1. Born to wealthy parents in Lithuania in 1938.

His father was a count, his mother a descendant of theVisconti family in Milan. His family was killed by the Nazis, and he was the lone survivor. In 1970¶s he started his psychiatric practice in Baltimore, Maryland. He is described as being short with maroon colored eyes and 6 fingers on his left hand. He has the habit of tilting his head to one side while listening, and his former caretaker Barney Jackson spotted him last in Buenos Aires in 1993. HANNIBAL LECTER

2. Based on real life serial killer Ed Glein, he first appeared in a novel by Robert Bloch. Emotionally dependent on his mom, he killed her when she had a lover. He suffered from Multiple Personality Disorder, and often assumed his mother¶s identity. Who is he? NORMAN BATES

3. He is a man of good birth and excellent

education, endowed by nature with a phenomenal mathematical faculty. At the age of 21 he wrote a treatise upon the binomial theorem, which has had a European vogue. He won the mathematical chair at one of the smaller universities in Britian and had a great career in front of him. His choice of weapon was the ³air rifle´, which was made for him by a blind German mechanic Von Herder and used by his employee Col Sebastian Moran. PROF MORIARTY 4. Born and raised in the fictional Applachian town of Crikkside,KY, he was subjected to systematic abuse as a child turning him into a sociopath. A brilliant student noted for his talents in acting, he hated the small town mentality. He went down into the mine with his father and from then on developed a fear of darkness. At the age of 16 he ran away to Boston, where he was taken in by Richard Rushman the city¶s archbishop. Rushman was

a paedophile and forced him to take part in child pornography,along with his girlfriend Linda. He brutally murdered Rushman and the case created a sensation in the city. His case was handled by Martin Vail. This character appeared in a novel and movie of the same name. Who is he? AARON STAMPLER

5. One of the most notorious fictional pirates, he served under Captain Flint of the Walrus. Capt Flint himself a notorious pirate was afraid of this man. He had a parrot named Flint. Name this guy. LONG JOHN SILVER 6. He was responsible for ³the delivery of prisoners to the court, collection of rents and taxes, and generally keeping the ³King¶s Peace´. From 1450 to 1835, this position was shared by two people. The current person who holds this position is Derek Cresswel. What am I referring to here?


7. He was born on May 28,1908 to a Polish father and Greek mother in Gdynia. He studied economics at the University of Warsaw. He later studied radionics at the Warsaw Institute of Technology. During WW2, he worked for Turkish radio and set up an intelligence organization. He headed one of the most notorious fictional criminal organization which spread terror across the globe. His birthdate is in fact the author¶s birthdate and his name was inspired by the surname of the father of a well known English cricket commentator, with whom the author went to school. Who is he and what is the organization?( 2 points) ERNEST BLOFELD, SPECTRE 8. His German name is Merkwurdigliebe. He was modeled after Herman Kahn, Werner Von Braun, Henry Kissinger and Edward Teller. His speeches are interrupted by struggles

His first name is Viktor.STRANGELOVE 9. Who? DR. He was a serial killer and used to prey on kids. He is a self taught disciple of medeieval alchemy. FRANKENSTEIN 10. Born to Amanda. who later became a nun and changed her name to Sister Mary Helena. His surname is derived from the former name of Zabkowice Slaskie a city in the Silesian province of Germany after whom one of the city¶s families is also named. His crimes were discovered by the cops and he was dubbed the ³Springwood Slasher´. One of the most popular screen villains of all time. He has often been called the Modern Prometheus. During his high school days he met a waitress Loretta Johnson and married her. He is the spirit of a child .to gain control over the affliction of alien hand syndrome. He leaves his family in Geneva to study modern science at Ingolstatdt in Germany.

loyal. Another meaning of this word is where you catch your own image out of corner of your eye.( 2 points) FREDDY KRUGER. German Shepherd Dog and ««««.. He wanted a dog that was strong. Dortmund. It has been adapted to an English term meaning the ghostly double of a living person. Which one? LAGER 2. DOBBERMAN 3.serial killer and has the tendency to attack kids in their dreams. This beverage takes it¶s name from a German word meaning ³to store´. Brewed primarily from hops. And this dog was achieved by the cross breeding of many breeds like Rottweiler. was a tax collector in 1890 who needed a protection dog to guard him. Name this character and the series of movies in which he was the central villain. intelligent and fierce. Very much used in . NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET (20 Comments |Comment on this) 10:22 am English Words of German Origin 1. Helles. Greyhound. The literal meaning of this German word means ³double goer´. Fill in the blanks to give the full name of the dog. Great Dane. Pilsner are some popular varieties of this drink. Louis ««««. malted barley and water between 5 C and 15 C that causes bottom fermentation.

Hollywood horror movies. which is also used in English language in another context also. Which word? ERSATZ 5. ACK ACK 6. The word eventually came to mean ³to slap a work of art together´. Another theory holds that it is connected to a German verb meaning ³to scrape up mud from the street´. KITSCH 7. It appealed to the crass tastes of the noveau riche Munich bourgeoisie who tried to ape the culture of the traditional German elite. Which term ? DOPPELGANGER 4. It is commonly characterized as a ³sick pleasure´ or the .36 or 37. Literally meaning ³substitute´ in German. During WW2 the German 88 was one of the best known artillery pieces.8cm X 18. From a German expression meaning ³damage and joy´. This word is believed to have originated in the Munich art markets of the 19th century to describe cheap but easily marketable pictures or sketches. X is a short form of the German word for anti aircraft gun. It was a series of anti aircraft guns which were referred to officially as 8. the term in English refers to any cheap replacement for a product. which is of much inferior quality compared to the original one. its literal meaning is ³ to take pleasure from some one else misfortune´. What is X. Also used as an expression of disgust.

This term used mostly in mountaineering means ³to rope down´ in German. literature basically to represent a repeating musical score or a recurring theme in a literary work. rapping. Also called as rapelling. So awaiting ur replies in 2006 and once more WISH U ALL A HAPPY NEW . Also an abbreviation of the German designation for tanks during WW2 which when translated into English meant ³Armored Combat Vehicle´. 2006 1:11 pm Hollywood Biopics Quiz I round off my list of quizzes for 2005 with another one on my fav topic-Hollywood. this should be a sitter for you. snapelling. ABSEIL 10. If you are a WW2 buff. January 16th. and keeping the year end spirit in mind. And this term is used in music. It basically describes the process of descending down a fixed rope.human tendency to make fun of people less fortunate than us. PANZER (Comment on this) Monday. i have made it quite easier. It is the German word for ³armor´. This time its on Hollywood biopics. LEITMOTIF 9. SCHAUDENFREUDE 8. The literal meaning of this German word means ³the leading theme´.

1934: Claudette Colbert. 1963: ? . This 2003 movie starring Cate Blanchett was however a serious biopic about a real life Irish journalist who takes on the Dublin drug mafia and ultimately was gunned down by them. Name the movie VERONICA GUERNIN 3. played the role of Valera? ALAN RICKMAN 4. The 1996 movie Michael Collins about the Irish revolutionary leader who was later assassinated had Liam Neeson playing the title role.YEAR. usually seen as the bad guy in Hollywood movies. 1. The movie however was criticized for showing Collin¶s rival Eamon De Valera in a negative light. 1917: Theda Bara. The 1992 biopic ³Hoffa´ about the controversial Teamsters Union leader ³Jimmy Hoffa´ starred Jack Nicholson in the title role. Jerry Bruckheimer and Joel Schumacher are usually remembered for all those typical Hollywood action blockbusters. Which actor. Which actor directed the movie and also played the role of Hoffa¶s associate Bobby Ciaro? DANNY DE VITO 2.

to make it look broken. and even put a rod in his nose. The 1999 movie Man on the Moon starring Jim Carey was about real life American comedian Andy Kauffman.ELIZABETH TAYLOR 5. Which actor? REX HARRISON 6. This British actor who played the role of Pope Julius II however refused to grow a beard for the role. This 1992 movie Malcolm X about the controversial American Black leader who later converted to Islam. Charlton Heston played the role of Michaelangelo. The 1939 movie Jesse James starring Henry Fonda as the outlaw became notorious after the death of a horse on it¶s sets. In the 1965 movie The Agony and The Ecstasy . Which real life political leader played a cameo in the movie as a teacher? NELSON MANDELA 8. What started as a result of it? DISCLAIMER ABOUT ANIMALS NOT BEING HARMED 7. had Denzel Washington in the lead role. The movie gets it¶s title from a song by a well known rock band which in turn is taken from the album .

E. and all my Quizzes would be appearing out on here. MOTORCYCLE DAIRIES 10. who traveled along with Alberto Granado on the La Poderosa which means the ³Mighty One´ and what resulted because of it? CHE GUEVARA. What was his claim to fame? HE PLAYED THE ROLE OF BLACK MAN TOM ROBINSON WHOM PECK DEFENDS IN TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD 2. Which black actor turned down the role of her abusive husband Ike Turner and finally accepted when he learnt that Basset was playing the role? LAURENCE FISHBURNE (Comment on this) 1:04 pm Hollywood Quiz 2K6 From now onwards i would be posting answers and scores on my blog out here.Automatic for the People. Name the band. 1.M 9. When Gregory Peck died in 2003. Should be a sitter. R. Halle Berry and Whitney Houston were considered for playing the role of Tina Turner in the 1993 biopic Whats Love Got to Do with It. before Angela Basset finally played the role. the eulogy was delivered by a relatively unknown actor Brock Peters. Malcolm Johnson a reporter with the now defunct New York Sun won a Pulitzer Prize in 1949 for a series .

He however couldn¶t convince movie studios to produce this movie and years later X transferred the rights to Y who co produced the movie along with Saul Zentz of United Artists. Name the movie.called Crime -------------. X starred in the stage version of One Flew Over the Cuckoo¶s Nest as Murphy and bought the rights to the novel. He however shot into fame as a director of a movie regarded as a classic in it¶s genre. Finian¶s Rainbow. However with no major studio wanting to risk this movie. This series would be the basis for an all time great American classic. He had a none too impressive start to his career with duds like You are a Big Boy Now. ON THE WATERFRONT 3. Ford approached Republic Studios which was noted for it¶s B Grade movies. After the success of the ³cavalry´ trilogy John Ford & John Wayne came together for this very unlikely movie which was a romantic comedy set in Ford¶s native country of Ireland. He got his first major break when he won the Best Screenplay Award along with Edmund North for Patton in 1970. Who? FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA 5. Who are X & Y? KIRK AND MICHAEL DOUGLAS 4. The .

Tim Matheson. She gets a royal welcome from the British. After three days of continuous activity and a visit to Buckingham Palace. Selleck would later appear in a similar sort of movie called High Road to China. where her Highness dedicated the new International Aid Building and christened an ocean liner. And so to Rome. the Eternal City. as thousands cheer the gracious young member of one of Europe's oldest ruling families. ³Paramount News brings you a special coverage of Princess Ann's visit to London. THE QUIET MAN 6. where the . Nick Nolte and Peter Coyote were some of the other choices. the first stop on her much-publicized. And Republic Studios had their first Oscar nomination in 17 years for Best Movie. where she attended many official functions designed to cement trade relations between her country and the Western European nation. goodwill tour of European capitals.movie was a success in spite of John Wayne not playing his typical cowboy role. Ann flew to Amsterdam. Tom Selleck was originally considered for this role. Which role am I referring to? INDIANA JONES 7. Then went to Paris. Name the movie. but he declined as he was busy with his TV serial Magnum PI.

Name the movie NORTH BY NORTH WEST 10. Breathless. Name the movie. Based on James Jones 1951 novel it was considered unfit for movies due to it¶s violence and raw sexual content. FROM HERE TO ETERNITY THE SCORES Tuppence-5 . Colombia Picture¶s head Harry Cohn took it upon himself to convert the book into a movie and the project was nicknamed as ³Cohn¶s Folly´. As a rebuttal to this liberal and un American movie Howard Hawks and John Wayne came up with a typical Western in 1959. Which movie was that? RIO BRAVO 9. and The Man on Lincoln's Nose were some of the titles considered for this thriller classic. The 1952 Western movie High Noon was seen by many as an attack on Mc Carthyism and the cowardly townspeople who refuse to bail out the embattled sheriff as representing the co operative witnesses before House of Un American activities Committee.Princess' visit was marked by a spectacular military parade´ Opening sequence of which movie? ROMAN HOLIDAY 8. Before taking the final title from a quote in Shakespeare¶s Hamlet. However released in 1953 the movie was a major box office success and won 8 Academy awards.

unfold! Bring me my «««´. Whom am I referring to? .5 Hitler-5 Arindam-5 Ramanujam-4 Shafeek-7 Vijay-3 Sri Harsha-10( Thanks for comments) K. Hope you enjoy this quiz well. The title of the movie derives it¶s name from the autobiography of this person. 1) ³Bring me my bow of burning gold! Bring me my arrows of desire! Bring me my spear! O clouds. Complete it to get the name of the Academy award winning movie based on a real life event. 2005 4:17 pm Real Life to Reel Life Quiz This Quiz is about well known Hollywood movies based on real life incidents or persons.Balasubramaniam-7 Balaji-3 Priyananda-4 Harikrishnan-5 Tipu-10 Karthik-7 Madhav-7 Dhananjay-3. CHARIOTS OF FIRE 2) The 1989 movie ³Born on the 4th of July´ starring Tom Cruise and directed by Oliver Stone was based on the life of this real like Vietnam war veteran who was paralyzed in the war and later became an anti war activist.5 Raja Manoor-10 Sumnanth-10 Vikram-9 Sid Menon-5 Sreeram-6.A.5 Neelakantan-10 Rajesh-4 (Comment on this) Friday. December 30th.Rajnish-5. The above is a quote from poem New Jerusalem by William Blake.

It chronicles the rise and fall of Charles Van Doren one of the most popular contestants on this TV program.RON KOVIC 3) This 1975 Al Pacino movie was based on the real life story of John Wojtowicz who held 7 Chase Manhattan bank employees in New York hostage in 1972 to finance his boy friend¶s sex change operation. Often criticized as ³Dances with facts´ for it¶s wild conspiracy theories. Which movie? DOG DAY AFTERNOON 4) The 1990 gangster movie Godfellas was based on the novel Wiseguy by Nicholas Pelligi starring Robert De Niro as Jimmy Conway and Ray Liotta as Henry Hill. Name this movie. Which talented but often under rated actor won the Best Supporting Actor Award for his performance as Tommy De Vito which was based on the real life gangster Tommy De Simone? JOE PESCI 5) The 1991 movie JFK about Kennedy¶s assasination details the investigation done by New Orleans attorney Jim Garrison( played by Kevin Costner). it ironically had the real life Jim Garrison playing the role of a person to whom he was bitterly opposed. Apart from the Elton John song Amoreena in the credits of the movie. it does not have any background score at all. Which real life person did he play? EARL WARREN 6) One of Robert Redford¶s best movies as a director. this 1994 movie starring Ralph Fiennes was about a _________ scandal of the 1950¶s. QUIZ SHOW .

Name the movie. The movie is also about this notorious Nazi camp commandant of Plaszow who was played by Ralph Fiennes. Anyway all the best. Name the movie. This man was one of the cruellest of the Nazis it was said about him ³ When you saw ««. you saw death´. The 1973 movie starring Steve Mc Queen and Dustin Hoffman was based on his memoirs of his detention at Devil¶s Island in French Guiana.. PAILLION 9) This was a really good if somewhat under rated movie starring Clint Eastwood as Frank Morris who along with the Anglin brothers has the distinction of being the only persons to ««««« ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ 10) Schindler¶s List is about the efforts of Oskar Schindler to save the Jews from the Nazi camps..7) The 1980 WW2 movie starring Gregory Peck. .but i still love these novels.. The Cold war might be over. and i am sure there r many like me out here. The novel itself is based on a real life incident during the war when a group of British expatriates track down a German U Boat in Goa then under Portugese rule and find a secret transmitter on it. the French word for ³Butterfly´. Roger Moore and David Niven is based on the novel Boarding Party. I tried to make up a decent quiz over this and dont feel its very good. Who? AMON GOETH (Comment on this) 4:12 pm Cold War Novels Quiz This quiz is about novels from the good old days of Cold War. THE SEA WOLVES 8) Henri Charriere was also nicknamed as «««.

House Under Water.«. THE 4TH PROTOCOL 2. chief of the London Branch Roy Bland. Identify X to get the name of this novel by Clive Cussler which is quite a ... IPCRESS FILE. One of the best Cold War series of novels. Also made into a movie starring Michael Caine and Pierce ³Bond´ Brosnan. Billion Dollar Brain. Complete the series( 2 points): «.FUNERAL IN BERLIN 3. the current head of the Circus Bill Haydon.it is ultimately foiled by the British secret service. Also made into a movie starring Clint Eastwood.1.SPY 5. From the fictional air base of Bilyarsk. Percy Alleline. Bill Haydon¶s second in command George Smiley the lead character. This Forsyth novel deals with a KGB plot masterminded by Kim Philby to detonate a nuclear device in London. The only known source of this lies in X. it get¶s it name from it¶s location at Cambridge Circus in London ? And the codenames of the above characters make up the name of this Cold War novel? ( 2 points) CIRCUS IS M16. Code named as ³Plan Aurora´ .TAILOR. This 1978 spy thriller by Craig Thomas is about a Vietnam vet Maj Mitchell Grant who has to infiltrate into the Soviet Union to steal a highly advanced Soviet fighter plane known as «««. TINKER.. The US Navy is eager to develop a nuclear defense system using a very rare mineral called Byzanium. What is the Circus referred to here. FIREFOX 4.SOLDIER.

Name it. Which novel? THE SECRET WAYS 8. TOPAZ 10. RAISE THE TITANIC 6. This Jack Higgins novel gets it¶s name from a French anti ship missile which get¶s it name from the French word for Flying Fish. the Warsaw Ghetto( Mila 18). John Tanner.popular thriller bestseller. Leon Uris generally known for his historical themes covering Israel( Exodus). THE SPY WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD (Comment on this) 4:07 pm Hollywood Movie Directors .it deals with a British agent Michael Reynold¶s attempt to help a Hungarian scientist defect from Budapest. One of Maclean¶s lesser known novels. The movie however was a major turkey at the B. Also made into a 1965 movie starring Richard Burton. These missiles were used for the first time extensively in the Falklands war. Which novel am I speaking about? THE OSTERMANN WEEKEND 9. Lawrence Fasset a CIA agent suspects the others in the party are KGB agents. Another well known Cold War novel tells the story of Alec Lemas a British spy who defects to East Germany. but who is in reality being manipulated by George Smiley to infiltrate the East German secret service.O. EXOCET 7. came up with this novel. dealing with the 1962 Cuban Missile crisis. Richard Tremayne and Maxwell Danforth meet for the weekend at Tanner¶s country home. Its notable for it¶s climax on the snow swept roof of a train.

He received an Academy nomination for High Noon.This is a Quiz on famous English movie directors and the movies which made em famous(or even infamous). However due to Hollywood¶s boycott. the wrote the script for The Bridge on the River Kwai. Ironically we in India. He directed the 1963 anti war movie The Victors. when he was offered this movie script rejected by 15 other directors and it went on to become a critical and commercial success also. 1. he joined the American Left in 1930. A leading light of the naturalistic movement in Hollywood. He started his career as a screen writer in Hollywood. ROBERT ALTMAN. Name the director and the movie. During the Mc Carthy years in the 1950¶s. He however had his major breakthrough in 1969. Born to a working class Jewish family in Chicago. In 1955 he came up with his first feature ³The Delinquents´ a low budget flick on teenage crime. he developed a dislike for the Hollywood system which was to be seen in one of his later movies The Player in 1992. Due to his constant fights with Jack Warner. which itself is taken to be a satire on Mc Carthyism. In 1950 he joined the Calvin Company. MASH 2. the largest industrial film production company and during this time directed a series of industrial short movies to promote their products. He started his career as an extra in Danny Kaye¶s ³The Secret Life of Walter Mitty´. He directed some of the episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents. he migrated to England where along with another blacklisted writer Michael Wilson. he was blacklisted due to his early years in the Communist Party and his refusal to testify. would remember him for giving the . this director was born to a Catholic family in Missouri.

the founder of Universal Pictures. Name this script writer and the movie I am referring to.During the 1993 Sundance movie festival. He also directed Roman Holiday which made Audrey Hepburn a major star. he discussed this story idea with his friend Christopher Mc Quarrie.screenplay for a movie regarded as a classic in the war genre and which is quintessentially Hollywood. he was the nephew of Carl Leammle. Jewish and gay. CARL FOREMAN.Miniver and The Best Years of Our Lives. . One of his favorite movies is Jaws and he adopted a line from that movie to name his production company as Bad Hat Harry productions. Born in France. he served in US Army Air Corps as a major and won an Academy for his documentary The Fighting Lady. It however won only two Oscars for Best Original Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor. During the War. And the outcome was this 1995 movie regarded as one of the best movies in the thriller genre.BEN HUR 4. Name the director and the movie. He often said that his experience of growing up as a minority. Known for his perfectionism and total control over story. He started his career with Universal and later relocated MGM for which he directed classics like Jezebel and Wuthering Heights. who is this all time great director and which movie remains his landmark? WILLAM WYLER.location and crew. however he would always be remembered for this 1954 classic for which he won his 3rd Oscar. influenced his development of this series of sci fi movies. He won Academy Awards in 1942 and 1946 for his movies Mrs. GUNS OF NAVARONNNE 3.

He left Paramount and joined RKO where he directed a series of hits like David Copperfield and Little Women. He is also known to have written the scripts for Saving Private Ryan and Minority Report. his parents fled Hungary after the 1956 revolution there. Born to Hungarian parents in New York. but due to his gay habits he was removed.Name the director and any one of those landmark movies.BRYAN SINGER. He however shot to fame when he adapted two well know Stephen King novella into two great movies of the 90¶s and he received Academy nominations for both. His current project is Fahrenheit 451 based on Ray Bradbury¶s novel of same name. He was originally supposed to direct Gone With the Wind. His last movie was 1981 Rich and Famous saw the debut of Meg Ryan into Hollywood. In 1939 he directed The Woman with an all female star cast and the 1940 classic The Philadelphia Story starring his favorite Katherine Hepburn. THE GREEN MILE . he started his Hollywood career in 1929 with Paramount Pictures as a co director before he made his debut with Tarnished Lady in 1931. GEORGE CUKOR.MY FAIR LADY 6. And in 1964 he won his first Academy Award for Best Director. He also directed Greta Garbo in her last screen appearance 2 Faced Woman. JAMES DARAPONT. USUAL SUSPECTS 5. In 1954 he made his first color movie A Star is Born starring Judy Garland. Born in France. His first movie as a director was Burried Alive a TV movie.SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION. for his screen adaptation of a well known play. Name the director and the 1964 movie I am referring to.

His 1992 movie however bought him acclaim as well as helping the hero of this movie to win a Best Actor award after 20 years. X refused to part with one of his scripts as he wanted to direct that movie himself. Martin Brest was well known as a director due to Beverly Hills Cop and the often underrated Midnight Run. X offered him samples of his scripts to read. After the twin debacles of The Last Boy Scout and Hudson Hawk. Scott ended up directing the other one True Romance which established himself as an auteur himself. SCENT OF A WOMAN. wanted to get out from the image of a Hollywood Big Bang director and turned to a much more smaller budget movie which was technically polished. His next movie Meet Joe Black was nothing great. MOTORCYCLE DIARIES . Name X and the movie. Though Scott liked both. brother of Ridley Scott. but he found himself on the other extreme in 2003.7. Name both those movies. Tony Scott. 1. In 1951 as a medical student. RESERVOIR DOGS (2 Comments |Comment on this) 4:04 pm Mixed Bag Quiz-II Another mixed bag Quiz from me. when this movie directed by him was a critical and financial disaster and it won a record 6 Razzies.GIGLI 8. QUENTIN TARANTION. Scott was introduced to a bright enthusiastic video store clerk called X.he traveled along with his friend Alberto Granado on a 1939 500 cc motorcycle nicknamed La Poderosa II meaning ³The Mighty One´ all over South America. Who is he and what was the name of the book he wrote based on his travels? CHE GUEVERA.

This fictional character¶s address is 56B Whitehaven Mansions. It was a center for Renaissance in 15th and 16th centuries.2. Name this place. From 1933 to 1938 it was a center for holding Nazi congress. In the movie The Italian Job. It was remade into an equally good Hindi movie by Basu Chatterjee and premiered as a TV movie. Michael Caine plays the role of the thief Charlie Crocker who leads the team. Another origin is from the sacrifice Jews were required to make on Torah. This is from the Greek and Roman pagan custom where burnt animals were offered to Gods of the earth and nether world. He boasted to his friend and partner Arthur Hastings. NUREMBERG 4. EK RUKA HUA FAISLA 5. Name it. that he could solve a case by using his little gray cells. Who? HERCULES POIROT 6. Which famous playwright plays the role of the mastermind Mr Bridger who runs his entire Mafia empire from the jail? NOEL COWARD .London W1. HOLOCAUST 3. The 1957 movie 12 Angry Men directed by Sidney Lumet and starring Henry Fonda is one of the finest Hollywood movies. We are familiar with this word in a totally different context. Name the Hindi version. This German city gained notoriety for being the first city in the Medieval ages to have Iron Maiden torture device. about a lone juror played by Fonda who believes in the innocence of the defendant. The city gained a lot of notoriety during the World War. This word is originally derived from a Greek word meaning ³A Burnt sacrifice ordered to Gods´.Sandhurst Square.

He tells his story in a teen slang called Nadsat which combines 18th century Russian and English slang.8. If Surya Kiran is the fixed wing aerobatic display team of IAF. Name the book. In the book Animal Farm by George Orwell. Tarantino. In the by now famous cult sci fi classic 2001: A Space Odyssey. then what is the name given to the helicopter formation display team of IAF. rape. This novel deals with career of a 15 year old teen Alex DeLarge. Hint: The word means Peacock and also the name of a popular Indian college Youth Fest.Kubrick here comes your quiz. you cant ignore em. Also made into a critically acclaimed movie. So for all fans of Burton. on which real life character is the other Pig Snowball modeled on? LEON TROTSKY 10. ANTHONY BURGESS 9. Like them or hate em. The setting used for the 1986 movie . This Quiz is dedicated to movies which have achieved a cult status of their own. and random acts of extreme violence. His main pleasures in life are classical music. Which equally famous composition of Johan Strauss¶s was used for the spectacular space station rendezvous and lunar landing sequences? WALTZ OF BLUE DANUBE 2. 1. A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. the movie starts off with Richard Strauss¶s ³Thus Spake Zarathusthra´. Napoleon the lead Pig is clearly modeled on Josef Stalin. SAARANG (Comment on this) 4:01 pm Cult Movies Quiz There are movies and there are cult movies.

He suffers from insomnia and consequently takes a job as a X in New York City.A. EASY RIDER 7. Travis Bickle an alienated. Name the movie. PULP FICTION 4.´The Gold Watch´.´Hot Lips´ and ³Dago Red´? M. This 1969 road movie is about two youngsters Wyatt and Billy who go on a road trip to ³look for America but couldn¶t find it anyway´.´The Bonnie Situation´. The narrator later meets Tyler Durden at a bar and discusses with him about materialism and the modern male.S. In which cult comedy classic would you find ³Hawkeye´. FIGHT CLUB 6. sexually frustrated young man of 26 from the Midwest. ´Trapper John´. The Diner(Part 1). and volunteers to work the overnight shift "anytime. has recently been discharged from the Marines. BATMAN 3.It lay unused for some time and was again reused as a major set piece in this 1989 movie.Aliens depicting the Alien nest was not dismantled after the movie was shot. anywhere".H 5. this 1999 movie revolves around an anonymous narrator. Bickle spends his spare time watching pornography in seedy theaters. who works as an accident investigator for an automobile firm. The Diner(Part II)Connect all these events to come up with the name of a cult classic movie. Should be a sitter. Vince & Jules. X gives the name of . Directed by Dennis Hopper who played one of the lead roles in the movie. Name this cult movie. ³Duke´. Based on a novel by Chuck Palahniuk. its considered a cult movie of it¶s genre. Jackrabbit Slims.

´Liar´ are some of the stories in this collection of 9 sci fi . X was directed by one of the masters of the cult movie Tim Burton. Name the movie. TWELVE MONKEYS 10. ´Reason´. Name the play. this play was originally written in French as En attendant____. 1. Name the movie. It¶s the story of Douglas Quaid a construction worker who purchases a virtual vacation to Mars. i am comming up with my second Quiz on books. This 1990 sci fi movie is based on a short story by Philip k Dick ³We Can Remember It for You Wholesale´. ³Runaround´. The entire play revolves around two tramps Vladimir and Estragon. Name the movie. Bibliomania-II. ´Catch that Rabbit´. TAXI DRIVER 8. Two ghosts Adam Maitland and his wife Barbara seek the help of a bio exorcist named X to remove the Deetz family-city yuppies who occupy their old home. WAITING FOR GODOT 2.the movie. The movie takes it¶s title from the name of a bio terrorism group called ³The Army of the ----------³. Awaiting replies and feedback. Hope all you people enjoy it out here. ³Robbie´. This 1995 cult sci fi movie was directed by former Monty Python member Terry Gilliam and based on French short movie La Jetee. BEETLEJUICE (Comment on this) 3:59 pm BiblioMania II In line with my passion for reading. Written in the late 1940¶s and published for the first time in 1952 by an independent publisher called Grove Press. TOTAL RECALL 9.

This 1961 novel by V.Ohio and The Grapes of Wrath as influences for the structure of the book. a steel tycoon and Francisco D¶Anconia. Garcia was the inspiration for the character of James Wormwold a vacuum cleaner salesman who works as a British double agent. rational thought is the machine driving the world.Garcia fed the Nazis with false information. This novel centers around 3 main characters Dagny Tagart. Bradbury has credited Winesberg. the title was later changed to that of short story by Eando Binder by the publisher. Name the book. ATLAS SHRUGGED 5. Graham Greene met a double agent called Garcia in Lisbon during his tenure with M16.stories by Isaac Asimov. Name the novel in which Wormwold appears.Naipaul was his first work to get critical acclaim worldwide. a prodigy and a heir to a fortune in copper industry. Originally titled as Mind and Iron. I. This 1950 sci fi book by Ray Bradbury was titled as The Silver Locusts in UK. OUR MAN IN HAVANA 6. who marries into . The basic theme of the novel is that independent. Name this book. Hank Rearden. pretending to control a ring of agents all over England. a failure in life. The book starts with Rocket Summer(January1999) and ends with The Million Year Picnic(October 2026)..S. THE MARTIAN CHRONICLES 4. a Trinidadian of Indian origin. a rail road executive who has to struggle with the frustrations of the world around her. It¶s the story of Mohun _______.ROBOT 3. In August 1941.

He has trampled out the vintage where the ______ are stored. a strong willed leader who becomes interested in mysteries of universe. "Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord. which was also made into a succesful movie. BOMBING OF DRESDEN 9. Also made into a 1980 movie. The book starts off with this infamous incident during WW2 which forms the backdrop. Kurt Vonnengut¶s 1969 best seller novel Slaughter House 5 revolves around an American POW captured by the Nazis. we gave our today" Yes this Quiz is dedicated to the Indian military an institution which every Indian can be justifiably proud of. Name this incident. swift sword. This 1979 novel by Robin Cook is his only book which doesn¶t deal with a medical topic and centers around an archaeological search. and revolves around it¶s founder Jose Arcadio Buendia. Which book? A HOUSE FOR MOHUN BISWAS 7.the family of Tulsi. An . SPHINX (Comment on this) 3:57 pm Jai Jawan Quiz When you go home. He has loosed the fateful lightning of his terrible. tell them of us and say: for your tomorrow. This all time great novel is set in the fictional Colombian town of Macondo. ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF SOLITUDE 8. His Truth is marching on!" Just fill in the blank to get the name of the book. GRAPES OF WRATH 10. Name the book.

this was one of the first regiment to take part in Kargil and Major Sonam Wangchuk of this regiment received a MVC for his role.1978. In 1961 the Param Vir Chakra was . As my bro in law himself serves in the Army. every time they have come forward and laid their lives so that we can sleep peacefully. Originally called USS Diablo. Following the 1962 Indo China War. Be it a natural calamity. and i salute those men in uniform who rise to the occasion without fail. And this is my humble tribute to these people. this military service has the Sanskrit motto ³Vaayam Rakshaamah´ meaning ³We Protect´ on it¶s coat of arms. a war.institution which really makes me and i hope every Indian on Quiznet. i hava first hand experience of the tough lives they lead. Name the regiment. PNS GHAZI 5. Also known as Snow Warriors.1971 by the destroyer INS Rajput and was a major loss for Pakistan. Rated as one of the best armies in the world. this regiment was raised on June 1. Jai Jawan. Created on Aug 19. LADAKH SCOUTS 2. an emergency operation these people are always in the forefront. Which one? INDIAN COAST GUARD 3. which military operation carried out by Indian Navy was codenamed as Operation Trident? BOMBING OF KARACHI HARBOR 4. During the 1971 Indo Pakistan war. this Pakistani submarine was sunk off the coast of Vishakapatnam on Dec 3. proud to be born as an Indian. Name this.1963 with 8 companies drawn from 7th and 14th battalions of J&K militia. 1.

by Indira Gandhi in recognition of his leadership during the 1971 Indo Pak war. Name the division. Gen K. the highest honor.E. Name him. This division was founded by a British army officer Charles Wingate and their official name was the 77th Indian infantry brigade. Company C. Out of 118 men. In 1973 he became independent India¶s first and only officer in active service to be appointed as Field Marshal.M. They played a major role in the jungle battles of S. CHINDITS 9. In which country was the operation held? CONGO 6.13 Kumaon Regiment fought a last stand under the command of Major Shaitan Singh. Name this place which has gone down as one of the 10 most heroic stands in history.N. This has often been called as the Indian Alamo.awarded posthumously to Capt Gurbachan Singh Salaria of 1st Gorkha Rifles.Sriganesh. Its motto is ³Parakramo Vijayate´ meaning Valor alone Triumphs and their war cry is Kalika Mata ki Jai. Name the regiment noted for it¶s fighting prowess. 5 were captured and only 4 survived. This was the first time the award went to a person who was involved in a military operation outside India. KUMAON REGIMENT 8.Thimayya and Gen T. This Indian military regiment is the only one to produce 3 Army ChiefsGen S.Asia during WW2 and were nicknamed after a mythical Burmese beast. SAM MANECKSHAW . During the 1962 Indo China war.S. LA REANG 7. 109 men died.Raina.

1971? 2. i was just dumbstruck. I am pasting the quiz out here. i promptly opened up the Quiz. Which former officer of the Royal Indian Army Service was appointed the Commander-in-Chief of the Bangladeshi armed forces in April 1971? 6. After Sheikh Mujibur Rahman¶s arrest in March 1971. who took over as the acting President of the provisional Bangladesh Government? 3. Anyway i am putting up this Quiz out here for u guys to See it.10. In which Pakistani city was the hijacked Indian Airlines plane blown up on 30 January. PINAKA (Comment on this) Friday. December 23rd. 2005 4:03 pm A straight Lift There was this Quiz on Quiznet by a bloke called Saxena claiming that this would be his first Quiz on Quiznet and the topic would be the Indo Pak War of 1971. Me being a war afficionado. Over which border town in 24 Paragnas district of Bengal did 3 Gnat pilots shoot down 3 Sabre aircrafts of the Pakistan Air force on 22 November? . Who served as the Prime Minister of the provisional Bangladesh Government? 5. and as i walked through the Quiz. This Multi Barrel Rocket System developed by DRDO for the Indian army was developed in 1983. 1971? 4. What name was given to the seat of the provisional government of Bangladesh formed in exile on 17 April. 1. What this guy has done is simply copy paste the entire set of 30 questions which Siddartha Basu had asked for Mastermind India 2000 on same topic. Named after Lord Shiva¶s mythical bow. I sent a mail to Quiznet but due to some technical problem it has bounced back. what we call in our language "makki-ki-makki" copy. It was a straight lift. what is it.

On which town famous for its saris. Which 16000 strong wing of the Mukti Bahin blew up all bridges between Tangail and Dhaka and was named after its leader? 14. Which town on the banks of the Munawar Wali Tawi. sank the PNS Ghazi off the coast of Vishankaptnam? 17. decimated Pakistani tanks troops on 4 December. Which commander of the 300 Sea Hawk squadron of the aircraft carrier Vikrant was awarded the Maha Vira Chakra? 9. Which division of the Indian Army was holding Longewala when it was attacked on 4 December? 8. was sunk by the Indian navy? 12. in . On 3 December. which Indian naval ship. Commander Inder Singh. between the Chenab and the Chander Bagher. were Indian paratroopers first dropped on 11 December? 11. along with its compatriot µShah Jahan¶. On 4 December. was later renamed after the Pakistani officer who captured it? 10. Which Pakistani Captain¶s defense of Kamalapur in the Meghalaya sector earned a special mention by Field Marshall S H F J Manekshaw? 15. based in Jaislamer. After which part of a bird¶s anatomy was the strategic salient in Jammu. named? 13. Which fighter-bomber aircraft of the IAF. commanded by Lt. which 2500 ton Pakistani destroyer.7. ceded to Pakistan at the Shimla Agreement. Which important Bangladesh city was the first to be helicopter borne Indian troops? 16.

Current Mood: angry (Comment on this) Thursday. Which µJawan¶ of the 14 Guards posthumously earned a Param Vir Chakra for his role in the battle of Gangasagar? All the 24 Questions have been just copy pasted without even a change in the word. Which future Bangladesh ambassador to India represented the Mukti Bahini at the surrender ceremony in Dhaka? 23. The American naval task force TG-74 to the Bay of Bengal was spearheaded by which aircraft carrier? 22. but this time its about those pioneers who created most of the early ground work and who made some of the most path breaking discoveries.i assumed that there could be something common. Who was awarded the Param Vir Chakra posthumously for his inspired leadership during the battle for Basantar? 24.the battle of Longewala? 18. The motivation for this quiz was due to the fact that most of the rooms in the GE John F Welch Tech Center division where I work are . Name the East Pakistan Governor who on 14 December. December 8th. The Navy Day commemorates the Indian Navy¶s first attack on which Pakistani city on 4 December? 21. 2005 12:09 pm IT Pioneers Quiz This is one more IT quiz. but all 24 questions and i knew I was looking at a con job of the first order. When i was looking through first few questions. took asylum with the International Red Cross in Dhaka? 20. At what point did Indians first breach the Padma River? 19.

HOWARD AIKEN 2. He later left for Canada as a protest against the Mc Carthy witch hunts and on his return to US in the 60¶s he began work at IBM¶s research . in 1930 was invited to Princeton where he worked as a Professor at the Institute for Advanced Study till his death. Born on March 9. He later improvised on the Harvard Mark series of computers. It was originally called as Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator(ASCC) and later renamed as Harvard Mark 1. After doing his Phd in Maths from Budapest at the age of 23. Born Janos Lajos Margittai in Budapest to a Jewish family. The architecture used in non parallel processing computers is named after him and he also founded the field of cellular automata. and also my way pf saying thanks to em. And this quiz is my very humble tribute to em. JOHN VON NEUMANN 3. Born in England he was a pilot in the RAF during WW2. Along with Hans Bethe and Victor Weisskopf he was in the Theory division of the Manhattan project. he was nicknamed as ³Jancsi´.named after these people. He invented an electro mechanical computing device to solve differential equations. 1. So hope you guys find it interesting enough. In 1947 he remarked ³Only 6 electronic digital computers would be needed to satisfy the computing needs of entire US´. as i earn my bread as an IT professional today.1900 he obtained his PHd in Physics from Harvard in 1939. In 1948 he started his career with IBM as a mathematical programmer. One of the initators of Game Theory he along with Oskar Morgenstern published Theory of Games and Economic Behavior.

He also coined the term OLAP and wrote the 12 laws of online analytical processing.center in San Jose. VINCENT CERF 7. BRIAN KERNIGHAN 6. Along with Jobs he created the Apple 1 in 1975 and on April 1. E. He worked on the design of AWK and AMPL languages.782 for this invention. Name this Harvard alumni who gave his name to a law which says ³The utility of a network equals approximately the square of number of users of the system´. In 1889 he filed Patent 395. After he quite 3Com he worked as a columnist for Info World. He was inspired by his father and Tom Swift. In 1924 his firm became part of IBM.CODD 4.1976 he founded Apple along . HERMAN HOLLERITH 5. a computer networking firm. Along with Denis Ritchie he co authored the book on C. US to German parents he did his Phd from Columbia in 1890. He developed Jacquard¶s punched card idea to represent census data and then to read and collate data using automatic machine. While working at HP he met Steve Jobs and in 1975 he dropped out from UCAL. Born in Buffalo. At the age of 11 he built his own HAM radio set.F. Berkeley and made his own computer. In fact the K in AWK stands for his name. During this period he worked on the paper ³A Relational model of Data for large shared data banks´ published in 1970. He invented the Ethernet in 1973 when he was working with Xerox PARC. In 1896 he started Tabulating Machine Company and invented first automatic card feed mechanism which laid the foundation for the modern IT industry. In 1979 he founded 3 Com. He also did pioneering research work on Unix environment.

2005 8:09 pm And the Oscar Never Goes To Hollywood often markets the Oscars as a touchstone for excellence. Not exactly true. Louisiana he did his Masters from UCAL. And I assure u of more on this topic. And this when this movie was acclaimed as a landmark movie in American movie history. Born in New Orleans. He also wrote the Unix ed editor and the MULTICS programming language. Unfortunately due to lack of time and the slow system in this cyber café. The only movie that could have ousted it that year was The Maltese Falcon. doesn¶t even get a second look. it was in no way a match to these two classics. STEVE WOZNIAK 8. This quiz is for movies and performances that lost out on deserving Oscars. who didn¶t get to hear ³And the Oscar goes to´. And Hollywood often goes for marketing hype.with Steve Jobs. as down the years there have been many choices that have been down right stupid. While the movie was good in it¶s own way.I am forced to restrict this to just 5 questions. KEN THOMPSON (1 Comment |Comment on this) Wednesday. But both lost out to this John Ford movie about life in a Welsh mining town. In 1969 he was one of the principal creators of Unix along with Ritchie. Ridley Scott gets an Oscar for Gladiator. So just check out these unlucky ones. Berkeley. Well could go on and on. But I still welcome ur comments and feedback. One of the Academy¶s biggest goof up was in 1941 when Citizen Kane was not even nominated for an Oscar. Name the movie. which is certainly not his best. see the way Titanic and LOTR have swept the Oscars. . 1. while his classic Blade Runner. and got just one award for Best Editing. November 30th. He made it to Fortune 500 at a very young age of 27.

Regarded as one of X¶s all time great masterpieces.´ Micheal Mc Manus. VERTIGO 3. MORGAN FREEMAN. Dean Keaton. Nobody ever saw him or knew anybody that ever worked directly for him. played by one of the most underrated actors but brilliant actor. That's institutionalized. The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist. gets so you depend on them. Dave . Enough time passes. First you hate 'em.HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEY 2. but to hear Kobayashi tell it. anyways´ In 1994 this movie was nominated for 7 awards including Best Movie and Best Actor. That was his power. Most of X¶s other great movies also were never nominated and X not getting an Oscar sounds more like Ripley¶s Believe it or Not. a typical Hollywood candy floss musical. They send you here for life. Nobody believed he was real. then you get used to 'em. anybody could have worked for Soze. The movie is narrated by a character Red.. The part that counts. You never knew. This all time great classic was based on the 1954 French mystery novel D¶Entre Les Morts by Pierre Bolieau and Thomas Narjecac. the Academy obviously didn¶t think so as it was not even nominated and the Award that year ultimately went to Gigi. but again the feel good Americana of Forrest Gump ensured that this movie would go empty handed.Todd Hockney.until he found her in another woman´. Some say his father was German. ³These walls are kind of funny. ³Who is Keyser Soze? He is supposed to be Turkish. SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION 4. Fred Fenster. Verbal Kint. ±Name the actor and the movie. that's exactly what they take. The tagline for this movie read ³He thought his love was dead. Who is X and the movie in question? ALFRED HITCHCOK.

Down the line many interpretations have been given to this song. You can have all this. country. Unfortunately.´ Thus begins the opening voiceover of this 1997 thriller which is again acclaimed as one of the best film noir thrillers.. and the orange groves stretch as far as the eye can see. 1. and land is cheap. Enjoy and have a rocking time. pop..Cujan and Kobayashi are «««««.. Yes it was also the year when Braveheart won over other contenders like Apollo 13 and Il Postino... or at least see one. THE USUAL SUSPECTS 5. One of my all time favorite songs is ³Hotel California´ by the Eagles. and inside every house. anyway.. including charges of Satanism. it's paradise on Earth.. the beaches are wide and inviting. all-American family. ³Come to X! The sun shines bright. soul this quiz is for u all. become a movie star. So to all those who love their rock.What is X. But many interpret it as a statement against the excesses of the American materialism and more . like other deserving movies it was washed away by the Titanic wave that year. Name this movie. And none of the 3 actors in this movie were even nominated for an Oscar. which didn¶t even get nominated by the Academy. Every working man can have his own house. LA CONFIDENTIAL (Comment on this) 8:03 pm The English Songs Quiz This quiz is about some great English songs which i love listening again and again. and who knows. The opening beats are just too good. Life is good in X." Ha ha ha ha. in this wonderful thriller of the 1995. and most of these songs have attained a cult status of their own. That's what they tell you. There are jobs aplenty. you could even be discovered. a happy. which makes up part of the movie title? LA.

Colitas is a spanish word meaning ³Little Buds´ referring to the tiny buds found on this plant.POLICE. The theme song for Rocky III.so on drugs. This singer was on a visit to Washington DC when he saw people sleeping on the streets in the bitter cold and snow. Name the singer and the song. But X¶s insistence on singing the song alone led to the break up of the band. and though many consider it as a love song. it was considered as a commentary on the quality of school education then prevalent. Name X. EYE OF THE TIGER 4. X was a member of band Y.ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE 5. And it is considered as one of the best motivational songs in many boxing sessions. which by the way also featured in a Philips ad in 1991. And it was also performed by this band on . MARIJUANA 2. X insisted that the song in reality was about an obsessive stalker. The song was the biggest hit of the year. In the opening lines we have this statement ³Warm smell of colitas rising up in the air´. Name this plant whose name is often taken in a different context. The song is actually a call to the protagonist to get back the edge and his hunger for being the champion. PHIL COLLINS. this was the band¶s biggest hit song and the #1 song of 1982. Name this song. One of the best songs of all time and rated as one of the greatest British rock songs. After separating from his first wife Frances Tomelty.EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE 3. That proved to be an inspiration for this song. STING.Y and the song. which also had Andy Summers and Stuart Copeland. X wrote this song.

Lovely solo written by Eric Clapton himself. this song is one of the longest Top 10 hits and also contains the longest guitar solo played in a hit song.1990. Name the song. to celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall. SMOKE ON THE WATER 10. Name this song.July 21. At 8 minutes. BORN IN THE USA 8. Switzerland to record their album Machine head. One of the lead member¶s girlfriend. WE DONT NEED NO EDUCATION 6. in reality it was meant to protest against the way the Vietnam veterans were treated in US after they arrived back from the war. featured in the MTV video version of this song. an actress herself. Elton John . TEARS OF HEAVEN 7. Name this song. Though promoted as a patriotic song. who fell to death from the window of his 53rd floor apartment.. This band was at a casino in Montreux. This song was one of two ideas proposed by Roger Waters to the band. NOVEMBER RAIN 9. And ending with a sitter. Name this song. Some one fired a flare gun and the entire casino was on fire. Name this song. 59 secs.Song of the Year and Best Male Pop vocal. Stephanie Seymour. but this incident formed the basis for the band¶s all time hit song. in dedication of his 4 year old son Conor. the other one was The Pros and Cons of Hitchiking. which later became a solo song. This song was originally titled as ³Vietnam´ and it got it¶s name from the original title of the 1987 movie Light of Day directed by Paul Schrader. This song won the Grammy for Record of the Year.The band later relocated to another studio.

are also the nicknames of characters in a sci fi movie. considering that some of them had real great stories and scripts. THE 3 COGS WHO CAN SEE THE FUTURE 2) Spielberg¶s 1977 sci fi classic ³Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind´ dealt with aliens visiting the earth and the UFO phenomenon. So I am restricting this Quiz to well known and not so well known Sci fi movies. Identify X. Well not many questions regarding the Star Wars and Matrix series but they are a whole category by themselves. But to whom was this song originally dedicated to? MARILYN MONROE (4 Comments |Comment on this) 7:58 pm The Sci Fi Quiz This Quiz is again dedicated to one of my favorite topics Sci fi movies or Science Fiction movies more specifically. I find it surprising that to date not a single sci fi movie won the Best Picture Award. The climax of the movie is shot around a famous natural landmark of the US.performed ³Candle in the Wind´ at the time of Diana¶s death. And I assure fans of special quizzes dedicated to Star Wars and Matrix series. Which landmark is this? DEVILS MOUNTAIN 3) ³I was a kid in high school when X¶ s script was circulating in Hollywood´-Y. Which all time great sci fi movie I am referring to and who are these characters?( 2 Points) MINORITY REPORT.Y . Sci fi itself is a very generic term and could cover a vast area. 1) ³Agatha´. ³Z would not have been possible without copies of my script being available in US´-X. ³Dashiell´ and ³Arthur´ apart from being names of famous detective writers.

it is based on a novel of the same name by Carl Sagan.Z-ET 4) Based on Michael Crichton¶s 1987 novel. The name of the spaceship ³Nostromo´ is derived from the name of a character in a novel of the same name by a very famous author. SPHERE 5) In which sci fi movie would you find ³Dutch´. COCOON 8) Ridley Scott¶s Alien featured around an alien attacking members of a space ship. Name the movie. X-SATYAJIT RAY. One of my favorite ones. Name the author.and Z. Samuel Jackson and wonder of wonders a fully clothed Sharon Stone in a totally different role. the plot revolves around a group of elderly citizens in an old age home. thanks to it¶s energetic pace and of course one of the best background scores. JOSEPH CONRAD 9) This word refers to the 30 denarius received by Judas for betraying Jesus Christ and is the name of one of the . was about the discovery of a spaceship on the ocean floor and the mysterious vibrations emitted by it.´Blain´ and ³Mac´. ³Dillon´. Name this movie. CONTACT 7) Another good sci film of the 80¶s directed by Ron Howard. who are rejuvenated by alien presence in their swimming pool. ³Hawkins´. this 1998 movie starring Dustin Hoffman.Y-STEVEN SPIELBERG. PREDATOR 6) Pretty good but somewhat underrated sci fi movie directed by Robert Zemeckis starring Jodie Foster as a scientist searching for SETI .

The name of this movie is taken from a novel by Alan Nourse and refers to a smuggler of black market surgical implements. What is the sub title given to the first of the Star Wars movies released in 1977? This was done by George Lucas after the release of ³The Empire Strikes Back´. Name the movie.. DIFFERENT PARTS OF 2001 A SPACE ODYSSEY (Comment on this) 2:27 pm Cybermania Quiz This quiz is dedicated to what i do for a living. He escapes from the virtual facility and has to be tracked down by the cop played by Denzel Washington. VIRTUOSITY 14) Ok just connect the following ³Dawn of Man´. SLEEP 11) Sitter. The character in the movie is a traitor and in fact his full name rhymes with a name of Satan. Yes its the IT field.7 a particularly vicious virtual villain character created by LETAC to train cops. and being an IT professional myself this topic . ³Jupiter Mission 18 months later´ and ³Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite´. and gives me my daily bread. A NEW HOPE 12) One of the best sci fi movies. though the Academy in it usual fashion refused to even consider it. Name this movie. Who is this character? LUCIFEROUS 10) Morpheus the character played by Laurence Fishburne in The Matrix is the Greek God of «««. ³TMA-1´. BLADE RUNNER 13) This 1995 sci fi movie stars Rusell Crowe as SID 6. Agent Smith refers to him as´ Mr Reagan´.characters in the Matrix.

This word means ³Our Sea´ as how the Romans used to refer to the Mediterranean affectionately. ALAN TURING 3. John Gilmore. Name this brilliant computer scientist. he worked on one of the earliest computersManchester Mark 1 at University of Manchester. TEST VERSIONS OF WINDOWS 4.During WWII he played a major part in breaking the Enigma code. It runs on Linux and features Blade Center JS20 blade servers and is currently located in Barcelona. he showed inclination towards math and science at an early age. with an Application to the Entscheidungsproblem´ in 1936.. Born to a British civil servant in the Indian town of Chatrapur in 1911. this should appeal to all and even for non geeks i hope this is interesting enough. And considering that a sizeable amount of quizzers are geeks. John Barlow and had its genesis in a raid on Steve Jackson Games by US Government. MARE NOSTRUM 2. 1. EFF 5.2005. .. He made an impact with his paper ³On Computable Numbers. Name this computer which was unveiled on April 12. He finally comitted suicide in 1954 and his later part of his career was crippled by the fact that he was a gay. ³Cairo´ and ³Neptune´ with respect to Windows OS. In 1990 the US Government launched a nation wide crackdown on ««««. This organization was also mentioned in Dan Brown¶s ³Digital Fortress´. as i have not made it too technical. What was founded by Mitch Kapor. He proposed a test for computing the Artificial Intelligence of a computer. It is currently the name of the world¶s 4th most powerful super computer and Europe¶s most powerful super computer.is dear to me. Connect ³Nashville´. After the War.

Connect AT&T¶s Globe logo with Star Wars series. Complete the list Scott MC Nealy. when Dogbert was asked to design a new company logo. Which telecom companies logo is being parodied here? LUCENT 9.««««« VINOD KHOSLA-FOUNDERS OF SUN (Comment on this) 2:22 pm Bibliomania Quiz ) Complete this quote "Shoot all the bluejays you want . it . founded as Brown Telephone Company by Cleyson Brown in 1899. he takes a piece of paper that his coffee cup was sitting on.Which real life sportsperson is being referred to in this quote? JOE DI MAGGIO 4) One of my favorite books as a child. After its tie up with Southern Pacific Communications Company. Identify this telecom company. This above quote is taken from the Hemmingway classic The Old Man and the Sea. if you can hit 'em. DEATH STAR IS PATTERENED ON AT&T'S LOGO 10.which was dubbed as Operation Sundevil. SPRINT 8. BOTH DEAL WITH BULL FIGHTING 3) "They say his father was a fisherman. Abilene. It changed it¶s name to United Telecom in 1972. Maybe he was poor as we are and would understand". it choose it¶s current brand name in 1986. Kansas. Andy Becholsteim . In the Dilbert comic strip. Bill Joy. It was merged with US Telecom and in 1991 the company changed its official name too. Name this telecom giant. HACKING 6. but remember it's a sin ------------" TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD 2) Connect the books "Death in the Afternoon" by Ernest Hemmingway and "Or I'll dress You In Mourning" by Domnique Lapierre and Larry Collins. and calls it the Brown Ring of Quality.

The book uses a character Phaedrus as the central character of those stories. OZ 7) W.G.an artist who dissatisfied with the Western Civilization leaves for Tahiti and spends his last days there. Leon Uris was also a Hollywood screenplay writer.Somerset Maugham's novel The Moon and The Six Pence deals with the story of Charles Strickland.yellow in the east and blue in the west. Which place. JULES VERNE 6) This fictional place is divided into 4 color coded countries. Which one? KIDNAPPED 5) A piece of trivia.red in south.purple in north. Its capital is Emerald City.Wells. Which book? ZEN AND ART OF MOTORCYCLE MAINTENANCE 9) After Exodus. the restaurant atop the Eiffel Tower is named after a very famous French novelist.deals with the adventures of David Balfour and highlander Alan Breck in the Scottish moors. He wrote the screenplay for movie version of Topaz. Seems like a pretty Derek O Brien type of question. Name this novel. On which artist's real life story is this based? PAUL GAUGUIN 8) This bestseller book has the narrator using the concept of Chautaquas or short stories to convey his thoughts as he undertakes a cross country journey in US on his bike. but his first original screenplay was for an all time classic Western starring Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas. Which movie? . MILA 18 10) Apart from being famous as a novelist. Leon Uris next novel was about the uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto against the Nazis in 1943. The novel took it's title from the address of the command post of Jewish resistance in the city. but this novelist was considered one of the original sci fi writers along with H. who is as much a part of France as Napoleon.

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