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February 24, 2020

Minneapolis Elections
980 East Hennepin Avenue
Minneapolis MN

Don Mashak
Rt 1 Box 231
Albertville MN 55301

Re: Election Integrity and Electronic Ballot Boxes

Many elections ago, I brought up Concerns about Election Integrity and Electronic Ballot
Boxes. I was dismissed and laughed at. I assert the code for all electronic ballot boxes
must be audited. We do all this busy work of counting and recounting ballots but it all
means nothing if the code for the Electronic Ballot Boxes is rigged.

At my recent training, I brought this matter up again and handed out the attached
document. On that document is a link to a video in which a Computer Programmer is
testifying under oath that his firm was hired to write code for electronic ballot boxes that
would allow any election to be flipped 51/49.

Later I was told my concern was already addressed, that some of your other staff audits
the code for the Electronic Ballot Boxes. But this reminds me of the Stalin quote, “I
consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is
extraordinarily important is this --- Who will count the votes, and how”

Or even more fundamentally, the Founders said there must only be checks and
balances, transparency and accountability due to the nature of humankind. Perhaps the
Founder’s assessment of the nature of humankind is best summed up in the Cato
Letters: “All [People] have free will and are not virtuous by nature.”

So, based on the nature of man, I do not find it sufficient to ensuring the integrity of our
elections to let government officials audit the computer code for electronic ballot boxes
and take their word for it…

I asked the leaders at that training to bring that handout to your attention and get back
to me. It has been a couple of weeks and no one has.

This is a credible concern. We saw Mainstream Media fudge polling results in the 2016
Election in an attempt to change the vote through the “lemming effect”. Some people
want to vote for the winner. Why wouldn’t the Progressive Globalist Insurgency go one
step further and rigged electronic ballot boxes?

So, having no real serious proposal to ensure election integrity in Minnesota, I would
propose as follows:

1) That any election judge can come to the event where experts audit the Electronic
Ballot Box computer code and certify under oath and under severe penalty that
the code is certified legitimate and accurate pursuant to the common
understanding of the masses;
2) That the Electronic Ballot Boxes be designed to display the computer code line
count, word count and character count;
3) That as part of the morning set up, the election judges all sign off that the line,
word and character count of the code matches what the experts certified;
4) That randomly during the day, polling places are called and asked to verify their
line, word and character computer code counts to make sure only the certified
code is running;
5) That on election day, a different set of computer experts be randomly sent to a
statistically valid set of actual polling places to confirm the copy of the code the
previous experts certified as being true and accurate is still true and accurate;
6) That no electronic (internet, WIFI) access to any electronic ballot box be installed
in the design or used in any fashion, to prevent remote reprogramming of any
7) That after each election a meeting is held to specifically speak to ensuring
election of the next election. Any election judge from the past election should be
allowed to attend voluntarily so that means of ensuring election integrity can be
brainstormed and implemented at the next election.

Now this is just a start, it is not meant to be exhaustive. The synergy of the group can
help build a better mouse trap. But clearly, we can do better.

I know this will be seen as a tiresome and burdensome by some, but ensuring integrity
of elections is what Election Judges are supposed to do.

Please advise in writing.

Those were my thoughts.

Thank you for your time.

In Liberty,

Don Mashak
Rt 1, Box 231
Albertville MN 55301

Attachment: Handout from training session