa et al, 2001). This means that the victim definitely has to face with a gloomy future. As a response, VAC believes that the young people have to be immediately considered as responsible people to their future development with a satisfactory safeguard of their needs and right for health, development and peace as well as a dignified sexuality and healthy life. Family Level Not only the adolescent¶s life individually, the family of the sexual abuse¶s victims have to face with difficulties in communicate and trust in social safety. As Vietnamese society is affected by the Asian way of responding to the sexual abuse, they have to choose to stand at the side of keeping the assault a secret within the family for fear of community rejection and blame (Futa K.

T. et al, 2001). Furthermore, the lack of awareness and knowledge or misconceptions about sexual abuse has led to worse situations. Sadly, it is family in some cases that partly leads to the crime of sexual abuse. Findings shows that victims are more likely to be victimized by a male relative who is living within the home and more likely to be disbelieved by their primary caretakers (Futa K. T. et al, 2001). Family is the foundation of society, and adolescent have the right to receive the best things from their family. Consequently, since sexual abuse has become a prevalent issue, each of family members, especially young people have to be well-educated in order to react to any risk from their own family. Society/ Community Level Young people are invaluable to Vietnam, a country that is on its way to develop. A big question for the concern about abused adolescent is that: what will happen with Vietnamese future if so many of the young people suffered from sexual abuse or assault? This question has not been raised only in Vietnam but also in other countries, where the adolescents face the same issue of sexual abuse. Since the development of these countries depends mostly on the young generation, it is urgent and vital to have a sufficient preparation for the future of each country, which starts from a strong and healthy generation. All adolescents have equal treatment and best conditions to develop to their full attention and a safe and healthy living environment. Since they are at the most beautiful periods of their lives, adolescent should be provided with a safe and caring living environment. Because of the above arguments, VAC strongly believes that the effort of giving a solution for this issue is worth stepping up. VAC, whose position is to tirelessly fight for the right to be acknowledged, to be educated and to be aware of by the society of the young generation, comes up with a campaign. The campaign includes a variety of activities, in which, the adolescent is the core target. Courses are introduced to high schools, universities, orphanages in cities as well as in rural area or remote area. Those courses are provided with excellent teaching equipments and study material to assure that students enjoy and take advantage from those courses. Moreover, the course will be introduced into the school¶s curriculum without being graded. This will encourage students to attend and contribute to the courses better. Also, a centre of consultant and a hot line for advice giving and answering, which enable the youth with self-protective skills and knowledge against sexual abuse.

Despite cooperative efforts at combating adolescent sexual abuse, such as the Vietnamese Association for Protection of Children¶s Rights, the Vietnamese Youth Association, still our country has not been able to alleviate the influence and spread of this crime and its effects on the youth¶s lives. VAC, for a vision of a healthy and developed Vietnam, is trying its best to identify the adequate answers to the challenges brought by the issue of adolescent sexual abuse. It is not only the responsibility and duty of the whole community but also of each individual in society. By developing the idea that is community-wide and coordinated, VAC assures that this can help contribute to the change in the near future of a safe-for-youth Vietnam and we also need a lot of support from everybody who feel concerned for the future of Vietnamese adolescents. And doing the Vietnamese adolescent¶ future a favor by taking a step closer to VAC through our official website

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