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Table Of Contents • Volume 8 Issue 1 Apple iPad
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On Our Cover: Featured on this month’s cover is the TiVo Premiere box ($99.99 with a TiVo Premiere
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player ($59.99;, Sony XNV-660BT In-Dash A/V Receiver with Navigation Toshiba Satellite L635-S3030
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The Connected Home

TODAY A WIDE VARIETY of digital devices and technologies

work together to make all kinds of information available when-
ever and wherever you need it. Stream movies to your home the-
ater; download photos from a relative overseas to a photo frame
in your living room; or upload music from your MP3 player to
your car. Whatever you want to do, there’s a product out there to
help you do it. Use this digital home blueprint to identify the
types of things you want to do, and then go to the appropriate
pages to learn about related products and technologies.

20 Image Sensor Quality

Great Photos Start Here

66 Jabra EXTREME -- For PC

Wireless Headset
Skype-Certified Dual-
Purpose Headset Handles
Cellular & Internet Calls

41 Big Value,
Laser Printers
From Brother
9 How To Buy Home-
Theater Speakers
What You Need To

8 TiVo Premiere Gives

You Everything
It’s Much More Than A DVR
Inside This Issue
Home Theater pages 8 to 18
Digital Imaging pages 19 to 27
Computers pages 41 to 61
Portable Devices pages 62 to 71
Appliances pages 72 to 74
Gaming, Media & More pages 75 to 80

This Month’s Lifestyle Close-Up:

Connectivity Possibilities pages 28 to 40

64 Sony Walkman pages 62 to 71

2GB MP3 Player
For many of us, a cell phone
Your Music On The Move
is a daily companion, and it’s
a device that’s constantly
evolving. To learn about the
latest in phone tech, features,
and accessories, take a look at
our Portable Devices section.
75 How To Get eReader
What’s Available &
Where To Get It

52 Lighten Your Security Load 62 Sony XNV-660BT In-Dash A/V

Trend Micro’s Titanium Receiver With Navigation
Software Offerings Entertainment & Navigation
Come Together

44 Pick The Perfect 72 How To Buy A Dishwasher

PC Processor Down The Drain With Hand Washing
Pair Your Needs
With The Right
Intel Processor


Broadband Pays For

Itself & Then Some
The Internet Innovation Alliance released a
report on the value of a broadband subscrip-
tion to the average U.S. household, and ap-
parently, having high-speed Internet in our
homes could save us $7,700 a year. Using an
Internet connection, we can save roughly
$2,700 a year in entertainment costs and
$1,500 in travel expenses and nearly $1,000
on housing and $950 on our grocery bill. The
firm’s analysts calculated the annual cost sav-
ings by comparing offline and online costs of
given items. The Web can also save us $95 on
gasoline, $76 on nonprescription medica-
tions, and $193 on newspaper subscriptions.

Smart Holiday
It’s no surprise that most people
do their research before buying
gifts for loved ones. The NPD
Group polled shoppers about
their holiday spending inten-
tions and determined that 62%
planned to do some pre-
searching before buying any-
thing. Of these people, almost
half (49%) planned to do their
research on the Internet.
However, shoppers also turn to
offline sources, as well: 22%
expected they would browse
catalogs, 20% would look up
consumer reviews, 17% would
use TV ads, 10% would use
magazines, and just 7%
thought they would look to
professional reviewers.

6 January 2011 /


m a r k e t p l a c e tidbits
According to a new survey,
most of us (87%) feel less at-
Youth & Technology, One Decade Later risk when browsing the Internet
on our PCs compared to our
According to a new survey, radio’s popularity may be down, but video games and mobile phones. But, of those
the Internet are picking up the slack. In 2000, Edison Research polled young polled, 58% said they were
Americans ages 12 to 24 on their technology habits, and a decade later, asked the running sufficient security soft-
Source: Edison Research

same age group about their habits; the changes are dramatic. In 2000, young ware, but when their systems
Americans spent 2 hours and 43 minutes of a 24-hour period listening to the radio, were scanned, only 37% had
42 minutes playing video games, and 59 minutes on the Internet. In 2010, 12- to antivirus, firewall, antispyware,
24-year-old survey respondents said they spend almost half as much time listening spam filtering, antiphishing,
to the radio (1 hour and 24 minutes) compared to a decade ago, while time playing and identity protection soft-
video games has nearly doubled (1 hour and 10 minutes) and time spent on the ware installed and running.
Internet has almost tripled (2 hours and 52 minutes). Source: National Cyber Security
Alliance and Symantec’s Norton
Time Spent Surfing The Internet
A tablet report from last
November expected 13 mil-
0:59 lion tablets to be sold by the
end of 2010. Comparatively,
■ 2000 Forrester expects 59 million to
be sold by the end of 2015.
■ 2010 2:52 Researchers at Forrester expect
30% of IT organizations to be
testing or planning tablet apps
and 43% looking into tablets
as viable business devices.
Source: Forrester Research
Time Spent Listening To The Radio
According to predictions from
analysts at Berg Insight, world-
1:24 wide shipments of PNDs
(Personal Navigation Devices)
■ 2000 will hit roughly 42 million
units in 2011.
2:43 ■ 2010 Source: Berg Insight

Tech confusion is the biggest

hurdle for 23% of those in the
market for a new PC, according
Time Spent Playing Video Games to a new AMD research study
conducted by Zogby Interna-
tional. A third of those queried
said they love shopping for a
0:42 new PC, but most consider it a
■ 2000 simple necessity. The study re-
vealed that performance and
■ 2010 1:10 pricing are the top two priorities
for PC buyers, and just 1% said
that the PC’s appearance was
the most important factor.
Source: AMD & Zogby International

First Glimpse / January 2011 7



TiVo Premiere Gives

You Everything
It’s Much More Than A DVR
Not all DVRs are created equal. Sure, they all provide some basic recording functions, but that’s
about it. Then there’s the TiVo Premiere box ($99.99 with a one-year service contract for $19.99 a
month; Premiere replaces your cable box, records all your favorite TV shows, and
provides access to virtually endless online entertainment—all in one integrated interface.

TiVo Premiere box

$99.99 with one-year service
contract for $19.99 a month

Everything You Could Want From TV The Power Of The Web

Unlike cable DVRs or Web-only gadgets, TiVo® gives One of Premiere’s most compelling features is its
you the best of both worlds: everything you love from ability to connect you to the Web through your TV.
cable TV, plus all the entertainment you want from the Intuitive HD menus enable you to access TiVo’s huge
Web. And it’s all made easy-to-use and simple-to-find on on-demand video store where you can stream, buy or
Premiere’s signature HD interface. rent movies, TV shows, and Web videos. TiVo’s pop-
ular online partners include Netflix, Amazon Video
This device can stash up to 45 hours of HD recordings, On Demand, BLOCKBUSTER On Demand, YouTube,
but if that’s not enough for you, you can attach an external and many more.
hard drive to easily expand your TiVo box’s storage space.
Premiere supports multi-room viewing, too. TiVo also recently added the free Pandora Internet
radio service to the Premiere, which lets you stream
For added convenience, you can browse and schedule custom-made radio stations through your home-
recordings on your Premiere from anywhere with a theater system.
mobile device, like a laptop, mobile phone, or Apple
iPad. And if you’re an iPad owner, be sure to check out The TiVo Premiere box is a powerful replacement to
the TiVo App for iPad, which lets you search, browse, your cable box, and you don’t even need a cable sub-
explore, and share without ever interrupting the show scription to enjoy it—it’ll work for OTA (over-the-air)
you’re watching. channels, too.

8 January 2011 /



Home-Theater Speakers
What You Need To Know
How many channels? A 5.1 system generally
consists of a total of five speakers: two front (left and
right), two rear (left and right), and a center speaker (often
in the form of a soundbar). One subwoofer is also in-
cluded (thus adding the “.1” to the system), and it pro-
duces deep bass. You can also find 7.1 systems with even
more refined sound definition and separation. Discerning
audiophiles may opt for the more sophisticated systems,
but you can get impressive results from a 5.1 system.

Wired or wireless? It’s becoming more

common to purchase wireless speakers, especially for
the rear set because those are usually placed the farthest
from the A/V receiver. Today’s wireless speakers are
much better than
Strong audio performance will add much to your home- those of a few Some interference is
years ago and less
theater experience, and the speakers you choose are a
likely to buzz or
unavoidable with
major contributor to that performance. To help you find
the right audio solution for your setup, here’s what you crackle every time wireless speakers,
need to know when shopping for speakers. someone uses a
wireless phone or though, so test your
microwave oven.
Some interference
speakers in multiple
Consider a matched set. It’s possible to
put together an excellent set of speakers by purchasing
is unavoidable locations.
with wireless
them individually. But the relationship among the
speakers, though, so test your speakers in multiple loca-
speakers one
uses with a Correctly matched tions. Wired speakers, on the other hand, ensure the
transmission of every bit of audio data and are less likely
home theater
is complex; speakers produce to be subject to interference—especially when high-
quality, well-shielded cables are used.
similar tonal qualities
produce sim-
to create a seamless
ilar tonal surround-sound The power of sound. The most important
qualities to power-related speaker consideration is peak wattage: the
create a experience. maximum (and usually momentary) output of which
seamless sur- your amplifier is capable. Be sure to buy speakers that
round-sound experience. Unless you’re a true audio can handle the maximum power output of your ampli-
buff, consider an HTiB (home theater in a box) that pro- fier. If you buy speakers rated below that maximum, you
vides a complete set of speakers for your home theater. can easily blow them out.


First Glimpse / January 2011 9


Make The
Best Video
Choose The Right Cable
You’ve put a fair amount of thought and money into selecting the
right HDTV, but how you connect it to other components can
make or break your home-theater experience. To ensure your
new TV provides optimal picture quality, here’s a ranked
overview of video cable types, starting with the highest-quality
video connection.


Component A Composite video connection
While inferior to is a direct connection that uses

RCA-type jacks. Composite
true digital con- HDMI
nections, Component video cables can deliver an ac-
video can provide de- Generally, an HDMI cable is the best option ceptable signal to a non-HD
tailed color information to use with your compatible home-theater television, but there are better
while reducing color and equipment and the only option that will provide a options for HDTVs.
video artifacts, such as true HD image. Along with high-quality video trans-
spots, white flashes, noise, mission, it includes a digital audio signal, thus pro-
or halos. viding a way to connect audio and video equipment
using only one cable. HDMI carries uncompressed

digital data, and a high-quality HDMI cable can be RF Coax
almost 50 feet long without losing enough signal to
affect your picture or sound. RF Coax can be used to

connect your cable box,
satellite, and antenna sources to
An S-Video connection separates color and light signals, your TV. But don’t confuse this with digital
providing excellent reproduction from high-quality video coax, which is used to send audio and video
sources such as Blu-ray Discs and DVDs. S-Video also provides a through your A/V receiver for decoding. The
data stream that can be used to control set-top boxes that can quality of a coax RF connection is not nearly as
stream video and other sources. good as that of a digital connection.


10 January 2011 /


The Apex Of Video

& Sound Quality
Mitsubishi 738 Series 3D DLP TVs
& Diamond 265 Immersive Sound LED TVs
With a Mitsubishi HDTV, you can take your home-theater experience to another level. Its 738 Series 3D DLP Home Cinema
TVs (WD-65738, WD-73738, and WD-82738; $1,799, $2,399, and $3,799, respectively; will im-
merse you in a world of 3D images on a huge screen, while the Diamond 265 Immersive Sound LED TVs (LT-46265 and LT-
55265; $2,499 and $3,199, respectively) use a built-in 18-speaker system to envelop you in sound. If you’re ready to invest in
a TV that can fully engage your eyes or ears, take a moment to consider the benefits of these Mitsubishi HDTVs.

Mitsubishi Mitsubishi 738

Diamond 265 Series 3D DLP
Immersive Home Cinema TVs
Sound LED TV WD-65738
LT-46265 MSRP: $1,799
SKU: 9878228
MSRP: $2,499
SKU: 9941071 WD-73738
LT-55265 MSRP: $2,399
SKU: 9836123
MSRP: $3,199
SKU: 9941099 WD-82738
MSRP: $3,799
SKU: 9837177

Diamond 265 Immersive Sound LED TVs 738 Series 3D DLP Home Cinema TVs
You won’t lack audio intensity with a Diamond 265 The 65-inch WD-65738, 73-inch WD-73738, and 82-inch
Immersive Sound LED TV mounted in your home-theater WD-82738 feature plenty of screen real estate that will bring
room. Integrated in the TV’s front bezel is an 18-speaker to life both 2D and 3D video for an intense viewing experi-
Dolby Digital 5.1 sound system that provides concert- ence. In terms of performance, these 1080p Home Cinema
quality audio, which negates the need to purchase and in- TVs use Mitsubishi’s 6 Color Processor, HDMI Deep Color,
stall a multi-speaker audio setup for your TV. Additionally, Edge-Enhance, DeepField Imager, and improved video
you can access your favorite online media with ease noise reduction for true-to-life images and color. You’ll also
thanks to the LT-46265 and LT-55265’s built-in wireless be able to connect to your favorite social networks, photo
Internet and StreamTV Internet Media features. sharing sites, and online news sources with the included
StreamTV Internet Media feature by using VUDU apps.
Perfect For: The home-theater enthusiast who wants a
surround-sound audio experience without the added cost Perfect For: Anyone who craves a home-theater experi-
or components. ence that puts them in the middle of the video action.

First Glimpse / January 2011 11



HD Source Options
Q Do I need to sign up for a specific satellite or cable
TV service to receive HD programming? Q Which TV source—among cable, satellite, fiber-
optic TV, and over-the-air—will provide me with the

A Yes, the package or service tier you select from a satel- best HD quality?
lite or cable TV service provider should indicate that it
includes HD channels. It’s important to note that even pre-
mium, digital, movie, or on-demand packages may not offer
A If it’s available in your area, fiber-optic TV generally
provides the best HD picture quality. HD video re-
ceived from over-the-air broadcasts may appear slightly
HD programming. more detailed than cable or satellite if you have a reliable
antenna and ideal weather conditions.

Q If I select a cable or satellite HD service tier, will

every program be available in HD?
A No, only programs that were originally recorded in HD Can Blu-ray Discs and DVDs play HD video?
will be available. That being said, it’s likely that most
of an HD channel’s program lineup, especially primetime
shows, will be in HD.
A Although you can upconvert DVD video to resolutions
that closely resemble HD, the video is still considered
standard definition. Blu-ray Discs are the only disc media
that offers true HD video.

Q What is fiber-optic TV?

Q How do you upconvert a DVD to video quality

A Fiber-optic TV is delivered over fiber-optic cable, un- that’s near HD?

like the traditional copper coaxial cable that cable and
satellite providers use. This method reduces the amount of
audio and video compression used to transport HD pro-
A Using an upconverting DVD player or BD player
will scale the standard-definition DVD’s content
to fit an HD image resolution. Because upconversion
gramming. With a fiber-optic connection, HD shows appear does not actually bring more detail to the picture, it’s
crystal-clear with more detail than cable or satellite. generally referred to as “near HD quality” because
it’s not true HD.

Q Can I receive HD content using an

over-the-air antenna?
A Yes, most local TV stations now broadcast in HD. Similar Do I need a Blu-ray Disc player to play BD movies?
to cable and satellite, not all programs, such as daytime
shows, are available in HD and will be shown in standard def-
inition. Additionally, over-the-air HD signals are free.
A Yes, a DVD player is not capable of reading Blu-ray

12 January 2011 /


Yes, You Need To

Get Optimal HDTV Video Results

Why A Professional Calibration?

• Calibration specialists are ISF (Imaging Science Foundation)-certified, which means they are trained to use highly special-
ized and expensive equipment to calibrate HDTVs correctly.

• A calibration DVD might be a tempting alternative, but it won’t let you adjust all of your HDTV’s settings. An ISF-certified
professional can access advanced service menus to calibrate your TV correctly. These settings aren’t meant to be experi-
mented with, so if you poke around and gain access to your TV’s service menu, it’s best to leave it alone. Many people
have rendered their TVs useless because they didn’t heed this warning.

Your Video May Not Be What You Can Expect

All That It Seems
• A calibration session includes two inputs on the set, so no matter which you
• Most TVs are shipped with a set stan- use, you will get the best image clarity and sharpness your HDTV can provide.
dard video mode meant for an elec-
tronics store display—this means • A professional will use color analyzer equipment to objectively tune color
that the TV’s settings are adjusted to saturation and temperature as precisely as possible, letting you see video
show the best picture in a bright, exactly the same way it looked when it was created.
fluorescent-lit environment. Because
it’s unlikely your lighting at home • Your HDTV’s contrast will be set up to provide greater video detail as well
matches the store’s surroundings, as the darkest blacks and brightest whites.
you should have your TV profession-
ally calibrated by a specialist to ac-
commodate your home’s unique
lighting environment.

• An HDTV’s viewing angle and your

home-theater setup also affect how
your HDTV should be calibrated.
An ISF-certified professional takes
these factors into account when
making adjustments.

• Although you can expect to budget 10

to 15% of the purchase price of your
television for a professional calibra-
tion, consider it an entertainment in-
vestment that will pay dividends for
years to come.

First Glimpse / January 2011 13


Screen Technology
LCD (liquid-crystal display) LED (light-emitting diode)
LCDs can use one of two LCD technology, the effect LED TVs are actually a type they don’t contain harm-
backlight technologies. is barely perceptible. of LCD TV. These sets use ful mercury.
CCFLs (cold cathode fluores- • When pixels stick on or one of two LED backlight • Overall, LED TVs are one-
cent lamps) are the most off, they show up as either technologies: third thinner than other
common, but LEDs are the a pinpoint of bright light or • Full-array lighting places LCD TVs and have longer
latest backlight technology to black, which can be dis- LEDs behind the screen in life spans.
hit the LCD scene. (See the tracting on-screen. a grid pattern, letting the • Plasmas are well-known for
“LED” section for more info • From certain viewing an- TV dim certain LEDs for their deep blacks, crisp
on LED TVs.) gles, LCDs will lose video the best contrast ratios whites, and fast response
Pros contrast and color. available. times, but LED TVs closely
• The thin profiles and light • LCDs with CCFL back- • Edge-lit sets have LEDs match in performance.
weight of LCDs make them lighting suffer from placed around the frame Cons
easy to mount on a wall. leaking light, and unlike of the TV, and light is • These sets are costly be-
• Power demands are a bit LEDs, they can’t dim cer- directed toward the cause they feature a rela-
lower than comparably tain areas on-screen. This center of the screen. tively new technology.
sized plasma displays and may result in blacks and Edge-lit models cost less • Blooming, or a halo effect,
considerably lower than whites that appear to be than full-array sets and may encircle bright images
CRT televisions. more gray in color. are a lot thinner. that are on dark back-
Cons Best For Pros grounds.
• Fast-moving images may • Streaming PC content • By using LEDs, these sets Best For
suffer from a slight trailer • Bright, sunny rooms use a lot less electricity • Eco-conscious viewers
effect, but with improved than other HDTVs, and • Fast-paced gaming

Plasma • The design and technology of Cons

Pros plasma TVs lend themselves to • Some plasmas are susceptible to image
• A plasma TV’s phosphors light up large screen sizes—typically 42 burn-in if not cared for properly.
evenly across the screen to create inches or greater. • Low air pressure and high altitudes
images, which are consistently • Rapid pixel response means no may cause plasmas to buzz.
bright and clear with vibrant blurry motion. • Some plasmas have highly reflective
colors. • Wide viewing angles give you the glass, which isn’t ideal in sunny settings.
• The contrast ratio is high, so you’ll same high-quality images on-screen Best For
see some of the darkest blacks and no matter where in the room you • Large groups who watch TV together
brightest whites. happen to be sitting. • Movies or sports with nonstop action

RPTV (rear-projection TV) • As screens get bigger, RPTVs tend to • RPTVs require lamp replacements
Pros be more cost-effective than an LCD, every few years.
• RPTVs are surprisingly lightweight for LED, or plasma TV. Best For
their sizes. Cons • Anyone who wants to bring a cine-
• You’ll find exceptional picture quality • With depths of 16 to 24 inches, these matic experience home
on very big screens (typically 60 TVs are far too big and bulky to • Big, roomy home theaters
inches and larger). mount on a wall.

14 January 2011 /


HDTV Glossary
Balderdash! OK, HDTV jargon interlaced—When an HDTV displays damage if an unchanging image, such
isn’t quite that bad, but there an interlaced image, as in 1080i or as a TV channel’s stock ticker or parts
480i resolutions, it really shows you of certain video games, is displayed
are a few terms that every
every other horizontal line of a frame too long.
shopper needs to know. Here
of video (called a field) at a time. Sixty
is your cheat sheet. times a second, the TV displays the progressive scan—A TV showing a pro-
other field of the frame, or the lines gressively scanned image, as in 1080p
aspect ratio—Put simply, it’s the shape not shown in the previous field. or 720p resolutions, displays a full
of the TV’s screen. An HDTV has a Interlaced video can appear to flicker frame of video (both odd-lined and
wider picture than a traditional TV of or might cause moving objects on- even-lined fields) all at once. Progressive
the same vertical screen height. An screen to have blurred edges. scan video looks sharper than interlaced
HDTV has a 16:9 aspect ratio, meaning does and doesn’t flicker.
that if its screen were 16 inches wide, it LCD (liquid-crystal display)—Like a
would be 9 inches tall. A regular 4:3 notebook’s screen, an LCD HDTV projection—Some large-screen HDTVs
TV screen would be 12 inches wide at uses a fluid crystal substance to form offer lower-priced alternatives to
the same 9-inch height. pixels of color in front of a backlight. LCDs or plasmas by using projection
L C Ds m a y not be able to match technologies. These technologies vary,
HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia plasma TVs’ deep black and gray but all projection TVs throw light on a
Interface)—A type of cable connec- areas, but they’re lighter, sometimes screen from the front or rear. This
tion that carries both high-resolution less fragile, and considered easier to means they are bulkier than plasmas
video and uncompressed multichannel set up. These work better in brighter or LCDs, but some sets have stellar
audio between HDTVs, home-theater rooms or if you will be playing un- picture quality.
receivers, and the other components re- changing images on the screen for an
quired for your home-theater setup. extended period of time. viewing angle—No matter where you
HDMI cables maintain top picture and sit in front of an HDTV with a wide
sound quality. plasma—Plasma TVs use a tiny tube viewing angle, such as 170 degrees, its
of gas for each pixel, and electricity picture should look reasonably good.
HD tuner—A built-in tuner for receiving m a k e s e a ch pixel glow. Plas mas Test this before you buy.
local high-def broadcast TV channels. create deeper blacks and sometimes
You won’t need one if you have cable brighter colors than LCDs and have widescreen—A TV or monitor that’s
or satellite service. Most HDTVs include b e tte r c ontras t. Thes e als o offer wider horizontally in relation to its
one, but separate HD tuners and an- slightly better viewing angles. How- vertical height. HDTVs typically have
tennas are available if your TV doesn’t ever, older or less expensive models a 16:9 aspect ratio rather than an
have one. can also suffer from permanent screen older 4:3 display.

First Glimpse / January 2011 15


Should You Get An LCD Or LED-LCD TV?

S o you’ve decided to get an LCD TV. The next step is deciding which LCD TV to invest in. LCDs use different kinds of lights to project an
image onto the screen. A traditional LCD uses CCFLs or EEFLs whereas new LED-LCDs use LEDs. Here’s a look at what sets apart a few of the
latest LCD and LED-LCD TVs.

Light Dimensions; Native Viewing Inputs Refresh

projection Size Weight*** resolution angle & Outputs rate**

How images are The diag- Height x width A fixed TV The angle at Inputs let you Speed at
What It Means
projected on- onal mea- x depth; How resolution; which the connect devices; which a
screen; type of surement much the TV images are viewer can Outputs transfer in- screen is re-
backlight an of the TV’s weighs best dis- see the formation to pe- drawn every
LED-LCD uses screen played in this screen clearly ripherals second

Panasonic VIERA CCFL 32 inches 20.2x31.5x3.3 720p 178 degrees 3 HDMI, 2 60Hz
TC-L32X2 inches; 21 Composite, 1 PC,
MSRP: $499.95* pounds 1 Component;
SKU 9894729 1 audio output

LG 32LD400 CCFL 32 inches 21.9x31.125x 1080p N/A 2 HDMI, 1 N/A

MSRP: $599.99* 3.125 inches; Component, 1 RF,
SKU 1199202 21.8 pounds 1 PC, 1 USB;
1 audio output

Samsung CCFL 46 inches 26.3x43.4x3.1 1080p N/A 4 HDMI, 2 120Hz

LN46C600F3F inches; 39 Component, 1 PC;
MSRP: $799.99* pounds N/A
SKU 1414158

Toshiba 55HT1U CCFL 55 inches 33.49x58.82x 1080p N/A 3 HDMI, 1 120Hz

MSRP: $1,599.99* 4.09 inches; Component, 1 PC,
SKU 1316005 67.9 pounds 1 USB; 1 audio

Sony NSX-46GT1 LED (edge-lit) 46 inches 26.1x42.8x 1080p 178 degrees 4 HDMI, 1 60Hz
MSRP: $1,399.99 2.25 inches; Component, 1
SKU 1297488 46.4 pounds Ethernet, 4 USB;
1 audio output

Philips LED (N/A) 55 inches 30.79x51.02x 1080p 178 degrees 4 HDMI, 1 PC, 1 120Hz
55PFL7505D/F7 2.01 inches; USB; 1 audio
MSRP: $1,999.99* 48.65 pounds output

SKU 1390536

Samsung LED (edge-lit) 55 inches 50.5x30.2x 1080p N/A 4 HDMI, 1 120Hz

UN55C6300SF 1.18 inches; Component, 1
MSRP: $2,499.99* N/A Ethernet, 2 USB;
SKU 9790851 2 audio outputs

Mitsubishi Unisen LED (edge-lit) 55 inches 33.3x50.9x 1080p N/A 4 HDMI, 2 240Hz
Diamond LT-55265 3 inches; Component, 1
MSRP: $3,199.98* 65.8 pounds Ethernet, 1 USB;
See p.
SKU 9941099 1 audio output

*Prices listed in this issue are for general reference and may vary from retailer pricing. ** Comparing refresh rates between plasma and LCD TVs is like comparing apples to oranges.
***Unless specified, this is without stand For more in-depth information about refresh rates, please ask a sales associate.

16 January 2011 /


Which Plasma TV Is Best For You?

If you’re planning to buy a plasma HDTV, it might be hard to decide on one just by looking at a wall of gorgeous sets. Refer to this
chart for further help when shopping.

Dimensions; Native Viewing Refresh

Size Weight*** resolution angle Inputs Outputs rate**

The diag- Height x width A fixed TV reso- The maximum Inputs let you Outputs transfer Speed at
What It Means
onal mea- x depth; How lution; images angle at which connect your information from which a
surement much the TV are best dis- the viewer can components your TV to periph- screen is re-
of the TV’s weighs played in the na- see the screen to your TV erals, such as drawn every
screen tive resolution clearly audio to speakers second

Insignia 42 inches 27.5x40.6x 720p N/A 2 HDMI, 2 2 audio 600Hz

NS-42P650A11 11.9 inches; Component, 1
MSRP: $499.99* 43 pounds Composite
SKU 9748831 (with stand)

Samsung 42 inches 24.8x40.6x2.7 720p N/A 3 HDMI, 2 N/A 600Hz

PN42C450 inches; 38.6 Component,
MSRP: $599.99* pounds 1 Composite,
SKU 9791253 1 PC

Insignia 50 inches 31.25x47.37x 720p N/A 2 HDMI, 2 2 audio 600Hz

NS-50P650A11 11.87 inches; Component, 1
MSRP: $697.99* 50.7 pounds Composite
SKU 9745916

Samsung 50 inches 28.5x47.37x 720p N/A 3 HDMI, 2 N/A 600Hz

PN50C450 11.25 inches; Component, 1
MSRP: $749.99* 51.8 pounds Composite, 1
SKU 9789725 PC

Panasonic 42 inches 26.1x40.6x3.7 1080p N/A 3 HDMI, 2 1 audio 600Hz

TC-P42U2 inches; 49.6 Component,
MSRP: $799.95* pounds 2 Composite
SKU 9761059

Panasonic VIERA 50 inches 30.3x48x3.7 1080p N/A 3 HDMI, 2 1 audio 600Hz

TC-P50U2 inches; 63.9 Composite, 2
MSRP: $999.95* pounds Component
SKU 9887422

Panasonic 50 inches 30.3x48x3.5 1080p N/A 3 HDMI, 2 1 audio 600Hz

TC-P50G20 inches; 57.3 Composite,
MSRP: $1,399.95* pounds 2 Component,
SKU 9788953 1 PC

Samsung 50 inches 29.5x47.7x1.4 1080p N/A 4 HDMI, 2 N/A 600Hz

PN50C7000 inches; 54 Component,
MSRP: $1,999.99* pounds 1 Composite,
SKU 9809723 1 PC, 1 USB

*Prices listed in this issue are for general reference and may vary from retailer pricing. ** Comparing refresh rates between plasma and LCD TVs is like comparing apples to oranges.
***Unless specified, this is without stand For more in-depth information about refresh rates, please ask a sales associate.

First Glimpse / January 2011 17


NOTEWORTHY As you head toward the HDTV section of your local con-

sumer electronics store, you’ll invariably pass shelves of
bland-looking HDTV accessories. There are a handful of
accessories that are vital to getting the most from your
HDTV. The following is a rundown of the accessories we

& Services
recommend to complete your home-theater setup.


• Simplify your home-theater • Maximize your HDTV
setup with one remote that experience with theater-
can control all of your like audio
WALL MOUNTS & CLEANING KIT components • Feel like you’re in the
BRACKETS • Protect your HDTV’s • Program different functions movie scene instead of
• View your HDTV from the screen by using specially so that you will be able to just watching it
best possible angle formulated sprays and watch a movie by pressing • Even out softer and louder
• Adjust your TV’s position cloths while cleaning it just one button, for example programming with an
by tilting it up or down • Eliminate the danger of • Easily view options in the equalizer
as needed scratching delicate screens dark with a backlit LCD
• Maximize space in your • No-drip formulas prevent
viewing room by hanging damage to other home-
up your TV theater equipment

POWER A home theater is a pretty big
CONDITIONERS investment, so it’s wise to con-
TV STANDS • Protect your home theater sider letting a professional
KIT • Offer flexibility if you’re un- from potential damage handle your installation and
• Hide multiple cords while able to mount your HDTV on by using a surge protector setup. Let your local CE retailer
keeping them organized the wall that will absorb electrical tackle the following tasks, and
• Minimize cord clutter, espe- • Available in a variety of fin- fluctuations you’ll be able to enjoy the full
cially with wall-mounted sets ishes to match any décor • Filter out “dirty power” (also glory of HD in no time.
• Keep the focus on your new • Provide a place for addi- known as electrical “noise”
• Home Theater In-Home
HDTV, not the cords con- tional home-theater equip- or radio interference) that
nected to it ment can degrade your home the-
• TV Recycling
ater’s audio and video with a
• TV Calibration
power conditioner
HDMI CABLES • Have peace of mind know-
• TV Mounting & Cord
• Carry uncompressed digital audio and video sig- Concealment
ing that your home theater
nals to and from your HDTV and its components • Remote Control Pro-
will give you its peak perfor-
• Eliminate interference from other components with gramming
mance for the longest
shielding (found in higher-end cables) • Speaker Setup
amount of time

18 January 2011 /



A Tripod
A Stable Photo & Video Staple

Attachments and features. Look for a

tripod with a smooth panning mechanism; you’ll want to
be able to rotate the camera easily as well as tilt it up
and down, and
the pan head
should lock se-
Some tripods
curely into any
position and
include built-in
angle you
choose. Some
bubble levels,
tripods include
built-in bubble
and many offer
A tripod is a must-have accessory for any serious photogra- levels, and
many offer
pher or videographer. It helps hold your camera or cam-
corder steady, allowing you to capture sharp, clear images, quick-release
heads, making
heads . . .
even in low light or fluidly pan to record the action of a
moving subject. There are tripods for every situation and them handy if you need to grab your camera or cam-
budget; we’ll tell you what you need to know when you’re corder for some quick tripod-free shots or if you wish to
shopping for one. use the tripod with multiple cameras.

Height. From very small mini-tripods to devices well

over 6 feet tall, you have a number of choices in terms of Strength and
tripod height. A tripod in the 50- to 65-inch range will do
the job most of the time, but you may opt for something
rating. Tripods
. . . but also
even taller (tripods that extend to 72 inches are quite
common) if you find yourself needing to shoot photos or
are rated for varying
weights; the higher-
keep in mind
video down on a very tall or very large subject. Mini-
tripods that stand on a table or other convenient surface
rated ones are usu-
ally stronger and
the weight
and extend to 6 inches or so are very handy and can
easily be carried in a backpack or camera bag.
heavier. Buy a
tripod that will
of your
easily support your
camera and a heavy
Material. Most tripod legs are made of aluminum,
lens, but also keep
in mind the weight
for when
although the head and feet may be made of other mate-
rials, including heavy-duty plastic. Some more expensive
of your accessory
for when you need
you need
tripods are made of carbon fiber; these are lightweight
and very strong.
to carry it to shoot
photos and video
to carry it . . .

First Glimpse / January 2011 19


Image Sensor Quality

Great Photos Start Here
When you’re shopping for a digital
camera, take care not to be hood-
winked by the “megapixel myth.” That’s
the idea that a camera with a high
number of megapixels, such as 14MP,
automatically takes better pictures than
one with 12MP, 5MP, and so on.
Nikon D3100
More megapixels mean a higher resolu- $699.95
tion and technically clearer detail,
which is useful if you plan to enlarge
your shots into posters. And yet, a high
megapixel rating doesn’t necessarily
mean that a camera takes better-
looking photos.

Great photos depend more on the

quality of the camera’s lenses and the
image sensor behind them. Let’s talk
about the latter.

Image Sensors Shopping Tips

The image sensor is a chip that turns light into electronic signals, which another Speaking very generally, a camera
chip called an image processor turns into digital data to be stored on a flash with a large-diameter lens is more
memory card. Camera manufacturers refer to image sensors as CMOSes (com- likely to have a big image sensor.
plementary metal-oxide semiconductors) or CCDs (charge-coupled devices) ac- Also look for:
cording to how they’re made.
• A lack of graininess in photos of
An image sensor’s megapixel rating tells you, very roughly, how many photo- the sky (indicating a high signal-
sites (pixel sensors) it has. The trick for camera manufacturers is to make sure to-noise ratio)
that the image sensor is big enough for its MP rating, because its millions of
• Excellent shadow details without
photosites can receive more light if they’re physically larger.
“blooming” bright areas (indi-
cating a high dynamic range)
With the same number of megapixels, then, the camera with a larger image sensor
will often have an advantage because its photosites can gather more light through • A high low-light sensitivity
the lenses. Hence a 14MP D-SLR camera, such as the Nikon D3100 ($699.95; rating, such as 3200 or greater, will take crisper-looking photos than a 14MP point-and-shoot. ISO equivalence


20 January 2011 /



Durable Cameras
Q What is a durable camera? Q In what sense are durable cameras kid-proof?

A Usually this is a point-and-shoot digital camera built

with an exterior that can protect its components from
moisture, dust, physical shock, and other hazards.
A They can withstand sticky hands and beverage spills, for
one thing. Moreover, they can survive drops (accidental
and otherwise) as well as being forgotten outdoors overnight.

Q What does “shockproof” mean? Q Why would I want a dustproof camera?

A It’s nothing to do with electricity or electrostatic

shocks, but rather physical knocks. A shockproof—ac-
tually shock-resistant—camera can survive a drop of a cer-
A In ordinary electronic devices, dust can wear on parts
and trap heat, causing premature failure. A camera
with sealed compartments, seams, and ports can survive
tain number of feet on a hard surface. dusty conditions.

Q Are durable cameras only for athletic and active out-

door users? Q When would I need a freezeproof camera?

A Not at all. They’re ideal for sports, hiking, and so on,

but parents can benefit from them because they’re
more kid-proof than ordinary digital cameras.
A A freezeproof camera is ideal for winter sports such as
snow skiing. A durable camera’s impact and moisture
resistance would also come in handy during similar activities.

Q Does “waterproof” mean what it says? Q Are there any limitations of durable cameras?

A Actually, a camera that says its “waterproof” always

has a depth limit, such as 10 feet underwater. Below
the limit, pressure can force water into the camera.
A Most durable cameras have little optical zoom, such
as 4X or 5X, because the lens can’t extend outward
from the front of the camera.

Q Can I scuba dive with a durable point-and-shoot? Q Is their image quality comparable to non-durable

A Generally, they’re better suited for snorkeling. If you

enjoy deeper diving, opt for a camera or watertight
case made specifically for scuba diving.
A Not quite, because the lens is covered by a tough
panel. Long-term physical abuse can create tiny abra-
sions on the panel, decreasing picture quality over time.

First Glimpse / January 2011 21


Digital Imaging Glossary

Wondering what all of that ISO—For digital cameras, the ISO setting optical zoom—The camera’s mechanical
lingo on camera boxes measures the sensitivity to light (similar to ability to move the lens physically closer to
how it does with film). Digital camera ISO your subject. With optical zoom, the higher
means? Use this glossary to
settings, such as 200, 400, and up, should the number (such as 5X or 10X), the better.
help decode the world of capture photos as if one were using film When choosing a camera, always consider
digital imaging. with such a speed. Lower ISO settings mean the optical zoom, not the digital zoom.
you need more light and vice versa. Digital zoom artificially adds pixels.
aperture—An iris-like diaphragm opening
that can expand and contract the lens to let LCD—The screen on the back of the camera resolution—The number of pixels in an
you control the amount of light that passes that lets you see a live-action view of your image. The higher the resolution, the more
through it, thus affecting the exposure. The subject or your photo after you’ve taken it. detail and quality in a photo. Resolution
term “f-stop” can be used interchangeably is measured in a proportion (such as 2,272
with aperture. lens—The apparatus on the front of the x 1,704).
camera that gathers and directs light to-
burst mode—A camera mode that will let you ward the image sensor. In a digital camera, shutter—A mechanism that opens and
capture several shots consecutively after the lens likely has both an optical and dig- closes to allow light to pass through the
pressing the shutter only one time. ital zoom. lens. You can usually control the camera’s
shutter speed.
CCD—A charge-coupled device is a type megapixel—Approximately 1 million pix-
of image-sensing component. It converts els. The higher the megapixel count, the shutter speed—The length of time a cam-
light into energy that can be stored as dig- higher the resolution and the more you can era’s shutter is open to let light through the
ital data on your camera. crop, which means (in general) better- lens and hit the sensor, which records the
quality photos. image. This is expressed in fractions of a
depth of field—The area that is in focus second: For instance, a shutter speed of
in front of and beyond the subject of memory card—Because digital cameras 1/250 means that the shutter is open for
your photo. have very little onboard memory, they need 1/250th of a second.
flash memory cards to store more than a
digital zoom—Magnifies an image digitally dozen or so images. The type of memory viewfinder—The small opening in the
by cropping it and filling in the rest with card you need depends on the make and camera that the user looks through to frame
interpolated pixels, thus degrading the model of your camera. Some of the most a shot. Some digital cameras don’t have a
quality. Even if the numbers are impres- popular memory cards are Secure Digital, viewfinder and only use the camera’s LCD
sive, never choose a camera based on dig- MultiMedia Card, Compact Flash, and Sony to frame the shot.
ital zoom. Memory Sticks. In general, memory cards
are quite small. white balance—Light levels are adjusted
f-stop—See aperture. Smaller f-stop electronically to ensure whites in a certain
numbers mean a wider lens opening; noise—The small statistical variations among environment are pure, leading to more life-
larger f-stop numbers mean a narrower pixels that lead to (usually) minor distortions like colors. White balance can usually be
lens opening. of color in a photo. manually adjusted, too.

22 January 2011 /


Which Point-&-Shoot Camera Is Best For You?

I f you’re a little confused about the most important features in a digital camera, you’re not alone. In this chart, we compare features
from select digital cameras, and we also explain what these features mean.

Resolution; Shutter Memory Movie

Optical zoom speed card LCD size Battery life ISO mode

More pixels mean A faster shutter Removable The LCD is Based on A higher ISO Lets you re-
What It Means
bigger and clearer speed will let card that the screen how many lets you take cord short
prints; Moves the you snap ac- stores your on the shots you can better photos video clips
lens closer to tion photos photos in your back of the take on a in low-light on your dig-
your subject without blur camera camera single charge settings ital camera

Olympus 14MP; 4X 1/4 to 1/2,000 SD/SDHC 2.7 inches N/A Auto; Manual: Yes
FE-4030 second 64 to 1600
MSRP: $149.99*
SKU 9765198

Nikon Coolpix 12MP; 4X 1 to 1/2,000 SD/SDHC 3 inches 190 shots Auto; Manual: Yes
S4000 second 80 to 3200
MSRP: $179.99*
SKU 9758647

Kodak EasyShare 14MP; 5X 1/2 to 1/2,000 microSD/ 2.7 inches N/A Auto; Manual: Yes
M590 second microSDHC 80 to 3200
MSRP: $199.95*
SKU 1218605

Fujifilm FinePix 12.2MP; 18X 1/4 to 1/2,000 SD/SDHC 3 inches N/A Auto; Manual: Yes
S2700 second 64 to 6400
MSRP: $199.95*
SKU 9766755

Sony Cyber-shot 12.2MP; 5X 2 to 1/1,600 Memory Stick 2.8 inches 230 shots Auto; Manual: Yes
DSC-WX5 seconds Duo/PRO 125 to 3200
MSRP: $299.99* Duo/PRO
SKU 1599086 HG-Duo/SD/

Sony Cyber-shot 10.2MP; 4X 2 to 1/1,600 Memory Stick 3 inches 250 shots Auto; Manual: Yes
DSC-TX5 seconds Duo/PRO 125 to 3200
MSRP: $329.99* Duo/PRO
SKU 1599031 HG-Duo/SD/

Canon PowerShot 10MP; 10X 1 to 1/4,000 SD/SDHC/ 3 inches 150 shots Auto; Manual: Yes
SD4500 IS second SDXC/MMC/ 125 to 3200
MSRP: $349.99* MMC Plus/
SKU 1218465 HC MMC Plus

Samsung 14.2MP; 7X 1/8 to 1/2,000 SD/SDHC 3.7 inches N/A Auto; Manual: Yes
CL80 second 80 to 6400
MSRP: $349.99*
SKU 9875619

*Prices listed in this issue are for general reference and may vary from retailer pricing.

First Glimpse / January 2011 23


Which D-SLR Is Best For You?

A s D-SLR prices keep coming down, more photographers are turning to them, both as a first camera and as a trade-up to something
better. In this chart, we’ll help you sort through some of the features and performance specs of select D-SLR cameras.

Resolution LCD size ISO range Kit lens Burst speed Shutter speed

Image sensor Diagonal A higher ISO Standard lens Frames per The wider the range,
What It Means
in megapixels; measurement of range will let bundled with second (fps) the greater the gamut
more means a the screen on you take better the camera you can shoot of long exposures to
bigger image the back of photos in low- body while in burst frozen action
the camera light situations mode

Olympus PEN E-PL1 12.3MP 2.7 inches 200 to 3200 14-42mm 3fps 60 to 1/2,000
MSRP: $499.99* f/3.5-5.6 seconds
SKU 9769158
Interchangeable Lens

Sony NEX-3 14.2MP 3 inches 200 to 12800 18-55mm 7fps 30 to 1/4,000

MSRP: $549.99* f/3.5-5.6 seconds
SKU 1034438

Samsung NX100 14.6MP 3 inches 100 to 6400 50-200mm 3fps 30 to 1/4,000

MSRP: $599.99* seconds
SKU 1551148

Sony A390 14.4MP 2.7 inches 100 to 3200 18-55mm 2.5fps 30 to 1/4,000
MSRP: $499.99* seconds
SKU 1229504

Nikon D3100 14.2MP 3 inches 100 to 3200 18-55mm 3fps 30 to 1/4,000

MSRP: $699.95* seconds
SKU 1222817

Pentax K-r 12.4MP 3 inches 100 to 12800 18-55mm 6fps 30 to 1/6,000

MSRP: $849.95* seconds
SKU 1627099

Canon EOS 60D 18MP 3 inches 100 to 6400 N/A 5.3fps 30 to 1/8,000
MSRP: $1,099* (body only) seconds
SKU 1222177

Nikon D7000 16.2MP 3 inches 100 to 6400 18-105mm 6fps 30 to 1/8,000

MSRP: $1,499.99* f/3.5-5.6 seconds
SKU 1230707

*Prices listed in this issue are for general reference and may vary from retailer pricing.

24 January 2011 /


Which Digital Camcorder Is Best For You?

Digital camcorders come in a number of formats: DVD, hard drive, flash drive, MiniDV, and high definition are the most common.
By comparing the following digital camcorders, you can determine which recording format and product best fits your style.

Optical zoom; Recording Digital still Lines of

LCD size Digital zoom speeds Memory card resolution resolution

Diagonal Two methods The speeds Compatible The number of Number of lines of
What It Means
length of for magnifying a particular flash card megapixels horizontal resolution;
viewing depth of field; camcorder can types (cards the camcorder the higher the num-
screen optical zoom utilize during not included can capture in ber, the greater the
is better recording unless noted) still images detail

JVC Everio 2.7 inches 39X; 800X Ultra/Fine/ SD/SDHC 0.3MP 480
GZ-MS230 Norm/Eco
MSRP: $249.99*
SKU 9731192

Canon FS300 2.7 inches 37X; 2,000X XP/SP/LP SD/SDHC 0.45MP 480
MSRP: $269.99*
SKU 9739361

Insignia 3 inches 12X; 10X N/A SD/SDHC 10MP 1,080

MSRP: $299.99*
Flash Drive

SKU 9769398

Samsung 2.7 inches 20X; 220X N/A SD/SDHC 4.7MP 1,080

MSRP: $549.99*
SKU 9879545

Canon VIXIA 2.7 inches 20X; 400X FXP/XP+/ SD/SDHC 1.73MP 1,080
MSRP: $699.99*
SKU 9751699

Panasonic 3 inches 12X; 700X HA/HG/HX/HE SD/SDHC/ 14.2MP 1,080

MSRP: $1,399.99*
SKU 1261554

Panasonic 3 inches 12X; 700X HA/HG/HX/HE SD/SDHC/ 14.2MP 1,080

MSRP: $1,399.95*
Hard Drive

SKU 9921706

Sony Handycam 2.7 inches 60X; 2,000X HQ/SP/LP Memory Stick N/A 480
MSRP: $379.99* SDHC
SKU 9880262

*Prices listed in this issue are for general reference and may vary from retailer pricing.

First Glimpse / January 2011 25


Find The Nikon COOLPIX That Fits Your Life

Nikon’s COOLPIX cameras won’t let you miss the joy in life, thanks to their fast start-up time, shutter
speed, and auto focus. Each COOLPIX offers an ultra-compact and stylish design that will deliver sharp
and colorful photo results with its NIKKOR lens. With a wide range of Nikon COOLPIX cameras avail-
able, it couldn’t be easier to find a camera that can keep up with your photography needs.

Product Name Nikon Nikon Nikon Nikon Nikon Nikon Nikon Nikon
L22 L110 S3000 S4000 S6000 S8100 S80 P100
SKU 9765091 9758692 9765107 9758647 9789389 1222844 1222862 9758747

Additional 9765125 9765161 9789458 1229231

Colors Available 9765143 9765152 1229125
9765134 9779807 1229268

MSRP* $119.95 $279.95 $149.95 $179.95 $199.95 $299.95 $329.95 $399.95

Resolution 12MP 12.1MP 12MP 12MP 14.2MP 12.1MP 14.1MP 10.3MP

Zoom 3.6X optical; 15X optical; 4X optical; 4X optical; 7X optical; 10X optical; 5X optical; 26X optical;
4X digital 4X digital 4X digital 4X digital 2X digital 4X digital 4X digital 4X digital

LCD Monitor 3 inches 3 inches 2.7 inches 3 inches 2.7 inches 3 inches 3.5-inch OLED 3-inch tilt and
touchscreen swivel LCD

Internal Memory & 19MB & SD/ 43MB & SD/ 47MB & SD/ 45MB & SD/ 32MB & SD/ 102MB & SD/ 79MB & SD/ 43MB & SD/

ISO Up to 1600 Up to 6400 Up to 3200 Up to 3200 Up to 3200 Up to 3200 Up to 6400 Up to 3200

Shooting Modes 6 Scene Auto 6 Scene Auto 6 Scene Auto 6 Scene Auto 6 Scene Auto 6 Scene Auto 6 Scene Auto 17 Scene Modes;
Selector Selector Selector Modes, Selector Modes, Selector Modes, Selector Modes, Selector Program, Aper-
Modes, 16 Modes, 15 16 Scene 16 Scene 16 Scene 17 Scene Modes, 17 ture Priority,
Scene Modes, Scene Modes, Modes, plus Modes, plus Modes, plus Modes, plus Scene Modes, Shutter Priority,
plus Auto plus Auto Auto Auto Auto Auto plus Auto and Manual
Exposure Modes

Movie Mode Yes Yes (HD) Yes Yes (HD) Yes (HD) Yes (HD) Yes (HD) Yes (HD)

Touch-Panel No No No Yes No No Yes No


Battery Type 2 AA 4 AA Li-Ion recharge- Li-Ion recharge- Li-Ion recharge- Li-Ion recharge- Li-Ion recharge- Li-Ion recharge-
batteries batteries able battery able battery able battery able battery able battery able battery

Battery Life 240 shots with 270 shots with 220 shots 190 shots 210 shots 210 shots 150 shots 250 shots
alkaline, 660 alkaline, 840
shots with shots with
lithium-ion lithium-ion

* Prices listed in this issue are for general reference and may vary from retailer pricing.

26 January 2011 /


NOTEWORTHY P rices for digital camcorders and cameras continue to fall as their

video and picture quality improves, which is especially good news
for first-time buyers or those looking to upgrade. Pairing your new
camcorder or camera with the right products will bring you better
photography results. Here are some must-have accessories you should

& Services
consider buying to get the most out of your digital imaging device.

● Make sure you’re never REMOTE SWITCH
caught without the power ● A longer cable lets you
needed to capture the per- snap photos without
CONVERTER LENSES having to touch the
● Protects digital camcorder ● Whether your camera uses
● Extra lenses for D-SLRs and camera, which can also
and D-SLR lenses from proprietary batteries or
converter lenses for digital reduce camera shake
dust, dirt, fingerprints, AAs, keep at least one fully
camcorders can enhance ● May enable the user to
and scratches charged spare or set in
your results by extending lock the shutter for longer
● Helps you get clearer, your camera bag
your field of view, reducing exposure times
more detailed results ● An additional battery
when you’re shooting in glare, adding 3D, and more
charger will give you the
bright conditions ● Telephoto lenses enable
flexibility to power up your
you to zoom in from far
camera batteries anywhere
away, wide-angle lenses
you’re headed, even if
give you the ability to get a
you’re traveling
full view even if you’re
close to the subject, and DIGITAL IMAGING
macro lenses will let you SERVICES
achieve up-close, detailed Once you’ve set your sights
MEMORY CARDS shots of your photo subject on the camera or camcorder
● Keep spare memory cards you want, consider taking
on hand so you can snap advantage of the digital
away without having to TRIPOD imaging services offered by
worry about running out ● Tripods are an easy way to your local CE retailer. Not
of storage space ensure steady video footage only can you protect your
● Consider having several ● Pan while recording video investment, but you can also
memory cards with smaller in one smooth motion discover photography and
capacities instead of one ● Use a tripod and your cam- videography skills that will
card with a larger capacity; EXTERNAL FLASH era’s timer to get a picture make your photos and videos
that way, if something goes ● Light up your subjects from of the entire group without picture-perfect.
wrong with one card, you’ll greater distances needing someone to man
● D-SLR or Camcorder
still have a backup ● Offers better control of the camera
Service Plan
● For your digital camcorder, lighting conditions when ● Keeps your camera steady
● D-SLR Training Course
keep more recording media taking photos by directing while you’re shooting close-
● Camcorder Training
in your bag than you think the angle of the flash up or distance shots, which
you’ll need, just in case can prevent photo blurring

First Glimpse / January 2011 27


What Is
Go Wireless Or Wired

Out of all the tech buzz

words you hear, “connec-
tivity” might be the most
common. By definition,
connectivity refers to the
ability to link devices to an
Internet network or a com-
patible connected device.
Don’t stop here—there’s
more to learn.

Connectivity Home-Theater Computer Connectivity

Requirements & Connectivity Connectivity Goes Further
Capabilities Your home theater can Some computing devices, There are other products
A device may offer dif- access the Internet using such as notebooks, net- that have connectivity
ferent ways to connect to either a wired or wireless books, and printers, are features. Certain wireless
the Internet. You can use network. With an Internet- designed to wirelessly photo frames, SD cards,
an Ethernet cable for a di- connectable Blu-ray Disc connect to the Internet or MP3 players, and GPSes
rect link to the Web or set player, you can stream another device. Of course, can wirelessly upload
up a powerline network to video from the Web or you can connect to the photos, stream songs, and
transform your electrical access special Internet Web with these devices, download map updates,
outlets into Ethernet con- features on discs with but if your notebook and respectively. Portable
nections. Wireless access BD-Live. An Internet- wireless printer are con- game consoles and
provided by a home net- connected HDTV can nected to the same net- eReaders might be able to
work or a public hotspot access online movies, work, you can print docu- stream movies, access
may be another option. social media, and online ments without physically online bookstores, and
Some devices can also use music. For more informa- connecting these devices more. Pages 36, 38, and
3G or 4G provided by a tion on HT connectivity with a cord. See page 37 39 offer more connec-
wireless cellular network. possibilities, see page 35. for more information. tivity ideas, as well.


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Your Digital World
It’s Your Oyster

We live in a connected age;

the Internet is not only an
ocean of information, it’s also
the means by which we all
stay in touch, be it through
email, social networking
sites, blogs, video chat, or
other methods. Internet tech-
nology is also the platform by
which we get an increasing
amount of our entertainment,
and it also allows us to con-
nect the many devices in our
homes to one another.

Connected Cable Network Setups Connected

Devices Necessities Services
There are three networking
Most of us think of our Once you acquire your setups. A wired network Of course, before you
computers as being able to desired connected de- makes use of Ethernet ca- can set up a network, you
connect to the Internet— vices, you’ll need to actu- bles that directly connect need service. To get
and they certainly do, as ally connect them all. devices to your router (see Internet service in your
you can stream music, Although many of them page 30). From a wired home, contact a local
video, and play games on- have wireless capabilities, network, you can easily Internet provider; once
line from your notebook or many will need to rely on install a wireless router for you have service, you
desktop. But your smart- Ethernet cables to hook up your wireless-capable can set up your wired
phone, MP3 player, TV, to your router and net- devices (see page 31). or wireless network.
digital photo frame, game work. Additionally, you’ll Powerline networking Because devices such as
system, and even your need cables to connect adapters (see page 32) smartphones, eReaders,
printer may also have sim- your devices to one an- plug right into your wall netbooks, and more rely
ilar capabilities. Check the other, which may include outlet and use your on 3G or 4G service from
following pages for more HDMI, Component, home’s electrical system cell towers, you might
details on what you can Composite, and other and a router to connect to also need a plan from a
do with connectivity. audio/visual cables. the Internet. mobile service provider.


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Method An original reason for a home Ethernet network was to give two
or more stationary computers access to an Internet connection.
Today, PCs being used to make VoIP calls, play online games,
enjoy media streaming, and back up network files make a solid
A Landline For Your connection no less essential. Add to that printers with Ethernet
ports, and any computer user in the household can print photos
Home Network and documents across the network.

A home network based on Ethernet cables is
the simplest type to set up. It’s also the fastest,
with speeds theoretically reaching 1Gbps
(about 1,000Mbps). Here are some ways you
can use Ethernet cable to hook up compatible
devices to each other and the Internet.

Internet-connected TVs that support wid-

gets can tap into the latest weather, traffic
reports, and more. Another tier of Web-
enabled TVs can access video sources
such as Netflix and CinemaNow. Finally,
smart TVs offer nearly full Web access, Wired
such as Google TV models. Router


Blu-ray Disc Player

Game Console

Connected BD players and How it works. Devices with

game consoles can tap into Ethernet ports can connect to a
online content. Game consoles wired router to create a home
also offer access to PC media network. Because wired routers Digital Photo Frame
files. Both devices can stream have a limited number of Ether-
video from services such as net ports, you can use a switch With a link to the LAN, an LCD photo frame
Netflix; access news, weather, to add more ports to the network can display pictures stored on family computers
and sports info; plus more. to connect more devices. or online photo-sharing sites.


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When your smartphone is in range of Wi-Fi,
it can temporarily switch your Web service to
the network. Many notebooks, netbooks, and
tablets (including eReaders) ride the wireless

wave, giving you the content you want. And
certain SD memory cards can wirelessly
transfer photo files from your camera to your
networked PC. Digital photo frames can au-

Sweet Freedom
tomatically pull photos from photo-sharing
sites, so you can always enjoy new pictures.

Like an Ethernet network, it’s fairly easy

to add your devices to a wireless con- Phone
nection. But instead of stringing a cable Digital Photo Frame
along baseboards and through walls and
plugging it into your device, you
simply type in the password to
your home network or a public
Wi-Fi hotspot to gain access.

Wireless Router


HDTV Wireless
With Wi-Fi support, an SD Card
HDTV can quickly join
Blu-ray Disc Player your wireless home net-
work and access your
Internet connection. Note
that some TVs require a How it works. A wireless router lets you set
wireless adapter, which up a home wireless network to connect Wi-Fi-
Game Console may be sold separately. Wi- compatible devices, such as HDTVs, computers,
Fi connectivity also gives printers, and more, to the Internet or to each other.
you a tidy way to hook up In many cases, today’s best Wi-Fi equipment is up
your Blu-ray Disc player to the task of transmitting even high-definition
and game console to online video. Wi-Fi N (802.11n) routers are backward-
A/V Receiver movie rentals, bonus con- compatible with devices using older Draft-N,
tent, and more. Select A/V 802.11g, and 802.11b wireless implementations.
receivers can stream music
files from your PC or Web
radio stations and services.


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Powerline Method
Your Home Is Already Wired
Even with the obvious benefits of connecting Internet-
capable devices to the network, it can be a real pain to How it works. A powerline network
hide an Ethernet cable running across a room. Powerline uses your home’s electrical cables to
networking addresses this dilemma. transmit data without interfering with their
primary duty of carrying AC power. Plug a
powerline adapter in a wall outlet near your
router, and another one near a device, and
voila—an instant wired connection.

Powerline adapters connect to devices’ LAN

ports using short Ethernet cables. Turn to
page 30 for details on the ways various de-
vices use Ethernet connections.

Powerline Adapter

A powerline adapter converts a device’s Ethernet

traffic into a signal suitable for the copper or alu-
minum AC power wiring throughout the home. A
few have more than one LAN port to support mul-
tiple devices. Some manufacturers rate their
adapters at 200Mbps or more. To connect your
devices to a powerline network, you’ll need to
plug a second adapter into an outlet and then con-
nect the device. Because outlets are likely readily
available in your home, you can find one any-
where you need connections.


32 January 2011 /


Defining Mobile
Meet 3G & 4G

3G and 4G connections, also known as

mobile broadband, are the ultimate in con-
venience. With the help of a 3G- or 4G-
capable device, you can access the Web
from anywhere in a carrier’s cellular net-
work, and you don’t need to perform any
setup to receive the wireless signal. The
difference between 3G and 4G is how fast
the data is sent to your mobile device. 3G
provides download speeds a little faster
than dial-up Internet (around 600Kbps to
1.4Mbps), while 4G currently delivers
speeds of 3 to 6Mbps and could reach 5 to
12Mbps in the future.

3G 4G Carrier Choice
Although mobile Currently, only select mo- To receive data over
phones are likely the bile phones, notebooks, 3G or 4G, you’ll need
first technology you and netbooks offer 4G con- to sign up for service
associate with 3G, nectivity. It’s also important with a wireless service
a number of other to note that 4G networks provider, such as
portable devices now are presently only available Sprint or Verizon, and
offer integrated 3G in a limited number of pay a monthly fee.
connectivity, in- cities, such as Atlanta, Oftentimes, a 3G or
cluding netbooks, Chicago, and Las Vegas, 4G device will only
notebooks, tablet but continue to roll out in work with one carrier,
PCs, and eReaders. other major metropolitan so you’ll want to make
Additionally, mobile broadband can be areas. If you’re lucky enough to live in a 4G area, sure a service pro-
added to some laptops through the use you’ll enjoy mobile broadband speeds that can vider’s mobile broad-
of a mobile broadband card. A 3G con- operate at up to 10 times faster than 3G. The im- band coverage area
nection works well for accessing mobile proved speed of 4G gives you the ability to stream matches where you
Web sites, streaming Internet radio, and video, and Web-based tasks will be faster than plan to regularly use
downloading email. with a 3G connection. 3G or 4G.


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Make The Most

Of Media
Connected Devices Simplify Daily Tasks

It’s remarkable how much

you can accomplish by
simply using a device with
connected capabilities.
Whether it’s connected to
your home network, a Wi-
Fi hotspot, or 3G/4G, there
are many advantages of
using a connected gadget to
take care of your needs.
Your connectivity possibili-
ties are vast, but here’s a
look at some of the things
you can do.

Print Remotely Share Files Access Web Content

If a printer has built-in Depending on a Thanks to enhanced connectivity capabilities, you can watch videos,
Wi-Fi connectivity device’s specific access photo collections, listen to music, view local map search re-
and is connected to capabilities, you sults, and play games on a variety of devices.
your wireless home can use Internet
network, you can connectivity to While the content you access depends on a device’s features, some
print documents share files with that are capable include game consoles, netbooks, MP3 players,
without connecting another device. smartphones, GPSes, and Blu-ray Disc players.
your computer to the
printer with a cable. Some of these
devices include Unlock BD-Live Features
For example, you can MP3 players,
download a word pro- Internet media When you have a BD player that’s connected to the Web, you will
cessing document on devices, net- be able to watch BD-Live content.
your laptop in your books, digital
home office and print it photo frames, Examples of content you might be able to watch include picture-in-
on the family printer in and more. picture display, featurettes, trailers, commentary, or multiplayer games.
the living room. This type of content is only available on certain BDs with BD-Live.


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The Web On The Big Screen

Many of us turn to the Internet for en-

tertainment, so it’s no surprise that
many home-theater devices now inte-
grate Internet connectivity to let you
access your favorite online content on
your big-screen TV. Typically, the
Web connection is delivered through
a wired Ethernet port, but some
home-theater equipment is also ca-
pable of accessing your home’s wire-
less network. Here, we’ll examine
what Internet connectivity allows you
to do on your home theater.

HDTV BD Players A/V Game

Receiver Console
With the help of integrated wid- Internet-connected BD
gets (they work just like a smart- (Blu-ray Disc) players also You’ll be able to The Internet connec-
phone app, but for your TV), an offer many of same wid- stream Internet tion allows you to
Internet-connected HDTV gives gets found on HDTVs, radio services, join friends and other
you the ability to stream movies, such as those that instantly such as Pandora, players online, so it’s
such as from Netflix or Cinema- stream movies and music over your home- great for co-op and
Now, and online videos; access from Internet radio stations theater’s speakers. head-to-head games.
social networking sites; read the to your entertainment You might also be
news; and more. center as well as widgets Some receivers able to stream or
for photo-sharing sites. are capable of rent movies.
Or, a newer HDTV with smart accessing music
TV features includes a Web Similar to HDTVs, BD stored on PCs con- Playable demos for
browser and built-in keyboard players with smart TV capa- nected to your new games are avail-
to let you surf the Web just as bilities let you pick the apps home network. able to let you pre-
you do on your PC. Some smart you want to use as well as a view a game before
TVs also allow you to download Web browser. you buy.
and install apps.


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Imaging Hookups
An Emphasis On Sharing

If there are two things that

today’s increasingly tech-
savvy users want from de-
vices, it’s the ability to pull
content in from numerous
sources and easily share
it. The following digital
imaging products meet both
demands via their ability to
connect to the Internet and
local networks.

Internet Wireless Wireless SD

Media Displays Photo Frames Memory Cards
Multitalented and adaptable to Whether on a wall or a tabletop, A digicam or camcorder that supports a
homes and offices, Internet a wireless photo frame with inte- wireless SDHC memory card lets you
media displays do exactly what grated Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is a dy- forgo using a cable to connect the
their name suggests: display namic, easy-to-use method to view camera to a computer to transfer photos
Internet-based media. That in- your own and others’ photos. and videos. Instead, the card’s integrated
cludes music, weather, TV Beyond displaying photos from an Wi-Fi beams that content to the com-
shows, movies, and email but inserted memory card or photo- puter from the camera. Cards support up
also photos and videos from sharing or social networking sites, to 32 wireless networks, and you can
photo-sharing and social net- you can assign an email address customize them to transfer shots to on-
working sites. An Internet media to some photo frames to do such line sharing sites and automatically
display with internal memory things as send a photo you just delete a photo from the card once it’s
and/or built-in memory card took with a smartphone to the transferred. Other features may include
slot, meanwhile, lets you use the frame or receive a shot from a adding geotags to images, connecting to
device as a photo frame to dis- family member on the frame, AT&T-operated hotspots nationwide,
play your own photos or those meaning no computer is required and transferring RAW images directly to
from a photo-sharing site. for photo transfers. your computer.


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Connection Capabilities

An Internet-connectable
notebook, netbook, or
printer is a convenient de-
vice to have in an increas-
ingly connected world. The
connectivity options for
these devices are continu-
ally expanding, so we’ve
created a guide to help you
better understand computer
connectivity features and

Notebook Connectivity Netbook Printer Connectivity

A connected notebook can include one or Wireless printers might be net-
more methods of connectivity, such as Netbooks are primarily de- work-ready so you can easily
wired Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections. signed to connect to the connect to your wireless or wired
The former lets you connect to the Internet Internet, making them ideal for home network. You can also con-
via Ethernet cable, and the latter makes it on-the-go computing. nect other devices to your net-
possible to connect to your home wireless work, such as a notebook or
network or a public hotspot. Aside from wireless and wired netbook, and print documents
connections, you can also get without physically connecting
In terms of connectivity support from online via a wireless carrier’s them to the printer.
wireless service providers, some of the 3G mobile broadband connec-
newest laptops can connect to 3G and tion. This means you can stay A photo printer with built-in Wi-
4G WiMAX networks supported by cell connected without searching for Fi capabilities will make it pos-
towers. These wireless signals require hotspots or being tethered by a sible for you to print photos from
built-in notebook capabilities or a mobile cord. Some models include 3G mobile phones, supported MP3
broadband card (along with a wireless capabilities, but, alternatively, players, or Bluetooth-enabled de-
carrier subscription) and will be available you can use a mobile broad- vices (with features that enable
in areas where the provider has coverage. band card to get connected. you to send and print).


First Glimpse / January 2011 37


Devices Connectivity
Internet Features On The Go

Whether you’re down-

loading applications and
music or signing up for
real-time updates, Internet
connectivity lets you en-
hance your portable de-
vices. We’ll show you a
few of the online benefits
available with these
portable products.

Smartphones MP3 Players GPSes Wireless

Internet Radios
Smartphones can do much In some cases, MP3 Most GPSes feature points
more than just send and re- players have many of the of interest, but select Web-based radio
ceive calls and text mes- same features as smart- models let you search stations and music
sages. Most smartphones use phones but without the using a built-in or add-on streaming services,
3G cellular or Wi-Fi signals ability to make phone Web receiver. With a such as Napster, can
to let you browse the Web, calls. If your MP3 player Web-enabled GPS, you be listened to on
check email, download ap- has Internet connectivity, might be able to receive wireless Internet ra-
plications, and more. Some you can download music real-time traffic informa- dios. Using Wi-Fi,
have built-in GPS capabili- and videos, surf the Web, tion and weather updates. you can tune in to
ties, which means you could and use Web-enabled Also, some of the newest any of the thousands
use a GPS with a restaurant applications via Wi-Fi. GPSes include Google’s of Internet radio sta-
app to choose something Many MP3 players can Local Search or similar tions available. Some
close by based on reviews. download games, which services, which access the of these devices can
Certain models might be may offer special Web- Web to help you find the also support satellite
able to download or stream enabled features such as best fuel prices, restau- radio as long as you
music, videos, and pictures, playing with friends who rants, and more in your have a subscription to
and read documents. are also online. immediate area. the service.


38 January 2011 /


Gaming, Media &

More Connectivity
Unlock Your Device’s Internet Capabilities

You can do a lot with game

consoles and eReaders
without being connected to
the Internet, but you can en-
hance some of these devices’
functionality by connecting
them up to access online fea-
tures. Gamers can preview or
buy the latest games, play
against friends, and more. And
eReader users will be able to
access online ebook stores
and download new releases.

Game Consoles eReaders

To get the most out of your You’ll find that some of the latest eReader models are Wi-Fi or 3G ready. With these
game console, Internet connec- connectivity options, you can use your eReader to download ebooks from online stores
tivity is essential. Consoles can directly or set up digital newspaper subscriptions to be automatically delivered to your
be connected wirelessly using device. Depending on the model, pairing connectivity with certain eReaders will afford
either built-in Wi-Fi or adapters, you the ability to surf the Web using a built-in browser, keep up with loved ones via so-
but Ethernet cables can also be cial networking sites, and maintain an online personal library where you can stow
used for a wired connection. ebooks so they don’t take up storage space on your device until you need them.
You can communicate and play
games with your friends or
download new games, demos,
Portable Game Consoles
videos, and more. Additionally,
game consoles can let you Some portable game consoles will let you download games, videos, and other content
stream movies using a paid sub- from online stores when it’s connected to the Internet. Most of these consoles have built-
scription service, such as in Wi-Fi capabilities so you can play online games or search the Web with a browser.
Netflix, and there are consoles Wi-Fi access also provides other features that can make your game console more than
that can stream music and ac- just a device to play games on: Depending on the particular model, you might also be
cess social networking sites. able to make VoIP calls using Skype, for example.


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Connected Benefits
Your Gadgets Are Better On The Web

In consumer electronics, connectivity is the new black. Devices that connect to the Internet are all the
rage, and considering the benefits of persistent online access, it’s not hard to figure out why. Read on for
several scenarios that demonstrate just how connectivity can significantly enhance your lifestyle.

Smart TVs Beyond Blu-ray Discs

With More To See Blu-ray Disc players bring high-
New smart TVs not only serve up fidelity movies and entertain-
everything from your cable, satel- ment to your living room, but an
lite, or OTA (over-the-air) broad- Internet-connected BD player
casts in all their high-resolution adds special features, such as
glory, but they also let you tap accessing content from compat-
into a practically bottomless data- ible BD-Live discs. These de-
base of Web-based content, such vices also embrace streaming
as online videos, streaming media, and with an always-on
movies, and more. With a con- Web connection, your player
nected TV, you can’t really say will have the latest features and
“there’s nothing on TV” anymore. capabilities.

Untethered Let Your Camera File That

Printers Wi-Fi enabled SD cards let your camera or camcorder up-
A Wi-Fi-enabled load images and videos wirelessly. This feature also en-
printer is capable of sures you have plenty of
connecting to mul- free space on the card
tiple PCs and de- every time you leave the
vices throughout house, making those
the house, which times when you needed
makes printing to delete old photos to
everything from make room for tonight’s
coupons to book re- dance recital or junior-
ports a much more league football game
efficient endeavor. few and far between.


40 January 2011 /



Big Value,
Powerful Performance
Laser Printers From Brother
When it comes to choosing a printer for your home or small office, a laser printer is the way to go. Prints are created quickly—
often 20 pages a minute or more—and text is crisper and clearer than what an inkjet or photo printer can produce. Even better,
a laser printer can generate hundreds of pages before its toner cartridge needs to be replaced. Brother (
offers a variety of laser printers to suit your small business or home office needs. The following laser models are a tremendous
value because Brother packs them with the bells and whistles you need to get the job done right, all for an exceptional price.

HL-2270DW With Wireless

HL-3070CW Digital Color
Networking And Duplexing
Printer With Wireless
Networking | $299.99

Brother HL-2230 Compact,

Personal Laser Printer | $119.99
MFC-7840W All-in-One With
MFC-7340 All-in-One | $199.99 Wireless Networking | $299.99

Compact Laser Printers All-In-One Laser A Colorful Laser

Printers Printer
Brother’s new small office monochrome laser
printers are only 7.2 inches high and 14.2 With 4-in-1 versatility, Brother If you frequently print reports
inches deep, so they can easily fit into a small laser all-in-ones add copy, with graphics, charts, or other
office with limited space. And although they scan, and fax capabilities in color elements, Brother’s HL-
share the same footprint, there are some key addition to printing. These ma- 3070CW ($299.99) can tackle
differences between them. The entry level chines also feature a 35-page your jobs quickly. It prints up
HL-2230 ($119.99) sports a compact footprint automatic document feeder, to 17ppm in both color and
and fast, crisp monochrome printing at up to so you can copy, scan, or fax monochrome, and a USB Direct
24ppm (pages per minute). The HL-2270DW multiple pages in one shot. The Interface allows you to directly
($149.99) offers the same footprint, but it also MFC-7340 ($199.99) prints print PDF and JPEG files saved
includes automatic duplexing for paper-effi- at 21ppm, while the MFC- on USB flash drives. The HL-
cient, two-sided printing. It prints up to 27ppm 7840W ($299.99) prints at 3070CW is also ideal for small
and also features both wireless and wired 23ppm and features wireless workgroups because it can be
network interfaces that allow the printer to be and wired connectivity. shared on your local network via
shared by more than one worker. its wireless or wired interface.

First Glimpse / January 2011 41



An All-In-One PC
The All-Encompassing Computer

Simplified setup. If aesthetics are an all-in-one’s

most noticeable attribute, ease of setup might be its best. In
fact, it’s possible that setup could require no more than re-
moving the unit from its box, plugging in one power cord,
and connecting keyboard and mouse cords (unless they’re
wireless models). In most cases, you can count on the
physical setup to take only minutes.

Agile and adaptable. Due to their fashionable

good looks and all-encompassing nature, all-in-ones can
easily blend into
different home . . . they’re easy to
and office set-
tings. Further, be- move about and
cause they consist
All-in-one computers are lean, mean, computing machines of so few pieces access the Web . . .
that bypass a traditional desktop tower design in favor of a and many models
streamlined setup that gives back space without requiring integrate wireless connectivity, they’re easy to move about
huge sacrifices in power and performance. The following are and access the Web without requiring an Ethernet cable.
benefits of all-in-one systems.

Space saved. By building nearly all compo- Technologies included. An all-in-one gener-
nents—such as motherboards, hard drives, memory, ally can’t match a comparable desktop’s power or offer
optical drives, etc.—into monitors or small base units, the same upgrade options, but various models do possess
all-in-one PCs eliminate the need for a larger tower unique features including Blu-ray Disc drives, TV tuners,
case. Screen and touchscreen
sizes can still
reach an im-
. . . all-in-one PCs monitors (some
with multitouch
. . . many models
pressive 27 eliminate the need support, or are Energy Star-
inches of HD- using multiple
supported for a large tower fingers to do qualified . . .
quality, and such things as
the overall re- case . . . pinching an image to zoom in and out). Additionally,
sult is a sleek, many models are Energy Star-qualified, meaning long-
modern design that’s also highly functional. term energy savings.


42 January 2011 /


Netbooks vs. Notebooks

Which One Is Right For You?
There’s a portable computer that’s just right for you, your family, your job, or your student.
Depending on your needs and your budget, it might be a full-sized notebook with tons of
processing power and high-level graphics suitable for gaming, or it might be one of the
smaller, lighter, ultra-portable netbooks. We’ll outline some of the differences for you.

Notebooks Netbooks
These days, many notebook computers Netbooks, while more powerful
are every bit as powerful as most than one might expect, are nonethe-
desktop machines; there are compro- less not full-blown computers. A netbook is excel-
mises made in the name of portability, but the lent for certain activities, but generally doesn’t
effect of these on functionality is minimal. offer the same functionality as a notebook PC.

Display size 11 to 18 inches Around 10 inches

Weight 4 to 8 pounds Generally 2 to 3 pounds
Optical Drives Writable CD/DVD combination, some might Not included; external drives can be attached
have Blu-ray Disc capabilities
Storage 100 to 600GB or more 160 to 250GB hard drive or smaller SSD (solid-
state drive)
Processing Power Multicore Intel or AMD processors running at Low-voltage (to reduce heat) mobile processors
& Speed 1.2 to 2.6GHz or faster running at 1.6GHz or more
Memory 1 to 6GB; some models can be expanded 1GB; some models can be expanded
Average Price $350 to $2,000 or more $250 to $500
Perfect For Office tasks, including heavy-duty word pro- Light school and office tasks, including
cessing or complex spreadsheets everyday word processing and spreadsheets

Streaming video or audio, including video Streaming audio: MP3 or other audio playback

Internet access: Web browsing, email, social Internet access: Web browsing, email, social
networking networking

Gaming (some models are powerful enough) PC-based ebook readers

Media: image creation, editing and manipula- General media, including image viewing and
tion, video editing sharing

Transporting in a briefcase or laptop bag Easy travel: Portable enough to fit easily in a
bag, backpack, or large purse

First Glimpse / January 2011 43


Pick The
Perfect PC Processor
Pair Your Needs With The Right Intel Processor
When you’re buying a new computer for your home or even right for you, it’s essential you find a system with a processor
your office, it’s important to know that the processor is the that can handle all of the tasks you throw at it. Intel’s line of
computer component that has the biggest effect on perfor- high-performance processors (the Core i3, Core i5, and Core
mance. Also known as the CPU, the processor handles and i7; includes a number of unique capabilities,
prioritizes nearly everything a computer does—from boot up including Intel Wireless Display and 4G WiMAX, that you’ll
to shut down—so when you’re shopping for the model that’s want to look for when buying a new PC.

Intel Core i3
A computer with an Intel
Core i3 is perfect for
anyone who regularly has
several basic programs
open in his taskbar. The
Core i3 line offers 4-way
processing, which means
that it can work on four
different tasks at the same
time. For instance, a PC
with a Core i3 processor
could run a Web browser,
media player, email client,
and a spreadsheet applica-
tion without skipping a
beat. Core i3 processors
also come with Intel HD
Graphics to give you the
ability to watch HD video
on your PC. Some note-
books with an Intel Core
i3 (or Core i5) also feature
Intel’s Wireless Display
technology (see the next
page for more info) that
lets you stream media from your notebook to an HDTV wirelessly.

Perfect For: Anyone who values price and performance but doesn’t want
to sacrifice the ability to work with several applications at one time.

44 January 2011 /


Intel Core i5 Intel Core i7

Notebooks and desktop PCs Intel’s Core i7 proces-
with a Core i5 processor are sors deliver the pinnacle
capable of 4-way process- in performance. The Core
ing and also include Intel’s i7 offers 8-way multitask
Turbo Boost Technology. processing, which lets PCs
Turbo Boost allows the fly through using multiple
Intel processor to detect when the software on your PC basic programs. Core i7 systems also benefit from Intel
is a single-threaded application, at which point the clock Turbo Boost Technology when your PC needs the addi-
speed will automatically increase, giving your PC extra tional speed. The extra power found in the Core i7 can
performance to tackle jobs faster. Turbo Boost is great for handle jobs that would be challenging for most PCs,
people who edit video, audio, or photos because the PC’s such as editing HD footage, and get them done in less
ability to perform the demanding tasks is improved. Other time, so you won’t be waiting on your PC to respond.
common situations where Turbo Boost can be beneficial Intel’s Core i7 processors are also ideal for gamers be-
include streaming TV shows or movies, playing a casual cause they can play games at the best performance set-
video game, creating presentations, or video chatting. tings for a more realistic experience.

Perfect For: Those who need a computer that Perfect For: Individuals who perform a wide
can handle multitasking with basic applications variety of computing tasks and want the fastest
and demanding programs with a speedy response. technology available to get the job done.

Intel Wireless Display

This ingenious technology allows a notebook user to
display what they see on their laptop screen on the
biggest screen in their home—their HDTV. There’s no
need to run a cable from the laptop to the back or side
of an HDTV or play with display settings. Instead, the
setup consists of connecting a Wireless Display receiver
to an HDTV and clicking a Connect button on the
notebook’s software. With Intel’s Wireless Display, it’s
simple to show off photos to family and friends on a big
screen or stream online video, such as from Netflix or
YouTube, all from your laptop.

Perfect For: People who are interested in viewing

content from their notebook on their big HDTV.

First Glimpse / January 2011 45


On The Go
What An Intel 4G WiMAX-
Enabled Notebook Can
Do For You
Some users need greater wireless
coverage than Wi-Fi provides
and more bandwidth than 3G
affords. Enter 4G WiMAX, a
high-speed wireless networking
technology Intel developed to
handle bandwidth-hungry data, audio, and video duties wherever
it’s currently available. To illustrate 4G WiMAX’s reach, consider
a day in the life of a typical family armed with Intel 4G WiMAX-
enabled notebooks and a 4G WiMAX data plan.

8 a.m.
Dad is an Atlanta-based lobbyist en route to Washington, D.C. Both cities are among the
many major metropolitan areas blanketed with 4G WiMAX coverage. Before hitting Capitol
Hill, dad gets a last-minute briefing from an associate back in the office via a VoIP call on
his 4G WiMAX-enabled notebook.

12 p.m.
Mom is a small-business owner with no time to waste. At the dentist’s office waiting for the kids,
she downloads numerous audio and video clips via her 4G WiMAX-capable notebook to finish off
the multimedia presentation she’ll give a potential client in just hours.

6 p.m.
Junior is a social networking-savvy student attending film school in Austin. After wrapping up an
on-location shoot for a course project that he’s against a deadline for, he immediately uploads it
to YouTube from his 4G WiMAX-powered notebook as his professor has directed.

9 p.m.
With the day’s work complete, dad makes a video call home to mom and the kids to say good-
night. Junior unwinds by streaming online music and movies while simultaneously catching up
on email from his Intel 4G WiMAX-compatible notebooks.

*WiMAX connectivity requires a WiMAX-enabled device and subscription to a WiMAX broadband service. WiMAX connectivity may require you to purchase additional software or hardware at
extra cost. Availability of WiMAX is limited; check with your service provider for details on availability and network limitations. Actual broadband performance will depend upon your service
provider and results may vary due to environment factors and other variables. See for more information.

46 January 2011 /


Intel Wireless Display- & 4G WiMAX-Capable Notebooks

Intel Intel 4G
Processor HyperThreading Turbo Wireless WiMAX
Boost Display
Asus K52F-BBR9 Core i3 370M 4-way processing ✗
Gateway NV59C66u Core i3 370M 4-way processing ✗
HP dv6-3155dx Core i3 370M 4-way processing ✗ ✗
Samsung R580-JBB2 Core i3 370M 4-way processing ✗
Samsung SF510-A01 Core i3 370M 4-way processing ✗
Sony VPCEA36FM Core i3 370M 4-way processing ✗ ✗
Sony VPCEB33FM/BJ Core i3 370M 4-way processing ✗ ✗
Toshiba A665-S6086 Core i3 370M 4-way processing ✗ ✗
Toshiba R705-P35 Core i3 370M 4-way processing ✗ ✗
Asus U43F-BBA7 Core i5 450M 4-way processing ✗ ✗
Dell I14R-2265MRB Core i5 450M 4-way processing ✗
HP dm4-1165dx Core i5 450M 4-way processing ✗ ✗ ✗
Asus U52F-BBL9 Core i5 460M 4-way processing ✗ ✗
Dell I17R-2950MRB Core i5 460M 4-way processing ✗ ✗ ✗
HP dv6-3150us Core i5 460M 4-way processing ✗ ✗ ✗
Samsung QX410-J01 Core i5 460M 4-way processing ✗ ✗ ✗
Sony VPCEB36GM/BJ Core i5 460M 4-way processing ✗ ✗ ✗
Sony VPCZ133GM/B Core i5 460M 4-way processing ✗ ✗
Toshiba M645-S4070 Core i5 460M 4-way processing ✗ ✗ ✗
Toshiba A665-3DV6 Core i5 460M 4-way processing ✗ ✗
Asus G73JH-BST7 Core i7 740QM 8-way processing ✗ ✗
Sony VPCF136FM/B Core i7 740QM 8-way processing ✗ ✗
Toshiba A665-S6094 Core i7 740QM 8-way processing ✗ ✗

Intel AppUp Center

Netbooks are known to be a PC Companion device providing you with easy Internet on the go, but
now with Intel’s App Up Center (, netbook users will find scores of apps that
were built to take advantage of the advanced capabilities of their netbook’s Atom processor. Just like a smartphone app store, the
Intel AppUp Center gives you a place to search for and download apps to customize a netbook to match someone’s needs. You
can browse apps by categories, including Staff Picks, What’s Hot, and New Releases. A search box at the top of the screen allows
someone to search for apps that they’ve heard about, and they can be sorted by title, rating, release date, and free or paid. Apps
can also be tried out for 24 hours before committing to a purchase.

First Glimpse / January 2011 47


A Lightweight
Media Powerhouse
Dell’s Inspiron
17R Laptop

Dell Inspiron i17R-2950MRB laptop


When you’re constantly on the move, you need a device that can serve many
purposes. Enter the Dell Inspiron 17R: i17R-2950MRB laptop ($879.99; www, an affordable companion you can take with you anywhere. And de-
Essential Specs
spite its lightweight design, it can handle the large tasks you throw at it. t 2.53GHz Intel Core i5-460M
processor with Turbo Boost up
to 2.8GHz
Work with photos and video. The Inspiron 17R’s built-in media t 640GB hard drive
card reader makes it easy for you to transfer photos and video to your computer
from a camera or camcorder. And once you’ve uploaded your personal media t 6GB of RAM
from a job site or a recent family vacation, you’ll be able to edit it quickly and t 17.3-inch HD+ WLED screen
easily, thanks to a high-speed Intel Core i5 processor and 6GB of RAM.
t Genuine Windows 7 Home

t 6.76-pound starting weight

Watch your favorite movies. Watching movies on a small
computer screen isn’t always enjoyable, but the Inspiron 17R’s 17.3-inch HD t Built-in Intel HD Graphics and
widescreen will deliver a different experience, especially when combined with Wireless Display technology
its SRS Premium Sound with subwoofer. Plus, the included Blu-ray Disc player
t SRS Premium Sound with sub-
will let you watch movies in Full high-def.

t Intel Centrino Advanced-N+

WiMAX 6250
Access the Web and more. The Internet keeps you connected
to both your loved ones and your colleagues, and you can get faster wireless t Blu-ray Disc drive
access with the built-in Intel Centrino Advanced-N+ WiMAX technology (only
t Media card reader
available in select cities). Video chatting is also an option via the laptop’s built-
in 1.3MP Web cam. t HDMI port

48 January 2011 /


A Portable,
Comfortable Mouse
Microsoft’s Arc Touch Mouse
Microsoft’s Arc™ Touch Mouse ($69.95; redefines portability and com-
pactness to give you a comfortable and more precise way to use your mouse while you’re on the go.

Unique Design, Easy Touch Strip Navigation BlueTrack

Comfortable Precision Technology
The Arc Touch Mouse’s touch strip gives you
The Arc Touch Mouse pops into more precise scrolling control—sweeping your BlueTrack Technology™
a curved shape that comfortably finger over the touch strip lets you scroll slowly, lets you use the mouse
fits your hand while you’re using while a flick of your finger will trigger hyperfast on virtually any surface,
it, and flattens for easy portability, scrolling. Simply tap your finger on the touch including rough surfaces
taking up less space in your note- strip to stop scrolling. such as carpet, or shiny
book bag, purse, or pocket. For surfaces like your granite
added convenience, the magnetic Vibration technology integrated into the touch kitchen counter1. This
USB Nano transceiver adheres to strip gives you the familiar feedback you expect means you’ll never miss
the bottom of the mouse when with a scroll wheel, so right away you’ll feel as if an opportunity to work
you’re not using it; it’s also small you’ve used the Arc Touch Mouse before. Three while you’re on the go.
enough to stay plugged into your buttons on the touch strip add additional quick- Arc Touch Mouse works
notebook without protruding or access features, including page up, page down, whether you’re at home,
blocking other ports. and a programmable button that you can set to at the office or anywhere
perform the function you use the most. in between.

BlueTrack Technology does not work on clear glass or mirrored surfaces.

First Glimpse / January 2011 49


Plays Well
With Others
Toshiba’s Satellite
L635-S3030 Laptop
The Best Buy-exclusive Toshiba Satellite
L635-S3030 laptop ($499.99;
kids) was created with youngsters in mind. It
offers plenty of design features and software
perks that will help stir kids’ minds, while
also giving Mom and Dad peace of mind.

Toshiba Satellite L635-S3030


Kid-Friendly Design Web & More At A Glance

No matter how much we warn them to be careful, kids Parents and kiddos will have t0OFZFBSTVCTDSJQ-
can be hard on devices. That’s why the L635 is built to plenty of entertainment op- tions to KidZui and
endure tough handling. It makes common computer tasks tions at their fingertips with Net Nanny
easier for little hands with its one-touch function keys, CinemaNow, which offers t1SFJOTUBMMFE
and a TouchPad with Multi-touch Control lets users swipe thousands of movies on de- CinemaNow and
their finger to rotate, push, scroll, or zoom in to on-screen mand, and Disney’s “Prince Disney’s “Princess
items. And for those times Junior forgets to wash up be- and the Frog” preinstalled. and the Frog”
fore visiting his favorite sites, the keyboard can easily be A one-year subscription t%7%4VQFS.VMUJ
wiped down with a cloth. Internally, a Hard Drive Impact to KidZui, a Web browser Drive with
Sensor will prevent files from being damaged if the laptop that little ones can use to Labelflash
is roughly handled. Corner bumpers also prevent “owies” research and play games, is t#BUUFSZMJGFPGIPVST
from happening. also included. and 28 minutes
Reader for easy
sharing of photos,
Peace Of Mind For Parents
movies, and playlists
The Toshiba L635 aims to protect children’s computer usage with its preloaded parental t#VJMUJO8FCDBN
control software, Net Nanny. With a one-year subscription, parents can prevent users from with Toshiba Face
visiting certain Web sites or disclosing private information through email or IM. Additionally, Recognition for
time limits can be set for Web surfing. quick laptop login

50 January 2011 /

In & Out Of
The Boardroom
Epson EX3200, EX5200 & EX7200 Multimedia Projectors
What do CEOs, small business owners, gamers, and home-the-
ater fans have in common? All are ideal matches for the perfor- The Power Of 3LCD
mance, portability, and convenience that Epson’s new EX line of The industry-leading 3LCD technology that is found in all Epson
portable multimedia projectors ( have to offer. projectors uses three LCD chips that work together to output vi-
brant, true-to-life color. 3LCD technology requires 25% less elec-
tricity per lumen of brightness than DLP projectors with one chip.
Epson Makes It Easy Further, the 2,600 lumens of color and 2,600 lumens of white
Using Epson’s advanced USB connectivity, you can light are bright enough for presentations in well-lit rooms or virtu-
instantly project images from a PC or Mac by simply ally any lighting environment.
connecting a standard
USB cable. The second Product Name EX3200 EX5200 EX7200
USB port included on SKU 1229392 1229365 1228339
the EX5200 and EX7200 COMPUTERS
allows you to insert a
thumb drive to project
slideshows and more
without a computer. MSRP* $549.99 $649.99 $749.99
Meanwhile, the instant
Native 800 x 600 1,024 x 768 1,280 x 800
Off/On ability eliminates Resolution Widescreen, HD resolution
projector warm-ups and
cooldowns, while the AV Supported 1,400 x 1,050 1,400 x 1,050 1,680 x 1,250
Mute slide temporarily
turns off the lamp to save Aspect Ratio 4:3 4:3 Widescreen 16:10
energy and bring atten-
Contrast Ratio 2,000:1 2,000:1 2,000:1
tion back to the presenter.
Projected 30 to 350 inches 30 to 300 inches 33 to 320 inches
Image Size

E-TORL Lamps 1.35X digital 1.2X optical 1.2X optical

Light The Way Lamp Life 5,000/4,000 hours 5,000/4,000 hours 5,000/4,000 hours
(ECO/Normal Mode)
Offering up to 5,000
hours of lamp life, the Lumens 2,600/2,600 2,600/2,600 2,600/2,600
E-TORL lamp in the EX
projectors is specially HDMI Port No Yes Yes
designed to reduce
Computer-Free No Yes Yes
light diffraction and Slideshow Ability
leakage, meaning up to
50% more lamp life vs. Interfaces VGA (Component), VGA (Component), VGA (Component),
Composite, and S-Video; HDMI, Composite, HDMI, Composite,
competing projectors. Stereo audio out; USB and S-Video; USB (type A and S-Video; USB (type
(type B) and B) A and B)
* Prices listed in this issue are for general reference and may vary from retailer pricing.

First Glimpse / January 2011 51


Lighten Your
Security Load
Trend Micro’s
Titanium Software Offerings TM

Modern security software must be complex to combat today’s ruthless computer viruses
and spyware. That complexity means that security software may significantly slow down
your computer. Trend Micro’s 2011 Titanium products (,
which include Titanium Antivirus+, Titanium Internet Security, and Titanium Maximum
Security, are designed to use less than half of the disk space and memory of traditional
security software to provide full protection without hurting PC performance.

Cloud Technology
Malware is constantly evolving to
find new and innovative ways to
bypass your computer’s security.
All three Titanium security soft-
ware titles take advantage of Trend
Micro’s Smart Protection Network,
which delivers virus signatures and
definitions in real time, so your
PC will always be up-to-date with
Security reports
protection against new viruses,
make it easy to
spyware, Trojans, and other types
assess the threats
of malware. Another benefit of
to your PC.
real-time defense is that you’ll no
longer need to bother manually Titanium features a main menu
installing periodic updates, which that simplifies management of the
simplifies security maintenance. software.

Protection That Won’t Give Me A Report

Weigh Your PC Down To help you better understand security dangers, all of Trend Micro’s Titanium
All of Trend Micro’s Titanium software programs provide a snapshot of their recent activities. By displaying
products provide you with a what type of malware and how often malware has attempted to access your PC,
complete security suite to protect you can better understand security threats. With one click, you can see detailed
your computer without slowing logs about the threats the software has found.
it down. They use half the disk
space and memory of other se- The main Titanium console screen has been revamped to make it easy for you to
curity products and are light on navigate software features and control settings, as well as read the security reports.
system resources so your PC Because everything can be seen from the security dashboard, you’ll no longer
runs faster. deal with any annoying pop-ups or be interrupted by security notifications.

52 January 2011 /


Trend Micro’s Titanium features are available

in Antivirus+ ($39.95 for one year on one
PC), Internet Security ($69.95
for one year on three PCs), and
Titanium Titanium Titanium
Maximum Security ($79.95 for
Antivirus+ Internet Security Maximum Security
one year on three PCs) ver-
sions. Here, we’ll examine the MSRP: $39.95 uy
Best B ve
MSRP: $69.95 MSRP: $79.95
(one license) Exclusi (three licenses) (three licenses)
differences among them. SKU: 1309078 SKU: 1265939 SKU: 1266091

Real-time updates to safeguard you from

current and future online threats ✔ ✔ ✔
Low resource consumption, so your
system runs faster ✔ ✔ ✔
Easy to use with simple menus and
graphical reports ✔ ✔ ✔
Includes Trend Smart Surfing for Mac,
see store for details ✔
Effective spam blocking tools ✔ ✔
Customizable parental controls ✔ ✔
Secure online shopping and banking with
transaction and data theft prevention ✔ ✔
Secure Erase shreds sensitive files ✔
System Tuner cleans up temporary files, reg-
istries, and start-up manager for a faster PC ✔
Remotely secure confidential files in
the event of theft ✔
10GB secure online backup with Sync
and Sharing features ✔

Smart Protection For Your Android Devices Benefits:


As smartphones and other mobile devices have become more popular, they,
too, have become the targets of online threats. Trend Micro Mobile Essentials t1SPUFDUTZPVSNPCJMFåMFTGSPN
($9.99) protects your files and banking transactions on Android* devices by online threats
identifying and stopping cybercriminals and online threats before they attack.
Requiring little space on your mobile device, Trend Micro Mobile Essentials
gives you the freedom you want and the protection you need to stay mobile
Currently, Trend Micro is the only com-
pany that uses cloud-based security intelli-
gence to protect Android devices from the Features:
latest threats. Web reputation and parental t4BGFTVSåOH
controls make mobile surfing safer for you
and your family, while the custom filtering t$BMMBOEUFYUåMUFSJOH
lists help you screen or block unwanted t1BSFOUBMDPOUSPMT
calls or messages.
Trend Micro Mobile Essentials | $9.99 your device and information

* Android is a trademark of Google, Inc. Use of this trademark is subject to Google Permissions.

First Glimpse / January 2011 53



External Hard Drives

& Flash Drives
Q What is an external hard drive? Q What use is a USB flash drive?

A It’s a data storage device that consists of a drive in-

stalled in an enclosure, or case, instead of inside a
desktop or laptop computer.
A Most users carry copies of important files on their USB
drives. Others install bootable utilities or portable ap-
plications on their drives, such as portable desktops.

Q Can both Macs and PCs use external drives? Q How does a USB flash drive work?

A Yes, although if you’re a Mac user, you might have to

let your computer change the drive’s file system before
you can store data on it.
A It stores files in solid-state memory. When you plug
one into a USB port, you can copy files to and from it
like a hard drive.

Q Is a portable drive the same thing? Q What flash drive capacities are available?

A Not exactly. A portable external drive is based on a

small, tough notebook hard drive instead of a bigger,
more fragile drive intended for use in desktops.
A There are bigger and smaller examples, but most USB
flash drives on the market come with 2 to 32GB of
storage space.

Q How does an external/portable drive connect to a

computer? Q Are there flash drives that use any other interfaces?

A Most external drives and virtually all portables use an

interface with a data cable that plugs into a USB port
on the PC.
A Yes, but the vast majority use USB 2.0. However,
much faster USB 3.0 models are expected to gradually
replace these.

54 January 2011 /


Computing Glossary
Shopping for a computer features two processors, each with its you’ll now find LCD TVs and computer
can be intimidating, espe- own cache, on a single die or chassis. monitors, and they are also in digital
In a dual-core configuration, the oper- cameras, cell phones, portable DVD
cially with all of the complex
ating system has two processors to players, and other devices.
terminology. Here, we’ll ex-
handle instructions, speeding up the
plain some common com- computer and its ability to multitask. office suite—Productivity software, such
puter jargon. as Microsoft Office, StarOffice, and
Ethernet—A widely used LAN protocol OpenOffice, that often includes word
Bluetooth—A short-range wireless in which computers and networks are processing, spreadsheet, presentation,
standard that connects devices such as physically linked with a cord. database, and financial tools.
computers, printers, PDAs, and digital
cameras so they can be used together firewall—Hardware or software that operating system—The software, such
without being connected physically limits access by a network or another as Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Mac
with a cord. outside source to your computer; it also OS X, that controls a computer and its
may limit your computer’s access to the peripherals and serves as the primary
broadband—Network connections that network. These security measures are interface for the users.
transmit high-speed Internet access. designed to protect your computer from
Broadband speed varies depending outsiders who’d like to exploit it in some processor—Also known as a micro-
on the provider. Cable companies offer way. By the same token, firewalls may processor or the CPU, this integrated
speeds of around 8 to 11Mbps, whereas prevent infected files on your computer circuit controls the computer.
phone companies offer DSL (Digital from accessing the larger network and
Subscriber Line), which supports speeds spreading the problem to other users. RAM (random-access memory)—A
of 3 to 5Mbps. type of memory that’s read from and
LAN (local-area network)—A group written to by the CPU and hardware.
CRT (cathode-ray tube)—An old analog o f c o mp uters that are phys ically
display technology for TVs and computer connected by wires so they can com- upgradeable—This term refers to the
monitors. It features an electron gun illu- m u n ic a te with one another and ability to add or swap out hardware to
minating phosphor dots that line the in- share information. boost a computer’s performance, in-
side of a glass tube. When the phosphors crease its speed, or replace a defective or
are lit, they display on-screen images. LCD (liquid-crystal display)—This tech- obsolete device or component. For in-
CRTs consume a great deal of power and nology sandwiches liquid crystals be- stance, you may add more memory, re-
are heavy and bulky. Many CRTs sup- tween thin sheets of glass. The crystals place an old CRT with a widescreen
port digital signals, though these degrade twist and untwist to allow and block LCD, or swap out an older video card for
when converted to analog. light from a backlight, forming the im- a newer one that features an ATSC TV
ages you see. LCDs are thinner, lighter, tuner so you can watch digital TV on
dual-core processor—This integrated and consume less power than CRTs. your computer. Look for a computer with
circuit, which controls the computer, Initially used mostly in notebook PCs, expansion slots or empty bays.

First Glimpse / January 2011 55


Which Notebook Computer Is Best For You?

A notebook computer is a pretty big purchase for most people, and it’s usually a bit overwhelming, too. This chart compares the
features and specs from several different types of notebook models.

Hard drive size; Graphics Dimensions; Optical drives;

Operating system Processor RAM Card Weight Media card reader

The software Chip that con- How much data Controls the Height x width Drives that can read
What It Means
(usually Windows trols the com- the computer quality of your x depth; How and write discs; Slots
or Mac OS X) puter (typically, can hold; Mem- video and much the lap- that read media cards
that controls a bigger num- ory that’s read images top weighs; without a separate
your computer ber is better) and written to screen size peripheral

Acer Aspire Windows 7 Home 2.2GHz AMD 250GB; 3GB ATI Mobility 1.3x15x10 DVD±RW/CD-RW;
AS5552-3640 Premium Athlon II Radeon HD inches; 5.7 Yes
MSRP: $429.99* 4250 pounds; 15.6
SKU 1504062 inches

Sony VAIO Windows 7 Home 2GHz Intel 320GB; 4GB Intel HD 1.2x14.6x9.8 Double-layer
VPCEB32FM/WI Premium Pentium inches; 5.9 DVD±RW/BD/
MSRP: $499.99* pounds; 15.5 CD-RW; Yes
SKU 1249067 inches

Lenovo B560 Windows 7 Home 2GHz Intel 320GB; 4GB Intel Graphics 1.3x14.8x12.5 Double-layer
MSRP: $479.99* Premium Pentium Media inches; 4.9 DVD±RW/CD-RW;
SKU 1403286 Accelerator pounds; 15.6 Yes
HD inches

Toshiba Satellite Windows 7 Home 2GHz Intel 250GB; 2GB Mobile Intel 1.5x13x8.7 DVD±RW/CD-RW;
L635-S3030 Premium Celeron HD inches; 4.8 Yes
MSRP: $499.99* pounds; 13.3
SKU 1284849 See p. inches

Samsung Windows 7 Home 2.4GHz Intel 500GB; 4GB Mobile Intel 1.1x13.6x9.4 Double-layer
QX410-J01 Premium Core i3 HD inches; 5.2 DVD±RW/BD/
MSRP: $829.99* pounds; 14 CD-RW; Yes
SKU 1255544 inches

Dell Inspiron Windows 7 Home 2.53GHz Intel 640GB; 6GB Intel HD 0.8x16.5x10.9 DVD±RW/BD/
I17R-2950MRB Premium Core i5 inches; 6.7 CD-RW; Yes
MSRP: $879.99* pounds; 17.3
SKU 1180025 See p. inches

Apple MacBookAir Mac OS X Snow 1.7GHz Intel 128GB; 2GB NVIDIA 0.7x11.8x7.6 No; No
MC506LL/A Leopard Core 2 Duo GeForce inches; 2.3
MSRP: $1,199.99* 320M pounds; 11.6
SKU 1535123 inches

Sony VAIO Windows 7 Home 1.73GHz Intel 500GB, 6GB NVIDIA 1.6x15.3x10.4 Double-layer
VPCZ133GM/B Premium Core i7 GeForce GT inches; 6.4 DVD±RW/BD/
MSRP: $1,399.99* 425M pounds; 16.4 CD-RW; Yes
SKU 1655116 inches

*Prices listed in this issue are for general reference and may vary from retailer pricing.

56 January 2011 /


Which Netbook Is Best For You?

N etbooks don’t offer the full capabilities that notebooks do, but these compact devices are ideal for those who need to stay
connected while on the go. To find the netbook that fits your mobility needs, here’s a comparison of the latest models.

Hard drive size; Memory

Operating system Processor RAM Graphics card card reader Ports

The software (usu- Chip that con- How much data Controls the Slots that can Sockets that
What It Means
ally Windows XP trols the com- the computer quality of the read media give your com-
or 7) that controls puter (typically, can hold; Mem- video and im- cards without puter access
your PC a bigger num- ory that’s read ages you see a separate to different
ber is better) and written to on-screen peripheral peripherals

HP Mini Windows 7 Starter 1.66GHz Intel 250GB; 1GB Intel Graphics N/A 3 USB,
110-3135dx Atom Media 1 Ethernet,
MSRP: $299.99* Accelerator 1 VGA
SKU 1257224 3150

MSI Wind Windows 7 Starter 1.66GHz Intel 160GB; 1GB N/A Included 3 USB,
U135-206US Atom 1 Ethernet
MSRP: $309.99*
SKU 9748977

Dell Inspiron Mini Windows 7 Starter 1.66GHz Intel 250GB; 1GB Intel NM10 SD/MMC/MS 3 USB,
IM1012-558PRP Atom Express 1 Ethernet
MSRP: $349.99*
SKU 9980713

Samsung N150-JPB2 Windows 7 Starter 1.66GHz Intel 250GB; 1GB Intel Graphics SD/SDHC/ 3 USB,
MSRP: $349.99* Atom Media MMC 1 Ethernet,
SKU 1264048 Accelerator 1 VGA

Asus Eee PC Windows 7 Starter 1.66GHz Intel 250GB; 1GB Intel UMA SD/SDHC/ 3 USB,
1018P-BBK803 Atom MMC 1 Ethernet,
MSRP: $379.99* 1 VGA
SKU 1276792

Toshiba mini Windows 7 Starter 1.66GHz Intel 250GB; 1GB Intel Graphics SD/SDHC/ 3 USB,
NB305-N442BL Atom Media MMC 1 Ethernet,
MSRP: $379.99* Accelerator 1 VGA
SKU 9998842 3150

Sony VAIO Windows 7 Starter 1.83GHz Intel 250GB; 1GB Intel Graphics SD/MS Duo 3 USB,
VPCM121AX/P Atom Media 1 Ethernet,
MSRP: $399.99* Accelerator 1 VGA
SKU 1002933 3150

Lenovo IdeaPad Windows 7 Starter 1.66GHz Intel 160GB; 1GB Intel Graphics SD/MMC/MS/ 3 USB,
S10-3 Atom Media MS PRO/ 1 Ethernet,
MSRP: $439* Accelerator xD-Picture 1 VGA
SKU 1033824 3150 Card

*Prices listed in this issue are for general reference and may vary from retailer pricing.

First Glimpse / January 2011 57


Software Listings
Get More Out Of Your PC
Computers can be used to create greeting cards, play games, keep track of your finances, and more. The thing is, most of these
functions aren’t available straight out of the box. To fully harness your computer’s potential, you’ll need to buy software. Here
are some options.

Audio, Photo & Video Business Applications

Adobe Photoshop Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Microsoft Office

Elements 9 Collection Home & Student 2010
$99.99* $129.99* $149.99*
Easily edit, share, and manage your photo col- Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Collection comes The Home and Student version of Microsoft
lection and get professional results using with a full set of plug-ins and a Chroma-key Office 2010 has enhanced features for creating
Adobe Photoshop Elements 9. green screen for advanced effects, editing, and managing documents and includes
and production. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.
Broderbund Print Shop 2.0
Professional Adobe Premiere Individual Software
$89.99* Elements 9 ResumeMaker Professional $99.99* $29.95*
Create sophisticated projects using the Wizard
Design tool or a ready-made template. You Turn your home videos into movies using spe- It’s easy to write a professional resume quickly
can create greeting cards, banners, newslet- cial effects, music, and images from Adobe using ResumeMaker Professional. The soft-
ters, photo projects, and more. Premiere Elements 9. Once you’re done, you ware also includes advanced search tools.
can share them via disc or the Internet.
Roxio Creator 2011 Intuit Quicken Home
$99.99* Roxio Easy VHS To DVD & Business 2011 $59.99* $99.99*
Use Roxio Creator 2011 to easily
capture, enhance, and preserve your photos, Use Roxio’s Easy VHS To DVD soft- The 2011 version of Quicken Home and
videos, and audio projects. New features in- ware to easily transfer video from VHS, Hi8, Business will help you categorize your home
clude 3D effects, video stabilization and rota- V8, or analog camcorders to DVD. You can and business finances and show you profits
tion, and a redesigned backdrop interface. 3D also edit the video and add professional effects. and losses at a glance. Plus, you can streamline
glasses are also included. the tax-paying process when the time comes.
Nero 10 Multimedia Suite
Corel PaintShop Platinum HD Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2011
Photo Pro X3 Ultimate $129.99* $229.95*
$99.99* Nero 10 Multimedia Suite Platinum HD Easily keep track of your compa-
Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3 lets you manage, makes it so easy to import video from nearly ny’s finances with QuickBooks Pro 2011.
edit, and share your digital photos. Make auto- any source, add effects, and then burn the You can view expense and income break-
matic fixes in the enhanced Express Lab or you final result to BD, DVD, or CD. You can also downs, account balances, and more, so it’s
can use the included advanced editing tools. share it between mobile devices. easy to know where your money is going.
* Prices listed in this issue are for general reference and may vary from retail pricing.

58 January 2011 /

Games/ Home Security/ System Clean-Up
Entertainment Productivity Utilities & Repair

Activision Barbie Nuance Dragon Kaspersky Lab Avanquest

& The Three NaturallySpeaking Internet Security Fix-It Utilities
Musketeers 11 Home 2011 11 Professional
$19.99* $99.99* $79.95* $49.95*
Choose a character with a Dictate emails, reports, and This software includes features Make your computer run like
unique ability to help you documents much faster than to protect you from the latest new. Use Fix-It Utilities 11 to
tackle obstacles and solve you can type by letting Dragon viruses, spyware, and mal- defragment, clean, repair,
puzzles to uncover a plot NaturallySpeaking do the typ- ware threats for one year and and optimize your Windows
against the prince and be- ing for you. The software has an three PCs. registry to improve overall
come a true musketeer. accuracy rate of up to 99%. PC performance and check
Kaspersky your system memory, hard
Disney Interactive Apple MobileMe Lab Anti- drive, and more.
Studio Alice In $99* Virus 2011
Wonderland $59.95* iolo System
$19.99* MobileMe, Apple’s Internet ser- Mechanic vice, lets you keep your email, Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011 $49.95*
interactivestudios contacts, and calendar up-to- includes essential protection
Inspired by the Tim Burton film, date across your iPhone, iPod against Internet threats, such With System Mechanic, you
this game lets you fall down the touch, Mac, and PC. It also lets as viruses, spyware, Trojans, can find and fix errors and frag-
rabbit hole and experience you store and share documents and more, for one year and mentation on your PC, clean
Alice’s adventure in Wonder- online via iDisk, and you can three PCs. out clutter, and optimize your
land. You can play as the Mad manage everything online system for best performance.
Hatter, White Rabbit, or an- through a suite of Web applica- Webroot Internet
other character from the film to tions at Security Complete Acronis True
help Alice on her journey. 2011 Image Home
H&R Block $79.95* 2011
Electronic Arts At Home $49.99*
The Sims 3 Deluxe Internet Security Complete can
$49.95* $44.95* protect your computer from This software backs up your spyware, viruses, and spam. It entire computer, including the
Create your very own Sims. The Deluxe version of H&R also uses advanced technolo- operating system, files, settings,
Customize their personalities, Block At Home makes it easy for gies to ensure your identity is and more, so you can easily re-
appearances, and homes and homeowners and investors to file safe as you shop and browse create your system in the event
send them out into the world to tax returns. Once you’re done, the Internet. You can also back of data loss.
explore the neighborhood and you can use the five included up digital photos and other
meet new friends. federal e-files to file online. files and sync them with a PC. iolo
Lego Indiana Jones Nova Develop- Trend Micro $29.95*
2: The Adventure ment Family Tree Titanium Maximum
Continues Maker Deluxe Security When it’s time to get rid of
See p. 52
$29.99* $69.95* $39.95* your old computer, use Drive- Scrubber to ensure all of your
Explore the locations from all Explore and preserve your Trend Micro’s Titanium Max- personal data has been de-
four films and build your own family history with the soft- imum Security is easy to use and leted. DriveScrubber will wipe
levels and environments. Your ware, a free three-month sub- provides a variety of tools that your entire drive, including
favorite Indiana Jones charac- scription to, an can keep your computer and free space, and restore dam-
ters are depicted in Lego form. iPhone app, and more. identity safe. aged drives.

First Glimpse / January 2011 59


& Deliver
Rocketfish iPad Accessories
The Apple iPad is one of the most coveted and sought-after tech
devices these days, and when paired with the right accessories,
you can get much more out of the device. These Rocketfish iPad
accessories ( will enhance your iPad experi-
ence by giving you a way to power an iPad in your car and use
the iPad for better productivity and enjoyment.

iPad Stand Premium Vehicle iPad Keyboard Capsule

(RF-iStand) Charger (RF-PA455) (RF-iCAP12)
MSRP: $59.99 | SKU: 1248271 MSRP: $29.99 | SKU: 1114133 MSRP: $99.99 | SKU: 1609376
iPad sold separately

iPad sold separately

5V of power and 2.1 amps
styled stand is designed spe- t 4JNVMUBOFPVTMZDIBSHFB if it was a laptop
cifically for the iPad second device using the built- t 5IFJ1BEDBOCFQMBDFEIPSJ-
accommodate an iPad that is the charger automatically t *OUFHSBUFE#MVFUPPUILFZCPBSE
fitted with or without a sili- switches to power save mode is wireless and provides tactile
cone sleeve after battery is fully charged typing
unobstructed so you can never needs to be replaced capsule is simple
on the stand cuit power output for reliable case for extra iPad protection
vertically, backward, and for- t "O-&%JOEJDBUFTXIFOJ1BET
ward for optimal viewing battery is charging

60 January 2011 /


NOTEWORTHY A computer is a big investment, and now that you’ve taken the

plunge, it’s time to decide what accessories you need to go
along with that shiny new purchase. We’ve rounded up several
of our favorite extras for every computer owner. Whether you
have a laptop or desktop, be sure to add these items to your

& Services
shopping list to complete your computing experience.


• Specially designed cleaners • A quality photo printer will
will keep your computer eliminate trips to the drug-
screen clean without run- store for 4x6 prints and give
ning the risk of scratching you the ability to instantly
KEYBOARD EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE its surface share your photo memories
• An ergonomic design can • Protect precious video and • Cloths are often made of • An all-in-one model is the
cut down on the wrist photo memories: Back up low-conductivity material perfect addition to any
strain associated with to an external hard drive in order to reduce static busy family that needs a
carpal tunnel syndrome • Keep your computer run- device that can operate
• Bluetooth connectivity ning more efficiently by as a copier, scanner, fax
lends itself to a tidy desk saving large files, such as machine, and printer
because there’s one less your media collection, on
wire to contend with an external drive
• A specialty model, such as
a gaming or media key-
board, adds functionality
• Ensure the electrical current
to your pastime of choice
running to your desktop or
laptop computer doesn’t ex- COMPUTING SERVICES
ceed proper levels To keep your desktop or
• Portable models will protect laptop computer in tip-top
MOUSE shape, take advantage of the
your laptop when you’re on
• A wireless mouse will cut
the go for work or play computing services offered at
down on cable clutter at
your local CE retailer. They
your desk and also offers
can help you keep your ma-
USB HUB the convenience of por-
chine running smoothly and
• Offers an affordable way tability for laptop use
free from the dangers that
to connect all of your • A gaming mouse can de-
lurk online.
peripherals, even if you liver better accuracy and
have more gadgets than speed for the ultimate • Computer Setup &
USB ports in control WEB CAM Networking
• Adds the convenience of • Consider customizable • Bridge the gap between • Virus & Spyware Removal
easy USB access—no buttons if you want to be long-distance family and • Data Backup & Recovery
more reaching behind able to access media, files, friends with online video • Hardware & Software
your computer to plug in or programs with one- chatting by adding a Web Upgrades
your USB devices touch access cam to your setup • Training & Consultation

First Glimpse / January 2011 61



Sony® XNV-660BT In-Dash

A/V Receiver Connections

With Navigation




62 January 2011 /


Integrate Your
MP3 Player With
Your Car Stereo
Sony® DSX-S100

Tune Tray Cool Features


Sound System Digital Music Plus Radio Choices


First Glimpse / January 2011 63



Sony W-Series
Walkman MP3 Player
A Running Mate That Won’t Slow You Down

Sony® W-Series Walkman® MP3 1MBZFS

$59.99 |

Ready When You Are Key Specs


64 January 2011 /



GPS Map Updates

Get The Latest Road-Related Data

Take the right update path. GPS maps are

available on SD and microSD memory cards, DVD/CDs,
and via download from device makers’ Web sites. Check
which type your
device accepts Check which
before buying.
While inserting a type your device
memory card
into the device is accepts . . .
easy enough, a
DVD/CD or download might require syncing your device
to a PC via USB cable to transfer the map.

Think ahead. If you’re a traveler and anticipate up-

Owning a GPS device could mean you’re a boater, fish- dating maps often, you may be able to save some money
erman, jogger, hiker, traveling salesman, trucker, tourist, or over the long-term by spending more up front on an an-
taxi driver. Whatever your position, owning a GPS device nual or lifetime subscription update plan vs. buying map
also means you should periodically update the device’s maps updates one at a time. Typically, an annual or lifetime plan
or risk receiving inaccurate directions and locations during will provide updated maps every four months.
your travels. The following are tips for buying map updates.

Follow the year-or-longer rule. New GPS Put a manager in charge. You can alle-
devices typically come preinstalled with maps. Consider, viate some of the burden of updating a GPS device’s
however, the road construction, coffee shops, restau- maps by checking if your device’s manufacturer offers
rants, gas stations, hotels, and more that come and go manager software. Beyond informing you as to when
during a year, and it’s easy to understand why experts an update is
advise a map
update at least . . . it’s easy to
available, some
software will
. . . some software
once a year.
understand why
download the will download the
Salesman and update for you.
other frequent
experts advise a
Further, some update for you.
travelers should software sup-
consider more
frequent up-
map update at ports sharing map
corrections, additions, and other information with
dates. least once a year. other users.


First Glimpse / January 2011 65


Jabra EXTREME – For

PC Wireless Headset
Skype-Certified Dual-Purpose
Headset Handles Cellular &
Internet Calls

t Connect to Skype or another
VoIP provider and a mobile
phone simultaneously

t Plug ’n play USB—prepaired,

no installation needed
Jabra EXTREME – For PC
t Up to 5.5 hours of talk time,
10.5-day standby time
t Ultimate-fit Eargels and rotatable
You’ve probably used a Bluetooth headset with your mobile phone: It’s the perfect ear hooks for all-day comfort
way to make and receive hands-free calls while you’re on the go. And you may
have used a headset when making Internet-based calls on your computer via a VoIP t Crystal-clear sound and voice
provider. Now you can make and receive both kinds of calls with one simple, el- with DSP (digital signal pro-
egant, easy-to-use wireless headset. cessing)

t Dual-microphone Noise
The Jabra EXTREME – For PC ($99.99; is a stylish Bluetooth headset that Blackout Extreme reduces back-
allows you to switch seamlessly between computer-based calls and mobile phone calls, ground noise and improves
even while you remain connected to your computer. The Skype-certified headset is easy audio quality
to use: Just insert the USB adapter into your Windows computer and it automatically con-
nects to the headset—no “pairing” or other configuration is required on your part. t Skype certification guarantees
compatibility and superior

Multiple Devices, One Headset t Automatic volume adjustment

You have plenty of gadgets to carry around; why worry about juggling two headsets? t Voucher for up to 2 hours of
That’s inconvenient, cumbersome, and expensive. The Jabra EXTREME – For PC can free Skype calls included
connect with up to eight devices, two of them simultaneously. That way, you can use
t Works with most Bluetooth-
one headset to handle both your computer-based VoIP calls and your mobile phone
equipped cell phones
communications, and get high-quality sound at the same time. Rather than fumble for
the correct headset when a call comes in, the Jabra EXTREME – For PC is capable of t USB and A/C charger included
pulling double duty. For additional information, see page 2.

66 January 2011 /



MP3 Players
Q What is Bluetooth? Q What features are specific to
Bluetooth technology?

A The Bluetooth specification is a wireless technology

that connects devices via short-range radio frequencies.
Bluetooth replaces the need to connect devices with cables.
A It can communicate though solid objects, such as walls,
and devices don’t require line-of-sight interaction.

Q Will my Bluetooth-enabled MP3

player connect to a speaker system?
Q What does it mean when two
Bluetooth-enabled devices are paired?

A Yes, some models are compatible with speaker systems

that support Bluetooth, so you can stream audio from
A To pair Bluetooth-enabled devices is to make them
communicate with each other by creating a wireless
connection. The two devices must swap a password after
your MP3 player and play it on the speakers. one device searches for another Bluetooth-enabled device.

Q How do I use Bluetooth connectivity

on an MP3 player? Q How can I use my Bluetooth-enabled
MP3 player in my car?

A To connect your MP3 player using Bluetooth, you’ll

activate the Bluetooth feature on the player, usually
found in the device’s settings. The device you’re connecting
A You can pair your Bluetooth-enabled MP3 player
with a compatible car stereo deck or a hands-free
Bluetooth car kit. You can also attach a Bluetooth trans-
it to must be Bluetooth-enabled and actively pairing with mitter to your MP3 player (select models) and listen to
your MP3 player. songs through your car speakers.

Q What are the benefits of a

Bluetooth-enabled MP3 player? Q How do Bluetooth-enabled MP3 players
and mobile phones work together?

A You can connect your Bluetooth-enabled MP3 player to

compatible wireless headphones, speaker systems, cell
phones, and other devices to listen to music or transfer content
A A Bluetooth-enabled MP3 player can interact with a
phone by letting you play music or video when the
two devices are paired. Some models will even automati-
without plugging in cords and syncing songs or other data. cally pause the music when you receive a call.

First Glimpse / January 2011 67


MP3 Player
Who doesn’t want an MP3 player? It can help you
relax, motivate you, and ensure you always have a
song to match your mood. When you head to your
local CE retailer to snag one, make sure you have this
glossary so you can choose the perfect model.

AAC—Short for Advanced Audio Codec, include their own earbuds, but you can pur-
this format is a competitor of the more chase a separate pair that is more comfort-
common MP3 file format. It is the default able or of better quality.
format used by Apple.
flash memory—Solid-state memory with no
Click Wheel—Apple’s proprietary circular moving parts that is lightweight and small. MP3—Perhaps the most popular digital
control on the front of the iPod. In terms of digital music players, a flash- audio encoding format. It compresses
based player is lighter and smaller than a audio to about one-twelfth the original size
Certified For Windows Vista—A certifica- hard drive-based player, and also, it won’t while still providing excellent sound.
tion from Microsoft that ensures your skip. Thus, flash-based players are pop- In general, a 1MB MP3 file will last about
portable devices, such as MP3 players, and ular for use during exercise. However, the one minute.
media, such as digital music and videos, are capacity of a flash-based player isn’t as
compatible with each other. This was once large as a hard drive-based player. playlist—A queue of songs a user c re -
called PlaysForSure. a t e s t o p l a y o n a c o m p u t e r, b u r n to
FM tuner—If your music player has a built- a CD, or transfer to an MP3 player. The
download—In terms of digital music, down- in FM tuner, you will be able to listen playlist will only include directions to
loading is when you retrieve a song from an to music that is broadcast from local ra- the location of the songs, not the actual
Internet site or another network connection dio stations. songs themselves.
and save it to your computer or portable
music player. You can download songs from hard drive—Storage that consists of rigid podcast—A downloadable episode that is
music Web sites such as iTunes, Napster, platters inside a fixed casing. In terms of similar to a radio program. A user can sub-
or Rhapsody. digital music players, a hard drive-based scribe to a podcast for updated episodes,
player is larger and heavier than a flash- or she can download podcasts one at
DRM (digital rights management)—DRM is based player. Because of the moving parts a time.
a security mechanism for digital media, as- (the platters), hard drive-based players are
sociated with copyright. A common DRM also prone to skipping. However, their ca- screen—The display on the front of a
scheme for digital music involves getting a pacities are much larger than those of portable music player. A player’s screen can
licensed file to authorize playback of a free flash-based players. either display in color or black and white.
or purchased song.
music management program—A program, WMA—Windows Media Audio is a digital
earbuds—Small, circular devices you put such as iTunes or Napster, that loads onto audio format created by Microsoft.
into your ears so you can listen to music your computer and lets you play, organize,
on your player. These serve the same func- download, and purchase media, such as widescreen—A screen that has a 16:9 as-
tion as headphones. Many music players music and videos, for your player or PC. pect ratio.

68 January 2011 /


Which MP3 Player Is Best For You?

iPods are cool, sure, but you have other choices when it comes to listening to your tunes. This chart compares the most important—
and coolest—features from select MP3 players.

Memory type Capacity Video capabilities FM tuner Colors Battery life

Hard drive How much Some MP3 Some MP3 players Several players How long the
What It Means
(moving parts, memory the players can let you listen to offer a variety of battery will last
more capacity) player has** play video radio stations color choices when playing
or flash (no music
moving parts)

SanDisk Sansa Clip+ Flash 2GB; 4GB No Yes Black, purple, 15 hours
MSRP: $39.99*; blue
SKU 9448449

Flash 2GB No No Orange, silver, 15 hours

Apple iPod shuffle pink, green, blue
MSRP: $49*
SKU 9845475

Sony E Series Flash 4GB Yes Yes Red, black, blue 50 hours
MSRP: $69.99*
SKU 1121782

SanDisk Sansa Fuze+ Flash 8GB Yes Yes Blue, purple, 24 hours
MSRP: $89.99* black, white
SKU 1116229

Sony S Series Flash 8GB; 16GB Yes Yes

Black, violet, red 42 hours
MSRP: $99.99*;
SKU 9443827

Apple iPod nano Flash 8GB; 16GB No Yes

Pink, orange, 24 hours
MSRP: $149*; $179*
green, blue,
SKU 1161925
silver, graphite

Apple iPod touch Flash 8GB; 32GB; Yes No

Black 40 hours
MSRP: $229*; 64GB
$299*; $399*
SKU 9225377

Microsoft Zune HD Flash 16GB; 32GB; Yes Yes

Black, platinum 33 hours
MSRP: $179.99*; 64GB
$229.99*; $349.99*
SKU 9449581

*Prices listed in this issue are for general reference and may vary from retailer pricing. **One gigabyte of memory will hold approximately 250 songs. Actual
capacity will vary depending on song length and format.

First Glimpse / January 2011 69


Which GPS Device Is Right For You?

One of the hottest CE devices around right now is a GPS, and what a useful device it is, too. Here, we compare some models
available on today’s market. All of these units come with maps already loaded, and you can purchase additional maps, as well.

Screen size; Text-to-speech; Preloaded Bluetooth; MP3 Included charging

Dimensions Traffic receiver maps WAAS playback adapters

The diagonal Unit calls out spe- The regional A satellite and Some units com- AC adapters plug
What It Means
measurement cific street names; maps that ground station municate wire- into the wall; DC
of the screen; Unit receives traf- come included system that lessly with other adapters plug into
Height x width fic updates and re- with the GPS gives exception- Bluetooth devices your car’s cigarette
x depth routes accordingly unit al GPS accuracy or play MP3s lighter

Insignia 4.3 inches; Yes; No Entire U.S. Yes No; No DC adapter

NS-NAV01 3.1x4.7x0.6
MSRP: $99.99* inches
SKU 9351603

TomTom 4.3 inches; Yes; Yes (with Entire U.S. No No; No DC adapter
XL 335LE 3.1x4.6x1 optional traffic
MSRP: $129.99* inches receiver)
SKU 9927276

Insignia 4.3 inches; Yes; No Entire U.S. No No; No DC adapter

NS-NAV02R 3.3x4.9x0.8
MSRP: $129.99* inches
SKU 9953155

TomTom 4.3 inches; Yes; Yes (with Entire U.S. No No; No DC adapter
XL 350TM 3.1x4.6x1 optional traffic (including
MSRP: $229.95* inches receiver) Puerto Rico),
SKU 9927197 Canada, and

TomTom 5 inches; Yes; Yes (with Entire U.S. No No; No DC adapter

XXL 550TM 3.8x4.7x0.9 optional traffic (including
MSRP: $259.95* inches receiver) Puerto Rico),
SKU 1334083 Canada, and

Magellan 7 inches; Yes; Yes Entire U.S. Yes No; No DC adapter

RoadMate 1700 4.2x7.5x0.6 (including
MSRP: $299.99* inches Puerto Rico)
SKU 9464153 and Canada

Garmin 4.3 inches; Yes; Yes Entire U.S. No No; No DC adapter

nüvi 3750 2.9x4.8x0.4 (including
MSRP: $349.99* inches Puerto Rico),
SKU 9889005 Canada, and

Garmin 4.3 inches; Yes; Yes Entire U.S. No Yes; No DC adapter

nüvi 3790LMT 2.9x4.8x0.4 (including
MSRP: $499.99* inches Puerto Rico),
Canada, and
SKU 1620388

*Prices listed in this issue are for general reference and may vary from retailer pricing.

70 January 2011 /


NOTEWORTHY No matter where you are going, a wireless device can add

enjoyment to your journey. To make sure you are taking full
advantage of the capabilities your wireless devices offer, check
your local CE retailer for accessories that can enhance your
mobile experiences. We’ve listed our favorites below.

& Services
SPEAKERS ● Keep your hands free while
● Portable speakers let you still being able to use your
play music for a group; phone
some include radios and ● Link compatible cell phones
can also play CDs to a Bluetooth headset to
● Make sure your travel
● With a portable dock, you make or take calls without a
● Match earphones to your
companion always has can recharge your player’s tangled mess of cables
needs: If you don’t want
a full battery battery as you listen to ● Use a headset that offers
anything bulky, opt for
● If you do run out of battery, music noise-canceling capabilities
earbuds that fit inside your
charge your GPS with an ● Play your music through to ensure you don’t miss
ear; to hear every musical
adapter; these can plug into car speakers using an FM any of your conversation
detail, try headphones that
a wall, PC, or car’s DC outlet transmitter
cover the ear completely
● Listen to your music
without the interference
of background noise with
earphones that offer a
noise-canceling feature


CELL PHONE CASES Whether your wireless device
● Protect your MP3 player
● Safeguard your phone from is brand-new or nearing the
from bumps and scratches
wear and tear with a case end of its life span, your local
● Quickly access your play-
● Universal cases fit most CE retailer offers services to
er’s functions with a clip
sizes of cell phones; some help you take care of all of
● Keep your player out of
of these will include clips its needs.
your way with an armband CELL PHONE CHARGERS
and wrist straps for porta- ● Protection plans for GPSes,
bility and accessibility MP3 players, and cell
● Keep your phone charged
● Fitted cases specifically fit phones
no matter where you are;
your phone’s model type; ● Phone and battery recycling
adapters for your cell phone
these can be hard acrylic ● GPS setup and deck instal-
let you use solar power, your
casings, rubber sleeves, or lation
car’s DC outlet, wall power,
leather pouches ● MP3 vehicle integration
or your computer to charge
GPS MOUNTS ● Avoid getting scratches and ● MP3 player setup and
your phone
● Mounts can be placed on a fingerprints on your phone’s
● Be prepared for emergen-
car dash or stuck to a wind- screen with stick-on or hard, ● Cell phone repair services
cies with extra cell phone
shield to be within reach clear screen protectors and loaner phones

First Glimpse / January 2011 71



A Dishwasher
Down The Drain With Hand Washing

Back to basics. Some features that make dish-

washer use more convenient include removable racks
that can accommodate more dishes, digital displays
that tell you how much time is left in the current cycle,
delayed start timers, multiple wash cycles, multiple
dry cycles, self-cleaning capabilities, and built-in
food disposers.

Earth friendly. When you see the Energy Star logo

on a dishwasher, you can rest assured the appliance
meets strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the

Protection Agency
and the Department
of Energy. Energy
Star-qualified dish-
washers are capable dishwashers
of saving gallons of
water thanks to more are capable of
A dishwasher that requires you to prewash the dishes by efficient jets and spe-
hand is more of an assistant than an appliance. Purchasing a cially designed racks saving gallons
new dishwasher that can do your dishes right will save you that maximize your
time, frustration, and even money. Read on for a few tips on dishes’ exposure. of water . . .
buying a dishwasher.

Dishwasher types. Dishwashers come in three Advanced features. Sensors in some models
types, the most common of which are built in. Portable, dispense just the right amount of detergent for the job and
countertop, and specialty models, such as compact single heat the water to the exact temperature for optimal
drawer and larger two-drawer models, are ideal for cleaning. Sound
smaller dampening fea-
Sound dampening
Dishwashers come tures result in
Capacities in- quiet operation, features result in
clude tall tub in three types . . . and stainless-
(up to 14 steel tubs hold quiet operation . . .
place set- heat better for
tings), standard (up to 12 place settings), and compact improved performance, reduced noise, and superior dura-
(up to eight place settings). Keep in mind, a larger dish- bility. And to ensure your dishes are truly clean, some dish-
washer capacity will let you wash dishes less frequently, washers have an NSF-certified sanitizing cycle that can kill
which can save money in the long run. 99.9% of bacteria.


72 January 2011 /



Q What are the unique features of gas and electric
ranges? Q How are ranges with coils and those with a smooth
surface different?

A Gas ranges can help you save on energy bills and don’t
require extra time to heat up. Electric ranges let you cook
without an open flame and often cook food more evenly.
A Coil cooktops are used with electric heating, and the
metal coil itself is the heating element. Smooth surface
cooktops hide the heating element underneath the surface
and are used in electric or induction heating.

Q What is the difference between a range and a built-in

oven or built-in cooktop?
A Ranges include both a cooktop and oven in one stand- What is a heating element?
alone unit, while built-in ovens and cooktops are installed
into walls or countertops and are separate from each other. A The heating element is what changes electricity into
heat. It can be external with coil cooktops or internal
with smooth surface cooktops.

Q What are the benefits of a dual-fuel oven?

Q What is the difference between open and sealed

A Dual-fuel ovens have gas burners and electric ovens. This burner configurations?
lets you easily control the temperature of the burners while
still maintaining the electric oven’s even heating capabilities. A Sealed burners have a bowl-type compartment or
something similar built into the burner that will catch
anything that drips. Open burners don’t feature these but

Q Do I have a choice when it comes to oven capacity?

usually have internal drip pans.

A Yes. Ovens come in different capacities to meet your

needs. Whether you want a 2 cu. foot or more than 4 Q What is an expandable heating element?
cu. foot capacity, there is a wide range of options for any
family or individual. A Expandable heating elements are found on flat-top
models and let you adjust the burner’s heating surface
size. This means that whether you’re using a 6 quart or 20

Q What are the benefits of a double oven?

quart pot, you can ensure it’s being evenly heated.

A Some double wall ovens are available for those who

may need to bake multiple dishes at different tempera- Q Should I buy an oven with a storage drawer or
warming drawer?
tures at the same time. Some ranges have smaller ovens in
addition to larger ones that can use less electricity for
cooking smaller dishes.
A A storage drawer can hold pots, pans, and other oven
accessories. Warming drawers allow you to store al-
ready cooked food while freeing up oven or cooktop space.

First Glimpse / January 2011 73


NOTEWORTHY After you’ve selected an appliance, you need to make sure you

have all of the necessary extras, such as cords or hoses for instal-
lation. It’s also good to consider if you want a professional to de-
liver and install your unit. By adding the accessories below, you

& Services
can ensure your appliance’s performance remains top-notch.

• Keep a spare bulb on Power cords aren’t included
hand to replace burnt- with these appliances. Here’s
out interior lights what you should know:
& FILTERS LAUNDRY DETERGENT water and ice always taste • Washers and dryers. All
• Replace vacuum belts • Wash clothes better with a fresh with extra water filters new models use 4-prong
every year for optimum detergent that’s formulated cords, but models made be-
performance to work with a high- fore 1984 require a 3-prong
• Trap airborne pollutants, efficiency washer cord replacement.
such as dust particles and • HE detergent prevents • Dishwashers. Purchase a
debris, with micro allergen damage to your washer, three-prong cord individu-
or HEPA filter vacuum bags such as leaking, vibration, ally or in a kit that includes
and filters and poor spinning a water line.
WATER LINES • Ranges. Check your home’s
• Refrigerators. Some models electrical outlet to get either
include plastic water lines, a 3-prong or 4-prong cord.
which are susceptible to
twisting or leaks. A better
UPHOLSTERY & FLOOR alternative is a line made of
GAS FLEX LINES CLEANING AGENTS metal, such as copper or
• Ranges and laundry dryers. • Make cleaning easy with stainless steel.
Gas lines aren’t included products made for partic- • Washing machines. Don’t
with these appliances, so ular surfaces, such as multi- settle for the rubber hose APPLIANCES SERVICES
you’ll need to pick one up floor, wood floors, carpet, that comes with your ma- Whether you’re buying a
• With an auto shutoff fea- and upholstery chine, as it can burst. In- new unit or need to tune up
ture, you can protect your • Some agents can be used stead, opt for a durable your existing one, CE retailers
home from gas leaks with a variety of products, stainless steel hose that will offer professional services like
• Professional installers re- but others are for use with last longer. the ones below to help get
quire a new gas line specific products • Dishwashers. Reusing an your appliance up and running
old water line can lead to in no time.
LAUNDRY PEDESTALS water damage. Instead,
• Raise your front-loading • Store laundry get a dishwasher kit that • Delivery & Installation
washer and dryer to an supplies in ped- includes a water line • Appliance Recycling
easy-to-access and more estals that double and power cord for the • Appliance Service Plans
ergonomic height as drawers best performance. • Appliance Repairs

74 January 2011 /


How To Get
eReader Content
What’s Available & Where To Get It

The inscription above the Library at Thebes (built

1250 B.C.) reads “Libraries: The medicine chest of the
soul.” And while the inscription is as true today as it
was then, the availability of eReaders means you can
carry a whole personal library in your book bag. Even
better, a number of new eReaders now offer Wi-Fi or
cellular connectivity, in addition to the traditional
USB connection, to let you find your book of choice
wherever and whenever you please. Here, we’ll ex-
amine the different ways you can retrieve content for
your eReader.

USB Connection
All eReaders include a USB cable that you attach
to your PC for transferring ebooks and other files.

You can download new ebooks and publications

Content Options
from a manufacturer’s Web site, and the eReader Most eReaders support multiple ebook file types, such as PDF or
should also work fine with any of the supported EPUB, and many are capable of displaying images and playing back
file types listed in the users manual. music recorded as MP3 or AAC files.

Wi-Fi 3G
eReaders with Wi-Fi connectivity can download Models with built-in 3G capabilities can use cellular data sig-
content without using a PC by accessing a local nals to download ebooks from anywhere in a cellular coverage
wireless network, whether it be in your home or area. That means you won’t need to connect your eReader to a
at a public hotspot, such as a coffee shop. PC or Wi-Fi network to download books.

With a built-in Web browser and instant mes- Typically, the 3G connection can only be used to purchase
senger, some eReaders allow you to visit your fa- content from the eReader manufacturer’s Web site, which
vorite sites or chat with friends. means you can’t use it to access Web sites or message friends.


First Glimpse / January 2011 75


This Month’s
Blu-ray Disc Releases Date MSRP* SKU Rating

Howl 8213: Gacy House

A Beautiful Mind
Rating: R | MSRP: $34.99* | SKU: 18870604 A Walk In The Clouds 1/4 $24.99 18881588 PG-13
Release Date: 1/4/11 Alpha & Omega 1/11 $39.99 18927363 PG
Animal Kingdom 1/18 $34.95 18914077 R
Army Of Crime 1/18 $34.95 18904468 N/A
Army Of Shadows 1/11 $39.95 18896413 N/A
At The Edge Of The World 1/25 $24.98 18943572 PG
Backdraft 1/4 $22.99 1598254 R
Battlestar Galactica: Season 4 1/4 $89.99 18848857 N/A
Catfish 1/4 $29.99 1678068 PG-13
Checking Out 1/18 $17.97 18901295 R
Cold Dog Soup 1/18 $17.97 18901407 N/A
Creed Live 1/11 $20.98 1146944 N/A
Dances With Wolves 1/11 $29.99 18912789 PG-13
Dark Blue 1/4 $16.99 18903105 R
Desperado & Mariachi 1/4 $16.99 1606087 R
Eternal Sunshine Of 1/25 $21.99 1559501 R
The Spotless Mind
Ever After 1/4 $24.99 18881533 PG-13
Fire On The Amazon 1/18 $17.98 18900384 N/A
Jack Goes Boating Freakonomics 1/18 $29.98 1598484 PG-13
Gabriel Iglesias: 1/11 $24.99 1679804 N/A
Rating: R | MSRP: $39.99* | SKU: 1683115
I'm Not Fat . . . I'm Fluffy
Release Date: 1/18/11
Gone With The Wind 1/4 $24.98 18896971 G
HD Moods: Candles 1/4 $17.99 18888842 N/A
Hope Floats 1/4 $24.99 18881579 PG-13
How The West Was Won 1/4 $24.98 18896835 N/A
Howl 1/4 $34.99 18870604 R
Ishtar 1/4 $24.95 1606139 PG
Jack Goes Boating 1/18 $39.99 1683115 R
JFK 1/4 $24.98 18896844 R
Kurokami 5 1/4 $24.98 18913254 N/A
L.A. Confidential 1/4 $24.98 18896999 R
LennonNYC 1/11 $34.95 18815535 N/A
Lost In Translation 1/4 $22.99 1598306 R
Mutants 1/18 $19.98 18940945 N/A
My Dog Skip 1/4 $19.98 18885327 N/A
Navy Seals 1/4 $16.99 18903132 R
Once Upon A Time In America 1/11 $24.98 18843798 R
Once Upon A Time In Mexico 1/4 $19.95 1606166 R

Paper Man Paper Man

Raging Bull
Rating: R | MSRP: $34.98* | SKU: 1215799 Robinson Crusoe On Mars 1/11 $39.95 18896459 N/A
Release Date: 1/18/11 Rollerball 1/4 $16.99 18902919 R
The Blind Side 1/4 $24.98 18893365 PG-13
The Endless Summer 1/11 $29.95 18927372 N/A
The Girl Who Kicked 1/25 $34.95 1598509 R
The Hornet's Nest
The Great Debaters 1/11 $16.99 1598397 PG-13
The Matrix 1/4 $24.98 18896817 R
The Princess Bride 1/4 $14.99 1669058 PG
The Showdown 1/4 $19.98 18940981 N/A
The Thomas Crown Affair 1/4 $16.99 18903141 R
The Wizard Of Oz 1/4 $24.98 18896826 G
Ticking Clock 1/4 $30.95 18897015 R
Universe: Complete Season 5 1/11 $29.99 1718054 PG
WWE: Raw The Best Of 2010 1/25 $29.99 1598439 N/A

*Prices listed in this issue are for general reference and may vary from retailer pricing.

76 January 2011 /


ESRB Game Ratings &

Find Material That’s Appropriate For Your Kids
ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) Ratings
In order for parents to select gaming software appropriate for their children,
ESRB ( ratings are listed on the front and back of most game
packages to provide concise and impartial details about a title’s content.

Early Childhood. Everyone. Titles Everyone 10+.

Titles with this with this rating Titles with this
rating have con- have content that rating have content
tent that may be may be suitable that may be suit-
suitable for chil- for children ages 6 able for children
dren ages 3 and older. These and older. Games in this cat- ages 10 and older. Games in
software titles contain no egory may contain minimal this category may contain
material that parents would cartoon, fantasy, or mild vio- more cartoon, fantasy, or mild
find inappropriate. lence and infrequent use of violence and language as well
mild language. as minimal suggestive themes.

Teen. Titles with Mature. Titles Adults Only.

this rating have with this rating Titles with this
content that may have content that rating have con-
be suitable for may be suitable tent that is only
children ages 13 for persons ages suitable for per-
and older. Titles in this cate- 17 and older. Games in this sons 18 years and older.
gory may contain violence, category may contain in- Games in this category may
suggestive themes, crude tense violence, blood and include prolonged scenes of
humor, minimal blood, simu- gore, sexual content, or intense violence, graphic
lated gambling, or infrequent strong language. sexual content, or nudity.
use of strong language.
For additional information, ESRB ratings on the back of
game packages include content descriptions and depictions.


Aside from checking a game’s • Find game reviews, screen • Learn about games by • Be aware of nonrated
ESRB ratings, there are other shots, or demos to get a talking to other parents and ESRB material a game may
ways you can ensure the better idea of a game’s older children who are fa- contain. “Mods” are pro-
games your youngsters are content. miliar with or have played gram downloads that can
playing are age-appropriate. certain titles. alter a game’s content,
• If available, use the game’s and online games often
• Carefully look at everything parental controls to • Participate in your children’s have live player chats as
on a title’s packaging, in- restrict inappropriate gaming and discuss their well as other user-generated
cluding the game graphics. content. games as much as possible. content.

First Glimpse / January 2011 77


Which Game System Is Best For You?

Game consoles and portable devices are no longer limited to gameplay. They can also access the Internet, download media, and play your
favorite DVDs or CDs. To help you find a game device that will suit you best, here’s a comparison of the most popular selections you can find
at your local CE retailer.

Compatible Video
Hard drive size memory cards Optical drive resolution output Ports

How much Cards that will let you Aside from game Highest number of Hookups for
What It Means
data the system save and offload data, discs, other playable video pixels that is controllers as well
can hold such as game saves or media formats sent to a TV or as video and audio
personal media portable console outputs

Sony PlayStation 3 320GB PlayStation and CD, DVD, BD 1,920 x 1,080 1 A/V, 1 Ethernet,
With PlayStation PlayStation 2 cards 1 HDMI, 1 optical
Move with optional USB digital audio, 2
MSRP: $399.99* memory card adapter USB
SKU 1122275
Console Devices

Nintendo Wii 512MB SD/Nintendo Can only play 720 x 480 4 controller,
MSRP: $199.99* GameCube game titles 1 Component,
SKU 9916446 Memory Card 1 Composite,
1 S-Video, 2 USB

Microsoft 4GB USB flash drive CD, DVD 1,920 x 1,080 1 optical audio out,
Xbox 360 4GB 1 Ethernet, 1 HDMI,
Console With Kinect 5 USB, Kinect port
MSRP: $299.99*
SKU 1162439

Nintendo DSi 256MB SD None Dual 256 x 192 1 headphone,

MSRP: $149.99* 1 microphone
SKU 9249725

Nintendo DSi XL 256MB SD None Dual 256 x 192 1 headphone,

MSRP: $169.99* 1 microphone
SKU 9760166
Portable Devices

Sony PSPgo 16GB Memory Stick Micro None; download to 480 x 272 1 USB,
MSRP: $199.99* internal and remov- 1 headphone
SKU 9459659 able memory only

Sony PlayStation 64MB Memory Stick Duo UMD (Universal 480 x 272 1 video out/
Portable 3000 Media Disc) headset, 1 USB,
MSRP: $169.99* 1 DC out
SKU 9175082

*Prices listed in this issue are for general reference and may vary from retailer pricing.

78 January 2011 /


Online Wi-Fi access; Parental Compatible accessories & Available
community Media streaming controls game formats services accessories Controllers Perfect for

Web site Access the Inter- Helps parents de- Game titles that Accessories Extras that can Included Who can benefit
membership net without a cide what content can be played on included with help enhance controllers; from the special
for downloads, cable hookup; their kids can or the game system the console your gameplay wired/wireless features the gaming
upgrades, and Send and receive cannot access controller com- system offers
more media wirelessly patibility

Yes, free Yes, 802.11b/g; Options available Sony Play- DualShock 3 wireless con- Move Navigation con- Includes 1 Someone who wants
PlayStation Yes—Netflix and for games, BDs, Station 3 titles troller, Move motion con- troller, Blu-ray remote, DualShock 3 the value of a full
Network content from your DVDs, and and select troller, Eye Camera, USB Bluetooth headset, wireless con- gaming system with
membership home network Internet access PlayStation cable, PlayStation Network memory card adapter, troller; wireless a BD player and
titles membership, A/V cable wireless keypad, cables media streaming

Nintendo Wi-Fi Yes, 802.11b/g; Options available Nintendo Wii remote and Wireless Wii Includes 1 wire- Gamers of any
Connection Yes—Netflix for games, online GameCube nunchuck, sensor remote, wheel, less Wii remote age who want a
features and and Wii titles bar, Wii Sports classic (wired) and nunchuck; unique wireless
downloads, and game, console controllers, wire- both gaming experience
more stand, A/V cable, less sensor bar (some titles require that requires little
adapter a wired remote) gaming knowledge

Xbox LIVE Yes, 802.11n; Options available Xbox 360 sup- Kinect Sensor, HDMI cable, Includes 1 wire- Those who want an
Yes—Netflix and for games, Xbox ports backward Wireless con- USB flash drive, less controller; Xbox console with a
content from your LIVE, console play compatibility of troller, Kinect Xbox LIVE head- wireless Kinect Sensor to play
home network time, and a the original Adventures game, set, Play & games only with body
Family Settings Xbox, Xbox 360, A/V cable, free Charge Kit movement, built-in
pass code and Xbox LIVE one-month trial to wireless capabilities,
Arcade titles Xbox LIVE Gold and more

Nintendo Wi-Fi Yes; Yes Options available Nintendo DSi AC adapter, Audio headset, N/A Users who want a
Connection for Nintendo DSi and Nintendo 2 styli battery power handheld gaming
content DS titles pack, screen pro- system that lets them
tectors, carrying take, personalize, and
cases, styli share photos

Nintendo Wi-Fi Yes; Yes Options available N/A Rechargeable bat- Cases, adapters, N/A Those who want a
Connection for DSi software, tery, AC adapter, headphones, full- handheld gaming
DSi Browser, DSi stylus, and 4 sized stylus system better-suited
Shop, and more preinstalled titles for social gaming with
a large screen

Yes, PlayStation Yes, 802.11b; Yes Included Available for AC adapter, Protective screen N/A Those who need a
Network download from USB cable film, cradle, head- bigger screen for their
PlayStation store phones, memory gaming, Internet, and
cards, cases media entertainment

Yes, free Yes, 802.11b; No Options available PlayStation AC adapter, Battery charger, N/A Those who want to
PlayStation for UMDs, Portable titles battery pack travel case, enjoy gaming as well
Network Internet, and memory cards, as movies, photos,
membership video downloads A/V cable, AC and music when
adapter, car they’re on the go

First Glimpse / January 2011 79


NOTEWORTHY The gaming experience goes beyond the game itself—you

need the right console peripherals and the best just-in-case
services. We’ve compiled a list of some of the must-have
accessories that will only enhance your gameplay, so be
sure to remember these items on the next trip to your local

& Services
CE retailer.

• External hard drives, USB
• Bluetooth technology lets
drives, or memory cards
you play while also
back up your in-progress
having the freedom to
move around
RACING WHEELS USB DEVICES • When additional memory
• Some controllers use tra-
• A gaming steering wheel • A USB media hub will is connected to live (on-
ditional AAA batteries to
puts you in the driver’s let you connect other line) games, you can save
sustain your playing time
seat of a virtual race USB devices (including gaming content and
• Find the best design for
• A comfortable, accurate MP3 players and portable downloads
your grip: ergonomic or
wheel will give you more game devices) to your • The more memory you
control with turns, braking, game console have, the more games and
and acceleration • Use a USB rechargeable downloads you’ll be able
• Be sure to purchase a battery pack to charge to store
racing wheel that’s com- the Li-Ion battery for guitar
patible with your specific controllers
game console

Your local CE retailer pro-
vides some helpful services,
both in-home and in-store,
• Use a hands-free headset to
to enhance your game con-
enhance your gaming expe-
sole. Specifically, the profes-
GAMING KEYBOARD MUSIC CONTROLLER rience by planning strate-
ACCESSORIES sionals can set up online
• Adding a keyboard can gies aloud with your team
• Add a heavy-duty bass connections, install system
help game efficiency— • A Bluetooth 2.0 headset is
pedal to your gaming drum updates, and transfer data to
type in text codes and chat designed to communicate
set to replace your stan- a game storage device.
with other players quickly with your game console;
• Look for a model with a dard pedal Bluetooth headsets will be
• Configure online accounts
touchpad so you can • A tripod microphone stand compatible with most
• Console system updates
easily scroll around the will make your song-based game consoles
• Stream media from a PC
game display games more true to life • Consider noise-canceling
to a game console
• Models that offer hotkeys • Extra cymbals for your headsets with echo-mini-
• Connect a console to a
will enable you to quickly rock drum kit will give you mizing microphones so
home-theater system
perform tasks, such as more freedom to express you can hear and be
gameplay actions musical ability heard clearly

80 January 2011 /

A Peek At The Digital Future

3D Cameras &
Three-dimensional entertainment has distance aside from each other, like automatically create a 3D still image.)
made the jump from the silver screen how you view objects with your eyes. A video camcorder, on the other
to your living room, thanks to 3D BDs When the pictures or footage is played hand, may have a single lens, but by
(Blu-ray Discs), 3D TV channels, and back in such a way that your eyes see adding a special attachment with two
3D-compatible HDTVs. the two perspectives separately, the il- lenses, you’ll be ready to shoot 3D
lusion tricks your mind into “seeing” a movie footage.
The next exciting step is to make your three-dimensional scene.
own home movies and snap your own
photos in three-dimensional glory. It A 3D still image camera can take the
Viewing Requirements
may surprise you to learn that you can two required photos simultaneously In order to enjoy self-made 3D media
take that 3D step right now. using dual lenses and two image sen- the way it was intended to be seen,
sors. (A 3D-compatible single-lens you’ll need a 3D-compatible TV, com-
camera might snap high-speed frames puter monitor, or other viewing device.
How It Works in a panoramic mode, letting you This will ensure your left and right im-
Shooting video or taking photos in 3D press the shutter button once while ages or video frames will be viewed in
requires two slightly different images of moving the camera from one side of a such a way that your left eye sees only
the same subject. The images must be scene to another. The camera then the content intended for it, and the
captured from vantage points a short uses slices of the panoramic shot to same goes for your right eye.

First Glimpse / January 2011 81

A Peek At The Digital Future

Most 3D displays, such as a 3D-com- footage through your surround-sound three dimensions. It’s the next best thing
patible plasma, LCD, or DLP HDTV speaker system without losing “lip to being there.
(which are also referred to as 3D TVs), sync” with the video on your 3D TV.
depend on special eyewear to hide the As for video, home movies of your kids’
left view from the right eye and vice- sporting events may not exactly inspire
versa. LCD shutter eyewear, the most
Lifestyle Benefits repeated viewings. That is, not until you
common type, is like a pair of sun- One way 3D can impact your life is to shoot some scenes in 3D. There’s nothing
glasses with lenses that alternate be- make your vacation landscape photos like breaking the fourth wall, so to speak,
tween opaque and translucent states pop instead of fizzle. If you travel, you to give a volleyball spike a sense of im-
many times per second as the 3D TV probably take numerous pics of impres- mediacy or a basketball layup a definite
flashes the left and right images on- sive vistas. But in the form of flat 4x6 presence. When your viewers lean out
screen. 3D TVs typically synchronize prints, nobody gives landscape shots of the way of incoming objects, you’ll
these images with the eyewear using a more than a passing glance unless know that your 3D home movies are
wireless signal. If the TV/eyewear com- there’s someone they know in the fore- working their magic.
bination inadvertently lets your eyes ground. Now picture Yosemite’s beauty
catch a glimpse of the wrong image or or the Grand Canyon’s grandeur in BY MARTY SEMS
frame, called crosstalk, it can make the
3D picture seem blurry.
Fujifilm FinePix REAL 3D W3
A few devices do away with the need
$499.99 |
for eyewear. For instance, certain
computer monitors and handheld
viewers use special layers of lenses to
direct images to your left and right
eyes for a 3D effect. A drawback to
this approach is the fact that you need
to be squarely in front of the screen;
otherwise, you risk losing the 3D illu-

Create At-Home 3D
To make your own 3D photos and
video, you’ll need a 3D camera or

Next, you need a suitable device to dis-

play your 3D creations. For example,
3D In An Instant
your family and friends can enjoy your
three-dimensional entertainment on a R emarkably, this digital camera not
only allows you to shoot photos and
HD (720 at 24fps) video in 3D, but also
variety of automatic and manual modes
that help you capture 3D shots with
3D TV together, as long as you have a compelling depth, even if you use macro
pair of LCD shutter eyewear for each to view them in 3D without special eye- mode for up-close subjects, as well as
viewer. Other alternatives include a wear, right on the camera. landscape shots with very distant features.
3D-capable computer or a handheld
3D viewer. The Fujifilm FinePix REAL 3D W3 On the back is a bright, colorful 3.5-inch
($499.99; can take LCD. Its secret sauce is a lenticular lens
For the best home-theater 3D experi- fullscreen or widescreen 3D shots at up sheet, which lets you see your 3D content
ence, consider buying a couple of other to two pictures per second. It features a immediately and with your naked eye. ●
components. An A/V receiver with 3D
pass-through support lets you run your

82 January 2011 /


The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to re-evaluate your health and appearance
and set goals for the upcoming months. Whether you want to lose weight,
work out more often, or just look and feel better overall, your local CE retailer will have
devices that can help you stay motivated, track your progress, and meet your goals.

Sportline 1075 M.E.T.A Omron Digital Full-Body Philips Sonicare Healthy

Digital Heart Rate Sensor Scale White Rechargeable
Monitor & MP3 Player It’s easy to monitor your weight and Sonic Toothbrush
Monitor your heart rate while running overall health with a full-body sensor Keep those pearly whites healthy and
on a treadmill, walking the dog, or scale that can measure gained or lost vibrant. A two-minute Smartimer makes
riding a bike with a device that also weight, Body Mass Index, skeletal sure you brush long enough, and a
serves as an MP3 player. | $89.99 muscle, and visceral fat for up to four whitening mode option will really make
people. | $79.99 your smile stand out. | $104.99

Oregon Scientific Gaiam

Norelco Arcitec Electric Shaver Calorie Coach G1 Pedometer
Get a comfortable shave with a razor that It’s possible you burn more calories and walk
provides a full range of motion to adjust to the farther during the day than you think you do. A
contours of your face. | $205.99 pedometer will help you keep track of both, so
you know what you’re accomplishing. | $39.99