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Main Assignment Ȃ Stage 2


Student Name: Tran Le Nam Tra

Student Number: S3221648

Date of Submission: 8th January 2010

Lecturer: SupanidaChantarin
Table of Content:
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- According to Photoscala, the year 2008 is a winning year of Omnyin market share.
Omnyis also categorized as DzCompanies on the Risedzfor the year 2007 and 2008.
Considering the financial status and position of Omnyin the market, communication
objectives for this media plan can be defined as below:
` Delivering the key message of this campaign: DzThe new DSLR-A850 from
Omnyoffers serious photo enthusiasts a step up to the creative
possibilities of full-frame imaging at a compelling
` ðncrease product preference by 50% among the target audience by the
end of this Media Plan.
` ðncrease purchase decision by 50% among the target audience by the end
of this media plan.
  %&  ' ()$
- During the run time of this media plan, Omnywants to reach 80%of target
audiencewith 3 of frequency of every month.
- [or the follow Ȃ up months, 60%of target audience reach the effective frequency of 4+.

´ The reasons for this amount of reach and frequency is that:

` This media plan is set up for the re Ȃ launch of OmnyAlpha 850 Camera.
` Alpha 850 is a new product of DSLR camera of OmnybutOmnyhas been along
established brand with big brand share and brand loyalty, it just needs an
average frequency level.
` The key message for this media plan is simple and quite unique in term of
consumersǯ benefit (the compelling price) 
` The purchase cycle for this product is long, so a lower frequency is better, in
term of effectiveness and cost. 
%  '  


- Approximately $5, 78 billion is the sales of Omnyfor the year 2009. This means that
for the year 2010, Omnycan spend a bigger amount of money in order to maintain the
brand awareness as well as increase the sales for the product that has been launched.
- Marketing objective suggest for this media plan: ðncrease 30% of sale by the end of
this media plan. Number of product sold after this media plan is 5000 unit, which can
bring about a total sales of $1,400,000
- The budget for year 2010, product DSLR Alpha 850 can be $5,000,000(10% straight
from the total sales). As this is not the first launch of Alpha 850, the budget for the
campaign is on average. 
- The campaign period: 1stMarch 2010 - 28th[ebruary 2011.

ðð c    * "


- According to i  i, the population of New South Wales and Victoria are
categorized as the most populated states of Australia Ȃ 6844, 2 and 5110, 5
perspectively. Therefore, the campaign will be launched in those 2 most crowded
cities of Australia: Sydney (New South Wales) and Melbourne (Victoria)

r   i  i    i       )
- The target market for this media plan is people from 24+ in Australia, high income
(+4000$ /month.). Especially, they are taking in photography seriously and are
considered serious amateur or semi Ȃ pro photographers.
- Sydney is Australia's most populous city, and is also the most populous city in
Oceania. ðn the 2006 census 4,119,190 persons declared themselves as residents of
the Sydney Statistical Division - about one-fifth (19.38%) of Australia's total
population. The median age of Sydney residents was 32 years, and households
comprised an average of 2.7 members. The average income of Sydney is very high in
comparison with other cities; this is the main reason why this media plan is carried in
- Moreover, the forecast age structure of Sydney for the year 2010 shows that: still,
people from 25 to 34 make up the biggest proportion in the age structures of Sydney.
This will be a big strength of Sydney for this media plan, as the target audience has
defined this group to be the primary public.
- Overall, Sydney has enough demographical features to satisfy the target audience of
this media plan

´ The chart below shows very general numbers about Sydney: population,
average income, average households, etc.

r     i   )

(      i   

- The table by provides us with demographical number of Melbourne
(Victoria) Australia. Being the second most populated city of Australia, like Sydney,
people aged 20 to 39 also make up the biggest proportion of the age structure,
which is also a sign that make us choose this city to be one of the 2 cities for the
media plan.
- Úigh income of this population ($ 19, 175 Ȃ per capita income, only 11,5% of the
population was below the poverty line, including 15, 4% of those under afe 18 and
8, 5% of those aged 65 or over - ( ) also help to have a better
prospect for the media plan as the product is categorized as expensive product and
target to the high income segmentation.

  i  i     !   "   


- ¢ ¢ i (2009) shows thattelevision dominates Australian young adultǯs
media time.Later, Roy Morgan figures confirm that people aged 18 Ȃ 24 spend on
average17,9 hours per weeks watching TV. 16,6 hours per week is spent on
ðnternet, claims a potential jump in the usage of ðnternet. Also, Nielsen Company
shows the ad spending in Australia for the year 2009 in comparison with 2008,
there is the fact that there is a fall in all of media channel except for Online
advertising. This can help a lot in deciding the media tool for this media.

r# i 
r     i        i
- [or the first time in history, Australian (especially young adult aged 18 Ȃ 30) spend
more time on the ðnternet than watching TV or with any other media. Obviously,
internet claimed itself to easily access the target audience of this media the most.
´ ð

 %    '  

- Another consideration for this media campaign is TV:
- The pie chart below shows the spending of global advertising company on TV as
well as other media channel, as TV spent remains the highest, we can see the trends
that marketers still consider this medium as an effective choice for their campaign
in order to reach a larger target market.

r $  i

- ¢  ¢ also provides average number of hours an Australian spent on TV per
day:3 to 5 hours. Úowever, grocery buyers and people aged 55+ - which is not the
target audience of the media plan Ȃ watch TV the most.

r¢ ¢ i 
´ ( 
%   ''   

'  ''   ' 

    %&  ' ()$ 

ððð  "   
After determinedthe communication objectives, a media strategies is developed and
implemented to achieve those objectives.Consequently, choosing the right way to
communicate with the target market is as important as showing your product at the right
place and the right time. What a media strategy aims to do is achieving a successful product
re-launch, increase in brand awareness and the whole media plan.
[or this media plan, 3 promotional mix tools were chosen to increase coverage,
frequency level and promote for the product: Advertising, Sales promotion and ðnteractive
Media/ ðnternet.
Below is the chart of the whole media strategy for this media plan. As for the tool
Advertising, ð choose TVC and Magazines as medium; competition and price off promotion
for the tool Sales promotion; interactive/ internet marketing will be the major invested
media, with the medium: direct mail, official website, social networking and ads display on
The rationalesfor those choices will be clearer explained in next parts.


Advertising Sales Promotion Interactive/ Internet Marketing

TVC  Magazines Contest Price off ECom Official Social Ads on
Promotion merce Website Networking the



r     i          i 


 : Although have some disadvantages such as very high absolute and
production costs, low selectivity, or clutter, TV is still claimed to have numerous
advantages over the other media, including creativity and impact, attention and
especially the efficiency of TV in reaching large audiences. (Belch, 2009). As a
result, despite of the fact that this media plan did not choose Television as the
main tool, Television is necessary medium for the launch of OmnyAlpha 850.
` Of an estimated $10.1 billion advertising committed to Australiaǯs main Media
over the 2008 calendar year, a significant 37 percent was placed on free to air
Television, especially TV commercials. (  
 : A 30 Ȃ second TV Commercial will be the medium for the category
DzTVdz Ȃ the price. As OmnyAlpha 850 is an expensive product, the company will
spend much on this TVC in order to achieve the quality as well as the
impressiveness from customers.What is most important is the visual effect
that we want this TVC to have, depends on the key message that we figured
out earlier in Stage one of the Media Plan - DzThe new DSLR-A850 from
Omnyoffers serious photo enthusiasts a step up to the creative possibilities of
full-frame imaging at a compelling The compelling price is the key
point in this key message. Therefore beside the visual effects that can manage
to provoke emotional feeling from audience thanks to the quality of the
camera, the TVC also has to send the message that the difference between
OmnyAlpha 850 and other DSLR cameras is not only the quality but also the
price that outstands the product.This leads to the fact that the creative
concept of Sonyǯs TVC must be unique in term of idea and visual key must be
excellent in term of presentation.
- [or TVC, we choose 3 TV channels that we think they will be a reasonable choice.
´ The three below TV programs are chosen because of their high rate in
audience and the reasonable costs. Also, by airing in the right time and being
the favorite program of Australian:
U cetaway is a TV Show provided by Channel Nine, attracts a lot of
audience within Australia and worldwide. 7:30pm is the prime time for
all kind of age in family to sit down together and watch TV, so the chance
of every age catch the TVC will increase.
U Sevenǯs news is a local news program, air time is from 7:00am to
8:30am, the time that business people watch TV to update the news, and
when they are very comfortable in the morning, the TVC can easily grab
the audience attention and make the TVC memorable
U mnderbelly: a tale of two cities, both its episode 1 and 2 catch a lot of
audienceǯs care and following.
- [or all of those programs, TVC will run in the programsǯ interval or Advetising time.
´ Rationale: people will not leave their favourite programs, and they will be
caught by the TVC easier.
OmnyAlpha 850ǯs 30s TVC
City Program Station Air Time Audience mnit cost No. of Budget
per week (mSD) Occurrences


Sydney& cetaway Nine 7:30pm 2, 793 34,500 24 828,000

Sevenǯs news 7:00am- 2, 582 41, 000 18 738,000
Seven 8:30am
mnderbelly: a 8:30pm- 2,137 58,000 16 928,000
tale of two cities Nine 9:30pm
Total: $343
- )
` Magazine is a kind of traditional media, which is effectively used to reach
specific target audience.All types of consumers, in term of lifestyle, interest,
demographic, etc. can be easily appealed by the design and the diversity
magazines. Consequently,hi Ȃ tech products like OmnyAlpha 850 DSLR Camera
can be accessed by using specific magazine about technology, or other types of
 The advantages of using magazines is that the selectivity, andhigh
quality advertising. As OmnyAlpha 850ǯs part of the key message is quality of
the pictures, a high qualityreproduction in colors will contribute a lot in
creating a great emphasis for the productǯs feature and a deep impressive
from the audience. Úowever, there are some disadvantages when using
magazines to advertise: long lead Ȃ time needed to place an ad, which means
that space must be purchased, with a comparatively high price and the ad
must be prepared well before the actual publication day. We also cannot
change the art or copy of the ad after closing date. Besides, clutter may be the
biggest trouble for Sony. Many magazines contain ads on more than half of
their pages, this is a challenge for Sonyǯs print ads to grab audienceǯs
customers among many other colorful and perception, familiarity and trust
around that new product. Moreover, the communications objectives of this
media plan are creating product awareness among target audience but also
increasing brand preference and repetition among customers.
´ The print ads for this campaign will be displayed on 2 magazines that are
most likely to meet the target audience.
: this is Australiaǯs top-selling
photographic magazine and its readers are increasingly skilled, advanced
amateurs or semi-professional photographers. The full color and high
quality of the magazineǯs reproduction ensure each page has a high
impact amongst its readership. After 50 years in the publishing business,
Australian Photography continues to stay in front with its strong visual
Ǯhands-onǯ style and a cutting-edge approach to new technology.
(þ  i) Ȃ Circulation: 8,221 (ABC Jan Ȃ June 2009 )
U $mainly for men (aged 25 Ȃ 49) who are interested in technology, hi-
tech tools, ðT professionals Ȃ Circulation: 34,111 (ABC Ȃ June 2009)
r% i  
$ -
5(    "-  

 Australian 30,000 [ull size 24 $171,840
 Photography (Publisherǯs ($7,160)

 APC 161,000 ðnside 12 $173,640
 (RMR Sept 09) [ront DPS ($14,470)

-    i i  

 ii   &'&&   &'&
 although the Australian Photography magazine does not have a
high circulation or readership in comparison to the APC magazine, Australian
Photography creates a higher chance to meet the target audience as this
magazine aims mainly to the professional or semi Ȃ professional
photographers. Meanwhile, APC have a large circulation and readership,
which can reach a larger scale of public. The costs of those magazines are high,
but still affordable and promise to bring back visible outcomes.

- msing Sales promotion as a promotional tool, we know that it is the main role of this
tool to influence and modify consumersǯ purchasing habits.
 : OmnyAlpha 850 is the second full Ȃ frame DSLR (Digital Single
Lens Reflex), it has almost all features of the companyǯs flagship full frame
DSLR A900 Ȃ which is a well Ȃ known product for the quality but very high
price. A850 first launch, with the key message as Dzan affordable pricedz, so
using the sales promotion will help influence consumersǯ purchasing behavior
and manage the objective of this media plan, which is to create an impression
on target audience about the price of the product.
` According to Belch. (2009), marketers spent nearly $2 billion on contests and
Sweepstakes medium of promotion in 2007.
 The product of this campaign is DSLR Camera. So a contest that is
carried out based on the ability to take beautiful pictures by OmnyA850 and is
awarded with a big prize can have a very big impact on this media planǯs
target audience. Through the contest, Omnycan generate attention and
interest among a large number of the target audience of this campaign Ȃ
whoare taking in photography seriously and are considered serious amateur
or semi Ȃ pro photographers.
´ The running time of this campaign is from March 2010 to [ebruary 2011, and
the photography contest will be hold from 1st April 2010 to 30th June 2010.
This contest comprises 2 rounds, the first one is from 1st April 2010 to 30th
May 2010, and the contestants must either upload or send to the contest 3
photos. After 2 months, there will be 10 photos which are chosen by the
examiner and those 10 people will go to the final round. There will be 1st, 2nd
and 3rd award for 3 most impressive photos. The topic for this contest is
DzMoments of Life under the eye of Alpha 850dz. The total award will be $20,000.
´ Budget for the photography contest:
U Awards: $500,000
U Other payments: $500,000 ([or 2 groundsǯs other cost)
U Total budget:$3 3
 : Price Ȃ off promotion offersconsumers reduced prices at point of
purchase through specially marked packages. Beside the disadvantage of price
Ȃ off promotion is that retailers may believe that this type of promotion will
create inventory and pricing problems, the advantages of this medium are:the
prices are controllable by the manufacturer so the company can make sure
that the promotional discount reaches and satisfiesconsumers. Also, the price
Ȃ off promotion encourages consumers to buy with large quantities, together
with a stronger influence when price comparison is made at the point of
purchase. This is very important for the launch of this campaign as one of the
communication objectives is creating preference for the product.
´ [or this medium, Omnywillreduce the price tag, which attracts the customers
to involve in the new launch of the product Alpha 850, also make them feel
curious and eager to use the product.The way they do will be: there is an
optional extra which is shipped without the Remote Commander shows that
Omnywants to maximum limit its retail price.
´ The budget for this medium:
U Price of 1 unit: $2800 (
U The price tag that is reduced: 10% = $280
U Number of units this price Ȃ off apply on: 875units.
U Total budget: $336 X 5,000 = 673

- Expenditure on online advertisements in Australia reached $1.7 billion by the end
of 2008. The year 2009 saw a great increase in usage of targeted advertising
delivered over the internet. (‘  i   i)
- The rapid adoption of the ðnternet as showed in the chart by also figure
out that ðnternet has been claiming itself as the most popular, effective media
channel in comparison to any others promotional mix tools.
- The price for ads on internet or interactive media is comparatively cheaper than
any other types of media mix.
- What is more important is that the ðnternet reach is higher than the TV reach
(according to   i )) This is the biggest rationale for the choice of
ðnteractive media and ðnternet to become the main promotional mix tool.
(¢        ) - Source: TNS Media Co.)

r   i 
  E Ȃ Commerce, or Direct sales on ðnternet, has been flourishing
recently. Online trading has becomes more and more popular to the
consumers and internet users thanks to its convenience, flexibility and high
reach to all types of publics, in term of interests, needs, demographics, etc. E Ȃ
Commerce therefore helps consumers access, find information about the
product quicker and easier.The register for e-commerce or online trading
website is free or at very low fee. The company can have account in big
website such as,, etcǥ

r %i  i 
 An official website can bring about a lot for the product with less
cost than any other types of advertising media. Through an official website,
sales promotion, personal selling and public relations can be done, as effective
as the other but at a lower spending. An official website, where customers can
ask about the information of the product as well as the information about
purchase, maintenance or other can be directly solved and create credibility in
consumers. An official website includes a forum can be more effective because
the consumers can show their ideas, feedback to the producers. By this way,
the consumers will find it more comfortable about the brand as well as the

r    i i  
` According to  ¢ 
‘ ¢# 
) Marcus Pritchard said
DzThe figure from our study show how far the internet has progressed in
becoming part of our daily lives. Weǯre finding Australians becoming more and
more engaged in social networking, online communities and virtual worldsdz
(i   i  i). This websites also indicated that one in two Australians
use social networking sites, such as [acebook or MySpace, and on average we
are members of 2.7 different sites.
 The increase of online population as a trend of the world made
marketers and advertisers to come up with new way to access their target. As
a result, social networking will be an effective place where they can promote
for their product as well as getting feedback from consumers. The high online
population also affects the reach of the products. .
r ¢  i 

r +   i 
- Budget for establishing E Ȃ commerce website, social networking, and an official
website can be summed up to  3
  %    ,   
 The good thing about advertising on the ðnternet is that the
company can have a variety of forms to promote for their products (including
banners, sponsorship, pop Ȃ ups, links, etc.) so advertising on the ðnternet can
help this campaign launch in a bigger scale without spending too much as
other types of media.
´ Banners and Sponsorship will be considered in this medium vehicle. As people
often find it uncomfortable to be pop Ȃ uped by advertising, we will buy j
´ Some websites with high rates of viewers such as, facebook.comǥ
can be the media vehicle for ðnternet Advertising. the budget below will
provide the budget plan for advertising at website [
- Budget for the Advertising on the ðnternet is around  3

r i i  
r    i 
The budget for Ads on ðnternet is  3
Total Budget:  3 


- The overall budget for this media plan is $5,000,000. The pie chart below explains
how that amount of budget was allocated through this media plan.
- Although ðnteractive Media and ðnternet is the main promotional mix tool of this
campaign, the company did not have to spend the major budget for this tool. TVC
make up the biggest budget instead.




  # $

(A more detailed budget allocation can be found in the Media Plan flowchart)
- The scheduling for this media will be presented as below, showing the time
promotional for the whole media. 
` [or the ðnteractive Media and ðnternet, Continuity will be applied
´ Rationales: the budget for this tool is not very big, and internet needs to be
upated, even second by second. 
` [or the TVC, the schedule [lighting will be used. 
´ Rationales: As the cost of this medium is high, and the frequency that media
objectives has set for the TVC is not very high together with an average reach.
The key message is not so complex to understand but easy to remember so
[lighting is a good choice.
` [or the Contest: this contest will run from March to June of 2010.
` [or the Magazines: Continuity will be applied.
´ Rationale: The two media vehicles chosen are monthly magazines, so even if
the Continuity Schedule applied for Magazines, the cost is stil affordable and
reasonable for the purpose of maintaining the brand awareness and
presentation of the product on the market.
` [or the price Ȃ off promotion, this will be applied on the first 500 products.
´ Rationale: this will be purchase stimulation for the customers when the
product makes a re-launch to the market.
)  10 

)ð '
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