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February 27, 2020


Hennepin County Elections - 612-348-5151 Fax: 612-348-2151

300 South 6th Street, C190
Minneapolis, MN 55487-0012

Don Mashak
Rt 1 Box 231
Albertville MN 55301

RE: Minneapolis Election Integrity Concerns


I have been directed by Minneapolis Elections to contact you about election Integrity concerns. They say they are unable to
address my concerns as you and the Secretary of State make all the rules and they can only follow them. While I do not
necessarily believe their contention, I am dutifully following their instructions.

I have been an election judge in Minneapolis for many elections. I have brought this issue up many elections ago and
several times since. I believe my concerns are already stated in the correspondence to date, so I will merely summarize the
initial concern here and include the previous correspondence to Minneapolis Elections. I have included credible evidence of
attempts to rig the Computer Code in Electronic Ballot Boxes so any election can be flipped 51/49. Am I correct in presuming you folks take an oath to uphold the Original Organic US Constitution?

The first time (circa 2010 or 2012) I was marginalized. I waited until after the training session and had the trainer view the
video. I was told “we just trust the manufacturer”, then “the code is proprietary and we can’t see it”. Finally, the trainer made
it clear through tone and body language that any further discussion was unwanted.

I have brought up this matter many times since. The last at my most recent Election Judge Training a few weeks ago.
There I was told I could not discuss election integrity concerns with at Election Trainings. Now I am told I can’t discuss
election integrity concerns with my fellow Judges on Election day, even before or after the polls open/close. As a solution, I
proposed that after each election there should be meeting with voluntary attendance by Election Judges to discuss
concerns they encountered at the last election. I am told that all of these situations are governed by Hennepin County
Elections and the Secretary of State. Hence, this contact.

Forgive me but it appears that rather than vigorously and effectively address Election integrity concerns, the rules are set up
to quash discussion among election Judges about these concerns. That seems counter-intuitive to the purpose of Election
Judges ensuring Election Integrity. And that now I am being singled out for punishment for daring to point out Election
Integrity Issues? I believe an apology is in order, at a minimum. Please read the previous correspondence for more details.
Have I misunderstood anything? I ask you to consider my proposals for addressing my concerns. Please advise.
Those were my thoughts.
Thank you for your time.
In Liberty,
Don Mashak
Minneapolis Election Judge

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