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Bringing history to life and learning about our community

History is the study of events that took place in the past. Historians use many
sources to learn about the past, including photographs, letters and other artifacts.
These sources are called either Primary or Secondary sources.
Primary sources are evidence of a historic event that were created when the event
took place or by someone who witnessed the event firsthand. For example, if you
write in your diary about the current coronavirus pandemic then your diary is a
primary source. Secondary sources describe, discuss, interpret or summarize the
information found in primary sources.
For historians, these sources are like clues which help us piece together the story
of the past. At the Harbor Springs History Museum we create exhibits to share
our research and the stories we have learned with the community.

You are now

a historian! Is
there a story
you would like
to research
and learn more
about? ________

List some of
the sources you
would use to
help you research
your story. Are
they primary or
secondary? ____