Hot Cocoa Math & Science

 Hot Cocoa Addition/Fact Families/One to One Correspondence This is a partner activity which can be used to review addition key words: “added” “joined” “in all.” Each student can create their own cocoa mug and decide how many marshmallows to add. Then they work together to assemble the pieces and solve the math problem. I have included an additional version for pre-k/kinder which could be used to review one to one correspondence. I completed the activity with my 2 year old, and he loved counting the marshmallows in his cup! This could also be used for fact families if students worked on addition and subtraction. I included that template as well. You can also use this for comparing numbers as well..the possibilities and extensions are almost endless!

Delicious cocoa was in my cup. I added some marshmallows, and I drank it up!
added marshmallows to the cup.


added How many marshmallows were there in all?


Delicious cocoa was in my cup. I added some marshmallows, and I drank it up! First I added marshmallows to my cup. Then I added

more marshmallows. Here are the matching fact families.

has marshmallows has marshmallows

Hot Chocolate Science Investigation Using the Scientific Method

I’ll record the information on chart paper. I’ll have the students record their own hypothesis/data/finding in their math/science journal. I hope this will be a good activity to review solids (cocoa powder), liquids (water) , and gases (steam). We’ll focus mainly on how things dissolve “mix” well in warmer/hotter liquids. When liquids are cold or cool it takes longer for things to dissolve. Hopefully this will be a fun activity to lead us into a unit of study about weather, seasons, and temperature.