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03 A universe of fresh possibilities
05 Our vision
05 Our mission
05 From the Chancellor
07 A university is born
09 Four campuses to choose from
11 A world where knowledge is key
13 Learn as students do worldwide
15 A nourishing environment for growth
16 Global linkages and partnerships
17 The world speaks our language
19 Arriving on the job scene
21 To be the center for global research and innovation
22 Foreign faculty on long tenure
23 Faculty Abroad Program
24 International advisory board
26 Corporate advisory board
29 Knowledge has no borders
31 Extending a humanitarian touch
33 Breaking away from the routine
34 Scholarship & bank loan
35 Engineering & Technology
36 Medicine & Health Sciences
37 Science & Humanities
38 Management
39 A simple admission process
40 Administration & contact
41 Getting from where you are to where we are
A universe of fresh possibilities
Enter a university where new and exciting possiblities appear around
every corner. This is education tomorrow, in an environment of academic
freedom, where bright minds meet, discover and learn for themselves.
Experience SRM University and the world within.

The freedom to aspire

You will have the freedom to chase your aspirations. Choose from
a plethora of courses in every stream imaginable, be it certificate
courses, diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate or doctoral programs
in engineering, medicine, management or science & humanities. You
will also have the option to specialize in next generation streams like
nanotechnology, bioinformatics, genetic engineering, remote sensing and
GIS, embedded systems, aerospace engineering or computer forensics–
truly, a world of choices and opportunity. Many of these streams have
close collaborations with foreign universities.

Worldwide web
SRM University is one of the few universities in the country with an
international network of advisors from varsities and industries worldwide.
Alliances with University of London, Queen’s University and the Partners
International Healthcare (Harvard Teaching Hospitals) give the university
an international dimension in terms of knowledge and student exchange
programs, as well as joint research.

A faculty of repute

SRM University has assembled some of the best faculty, equipped with
outstanding laboratories and teaching aids, dedicated to each stream.
And it doesn’t just stop at guidance either. Facilities and resources abound
on SRM University’s lavish campuses. Besides common resources like the
central library, canteens and hostel facilities, each department has its own
equipped labs, libraries and even museums. Within these pages you will
discover all this and more.

02 03
Our Vision
SRM University will emerge as a leading world-class institution that creates
and disseminates knowledge. We uphold the highest standards for instruction
in Medicine & Health Sciences, Engineering & Technology, Management
and Science & Humanities. Along with academic excellence, our curricula
emphasize integrity and cultural sensitivity so that our graduates may best
serve the nation and the world.

Our Mission
• Create a diverse campus community that inspires freedom and innovation
• Strengthen educational processes
• Continue to build international alliances
• Expand development opportunities available to students and faculty
• Cultivate exciting and rigorous research environments

From the Chancellor

“Students today are competing in a rapidly changing world. Simply covering
the curriculum will not do. At SRM University we equip our graduates with
both a first-rate education and the necessary practical skills to ensure that
they stand out best in today’s world.”

Mr. T. R. Pachamuthu

04 05
A university is born
A dream brought to reality by a life dedicated to education. The founding chairman
of the SRM group, Mr. T.R. Pachamuthu, is first and foremost a teacher. He built an
environment, which fosters growth, learning and self-knowledge. We can trace our roots
back to 1968, when he first started the Florence Nightingale primary school. This school
educates young boys and girls to this day and forms the cornerstone of the SRM group
of educational institutions. That same year the chancellor formed the Valliammai Society
in honor of his mother, Mrs. R. Valliammai.

Path of progress
In 1985, the SRM group opened SRM Engineering College in Kattankulathur. A measure
of its success is the short span in which the organization grew and over the next few
years numerous SRM centers of learning materialized. A clear indication of the progress
made by the organization came in the year 2002, when SRM College of Dentistry was
awarded the status of deemed university by the Ministry of Human Resources and
Development, India. The next year, engineering and later the medical and para-medical
colleges of the group were brought under the ambit of SRM Deemed University. The
other colleges followed suit in the subsequent years.

The crowning moment

SRM attained the status of a full-fledged university, under section 3 of the UGC Act
1956. An upgraded syllabus and international teaching methods, designed by SRM’s
International Advisory Board (IAB), could be put into practice.

And the saga is just beginning. Whether it’s building a 16-storey IT park or acquiring
teaching models from MIT of USA, it’s all happening right here, at SRM University.

Credits to the university

• Rated No.2 in placements and ranked within the top 5 institutions in Tamil Nadu by
Outlook Magazine
• Computer Science Engineering department was rated No.1 for excellence
• Five other departments were graded within the top 5 in Tamil Nadu-AC Neilson
Impact Study
• SRM University is accredited by NAAC with a score equivalent to 5-star rating
• Best ISTE Chapter Award in Tamil Nadu-Pondicherry section

06 07
Four campuses to choose from
Whichever campus you end up choosing, lavish, is the word you would use. Spacious and green, the ambience makes learning a welcome
experience. From inspiring libraries and stimulating discussion rooms to large playgrounds and busy labs, there is much to see. Essential
facilities like a post office, banks, playgrounds, cafe & restaurants and Internet browsing centers have all been provided in each campus.
Students can focus on their interests and be assured of a lively time.

Kattankulathur campus, Chennai

This vast campus houses the faculties of Engineering & Technology, Medicine & Health Sciences, Management, and Science & Humanities.
The SRM Medical College Hospital & Research Center, and the SRM Hotel are also situated in this campus. Students have access to round the
clock security, free counseling, a post office and an ATM, many options for dining like the SRM Hotel, restaurants, food courts to numerous
canteen and departmental stores. The campus infrastructure includes:
• 38 blocks in a built up area of over 5.5 million sq.ft. and spread over 250 acres
• 3 Star SRM Hotel with swimming pool
• Central Library in the 16-storey university building
• Air-conditioned auditorium with audio-visual facilities that seats over 4,000
• University Network & Information Center (UNIC) that supports over 3,000 computer systems
• Wi-Fi enabled campus to provide wireless access to the 12 Mbps internet leased line
• Modern lecture halls and ‘smart classrooms’
• Language lab that specializes in English, German, Japanese, French and Chinese
• 52 buses (including a/c buses) ply between the college and the city
• 10 canteens from fast food to full-fledged cafeterias spread throughout the campus
• Access to retail outlets including Higginbothams’ bookstore, Airtel phone booths, Reynold Writesite teller machines,
Reliance Webworld with Java Cafe, Post office and Banking facilities within the campus
• Prayer halls for all major religions

Ramapuram campus, Chennai

The dental college currently occupies this quaint and serene campus. Consisting of 5 academic blocks spread over 25 acres, this charming
enclave provides the facilities and infrastructure necessary for medical & health sciences’ students to pursue their programs. The campus also
houses the Faculty of Engineering & Technology.

Modi Nagar campus, Delhi

A brisk ambience pervades this campus-home to Engineering & Technology, Management and Teacher education. Built on 25 acres of land, the
institution has excellent infrastructure facilities including air-conditioned, high tech “smart classrooms” and laboratories. The computer lab has
some of the latest equipment. The campus has enviable resources for research with several well-patronized libraries.

Trichy campus, Trichy

A new 60-acre campus at Trichy will offer degrees in Medicine, Engineering and Science & Humanities.

Contemporary hostels
You will find convenient accommodation right on campus. The 9 men’s and 8 women’s hostels accomodates over 7,000 men and 1200
women students. The premium, international hostel has air-conditioned rooms. Other amenities include:
• Furniture and the option of attached bath
• 24-hour cafe - ideal during late night study
• Gym and an indoor games area
• Pleasant study halls
• Dining halls for North Indian, South Indian, Continental and Chinese food
• Round-the-clock security. Resident faculty are assigned as helpful wardens the students can look up to for assistance

Ramapuram campus, Chennai Modi Nagar campus, Delhi Trichy campus, Trichy
• Air conditioned Auditorium • Air conditioned classrooms • 60-acre campus
• 8 Mbps internet leased line • Academic block with plinth area of 5 lakh sq.ft.
• A General Hospital with 150 beds • Auditorium and conferance halls
• Seperate hostels for men and women • Seperate hostels for men and women
• 25 buses • Indoor and outdoor sports facilities
• Banking and DTP facilities
08 09
A world where knowledge is key
Information is the bloodline of the future. It lies at the core of research and forms the mainstay of learning. Besides the vast central library, which has
a wealth of information on a myriad of subjects, each department has its own library with books, periodicals, journals and back issues. So you will
never be at a loss for references.

Libraries & digital access

Four stories, 1,50,000 sq.ft. and nearly 1,00,000 volumes, everything about the university’s Central Library is vast. Besides the large number of
books, encyclopedias and reference material on a variety of topics, the library also subscribes to nearly 500 national and international journals and
maintains archives of students’ projects, thesis reports and the proceedings of conferences.

The digital library maintains a collection of ejournals and CD Roms. Students also have access to a television, with various informative channels
like Eklavya, BBC World News, and UGC Gyan Darshan. The library has spacious reading areas and is connected to the internet, opening up further
reserves of information.

Harnessing the web

The infinite stores of free information already available on the internet will soon be even more accessible through campus-wide Wi-Fi. It includes
access to the following online resources:
• Developing Library Networks (DELNET)
• Madras Library Networks (MALIBNET) which gives access to IIT Madras, British Council and Anna University libraries
• American information resource center
• Structural Engineering Research Center (SERC)
• ASCE, ASME, ACM, EBSCO databases
• Thousands of eJournals, such as Science Direct, Proquest and Springer, IEL, ACM Digital Library
• Archived theses and project reports

Laptops on campus
The library has over 500 laptops, which students can borrow on a weekly to semester basis.The students can also purchase laptops from the
university at highly subsidized price.

‘The Hindu’ newpaper rankings and

“SRM is ranked among the top schools in
of the abundance of ecxellent
the Anna University rankings. It’s because
the professors. I am studying
lab facilities and because of the quality of
department is a former IIT professor
mechanical engineering.The head of our
the other professors have Ph.Ds”
and his predecessor was as well. Most of
Mech anica l Engin eerin g Student

10 11
Learn as students do worldwide
The curriculum at SRM University is constantly evolving. The syllabus is kept in tune with industry developments in India and across the
world. The Corporate Advisory Board and International Advisory Board regularly review the curriculum and the management is quick to
incorporate recommendations by expert panels. This dynamism is reflected in the curriculum’s flexibility.

Understanding the credit based system

The flexible credit based system of the university allows students to choose the elective courses of their preference. Credits are allotted
per course and students can combine any variation of electives for the year. This helps them to specialize in the areas of their interests
and chart the course of their future.

Active learning methodology

This upside down model of study challenges students; making them think for themselves. The Active Learning methodology is an
internationally accepted learning model and is practiced at SRM University. The School of Mechanical Engineering with the help of
Dr. Rohan Abeyaratne and Dr. Ely Sachs of MIT of USA created this platform. MIT has carried out an extensive study in developing
necessary kits for the students to learn the fundamentals through the discovery route. Some of the engineering principles that can be
discovered through these kits are: Characteristics of Fluid Flows, Stress-Strain Relations, Thermodynamically Coupled Gaseous Systems,
and First Order Rotational System. SRM University too has developed kits that can help students discern the likes of Lami’s theorem,
Fourier law, Four-bar mechanism, Friction and Pneumatic speed circuit amongst others.

In the hands of experts

Cutting edge learning methods and aids are incorporated in the curriculum. This is mainly because SRM University gives priority to the
feedback received from industry leaders, eminent academicians as well as our own students and faculty. Not only that, the curriculum is
guided by research experts from the centers of excellence.

Industry institute interaction

Industry institute interaction has a great bearing on the engineering curriculum besides giving our students valuable exposure to
industrial atmosphere and contributing to their subsequent placement as high value graduates. This interaction is a two way process.
The university offers employees of industries, tailor-made continuing education programs in engineering that help them to upgrade their
knowledge level.

An On-site Education Development Programme (OEDP) agreement was signed with NOKIA for awarding B. Tech. (ECE),
B. Tech. (Mechatronics) for their employees holding diploma.
M/s. Heritage Property Private Limited, Chennai is providing financial assistance of Rs. 3 Lakhs for UK-India Education and Research
Initiative (UKIERI) funding for a Delivery-full award in M. Tech. (Sustainable concrete) under collaborative programme by School of Civil
Engineering, SRM University with University of Dundee, Scotland, UK.
Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS), Chennai signed a MoU for conducting symposiums, workshops, faculty training, visiting faculty
scheme, and to conduct “EVOLVE” workshop to enhance employability skills of the students.

On the other hand, companies like Infosys, Wipro and Cognizant offer our students training programs, currently available during their
fourth year, which makes them industry ready and reduces their learning curve after recruitment.

12 13
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A nourishing environme
SRM University. The faculty
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An international perspectivada, Germany and New Zealand teach here. Many of
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International faculty from the erience in teaching both
ulty are her e on long ten ures and have a wealth of exp
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foreign and Indian students.

Future oriented instruction tacts with the industry and have developed
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Many of the faculty members e with industry trends.
ugh inte rac tion s and seminars. So they are in tun
themselve s thro n through practical
in turn are tak en bey ond theory and encouraged to lear
The studen ts dy to match industry
Thi s form of trai nin g ens ures that the students are rea

All round development sonality development and help

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The faculty also share a kee d, while retaining
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them gain a their endeavors. Each faculty
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up of 20 stu den ts. The fac ulty guides each student in
mentors a gro .
the duration of their course
as personal lives, throughout to give stu dents every opportunity for
tly on the look out
The management is constan result of this. Students
The Sem este r Abr oad Programs (SAP) are a direct
personal gro wth . education, placements
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University students have eve structured personality
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Personality dev course of a student‘s study.
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Student feedback is a critical system in place, which gau
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With round the clock securit manag em ent is qui ck to step in
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academic pursuits in a safe paramoun t imp orta nce .
and their well being is given
to address student concerns

14 15
The world speaks our language
The world is fast changing and our students need to be future ready. They need to stay on top of the latest developments
as they unfold, and contribute to the international community. With this in mind, the university has formed numerous
agreements with institutions around the world.

International education
The university has collaborated extensively with universities abroad, the result of which is the unique Active Learning model
being used by the engineering students to boost their learning curve. SRM University’s Memorandum of Understanding
with Queen’s University of Canada involves staff and student exchange and twinning academic programs in population
and public health. Our Memos of Understanding with the University of Wisconsin and the Health University of the Czech
Republic further enhance opportunities for our medical college students.

Global symposia
International conferences and symposia offer even more opportunities for students and faculty to keep up with global
advances in science. SRM University participants actively take part by presenting their research findings. Many have
received awards for their work.

One of a kind International Advisory Board

Industry leaders and eminent academicians from around the world serve on SRM’s International Advisory Board (IAB),
which fosters joint research and study abroad. With representatives from such institutions as IBM, M.I.T., and Carnegie
Mellon, you can be sure that the SRM University reaps vast benefits that are there to see.

Global linkages and partnerships Dynamic curriculum

Periodically the IAB meets with SRM’s Academic Council and Board of Studies to ensure that all coursework reflects the
MOU: The partnering Institutions Japan Sri Lanka latest developments in education, business and science.
Tokai University Sri Lanka Press Institute
USA Kyushu Institute of Technology Joint research
The Partners International (Harvard Kanazawa Institute of Technology West Africa
Dr. Oliver Linton from London School of Economics U.K., as an IAB member, paved the way for joint research with
Teaching Hospitals) Hiyoshi Corporation, Osaka All Nations University College,
University of Wisconsin, River Falls Koforidua, Ghana, West Africa the SRM School of Management. Several other research initiatives are being carried out jointly with other global
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee partnering institutions. For instance, both the medical college and engineering colleges are engaged in joint
JUSE (Union of Japanese Scientists
University of California, Davis and Engineers), Tokyo
Visiting faculties from: research initiatives with Queen’s University, Canada in the areas of Fuel Cell Technology in engineering and Regional
Johnson & Wales University Boston University Health Registry in health sciences.
Carnegie Mellon University
Bryant University France Knowledge exchange
University of Central Oklahama Columbia University
Lille Catholic University
World Trade Center, Rhode Island Cornell University In an invaluable educational transfer, Dr. Lee Loke Chang from SIMTech., Singapore helped our students and staff in co-
The Universite Francois-Rebelais in Tours CUNY - Baruch College
Carnegie work and emerging areas such as Nanotechnology.
IBM Drexel University
Korea Leigh University An association with Partners International (Harvard teaching hospitals)
CISCO Youngsan University
Microsoft Michigan State University SRM University works with Partners International, an organization closely affiliated with Harvard and founded by two of the
Ydome Corporation MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
RedHat most renowned hospitals in the world: Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH).
University of Dayton Northeastern University While BWH specializes in gynaecology, MGH offers sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic care in virtually every specialty
Mexico Pace University and subspecialty of medicine and surgery. Other Partners International members include McLean Hospital, a leader in the
UK Technologico de Monterrey Pennsylvania State University
field of mental health research, and the world-renowned Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. All these research hospitals train
University of Dundee State University of New York at Buffalo
Queen Mary, University of London Singapore Syracuse University
Harvard Medical School students. The benefits of our links with the Partners International Program include student, staff
MDIS University of California, Berkeley and faculty exchange, training programs, consulting services, and joint research.
Oxford University
University of Warwick University of California, Davis
Maldives University of California, Irvine
Canada Cyryx College, Male University of California, LA
Queen’s University, University of California, San DiegoUniversity
Ontario Denmark of Chicago
International Media Support, University of Massachusetts
China Copenhagen University of Miami
Guongdong Polytechnic Normal University of Pittsburgh
University (GPNU) Malaysia University of Southern California
HSTC Taylor’s School of Hospitality and Tourism (TSHT), University of Wisconsin, Madison
Beijing Sailcon Education Co. Ltd. Taylor’s University College University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
UNY- Binghamton
16 17
Arriving on the job scene
A yell of warning that you hear on a golf course. That’s how an SRM graduate arrives on the aggressive job market. A 100% job placement record speaks for itself. With
the SRM advantage, students have no trouble finding coveted positions in reputed corporates and business houses that visit our campus regularly every year, with an
excellent salary package which is at par with international standards. Nearly 20% of our graduates choose to pursue their higher studies in foreign or Indian universities
like MIT, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, University of California, Berkeley or IIMs and IITs. An enterprising 10% of the students opt to form their own ventures.

Placement cell and career guidance

By the end of the 6th or beginning of the 7th semester, students are exposed to opportunities and get selected in campus interviews with attractive packages.
SRM’s high standards and close relationship with the industry brings some of the best recruiters in the industry for campus interviews. Some of the recruiters who
have come to us time and again include reputed names like TCS, Cognizant, Infosys, Wipro, HCL, Siemens, Caterpillar, Oracle, HP, L&T, Mahindra group and other
national & multinational corporations. Some of the activities the cell involves in are:
• Value addition through foreign language courses • Organizing in-plant training that gives hands-on experience
• Organizing programs that will enhance soft-skills • Career counseling on pursuing higher studies in India and abroad
• Conducting entrepreneurship development programs that motivate aspiring students

Many corporates maintain close relationships with the university and many more have come to our campus searching for talent. Some of the recent visitors are:
Accenture ICICI Sasken Boston Avenue Murugappa Group
Oracle Deutche Bank Hexaware Saipem India Reliance Comm.
Hewlett Packard Coca Cola Zensar Mitsuibishi Vedanta
Citigroup S/W TCS Syntel Caparo Rane Group
IBM Cognizant Patni Schneider TVS Motors
Sapient Infosys Keane Samsung Godrej
AIG Systems HCL Honeywell Robert Bosch TVS Sundaram-clayton
HSBC Wipro SIEMENS Frost & Sullivan HDFC
TESCO Satyam Area - T&D L&T Group Jindal
ADP Wilco Tech Mahindra V A Tech Wabag Mahindra & Mahindra IDBI
Aricent i Gate Caterpillar Essar Group
Intel Mindtree Renault Nissan TITAN
Mphasis EDS Tata Elxsi FL Smidth Indian Oil Tanking
Computer Sciences Corp. Plaris Ford Hindustan Unilever

Mrs. D. Purandareswari, Hon. Minister of State for HRD, Govt. of India & Chancellor handing over placement offer letter, Vice Chancellor looks on. The bonds that SRM University shares with its students last long after they leave these halls. The alumni have formed a network of 10,500 strong. They have found
many ways of lending a helping hand to the students of the university like sponsoring several students, who are in need, every year. The alumni are kept abreast of
the activities of the students in the college as well as the events affecting the association through the “Voice of Alumni”, an e-newsletter. The alumni also have their
own sub chapters region-wise in the US, UK and other countries, enabling them to meet their batchmates wherever they are.

Ravi Kunduru, an active alumnus, is the proud founder and CEO of Ventech Solutions Inc., a company that was listed as the 5th fastest growing IT consulting
company in Columbus, Ohio, USA. Several SRM University graduates have found placement in the company.

Dr. Srini Ramaswamy, another alumnus, is currently Professor and Head, Department of CSE, University of Arkansas at Little Rock. He is also an IEEE reviewer for
computer journals and magazines.

I am an alumnus of SRM Engineering College having got my undergraduate degree in 1989,

the first batch of Engineering. Since then I have been associated with the SRM Group of “ I am excited that I got selected on
Institutions for over 25 years. I know that this institution’s deep and unerring commitment to campus by Hewlett Packard! All my
quality education and the efforts they put to ensure that their students are well prepared to classmates are placed with several
meet the growing demands of an increasingly globalized world have been impeccable. Many leading companies, TCS, CTS, HCL,
of their alumni have made stirring contributions to this globalization phenomenon over the i-Flex, i-Gate, Tech Mahindra and
past two decades and have spread economic vitality to all parts of the world. On a personal others. We are again going to be
level, I highly value the lifelong friendships I have made with faculty, staff and others at SRM. together at B’lore. This makes SRM,
In short, their impact on my life and the institutions’ educational contributions to my career a great place.”
successes have been “fundamentally transformational”.
Vinitha.S, ECE, 7th Semester
Dr. Srini Ramaswamy
Honorary Doctorate confered on Mr. Abhinav Bindra, India’s first ever Honorary Doctorates confered on Dr. K. KasturiranganFormer chairman -
Prof. and Chairperson, Computer Science
individual gold medalist in the Olympics. ISRO, Member of Parliament - Rajya Sabha and Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla
University of Arkansas at Little Rock, USA
Chairman - Aditya Birla Group
18 Alumnus of SRM University, 1989 19
To be the center for global research and innovation
Research is a top priority at SRM University. It is here that students feel the real advantage of learning
in one of the largest universities in India. They are encouraged to innovate and given the infrastructure
support to do so. Each department has its own unique laboratories and facilities, equipped to handle high-
end research. There are basically two types of research taking place at the university.

Academic research
Scholars seeking a doctorate will find a variety of specializations to choose from and qualified mentors
to guide them. More than a hundred scholars are currently pursuing their Ph.D.s at the university. Over
1000 papers have been published by faculty and students so far, many of which have been selected for
presentation at various national/international conferences like the European Management and Technology
Conference, Rome and the international conferences in Beijing, China and Hong Kong.

Prabhu Prashanth, doing his B.Arch, undertook a project entitled “Redevelopment of Central Jail at
Bangalore”. This was selected as one of the top ten project theses in India.

Funded R&D projects

Students and faculty may wish to take up further research or projects that require funding. In such a case,
the research center of the university may arrange for grants under the categories specified by government
and private research funding programs like UGC, DRDO etc. For funding the various research initiatives
being carried out on campus, the university obtained grants from the Department of Science & Technology
and the Department of Biotechnology, both Govt. of India funding agencies. The university is also in the
process of obtaining funds from international agencies like the National Science Foundation. A grant of
about Rs. 4 crores was acquired recently for the research by the School of Bio Engineering. Projects worth
of Rs. 6 crores have been submitted and the decision is awaited.

The university funds student research on the campus through ventures like the Nanotechnology Center
of Excellence, which is fully equipped for research in the exciting world of Nanotechnology. A service-
oriented project scheme is in place that encourages scholars to undertake research and development of
products that are useful to society.

A notable achievement was when 5 enterprising young students, designed and built the “Streeter
“On campus, I am struck by the rapport between students, faculty, and staff. A Macaque” that clocked 16.15 seconds in a road test, creating a record as the Fastest Gravity Powered
warm spirit of welcome, a strong desire to assist, and a mutual respect of diversity Vehicle and walked away with the Best Innovative Design award.
pervade SRM University.
The center of excellence in TQM
”Dr. Nickolai KharchenkoSchool of Mechanical Engineering Quality management is vital in the competitive world for maintaining effectiveness in any process. The
center was established in collaboration with Tokai University, Japan–an internationally reputed institution
“SRM University provides a rigorous academic environment to the students. The
and JUSE (Japanese Union of Scientists & Engineers) in the area of quality management. The research
academic curriculum is  excellent and the syllabi are of a very high standard. 
conducted here is in the hands of qualified experts in quality management and produces graduates who
Modern teaching methods like smart classrooms have greatly  increased  teacher-
can compete with the best in the world.
student interaction, and teaching & learning has become much more effective.
The laboratory resources and library facilities are excellent.  It has been a great Nanotechnology research center
experience for me to live and work in this challenging academic environment, and T his centralized research center was created in response to nanotechnology’s emergence as a prominent
to balance my work load between teaching, research and administration effectively. interdisciplinary field of research. It is manned by well-qualified and experienced faculty coming from
prestigious institutions such as Trinity College UK, Caltech USA and IIT Madras. Its current focus areas
”Dr. Vidhyacharan BhaskarProfessor,School of ECE
include Nanostructured Materials & Nanomagnetism, Advanced Drug Synthesis, Drug Delivery &
Controlled Release Systems, Stem Cell Research and Nanomaterials for Sensor Applications.

20 21
Foreign faculty on long tenure Faculty Abroad Program (FAP)
“Addressing globalization is a priority for SRM University. On campus
one experiences a strong international presence both in terms of
students and faculty.”

Dr. Andrija Maricic

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

This special program aims to raise the level of the teaching fraternity by sponsoring over 25 SRM faculty members to pursue their research and post doctoral
programs at leading universities in the world. With the assistance of Directorate of International Relations and SRM University’s International Advisory Board (IAB),
the faculty members are given this opportunity to gain experience in international teaching methods, research and advances in their field of specializations. SRM
“We want to raise our international portfolio and international research. We are casting our net wider and
University has forged alliances with Partners International (Harvard Teaching Hospitals), University of Wisconsin, Johnson and Wales, University of London, Queen’s,
actively looking for international faculty for the same. We will take good people wherever we find them,”
Ontario, Tokai, Kyushu and University of Southern Australia to enable this initiative.
Vice Chancellor, SRM University.

“SRM University is in the midst of creating a high tech, state of the art environment in which faculty and It was an unique opportunity to be sponsored to University
students can develop to their highest potential. It is exciting to be a part of this endeavor. Our visit to MIT at Boston, USA, during May 2008 as part of the FAP was an
of California, UC Davis and Berkeley through the Faculty
”Dr. Vladimir A Labay, Professor, Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering experience that certainly changed the way we teach, on our return. It was
Abroad Program. It was an inspiring experience to get to
exciting to observe their classroom and laboratory teaching methodology.
Foreign faculty know the curriculum, research focus & facilities and student
The applications include current industrial needs, testing using software and
Nearly 10 foreign faculty teach at SRM University on long tenures. Many more visit our campus for academic learning environment at UC Davis. Equally exciting was to
mini projects in each of the areas. These make the students self-confident
and research purposes on an ongoing basis. This gives both the students and the faculty greater opportunity for see 17 of our SRM students there. We are now looking to
in their field of study.
mutual interaction and learning. transform our curriculum and learning methodology and
get connected with several renowned research professors We were also happy to see how six of our SRM students, at MIT under SAP,
Foreign visiting faculty help to promote international education, enhance the quality of research, and build at UC Davis and Berkeley to initiate joint research. Well, we have grown with their experiences.
exposure to different cultures and international trends. Over the next three years, the university plans to increase want to make a difference at SRM.
the Indian faculty to international visiting faculty ratio to 60:40. Prof. D. Kingsly Jeba Singh, Dean i/c, School of Mechanical Engineering and
Dr. S. Malarvizhi, HoD, ECE Prof. Leenus Jesu Martin, HoD, Department of Automobile Engineering.
Partial list of foreign faculty Dr. Vimala Juliet, HoD, ICE
Dr. Vladimir A Labay, USA Dr. Lakshmi Narasimhan, USA
Dr. Andrija Maricic, New Zealand Dr. Ramasamy Ramasami, USA
Dr. Kharchenko Nikolay, Germany Dr. Luiz Capretz, Canada
22 Dr.T. Rama Rao, Australia Dr. Gladius Lewis, USA 23
Dr. Vidyacharan Baskar, France
IAB Members
From USA Kannan Srinivasan From UK
Rohan Abeyaratne H.J. Heinz II Professor of Management Christopher R Lowe
Quentin Berg Professor of Mechanics Carnegie Mellon University Director
Head of Department, Mechanical Engineering Institute of Biotechnology
Sunil Dutta
Massachusetts Institute of Technology University of Cambridge
Joan and Egon von Kaschnitz
Wai K. Cheng Distinguished Associate Professor Oliver Linton
Professor of Mechanical Engineering University of California at Berkeley Professor of Econometrics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology California London School of Economics
Mark Stehlik Parasuraman
Professor Professor Dr. William David Evans
Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Education, CSD University of Miami Head, Dept of Medical physics
Carnegie Mellon University Miami Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust
University Hospital of Wales,
Allan L. Fisher N. Venkatraman
Cardiff CFR 14 4XW
Ex-President and CEO Professor
Wales, United Kingdom
I Carnegie Boston University
Pittsburgh Boston From Canada
Malcom Peat
Stacey Lawson Hemant K. Jain
Executive Director
Co-Founder and Industry Fellow Professor
Queen’s University
Center of Entrepreneurship and Technology Sheldon B. Lubar School of Business
University of California, Berkeley University of Wisconsin,Milwakee From Australia
Dr. Daniel Chandran
David M. Jones Ramaiya Balachandra
Faculty of Information Technology
Executive Director Professor
University of Technology
Partners International Program Northeastern University
Sydney, City Campus Broadway
(Teaching Harvard Hospitals) New South Wales 2007
Ganesh Krishnamoorthy
Walsh Research Professor
Dr. Gilbert H. Mudge From Netherland
Senior Cardiologist & Senior Medical Advisor Northeastern University
Dr. Bob Hoekstra
Director BWH International Program Former CEO, Philips R&D center, The Netherlands
Ravi Kumar
Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Associate Dean for International programs
Mrs. Tonny (A) Wildvank
Mr. Rohan Abeyaratne, Mr. Mark Stehlik and Mr. Wai Cheng with Vice Chancellor of SRM University Sunil Gupta and Professor
Vice President / Public Sector
Edward W. Carter Professor of Business University of Southern California
Administration The Netherlands
International Advisory Board (IAB)
Hemant Bhargava
Harvard Business School
Harvard University From Germany
University of California, Davis
Prof. Dr. Bernhard Glaeser
The IAB is actively involved in planning strategies to take the university to a higher level of excellence, be it in research, curriculum or teaching methodology. They V.G. Narayanan
Medini R. Singh Social Science Research Centre
help to build a stronger international dimension by bringing students and faculty from well known universities overseas and by sponsoring foreign study for SRM Thomas D. Casserly, Jr. Professor of Business Berlin
University students like Yasir Hassan Munshi and Vintha, who are going to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. Asst. Professor
Columbia University
Harvard Business School From Singapore
The IAB creates an upbeat environment at SRM University. Possibilities open up to our students and faculty as they interact with IAB members to create avenues for Harvard University Sreeram Ramakrishna
K. Sivakumar
research and successful careers. Dean of Engineering
Chairperson of the Department of Marketing
Vithala R. Rao National University of Singapore
Lehigh University
Deane W. Malott Professor of Management
Johnson Graduate School of Management| H. Raghav Rao Lee Loke Chong
Cornell University Professor Executive Director
State University of New York Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology
S. P Raj
Professor From Japan
Johnson Graduate School of Management Dr. Al Lieberman Prof. Katsutoshi Ayano
Cornell University Prof. of Marketing, Executive Director Chief of the Dept. of Business Administration and
Enterntainment, Media and Technology program Political Sciences at Tokai University
Ashish Arora
Stern School of Business,
Professor of Economics and Public Policy
Carnegie Mellon University

24 25
CAB Members
University Level Mr. P. R. Krishnan Mr. Raju Venkatraman Mr. Thomas Verghese Simon
Mr. Govind Hari Snghania Vice President, TCS Joint Managing Director & COO, Vice president - HR, TCS
Firstsource Solutions Mr. P. R. Umamaheswaran
Drector, JK Organisation Mr. JK Menon Vice President ( Operations),
Managing Director,TCI Sanmar Mr. Ramesh Datla Lucas TVS
Mr. Gulab chand Chemicals LLC, Egypt Managing Director, Elico
Editor, Rajasthan Patrika Gp. Capt.R. Vijayakumar
Mr. Mohan Narayanan Mr. Ramesh Kymal Executive Director, MMA
Mr. Gurcharan Das Vice President, Cognizant Managing Director, NEG Micon
Ex-Director, Proctor and Gamble India Mr. Vikaram Shah
Mr. K. P. Murthy Dr. C. B. Rao President, Network Appliance Systems
Mr. Harpal Singh Strategic Consultant, Bosch Limited Dy. Managing Director, Orchid
Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Mr. Vinay Deshpande
Chairman, Ranbaxy Labs. Ltd. Dr. P. V. R. Murthy CEO, Encore Software Ltd.
CEO- Exclusive Search Mr. R.L. Ravichandran
Mr. Pradipta Kumar Mahopatra Recruitment Services CEO, Royal Enfield Mr. O.P. Yadav
President & Chief executive, President, Madura Coats
Spencer & Co Mr. R. M. Muthukaruppan Mr. S. Ravi Shankar
Managing Director, Tamilnadu Director, Super Auto Forge
Mr. N. Ram Petroproducts Ltd.
Mr. A. Satish kumar
Editor in Chief, Hindu Mr. S. Nagarajan Managing Director,
Advisor, TAFE Henkel SPIC India Ltd.
School Level
Mr. Abhyakumar Mrs. Nanda Chintaluri Mr. D. Selvan
Vice Chairman, Asia Cryo-cell Assistant Vice President, OfficeTiger Senior Vice President, Wipro

Dr. Anil Kush, Ph.D, MBA Dr. K. K. Narayanan Mr. K. Shankar

CEO, Vittal Mallya Scientific Research Managing Director, Managing Director, Technip India Ltd.
Foundation Metahelix Life Sciences
Mr. V. Shankar
Mr. Aravind Sitaraman Mr. S. Narayanan Vice President, Cognizant
Managing Director, CISCO Vice President ( Operations),
Engineering India Bimetal Bearing Mr. V. Shiv Shankar
AVP, Infosys
Mr. S. Chandramohan Mr. T. M. Natarajan
Managing Director, Tuticorin Alkali VP - Global Head Testing, Hexaware Mr. C. Siva Kumar
Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. Chief Executive, Prabha Engineers
Mr. V. R. Pappu
Mr. K. Ganesan Executive Director, Ashok Leyland Mr. Srikant
Vice President - HR, TCS CEO, CSM Software
Ms. Poornima

Corporate Advisory Board (CAB) Mr. Ganesh Margabandhu President, India Semiconductor Mr. Srinivasan
VP, Global Delivery, IBM Association Chairman, SRA Systems

A unique platform, connecting over 150 industries from across the country, the CAB brings students face to face with senior managers, vice-presidents, chairmen Mr. Himesh Misra Mr. M. Rafeeque Ahmed Mr. Srinivasan
and the top management of leading companies in the industry. Working in partnership with industry helps students and faculty gain a broader view and the expertise Country Leader, Global Solutions Chairman, Tamil Nadu State Council, Managing Director, Shardlow India
to live and work in a global context. The board also works along with the university’s academicians and plays a key role in keeping the engineering and management Acceleration Initiative, IBM FICCI
programs in tune with industry trends. Mr. T.V. Subba Rao
Mr. L. S. Jayaraman Mr. R. Raghuttama Rao President, Pottipati Plaza
Education in the future should work closely with industry in formulating academic and research agendas. Our greatest challenge in this regard is to develop, in our Executive Vice President ( Projects), Managing Director, ICRA
students and faculties, the attitudes as well as the aptitudes needed to translate new knowledge from research to practical ends, transforming the way we live. Mr. Sushil Kapoor
Sundaram Brake Linings
Mr. P. S. Rajamani CEO, SRF Ltd.
Mr. Jayaram Rangan Vice President ( Operations),
Mr. R .C. Swamy
Managing Director, Fichtner Simpson & Co.
Vice President, Larsen &
Mr. John Panikar Mr. Rajeev Gupta Toubro Infotech
Managing Director, Managing Director, Carlyle India
Praxair India Private Limited

26 27
Knowledge has no borders
The pursuit of knowledge doesn’t stop at the borders of any country. Through its links with foreign universities,
SRM University sponsors advanced learning for its most eager students. These students experience an international
education, a different culture and in the process raise their calibre to be at par with the world’s best.

Semester Abroad Program

In a move that’s a first of its kind, the university has initiated a semester abroad program (SAP). A 100 meritorious
students have been given the opportunity of a lifetime to spend a semester at some of the best universities around
the world including Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Carnegie Mellon, Northeastern University, UC Davis,
SUNNY Buffalo, University of Wisconsin, Lille Catholic University, University of Western Australia and many others.
This priceless exposure to a whole new sphere of learning brightens their job prospects in India and abroad and,
more importantly, creates graduates who are future ready.

SRM has a unique arrangement with Unviersity of Wisconsin, Milwaukee to transfer students at the end of 3rd
year for BS and MS program at Unviersity of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, in just two years. SRM also has a dual degree
program with university of Warwick in the area of Plant Biotechnology.

Students who have been sponsored to various foreign universities in 2008 include:

Massachusetts Institute University of Wisconsin, University of Western

of Technology, USA Milwaukee, USA Australia, Australia
Abha Sharma Aishwarya Natesh S. Sriram
Agrim Sareen Andrea Shirley Vikas Kumar
Balakrishnan Dominic Pritham
Bikash Kumar Agarwal Gana Viknesh J Warwick University,
Deepika Sreedhar Gaurav Gangal Dual Degree, UK
Divya Ashok Karthik PL Sajna Anand S
Prathna Shruti Srinivas Kaushik Ghosh
Dundee University,
Sahil Maheshwari Naveen Kumar Gundumogula
Dual Degree, UK
Suhitha. C Nitin Ranjan
Jaya kishore K
M. Venkatesh Omar Mehtab
Mohamed Zakir
Vikas Kumar Rachana Kumar
S Rakesh
S. Vnitha Raghu Ram Puvada
Vijay M
Yasir Hassan Munshi Ravi Upreti
Santhosh Yegnaraman Birmingham City
Carnegie Mellon L. Shankar University, UK
University, USA M. Suganth Matilda Correya
R. Sivaraman V. Sundar Niveditha
K. Smriti Taran Singh Bedi Thiripurasundari
M. Varshaa
University of California, Kyushu Institute of
Vikas S Bhardwaj
Davis, USA Technology, Japan
R. Ajay Sundar SUNY Buffalo, USA M. Bhalakumaran
Archana Dhanalakshimi S. Pradeep
Chava Abhishikta Kandavelue
Deepak Ranjan Nayak Sumathi Lille Catholic University,
All 17 of us find the interdisciplinary Gangula Naga Sahithi France
research here to be tremendous Iqubal Mohamed Aslam Northeastern University, Krishnakumar
and awe-inspiring. We have had the B. Jagadish USA
opportunities to interact with a vast Jeya Balaji Balasubramanian Aravind Technical University
majority of leaders in major fields of M.S. Karthik Nagaraj Chemnitz, Germany
Sciences and Engineering. This has Kommana Sai Lahari Nandhini Adithya
immensely expanded our knowledge Mahesh Bahuleyan Vamsi Krishna
and boosted our academic profiles. Neeraj Kumar Lal
Umeå University,
I feel great to share with you that Agrim and I have started working on Sweden
This should aid us towards reaching Priyatha Premnath Masschusetts Institute
project Mars Gravity - a five week space mission to observe the effect
our ultimate goals of obtaining Poornima Nair of Medicine (Josh Shruthi Venugopal
of micro gravity on mammals. Having spent a semester at MIT, this was
graduate admissions with scholarships Shwetha Shekar Laboratory), USA Somasankar
a once in a life time opportunity of getting hands-on experience on a
and funding. V.M. Subhashree Kavitha
project backed by NASA.
Tripura Ramjee
28 Sahil Maheshwari, MIT, USA Aslam Iqubal Mohamed, UC Davis Varun 29
Extending a humanitarian touch
Saving lives comes naturally for those belonging to the SRM medical corps. Both the Ramapuram and the Kattankulathur
campus possess some outstanding medical facilities manned by expert medical personnel. They are at hand to treat
maladies ranging from minor injuries to trauma and have a host of specialized departments linked to the medical college.
So as a student you will be exposed to some of the best healthcare training you can receive.

SRM Medical College Hospital, Kattankulathur

This 750-bed hospital houses a wide spectrum of medical specialties and subspecialties. The staff tends to 1,000
patients daily. Employees from such corporates as Carborundum Universal, TATA and Johnson Controls Automotive seek
treatment, along with people from all over Kancheepuram. Many patients have the benefit of insurance cover via tie-ups
with TTK Health Care, Health India and others. Some key features are:
• Round the clock experienced hospital staff of 270 doctors, nurses and paramedics
• Largest blood bank in the state
• Multiple state of the art emergency care units designed in consultation with Partners HealthCare
• Ambulance services available 24/7

General Hospital, Ramapuram

This multi-specialty facility ensures that high quality, affordable healthcare reaches the community. Hospital services
include special clinics, counseling, and courses in wellness and life skills. It has links with other city hospitals so that
students receive optimal exposure during clinical training. Top of the line facilities include:
• 300 beds and round the clock emergency services
• Well-stocked pharmacy
• Excellent post-operative care
• High tech operation theater complex
• Modern computerized laboratories functioning round the clock
• X-ray unit and other investigation facilities

Healthcare that creates bonds

The Medical & Health Sciences colleges regularly coordinate camps and awareness drives in nearby villages. Students,
staff and faculty screen and treat as many people as possible. They dispense free medicine and treatment, and visit
schools to conduct pre-emptive screenings and to teach basic health awareness to children.

In September 2006, the Cardiology Department sprung into action on a day observed in countries across the world
by asking the question, ÒHow young is your heart?Ó Around 280 students from the Neelan Matriculation School at
Guduvancheri literally took this question to heart as our students and staff conducted cardiac screenings. The students
were also involved in classes and workshops that taught the ins and outs of cardiac disease prevention.

Reaching out to the community

SRM University has opened many primary healthcare facilities throughout the city and in villages surrounding Chennai
where our students gain valuable experience. One group of centers caters to 526 families in 3 villages around
Maraimalai Nagar and 9 villages near Mamandur. Center staff direct patients who require more sophisticated secondary
and tertiary medical care to hospitals. Here are some of the key services the centers provide:
• Outpatient care & referral
• Primary immunization
• Antenatal, delivery & postnatal care
• Clinics for children under five
• Educating schoolchildren about general health, conducting screenings for cardiac ailments and infectious diseases,
and giving dental and general health checkups
• Family welfare checkups followed by field visits

30 31
Breaking away from the routine
The pressures of a highly demanding curriculum can get to even the best of students. This is the time
to mix with other students in the same boat as you. SRM University attracts students from a variety
of backgrounds, from around the country and overseas. The cosmopolitan environment is filled with
opportunity, to learn and understand other cultures and languages.

Association & clubs

There are a number of clubs that a new student entering the campus can choose from. As varied as one’s
interests, they include yoga, meditation, community service, music, debate, poetry, literature and many
others. The photography club, the literary club and the mathematics club are some of the most popular
ones as many students find common ground. Images SRM conducts training programs regularly on
various areas of photography, film processing, animation, editing and mixing, and shooting documentaries.

Students can take time out from rigorous training and keep fit by taking advantage of the well-equipped
gymnasium or through yoga. Professionals are at hand to help students if needed. Swimming to relieve stress or
a brisk canter on a horse are popular activities amongst the peers. The campus also features an outdoor jogging
track and cycling range.

Athletics & sports

You will find open grounds and all the facilities that an athlete could wish for. Coaches guide budding
players, and exceptional student athletes receive cash incentives and sponsorships.
With a rich crop of state and national level players, we have received many laurels over the years. Our
Men’s Cricket team, number one in all of Tamil Nadu, represents the state in the Ranji Trophy tournament.
Men’s Intra-University Basketball is number one in India; women’s Intra-University Basketball places
The university started organizing and sponsoring athletic events in 2005 with the SRM Junior National
Athletics Championship held at Nehru stadium in Chennai in 2006, SRM University hosted both the South
India and the All-India Intra-University Men’s Basketball tournaments on the Kattankulathur campus. The
SRM All-India Volleyball tournament followed in March 2007 and the SRM All-India Professional Boxing
Championship in July 2007. You can look forward to many more events on this dynamic campus.

Aarush ‘07: An enthralling first

This one of a kind four-day annual technological festival was enthralling by the sheer number of the
participants from leading universities and engineering colleges. Former President, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
graced the symposium on the second day and stirred the gathering with his address. From distinguished
guest lectures by eminent experts in the various fields of science and technology to workshops and
events, Aarush ‘07 allowed students and members of academe to brush heads at the highest level.

The events organized by the university were the highlight of the symposium. From robot modeling to
junkyard wars, gaming championships to DJ wars, the event was a celebration of talent and skill.

Hi-tech auditorium
Former president Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and Tamil Nadu Governor, Hon. Surjit Singh Barnala are a few who
have graced the podium in the hi-tech auditorium addressing an audience of 4,000 eager students. Here
are some of the main auditorium’s unique features:
• Cinemascopic 70mm screen
• Nexo audio system with DTS, Dolby Digital Surround
• A 10,000 lumen projector - The first of its kind in India
• Digital presentation equipment
The International video conferencing hall in the auditorium block can seat 250 persons and is well
equipped for seamless video conferencing in real time. The second conference hall in the same auditorium
block can seat another 250.

32 33
Engineering & Technology (Programs & Eligibility)
Eligibility for B.Tech.: A pass in 10+2 or its equivalent and (a) for all programs: Minimum 60% aggregate in mathematics, physics & chemistry. (b) for Bioinformatics,
Biomedical Engineering, Bioprocess Engineering, Food Process Engineering, Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering: Minimum 60% aggregate in biology, physics
and chemistry.
Eligibility for B. Arch.: A pass in 10+2 or its equivalent having a minimum aggregate of 60% with English and Mathematics as subjects of study and a minimum
NATA score of 80 out of 200.
Eligibility for B. Des.: A pass in 10+2 or its equivalent with a minimum aggregate of 60%
Eligibility for postgraduate courses: For details on the various specializations please log on to
How to apply: There are three ways. The application form obtained on payment can be filled and sent to the Dean (Admissions). Applications downloaded from the
web can be filled and sent along with a DD of Rs. 750 favoring SRMIST, payable at Chennai, to the Dean (Admissions). Candidates can also register, submit the
application and pay Rs. 750 online.

Courses offered in Kattankulathur Campus, Chennai:

B.Tech. Infrastructure Engineering Geo Technical Engineering
Aerospace Engineering Mechanical Engineering Information Technology
Automobile Engineering Mechatronics Information Security and Cyber Forensics
Bioinformatics B. Arch. (Bachelor of Architecture) Knowledge Engineering

Biomedical Engineering B. Des. (Interior Design) Multimedia Technology

Bioprocess Engineering M.Tech. Power Electronics & Drives

Biomedical Engineering Power Systems Engineering
Biotechnology Remote Sensing & GIS
Chemical Engineering
Chemical Engineering Robotics
Civil Engineering
Communication Systems Software Engineering
Computer Science & Engineering
Computer Aided Design Structural Engineering
Computer Science & Software Engineering
Computer Integrated Manufacturing VLSI Design
Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Computer Science & Engineering Water Resources & Management
Electronics & Communication Engineering
Construction Engineering & Management Genetic Engineering
Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering
Digital Communication & Networking M. Arch. (Architectural Design)
Food Process Engineering
Database Systems M.S.
Genetic Engineering TQM
Electronics & Control Engineering
Geo Informatics Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Embedded Systems Technology
Information & Telecommunication Engineering
Environmental Engineering Ph. D. in all disciplines
Information Technology
Food and Nutrition Biotechnology
Instrumentation & Control Engineering

Scholarship & bank loan Courses offered in Ramapuram Campus, Chennai:

B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering
Students with talent and determination will always find aid at SRM University. There are various scholarship schemes and student finance schemes offered by Computer Science & Engineering Civil Engineering
select nationalized and private banks that students can avail of. So affordability shall not be an obstacle for any student who wishes to pursue his/her education Electronics & Communication Engineering Electrical & Electronics Engineering
here. Information Technology
Scholarship schemes Courses offered in Modi Nagar Campus, Delhi:
SRM University offers scholarships and fee waiver to deserving students on the basis of academic merit, sports and cultural excellence and economic need.
B.Tech. Information Technology VLSI Design
• In 2007-08, an amount of Rs. 5.5 crores and in 2008-09, Rs.6 crores benefited over 1500 students in the form of scholarships, tuition waiver, teaching
assistance and sponsorships. Computer Science & Engineering M.Tech.
• SRM Founder’s Scholarship, provides opportunity to the students with excellent academic record, sports and cultural track record, and those economically Electronics & Communication Engineering Computer Science & Engineering
challenged. The founder’s scholarship includes complete tuition waiver, book fees, hostel and mess fees and transportation with an additional stipend of about
Rs.1000/month. The students continue to avail this financial assistance throughout the course based on their performance. Courses offered in Trichy Campus, Trichy (subject to approval by competent councils):
Convenient educational bank loans B.Tech.
Those who aspire to be a part of SRM University can now avail themselves of full educational loans through select banks with which the university created links. Computer Science & Engineering
They are: ICICI, SBI, City Union bank, State Bank of Mysore, Corporation Bank and Indian Overseas Bank. The loan can also be availed at the university campus
Electronics & Communication Engineering
during the counseling and admission sessions. The process is simple and hazzle free so every student has access to financial aid. In fact, during the academic year
2007-08, spot loans sanctioned by the various banks during counseling amounted to INR 75 crore. Information Technology
Mechanical Engineering
Civil Engineering
34 35
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Medicine & Health Sciences (Programs & Eligibility) Science & Humanities (Programs & Eligibility)
Eligibility: For MBBS & BDS–H.S.C. (+2) or equivalent qualification with English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology/Botany & Zoology, possessing marks as prescribed Eligibility: For details on various programs please log on to
by the respective statutory councils.
How to apply: There are two ways. The application form obtained on payment can be filled and sent to the Dean (Admissions). Applications downloaded from the
Eligibility for Paramedical and postgraduate courses: For details on the various programs please verify Medicine and Health Sciences Faculty Prospectus or log on web can be filled and sent along with a DD of Rs.750, favoring SRMIST, payable at Chennai, to the Dean (Admissions).
Courses offered in Kattankulathur Campus, Chennai:
How to apply: There are two ways. The application form obtained on payment can be filled and sent to the Dean (Admissions). Applications downloaded from the
web can be filled and sent along with a DD of Rs.1000 for Medical and Dental courses & Rs.750 for paramedical courses as applicable, favoring SRMIST, payable Diploma B.Com. Applied Micro Biology
at Chennai, to the Dean (Admissions). Hotel Management & Catering Technology B.C.A. Biotechnology
Teacher Education (D.T.Ed) B.B.A. Chemistry
Courses offered in Kattankulathur Campus, Chennai:
D.F.A (Film Acting) B.A. Computer Science & Tech. (integrated)
Bachelor Degrees • Paediatric Nursing • Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Tamil Genetics
M.B.B.S • Psychiatric Nursing • Pharmaceutical Chemistry
PG Diploma Economics Hotel & Catering Management
B.D.S. Master of Physiotherapy • Pharmacognosy
Journalism Journalism & Mass Communication Mathematics
B.Sc. General Nursing • Biomechanics • Pharmacology
B.P.Ed. Physics
Bachelor of Physiotherapy • Cardiorespiratory • Pharmacy Practice
U.G. Programs Visual Communication
Bachelor of Occupational Therapy • Community Rehabilitaion M.B.A. Pharma
Bachelor of Pharmacy • Hand Conditions Masters in Public Health P.G. Programs
Aviation & Airport Management
Pharm. D (Doctor of Pharmacy) • Neurology • Health Management Biotechnology Computational Mathematics
• Obstetrics and Gynaecology • IT in Health Care M.Com.
Bachelor of Audiology and Speech Computer Science
Language Pathology • Orthopaedics • Occupational and Industrial Health M.A
Hotel & Catering Management
B.Sc. Optometry • Paediatric Neurology • Health systems and Clinical Research Information & System Management Mass Communication
Ph.D. in all disciplines
Bachelor of Medical Record Sciences • Sports Physiotherapy Visual Communication Tamil
B.Sc. Medical Laboratory Technology Masters in Occupational Therapy Diploma Courses B. Ed. Economics

• Cardiorespiratory Diploma in Nursing B.F.T. (Film Technology) M. Ed.

Master Degrees • Community Rehabilitation Diploma in Optometry M.Sc.
M.Sc. Human Anatomy • Hand Conditions Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology Courses offered in Ramapuram Campus, Chennai:
M.Sc. Human Physiology • Neurology Diploma in Medical Record Science
U.G. Programs M.Sc.
M.Sc. Medical Biochemistry • Orthopaedics
B.Sc. Biotechnology & Bioinformatics
M.Sc. Medical Microbiology • Paediatrics Certificate Courses
Biotechnology & Bioinformatics Biotechnology & Bioinformatics (integrated)
M.Sc. Nursing • Psychiatry Certificate course in Opthalmic Technology
• Community Health Masters in Pharmacy Certificate in Blood Bank Technology P.G. Programs
Computer Science & Tech. (Integrated)
• Maternity • Pharmaceutics Health Inspector
• Medical Surgical Nursing • Pharmaceutical Analysis MCA

Courses offered in Ramapuram Campus, Chennai: Courses offered in Modi Nagar Campus, Delhi:
Bachelor Degree • Conservative dentistry and endodontics • Periodontics
B.Ed. • M.Ed. • MCA
• B. D.S • Oral Pathology • Prosthodontics
Courses offered in Trichy Campus, Trichy (subject to approval by competent councils):
Master Degrees • Oral and Maxillofacia Surgery
M.D.S. (Master of Dental Surgery) • Orthodontics U.G. Programs
Courses offered in Trichy Campus, Trichy (subject to approval by competent councils): B.Sc (Computer Science)
M.B.B.S B.Sc (Hotel and Catering Management)

36 37
Management (Programs & Eligibility)
Eligibility: For details on various programs please log on to

How to apply: There are two ways. The application form obtained on payment can be filled and sent to the Dean (Admissions). Applications downloaded from the
web can be filled and sent along with a DD of Rs.750, favoring SRMIST, payable at Chennai, to the Dean (Admissions).

Courses offered in Kattankulathur Campus, Chennai:


Courses offered in Ramapuram Campus, Chennai:


Courses offered in Modi Nagar Campus, Delhi:


A simple admission process

A simplified admission process starts at the counseling desk, which gives a helping hand to scholars in search of the stream of their choice. Obtain application
forms for the various courses from the Admission Office of the University at Kattankulathur or at the Head Office. They can also be downloaded from the university
website at Or else, they can be procured from major post offices across India and from select banks like State Bank of India, Indian Bank,
City Union Bank, Karur Vysya Bank and Axis Bank.

Here is a helpful list of documents you need to submit along with the application• Mark sheet of qualifying examination or equivalent • Transfer certificate from the
institution last studied in • Conduct certificate • Community certificate • Three passport-size photographs • Joint declaration by candidate and parent/guardian in
the specified format • Any other documents required by the university

38 39
Getting from where you are to where we are














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Administration & Contact
The authority of the SRM University vests with the Chancellor and the Chairman of the SRM Group, Mr. T.R. Pachamuthu, the Pro-Chancellor, Mr. P. Ravi, MEDICAL CAMPUS

the Vice-Chancellor, Mr. P. Sathyanarayanan and the Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Dr. R. Shivakumar. MEDICAL COLLEGE HOSPITAL





Kattankulathur Campus Special Note: 


SRM Nagar, Kattankulathur - 603 203, Kancheepuram District, Tamil Nadu. Any fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances. The FACULTY OF SCIENCE AND HUMANITIES

Phone: +91-44-2745 2270, +91-44-2741 7777, +91-44-2745 4646 information given in this prospectus is purely indicative, and all concerned FACULTY OF MANAGEMENT

Fax: +91-44-2745 2343 may seek for final confirmation regarding any issue from the respective HOSTEL FACILITIES

Heads of the Faculties or the Corporate Office. The university reserves the
Ramapuram Campus right to change, alter, amend or rescind any matter given herein at any
Bharathi Salai, Ramapuram, Chennai - 600 089. point of time as it may deem necessary without notice or assigning any
Phone: +91-44-2249 2882, +91-44-2249 2887 reason whatsoever. All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts Directions
Fax: +91-44-2249 1777 at Chennai only.
Travelling on the GST Road from Chennai, you will pass the Chennai International Airport on your right.Continue
Modi Nagar Campus Anti Ragging Policy: south for 23.2 km. The first entrance into the SRM University, Kattankulathur campus is on your left.Go straight past
Meerut Road, Sikrikalan Modi Nagar, Gazhiabad, Uttar Pradesh - 201 204. Ragging is a punishable offence. Hounourable Supreme Court of India the lake and you will pass the SRM hotel. The main entrance to the Engineering campus will appear on your left.
Phone: +91-1232-248618, +91-1232-221576 has held as follows “If any incidents of ragging comes to the notice of the
Fax: +91-1232-245441 authority, the concerned student shall be given liberty to explain and if his
explanation is not found satisfactory, the authority would expel him from
Trichy Campus
the institutions”.
SRM University Trichy, Irungalur post, Mannachanallur Taluk,
Trichirapalli Dist, Pincode - 621 105.
Phone: +91-0431-2910599

Head Office
Veerasamy Street, West Mambalam, Chennai 600 033.
Phone: +91-44-2474 2836, +91-44-2474 7231,
+91-44-2489 2621, +91-44-2489 3688
40 Fax: +91-44-2474 8925 41

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