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Twitter 100 Success Secrets

There has never been a Twitter Guide like this. 100 Success Secrets is not about the ins and outs of Twitter. Instead, it answers the top 100 questions that we are asked and those we come across in forums, our consultancy and education programs. It tells you exactly how to deal with those questions, with tips that have never before been offered in print. This book is also not about Twitter’ best practice and standards details. Instead, it introduces everything you want to know to be successful with Twitter.

Table of Contents
The Pownce Twitter Debate: Which One is the Best?..................10 Twitter Tips for Beginners: Top Things You Need To Do When Starting on Twitter .............................................................................12 Watch Your Network Soar with Twitter Business ........................14 Time-Wise Wed Efforts with a Twitter Code.................................15 How Twitter and Email Work Hand in Hand...............................16 Back to the Drawing Board for the Twitter IM Utility .................17 Why You Can Use a Twitter Map....................................................19 Three Simple Ways to Make a Twitter Post ...................................20 Top Two Twitter Tools to Simplify Twittering .............................21 How to Attract Twitter Users to Your Business Blog ...................23 Top Twitter Tips to Expand Your Network...................................25 Have a Twitter Account? Learn Why You Should Get One NOW! ...............................................................................................................27 Twitter Client Makes Twitting Easier and Convenient................28 Win New Contacts with Twitter Direct Tactics.............................30 Twitter Google Integration on Talk: How to Use Google Talk to Publish on Twitter?............................................................................31 How to Create a Tightly Integrated Twitter Jaiku Interlink........33 Leave a Twitter Message, Reap Many Benefits .............................35 How to Find the Best Twitter Search Application ........................36

Using Twitter Update to Start Your Own News Distribution Service ................................................................................................. 38 Using Twitter Windows Apps to Quickly Post Updates on Twitter................................................................................................. 40 The Tumblr Twitter Comparison: Understanding the Differences of Tumblr and Twitter ................................................. 42 Steps to Activate the Twitter AIR Client on a Desktop? ............. 44 Twitter Clients: The Fun and Free Way ......................................... 46 Twitter Download: For Maximum Portability.............................. 47 Twitter How to Guide for the Newbie Tweets ............................. 48 The Advantages of Using a Personalized Twitter Logo.............. 50 Creating a Personal Twitter News Distribution Network .......... 51 Make Life More Convenient with a Twitter source ..................... 53 Getting Twitter Updates from Twitter Blog and other Twitters 54 Using Twitter for Business: Top Steps How to Monetize Your Twitter Account................................................................................. 56 Where to Find Twitter Tools and Widgets .................................... 58 Getting to Know Some of the More Popular Twitter Applications .............................................................................................................. 60 Understanding the Practical Uses of the Twitter Link ................ 62 The Growing Number of Twitter Subscriptions........................... 63 A Closer Look at the Software that Made Twitter to What It is Right Now .......................................................................................... 64

Be Visible and Learn the Tips on How to Have a Ranking Twitter URL ........................................................................................66 Tips on How to Maximize the Vista Compatible Twitter Apps .67 The Use of the Command Line in Twitter......................................69 Creating a Twitter Weblog Design the Newbie Way ...................70 The Twitter Site Giving Live Feedback...........................................71 Tips to an Effective Navigation on the Twitter Page....................72 Understanding the Twitter Stats......................................................73 How to Easily Register as a Twitter User .......................................74 Meet the New Face of the Twitter Website ....................................75 The All- new Twitter Site ..................................................................76 The HTML Structure of Twitter.......................................................77 The Problems and Issues of the Twitter on the Net......................78 The Competitive Japanese Twitter Site...........................................80 Smart Techniques to Follow to Avoid Being Bombarded by Twitter Text.........................................................................................81 Video Messaging: Twitter’s Ambition in the Future ...................83 The Friendfeed Twitter Rivalry .......................................................84 Explore Your Twitter Block and Connect with More People ......85 How to Increase Your Twitter Following.......................................86 Using the Twitter List to Build a Community ...............................88 Twitter Marketing: Effective with Real Conversations ................89 The Many Reasons Why People Avail the Twitter Service .........91 Practice Is the Best Twitter Tutorial ................................................93

Why Twitter Updates Get People Hooked.................................... 94 Loving the Twitter Bird.................................................................... 95 Twitter Direct Message Has Its Uses.............................................. 96 Twitter Links Gets People to Discover New Things.................... 97 Twitter Maps: When Location Matters .......................................... 98 Get Twitter Replies in Many Ways................................................. 99 Choose the Right Twitter Tool for Every Marketing Purpose.. 100 What People in Twitter Twitter About ........................................ 102 Digg Twitter Update Creation ...................................................... 103 TechCrunch Talks about Twitter Decentralization .................... 105 Twitter Help is Your Rescuer from Every Problem You Encounter ......................................................................................... 107 Twitter Image: Your First Step in Getting Yourself WellIntroduced ........................................................................................ 109 Twitter Private Messaging: What Does It Mean? ....................... 111 The Management for Multiple Twitter Accounts....................... 113 Twhirl Twitter: Feel the New Experience and Trend ................ 115 The Significance of Twitter ID and How to Change it When Necessary.......................................................................................... 117 The Twitter Local: Its Definition and its Scope........................... 119 Twitter Review: Increase and Expand the Things You Know about Twitter.................................................................................... 121 Top Twitter Users are Top-Rated ................................................. 123 Twitter Come Home: Visiting Made Easy................................... 124

Twitter Problems: The Problems and The Solutions ..................125 Twitter Tag: The Welcome Improvement ....................................126 Twitter TV: The Interactive Drive..................................................127 Twitter Alternative: Search for Strengths and Weaknesses.......128 Twitter Fan: Testament of Success.................................................129 Twitter Statistics: Where Most Members Are ..............................130 Twitter Tips: Learn These Common Knowledge Tips ...............131 The Twitter World: Some Points to Ponder .................................133 Starter Guide on Twitter .................................................................134 Changing the Background Image for Your Twitter Account ....136 Names under Twitter Account ......................................................138 Use of Hashtags for Twitter Groups .............................................140 How to Log in at ........................................................141 Knowing More about Twitter ........................................................142 Mobile Pownce to Pounce Twitter Turf........................................143 Twitter Definition: Comprehending Its Essence .........................144 The Best Way to Avoid Twitter Notifications Inundation.........145 Hooking-Up in Twitter: Serves as the Entry Way 146 Custom Twitter: Advancing the Twitter’s Page Design ............148 Twitter Bar: A Self-Study ................................................................149 Twitter Music: Advanced Through Blip.......................................150 Twitter Photo: Imaging SnapTweet ..............................................152 YouTube Twitter: Fused in Seesmic ..............................................154



The Pownce Twitter Debate: Which One is the Best?
Many blog debates have been devoted to the Pownce Twitter arguments. Bloggers are comparing the two nano-blogging services and are arguing which among the two is the best. To give you a clear picture about the Pownce and Twitter debate, it is best to distinguish these two social networks. Twitter is a social communication network where you can share your activities to your followers. It is also a micro-blogging tool where you can publish updates and link it directly to your blog or website. You can build a wide network of followers on Twitter and establish contacts with your online friends. Pownce is similar to Twitter in many ways. The difference is Pownce network added a file sharing utility where you can share documents and track changes made on those documents. Pownce can be very useful not just for building an online network but also for work related activities. So, which one will you choose? It will depend on your need. If you are a regular user of Twitter and you already have lots of followers on the network, it is unwise to jump out of Twitter. It’s tantamount to leaving your online friends if you transfer to Pownce. This is also true if you are using Pownce for a long time. The best thing that you can do is to maintain your Twitter network and establish another network on Pownce. In this way, you are adding more friends to your list. On the other hand, if


you’re not using either Twitter or Pownce, it is best to try both social networking communities.


Twitter Tips for Beginners: Top Things You Need To Do When Starting on Twitter
Twitter has taken the social networking world by storm. With over 3 million registered active users on its network, it might overtake some of the pioneers of online social networking. You can also benefit from Twitter as a new tool for your online ventures. Actually, Twitter is more than a social networking site. It is also a micro blogging platform, a subscription tool, a social messaging service, and lots more. You can practically use Twitter in any way you like to connect with people you know and to build a wide online network. Here are the top things you should do with Twitter especially if you’re just starting to use the service. First, you have to determine your purpose why you will use Twitter. Having a clear objective will make your Twitting more meaningful. For example, you might want to use it to find old friends and follow what they’re doing now. You can also use Twitter as a way to communicate or share your thoughts and ideas. Most importantly, you can use Twitter to promote your blog or to make a unique brand for your website. Second, you have to start Twitting right away. If you want to achieve your goals at Twitter, then it is best not to leave your Update Box empty for extended periods. You will notice that the more you Twit, more people will follow your updates.


Lastly, you also have to search for other Twitters who share your interest and follow them. In this way you can breakin your own Twitter page to the system. Following others is also a good way to widen your network.


Watch Your Network Soar with Twitter Business
Getting into the whole Twitter thing is more than just keeping with the times. It goes beyond knowing what the younger ones are into, because it certainly does a great number of things for your business if you have one. And because this service is a free one, who are you to pass up a great opportunity to make a bigger network for your products and services? For your business to soar using Twitter, you first need to get as many followers to your account in order to attract a wider client base. How you can do this, you must ask. It is very simple – by being able to Tweet or send messages about interesting things, you can deliberately create curiosity about you. As soon as you pique the interests of other people, you can be sure that they will want to track you. Just be sure that you know what their interests are and if you have anything good to offer them. If you do, then you will have captured their attention and they will surely be reading your Tweets. As soon as you have them, your next task would be to urge them to get more followers for your Tweets. This can be done subtly by suggesting great promos and freebies that would require them to put other people on your tracker. People love prizes, and when you have something great dangling in front of them, they would be more than motivated to track you. Having a Twitter account, if you know how to manage it and keep it exciting at intervals, would surely make other people take notice of you.


Time-Wise Wed Efforts with a Twitter Code
Twitter is a great application to use if you want your contacts to know what is up with you. Of course, this means they will need to go to the Twitter site in order to read your Tweets. Fortunately, there is a great way for you to manage your Twitter and your own blog site as well. The way to do this is to get the code for your Twitter account and put it on your blog. This can very well be achieved if you have some knowledge of HTML and web. It can be quite technical, but it can be a lot useful once you get to understand things. Even a Mac operating software can have a Twitter widget on it once you have the code. If you want this on your Macenabled computer, you will need to add the widget of Twitter right onto your Mac Dashboard. Furthermore, the installation of the Twitter Updater (which is a type of required plug-in) is necessary for the integration of Wordpress. These plug-ins word well when you bank on the Twitter badges as well, as it has an output code that syncs with the customizations you may want to make later on. With a Twitter code, you can then have an easier time managing your efforts on the World Wide Web. Of course, this does not mean that you cannot anymore access your Twitter account on the site itself. For as long as you have your registered log-in, you can get to it right away even if you have a code.


How Twitter and Email Work Hand in Hand
Working Twitter in with your email is a great idea to keep a bigger network active and generate income for your business. This is especially true if your business is of the marketing kind. If so, then Twitter is a great marketing strategy that you should incorporate along with your email techniques and strategies. To start off, you need to create a Twitter account. You should create a Twitter ID based on your given name or you can use a creative name such as the one for your business. After going through the process of filling up the registration form, carefully select a specific option: Email when someone starts following me”. Additionally, you should also choose a second option which is “Email when I receive a new direct message”. The second thing you need to do is to tempt others with freebies – an electronic freebie is sure to be a unique gift your Twitter followers would want. If you have decided on this yet, you can insert the sales copy and the form that your followers will need to sign up in order to get the free giveaway you are offering. For purposes of tracking, you can also put up a unique page which lets you in on how many subscribers you actually generated from such an invitation. And finally, you need to create your own Twitter bio. You are given one hundred and sixty characters which you can use to describe your business – if you make a well written one, and then you can attract more email alert requests.


Back to the Drawing Board for the Twitter IM Utility
The Twitter IM or instant messaging function allows you to update your Twitter page using any of the chat communities on the Web. You can simply use any instant messaging service account as long as you register it on Twitter. However, the Twitter IM function has experienced numerous glitches ever since it was introduced by the network. Recently, Twitter executives have announced that the Twitter IM service will be officially down for the moment. Twitter said that they will have to rebuild this facility and find better ways how to avoid problems with the Twitter IM utility. The Twitter IM function is one of the most useful tools that can be utilized by Twitter users to make updates easier. But as the Twitter network grew, the infrastructure for its IM services also suffered. It is not surprising to see an error message whenever you use the Twitter IM integration. This problem bugged the Twitter network for many years. The extent of the problem was confirmed by the recent announcement made by Twitter. So, if you are actively using Twitter IM facilities, you need to find a better alternative to post updates on your Twitter page. You can simply log-in to your account and manage your Twitter updates there. You can also use third party applications which will enable you to post Twitter updates remotely. You can install these applications on your computer and restart publishing your Twits.


According to official sources, it could take years to rebuild the Twitter IM facilities. It is best not to wait for the re-launch of the IM tool because there are still other methods where you can maximize the usefulness of your Twitter account.


Why You Can Use a Twitter Map
Are you feeling a little visual lately? While Twitter is such a godsend when it comes to letting other people know about your whereabouts, some will need a little more help than a few words typed across a page. Good thing there is Twitter map, a neat application that goes the visual rather than the language tool. With the help of a Twitter map, you can easily pinpoint locations of yourself wherever you make a Tweet. The usefulness of having a Twitter map is beyond countable. For one thing, you can always have an automatic ‘Where in the World is (blank)’ and get it right all the time. If your contacts have a Twitter map, then you can simply check out where they have gone and where they are in particular. You can also use a Twitter map to check out all the people who have been sending out Tweets (or announcement messages) in a particular area. You just may be very well surprised to know how a good number of Tweets there are from people in your area! More than being a cool espionage tool, it actually informs you of whereabouts of people. Feel like accidentally-on-purpose bumping into your crush? Search for him on Twitter maps and go see where he’ll be – and make sure you are there, too! Planning a surprise visit to someone? Twitter map can help you make sure that person is at home or out and you can simply adjust the surprise. For a great number of people, having a Twitter map makes their daily activities a whole lot easier.


Three Simple Ways to Make a Twitter Post
You can only make a 140-character Twitter post to send updates to your followers. That is why Twitter has been called a micro-blogging platform. So you need to be very concise with your Twitter post to convey your message to followers. You can make a Twitter post in several ways. The simplest but a little roundabout way is to use the web interface of Twitter. Just go to the Twitter website and log-in to your account. You will be taken to your home page where you can post your latest Twits. Just type your content on the text field and click the update button. Your Twitter post will instantly be displayed as a new thread in your profile. Another way to post an update to Twitter is through mobile phone services. You need to activate your mobile device if you want to use this service. In your home page, you will see a tab for Devices. Click this tab and register your mobile phone number. Twitter will require you to authenticate your number. The service will ask you to send the randomly generated code to the Twitter mobile number. Just send an SMS to this number containing the codes provided to you. Once you authenticate your mobile number, you can now post Twitter updates via the SMS service of your carrier. You can also use a third party application to post an update to Twitter. You can download a free Twitter desktop client and install it on your computer. Once activated, you can simply use this application to post updates, follow other Twitters and reply to current conversations.


Top Two Twitter Tools to Simplify Twittering
Aside from the standard Twitter tools you can find on your Twitter home page, there are thousands more you can find created by independent developers. These Twitter tools can help you Twit quickly. Some of the tools are designed to maximize the utilities and functions of the Twitter network. Other Twitter tools on the other hand are useful to enhance the design and appearance of your Twitter page or application. Simply said, there’s a Twitter tool for every Twitter activity. So it would not be too difficult to find a tool that will be suitable for you. The best thing about these Twitter tools is they are free to download and use. Updates on the application are also free. You can rarely find a Twitter tool that has a price tag on it. Here are the top two Twitter tools which could help in simplifying your Twitter experience. Twitter tools for search. These tools are either downloadable or web-based applications that can be used to search efficiently on the Twitter network. If you want to find your friends, use any Twitter search tool. You can also use these types of tools to find Twitterings of fellow Twitters. Desktop Twitter tools for posting. These kinds of tools can be installed on your computer to post updates, reply to Twitters, and follow conversations. These are stand-alone


applications to quickly use Twitter. These kinds of tools practically eliminated the need to use the web-based facility of Twitter. Just search for these tools on the Internet. You can surely find one that will be most useful for your Twittering.


How to Attract Twitter Users to Your Business Blog
The number of Twitter users is growing every day. Since the service was launched several years ago, its membership has grown tremendously. The increasing membership of Twitter shows that micro-blogging and communication networking is getting popular on the Internet. The number of active Twitter users is expected to grow further in the coming years. If you have a business blog, this is positive news for you. You can use the popularity of Twitter to promote your site and boost your traffic. The sheer number of active Twitter users would be enough to propel your blogging business. To attract Twitter users to your blog, you have to exert extra effort and spend time on building your Twitter following. Here are some important tips on how to attract Twitter users to follow your business blog. First, your blog should have excellent and useful content. This is the key if you want Twitter users to flock to your site. Good content and quality posts are critical if you want to get a share of the Twitter market. Second, you need to keep on posting important feeds and updates on your Twitter page. This means you have to update your Twitterings whenever you post new content on your blog. Don’t forget to link your Twitter update to your blog post. It is best to link the Twitter update directly to the post and not on


your home page. You can use a tiny URL tool to shorten the address of your blog post. Once you keep on doing this, you will notice that more and more Twitter users will follow your updates. These followers are your leads so keep Twittering to sustain their interest.


Top Twitter Tips to Expand Your Network
To expand your Twitter network, you have to regularly post Twitter updates on your page. This will ensure that your Twitter profile page will always contain new discussions. Here are the top Twitter tips which could help in quickly expanding your network. First, announce to your network outside of Twitter that you are now a member of the Twitter community. You can use the Twitter utility for sending invitations to friends. You can also blog about Twitter and post a link of your public profile. Second, explore the Twitter neighborhood by using the search function of the site. The Twitter search engine works like a standard search engine. Just type a keyword on the search field and submit your search. So, if you are interested about healthy living topics, then search these terms on the Twitter search engine. You will get Twitterings and Twitter profiles related to such keywords. You can then look at Twitter profiles or participate in the discussions. Third, start following other Twitter users who share the same interest with you. Reply to their updates and actively participate in the conversations. You will notice that most Twitters will reciprocate by following your own Twitter updates. Fourth, use the tools on Twitter to send person to person messages or replies. This is an effective way to establish solid connections with other Twitter users. You can build a strong network on Twitter if you will use the person to person communication tools.


Expanding your network on Twitter is easy. You just have to organize your networking activities to maximize your time on Twitter.


Have a Twitter Account? Learn Why You Should Get One NOW!
If you have not yet joined the latest thing in micro blogging today, then you are missing out. Chances are, you have heard of Twitter and how many people have been wanting to set up their own Twitter account. Being more than just a fad, owning a Twitter account is something that can be really great for a lot of people – not just the ones that are in business. Having a Twitter account means having a great way to blog even the smallest of ideas – right at the minute. As long as you have a wifi-enabled device and a wireless connection access, you can inform all your contacts about your whereabouts. This is useful if you are planning a party and you need to move the venue. As soon as you send a Tweet regarding the matter, all your friends would be alerted about it. Second, concerned parents now have a great way to be informed about their children’s whereabouts if they have a Twitter account. All they have to do is to open it and check out your Tweets. In an instant, they would know if you are hanging out at the local pizza joint or are stuck in traffic on your drive back home. And of course, having a Twitter account also means being in the know about the whereabouts and businesses of the people you care about. You can be well informed about them as they are well informed about you, thanks to the wonder that is the Twitter account!


Twitter Client Makes Twitting Easier and Convenient
A Twitter client is essentially a stand-alone application that you can install on your desktop or mobile phone. By using a local client, Twitting updates, replying to Twits, and following other Twitters will be easier. There are literally hundreds of Twitter clients available today. Most, if not all, of them are open source applications and come as free downloads. The flexibility of Twitter clients make them extremely useful for users. Twitter clients for desktop environments can be downloaded from the Twitter site. You can choose freely which one will be most suitable for your computer. You need to be a little picky though because some Twitter clients have specific system requirements. Your best bet would be to choose an application that does not need additional software to work on your computer. If you’re using Windows, then it is best to download a Twitter client for Windows OS. For Mac users, just choose clients that are compatible with Mac environment. It is very practical to use a Twitter client. For one thing, these clients are not resource hungry. So they will not eat-up much disk space or strain the memory of your computer. Most importantly, you can skip going to the main website of Twitter to log-in to your account. Whenever you want to make an update to your Twitter, just open the client and start Twitting. It will save a few minutes of your time and you can write more


Twitter updates or closely follow your friends or other Twitters’ updates.


Win New Contacts with Twitter Direct Tactics
The beauty of Twitter may be reflected on the actual people who have made you their contact and vice versa. People who read your Tweets are very interested in what your activities are, and you can also use Twitter to look for information on a particular market. By using Twitter, you can also have a way to monitor the direct performance of your company or your products. Signing up for Twitter means you can use it as a great way to build up your network if you are tasked with such a thing – as well know, direct marketing is the surest way to go. Twitter has a lot of benefits for those who want a more casual stance as a way to reinforce their brand with new customers. It is also a great way to establish your brand as a very social personality – synonymous to that of an approachable person in real life. As your casual and friendly personality makes itself known on Twitter, you may very well find yourself with lots of new trackers. Before you post information regarding your products, think again. People get turned off if you impose your items on them. Instead of trying to convince them to their faces (hard selling them), you should just suggest ways in which your products can help them (the succinct but clearly direct method of marketing). Remember, you want to come off as a concerned individual bent on making life a little easier for them – so do try to be one for real!


Twitter Google Integration on Talk: How to Use Google Talk to Publish on Twitter?
You can use Google Talk to post an update to your Twitter page. This will simplify your Twittering. Most importantly there are no special applications to install on your computer. Google Talk is the chat facility of Google. It is a free service and is directly embedded on your Gmail account. The Twitter Google integration therefore would be very useful if you’re a regular user of Talk and Twitter. To start using the integrated Twitter Goggle facility, you need to have a Google account. A Google account is an OpenID just like its counterpart on the Yahoo network. Once you have a single Google account, you will be able to access and use all Google applications and services. After signing up for an account, access your Gmail or go directly to the Google Talk apps. Once inside Gmail, you have to activate the standard interface of the service so that the Talk utility can be displayed in the side bar of Gmail. The next step would be to add to your contact list. This address will be automatically added to the Google Talk list. You can now start using Google Talk to publish your Twittering on the Twitter network. Just type a message in the text box of Google Talk and send it to the address of Twitter. Your update will be instantly posted on the Twitter network. There will be no need therefore to go to the Twitter website to publish updates.


The Twitter Google integration is just one of the many integrated services provided by Twitter. These capabilities contributed greatly to the popularity of Twitter.


How to Create a Tightly Integrated Twitter Jaiku Interlink
Twitter and Jaiku are both micro-blogging services. These two social networking communities are very similar. In terms of user base however, Twitter has a significant edge over the Jaiku network. If you can’t decide which micro-blogging network to use, then it is best to create an account with both of them. Besides, it is free to create accounts on Twitter and Jaiku. Creating an account with Twitter and Jaiku has several advantages. First, you can create a wider online network. With two micro-blogging communities at your disposal, you can effectively establish solid linkages with other bloggers and Internet users. Second, your main website or blog can benefit from the numerous incoming links coming from Twitter and Jaiku. Your site can be indexed faster and you might get higher page ranking because of link popularity. Third, you can link your Twitter account to your Jaiku account. So, your Jaiku network can also see your activities at the Twitter network. Here are the steps how you can feed your Twitter content on your Jaiku page. First, you have to click the RSS tool on your Twitter page. You have to select and copy your Twitter RSS URL. After copy-


ing your RSS Twitter URL, you need to go now to your Jaiku network. The next step involves pasting the Twitter RSS URL on the Jaiku feeds. You have to log-in to your Jaiku account to access the feeds management utility. Once you’re logged-in, open the feeds management function in Jaiku and simply insert the Twitter RSS URL. Your updates on Twitter will now be accessible to your Jaiku network. Thus you created a tightly linked network and your main blog will benefit from this interlink.


Leave a Twitter Message, Reap Many Benefits
Being involved in social networking has certainly evolved the face of business and the fate of many small business owners. Usually, there is just one person working as representative of the entire company, and because of this Twitter is the perfect tool for his or her job description. Twitter is an ingenious micro-blogging aid where you are allowed a total of one hundred and forty characters to inform other people of your status. There are many great business results from using Twitter, as well as great new ideas to boost your business. This can be done by creating for yourself a very compelling profile on Twitter. You should put a photo of yourself so people will have an idea of what you look like. You should follow other people to know what they get themselves into and what common trends may arise out of all your connections. But above all, the most crucial point would be the Tweet that you make – or the Twitter message that you put out. Remember that you should not just write personal information, but also add some important blog posts as well as links that are interesting. What you post as your own Tweets or Twitter messages should direct your followers - also your target market – to what can be interesting or beneficial to them. You can study how other experts in this field of micro blogging are faring. Pretty soon, you will be applying the same techniques and principles as well – and reaping the benefits of it.


How to Find the Best Twitter Search Application
The Twitter search engine will help you find individual tweets on the Twitter network. It works just like a typical search tool. Just enter a keyword in the search field for the topic you want to follow and submit your query. Results would be instantaneous and you will be able now to look for tweets you may find interesting. The Twitter search function is a convenient tool for Twitter users. You will find it very useful especially if you’re a heavy Twitter user. There are also third party applications that you can use for Twitter search. You can download these Twitter search applications and install it on your computer. All search applications can help you find what you want on Twitter. But there are good ones that have more functionality and very friendly interface. Here are some of the best features you have to look for if you want to get a local Twitter search client for your computer. First, find a search application that can be customized. See if you can customize the appearance and behavior of the Twitter search application. Customization of the search tool would give you more control over it. Second, find a search tool that can integrate other Twitter activities such as posting updates, getting feeds, IM capabilities, and can communicate with your mobile phone. This kind of search application is an all-in-one tool that can make Twitting convenient.


Third, it is also best to find a search application that has filtering and advanced search capability. This type of Twitter search tool will enable you to target just the specific topics on Twitter. By using a Twitter search application, your activities at Twitter could become easier and more convenient.


Using Twitter Update to Start Your Own News Distribution Service
Twitter was originally conceptualized as a social communication service to connect people on the Internet. By using the Twitter update, users will be able to share their daily activities which can be followed by other Twitters. This function can also be used effectively to distribute news feeds. In fact, some of the biggest news networks are already using Twitter to provide breaking headlines for their followers. You can take advantage of the Twitter update function to quickly send regular feeds for your followers or networks. This could help if you are maintaining a news blog or a website that provides local news. Once you finished setting up your Twitter account, start making updates on it. You can announce your presence on the network and provide a link back to your news blog or website. Follow different updates and conversations related to your site content. You can also follow other news organizations to widen your network. It is important also to post regular Twitter update. For example, once you upload new content on your blog, you must immediately post an update on Twitter. Write just the headline and the link pointing to your site.


It doesn’t matter if you have few followers at first. As long as you make regular Twitter updates, more and more people will notice your profile and will start subscribing to you. It is essential to provide fresh content for your subscribers or followers. There are lots of Twitters who have thousands of followers because they provide new content on their websites.


Using Twitter Windows Apps to Quickly Post Updates on Twitter
You can use a Twitter Windows client application to simplify your Twittering. Most Windows desktop clients for Twitter are free applications so you can try several of them. Using a Twitter Windows client is convenient. You can open the application on your desktop and start publishing your Twitters. Replies to your Twits will also be visible on the application interface so it would be easier to follow conversations. Once you received a reply or an update, a notification will pop-up on your system tray. Just click this pop-up and the window of the Twitter application will be opened for you. You can now post your reply or start a new conversation. If you are using Windows Live Writer as your primary content management application, a Twitter plug-in can be used to publish an update Twit. What you have to do is download the plug-in file for Twitter apps. This plug-in can be found on the Live Writer homepage or on any website publishing latest add-on applications for Windows. Once you downloaded the plug-in file, copy it and locate the root directory of Windows Live Writer in your computer. You can find the directory of Live Writer in Programs file folder. Go to the plug-in directory and paste the downloaded plug-in file in that folder.


You have to open the Live Writer and find the Twitter plug-in in the Tools menu. Select the Twitter app and you will be prompted to enter your log-in information on the Twitter network. You can now post a Twitter update using Windows Live Writer.


The Tumblr Twitter Comparison: Understanding the Differences of Tumblr and Twitter
Tumblr is usually equated as a clone of Twitter. That’s because both services offer micro-blogging facilities. However, Tumblr can be considered as a short journal web log. That’s because you can post longer content on it than on Twitter. If you have a Twitter account, you can feed your Twitter updates on Tumblr by using RSS subscription tool. Your Tumblr readers therefore can follow your Twitter updates directly from your micro web log. The advantage of Tumblr is you can post several varieties of content on your mini web log. In fact, you can upload photos and video links on its facilities. But because it is a mini web journal, there are also limits on the amount of content you can post. One utility that is lacking on Tumblr is the capability to use SMS services to post updates. SMS posting capability is a regular feature of Twitter. That is why if you want to publish quickly and to get real time updates of feeds from your network, Twitter is your best option. There are big differences between Tumblr and Twitter so the two services cannot be compared accurately. For one, Tumblr lacks the socialization aspect of Twitter. So you really cannot build a network there. It’s more of a blogging service than a social networking tool like Twitter.


Twitter and Tumblr are two unique Web 2.0 technologies. They are designed to enhance online interactivity and improve communication processes on the Internet. You can use both services in order to maximize the potential of these social media.


Steps to Activate the Twitter AIR Client on a Desktop?
The Twitter AIR client is an Adobe application designed for posting and managing a Twitter account. You can use the Twitter AIR client to dock Twitter on your desktop. Every time you want to make an update to your Twitter page, just click on the client and publish your post from your desktop. Using Twitter AIR client simplifies your posting and updating activities on Twitter. You can also configure the Twitter AIR client to run as a background application in your computer. Whenever you start your computer, the Twitter AIR client will be activated and automatically log-in to your Twitter account. You can determine if the AIR client is active if it shows on your system tray. When the Twitter AIR client is activated, you will be able to get the updates from other Twitters. You can also get instant notification of any reply to your post. Before you can install a Twitter AIR client on your desktop, you need to install the Adobe AIR application on your system. This is a free application which you can download from Adobe Systems. In fact, if you will get the latest Adobe PDF Reader application, the AIR component will be automatically installed on your computer. If you still don’t have the AIR apps, simply download the software.


Once the Adobe AIR service is running on your system, you can now download the Twitter AIR client application. The Adobe AIR client for Twitter is also a free application. Just download the software and install it on your system. Once these processes are completed, you can now use the AIR client to create numerous Twitterings on Twitter.


Twitter Clients: The Fun and Free Way
A lot of businesses nowadays have figured out that getting into the social networking scene could very well attract clients. And of course, more clients mean more sales and more profits. However, it is somewhat surprising to note that there are many small businesses that have not yet joined the craze. If they only knew how much Twitter could do for them, they would have been jostling to be first in line. Getting clients from Twitter is great. The first thing you need to do is to sign up for a Twitter account. Using a Twitter account will mean being able to create up to the minute notices about you or your business and create links. These links will direct the clients onto your business site. The great thing about Twitter is that you can use it to announce the latest promos or offerings of your business. Clients who get on your Twitter account will be the first to be in the know. When they are alerted to the news, they can go ahead and purchase or transact with you right away. Additionally, having a Twitter account to attract clients is less costly than other means. Not only do you get to save money on advertising, but you get to use a wide service that is actually free! You can tweet several times a day to your contacts without it costing you a single cent. On the contrary, it can actually generate an income for you. If you get to manage twitter continuously, you can be sure that you would attract a steady stream of clients.


Twitter Download: For Maximum Portability
Getting into the social networking scene is probably something that you and most of your friends have already considered. Being able to communicate with other people is great – but the fun elevates when you have a downloadable program which can help you inform other people of what you are doing at the moment. Twitter is a program which you can simply download off the Internet. You no longer need to purchase an expensive installer or anything, because the program is absolutely free. Once you download Twitter, you can simply follow the installation commands and register your own account. Having a Twitter download means right there on your desktop you will find a tool which can act like a messenger! Now everyone will be able to know what you have been up to or what you are planning to do. No longer will you have someone wasting air time to ask what your plans are, because they can simply log on to Twitter and check out what the latest news about you is. And of course, you ought to spread the good news and let other people share in the free program of Twitter. The more people on Twitter that you know, then the easier it will be for you and your contacts to organize shindigs, be in on each other’s schedules and whatnot. And of course, Twitter downloads are accessible via a wide host of Wi-Fi enabled devices that you can simply tote around with you wherever you go for maximum portability.


Twitter How to Guide for the Newbie Tweets
Twitter was hyped on the Internet the moment it went live some years back. Since then, millions of users have been using the service to communicate and get in touch with their online friends. If you’re still not using Twitter, than it’s about time to discover how this social networking and communication service can help you. Here’s a step by step Twitter how to guide to get you started on the network. First, you need to create an account with Twitter. On the main page of Twitter, you will find a big Get Started button. Just click this and you will be redirected to the sign-up page. If you want to get maximum exposure on Twitter and you want your long lost friends to find you, you need to supply your real name and contact information. The steps on signing up are fairly easy it’s just like creating a new email address. Once your account is created, you have the option to notify your friends that you’re now a Twitter member. There’s an invite tool on your account page. You can skip this step and invite your friends later. Publishing your first Twittering is easy. On your home page, there is a large text box where you can type 140 characters of content. Write anything you want and hit the update button below. You’ve just made your first successful Twit on the network.


It’s time to socialize now. You can use the search tool to find friends or conversations that you find interesting. Follow them or reply to updates. This will widen your Twitter network. You’re done and all you have to do is to regularly update your Twitter box and start conversations on your favorite topics.


The Advantages of Using a Personalized Twitter Logo
You can use your own unique logo for your Twitter public profile. This is useful if you want to create a brand for your website or blog. A logo can better reflect the nature of your site compared to standard photo image. You cannot use an official Twitter logo to brand your profile or blog. The Twitter logo is trademarked and you can run into trouble if you use it without express permission from Twitter. It is best to create your own logo or use your existing one and post it on your Twitter profile. There are several advantages of using a logo for your Twitter public profile. As mentioned earlier, a unique logo could help in creating a brand for your blog or website. Your network on Twitter will immediately recognize your sites once they see your logo. This is the best way to instill brand recall for your Twitter followers and to make your websites popular. By using a logo for your Twitter account, you can highlight your creativity to your followers and network. With a standard photo, you cannot really design it or make artistic changes on it. But with a personal Twitter logo, the design possibilities would be unlimited. This is important if you are a web designer or a graphic artist. By highlighting your logo on Twitter, people will be able to see your skills in designing graphic arts. That is why some Twitter users are using a personalized logo for their profile instead of the standard personal photo image.


Creating a Personal Twitter News Distribution Network
Twitter has been transformed overtime from being a simple social communication networking site to a massive site for aggregating news. Of course, Twitter is still being used as a personal social networking site. But some of the biggest and massively followed Twitterings belong to Twitter news networks. In fact, important regional, national and international events have been fed to Twitter to provide up to the minute reports. Some of the high impact events such as forest wild fires, US presidential campaigns, and international finance developments are being headlined on Twitter news feeds. You can take advantage of this Twitter transformation in two ways. As a Twitter news subscriber, you can easily get updates from major news networks. You can also grab the latest headlines of international wire services. All these feeds you can grab at no cost because the Twitter service is free. You can also get Twitter news feeds faster than monitoring TV news networks. The best thing about subscribing to Twitter news feeds is you can participate in discussing the unfolding events. By replying to the feeds and posting your comments, you can air your opinions and views on a particular issue. If you provide news on the other hand, you can easily get a captured audience for your news feeds and distribution at Twitter. By creating a Twitter news distribution service, you will be able reach a global audience for your news wires.


That is why most major news services today are using Twitter to distribute their news feeds. So, there is no reason why you can’t use Twitter as your own news distribution network.


Make Life More Convenient with a Twitter source
Most people think that using Twitter is a way to announce what you are going to do or what you have been doing for the past couple of hours, minutes or even days. While that is true, Twitter is also useful for other things. Having a Twitter account means you can get a whole lot of sources from other users, too. This is because people have realized the potential of Twitter to be more than just an announcement message type of application. These people have become professional knowledge sharers, and Twitter is your source of information. For instance, the fashionista in need of the latest source of fashion and shopping information would be able to log on to Twitter and look for like-minded individuals. As soon as the sales hit the stores, these people would be announcing such things or getting their shopping mates ready for the next big spree. Financial analysts and investors have also realized the potential of Twitter as a source of valuable information. Many a trader have closed great exchanges through frantic, fresh off the minute news via Twitter – information that could cause them ruin or rake in the big bucks. And of course, students and teacher can get connected to the latest source of vital information on how the other is doing – things such as upcoming exams or reminders work well on Twitter. If you are also a high school student, you and your group mates working on a project could coordinate with research links and status updates on individual responsibilities.


Getting Twitter Updates from Twitter Blog and other Twitters
To get the latest Twitter updates, you have to subscribe to the Twitter blog. Regular updates on Twitter services are being published on its blog. To get to the Twitter blog, simply follow the blog link which can be found on the bottom of your Twitter home page. Just click the RSS subscription tool on the Twitter blog. Twitters updates, news, blog posts, headlines and developments will then be streamed directly to your desktop. You can get lots of advantages if you subscribe to Twitter updates. First, you will be able to know the latest applications you can use for Twitter. Third party or Twitter developed applications are being featured on its blog services. Bug fixes and software updates are also being announced on the Twitter blog. So if you are experiencing some issues on a specific Twitter service, you can find a solution for the bug on the Twitter blog. Some Twitter users are also issuing updates related to Twitter services. These third party Twitter updates are mostly announcements of new applications which you can download on their sites. So if you want to grab and use a new Twitter application or client, you better browse the Twitterings of software developers and technology bloggers. Subscribing to these updates is probably the fastest way of getting the latest tools for Twitter.


Getting Twitter updates is simpler and easier nowadays. Just subscribe to blogs and Twitterings of other users. Subscribing to Twitter updates is also better than searching for it on search engines.


Using Twitter for Business: Top Steps How to Monetize Your Twitter Account
Using Twitter for business is a practical and cost-effective way to advertise and promote your brand. The importance of branding on Twitter is more pronounced if your business resides on the Internet. By using Twitter for business, you are creating another channel where you can get numerous sales leads. So, here are the top steps you can follow to monetize your Twitter account. First, start Twittering. Of course you cannot expect anything from Twitter users if you will not participate in the community. Twitter is a social networking site and you are expected to socialize and share your Twits with other users. Second, always update your Twitterings and link it directly to your website. However, it is equally important to interact and follow other Twitters. You will not increase your Twitter followers if you’re not following other users. Be careful though to get too involved in following other Twitters. It might distract you from your primary purpose on Twitter. Third, just follow Twitter updates that are related to your business. In this way you can create a highly targeted niche market on Twitter. It is not advisable to follow any Twitterings on the site. There are millions of users on Twitter, so it is best to carefully select your network circle.


Lastly, establish your authority on your niche market. Post quality content on your site and invite fellow Twitters on your site. Make sure that every update you make on your Twitter page will be useful for your target market. You have to sustain your Twitterings in order to increase your followers. It is not impossible to get hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter for your business site.


Where to Find Twitter Tools and Widgets
Twitter is a very big and dynamic application that every user must learn to understand and at a certain point appreciate. It is one of the very few applications that ever conceived the idea of social networking and Internet relay chat all in one package. Now, because of its dynamic applications, more and more users are wondering how the Twitter is able to perform these ‘jobs’ all at the same time. Well, thanks to the widgets and tools that Twitter has. Every corner of the Twitter structure has been built with a corresponding tool and widget. These tools and widgets are the core of the whole structure of the Twitter application. These tools are commonly referred to as the ‘apps’ of Twitter. What is good about these apps is that they are made compatible with every user’s preference. For instance, there are apps that were specifically designed for Mac users and for Windows users. There are also apps which were made basically for desktop and for mobile. The Twitter tools and widgets are easily located. The Twitter site offers these apps (tools and widgets) via their online support and on the site itself. There are also available tools and widgets on some other social networking sites. These social networking sites share some of the more common tools and widgets along with the other social networking platforms. These tools, in order to be downloaded, post some requirements in terms of software installations and hardware configurations. All you need to do then is to make sure that you satisfy all these requirements.



Getting to Know Some of the More Popular Twitter Applications
Some of the web log enthusiasts have coordinated to measure and determine which among the social networking sites that we have on the Internet are making use of the more popular applications (commonly referred to as apps files and programs) on their own social networking engine. The apps that are being measured based on their performance online and their usability to social networking sites are categorized on the following: desktop application, web application and mobile application. Obviously, the reason why they were categorized as such is primarily because of the general application that social networking sites (like Twitter) have. In the desktop apps section, the two of the top applications are the Twhirl and the Twiterrific. These have been largely dominating the desktop applications because of their unique features that allow for dynamic and varied functionalities to be made. The other apps that have been lagged behind are the Snitter and Tweetr, which incidentally have been constantly left behind from the rest of the more favored apps. As for the top web applications, the Mobypicture and the Twitterfeed have shared the more popular spot. These two apps have been consistently topping the popularity based on usability and reliability. Most consumers think that these two apps are stronger compared to the others in terms of functionality. Lastly, on the mobile apps, the more popular apps are the Hahlo and the Cetwit. The Twitter answers and the Twapper are behind them. All of these four apps are known to be best Mobile


apps for Windows platform, making them very popular to a lot of users.


Understanding the Practical Uses of the Twitter Link
When you have finally created your Twitter account, you are given a username that identifies you as the unique owner of the link that is also being provided to you. This link usually comprises of the twitter name along with the personally made name that completes the URL address. Every user has its own individual link to refer to. There are a lot of practical uses that this link can provide to a user. Below are just some of the known uses: a. It serves as a personal identification on the Internet. If you have created a web log or have posted your materials on the Twitter blog, you can then refer to this link at all times. You can also use this link as a point of reference when applying for a job online. Your credentials and sample works are capable of being displayed via this link. b. You can use this link as a way to connect to other people in Twitter. Since every user of Twitter has its own individual link, then you can use this as a way to get connected with them either via online interaction or via updates. This is one good and effective means of communication. c. You can use the link as a way to send tweets a lot faster. With the link, you can instantly send any tweet without the need to log on and authenticate your user account via the Twitter site. Your link serves as an identifier that you can immediately use to access all of Twitter’s features.


The Growing Number of Twitter Subscriptions
It was in the year of March 2006 when the whole idea of Twitter as a social networking site has started. And the moment that it was used in the company where it functioned as an IRC site, it initially drew attention from the employees of the company. Soon after, it was officially launched to Internet users in October of the same year. The initial day when it was launched, the makers of Twitter knew that it is going to draw a lot of attraction from potential users. Primarily because during those times, there was no single provider that used IRC, web logging and social networking in a single platform. Because of this change, on its barely six months of being released, the Twitter site drew about half a million unique visitors. This number of unique visitors in just about six months is truly unbelievable and unprecedented. A year after that, the Twitter site has continued to soar high. It has officially earned its legal name as Twitter under the supervision of the first CEO Jack Dorsey. The Twitter under the supervision of Dorsey has earned another milestone in terms of numbers. Just barely a year after, it has recorded an all time high of more than 50% increase in the number of unique visitors having earned more than one million of visitors in the year 2007. Due to the unbelievable success that Twitter has earned, it has spanned all the way to Japan by launching the Twitter Japanese based site. Although the contents are written in English, this has not stopped the users from using it. This resulted into another milestone in the Twitter history.


A Closer Look at the Software that Made Twitter to What It is Right Now
Twitter is a web-based application software that is designed to function both as a social networking and as an IRC site. But what we do not really know and understand is the reality about what sort of tools or software packages were used to build such a strong and flawless design. The Twitter and its applications were built around the basics of hypertext markup language or HTML. Generally of the bigger sections that are featured on the site like the aesthetic designs and all were built around the HTML. However, as more and more scripting languages are being introduced, Twitter needed to adapt with it. With more features that are needed to be incorporated and designs that need to be included, Twitter needed a more powerful and strong scripting language. And as the Twitter site tries to make an evolutionary effort to provide its users a highly innovative IRC and social networking site, it bended into using some of the modern and up to date software packages such as PHP, Perl, Java, and Ajax. These four scripting and web designing software have contributed to the effective re-designing that happened with Twitter. Apart from that, the new apps that were developed to make the Twitter applications more powerful and feature-based have been basically taken out from these scripting software packages. Now, as Twitter tries to engage into yet another major “revamp” on its design and structure, it focuses to studying more


software packages that would help the whole creation of the new face of Twitter a lot better.


Be Visible and Learn the Tips on How to Have a Ranking Twitter URL
When you are creating a web log using the Twitter, you will immediately be provided the chance to create your own, personalized URL (uniform resource locator) that will make your web log uniquely identifiable. The URL address that you will be making shall have the twitter domain as part of its identification. Therefore, you need to have a very good plan in making your URL because it is being tied up to your personal account. Below are some of the wise tips that you can use to create a ranking URL Twitter address: a. Make sure that your URL is unique from the rest of the other URL addresses. There are sites that you can visit to check on the uniqueness of your URL address. From there, different suggestions shall be given to you in order to make it a little more unique. The more unique your URL is, the more likely it shall generate better ranking. b. Make sure that your URL is not too long or too short. Too long URLs are very hard to remember. When they are hard to remember, it is most likely that visitors will not try to remember visiting it. In the same regards, too short URLs are also disadvantageous because they are easily being hacked and scammed; more so, they tend to be the target of being misrouted to a false site. c. Make sure that you create a URL that is highly personalized. When you put a little personal touch on your URL, your URL will more likely be remembered by the visitors.


Tips on How to Maximize the Vista Compatible Twitter Apps
The Twadget is one of the apps that Twitter uses. However, it is compatible to work only under the Vista OS platform. The Twadget apps will let your Twitter get on to the right path. It allows the Twitter features to be maximized and potentially become powerful when combined with the Vista OS. The Twadget version 1.1.0 is an important upgrade that allows patching the sudden and silent disappearance of your Twitter profile status while online. By having this upgrade from Vista, you will never have the feel of having been lost while online. More upgrades are made available online to help Twitter users achieve the best performance. While the Twitter is considered to be one of the biggest social networking sites available on the Internet, somehow, it also gets bogged down by some glitches. Fortunately, there are some patches that are available for download. The following tips on how to maximize their usage are being suggested: a. Make sure that you constantly make an upgrade. These upgrades provided by Twitter and the Vista OS are guaranteed patches to some of the known glitches that affect the use of the Twitter apps. b. Read the updates on Twadget apps and make sure that you take note of its updates and the date that they will be released for download. From time to time, Twitter site is releasing some news about possible updates on the apps. You will need to make sure that you have all these updates. c. Determine your apps issues and make sure that you are updated with the current patches. Learning at first base what


the real problem is makes the whole use of Twitter apps a lot more efficient.


The Use of the Command Line in Twitter
The Internet technology has gone so far that’s its users have spread around the world. The Twitter makers are very much aware of this and has made every step of the way to make sure that all the demands of its consumers are being met effectively to ensure competitiveness in the market. It is a common knowledge that in order to post a tweet – a text or an update – you will need to log on to the Twitter site and from there send your tweet. However, this is rather a more difficult process to some people. They see the whole bunch of process very long. Using the Twitter command line, invented and conceptualized by one of the followers of Twitter, you can send and post a tweet without having to open a browser and type in the URL of the site. Using key combinations that you can issue, you can now immediately navigate on the Twitter site – depending of course on the issued commands. Now, you might be thinking, how is the authentication of the account if there is no need to log on to the Twitter site? Is this safe and secure? Well, Twitter has learned from the massive security that it encountered in the late 2007 via their SMS failure. Every instance that you use the command line will require the user to undergo authentication through the VB Authentication process. Some of the information that you used during the registration process like your e-mail address, password, and account name will still be required.


Creating a Twitter Weblog Design the Newbie Way
The Twitter is not only a social networking website. More to this, it is also a web logging site that is basically capable of allowing people to write down and safely keep their opinions, insights and thoughts using the online platform. One of the featured capabilities of a web logging site is the ability of the web logger to put some designs based on his personal preference. A lot of web logging sites are putting emphasis on the designs of the web log site because this is one of the most sought after features in a web logging site. As a micro-web logging website, Twitter is widely being used by people to place relevant happenings that they have experienced either recent or old. Although these shout outs are considerably shorter compared to common we log entries, they allow people to specifically post what is happening in their life. If there are incidents in their lives that they also want posted and placed online then they can always use the web log entry. Now, to complement, these people are looking for a design that best describes the feeling of their stories. Designs are not only limited to colors and graphics but also designs should encompass skins and other multimedia effects such as audio and visual effects. Although web log designs are by nature preferential there are also pre-made designs that users can choose from. Some built-in designs were made to be modifiable by the users, there are some which remain to be templates – cannot be changed and modified.


The Twitter Site Giving Live Feedback
The Twitter as a micro-blogging and an IRC application is well known in providing people a means to get connected with each other via the live feed of information from one point to another. A lot of times, the live feed that Twitter is capable of providing has tremendously helped and saved a lot of people’s lives. One classic example at how Twitter’s live feed has saved a life can be best exemplified during the arrest that happened to two of the American Journalism students who took shots on the street protests that happened in Minneapolis. While on arrest, one of the students used his mobile and posted a tweet to some of his close friends who are receiving updates regularly to him. And with the ability of Twitter to simulcast all tweets in an instant, the two arrested students have been immediately given legal assistance by their ambassador. The capability of Twitter to provide live feeds to all its users is one of the essential features that it possesses. This feature has made it uniquely admirable to a lot of user both the young ones and even the high executives in a company. Many big companies like CNN and BBC are using the Twitter in their daily communications between and among employees of the company. Some schools are using Twitter because of the interactive and live feed that it is capable of performing while relaying information to its students. There are times that Twitter feeds are being reflected via a large screen and students can just react on whatever tweets that they see and read.


Tips to an Effective Navigation on the Twitter Page
If it is your first to visit and navigate on the Twitter site, you will not see much tabs and links on its home page. In fact, when you visit the page of Twitter, all that you will get to encounter are basically the authenticating boxes, a few tabs to educate you on how to use Twitter, and some navigation keys to tour you around the site. However, behind every tab and link that you see, there are more things that you can expect to discover. On the new interface of the Twitter site, you will see on the top right corner continuously rolling figures that allow you to view your updates (tweets), your followers and the following that you have. These numbers tell you how far your account has reached the net. And then just below the figures are the links that inform you about your messages and the current happenings that you may be interested with. Also, the replies that you have made to the tweets are indicated on the same column. The question that you see on the initial page is basically the update that you want your followers to know. By answering the question, you are giving them the opportunity to know what you have been up to in the last hours. You will notice that some of the index tabs have been removed with the all new Twitter site. This is the latest renovation that Twitter has taken after almost 2 years of its existence. This has given the home page a whole new and better look.


Understanding the Twitter Stats
By looking at how Twitter has progressed and developed based on the statistics that were generated, you will surely understand how each aspect of Twitter has been properly taken care of. The stats will show us how Twitter is looking at competition and traffic generation as part of their building blocks. Usually, Twitter looks at the stats on how each unique visitor stats is climbing up and down the graph. Just barely 10 months after the official launch of the Twitter site, it has generated nearly about a million unique visitors. The stats show the makers how impressive and attractive the application has been made. And in barely a few months after it has hit over half a million of unique visitors, the Twitter stats made a successful glide up in the early years of 2008 by reaching an all time high of almost a million unique visitors. As the Twitter makers are continuing to make progressive efforts in re-developing and re-structuring the website and its features, the stats have continued to soar high. In all the months of the year 2008, there has not been any recorded drop on both the competitive and traffic sections of the site. In barely a year after its successful launch where it started with a humble beginning of almost half a million unique visitors, now it has reached more than 3 million of unique visitors. This is a stat record that no other site can ever claim to have achieved in such a short span of time. The stats will show us how Twitter has become a name that every person and household has learned to appreciate and essentially use in their daily activities.


How to Easily Register as a Twitter User
Just like any other social networking sites, Twitter requires a potential user to become a valid and duly registered member of the “network” before gets to enjoy all the features and benefits of it. The good thing about the Twitter website is that becoming a member does not involve too many requirements. It does not also involve any complex steps to undertake in order to comply with the registration requirement. In order to become a registered member of the Twitter and able to enjoy all the available features that the social networking has, you will need to come and visit the Twitter website and from there you can see the benefits that you can get from becoming a registered member. In addition, the link that invites you to register to Twitter is also visible from the site. What you need to do is to supply all the necessary pieces of information that are required and after completing the registration process, all you have to do is wait for an e-mail confirmation on the e-mail address that you stated. From the e-mail address, you will be directed to the legitimate link of the Twitter website where you can officially confirm your registration. Another way that you can do to easily register your account to Twitter is through other social networking sites. The social networking sites like Friendster, MySpace, and Facebook have the link that directs you to the other social networking sites like Twitter. Doing it like this may be a little tiring for you but it is rather a good alternate way.


Meet the New Face of the Twitter Website
From time to time, website owners think about how they can effectively re-design and give their websites a new face. This is done in order to entice people to keep coming back on the website. More often, this move to redesign a website is being attributed to market the website a lot more effective in order to gain more sales and profit. The Twitter website has just recently undergone a major renovation on its design and content to make sure that it still fits into the demands and needs of the general viewers. The aesthetic renovation that happened to the Twitter website was directed towards two things – adapting to the modernized needs of the users and to become highly competitive. One of the bold renovations that happened to the Twitter website is the removal of the very traditional index tabs that are generally seen on a website. The use of the sidebar instead of the index tabbing on a website is now more being preferred. This is not because it is the state of the art thing but rather the use of the sidebar gives a more practical use of the website space plus incorporating a whole new look with the website. Another prominent adjustment that was made on the new face of the Twitter website is the observed quicker navigations in between links and pages. This speedier mechanism was brought about by the inclusion of more innovative and advanced codes using the Ajax language – a rather more powerful Javascripting language that is being used to design complex and intricate websites.


The All- new Twitter Site
It is a must for every website to have a general reconstruction every once in a while in order not to bore the people who visit the site with the same interface and design. Apart from that, it is also equally important that every feature that it has undergoes total renovation in order to adapt to the growing needs of the consuming public and the ever changing demands of the market. This has been the view of the Twitter makers ever since it has started. Now, as Twitter’s existence in the Internet has reached more than a year, a new Twitter site is about to surprise everyone. The all-new Twitter interface and the updated features that it has shall dominate the social networking and IRC domains. One of the many things that is highly anticipated in the all-new Twitter site is the renovation of its designing tool. With the new Twitter site, the presence of the customizing design tool will allows its users to choose pre-defined, built-in designs from the theme templates that are stored on the database and be able to try and play with all the color schemes available using the preview palette. On the preview palette, you can immediately take a look at how the color combinations that you mixed and match basically looks like. More important with the all new Twitter site is the inclusion of many Ajax codes that made a lot of apps to be widely compatible with different operating systems and programs. Apparently, the original codes made in PHP and Perl were not discarded in the all new look of the site.


The HTML Structure of Twitter
Almost every website that we have on the Internet is dependent on HTML (hypertext markup language) codes. The structure of the Twitter site, although made via PHP and Perl, is generally HTML based. Back when the Twitter was first used, the makers of it basically used it for internal communication only as being utilized by the company employees. However, as Twitter becomes a lot bigger in terms of features and applications, it needed more than just HTML codes. The apps that are used to make every functionality work needed a stronger and powerful method. This is the reason why other application languages were used apart from the HTML. Twitter is full of APIs and these APIs require a special set of tools like PHP, Perl, and Java. These languages like Java and Perl still use the basics of HTML programming. In fact, most of the codes that these languages use were lifted from the structure of HTML codes. Almost all things that we see on Twitter – the interface, the features, and the interactive screens – all these were built using the HTML structure. Needless to say, even when Twitter makers have decided to make a total “renovation” on the interface and design of the site, they are not able to get rid of the HTML shadow on every section of the site. HTML, although being regarded as an old fashioned way of designing a website, the structure of it remains intact and strong. This is the reason why a lot of developing site programmers could not take away the use of it even when there are more powerful and feature-oriented scripting languages around.


The Problems and Issues of the Twitter on the Net
Twitter may have successfully launched its product in the year 2006 and may have gained outstanding number of followers during its launch, however, issues have also been experienced and problems have also been raised. Just barely a year after it has had its successful launch, the enormous reactions of people which brought success to it has also been the same that caused problems to it. Twitter, because of the large number of people accessing and using its live feed has experienced clogging in sending tweets. This is, of course, attributed to the great number of people who simultaneously accessed and used the feature. The large number of people trying to use the site congested the tweet sending protocol of Twitter that resulted to intermittent failed sending of tweets. This is one thing that has been overlooked by the Twitter makers. Initially, people are enjoying the presence of this live feeding of tweets on the net. However, as people have experienced being bombarded with tweets even when they are asleep or at work, they began to feel being overwhelmed by these live feeding of tweets on their mobile and pc. More to that, because Twitter has tied up with a mobile service because of the SMS feature, people have been complaining about being overly charged by the SMS provider because of the “unsolicited” tweets that they are receiving. The Twitter just like any other social networking and IRC providers has also been a victim of hacking and spoofing. The


SMS feature of Twitter has been the subject of spoofing and scamming.


The Competitive Japanese Twitter Site
In the year 2008, the makers of the Twitter site have announced in one of their web log entries that the Twitter website is spanning in the region of the Asian continent specifically in the Japan area. The Twitter website being an all-English website was able to penetrate non-English speaking territories because of its wide coverage. The Japanese people have been the first to encounter this milestone. The language barrier that supposed to be is the major problem in launching the Twitter site in the Japanese region has not been seen as a barrier at all. For the Japanese, being a large percentage users of the Twitter site, although the whole interface of the site is in English, the features that Twitter has can overcome this obstacle in language difference. Surprisingly, fourteen days after the Twitter site was launched in the Japanese area, it continued to gain huge volume of followers mainly within the range of the young professionals and young adults. Now, as months have passed after its maiden launch, the Twitter in Japanese version has become the second most sought after Twitter sites. The Twitter in Japanese version has continued to attract more and more potential members and users that made it possible for it to reach an all time high in page traffic. In addition, the Twitter Japanese website has been one of the few sites that have attained the highest page rank in less than a month after its launching on the Internet. This is truly one of the more interesting historical events in the arena of social networking.


Smart Techniques to Follow to Avoid Being Bombarded by Twitter Text
With the recent spamming activity that endangered the security and credibility of Twitter, far advanced precautionary measures were undertaken by the makers to make sure that the 2007 spamming via SMS happening shall never be experienced again. This was given immediate resolution by the Twitter makers by suggesting a personal identification number to all Twitter users. But, how about when the problem that is being raised talks about being bombarded by legitimate tweets? Are there any ways that one can do to stop this? We all know that we all need to be updated. And the reason why we subscribe to Twitter is because we want to be updated as much as possible with what our friends are up to. However, when things go overboard, you may want to do something to get out of it. Below are some of the suggested techniques: a. You can turn the Twitter notification off. By turning it off, it does not mean that you will not be able to receive any updates from your friends. You can still check your updates by logging on to the web portal and from there have a look at any important updates. b. You can set your Twitter notification into sleep mode. By setting your notification to sleep mode, you will no longer be hearing the notification beeps when an update arrives. The notification is still active; however, it is only the sound that is being deactivated.


c. Do not have notifications turned on for every subscriber. By choosing who can send you updates, you are limiting yourself from being bugged down by many notifications received. d. Always check for any updates by going to the Twitter site. It is a lot better to check your updates via your PC while you are in front of it rather than setting your mobile to receive all notifications at once.


Video Messaging: Twitter’s Ambition in the Future
Twitter makers are very driven to land the top spot among all the social networking sites and IRC platforms. This is the reason why the Twitter makers are very positive in driving new and innovative features onto their application. One of the limitations that Twitter is having difficulty to battle with is the ability to support video streaming and video messaging. Its competitors like Yahoo and AOL have been bragging for the longest time about this feature on their instant messaging applications. Although the capability of Twitter to send out tweets via SMS has been outstandingly successful, people are still looking for a feature that will allow them to be virtually visible on the other end. When Yahoo first announced its video IM feature many people thought that this was the best so far in terms of IM developments. Indeed, these people were right in that claim. A lot of social networking and IRC makers have seen the great potential of this development in the market that prompted everyone else to come up with their own video messaging mechanism. Twitter is also ambitioning about this same development that Yahoo and AOL have pioneered. The makers of Twitter are thinking about revolutionizing the use of video messaging. Plans about how the Twitter video IM is going to evolve has been kept a business secret however, the makers of Twitter are very positive that once it has gone full blast in their video IM, people will be ecstatically amused about what it can greatly offer.


The Friendfeed Twitter Rivalry
Twitter and FriendFeed are constantly being compared. Many are even asking as to which one is better. That’s because the two are quite similar in many ways. And perhaps the type of people who would appreciate both networks’ services is the same. Just like Twitter, FriendFeed also allows posting of updates. People are interacting. And they are discussing just about anything under the sun. One can also expand his community by interacting with the friends of friends. In fact, it’s a way to find common friends and interact with them too. What makes FriendFeed sort of different from Twitter is the way it aggregates one’s other web activities. Photos from photo hosting and sharing sites are, for example, fed into FriendFeed. News articles that friends follow are also shared. Of course, movies are easily shared too. With the links all there in the site, sharing is facilitated and even enhanced. People get to discuss things more meaningfully too. Twitter, on its part, draws its strength on simplicity. That is not to say that it is not full of powerful tools. It just delivers its features in a different way. What Twitter is focusing more is the ability to make exchanges faster. And what it is about is being updated about moment per moment happenings. So while both sites are similar each has its own specialty. One would have to choose which one he prefers. Better yet, people can even use both. Using a third party application, people can even get the posts from both sites real time and interact with more people in more ways.


Explore Your Twitter Block and Connect with More People
Twitter is both a social network and a short version of blogging. Posts are short and easy to make. One surely would not have to pause in order to compose what to say. He or she simply has to state what’s she’s doing or simply answer the questions asked. It’s just as simple as that. Since it’s a social network as well, one builds his own community or Twitter block as well. This means one follows other people’s updates. And other people follow his tweets as well. One can connect with other people that interest him. One cool feature that Twitter has is the Twitters Blocks. It helps one find friends and it helps him find other people with the same interests. One can do this in other social networks too. But one does it manually. With Twitter Blocks, one can visually see the people he has been corresponding with. Furthermore, one also sees the people that these people have been tweeting with. Isn’t it cool? One can actually find other friends this way. Or, a person can also find people who have the same interests as him. This is because in this feature one has the ability to see the tweets they have been making. He can choose to connect with them and so he gains more connections. His Twitter block begins to grow even wider. By rolling over the block all of these are accomplished. The Twitter experience is enhanced by this feature. Tweeting is encouraged more and it becomes more enjoyable for most users.


How to Increase Your Twitter Following
Twitter is fun because of the interaction. But posting in Twitter would be quite boring if no one is responding. So, one must make it a point that he is actually communicating with others. Increasing Twitter following is easy. And it makes Twitter more exciting for everyone. Keep on twittering regularly. That means keep on posting updates. People tend to expect to see the people who posts often when they go online. This means they expect and intend to communicate with them too. Engage and reply to other people’s updates as well. This will encourage them to follow as well. Be careful not to be too chatty to the point of being annoying though. An additional Twitter follower will be gained as a meaningful interaction takes place. Make sure that tweets are based on the interests of others. Don’t bore other people with personal life if they are not interested. Make small talk. And be entertaining and informative as well. Know what’s relevant to others to gain more Twitter following. Like promoting a website or a blog, market the Twitter URL to encourage other people to follow to Twitter. The Twitter URL can be a signature to emails. It can also be a byline under a blog post. With many people following him to Twitter, one would have many people to interact with. Install a preferred software to keep up with Twitter easier and faster. There is a selection of applications on the internet. And they are free so it’s easy to get one. One would get notifica-


tions on new messages. And they stay connected not just to Twitter but other networks as well. If all of these tips are followed consistently, Twitter following would be great always. Using Twitter would also be enjoyable as well. Interaction with other people would be great. And one is updated with family and friends’ lives all the time.


Using the Twitter List to Build a Community
Twitter is fun to use. But it’s only fun when one is following many people and there are many following him as well. After all, interaction can only take place between at least two people. There’s no use posting updates if no one is getting them anyway. That is why it’s important to build a network in Twitter. It is even more important for marketers in Twitter to build a good and solid network. They have to have many people to market their products to if they want to be effective. If they engage many people in Twitter, there’s a greater chance of being a successful marketer there. One cool and easy way to do this is by building a Twitter list. One can start compiling a list where in others can add links of their profiles to it. Such a list should be based on a common interest or something common between the members of the community being built. It would be like creating a group in Twitter. As more and more people add their names to the Twitter list, the community gets bigger. The interaction gets more exciting and meaningful as well. New users would also be able to find a community to join easily. The exchange in the community will even get better. So even if one is just there for the mere purpose of interaction, he can make it more fun by building a Twitter list. Marketers would have more motivation to do this. By grouping many people who have an interest on the market he is catering to, he is sure he is engaging the right people.


Twitter Marketing: Effective with Real Conversations
People might argue that one cannot market anything in Twitter. But the opposite is actually true. People get acquainted and people begin to trust each other. So once others recommend new products or talk about other people like candidates, their opinions are listened to and considered. The secret to Twitter marketing is transparency. People are opening up to other people about daily lives. They get to share experiences so products can actually be promoted in their conversations. When others see that this person is very open about little things they see a real person. They don’t see just another marketer. The opinion of the person gains value. So he now becomes a good spokesperson for a product, a person or any service. On the part of the marketer, the key is to be real in the conversations. By engaging other people about his life, others become more interested in what he has to say. They will not even feel he is promoting something as conversations go along. In order to be credible, one’s tweets or posts must compose mostly of real conversations rather than promotions. Because when people are engaged in true conversations they listen and they pay attention to what one is saying. He does not have to blatantly spell it out. Others will pick up from his comments and his opinions. Promotion and marketing will happen naturally. To establish credibility, one should also have more followers. Meaning there should be more following his updates than him following others. This will make him more effective as well.


This means that people are already paying attention. He’s no longer just reaching out to them. More people will even listen to him more as a result.


The Many Reasons Why People Avail the Twitter Service
There are several reasons why people decide to use Twitter. But whatever their reason is they always have fun when on Twitter. It’s also easy to use. So, even if they are tweeting serious stuff they are not burdened of having to compose a longer post. One other thing is that communication is instant in Twitter. People love the interaction that goes on there. For some reading their contacts’ tweets get them closer to the person already. Unlike emails, one would have to wait for the person to contact him. Blogs are a bit longer so it’s easier to just read the concise form of the updates. For marketers, the Twitter service allows them to spot the trends in the market. For instance, they will be able to find the needs of the people today. Since people post their rants and their raves, one can easily pick a thing or two and develop something that will answer their needs and wants. The Twitter service brings news to people. When floods and hurricanes happen for example, others tweet about it. In turn, everyone gets alerted about it right away. Twitter is a good way to distribute content too. People use TwitterFeed to get blog entries to Twitter. This way, followers can easily get notified about the new entry. The blog will get as much audience as a result. Twitter is even useful to marketers another way. Since people gets tweets right away they are able to answer queries


about their products. They are able to provide good and fast customer service. All in all, the Twitter service is useful in many ways. People have just got to try it to appreciate the service.


Practice Is the Best Twitter Tutorial
Micro-blogging has been gaining some ground in the internet. And people who have not tried it are wondering what the buzz is all about. Well, it’s time everybody gets to experience the fun Twitter is offering. People who are new to Twitter will find the tool very easy to use. It’s very intuitive. For those who will need some help there are a lot of Twitter tutorials. Everything is explained in each Twitter tutorial. One can follow other people’s lives. Friends can update each other. And families can remain close even from afar. Knowing what his friends are doing one can relate to them easily. Once one tries Twitter he will no longer be able to stop. He will surely be addicted to it. Fortunately, one has many choices when posting. He can use the website, his mobile phone or the software on his browser. Again, there are a lot of Twitter tutorials on the web for instructions on each tool. So stop reading and hearing what others have to say about Twitter. Try it and get hooked on Twitter. It’s easy to find a helpful Twitter tutorial. Do the usually search and many results would come up. Check out each and learn along the way. The best Twitter tutorial though is practice. So just register and learn while posting updates or following other people’s posts. For questions, just refer to a Twitter tutorial and things will go just fine. Start trying out Twitter and start enjoying the service that’s fun and easy to use.


Why Twitter Updates Get People Hooked
Twitter is fun and it’s easy to use. People love it because they get to share every little happening with family and friends. They can update other people. And they are updated about others’ lives as well. If they follow the updates of friends, it’s as if they were together every minute. Twitter messages are short and they’re concise. That’s what makes it cute and quite addicting actually. People immediately get what others are sharing. So they are hooked with Twitter. Such tools like emails and blogs require more time. So at times Twitter is better than emails. It’s better than blogs too. When sharing mundane things is important, Twitter is the answer. Posting updates is faster. And following others is just as quick. People stay connected. And they even get closer. That’s because updates end up to be more detailed. Updates can come every minute or every second. So, one can share almost his every breath. When important and urgent things happen, Twitter is just as useful. News is able to travel fast. Every movement can be reported as well. The idea of Twitter could seem crazy at first. But it grows on everyone. Once a person starts using it, it gets interesting. The reason why Twitter is much appreciated is the small things it brings. Every post attracts people to follow updates some more. And soon they are hooked. People can easily finish a post too. So, they end up making many short updates. A single question can elicit many answers. And so it starts.


Loving the Twitter Bird
People are going to Twitter. And people just love it. They love the interaction. And they just love that they are able to update and get updated about the important people in their lives. They are even updated about the happenings around the world. As more and more people use Twitter, more and more people are using the Twitter bird logo. People love the Twitter bird logo as much as they love using Twitter. They are proud to be in Twitter that they announce it in their blogs through the logo. People are posting the Twitter bird in their sites to tell others they can interact in Twitter too. If they are selling products, people can ask them questions in Twitter. The Twitter bird allows them to advertise Twitter as well. People like to share whatever they find cool or useful. Since they enjoy being in Twitter, displaying the Twitter bird is like shouting to the world to join them there too. Web and graphic designers are just enjoying creating many versions of the Twitter bird. Perhaps this is a sign they love Twitter just as much. It’s good news for the rest of Twitter users. This makes looking for free Twitter bird logos easier. And with many Twitter bird designs on the internet they have many options to choose from. And as for the others who want to create their own Twitter bird, there are also some tutorials. They can just follow the steps and make one of their own. They can also choose to add their own design from the tutorials. Having the Twitter bird is just another way to enjoy being a part of the Twitter community.


Twitter Direct Message Has Its Uses
People are buzzing about Twitter. Well, Twitter has just got people excited. Who wouldn’t be when they are connecting with other people every minute? Some are even posting tweets or updates almost every second. Since posts are limited to 140 characters only, posts are made short and fast. People also get to reply quickly. Unlike blogs and emails, replies can be done instantly. And what’s even good about it is the Twitter direct message feature. Twitter users are able to send private messages to their family and friends. If they are sharing private jokes, the Twitter direct message will come in handy. If the message is personal, this feature certainly seems appropriate. Twitters must be careful in using third party applications though. Some of the applications have presented problems in the past. Some Twitter users, for example, suddenly had their direct messages visible to everyone when they tried a new application. The Twitter direct message has also been abused by many users. They have used it to spam their followers and people they follow. Many Twitter users complain of receiving tons of promotions through the Twitter direct message. This should not be the case. But this cannot be avoided. Many people are in Twitter to market. And they are doing it the wrong way. Still, the Tweeter direct message is a useful tool when one needs to use it. It gives Twitter users privacy when needed. They are given an option whether to share everything or keep certain things between friends or family.


Twitter Links Gets People to Discover New Things
Twitter is basically about being updated and updating other people. Family and friends are always on Twitter to stay in touch. They love knowing what’s up with the people they care about. More than that, many people like meeting new people. They like sharing interests and opinions. Without really making any replies, people get the happenings about other people. They also learn what’s happening on the other side of the planet. This is made possible by Twitter links. Since many people post links to their websites and blogs people learn new things too. People give links to sites that interest them as well. For example, when one is following sports news he posts links to them. Others pick these links and get to read the news as well. If one is following one person, that person is likely to post more Twitter links about sites that interest him. His followers may see one site that interests them too. This way they get to discover a site they otherwise wouldn’t have. This is one use for the Twitter links. People actually learn from the interactions and the tweets. For people who are interested on the Twitter links, there is a way to filter all the tweets that contain links. One can easily find the links and discover new sites to frequent. Alternatively, he can scan new links everyday and learn new things as well. This feature gives a lot of people one more reason to love Twitter. If they explore this application, they will find out just how much useful Twitter can be for them.


Twitter Maps: When Location Matters
People are connecting. And people are sharing experiences and happenings fast and always. People get to converse with their family and friends always. They get to update each other about small and mundane things. This is what Twitter brings to the lives of many people. But to many people connecting beyond just their family and friends is also important. They like to build a community of people who have the same interests as theirs. They follow these people’s tweets and connect with them. Other people do the same to them and they welcome that. That is why a feature such as the Twitter Maps is appreciated by many. By having such application people get to see and they get to know from where tweets are coming from. They learn where the person they are tweeting with is from. The connection even becomes closer. Twitter even becomes exciting because of this. One can actually validate where his new friends are from. And they see it through the Twitter Maps. Twitter Maps is, of course, made possible by the team up of Twitter and Google maps. Twitter is using the capabilities of Google maps in order to be able to display the maps and locate the Twitter users. This feature in a way gives Twitter users a glimpse of what is happening around the world. Opinions all over the world can be gathered through this real-time platform. News posts made from everywhere are validated through Twitter Maps since everybody will at least know that the person posting is actually there in the area.


Get Twitter Replies in Many Ways
The draw that Twitter has on its users is the ease of using it. Posts are short so there’s no need to think what to write. When one poses a question, others only have to answer. One can also post updates as things are happening. In short, people are updated as things happen. Unlike a blog, one gets to the point immediately. So it’s easy on its readers or followers. Twitter replies can be made in seconds too. The good thing about Twitter is being updated almost all the time. Since people are posting in real time, it’s possible to get replies all the time. What about when the person is in mobile? That is not a problem since Twitter can be used in mobile phones as well. As Twitter replies are posted, one can be notified through their phones as well. They can also post their own Twitter replies to the other person. Of course, while tweeting at home or perhaps at the office one gets his Twitter replies normally through the site. Alternatively, he can install an application so he can get them through his browser. Here’s one tip for those who want to get all his Twitter replies though. Don’t forget to change the settings of the notices. It must set so that all replies are shown. If this step is not done, one would only get replies from the people he is following. So there is no reason why one would miss any of his Twitter replies. No matter where he is or what he’s doing there is always a way for the notification to reach him. He can therefore take advantage of Twitter all the time.


Choose the Right Twitter Tool for Every Marketing Purpose
People go to Twitter to connect with family, friends and other people who interest them. But admittedly, there are many people who use Twitter more than just for the usual chitchat. Many use Twitter for marketing their products, their services and even their candidates. But this is quite expected considering how powerful the Twitter service is. Numerous Twitter tools are available for marketing purposes. So, people can actually be effective marketers through Twitter. For instance, one can have his new blog entries be posted to his Twitter account using a Twitter tool, Twitter Feed. This way, existing customers can be updated about new products always. Another useful Twitter tool, Twitter Scan, can be used to observe what Twitter users are saying about a certain products. One will automatically be updated as new tweets are made about the product. Products can be improved upon using the feedback gathered. In addition to this, one can gain new customers by following people who have interests in using the same type of products. He can let them know about his existence and later on market his own products to them. Feedback can also be directly gathered by posting a poll in one’s account using Tweet PollDaddy. If one is going to release or is developing a product, he can create a poll on which features to include in a product.


TwitterReply, of course, notifies one when someone is trying to get in touch with him. This allows him to answer customers’ questions right away. With good customer service, customers are made happy. And there’s no better marketing strategy than good products and good customer service. If one has these two and he is a Twitter user, marketing will surely be easy.


What People in Twitter Twitter About
Some people say that Twitter is a waste of time. But it really depends on what is important to the person. When people go to Twitter, they mostly want to be updated. Is it a waste of time? Everyone will have his or her own answer to that. Among family and friends, it may be quite important to hear what each is doing. So when one tweets he or she is having coffee or doing laundry, her family who’s in another city or just on the other side of town is interested. It’s just as important as when a son or daughter announces she is getting married. Some people don’t have time to read about such routine things. But they could be interested about news. Well, some people tweet about news and current events too. He can certainly follow these people and have meaningful interactions with them. There are many marketers in Twitter. Many want to stay away from them. But sometimes new products actually help. When one needs a certain type of product, knowing what is available in the market assists him in choosing the best product. Even in ordinary conversations, one can also get the opinions of others when he needs it. He can ask people about a certain product he is planning to buy. Since the people in Twitter are so varied, things being talked about are varied as well. Twitter actually delivers many things in the form of posts and even conversations. It’s casual. It’s chatty. And yet it can be informative as well.


Digg Twitter Update Creation
There is more from Twitter. The Digg Twitter has been launched to provide free service that allows each member of the community to exchange and disseminate information by asking a simple question. The answers will be given through members’ interaction. Once a member joins the Digg, he or she will receive Digg Twitter updates. Another new service related to Digg Twitter is the Twiggit that somehow follows the concept behind exchanging information based on member’s recent activities. Such activities include article submissions and voting. In other words, Twiggit is simply a combination of terms and functions of Twitter and Digg resulting to either Twiggit or TwitterFeed. The recent Digg Twitter activity updates will be posted right directly on your Twitter status. To make updating possible, you have to follow the steps that enable Twiggit activation. The steps are as follows: 1. Choose a username and then inform Twiggit about how regular you will check and update your Digg activities. Checking schedule can be in minute intervals. 2. Provide your preference which includes displaying your Digg votes and submission of your articles. You can choose either of the two or you can include both in your choice. 3. Create your username and provide the password you will use. 4. Supply your e-mail address for further verification. However, you can either use your e-mail or username in logging in to your Twiggit account.


5. Begin digging the Digg updates and activities to know if your Twitter friends are connected in your profile in Digg. Though you can create your Twiggit and your Digg Twitter, you can also turn it off once you don’t need it anymore. This way you can choose whether you want to provide more activity updates that your friends would want to know.


TechCrunch Talks about Twitter Decentralization
Twitter is presently experiencing lots of system changes because many bloggers have been sending in their complaints. However, TechCrunch is offering to decentralize the present version of Twitter and turn it into something that is more usable, more convenient, and much better microblogging software. The decentralization that TechCrunch is digging is still however guided with the previous rules and guidelines of Twitter. You cannot easily put aside what has been there before. But, you can definitely change some things that will make it more operational and functional. Decentralization in Twitter is needed because too many activities and updates are going on. However, with the new recommended system, users can still post micro blogs but being a third party only. Users are still required to create platforms that still conform to the microblogging standards that have been set before. However, the possibility of engaging into an open source project like is very likely to happen. It is in fact a possibility. Also, to make the updating more efficient, wrapping of RSS in XMP is completely necessary. Why do you have to use the XMPP format? XMPP eliminates constant polling and promotes messages pushing to every subscriber. XMMP also has a mechanism that is capable of tracking the subscribers and followers performances. This will make listing of those who followed your micro blog very systematic.


Twitter in the decentralization system also makes use of Alert Thingy so a member can sign up in Twitter. The Alert Thingy is needed in saving your subscription lists which seem to be related to RSS subscriptions. Finally, as TechCrunch talks about Twitter decentralization handling replies can still be done. This decentralized network will be done once the Twitter Inc. sees the point of everything about decentralization.


Twitter Help is Your Rescuer from Every Problem You Encounter
One interesting note that we can take from Twitter is the help support it gives to its users that is powered by the users themselves. So, members of Twitter can ask questions, share their ideas and thoughts, or report their problems. Then, the Twitter community will address the problem that is being raised or tell something about the thoughts, ideas, and reports that have been posted. The Twitter Help acts like the guidelines or the rules and regulations in using the entire Twitter software. The help support also does the orientation to members who need an in-depth understanding of Twitter. Apart from the social networking functions of Twitter, it also reaches out to its members through the Help Support, to guide them throughout and to give them direction as well. The Twitter Help Support also informs the members about the latest updates on Twitter. Apart from that Twitter Help also provides easy to follow answers with questions like: How to send and receive updates to Twitter? What is the concept and rationale behind following someone on Twitter? What is the information you have to learn if you want to know whether you are being followed or who are following you? What is the process in blocking the spammers that will leave undesirable consequences to your link? How to monitor the people who read your updates? And do people that you send your updates receive your updates? What is the relevance of using Twitter with your phone?


Such questions are inevitably raised and the answers help you move forward. Hence, the Twitter Help Support does its best to address each and every question to provide smooth sailing of information, particularly updates from every member.


Twitter Image: Your First Step in Getting Yourself Well-Introduced
In every social networking account, your image is highly significant. Having a public image lets you become visible especially when you have an account on Twitter. Whether you own Twitter for personal use or you own Twitter because you use it in your business marketing, Twitter image shouldn’t be taken for granted. For a company to be known, it should have a distinct image. And for your account to attract more followers, you have to have a public image. Basically your image on your Twitter account is a head start in eventually gaining a successful account. There are already Twitter image providers that specialize in expressing your company’s goal with the use of right image. The makes sure that the right image you will provide in your Twitter account will be worthy enough to serve its purpose. The service provided by Twitter Image is completely gratuitous. Twitter backgrounds are offered for free as well. However, this free of charge service is just part of the upcoming launching of Twitter Image. But due to demand for free Twitter Image, the Twitter Inc. thought of providing free custom Twitter background to empower the Twitter image being used to attract the public. To enjoy the free custom Twitter background, the user should at least have 300 followers. Another requirement is to provide an image you desire to be used in your account. More so, you have to include a small credit line for your account setting and background. Such terms


are completely easy to meet, to enjoy free Twitter image. But, you should also know that in case you want to change anything in your account image and background it is already not included in the free package.


Twitter Private Messaging: What Does It Mean?
Twitter as a social networking site serves friends, families, colleagues, and an entire community to provide the most recent updates in the soonest time about every member. Another interesting detail about Twitter is its capacity to send direct message or send private Twitter messages that can gather replies from your followers. Sending a direct message using the internet is through a link intended for the message. This link is seen on the page of your profile. The reply icon on the page is also very convenient because you can instantly send direct messages. Another means to send a direct image is through the option drop down box on your page. Though, the drop down is not alphabetically arranged. Lastly, a direct message command can be operated using d+username+message. Sending private Twitter messages is not the end of Twittering. As you received a private message you can also reply on it. The update will be instantly disseminated by clicking the arrow or swoosh located in the end of your update. And to make Twitter private messaging completely functional, you have to turn your email notifications and direct messaging texts on. Through this, any update will be received through phones or through email. The private or direct messages delivered through devices are also possible provided that you use the message command for the username which is d+username-message. The direct message can be delivered through cell phones, a number of third party applications, reply link found in the Direct Message Inbox of your account, and to the Direct Message page.


At this point, you have to remember that any error that will occur wouldn’t be posted if there is no designated username in the part of the user.


The Management for Multiple Twitter Accounts
Managing multiple Twitter accounts can be very tedious if you don’t do it systematically. However, if you manage your multiple Twitter accounts the proper way, it can result in an enjoyable endeavor. Distinct and fun styles can be employed so you can efficiently control your multiple accounts. Addition of more accounts can be done through selection and preference of the user. The account manager setting for Twitters doesn’t only give the fundamentals of the account that you are interested in making submissions; it also aids you in copying and pasting of articles and messages in multiple accounts and in multiple times as well. Other Twitters who have tried using the multiple Twitter feature encountered a problem caused by delayed processing which typically lasts for three minutes. This delayed cannot be even called an error because the status of the process is shown. This problem can then be derived from too much traffic that goes through the site. More so, which is mainly intended for online marketers designed a website that allows multiple Twitter account management. It features scheduling, report for the status of all of your accounts, writing and posting of your Tweets, and automation of RSS feeds of your Twitter accounts. Though you have to manage multiple accounts, it is still free of charge. And so, online marketers are very much benefited with this newest feature of Twitter. It is definitely made for them. Finally, since Twitter allows scheduling of your tweets to your


multiple accounts, automatic addition for people who follow you can also be done.


Twhirl Twitter: Feel the New Experience and Trend
With Twhirl Twitter everything about exchanging information the most convenient, most creative and fastest way is made possible. If you are not a member of Twitter yet, you might want to check it out. Twhirl in Twitter is a desktop client that allows Twitter microblogging service. However, the extent of Twhirl’s participation to Twitter’s activities is extensive. The features offered by Twitter are also accessible on Twhirl apart from the numerous usability enhancements that have been included prior to other Twitter plugins and features. Twhirl is an Adobe AIR platform-based. This means, Twhirl allows web development strategies to be employed in desktop applications creation. Also, Twhirl applications are run by Flash-based framework of Flex 3 that is also connected to Adobe. Twhirl as a social software desktop client highlights the following features: 1. it can run on Windows 2000, XP, and Vista and MAC operating system X 2. it can be connected to Multiple accounts like Twitter, Friendfeed, and among others 3. it can generate notifications about the latest messages 4. it can post images directly to TwitPic 5. it offers various color schemes 6. it can automatically acquire new versions 7. it allows searching with the help of TwitterSearch and TweetScan


8. it can be localized in other languages such as German, Spanish, and English among others Apart from the mentioned features, Twhirl promotes enhancing and developing and this makes your Twitter experience more interesting and comprehensive. Finally, a long range for configuration options is already adopted to cater personal needs of the users.


The Significance of Twitter ID and How to Change it When Necessary
For the record, each Twitter account requires a Twitter ID. If you want to locate your own Twitter ID you have to check the URL that contains the RSS feed for your Twitter account. During the earlier years of Twitter, users and members’ IDs were attributed in sequence. Therefore, tracking the entirety of the Twitter accounts that were created is in fact trouble-free. But the popularity of Twitter continues to attract more and more users. The need for system change in generating Twitter ID arose and the changes were initiated in November 2006. However, such change resulted in loopholes among the Twitter IDs that were actually used. To make this simple, the result is equal to the Twitter ID created for a new account and the total figure of the Twitter accounts. However, the issue of the real number for Twitter accounts is still unknown to the users as per the decision of Twitter Inc. Due to this event, Twitter names that have spaces cannot be used in registering a new Twitter account. Changing Your Twitter ID Your username ID in Twitter is as important as your identity. Your Twitter has the power to make you popular among other Twitter members. And if you are an online marketer, your Twitter ID will help your business grow even bigger. However, some unexpected events happen that require you to change your username. And to change your ID, you have to login while you create a new account. Login happens at and then change the username. After that, you have to logout again


and go back to your original account. Then, edit the /Rick_Butts and make it /rickbutts. Afterwards, you have to logout and then immediately login for the third time. Finally, go back to the account where you want to have a new username. This is done by typing /rickbutts1 and by editing it to /Rick_Butts to make sure no other user can take the new username.


The Twitter Local: Its Definition and its Scope
By definition, TwitterLocal allows user to generate an RSS feed or XML feed. However, such feeds sort out Tweets within a specific area only. Therefore, you are required to provide information like the city name, state name, postal code, and the range of miles that you prefer for your account to receive feeds. Afterwards, you will immediately receive URLs that will be added to your RSS reader. This way, you can identify the Tweeters that are near your location. Twitter Local is also considered as a Twitter tool because it operates via taking locations, postal codes, states, and mile radius which are important in supplying RSS and XML feeds. In managing Twitter local you can either employ the use of a functional web form or you can get your Adobe Air application form as you download it. The latter form (the Adobe Air application), is more comprehensive than the first form because more functions and options are included. In Search of Local Twitter Users You can visit site in searching local Twitter users which is primarily dependent on a given position. In fact, to make things much easier, a breakdown of positions and locations is provided based on the most numbered of tweets for the past 24 hours. How does this work? You only have to provide a certain location in the form of your preference and you have to answer the form that contains zip code and the mile radius. The problem with this service though is: it is incomplete. The only results provided when you search local users is largely


based on the activities of the past 24 hours and not of the entire community that lives in your locality or state.


Twitter Review: Increase and Expand the Things You Know about Twitter
Twitter is basically a new social networking and microblogging service. It is mainly about receiving and sending updates to and from other members/users through texts. The text is comprised of 140 characters. However, Twitter seems to be unprepared with the popularity and success that it is now receiving. Thus, there are questions whether Twitter will manage to grow bigger despite of the problems and bad reviews it is now getting from both the users and the critics. The main problem surrounding Twitter is the increasing traffic due to its growth that in turn results in overloading. Because of this, feedback and comments about Twitter are given. Say for instance, the commentary by the Wall Street Journal that tells people how social networking services like Twitter elicit diverse feelings among people who are fond of the internet technology. Unfortunately, most users find Twitter a waste of time, annoying (especially when they receive updates at odd hours of the day), and not so practical because of the higher bills they receive at the end of the month. In this case, it is safe to say that sometimes being too connected with other people can be uncalled for and bothersome. Another comment from the Industry Standard is that, Twitter is now experiencing lack of revenue and is questionable whether it can continue a long-term operation or not. Twitter can be both advantageous and unfavorable. For its drawbacks, some users employ Twitter to spoof a text message or to give false warnings. In the brighter side though, Twitter will


let you get in contact with other people especially in times of needs. However, it all boils down to how the user will use Twitter. But to be fair, Twitter when it was introduced had practical and righteous objectives.


Top Twitter Users are Top-Rated
In every website, like in every other communication system ever put into place, there will always be top users. At Twitter, there are many and some Twitter members have even made it as a point to gather all their names into one list. There was even a time when there was tightening competition among them. Of course, the merits of using Twitter far outweigh the benefits of a regular phone. Although on a regular phone, a person may speak in terms of greater personality, which is something lacking on blogs. This disadvantage is more often than not mitigated by the fact that blogs can reach farther and as many people as possible. On this day and age, people love to share everything. From facts to mere rumors, it is sure to spread, and Twitter, with its micro-sized blogs and comments are conveniently available for use. This is the reason why there are so many top Twitter users, and this is not the only top category present Online. There are more, and they could range for being top-rated blogs, or to most visited blogs, and even most commented posts. In fact, there are now increasing numbers of websites that offer these data to the curious, and some of these websites are not even officially affiliation with Twitter. On the whole, Twitter is really causing waves of change on communications. Clearly, there are a lot of reasons to love twitter, something that is replicated by the company behind it to its members.


Twitter Come Home: Visiting Made Easy
For people who love to write, blogging is always the thing to do, and there are even blog sites that offer more than just the capability to write and post it. One of these is Twitter, which is one of revolutionary blog sites that give out space for the microblogging, as against the usual conception that blogs by nature are long-winding write-ups. Today, is no longer alone in providing this kind of service with the emergence of other blog sites that cater also to micro-blogging needs. In more ways than one, a person may say that Twitter is the best in the field, but there are also critics that argue otherwise. To note, both sides have points to prove and defend, even the critics, who even though outnumbered are still slugging it out with twitter defenders. In this matter, for a new one going into micro-blogging it’s always best to ask around and to try it for oneself, as this may be the underlying reason why there are critics and defenders. Trying it out for a change will not really make a dent in any person’s timetable as becoming a member of twitter is as easy as fill in the blanks. The steps to follow are just the same in concept with other sites with membership. It’s just a matter of trying, and what’s so hard about going to’s home page? Basically, nothing in particular, so start filling out those membership forms that Twitter needs to approve applicants. After that, then it’s just a matter of waiting for approval and then start posting.


Twitter Problems: The Problems and The Solutions
In every creation made by man there’s always innovation on the works, and while these innovations are always for the good, there will still be flaws. Of course, it is the same with Twitter, which is one of the many websites today that offer micro-blogging to its members. On this, such an event of flaws is something that is to be expected. There’s simply no question that there is no perfect system, and it’s just a matter of time before something goofs up. Anyhow, these flaws may range from just be unable to access one’s own site or to the unwanted cancellation of the site. In all of these, there will always be solutions to it, and the main thing is to remain positive in the thinking. As of today, the problem of being unable to access one’s own site is already a flaw that has solutions elsewhere. They’re usually found on other websites, and on Twitter as well. Aside from this, there’s also the downing of Twitter’s server itself, which would prevent the members from even accessing anything at all. This has been known to last only for short period of time, but for those that take longer, patience is a virtue. In fact, it is just probably caused by server changes on the workings of twitter and upon its return it would undoubtedly come back with better performance. Far from being dismayed with twitter because of its problems, it’s free to use by the members and this is an incentive worth trying out.


Twitter Tag: The Welcome Improvement
The benefits of blogging are so intensely seen today that it is already one of the leading forms of Internet communication. Of course, the providers are still doing improvements on the blogs themselves, which is both good for competition and reputation. In the case of Twitter, what used to be a micro-blogging site where its members can post blogs that are of small sizes, tags are now available. And though Twitter is increasingly becoming somewhat like Friendster, this addition of tags on the blogs is a welcome improvement. To some, tags may be nothing, but to the rest of the blogging world tags could be their savior when it comes to finding tricky websites. There’s simply no person in this world who will want to have no help in trying to find his right website of page destination. On a scale of thousands, any Twitter member may now browse tags for blog posts, which he would like to see. Without these tags in Twitter then trying to find the right blog page with no knowledge of the title itself or the name of the page would be a task of hardship. With tags, searching for the right blog page or post is now easier as tags would limit or screen the number of results. This is a vital addition to Twitter, which is really quite a must-have capability, as it presents convenience and good service towards the members. Even now more and more blog sites are putting tags on their sites, this being a testament to the tags importance.


Twitter TV: The Interactive Drive
In the past, there was an increasing call for better communication, and when the use of the Internet became widespread, it became multiple communications. And far from stopping on the calls for better or something different in communications, an interesting occurrence just happened. Twitter, a website mainly dealing with blog posts, just went on the interaction drive with the TV sector. This means that there will be television shows played on twitter itself. And for those who are still in dark about how this is an improvement in the world of communications, the main thing to see is its goal, which is to provide a bridge between the Internet and TV. On the whole having the normal television shows played out on Twitter could be quite a boost for Twitter, which stands to merit more benefits from this than the TV company. With TV being offered on twitter, even if it’s just one channel, speaks of convenience for its members. There are, of course, critics that argue about the impracticability of putting TV shows on Twitter when the company itself could do it on its own. But like most critics, it has been estimated that the viewers outnumber them by thousands, which is a number that increases by the day. This is more likely due to the employing of good people to appear on the TV shows destined for showing on Twitter. In fact, a lot of blogs and comments can be found along the way that praises the TV-worthiness of these people.


Twitter Alternative: Search for Strengths and Weaknesses
The word ‘alternative’ is already an indication of something else entirely, and while it doesn’t necessarily equate to change, it does motions for something new. This doesn’t mean that a shift from Twitter to another competitor is in the air. Of course, no one can stop a person for trying other things out for themselves, and the main thing is that there’s always something better. In this case, to know which is better than the rest, then the best possible recourse left is to try other things. Some may say that it is a complete waste of time and that there’s no ultimate blogging site to defeat all. For them, all blogging sites have different capabilities and strengths, as well as weaknesses. In Twitter, the obvious weakness is that the members are forced to undergo micro-blogging, which may not be enough for some people. Certainly, there are circumstances that merit more explanations than micro-blogging does and when these are present Twitter will not be much of help. Now the best thing to do, as other say, is for people to start searching for the best blog sites to suit their tastes. Obviously, a person who loves to write long-winding essays would not appreciate being forced to write micro-blogging style that twitter provides. So it’s a matter of perspective on the part of the user, and on the whole, he is really the one that pays for it, even if it looks free. Without him, there will be no advertisements, so choose wisely.


Twitter Fan: Testament of Success
What’s the best thing about Twitter? Twitter is more likened to a Friendster shootout, but with all the necessary whistles and designs. It is more personalized and it provides blogging pages for people who write so much micro-blogging that their posts will have more followers than the rest. Of course, Twitter also provides much needed and welcomed applications that are improved as the number of members grows. Because of these applications, Twitter fans are rampant today on the Internet, offering their websites’ services for different applications. Twitter is a place, where foreigners would more likely meet and talk about all sorts of things through their microbloggings. In this nature, it must be expected that Twitter has a highly personalized set-up with its members’ blog pages. Because of this, more and more people are offering insights on how their twitter could be best improved and used. Twitter fans are much like the support group of twitter now, and though they are not affiliated with it, they most likely to be twitter members. If one could just see the number of Twitter fans available for access online then he would see the extent of how Twitter had changed the face of micro-blogging. Though this feeling is not universal, it is still something worth noting about especially for something as good as Twitter. In fact, blogs are known to people, who don’t do blogs, as long-winding write-ups about a certain topic, but twitter moved against this. Hence, the presence of Twitter fans is a sure testament of Twitter’s success.


Twitter Statistics: Where Most Members Are
Any person can say that website businesses are the fastest growing business today in this world, but there are also limits to that growth. Some are just technical limits, while the rest involve the people’s perception. In perception, acceptance is the one that is given the highest regard. Perception is measured through surveys that are rewritten to fit into statistics. And because it is one of the most important in the hierarchy of limits, statistics are one of the trusted methods in measuring the number of people using Twitter. In being able to measure the number of at least the proportionate number of people as members of Twitter, the people behind Twitter are able to focus their efforts to needed changes. Now there are many types of statistics done on Twitter and the most common statistics done was to show where most Twitter members are. This is very important as primary focus can now be given to the areas of concern, which are basically the areas where there are few Twitter members. Understandably, through one of these statistics, it was found that most Twitter members are from the United States. Of course, being one of the countries with the largest Internet users, it only goes to show that twitter has done that country justice. One that highly surprised a lot of people was that the second placer on this statistic was an Asian country, beating the Europeans on a very large magnitude. This country is Japan, and it was beaten by USA by a minuscule of points.


Twitter Tips: Learn These Common Knowledge Tips
The main feature in Twitter is that it is a blog site for people, who like to post micro-blog posts, meaning short ones. This is important, as blogging is known for long-winding essays, which in some cases, people seem to think in terms of longer, the better. Now not everyone knows how to compose a blog, and it really requires a lot of imagination on what to write as well as a pinch in basic language. Of course, there’s also the question of what to write, which is really where even seasoned writers blunder. There are tips to follow, for example, and at most they are common sense. For one, a person is given the power to name his blog page, and with this write his own blogs so he should strive to write about things that concern his blog page. Of course, he should also not go overboard with his writings, lest he overwhelm himself and mess it all up. Humor is also a good to any blog, but these should always be used as moderately as possible, otherwise, the main theme of the blog post would be the humor and not the story. Some people even add that blog posts should contain products being sold, though in this case, advertising products can be done, but try to walk lightly. This is the common underlying reason why spams are hated, as they sell on places where it is not meant for such activity.


Another Twitter tip is to add occasional contrasting topics as against the blog name as this would increase the people’s curiosity.


The Twitter World: Some Points to Ponder
There are basically many points to ponder on this topic. One of these is that Twitter was meant to bridge communication from one person to other persons. Any person could do this by becoming a member of Twitter’s growing family of communication-craving community. The paradox in this is that Twitter was meant as a bridge, but in its use, it became a world of its own. In this world, there are absolutely virtual perks, and again, persons who want to experience this need only to become members. It’s really easy and it’s not really a closed-community. How can it be a closed-community when only the membership is required? Another point to ponder on this topic ‘twitter world’ is the world itself, which Twitter has conveniently connected Online through blogs. And while the blogs on Twitter may be shorter than what blogs are famous for, the comments on Twitter are a cause for wonder. It is said that a posted topic on CNN’s website would have no immediate replies for an hour, which is the complete opposite of Twitter. Of course, this is a clear exaggeration on the part of the people who posted those comments, but the main thing of good point is that Twitter’ comments are really overflowing with replies. Another point to ponder is the continued growth on the number of members of Twitter, which has been able to make itself famous on other countries as well. This is the ultimate trump card to use against their competitors, and clearly Twitter intends to stay for long.


Starter Guide on Twitter
Twitter brings people closer regardless of location and enables people to share bite sizes of what is happening in life. The following are guides to start on using Twitter: 1. Create a Twitter Account by visiting the website. To create a Twitter account is to enter a username, your email address and password. Your username will be your URL name that will be displayed on your Twitter page, so it is best to choose a username that will reflect your image online. 2. Start personalizing your profile by uploading a picture or avatar and background designs. Upload a photo, which you would like your friends and family members to see online. As for background settings, you may select from Twitter designs or you may upload your own custom background design. 3. Follow people. At the top of your Twitter page is the “Find people” bar where you typed in the Twitter account of the people you already know or search by name or location. Another means to find people is through the where you typed in a keyword in the search box and Twitter provides you with results of people who are talking about the keyword you have typed in. Click the follow button to get your friend’s updates on your Twitter page. 4. Get Followed. Let your voice be heard by sharing your thoughts, ideas and updates with others. Other users of twitter will follow you back as a means of courtesy. If you have a blog, website, social networking sites you may want to mention your twitter username account on those places so that people who find you interesting will follow you on your twitter account.


5. Start Tweeting with family and friends using short text messages of up to 140 characters.


Changing the Background Image for Your Twitter Account
To attract more followers on your Twitter account is to choose a theme or background image that best suits your personality online. You can upload your custom design or select from the Twitter design offerings. The blue sky with clouds is Twitter’s default image background and you have the option to change the image if need be. The following are steps to change your Twitter account theme or background image: 1. Sign in to your Twitter account by entering your username and password. 2. On the top menu bar, click on “Settings”. 3. Under the account management options, select the “Design” tab. You will be forwarded to a page where you are given option to select from the pre-designed themes and an option to change your background image. 4. Select "Change background image” located under the themes section. The selected background image will pop up below the tab. 5. If you have your own image to upload, use the “Browse” feature to upload the file image into the system. 6. Check the “tile background” if you want to create series of duplicate images on your profile page. 7. Click "Save changes" to save. Theme or background images are what provides. For those uploading images as background they allow images smaller than 800k of GIF, JPG, PNG and picture with a maximum size of 700k. JPG, GIF, PNG. Twitter does not allow


the use of nudity or obscene images. It is best that you upload a full sized version of the image.


Names under Twitter Account

Twitter requires users to provide the real name and username. Real name is the name where you want others to identify you online while username is the name that appears at the end of your Twitter URL. In sending SMS commands and 3rd party applications, twitter uses your real name. Your username is used when people try to send an @reply or direct message on your twitter account. The use of real name allows people to recognize you. Twitter allows users to type in real names up to 20 characters and username name up to 15 characters. The use of spaces in the username is not allowed but it may contain numbers or letters and the ‘_’ sign. Your full name or real name is shown on your sidebar profile. When the WHOIS command is used, your full name is shown as results. Changing Twitter names. You can change your twitter real name or username anytime under the settings page Such changes will not affect your existing updates, @replies, direct messages, or other data. However, change of your username will change your Twitter URL, thus, it is best to let your followers know of your change in username in that way they will not send an @reply or direct message using your old username. As soon as your user name is changed, all @replies and links on the former user name are no longer valid.


It is also important that you secure your Twitter name, as there may be "unauthorized" individuals who are twittering within the community at your expense.


Use of Hashtags for Twitter Groups
Tracking records of post updates or tweets on Twitter account can sometimes be hard as the topics are all mixed up which makes it difficult to follow. Twitter included in their new feature the application of hashtags. Twitter hashtags were designed to create real time track records of creating groups on twitter by topic. It is one way of self-categorizing your tweets by topic which later on would aid in later retrieval. A Hashtag is represented by a # (pound sign) placed before keywords, groups or locations. Conversations within the twitter timeline via search can easily be tracked with the used of hashtags on twitter topics. Twitter hashtags provides the contextualization, content filtering and exploratory serendipity within Twitter. To create new channels within twitter is to begin with a hash (#) followed by the channel name. The system will prompt user if the channel name already exist. If channel exists, you will need to create a new channel name to begin a twitter topic. The channels are not to be made public or private. Anyone who sees a status without channel tag can likewise see the status with channel tag. Nobody owns or administers a tag channel. The channels cannot be deleted except when the statuses of a particular tag are deleted. With Twitter hashtags, tag channels are created which allows users to easily track content and get more relevant updates. They lead users to tag channels that are of interest to them without going through the ordeal of learning syntax language.


How to Log in at
The main objective of having Twitter account is to be able to stay connected with people within the social networking community at any moment in time. Inasmuch as Twitter is a social network platform where people of same interest share ideas and thoughts, not everyone is given access to the use of Twitter unless one has created a Twitter account and has logged in. To login to your URL Twitter is to sign in your username and password. It is only you and Twitter who remembers the password that you have assigned. In the event that you forgot your password as you log in, Twitter will reset your password and send the information to your email address. Login allows Twitter users the access to the Twitter account. You can actually do everything inside Twitter once you are logged in. You can make changes to your account settings, change background designs, update your photo, etc. It also allows you to make quick replies to messages sent to you by followers either through @reply or direct message. You will observe that if not logged in, you are forwarded to the log in window before you can follow or view your followers. To be able to use Twitter is to have an Internet connection or a mobile phone. If you already have a Twitter account on your mobile phone and would like log in using the web, Twitter will get you signed up on the web once you have provided them with your mobile phone number.


Knowing More about Twitter
Almost everyone is already talking about Twitter. Why not? It has given people the chance to blog though they lack time to sort out for massive thoughts for one long blog entry and post blog entries on a regular basis. Truly, the service given by Twitter can set the inner blog of an individual for free—providing busy people to post their blog regularly. This is why Twitter is called as microblogging or moblogging. So, Twitter is convenient to be used by those people who are not just too busy but also for those who do not have a lot of words to say. Essentially, this works by letting its user broadcast his thoughts through group messages to the mobile phones of his followers from instant message, his personal mobile phone, or at Through the use of Twitter, the entire notes of the user are already being displayed on his private profile page on the website that includes links to the Twitter pages of his friends as well as his chosen thumbnail picture and a brief biography. User is also allowed to send text updates straight to his MySpace page. The only thing he has to remember is to limit his post to 140 characters with the sole topic, which answers the question: “What are you doing?” Because of the presented facts about Twitter, it is really not surprising for it to create a roaring chatter among the people. And this time in fact, Twitter has topped on blog search engine Technorati. So, Twitter is expected to create more noise as it phases forward.


Mobile Pownce to Pounce Twitter Turf
The release of Pownce, a new mobile version, is claimed to smack down Twitter. Pownce is said to pounce twitter because of the features it presents, which are claimed to be more illustrious as compared to Twitter. Pownce is also said to offer more control over Twitter. The basic concept is if Twitter likes mobile; Pownce has more competitive personal network definition. If Twitter has a huge user base; Pownce has file sharing, themes, and allows sending above 140characters. Or if Twitter has a Biz Stone; Pownce has Daniel, Kevin and Leah. Until now, the debate as to which between the two is better is still ongoing. Unfortunately, some commented that Pownce is not very much competitive when it comes to SMS gateway; although file sharing is possible here. When it comes to its attributes, Pownce is said to be fast enough and appears with solid exterior feature. In fact, this is claimed to be a downright killer in bringing services that are far beyond sending SMS. This greatly presents reply tracking, calendar events, files, ratings, and links. Indeed, the lack in competency when it comes to SMS gateway is the sole downfall of this mobile phone. However, Stan Schroeder commented that Pownce phone is simply amazing once it is already used. Therefore, one cannot judge this unless it is already tested. He claimed that unlike Twitter, Pownce is not limited. He also said that he was able to personally use twitter already and its instant-blogging feature is really good. However, using his own perception, Pownce is simpler and better as compared to twitter to be used by people like IM-junkie.


Twitter Definition: Comprehending Its Essence
Twitter definition is actually a lot of things to a lot of people. But the constant twitter definition that comes into the mind of many is its unbelievable powerful community and marketing building tool, which has a capacity to develop one’s brand, develop relationships with one’s audience, and supply a promotional means that have the capability to spread. Twitter directly pertains to keeping in touch and updating with friends regardless of the location of the user or his circumstance according to the Twitter FAQ. On the other hand, Wikipedia mentioned that twitter is a micro-blogging and social networking that is offered for free and permits its users to send recent information through SMS, email, instant messaging to the website of Twitter or to any available Twitter applications this time. Essentially, Twitter simply asks its users the question: “What are you doing?” Then, the answer of the users will serve as their updates to their followers. However, this update is only limited to 140 characters only. Apparently, the concept is incredibly simple and this is viewed to be the most possible reason why it is being patronized by many. The limitation of 140 characters does not actually limit the chance of Twitter to be recognized; instead it has been known to people with its label “micro blogging.” The reason behind is the convenience it brings. Like for instance, one of the known key advantages of Twitter is its capability to send as well as receive updates, which is also called as tweets. Therefore, the user of Twitter can keep in touch to others wherever he is.


The Best Way to Avoid Twitter Notifications Inundation
One of the common problems that are being encountered by Twitter users is the inundation of text messages. This usually happens when the Twitter friends of someone have already reached 200 and above. If someone has a friend that reaches to this number, it is definitely not impossible for him to receive Twitter notifications by SMS that can amount to 1500 in just a week. Meaning, there are numbers of individuals to update with. Unfortunately, once this incident occurs, text message notifications can be expected to get out of control. Normally though, the common solution that is formed by the users who are encountering such instance is to turn off their phone buzzing for SMS. This is because they would not be able to turn off the phone buzzing for Twitter alone. Hence, they will be compelled to turn off the entire phone alerts. The usual drawback of this though is the delay of getting important messages from anyone since there is no more buzzing to alert the owner of the mobile for the newly received messages. Therefore, the turning off of buzzing is not an effective solution. Of course, turning off the Twitter is not a good solution as well, especially for those who want to remain updated with her friends on Twitter. So then, what will be the solution now? The most ideal thing to do in this situation is to go to Google reader. Here, one will be able to read the feed of her Twitter friends through an RSS reader. So, one can make it a habit to go to Google reader everyday and Bloglines once a month to avoid the inundation of Twitter notifications.


Hooking-Up in Twitter: Serves as the Entry Way
Numbers of People today tend to enjoy Twitter: welcomes first-timers. So, for the ones who are left for the fun that is brought by Tweeter, which is the possibility to broadcast short messages to both “followers” and friends, they can already start-up and hook to what is recent here by joining in Twitter for free on Individuals who became fascinated on the function of Twitter are instructed to visit the website of Twitter to sign-up and join the fun of messaging to one another. When signing-up, joiners are encouraged to use their actual name so their friends can easily find them. By also signingup in, it will be easier for individuals to upload their picture. If the joiners also clicked the box for “Protect my updates,” people will not be given an access to read their Twitters unless they are given an authorization. So, for those joiners who are seeking for more fun, they can opt to leave the said box unchecked. Then, as soon as the joiners were able to complete his twitter account, he can already announce it to his friends and inform them his username in or he can also send them the link to Twitter page. Every user has his personal page twitter, which comes in the form of Like for instance, a person can say “my Twitter page is After completing the initial requirements in Twitter and the adding of friends, twitter joiners can also follow some of the popular or helpful Twitterers. Of course, once these joiners have


already sign-up, they can always try to explore and experiment Twitter to get the most out of it.


Custom Twitter: Advancing the Twitter’s Page Design
Many individuals now have shown interest in using Twitter. So, more and more people are also interested to learn as to how they can customize their Twitter background. In actual fact, it is not really difficult to custom one’s Twitter background because the people at Twitter have been too good to provide everyone with a custom background as an addition to several new designs they have given out with their latest updates. Through the privilege that was handed out by the people at Twitter, many of its users are provided with the great chance to broaden their personal branding capabilities next to a place wherein there can be a number of people who can read their messages for the very first time. According to some folks at Twitter, they have already presented a simple file of Photoshop (PSD) to serve as a guide. According to them, there are actually no complexities with the default appearance of Twitter. However, the user is required to take some more steps if they want to put on their company name or logo on it. There are also the so-called Custom twitter nodes. These nodes are a type of functionality that is capable to take Twitter to an advanced level. Once the user of twitter adds up the scheme of Custom Twitter Nodes, they can instantaneously install and configure Nodes to essentially meet the needs of their group, event, or anything else. One type of Node is events that come with a set of regulations. For now, some users also assume to have a Node type Twitter that will allow people to join and setup without publishing their contents publicly.


Twitter Bar: A Self-Study
Twitter bar is basically an exception for the Web browser of Mozilla Firefox, which was originally crafted by Tony Farndon. This vitally allows Twitter user to post to twitter right from the address bar of Firefox. What the user only needs to do is to post the page’s URL, which he is reading, by selecting the Twitter bar icon along with the typing of the information in the address bar. Now, there are actually three ways that Twitter users can follow to use Twitter bar. But before taking these steps, Twitter users need to ensure that they have already set up their Twitter bar plugin as well as restart their Firefox browser in order to activate it. The following are the steps to guide Twitter users to use Twitter bar: 1. Type the post on the address box of Firefox and then select the green button to update the Twitter page. 2. Type the post on the address bar of Firefox by also indicating a–post at the end to finish the post instantaneously. 3. Twitter user may type his selected URL then select the green icon to share the links at once. For more tips on Twitter bar, user may open his Twitter page at once right after a post through the “Open Twitter in new tab after posting.” A user may also opt to save the details of Twitter log-in to make postings quicker through the plugin options of the Twitter bar, which start from Tools, then to Addons, to Select twitter bar, and to be finished to top options.


Twitter Music: Advanced Through Blip
Twitter music, possible? Certainly. Twitter music was made possible through the so-called Blip, the advance version of Pownce. In fact, Blip is also called as “twitter for Music” because this serves for that purpose alone. Blip significantly suggests music and allows Twitter users to share their thoughts about it to their different contacts—both friends and followers. Many perceive Blip to offer so much advancement to Twitter users since Twitter alone is not capable to share rich media. As what everybody knows, if one would want to broadcast a video using Twitter, he will be required to settle for a TinyURL then to YouTube, or he can opt to the combination of the two in the form of Seesmic. Now, the introduction of Pownce has certainly improved the twitter model as it allows file transfers. However, even though Pownce also featured music player, Blip still appears to be a lot better than this because this does not require file uploads anymore. Through the use of Blip, users may simply search for the song they want to listen to. The convenience given by Blip in providing music instantaneously is actually taken from any of the following database of music: Skreemr; Seeqpod; or Fuzz. Through these databases of music, one’s followers can easily listen to the full song he has posted using a player at the bottom part of the page. Of course, many people will be hesitant to join another social network because of the flowers they might leave. This is why Blips has the plan to deliver messages out to Twitter, Pownce,


Frindfeed, and Tumblr. This is conceptualized to assist in adoption rated primarily.


Twitter Photo: Imaging SnapTweet
When conducting a review for Twitter photo, SnapTweet is one of the ideal discussions. SnapTweet is actually a service that works towards broadcasting Flickr image uploads through Twitter updates. Many claimed that this is an ideal service for many people out there although it contains bugs with its implementation. The use of this is highly suggested to individuals who spend a lot of time in Flickr and aim to send announcements through Twitter. Essentially, Snapsweet works by using the twitter credential of one person through Twitter API for validation. After the user has logged-in, he will be asked for his Flickr username. The user is given a choice if he wants to enter a tag name that is userdefined to coordinate SnapTweet with Flickr. Also, SnapTweet allows the latest announcements with links to one’s Flicker images. Normally, this appears in one of two means—either to mark the image on Flickr using the set in of SnapTweet userdefined tag or deliver a direct message to the address @snapTweet on Twitter. Essentially, to perfect the integration of Flicker or twitter, the following philosophy must be noted: • The Images uploaded to Flickr to be announced on twitter must be carefully chosen. • There is no need for any additional account—either Flickr or Twitter is utilized for authentication. • One should not attempt to take the content on his own credit. Although, it is fine to take the credit on distribution such as Images on Flickr or Tweets on Twitter.


In general, SnapTweet follows the correct philosophy to deliver one’s content—allowing both Flickr and Twitter host the data. Preferably though, this should be used by those individuals who prefer to spend more time in Flickr than to Twitter.


YouTube Twitter: Fused in Seesmic
YouTube Tweeter is said to be fused into the latest videobased social media startup on the horizon of the Web 2.0— Seesmic. Seesmic is referred by several heavy-hitters in the world of web tech as the next big thing. To those who are not yet aware, Seesmic is best illustrated as a type of “video Twitter.” Essentially, Seesmic is a community of video sharing that allows the user to share on hand videos to the World Wide Web. This also allows the user to produce a video directly from his webcam and publish it to his own video stream. The use of Seesmic is guaranteed to be trouble-free when it comes in embedding videos on a blog or website because it is as easy as beating in a clip of code—perfectly alike in embedding YouTube videos. Good news to Twitter users, they may simply follow the interesting content given by others to them. They may also choose to incorporate their own video streams along with the other social networking websites. For now, YouTube and Tweeter are already hooked up as what was also mentioned above. Moreover, Seesmic is expanding its goal and is now targeting as well to integrate with Facebook, Joost,, and other social websites, along with the capability to record video, chat, and Skype conversations. For the meantime, Seesmic is not yet available to the public; it is still on the phase of testing. However, to those who are interested to witness Seesmic in action, they may catch this on the venture advisor blog of Christine Herron.

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