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Identifying a Research Problem (cont.) will be available and willing to cooperate.

Evaluating a Research Problem Securing people’s cooperation may in some

There are no rules for making a final selection of a cases be easy (e.g., getting nursing students
research problem, but some criteria should be kept to complete a questionnaire in a classroom),
in mind. but other situations may pose more
difficulties. Some people may not have the
d. Personal motivation time, others may have no interest in a study
Personal motivation plays an important that has little personal benefit, and others
role in identifying a research problem since it may not feel well enough to participate.
increases initiation and persistence and Fortunately, people are usually willing to
directs behavior towards personal goals cooperate if research demands are minimal. If
leading to improved performance in research. the research is time-consuming or
Personal goals are the things that motivate demanding, however, researchers may need
you to do the study, but are not necessarily to exert extra effort in recruiting participants-
important for others. They can include the or may have to offer a monetary incentive.
desire to change or improve situation that An additional problem may be that of
you’re involved in, curiosity about a specific identifying and locating people with needed
topic or event, a preference for conducting a characteristics
particular type of research, or simply the need
to advance your career. f.3 Cost
Monetary requirements for research
e. Researcher Qualification projects vary widely, ranging from a 1000 for
The problem should be chosen from a small student projects to hundreds of
field about which investigators have some thousands (or even millions) of dollars for
prior knowledge or experience. Researchers large scale, government sponsored research.
may struggle in undertaking a study on a The investigator on a limited budget should
topic that is totally new and unfamiliar— think carefully about projected expenses
although upfront clinical fieldwork may make before making the final selection of a
up for certain deficiencies. In addition to problem. Some research-related expenditures
substantive knowledge, the issue of technical include: literature costs(books, journals ,
expertise should not be overlooked. Beginning internet access charges) , personal
researchers with limited methodological skills costs(payment to individuals hired to help
should avoid research problems that might with the data collection) , study participant
require the development of sophisticated cost( payment to participants as an incentive
measuring instruments or that involve for their cooperation or to offset their own
complex data analyses. (Polit&Beck, 2008) expenses) , supplies(paper, envelopes,
computer disks etc), printing and duplication
f. Feasibility of the Study costs (questionnaires), laboratory fees(for
A third consideration in evaluating a analysis of biophysiological data) and
problem concerns feasibility or achievability transportation costs.
which encompasses several issues.
(Polit&Beck, 2008) f.4 Facilities and Equipment
All studies have resource
f.1 Time and Timing requirements, although needs may in some
Most studies have deadlines or at least cases be modest. It is prudent to consider
goals for completion. Therefore, the problem what facilities and equipment will be needed
must be one that can be adequately studied and whether they will be available before
within time allotted. This means that the embarking on a project.
scope of the problem should be sufficiently
restricted that enough time will be available f.5 Administrative Support
for the various steps and activities in the Administrative leaders play influential
research process. It is wise to be conservative roles in promoting nursing research designed
in estimating time for various tasks because for implementing research-based practice.
research activities usually require more time Administration helps researchers pursue
to complete than anticipated. nursing research knowing that research will
help improve the development of nursing
f.2 Availability of Study Participants science and make a difference in patient care.
In any study involving humans, In institutional or organizational settings,
researchers need to consider whether the access to clients, members, personnel, or
individuals with the desired characteristics records requires authorization. Most health
care facilities require that any project be
presented to a panel of authorities for

f.6 Peer Support

All of the members of the research
team must cooperate to one another to obtain
a successful nursing research. The research
parts must be equally divided accordingly to
the entire members
-faith tan