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Release Notes

New in Product Update

The following is a list of enhancements and corrections that have been incorporated for Sage MAS 90
and MAS 200 version 4.40 in this Product Update. Product Updates are cumulative, containing all
program corrections found in prior updates.

Accounts Payable
1. No longer receive message that the check information is not on file when drilling down on
transaction information from GL account transactions after running the "Remove Voided
Checks" utility for check transactions updated after the fix has been installed.
DE 94118 PER 110652 Resolution ID 528441
2. Can Correctly select different form codes created for Extended Stubs.
DE 94662 PER 111028 Resolution ID 530141
3. The ACH file created uses correct ACH file naming convention: Bank Code + Month/Date
created + sequence number + .ACH. (i.e.: D0531000.ACH) and the ACH file now includes the 1
and 5 records, even when there is a negative net invoice total for one (or more) vendors
selected for payment.
DE 94537 PER 110998 Resolution ID 530659
4. Accounts Payable Payment History Report Totals are now correct.
DE 94099 PER 110645 Resolution ID 528787
5. In Form 1099 Printing, the 1099-INT Laser form now prints three forms per page.
DE 94771
6. In Form 1099 eFiling and Reporting for the 1099 Div, Int, Misc forms boxes that do not have a
value are now being populated with zeros. 6
DE 94869
7. Negative invoices display as **No Payment Selected** on the Invoice Payment Selection Listing
for Electronic Payment Vendors.
DE 94505 PER 110439 Resolution ID 527690

Bill of Materials
1. Gross Requirements Report with multiple pages prints the appropriate header on all the pages.
DE 94309 PER 110835 Resolution ID 529165
2. A new MAS90 utility has been added named "Update Invalid Bill Types".
The invalid bill condition occurs when a subassembly that exists on bills has been deleted. The
bill type is retained rather than removed. This condition can be found by running the Bill
Validation Report. The message "Invalid Bill" will print.
To run the utilty, within MAS90 launcher, type *utl and click OK. Select the Update Invalid Bill
Types from the Utilities menu. Choosing yes, corrects the Bill Type field for those subassemblies
that are no longer a bill (after utility is run the Revision field on the Bill Lines tab will be
disabled). A text file is generated with the bills that are corrected and provided in the
../home/textout folder and is named BMInvalidBill.txt.
DE 94308 PER 110834 Resolution ID 529961
3. The Costed Bill of Materials Report, for Specific Bills, for components on a bill with zero quantity
will print the zero quantity with an extended cost of zero.
DE 94472
4. Bill of Materials Production Entry Register update now posts the correct serial numbers to
Inventory when producing serial numbers that have been previously used.
DE 93978 PER 110549 Resolution ID 528427
5. Error 47 SWQUERY 0196 message dialog box no longer appears when clicking the lookup in
Production Entry after entering an alpha B/M Production batch number. User can now enter
numeric, alpha-numeric, and alpha Batch Number in B/M Production Entry Batch screen without
displaying the Lookup error in Production Entry.
DE 93964 PER 110517 Resolution ID 527214
6. A 'Print Current Revisions Only' checkbox has been added to the Single-Level Bill of Materials
Report in Sage MAS 90 and 200
DE 93963 PER 110526 Resolution ID 527673
7. Bill of Materials Maintenance - Copy From bill - Copy From button now copies the Find No. field
to the lines tab when copying from a bill with options
DE 94343 PER 110873 Resolution ID 530085

Bank Reconciliation
1. Bank Reconciliation Register The Total Item Count, Total Detail Count and Sum of Check
Numbers are now Integers and not subject to any decimals within Positive Pay Export.
DE 94660 PER 111077 Resolution ID 531065

Inventory Management
1. Inventory Sales History Report is now correct when sorted by Customer Number or Item Code.
DE 94340 PER 110875 Resolution ID 530135
2. Inventory Trial Balance now prints the correct Beginning Balance for period 2 to include the
Activity from period 1.
DE 94940
3. Inventory Sales History report and History Tab in Item Maintenance now show correct values
after migrating from 4.30 t0 4.40
DE 94030 PER 110607 Resolution ID 527847
4. After data conversion to v4.40, Inventory Management, Item Maintenance (Item Inquiry)
History, now correctly reflects 0.00 in periods in which only partial history records are available
in the prior-level source data.
DE 94707 PER 109655 Resolution ID 524156
5. Printing the detail transaction report for a range of periods, excluding period 1, is now including
period 1 transactions in the beginning balance. Previously it only looked at period 1 beginning
DE 94070 PER 110628 Resolution ID 528826
6. In data conversion to v4.40.x, error 42 IM_LevelConversion.pvc 2057 no longer occurs if General
Ledger Fiscal Years contain 13 or more periods and inventory history records dated in Period 13
of a year prior to the oldest General Ledger fiscal year exist.
DE 94324 PER 110854 Resolution ID 530039

e-Business Manager
1. The Buy button is now included on the results page of the Web site.
DE 94758 PER 111140 Resolution ID 531366

Job Cost
1. Now the description column is printed properly on the Job Billing Selection Register after Direct
Cost transaction was posted through Job Posting Entry.
DE 94738 PER 111131 Resolution ID 531367
2. Job and Job Estimate records are no longer missing in the Job and Job Estimate Masterfiles after
running Rebuild Key Files on JC1 and JCG.
DE 94438 PER 110913 Resolution ID 530284
3. Information after AP Invoice Number is not truncated in Job Billing Data Entry Description for
Time & Material billings
DE 94332 PER 110861 Resolution ID 530035
4. During Job Estimate Maintenance, new records are written for the correct length so that new
estimate records are no longer stripped from the estimate header during Rebuild Key
Files.Existing records must be corrected for each company using the ‘Expand’ feature in the
‘Reinitialize Data Files’ utility in the Library Master, Utilities.
Note: Only a qualified Sage Support representative should use Library Master Utilities.
To expand the short records in the file:
1. Select LM/Utilities/Reinitialize Data Files. Click the Expand button.
3. In the File field, type JCGXXX (where XXX represents the Company Code), and press
 File name should read J/C Job Estimate Masterfile. New Key size should read
“7”, and New Record Size should read 400.
4. Press PROCEED.
5. The existing records should now be corrected.
DE 94048 PER 110622 Resolution ID 528795

Library Master
1. For MAS 200, a workstation install means that you had MAS 200 SQL 4.45 installed (at least from
a common files / registry entry perspective). As of MAS 90 4.30 SU 20 and PU 3, we have added
logic to appropriately set the BIE registry entry for the version of MAS that is being run on the
workstation so this issue should no longer occur.
For MAS 200 SQL, there is a Sage ERP MAS 200 SQL Settings Utility installed on the server that
can be run to reset the MAS_USER and MAS_Reports passwords
DE 94148 PER 110685 Resolution ID 529124
2. In Miscellaneous Item Maintenance the Standard Unit Cost decimal precision is now correct for
a Miscellaneous Charge code.
DE 93546 PER 110252 Resolution ID 526319
3. Running Visual Integrator import jobs thru a batch file from a workstation client no longer locks
up the Sage ERP MAS 200 Workstation.
After installing Product Update 4 or later, at each of the MAS 200 workstations clients, run the
WksUptate 200.exe program located at the Sage ERP MAS 200 server's ..\MAS90\Wksetup
In addition to installing this Product Update, the MAS 200 Application Server must be used to
run the VI jobs (or other such tasks) externally from a workstation client using a batch (.bat) file
so that the ODBC path to the MAS 200 server is not modified, thus causing MAS 200 to fail to
launch certain tasks.
A new Application Name must be created in the Application Server, as follows:
1. On the MAS 200 Server run the Application Server Configuration Utility.
2. Click the Apps tab. At the Apps tab click the New button. The screen New - App Props for
Server: "SAGE" will open.
3. Enter a name for the application under App Name. This App Name’s name will be
referenced from the batch file to execute the VI Job or similar task.
4. Leave ProvideX.EXE at <Default>. For the Server INI, enter ..\Launcher\Sota.ini. For the Lead
Program enter StartUp.M4P.
5. Leave the Extra CMD Options and Arguments fields blank.
6. For the Start-In Directory field, enter the path to the ..\MAS90\Home folder from the MAS
200 server's perspective. For example: C:\Sage Software\MAS 200\Version4\MAS90\Home.
7. Set the Init Window field to Hidden.
8. In the Options section, only Allow Client Arguments must be checked, the rest of the options
must be unchecked.
9. Click Ok to close the New - App Props for Server: "SAGE" screen. At the Application Server
Configuration, click Apply to save the new Application Name settings.
After the new Application Name has been created, the batch file must be created using the
following format to run the VI Jobs from the workstation using the MAS 200 Application Server
C:\<MAS 200 Workstation’s Path>\Home\Pvxwin32.exe -hd ..\launcher\sota.ini *Client -ARG
"Server" "Port" "App Name" -ARG= DIRECT UION User Password CompanyCode JobName
Batch file example:
C:\Sage Software\MAS 200 Client\Version4\MAS90\Home\Pvxwin32.exe -hd ..\launcher\sota.ini
*Client -ARG "ACCTSERVER" "10000" "VIJobLauncher" -ARG= DIRECT UION John MyPass ABC
DE 92007 PER 109351 Resolution ID 505323

Material Requirements Planning

1. MRP Inquiry displays the same transactions when selecting Warehouse Group "ALL"
and selecting a warehouse group that has all warehouses assigned to it.
DE 93965 PER 110521 Resolution ID 527575
2. 'Action by Vendor' Report now prints 'Vendor Part:' entered in Item maintenance. 2
DE 94214 PER 110766 Resolution ID 524961
3. Auto generate work orders creates work orders with correct revision information.
DE 94162 PER 110705 Resolution ID 529227
4. MRP Report displays correct Reorder Quantity when multiple warehouses are assigned to the
same warehouse group.
DE 94396 PER 110897 Resolution ID 530143

Magnetic Media
1. W2 Electronic Reporting has been modified according to the SSA 2010 Specifications for Filing
Form W-2 Electronically. The following changes have been made:
"RO" Record: Position 100-110 is now for HIRE Exempt Wages and Tips
"RU" Record: Position 130-144 is now for HIRE Exempt Wages and Tips.
DE 94670
2. 1099 Electronic Reporting has been modified according to the Internal Revenue Service's 2010
Publication 1220. The following changes have been made:
“A” Record
Combined Federal/State Filer is now position 6 (moved from position 26)
Type of Return position has change from 1 to 2 position field it is now position 26-27
“B” Record---Form 1099-INT (Form type 6) CUSIP Number is now in position 587-599.
DE 94673

Paperless Office
1. Now, the RMA PDF is not deleted and the record is not removed from the Paperless Office
Customer Viewer when the RMA is fully received.
DE 94149 PER 110686 Resolution ID 529075
2. GL Journals and Registers can be printed using Paperless Office.
DE 94279 PER 110784 Resolution ID 529671
3. Direct Deposit Stubs will now Electronically Deliver with Paperless Office for single character
Department 3
DE 94208 PER 110752 Resolution ID 528757

Purchase Order
1. The correct Customer Number is listed for each line item.
DE 94539 PER 110964 Resolution ID 529609
2. Work Order Cost Ledger properly copies the item descriptions from updates via Purchase
Order in Sage MAS 90/200 ERP
DE 94072 PER 110627 Resolution ID 528825
3. Daily Transaction Register now Posts to Inventory Account When Post Accounts Payable
Invoices Check Box is Unchecked in Purchase Order Options.
DE 94590 PER 111022 Resolution ID 527949

1. In eFiling and Reporting the federal and state wages are now correct on the W2 when a
negative cafeteria/pension deduction payroll check is processed. 1
DE 94698 PER 108907 Resolution ID 520123
2. This enhancement is to simplify the process of entering year–to-date employer exemption
amounts for Qualified Employees required for Year End W-2 reporting. 2
DE 94677
3. The masking for the Ded Y-T-D field on the Voluntary Deduction Maint dialog has been
expanded. 3
DE 94680
4. The amount for W2 Box 12 Code "CC" now prints on the eFiling and Reporting W2's. 4
DE 94901
5. See 2010 Year End Reporting Instructions on the Qualified Employee Worksheet and
Report. 5
DE 94904
6. The eFiling and Reporting version has been updated to 2.07. New PIM Codes have been
added for Ohio, American Somoa, Guam and Puerto Rico. 6
DE 94868

Return Materials Authorization

1. DE 94561 PER 111017 Resolution ID 529539

Sales Order
1. Random haning in Credit Card Processing no longer occurs with Sage Payment
Solutions. After installing, WksUpdate.exe needs to be run on each MAS
Workstation. 1
DE 94575 PER 111023 Resolution ID 530485
2. DE 93674 PER 110352 Resolution ID 526547
3. In Sales Order Invoice Entry, referencing a Sales Order that has comment line types will now
pull into the invoice correctly rather than omitting.
DE 94257 PER 110801 Resolution ID 529733
4. Open Sales Order Report is now correct when “Only Print Unauthorized or Expired Credit
Card Orders” option is selected.
DE 94065 PER 109764 Resolution ID 524702
5. Error 65 no longer occurs in Sales Order Entry Copy.
DE 94143 PER 110670 Resolution ID 528937
System Setup
1. and above Hot Fix Installation writes a .hft text file to the ..\Home\Hot Fix directory on
the MAS Server indicating which Hot Fixes have been installed. Beginning with, the
Installation of an Update will remove these files from this directory since the Hot Fix
components have been updated or overwritten by the Update Install.
DE 94271
2. The MAS 90/200 Help Files have been updated in this release. To update your local Help Files,
run WKSUpdate located in the MAS 90/200 Server's ..\mas90\wksetup directory from each MAS
90/200 Workstation. 2
DE 94994

Work Order Processing

1. In Work Order Entry, when the Bill of Materials Option Allow Scrap and Yield Percentage Factors
is unselected, scrap is no longer calculated.
DE 94395 PER 110895 Resolution ID 529926
2. Work Order History Inquiry Operation Detail drilldown is now available for converted work
DE 94244 PER 110778 Resolution ID 529004
3. DE 94268 PER 110809 Resolution ID 529805
4. The Work Order Cost Roll Up rolls up the material, labor, overhead to each subassembly/parent
DE 94019
5. The Work Order Cost Roll Up Labor and Overhead calculation for a routing with
Parent/Operations factor greater than 1 now calculates correctly.
DE 94699 PER 111093 Resolution ID 531047
6. In Work Order Entry, components of a kit bill now populate the materials tab.
DE 94245 PER 110780 Resolution ID 529655