Mastering the Adventure of International Dating
Straight Talk and Real Answers for Gen-Yers, Gen-Xers and Boomers on Finding Romance in Eastern Europe, Latin America and Asia

Mark Edward Davis


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It‘s amazing what can come from processing life‘s experiences with a good friend. You are my treasure and my prize. my wife Anna. a fine cigar. and few shots of brandy. Steve Marks. Traveling the world to find you was a small price to pay so that together we could experience the deeply satisfying love we share. SPECIAL APPRECIATION This adventure would not have found its significance without the insights and wisdom of my best friend of twenty plus years.DEDICATION This book is dedicated to my own beauty queen. 3|Page .

we are all the result of a group project. Of course. simply. Thanks for doing the work to grant use of the beautiful profile photos used in the book. I need to give a word of thanks to all of the women I‘ve dated before. I will be forever grateful to those who shared in my adventures. special thanks to my editor David C. John Rose: thanks for holding down the fort when I was off gallivanting. the men I‘ve traveled with. great kids. Greg. Gennie. To paraphrase Willie Nelson and Julio Iglesias. To my kids. You‘re. Gooding for adding style and clarity where it was needed. Your support. and Chris – thanks so much for sharing in my joy. I also have to thank you for creating this tremendous system for finding love overseas – where I eventually met my beauty queen. love. Kathryn. and friendship mean the world to Anna and me.ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I humbly acknowledge that none of us is self-made. Additional thanks must go to John Adams and the staff at A Foreign Affair around the world. To my friend and business partner. Peter Marra and Law Jackson. And finally. 4|Page . your support and friendship have been a source of great encouragement.

I will close my words of gratitude with thoughts for my Creator. The beauty and complete diversity of his creation takes my breath away. I hope this book inspires you to discover more of it for yourself. I am thankful that God is so creative and adventurous. 5|Page . He took great joy in leading me around the world to sample from his international buffet.

CHAPTER 9—I Think I‘ve Found Her! Now What? Over the Goal Line CHAPTER 10—Getting CHAPTER 11—The 90 Days of Love Ever After CHAPTER 12—Happily About the Author Index 6|Page .TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION Part I: Why Date Internationally? 7 CHAPTER 1—Looking CHAPTER 2—What CHAPTER 3—The for Love in all the Wrong Places 13 32 39 50 60 Are You Really Looking For in a Woman? Dream is Alive – But is it Real? and Femininity CHAPTER 4—Masculinity CHAPTER 5—Cultural Differences for Men and Women Part II: The Method CHAPTER 6—Making CHAPTER 7—The Your Move 74 92 114 123 134 144 151 160 161 Quest to Find Your Queen Date. Date and Then Date Some More! CHAPTER 8—Date.

how could this happen? You‘ll be shocked how simple the answer is. ―You are my man and I love you so much because you make me feel like the 7|Page . try this: Imagine having a woman in your life who is affectionate and who completely adores and admires you. . those bright.” Huh? Me? I‘m not a millionaire or anyone famous. .INTRODUCTION Everything about her says „Wow!‟ Her long. I‘ve always dreamt of a woman like her . She catches me looking at her. So. . Before I answer that. . Wow! She‟s elegant and graceful and alluring. . “You are the man of my dreams. Imagine having a wonderful relationship that alternates between totally comfortable and totally hot with passion. And here she is . the way she seems to glide like a runway model when she walks. and she‘s saying I‘m the man of her dreams!? How could that happen? Guys. She smiles. . . it really did! And it continues to happen for me each day with my beautiful and loving wife. stretched out next to me with her arm draped across my chest and her head resting on my shoulder. snuggles closer to me and whispers. an average guy who makes mid-level managers‘ salary and lives in a comfortable middle-class house. not only could it happen. . With a woman who holds your arm as you walk down the street and looks into your eyes with such pride as if to say. I'm Mark. silky hair . Anna. beautiful eyes .

right. It was so brilliant! So obvious! Just to be sure. and who loves me unconditionally (and guys. I could barely contain myself as I told anyone who listen: You‟ve got to date internationally! 8|Page . the answer to where I was going to find my dream girl came to me while traveling abroad. Anyway. Local bars and clubs. and watch how quickly your phone calls end up in voice mail. and b) how to find a woman as gorgeous as yours. and too insecure to be focused on us. imagine all of this affection and adoration coming to you from a genuine heart of gratitude and love that has no other agenda but to make sure you are both happy. But it goes beyond that: this caring soul comes to you in a package that is so beautiful that you will see other dudes stare at you with envy as they wonder a) who you are. I wanted a gorgeous woman with traditional values where I come first. too career-oriented. I was so excited with my findings. Now for the hard part: where am I going to find her? In my town? Not in this lifetime. if you say that‘s not what you want. After a really wonderful date. So. I might add. If you‘re a North American guy and have only dated women in your home country.‖ Got it? Now.luckiest woman alive. That was easy. I researched my theory for the next year and voila – I was right. Online? Doubtful. Yeah. how could that happen? Three years ago I sat down and asked myself what type of woman I wanted and what kind of relationship I wanted to have. Tell a 21st century woman that you wish she was a cross between Marilyn Monroe and June Cleaver. you‘re lying). then you know what I‘m talking about: the majority of American women are too modern.

―but were you in Asia. Russia. What is the difference? It's bigger than you could imagine." "So what‘s the difference. thank God above.Of course the overwhelming response was less than . They were here. . WHY DATE INTERNATIONALLY? Because. 9|Page . sure. and they‘re really no different than any others. "That‘s not what I'm talking about. or Latin America when you dated them?" ―Well. ―Then they were American women. ―Mark. I've had men tell me. I've dated Asian girls. ." I'd explain. Yes. Great question. no. Latinas and Russians.‖ they‘d respond. YOU! The secret that you don't know is that you are the hottest commodity on this planet to an entire world of women outside of the top "industrialized" nations. there are still some remaining cultures in this world that value what you bring to the table more than anything else. That‘s not international dating. Mark. overwhelming." they'd ask. I can just hear you guys now: "Oh. I really want to be a hot commodity to some third-world barefoot village woman!" If a guy were to actually come up to me and say something like that I‘d probably fall on the floor laughing! That myth is part of the big secret ." That‘s when I ask them.let me explain.

I‘m fairly certain that these places have not been on your ‗must-visit‘ for dating list. visit the markets. there are many in North America. Dominican Republic. Colombia. . check out the work places of these foreign gold mines. In countries that I‘m sure you haven‘t thought much about. Costa Rica. Yeah. and the Czech Republic. it‘s like that.S.000 American men marry foreign women 10 | P a g e . But what do you see around your town . . But that may only be true because no one took the time to tell you about them and show you a path. According to the International Marriage Broker‟s Regulation Act of 2005. In countries like Venezuela. . What you will learn in the chapters ahead could change your life and make you the envy of male friends and strangers wherever you go. And do you think any of these women are poor villagers? Not a chance! Just walk the streets. Ukraine. International dating is a growing movement. live lives of quiet frustration. You won‘t find many overweight women (except among the elderly). Hungary. Russia. Kosovo. Most men in the U. at work? So. where are they? They‘re in the countries that win the Miss Universe pageant on a regular basis. you‘ll be amazed at the sheer number of beautiful women there are. they pay attention to their style – and they dress to impress.Where are the most beautiful women in the world? Sure. Think back on first day as a high school freshman when you were awestruck by nearly every girl in the hallway. more than 10. either dating women who don't respect them or feeling trapped in relationships with women that they somehow chose to settle for. They don't know there is an alternative because they've believed so many myths about that mail-order-bride-thing or the ‗love ‗em and leave ‗em broke‘ horror stories that are the rare exception instead of the rule. at the supermarket . .

Your journey will be different than mine but the sense of adventure we‘ll share . 11 | P a g e . "I could see myself doing that. and reasons why things are different around the world. I‘ll share with you the stories. . just like I was. and the rush . C‘mon guys! Everything you need to make this dream a reality is in the pages ahead. These marriages are happy and experience fewer divorces by percentage than their U. Throughout this book I‘ll try my best to prepare you for the brave new world you‘re about to encounter. "Aha. Compare that with other American marriage statistics and you‘ll understand one reason international dating is growing in popularity. maybe even cheaper than coast-to-coast travel in some cases. I get it!" Then you'll wonder. and the excitement will be the same.each year through dating tours (a number I‘m confident has grown since then). . an excitement will start to build as realize what dating internationally could mean for you as you begin your journey to finding the woman of your dreams. but you will be guarded. That is the process. . There is no short cut. . "Is this for real?" And you'll start thinking." Once you get to that point. But at some point in the next few pages ahead you'll say to yourself. Let's get started. You‘ll have doubts and questions. just like I did.S. statistics indicate that the divorce rate among this group of men who married foreign women is around 20%3.S. U. I‘ll help you see how easy it is to travel internationally. details. counterparts.

caring and familyoriented man. funny. Colombia – Profile 96947 (Profiles provided by www..com) Self Description: I am cheerful. responsible. serious. Up to 43 years of age. Comments: I look for a hardworking. honest. serious. 12 | P a g e . 23.InternationalDatingForMen. 5‘7‖.Isabel Isabel. independent and kind. friendly. 128 lbs.

She had a slender neck and graceful posture. In fact. mid-back length brown hair and warm brown eyes. Angie was one of the most beautiful women I'd EVER been out with . I took the time to create a romantic date. 13 | P a g e .a window table with a view . To my great delight. but I‘ll refrain). I brought flowers. I had been "set up" by a friend of mine to go out with her best friend. she looked a lot like Isabel from Colombia. However.and then walk along the river shore after dinner. but kept my cool. We'd have dinner at an elegant restaurant on the riverfront . So I pull up to the address I was given and ring the doorbell. I was stunned. She was 5'7" with large breasts. the entire night I was keenly aware that I was with the hottest woman I'd ever been out with – and felt a little out of my league. Of course.and I mean EVER! Wow. small waist.CHAPTER 1 LOOKING FOR LOVE IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES Blind dates are a nightmare. Angie (using her real name would be justifiably mean.

I called our mutual friend who told me that she wasn't sure what was up. When I got her home we kissed in the car and then made out in her living room. I had violated her unwritten law about waiting 72. but she thought she was troubled that you sent her an email right when you got home. She wanted to know if I was able to get past the posturing and get real. Dr. No response. 14 | P a g e . Sorry. but would find out. but her friend hoped that we'd make a connection. She said that Angie called her after the date and said you guys had a great time. I went home and just sent her a quick email to say that I enjoyed the evening and asked her to let me know what her schedule looked like for connecting again. Phil. So. She called her friend and told her how wonderful it went. After dinner we talked and she confessed that she did some of those things on purpose to see how I would react. . She is terrified of stalkers and you violated the 72 hour no-contact rule.She was funny and intriguing. I waited until the second day to call her cell phone but only got voice mail. Evidently. She intentionally did things like ask if I was going to finish something on my plate and reach over to get it with her fork. I learned that Angie had other "issues" in her life. She thought I was a nice guy who would help her friend find stability for her soul. WHAT!?!?!?! Yep. I left as we were both feeling a little giddy and agreed to see each other again within the next week.3 hours before communicating after a first date. Then . nothing. that's right. Davis is not Dr. This intrigued me even further and the chemistry and sexual tension continued to build. . when does it go wrong? That sounds like a dream date? IT WAS! It was for both of us. She called back an hour later – but wasn‘t sure how to tell me the news.

what kind of date would you take me on?" What? Is this a high school talent show and the women are hosting a panel of judges like on American Idol? I couldn't believe the inyour-face arrogance! But this was not the first or last time I would detect this type of attitude. We try to be ourselves just to find out that there is some unwritten code that we violated and the weirdness descends! But that was just my first date after becoming single again. Yes. "Listen. "That was really weird"? What am I saying? Of course you have! All men have! We go out into the world daring to meet and date women. But they didn't seem to care about their physical appearance as much and the attraction faded. Angie was just my first date after becoming single again. The common theme with dating American women was. mister. I was married before. If I went out with you. "I've been asked out by many men. I had one tell me with a condescending swagger. I make good money and I drive a nice car already.Have you ever had a moment with a woman where you just step back and say. Yes. As I went out with a dozen more women – some irritating themes kept arising. and less expensive. life of a bachelor for me? or If I opted to get entangled with the fairer sex again. No further comment is required since so many of us have been there and done that. What else are you bringing to the table?" Did I date some nice and sweet girls? Sure. But these two questions seemed to follow me: Is the simple. how can I be more successful in finding a love that makes me happy and richly fulfilled? 15 | P a g e .

taking it to the lab. The experiences were painful and frustrating dotted with moments of fun and spontaneity. I met them through Internet dating sites. Why would I ever want to go through that again?!? Can I get an ―amen‖ from the back rows? Thank you. and on the street. set-ups from friends. I dated women who were both younger and older than me. my best friend Steve Marks and I decided to make this a pragmatic research project. I'm sure a lot of people prefer living alone. I was to go on 15 dates with 15 different women with no other consideration except to get to the end of it so we could study the results. At the end of it all. although none come to mind at the moment. But that's not me . we still shook our heads trying to come to conclusions. We‘d read books or listen to an audio seminar and then reconvene to compare notes. Why was this so dissatisfying? We just couldn't put our finger on it. relationships. 16 | P a g e . as all good studies should. I spent several months in contemplation of this subject. We went different places. In one moment of brilliance. Steve had an idea about how to make the study more scientific . I averaged spending $225 on each date. There are many successful bachelors. Then. one of the first emotions that accompany such broken-heartedness is that of disgust and resignation. We ventured out to study the realm of women. masculinity. Most of this intellectual feasting took place over a few shots of brandy and a good cigar.and I know it's not you either (or why would you have bought this book?). and sex. I wish there had been a simpler way to study the subject. but I was game.If you‘ve been in a long-term relationship and considered the prospect of dating again.

Linda called. I was done going on dates. Okay . like Angie. it happened: we had a moment of clarity. She just wanted to call and tell me she had been thinking about me. She really thought she was doing something nice. so far so good. 17 | P a g e . I am sharing my path with you so you can find yours – wherever it may lead you. but wanted to say ‗hi‘ before she passed out. As we were sitting and discussing my latest date. I was not the first thought on her mind. That was exactly how I'd felt so many times before. so why did I feel like crap? Then this phrase hit me: ―I got the leftovers.‖ She gave her very best to everyone else and I got the leftovers. I am not condemning American women or men who find love at home. I personally believe I was being directed and motivated to be open to an alternative – one that was just around the corner. just a left-over thought. I was numb. She said she was exhausted and had been walking a precinct for a friend of hers who was running for office. that ended weird. I would rather be a bachelor than be leftovers to anyone ever again.Late one night. This is about you finding happiness and fulfillment. She was another great date. . We chatted for a few minutes in her semi-conscious mind-set and said our good-byes. But. . if you find yourself relating to what I just shared. and then did some other stuff and was about to collapse into unconsciousness on her bed. It hit me hard. I‘m about to make your day – read on. After hanging up. I did not find what I was looking for.

girls. and girls. . That was not the case here. or thirsty? They wanted to know so they could respond in kind. but the results were dramatic. likes. I was their world – even if it was for only that hour.RADICALLY DIFFERENT WOMEN Then it happened. They would continually gauge my state of mind and body – was I hungry. experiences. We went to different dance clubs each night and spent a lot of time with many beautiful women. eating and drinking. 18 | P a g e . They were very different from the others I'd just been dating in the States. When I was with one of these bronze beauties. asked was about me first and foremost. There were six of us and we went for nine days of girls. bored. When I was with one of these women. Sensuous curves. Just thinking about them . it was less dramatic than that. interests. ah well. It was asked in sincerity – hoping for a positive response. full lips and soft eyes. It was something about their culture and appreciation of men that grabbed my attention. It‘s feminine beauty defined. And to watch one of these goddesses dance you‘d think they had been trained to move that way. sand. . but it was asked in a way that demanded I acknowledge her power and that I was smitten by her looks. OK. not for this kind of fun. Every move is exotic poetry. They wanted to know if I thought they were beautiful. Everything they did. the questions were about me: my life. Well. but only for adventure fishing on the Amazon River. I went on a guys' vacation trip to Rio de Janeiro. I'd been to Brazil before. said. The legend of the Latin American beauty is justified. I'd had American girls ask me if I thought they were beautiful.

their style. ONE OF THE GREATEST SECRETS IS REVEALED I didn't fully understand this dynamic until Dani explained everything to me over dinner one night in Rio. To enjoy being with these women was effortless. put on makeup. I never felt selfconscious. 19 | P a g e . so we made plans to spend the next day together. grace. physical fitness. And it truly was their pleasure. It is work for them and they just wanted to know that it was appreciated and noticed.The way they view beauty is unique. and presence. I was captivated by Dani. She had already earned a degree in marketing and had worked for McDonald's corporate branding department there in Rio some years before. sold it. and self-confidence. She then opened a beauty salon. It is something they have to work for each day. She was in Rio making plans for opening the second grocery store. Dani and I met at one of the dance clubs and she fit right in with us. and opened a grocery store in her home town. but carried herself with warmth. We often had tables of 10 or 12 people since the six of us on this trip would usually have a date. They are mindful of how they dress. I was embraced like the man of the hour. We both seemed to connect. posture. She was 23 years old. To give a sincere complement about some specific attribute will make them light up like a Christmas tree. It seemed to make their efforts to be beautiful all worthwhile.

you should find encouragement. This was the dinner when I learned the great secret. She told me she had been married before and had a two year old daughter. One day she found out that her husband had another wife and children in a 20 | P a g e . DINNER WITH DANI This is when I learned the great secret.Gazing upon this horrible picture of me and the amazing beauty that is Dani. At dinner that night she told me more of her life story and it opened my eyes as to how these women see men.

We know that men can't stay with just one woman – that‘s just not possible in Brazil. helped her make it. "I am a good man. I would do anything for a good man and build my world around him . ―The superior man is rare – and not always the most desirable spouse. He will bring home some of his money from his work and actually enjoys being with his wife and kids. when I was married. Her family. the Superior Man. Some women just want the rich lifestyle. ―The good man is the one who wants to be part of the family. But most women in Brazil would just hope for a good man. There is a family unit and relationship. ―Every day. and that's why we call them superior men. But those men don't usually give love or attention to their women. A thought began to grow as I related her story to myself. She told me that her story was not uncommon. and he was happy. But we just hope that they will be discrete and not embarrass us.nearby city. especially her grandmother. "It is very difficult for women here to find a good man. She said." I like being 21 | P a g e . I wanted to make sure every meal was his favorite food.even now. She found herself living on her own with a baby on the way. They don't want to be faithful to their wives and they don't care about their family. Most times this man will come and take what money is left – so the smart woman has to hide it. This is the rich business owner or maybe the mayor of the city. Most men are in the last category. I woke up thinking about my husband. He enjoys being the man of the house and talks to others about his wife and kids. and the Complete Ass. his house was clean." It took me a while to fully grasp what she was saying. They provide no money for the home and woman has to do all the work. ―We say that there are three kinds of men: the Good Man. It slowly dawned on me.

if she could only find one. then you are one of the most valuable things on this planet to most every woman in the world . I had allowed women in the U. I began to believe I was not very valuable.outside of the industrialized nations. 22 | P a g e . If you are a good man who wants to be faithful to the love of a good woman. It resonated deeply. THE GOLDEN MAN I couldn't wait to get back to the U. But for most of them.connected to a family.S. and tell Steve about what I'd discovered. It just made sense. One of the Greatest Secrets is that I am one of the most valuable commodities in the world to women in most other parts of the world! The most beautiful and exotic women in the world would find deep satisfaction to wake up each morning and pour themselves into the love of a good man.S. I am proud to be the bread-winner and financial provider for my family. and be a financial provider. I had been trying to sell ice to Eskimos. I am GOLDEN here! I have been fishing in the wrong fishing hole with the wrong bait! I was trying to bring what I had to offer to a market that didn't find it valuable. I want to have a relationship where I look forward to spending time with my wife. to define my value. Are you with me? Do you see the difference? I want to help you have the same experience and open your eyes to the value that good masculinity can bring to the world – and how rich and fulfilling your life will be as a result. the love of a good man is a dream that will never come true . be part of her life.

One man I spoke with at a disco in Nikolaev. I'm not talking about being an arrogant or abusive man who dominates women as a power trip.Yes. Ukraine and the Slavic nations). and dedicated. yet often unappreciated." So. and enjoys vacationing with his significant other. Men that have worked and lived in a socialist country can develop a deep seeded despair over their hopes for economic improvement. "You can work hard or be lazy. the stories may vary slightly from Latin America or the Far East. brings home his paycheck to support family. but the results are the same – the good man is gold. The good man will rarely be more valued in this world than he will in these cultures. Being a good man is gold. As I continued my travels to Ukraine and Costa Rica and other parts of the world. I learned that this value of the "good man" was echoed again and again. ten years. but I didn‘t have a good frame of reference to help define my masculine value. It doesn't matter. I allowed that to happen. even twenty years from now. In Eastern Europe (Russia. works on his house over the weekend. He works hard. Why work hard when you know that you'll always make the same amount of money. I'm talking about the average American man who is the backbone of this country. but not to the group I had been dating. 23 | P a g e . for many men in this part of the world. He is faithful. I was worth a lot. Ukraine told me this. What I make today is what I'll make five years. they turn to heavy drinking and chain smoking to escape the monotony. I cannot begin to understate the difference this understanding makes.

And what kinds of men do they have to choose from? Many of them are chain smokers and heavy drinkers who have no plans for marriage in their future." Another woman told me that women always have to stay beautiful or their 24 | P a g e . I've heard women talk about the attitudes of men. 'call me when you're better' and I better not call him until I am. "If I'm sick. my boyfriend will just say. I‘m not saying it just seems that way – it is a statement of fact4. They say. She wrote an article entitled. there are good men in each of these countries who will make good husbands and provide for their families.‖ Whatever the cause. Why would so many countries have many more women in their populations than men? Some say this phenomenon is the result of years of war in these regions taking its toll on the male population. That's just the way it is. it is clear that women feel they have to work hard to get a man – any man. Of course. This is especially true when it appears that there are more women than men in these countries.Since they don't see economic hopes to pursue with their energies. ―Half as many boys as girls are being born in some places around the world – and pollution is the prime suspect. some women find their man and get married only to be the breadwinner in the home and suffer physical abuse. But it is a difficult task for women to make their dreams come true. Of course. Francesca Lyman writes for MSN Health & Fitness Online5. Staying with one woman doesn't make sense to many of the younger generations there. Other studies point to unsafe drinking water and other pollutants as a possible cause. the inner drive of the man turns to conquering more women. ―Are Boys An Endangered Species?‖ In it she states that.

WHAT DOES INTERNATIONAL DATING LOOK LIKE? How do we get you. Dating is doing anything with a woman for the purpose of getting to know her better. It‘s your experience. SO. They have a saying among women. We‘ll bring this into better perspective when we talk about masculinity and femininity from different cultural perspectives. the sex is focused on pleasing the man so they can keep him. I‘ve done that myself on 25 | P a g e . and/or creating a memory. The Golden Man. "A woman must always be beautiful. First. That kind of international dating is different from what I call recreational dating.? And. Sometimes you just want to take your adventure further by adding a beauty to it. International dating is just doing that with women in other countries." Do you think you'll ever hear those words spoken in the U. Recreational dating is when you choose to do something you enjoy and adding a beautiful woman who will only further enhance your enjoyment of the experience. here‘s the best part. There‘s nothing wrong with that. I just tell you all of these things so you will realize the value you bring to the table.S. evaluating your heart‘s response when you are with her. connected with that wonderful woman who is looking for you? International Dating is your connection. a man only has to be better looking than a monkey. let‘s establish some definitions. You will rarely ever see an overweight woman in these parts of the world.man will just move on. You‘re the man.

for example. Typically. She isn‘t looking for a relationship anymore than he is. The women look the same. I want that every day.occasion. Me. To me. International Dating is looking for a satisfying and enduring love relationship with a beautiful woman in all of the right places. but the successful bachelor usually finds himself connecting with the successful bachelorettes. I am selfish . the kind of woman you want to keep is not the same one you would rent for a day of fishing. So what do you need to know to get from here to there? Here are the basic questions guys ask: Where should I go? How do I get there? How do I meet women once I‘m there? What do I do with them once I‘ve met them? 26 | P a g e . This is where I get to share with you the secret to looking for love in all the RIGHT places. I was dating to find someone to bring along with me on my everyday adventures in life. Hopefully. Sail fishing. each of your fishing buddies has one of their own beauty enhancers along with them as well. I would imagine that this is how successful bachelors make life work for them. . . is an awesome sport that is only made better by landing a big fish and having a bikini-clad beauty taking the pictures.

But most importantly. secure good lodging. and more.Wait. Now I am a raving fan of the romance tour. and how to keep healthy. But the tricks to traveling in one city may have subtle differences from other cities. transport you to your hotel. Allow me to simplify this whole process for you. That‘s a lot to try to pass along – and is that what you really want to learn? What if I could show you a way to get to these exotic destinations and amazing women without the travel agent program? I‘ll show you how to participate in a dating vacation (a ―romance introduction tour‖) where you will meet several hundred women in several exotic cities during the course of your exotic vacation. provide quality accommodations. and country or region of the world. trust me on this one. Pick an age range. Most of it I gleaned from other travelers who had experience and I followed their lead. You‘re a man who wants the best dating experience in the world with the finest women in the world. they will take care of so many details that you‘ll only need to think about who you want to go out with next. find the hot spots where to meet women. you will have staff meet you at the airport. They have all gone through a screening process and the photos are current. go to www. food. And. I had to figure out how to travel. weight range. At what point did it become necessary to become a travel agent just to go on dates? Before I learned about dating vacations. how to stay safe. As an exercise to help build your faith. you‘ll be able to take your pick of women to date. It will blow your mind! You‘ll be the hot ticket – the Golden Man. 27 | P a g e .com and click on the search engine in the top left. On a romance tour. I‘ve done this the hard way in the past.InternationalDatingForMen. Look at the profiles of the women who are there.

INTERNATIONAL DATING FOR MARRIAGE Do I have to marry them? Can‘t I just go date a bunch of gorgeous foreign women and have sex with them? Sure: you can do whatever you want. The world is getting smaller all the time and you can find a Fantasy Island experience almost anywhere. There are many places to go where the women are exotic and beautiful and don't expect to see you after your trip.com hosts more than 75 such tours each year from Asia to Latin America. there are more than 20. We'll get more into this later. but it is important to decide which path you want to take: pleasure trip for a week of fun or pleasure trip to find the love of your life. Now you know a great secret – and it could change your life! INTERNATIONAL DATING FOR SEX VS. to the Russian speaking countries. Read what these women say about themselves and the kind of man they are looking for. These women are all consenting adults. This is dating like you‘ve never known was possible.Believe it or not. You have to be honest with yourself and with them. Then pick another set of parameters and another region of the world and look again. This is very real. 28 | P a g e . If you just want to have a wild vacation with adventure and great sex with many exotic women – I will just pass along what I've been told. InternationalDatingForMen. Here's what I mean.000 women who around the world who have signed up to participate in these Romance Introduction services in hopes of meeting men when they come to their city on one of these vacations. but I know you'll be glad for the time invested there.

Just understand the difference. wake up with you. and meeting men who come to town with the Introduction Tours. Even though you and I only had to go to a website. if I did marry her. sending pictures of themselves.com. they did so at local "Marriage Agency" offices near them.000 plus ladies from around the world applied to have their profiles posted with InternationalDatingForMen. Their expressed goal is a husband. not a one-night-stand. Does sex happen on Introduction Tours? If you both decide that is what you want. That seems to be common knowledge. how would we like to look back at how we met and what our dating and engagement time was like? Was I a horny bastard that just wanted to get into her pants. There are bulletin boards of guys who share info on where to go for this kind of pleasure splurge and how to do it safely and legally. These ladies are not the same ones who are involved in the escort business. These ladies have an expectation that they will be exchanging letters with men from around the world.They just want your money in exchange for fun with you. they have to personally appear. When the 20. Do they sometimes marry that man? That also happens sometimes too. interview. You can mix this up with other fun activities and do so at a safe distance from your home country. but for much more money and it is usually not legal to pay for pleasure escorts. You can get this kind of a pleasure escort at reasonable prices in every non-industrialized nation – and it will be legal to do so in most of them. Just pay attention to what they say about theft and disease risks. dance with you. They'll stay with you. You'll have to judge the chemistry for yourself and decide what you want to do. You can get it in the industrialized nations as well. you have to ask yourself. and fix you breakfast. or was I a romantic knight in shining armor who swept her off her feet? These women 29 | P a g e . That's what they are called in their languages. With these women. and have a photo session. pleasure you.

everyday. for the rest of your life! In this day of easy and inexpensive travel. What would I recommend? As you can tell. Just go! The adventure starts when the plane takes off! 30 | P a g e . you can have whatever you want. But they probably don‘t want you to think that they are easy and loose.may be starved for romance and genuine attention. I completely endorse the romance tours for one reason: You can have the best of both worlds and wake up to an exotic beauty by your side.

sympathetic. I pay attention to my inner beauty. 32. China – Profile 95456 Self Description: I am a caring.Ying Ying. 100 lbs. caring. soft. 5‘1‖. honest. traditional Chinese woman with integrity. and generous 31 | P a g e . Comments: I would love to meet a man who is tender..

I could have sent up some glib generic response. It 32 | P a g e . But maybe we don't get specific enough about the role a woman would play in that picture. we take time to visualize success in our ventures and imagine a compelling future. to act or be. for you to feel happy?" What would I like for a woman to do for me every day to make me feel happy? Wow. She asked. That blew me away. but I decided that this whole process was part of my growth and education.CHAPTER 2 WHAT ARE YOU REALLY LOOKING FOR IN A WOMAN? I am going to make this direct and simple – and I need to thank Kristina. I had to answer the question – she asked it. It's a question that makes all of this very simple. "What would you like a woman to do every day. In her fourth letter to me she asked a profound question. Have you ever had an American woman ask you that question? As men and businesspeople.

I envision moments when I’m sitting in my chair that she comes up behind me and puts her arms around my chest and shoulders and whispers in my ear that she loves me. business writing. I gently push her hair back away from her face and touch her shoulder. I stop what I am doing to give her a kiss and tell her I love her too. tourism. “Good morning. The nice part about working from home is that we can still be together even when we are working. off to school and then go out for breakfast at one of the local restaurants or come home and cook breakfast. We make the moment last until we absolutely have to get up. We look softly into each other’s eyes. we’ll work together from the office in my home. She reaches over and touches my face and softly says. She would have her choice of things she could do. Work days are mostly about getting tasks done. Christopher. I will have calls to make and emails to write. my love”. Every day in my life is a little different than the one before. We’ll get my son. We stop to have lunch on the back porch and enjoy the sun. Here’s the way I see my everyday life with the woman of my dreams. public relations. and basic organizing. My wife may want to bring coffee to me and maintain our home or she may want to work in our business. yet we seem to find humor and enjoyment in most things we do. But one thing that is the same is waking up each day. We go for a walk to pick Christopher up from school and walk back. The business tasks include accounting. Here's what I wrote to her: Kristina: Your question caused me to think about what that relationship might look like in daily life. I envision starting every day this way. I pull her to myself and hold her.was my time to learn about myself and to finally get specific about what I really wanted so I could make it happen. Each day I would wake up and see my love on the pillow next to me. On some days. Christopher does 33 | P a g e .

or whatever we’re involved in. she reaches out to hold my hand. or on a personal trip to San Francisco or the wine country in Napa. then she turns and just stares at me as if to say. It has been a few years since I wrote those words to Kristina. Every day of my life with Anna has become exactly what I wrote about in that letter – down to the last detail about surprising me in my office in the middle of the day. We go to the gym. whom I obviously did not marry. But.” In return. I would give her my best. While watching a movie together. One of our great joys is the way we love each other in bed. On those occasions we may travel to Las Vegas on business. Later we come back home to have dinner and relax together for the rest of the evening and put Christopher to bed. dance classes. we snuggle in each other’s arms and pause once in a while to kiss. This will be my woman – and I will be so proud to have her with me. As we ride in the car with the top down and the breeze blowing in our hair.his homework while we finish our tasks. “This is my man. I’m sure that was more than you were expecting to receive as an answer to your question. you can probably guess what the results were from having gone through this exercise. It pays to get specific! 34 | P a g e . We both give each other our best – our creativity will help us find new ways of showing our love in fresh and new ways – for the rest of our lives. I will learn what makes her feel loved and happy. But I’m glad you asked. On other occasions Christopher may be staying overnight at friend’s houses or at his mom’s. I am so proud of him and he makes me so happy.

you will know have a clear idea of what you are looking for. answer her question as if it were being asked of you. 35 | P a g e .Can you get specific? I'm confident you can describe her physical beauty based on your personal preferences. But can you put into words the chemistry you would feel? Can you describe the dynamics of your conversations together? When you have some down time. It‘s like an inner GPS system leading you away from some and toward others. When you go on your quest to find your queen. Treat the following exercise as you would any other goal-planning exercise: What is your purpose for dating internationally? What are the physical attributes that are attractive to you? What does a day-in-the-life with her look like? What does it feel like when you talk or spend time together? What does she do that makes you happy? Getting specific before you go allows you to relax and let your instincts guide you to the various women who could be exactly what you are looking for.My dad once sent me a birthday card with these words of wisdom: Act boldly and unseen forces will come to your aid. This will help you to sort through the many girls you will date while you are there and give you the confidence to pick one to pursue.

Do you want me to be yours? I am waiting for you to start our exciting journey for love! 36 | P a g e . ―We were so close to having not met at all – it was obviously meant to be. Ukraine. my true eternal love? I know you are very close to me! I am your lady and I am waiting for you. Listen to her heart‘s desire as you read her translated words: I am very goal-oriented and I know that one day I will find my love and I will never let him go. I am affectionate and a hot lady! I have many goals in my life and I am sure that I will have everything I pursue. How did you live without me? I'm sure you are missing my hugs and kisses. Finish this exercise and be open to the magic that will follow. I can‘t tell you how many men have talked about the unique aspects of their stories that brought them together with their women. I am tired of feeling lonely! Where are you. The next day she made the effort to track him down through one of the staffers and they re-connected. I met my wife Anna when she and her friend were just about to leave the social. WHAT IS HER DREAM? I came across the profile of a young woman named Elena from Kherson. but lost track of her by the end of the night. Mike met his wife in the lobby of the hotel where he was about to go in to the social.The dynamic is similar. I am romantic and passionate. my care and tenderness. Steve met a wonderful woman at a social. but the main goal is to have a reliable man and strong family! Life with me is unforgettable.‖ In my case. I was impressed by how well she was able to describe her vision of life with the man of her dreams. He didn‘t get her name or phone number. Most will say. Unique situations will seem to happen that just bring you to her.

Yes. there is an overflowing abundance of ladies who would fit your description. she is out there describing her dream man. He will possess all the traits of a real man! He will be smart and intelligent. but you will have to be a real man.I know that my man will be a perfect fit for me. then you‘re destined for second best in life. My personal belief is that these ladies are looking for a traditional relationship with a good strong man – and you have been looking in all of the wrong places to find this kind of woman! Once you are finally looking for love in all of the right places. There is no lack. But I also know that you still have questions and doubts. polite and kind person. if you find yourself drawn to the Elena‘s description. let‘s do the man-thing and hit them head on. And I will fall in love with half of him if he loves kids! I need an understanding and caring man. 37 | P a g e . this dream is alive. Don‘t worry whether you are going to the right country or you miss her – as if there were only one girl who could fit your description and make you happy. you will find abundance – not scarcity. who will protect me and his future family from all the difficulties in this life! In the same way that you are becoming more specific in describing your dream girl. I just like how she described it. there are thousands of other ladies all over the world who have the exact same dream. On the contrary. So. You will have to get on a plane and pursue her. It‘s kind of a chick idea that there is only one ―soul mate‖ and if you miss that one. Rest assured. It may be destiny that the two of you meet.

keeping the feeling of cheerfulness and optimistic views on life.Nataliya Nataliya. I am loving. I need a loving partner.. 5‘1‖. 38 | P a g e . I‘ve become responsible. who knows how to get over the difficulties. Due to the life experience.com Self Description: I am tender and kind woman. a close friend of mine and a caring Daddy for my baby. Comments: I am looking for a man who is honest. one who has serious intentions to create a happy family! Maximum age of 55. Ukraine – Profile 95860 InternationalDatingForMen. caring and reliable. caring and very honest person. 95 lbs. I dream to meet a man who is strong and tender at the same time. romantic and sensible nature. a sensible lover. I am one-man woman who is seeking for a true love. 31.

You will meet hundreds of beautiful women who are more interested in finding a good man than worried that you are a hunk. . the good news is that everything is in your favor. She is everything you wanted – and the envy of all of your friends. As you meet them. they will be focused entirely on you with fascination. Imagine a scenario where every gorgeous woman you meet says 'yes' to your invitation to go on a date! So you go through the process. stay connected. FIRST THE GOOD NEWS .CHAPTER 3 THE DREAM IS ALIVE – BUT IS IT REAL? There‘s good news and bad news. The sex is out of this world and you can't seem to get enough of each other. If you decide to embark on this adventure. You are both giddy in love. and finally get to bring her home. find the girl of your dreams. You start the visa process. 39 | P a g e . .

In a few days you get the email with the photo of her receiving your gift – and it looks just like all of the other photos in her profile! WHAT?! It hits you – THIS IS FOR REAL! 40 | P a g e . Is all of that real? Yes it is! But when will it seem real to you? That comes in stages. Does she really look like her photos today? Or were they taken 10 years ago? One of the great features on the site is the gift page. Their comments demonstrate emotional maturity. You'll find young women who want to wrap their lives around their dream man and make him happy every day. you opt to pay the extra $10 to have a photo taken of your new pen pal receiving your gift. you may find one of four to be beautiful enough to want to click on their profile.You wake up every morning with this beauty and live happily ever after – since your chances of a happy and successful marriage are several times greater than your American counter-parts. First. some men get stuck in just writing and never go. Then you read what they write about themselves and what they are looking for. As you do. Even if you refine your search to a very small window of criteria – there will still be hundreds of profiles to read through. You'll look at their extra photos. Your curiosity is peaked so you decide to write to a couple of them.com website and run through some searches. You are intrigued by the interchange. She writes back and sends another photo – one that is not in the profile." Some are educated. I'll talk about what to say in another chapter. you'll go to the InternationalDatingForMen. The site provides a resource for sending messages to the girl in their language. You can send a nice gift of flowers. etc. When you do. No. DON‘T MAKE THAT MISTAKE. chocolates. In fact. Depending on your personal preferences. you will be amazed at how many women there are. It starts to ring of "too good to be true. you want to know if this is real.

She was just as adorable in person as she appeared to be in her letters and pictures.Top: Tatyana‟s profile photo. Bottom: The two of us at dinner two months later. 41 | P a g e . Middle: She receives the flowers I sent.

 They can't stand up to negative (jealous) friends and well-intentioned family concerns.  They don't believe it is for real. 42 | P a g e . do you? All of those girls just want to get here to get their green cards. if you succeeded. .Then why don‘t men date internationally? NOW THE BAD NEWS . Once you decide that you will not settle for anything less than the very best you are going to be hit by the herd mentality that wants to keep you in the flock. you'd make them look bad.but seems to be true in too many cases). There are three contributing factors as to why more men won't make the trip to find their beauty queen brides overseas:  They believe the negative stereo-types. Here is a small sampling of comments that you may hear from your ‗concerned‘ family and friends:  What's wrong with you? You can't find a single girl in your own country?  They‘re all scams – you don't want to be caught up in a scam. After all. that was a bit harsh . . They want you to have the same unhappy marriage to an overweight and unattractive woman that they have (sorry.

I know of a man who went through this process and waited at the airport . Now that you‘ve heard them all. After a few emails they ask if you'd send money for them to go to the Internet cafe to continue to communicate with you. Those are costs on your end for research – they are very small amounts of money – and the girls are not profiting by your membership with the search company. he got back on the saddle and 43 | P a g e .They'll divorce you and take your money – watch out! I don't want to see you get hurt again (that was my mom – and I love her for it). That‘s different from signing up for a legitimate membership with an International Introduction website for the purpose of communicating with pre-screened women. Then their needs for money become greater. let's go through the stereotypes and see what‘s true. You may have already seen the kind of scam that is most common. What do they look like? The vast majority of them involved getting money out of you before you even met a girl in person. Have you received an email from someone supposedly overseas who saw your profile on a dating website? They send beautiful photos of themselves (usually not themselves).only to be completely heartbroken when no one arrived. However. Talk about their life in a poor Russian village. Finally. she declares that her paperwork is ready and she can come to see you in the US if you will pay for her airline ticket. Myth #1: It’s All A Scam Have there been foreign bride scams? Of course.

The only time you should is when you are ALREADY in a relationship with her and she needs to take English lessons or pay for some costs for her visa work. They have lives that are normal to them there. 44 | P a g e . They are starved for romance and genuine attention. Even when you go on your tour. The universal warning to anyone engaging in International Dating is to hold on to your wallet. They have friends that they connect with. They probably have four generations of family in their hometown. They have several kids together now and are ecstatically happy with each other.went on a romance and introduction tour with a legitimate company and found his bride. it is a red flag when a lady asks you to shop for her or give her cash. There are many more women who are just looking for love. That is just not the case. Myth #2: They’re All Green Card Hunters Second is the misconception that these women are eager to leave their country. They may be working on a university degree program and leaving would cause problems. Here is a universal truth of all women – foreign or domestic: If a woman falls deeply in love with the man of her dreams she‘ll do anything to make that dream come true – including leaving home and country. So what is their motivation to connect with a foreign man and even consider leaving their homes? I'll say it again and again. They may enjoy dancing and spending time with peers in their hometown. You may want to move on. You don't give the ladies money directly.

Just remember: Not all engagements end in marriage – nor should they. who won‘t cheat on them. There are many checks and balances inherent in the process to give you confidence in your decision. 45 | P a g e . they define a good man as someone: who pays attention to them.Another motivation may be that they are also tired of having to be the only income provider. provides romantic attention. Again. That is what makes you so golden! What about the green card scams? You don't see as many of those anymore because it‘s a seriously long process to go through. These values are basic to us here in the United States. but seem to be difficult for many foreign men to live up to. It will take six to nine months to finish the K-1 Fiancé Visa process in most cases. They would gladly live a happy and full life with a good man from their home town if they could find him. Men who are in touch with their hearts will sense that kind of disconnection long before the visa process is completed and they'll stop it. who would not harm them. so you'll have plenty of time to get to know your girl. agrees to bring his paycheck home to contribute to the family. doesn‘t get drunk on a regular basis.

One friend told me about a guy who was on his third foreign bride – only because he was an out of control rage-aholic! I felt sorry for the girls. When these are reported. So. some of the men on your trip will be going just for a sex vacation. Are there exceptions to this? Of course. But for each of them. Usually. There are exceptions to everything. . they waited for 46 | P a g e . these two groups naturally gravitate toward each other and it all works out: She gets some financial benefit and the guys get sex with a beautiful foreign woman. they‘re screened out from future events. Some of the women at the socials will only be interested in finding a way to financially benefit from American men. . But that shouldn‘t concern you since you have a picture in your mind of what you're looking for and you‘ll naturally gravitate toward those women who are as serious about looking for love as you are. but I'll say it again: why would they want to live outside of their hometown? They wouldn't if they could find love there. And .Myth #3: They Just Want Your Money Take your money? They aren't interested in your money – they want your heart. what can go wrong? The bad stories I‘m aware of have to do more with the men than the women. We just covered this.

He gave me this advice: you're not going to really know everything about each other until somewhere around the third year of marriage anyway. That was good advice. Another case was that of a man who was so intimidated by his wife's beauty that he wouldn't let her out of the house! She would wait alone at home all day while he was at work and couldn't go anywhere without him. she is still with him. 47 | P a g e . My dad‘s a minister and has counseled hundreds of married couples and conducted hundreds of weddings. He should be proud of her – but he should also help her to be independent so she can get around if she needs to. So. You need to know what you are looking for. I'll talk more about life at home in the chapter on living ‗Happily Ever After. who will just be relieved that it worked out for you). I just hope he's grown up some by now and calmed down. You have to have faith in your decision that someday your well-wishing friends will have to secretly tell you that you were right all along – and they wish they had a woman like yours who loved them like that (except for your mom.their two-year visa requirement to be completed before leaving him. what conclusions can we come to? You will be given grief for trying something different. But I could tell by the way we handled them that this relationship was a keeper and would stand the test of time. the best thing you could do is make sure you know how to communicate and work out differences. My wife and I had several miscommunications and compromises we had to work through before we got married. As far as I know.‘ What are the Risks? There is an element of risk in all relationships.

Do whatever it takes for you.Some men opted to tell people at home that they were on a fishing trip so their love adventure was a private one. ―I wonder what might have happened?‖ You are on a different path. just know that you have to run your own game in life. Those who express concern aren't going to also provide you with an exotic beauty to live with every day. You are willing to take action in pursuit of your dream. No adventure. So what do you gain by listening to them? No change. And that lingering question. Your wife will be the envy of most every man you meet. You have decided not to settle for second best. Enjoy it! 48 | P a g e .

40.. 5‘5‖. 119 lbs. humorous. sincere. sincere. 49 | P a g e .com Self Description: I'm frank. China – Profile 96544 InternationalDatingForMen. understanding.Yington Yington. Comments: I'd like to meet a man who is goal-oriented. humorous and love life and enjoy it. romantic with a strong sense of responsibility and integrity. caring.

Once you are in a relationship you can pick up any one of the thousands of books on men and women and how to keep the 50 | P a g e . You also need to be able to compare that to your culture and be honest with your attitudes and preferences. I must also be clear about what I am not talking about. But now I consider them a cornerstone to understanding people. You will benefit from knowing even a little bit about how the rest of the world views men and women and their roles. there are differences that are culture based. there are some basic desires in the hearts of men and women that are true for all of us. Then. I would never have considered such things. Before I go any further. It is valuable to understand these so you will be effective when you are trying to win her heart. This is not going to be a conversation about ―relationships‖. Without a doubt.CHAPTER 4 MASCULINITY AND FEMININITY Why is it important to discuss cultural concepts of masculinity and femininity? Before I began traveling abroad.

I‘m going to try to take a complicated subject and make it as simple as I can. I‘ve been to seminars on 51 | P a g e . Truths about Men and Women What I am talking about here comes from extensive research.‖ You are about to be very pleasantly surprised. I predict that you are about to enjoy several ―aha‖ moments in the pages ahead. The rest comes down to cultural influences and upbringing. but I just never put it together before. I have some thoughts I may put in writing on how to maximize the power of the international marriage relationship. These things are true for all men and women regardless of their culture or nationality. I have personally studied and researched on the subject of masculinity. ―I‘ve always known that.magic going. There are some things that are true about men and women because it is hardwired into our DNA. So let‘s talk about what it means to be a man. There are two key distinctions in this area of masculinity and femininity: core truths and cultural influences. I‘ve compared notes with other counselors about the why they think men seem to struggle to understand what it is to be a man. I‘ve counseled men who struggle in their relationships with women. they should first be grounded in their own masculinity or femininity and know where the opposite sex is coming from. Before men or women get into any kind of dating or committed relationship with another person. Something will add up and you‘ll think to yourself. but that is for another day. If you have not done any reading on the subject. Much has been written on the topics of defining masculinity and femininity. you are in for a wonderful treat.

they have sold millions of copies and continue to be referenced by those who discuss men‘s issues. Africa. or Rome? What common rituals survived thousands of years throughout native tribes across different continents? The discussion is laced into a Grimm Brother‘s story written in 1820. by Robert Bly6 Wild at Heart. I have traveled to and dated women in four continents on this earth. I‘ve engaged in conversations with men in those places – often through translators. ―The grief in men has been increasing steadily since the start of the Industrial Revolution 52 | P a g e . Germany.dating and understanding women. it became very easy to find the common themes that appeared to be true. Iron John is a fascinating study of how previous cultures viewed manliness PRIOR to the industrial revolution. Asia. From all of these. What did it mean to be a man to the ancient cultures of Greece. by John Eldredge7 Combined. I would also encourage you to do some of your own reading on the subject of masculinity. even though each may have stated these with different words. Bly makes this observation. There have been no books on the subject that have come close to the best seller status that is held by these two books: ● ● Iron John. The message rose to the top and created a common understanding to help define masculinity and femininity. In the introduction. I also enjoy the comedians who have learned to point out masculine and feminine truth in the most hilarious ways.

‖ You will be enriched for reading it. I have never heard the Universal Core of the Masculine Soul and Feminine Soul so beautifully and accurately described as John Eldridge has in his books. High Noon. Men are made for battle. Just look at the movies men love—Braveheart. It’s the whole thing with boys and weapons. but don’t you long for a man who will fight for you? To have Daniel Day Lewis look you in the eye and say. Saving Private Ryan. no matter how far . don’t you love the heroes of those movies? You might not want to fight in a war. subtitled. A man needs to have:    A Battle to Fight. I will find you”? Women don’t fear a man’s 53 | P a g e .and the grief has reached a depth now that cannot be ignored. He describes the man‘s heart as having three basic desires. ―Unveiling the Mystery of the Woman‘s Soul‖. Gladiator. Eldredge does this masterfully. ―Discovering the Secret of a Man‘s Soul‖ has nearly created a movement of its own. . Top Gun. An Adventure to Live. In a subsequent book he wrote with his wife entitled Captivating. . . One of the gifts of wisdom is when truth can be made simple to understand. “No matter how long it takes . they explain the man‘s heart to the female audience of Captivating this way: Every man wants a battle to fight. Wild at Heart. A Beauty to Rescue. . subtitled. (And ladies.

loves being a woman. beat a competitor. sometimes ridiculous) things young men do are to impress the girls. and a pursuit to rescue the beauty – all wrapped into one. at the same time we yearn to be tested. And. I’m saying that men long to offer their strength on behalf of a woman. camping. Adventure requires something of us. And a man in the presence of a real woman loves being a man. She inspires him to be a hero. Now – can you see how the desires of a man’s heart and the desires of a woman’s heart were at least meant to fit beautifully together? A woman in the presence of a good man. Adventure is a deeply spiritual longing in the heart of every man.) Men also long for adventure. Men go to war carrying photos of their sweethearts in their wallets—that is a metaphor of this deeper longing to fight for the Beauty. Her beauty arouses him to play the man. puts us to the test. These can cause us to come alive with adventure. He needs someone to fight for. Where would Robin Hood be without Marian. The battles to start a business. 8 When we ask men the question. His pursuit draws out her beauty. Finally. There is nothing that inspires a man to courage so much as the woman he loves.strength if he is a good man. He really does. an adventure. This is not to say that a woman is a “helpless creature” who can’t live her life without a man. the pursuit of a beauty can cause men to expend all of their resources to capture her heart. Most of the daring (and okay. a real man. it’s not just that a man needs a battle to fight. it draws out his strength. hunting. or engage in a political campaign will make a man feel fully alive. or travel. or King Arthur without Guinevere? Lonely men fighting lonely battles. His strength allows her feminine heart to flourish. every man longs for a Beauty to rescue. You can go white water rafting. Though we may fear the test. It can bring your heart to life and make you feel fully alive! 54 | P a g e . The pursuit of love through international dating is a grand quest that is a battle. to discover that we have what it takes. You see. ―What makes you feel fully alive?‖ These are the themes.

A woman doesn’t want to be the adventure. She wants to be pursued. “I know myself and I know I’m not the adventure. And her childhood dreams of a knight in shining armor coming to rescue her are not girlish fantasies. that he explains the three aspects of the feminine heart to his male readers. Wants to be caught up in an adventure. the beautiful young heroine. Frederick comes back for Jo in Little Women. they are the core of the feminine heart and the life she knows she was made for. So Zach comes back for Paula in An Officer and a Gentleman. Wants to have beauty she can unveil. and together they ride on horseback through the wilds of the Australian wilderness. Wild at Heart. 55 | P a g e . Take me into one I don’t know. but every woman yearns to be fought for. I want to be strong and a part of the adventure. she wants to be caught up into something greater than herself. Listen to the longing of a woman’s heart: She wants to be more than noticed – she wants to be wanted. her hero. “I want to be Isabo in Ladyhawk. I grow bored immediately. pursued. But also. She loves the scene where Jessica. One of my wife’s favorite films is The Man from Snowy River. then what is the core of the feminine heart? It is in John Eldredge‘s book. He says that the feminine heart:  Wants to be pursued. and Edward returns to pledge his undying love for Eleanor in Sense and Sensibility. “To be cherished. fought for – yes.So if the core of masculinity is to have a battle to fight. is rescued by Jim. I just want to be a priority to someone.” confessed another female friend. Every woman also wants an adventure to share. I know that story. But that is where the relationship immediately goes downhill. He describes it this way: Not every woman wants a battle to fight. adventure to live.” a friend in her 30s told me. One friend went on to say. So when a man makes me the point.” So many men make the mistake of thinking that the woman is the adventure. and a beauty to rescue.

power and influence they carry. What she longs for is to capture her daddy’s delight. or wedding day. Most women feel the pressure to be beautiful from very young. Napoleon‘s men felt empowered when Josephine was with them in the battle camp. There is also a deep desire to simply and truly be the beauty. My wife remembers standing on top of the coffee table as a girl of five or six and singing her heart out. Most little girls will remember playing dress up. and be delighted in. They know that their captain felt invincible because of the way she loved and empowered him. When the church stepped in and refused to allow her to come to him on the battlefield. She’ll put her pretty dress on. but that is not what I speak of. come into the living room and twirl. What is that dynamic about? What did she do for him? What made him want to win for her and feel invincible when he knew she would be waiting for him in his tent upon his return from battle? I have tried to capture this dynamic in a poem I wrote called ―The Radiant Passions. 56 | P a g e . Napoleon lacked that cutting edge – that eye of the tiger – and their victory was in question. Not to conjure.” Those flowing dresses that were perfect for spinning around in. every woman wants to have a beauty to unveil.‖ In it I describe what is going on in the heart of the man and woman in the format of a story/poem. And are you captivated by what you see? 9 I have become fascinated by the energy that can come from the connection of these two hearts. Do you see me? asks the heart of every girl. Each character in the poem is strong and intelligent. or “twirling skirts.And finally. They understand the strength. but to unveil.

and will be for all time true 57 | P a g e . . . mysterious and new It just is .a noble passion of its own . even caught in passing. is more than ample to the quest The wild man and his inner warriors engage the fight . becomes less of this world and more radiant – transcending When a man hears her voice.to find a quest .the golden ball is his rightful prize The woman. there comes a feeling granted to men by angels and oft materialized in the laughter of children From his chest glows a mysterious passion to serve . radiant. finds herself overwhelmed by a new glow radiating from within her breast She approaches the victor‘s podium and chooses the man as the object of her passion . amazing. even for an instant.has been . gazing upon the conquering man. the things of earth lose their taste and dim And when she smiles at him.The Radiant Passions By Mark Edward Davis The woman I treasure carries ecstatic love in her eyes She passes this way and every man turns his head in hopes of a stolen glance The object of her gaze.a golden ball with her name inscribed Then the woman with ecstatic love in her eyes passes this way on the arm of her champion . voice and smile demand a noble quest worthy of the passion within The passion. There is no logic of earth to explain this miracle – splendid.to stand on a champion‘s podium victorious The radiant power of glance. radiating from his core. sweet and true.

In Iron John.‖ You have accomplished things in life. You have found success. She knows she is beautiful and enjoys the energy of flirting. and masculinity in his soul. she wants to be the woman on the arm of a champion. But in the end. strength. The inner wild men are a resource men have within them to go to battle and risk to do things that are bigger than themselves. which represents true fulfillment of the soul‘s desire. The woman brings the man‘s heart to life – stirring power. ―I am a king who is traveling the world in search of his queen. Bly also translates a poem from Dante. It is your time to grace your castle. He wants to do something for her to show her who he is. with the radiant power of a beautiful queen. You have accumulated enough finances to be able to travel and support your queen. 58 | P a g e . and your kingdom. To put it into one sentence. Everything else is cultural and personal preference. These are the core truths that I wanted to communicate to you. here is your posture. There he discusses the ―golden ball‖ as a symbol from Ancient Greek culture. which served as a launching pad for this forum. I say these things to help prepare you for the posture that will make you radiantly attractive.I was inspired by various themes from Iron John in writing this poem.

sensitive girl. He is kind. Comments: I am looking for a real man.com Self Description: I am very kind. Up to 55 years of age. 22. 110 lbs. 59 | P a g e . Ukraine – Profile 93956 InternationalDatingForMen.. He knows how to make a woman happy. 5‘7‖. I think I am very emotional. I am faithful. tender. loving.Elena Elena. and affectionate. patient. independent.

Germany. Denmark. Consider the impact it would have on your world perspective to visit the diverse cultures from Australia. But that all goes to another level when you are there and you have to communicate with people there. I‘m sure you have probably watched movies filmed in places all over the world. I wish they all would. Russia. 60 | P a g e . to Egypt. Japan. Most men here have not done a lot of traveling around the world.CHAPTER 5 CULTURAL DIFFERENCES FOR MEN AND WOMEN In America. I am completely fascinated to get inside the thought process of other cultures. You most likely feel you would know what to expect if you went to one of those countries. So many people are just like you and me – yet they see things from such a different perspective. we truly are out of touch with cultures and attitudes abroad. Brazil. China.

We‘ll compare the way we look at things like sex. We‘ll look at some of the problems in the lives of men and women abroad. I really enjoyed the humor of one of the cab drivers in Rio de Janeiro. but it helps give perspective to my world view. But there also seems to be some deep seeded pains and struggles in their lives. The bus driver in Ukraine was cool as was the bellman at a hotel I stayed in. money. Now we will look at some of the weaker sides of our cultures. These guys can be a blast to be around. 61 | P a g e . COMPARING CULTURAL DIFFERENCES (MEN) Foreign Men I have enjoyed spending time with some of the men I met overseas. The way they react to the social and economic traps of life in their countries brings out the worst in them when it comes to their love lives. In the last chapter we took a look at the healthy man and woman and how they energize each other.Not only does it help me understand them better. It is this energy that we are all looking for. The guys who hosted sail fishing in Costa Rica were awesome to hang with. Then we‘ll take a look at some areas that are problematic for men and women in our country. and family.

One of the reasons foreign men may pursue the conquest of one woman after another is to fill a huge void in their lives. There is a growing number of women who are fed up with this game and want no part of it. For them. I met several married couples who seemed very happy with each other – but I didn‘t talk to the men alone to hear their attitudes toward marriage or uncover any philandering. Obviously. smoking. and drinking. To further feed the situation. hope of having a loving family with a good man in their own country has become a remote possibility. Most foreign women have little expectation that their man will remain faithful to them but will fight to keep him anyway. Women are often just the objects of sexual conquest – and sometimes abused. many foreign men spend much of their time with other men conversing. What if you lived in a world where you could never advance or make any more money than you did when you were 20 years old? Would you spend half of your time killing your pain with smoking and alcohol? Wouldn‘t you be looking to find other non-economic places that you could battle and win – and prove your manhood? 62 | P a g e .Government statistics. this harsh picture is not true of all men. from countries such as Russia and Columbia. Men are built to have a battle to fight – metals of accomplishment to win. These women will say that men in the younger generations are not seeing the motivation for getting married – especially when they can have new sex partners on a regular basis. the sense of economic frustration had set in – they just can‘t make more money for themselves or their families in a communist or socialist society. Alcoholism and spousal abuse is prevalent. As a lifestyle. tend to support the statements I heard from so many women. But even among these married men. foreign women will do whatever they can in an attempt to keep them.

The common story seems to be that the women work so the family has money. 62 in Ukraine. These are good and noble aspirations.Thus. To have an affair also means we failed in our marriages somehow. the average life expectancy for men is 59 in Russia. We take our wives on dates and plan our vacations as family events. We want to be faithful to our wives. 63 | P a g e . What is the consequence for this lifestyle? According to CIA world statistics. Another painful fallout from masculinity gone wrong is domestic abuse. Apparently. American men want to be connected with their families. many of these men seem to find little motivation to bring their paychecks home – even when they have a monogamous relationship and children. because that is what good husbands do. The overblown male machismo culture of domination and physical abuse is considered common – and rarely punished. those men make us look like heroes by contrast. 4 American Men At first glance. We desire closeness and intimacy with our women. and 65 in Colombia. Alcohol is a major contributing factor to these shortened life spans. We change diapers and teach our kids to play baseball. But these victories have no honor. We participate in our wives pregnancies and delivery. the conquest of more women may be one of those battles.

Our families come first and we bring home our entire paychecks to support our family. We don‘t abuse our spouses or children. And we lavish upon them the highest standard of living in the modern age. But, as American men, we have also had to deal with cultural influences that have pushed us in the opposite direction of our foreign counterparts: toward the feminine-first perspective. I‘ve never spoken to an American man who denied that there are pressures in our culture that attack masculinity. Even if we have held strong to our manliness, we live under the threat of losing our jobs over unfounded suggestions of sexual harassment in the workplace. In order to get a college degree we are forced to take ―women‘s studies‖ and ―gender sensitivity‖ classes. What do these courses teach? They teach that men are sexual predators and the cause of all evil on the planet. Robert Bly describes the affects of various decades of American history on men in his book, ―Iron John.‖ Here is what he said about the decade of the 1960‘s:
During the sixties, another sort of man appeared. . . . As men began to examine women’s history and women’s sensibility, some men began to notice what was called their feminine side and pay attention to it. This process continues to this day, and I would say that most contemporary men are involved in it in some way. . . . The male in the past twenty years has become more thoughtful, more gentle. But by this process he has not become more free. He’s a nice boy who pleases not only his mother, but also the young woman he is living with. In the seventies I began to see all over the country a phenomenon that we might call the “soft male.” . . . They are lovely, valuable people – I like them – they’re not interested in harming the earth or starting wars. There’s a gentle attitude toward life in their whole being and style of living. But many of these men are not happy. You quickly notice the lack of energy in them. They are life-preserving but not exactly life-giving. Ironically, you often see these men with strong women who positively radiate energy. 9

64 | P a g e

If you look at the American society in a world view, we have many views of masculinity that lean toward the feminine. It is out of balance. Some men are also soft when it comes to romance. We may send flowers and take them to dinner, but never really move to capture their hearts, or offer them our strength, or take them away on our adventure. I know that when I saw a beautiful woman in the past I would become flustered and starry-eyed. I felt inferior and ―out of my league‖. I gave away too much of my masculine presence and was too easily impressed. Now I see this as weakness; even though our culture may have taught us that this is romantic and flattering to the woman. In truth, they see it as weakness as well. I‘m not so worried that you are a feminized man. The fact that you are reading this book tells me that you have a heart for adventure. You are not willing to settle for less than the best. If you take the challenge to find love abroad, you will have moved on to a higher plain. You are a man of action. You are going to find it easy to get the attention of gorgeous women on your trip. I just want you to be able to understand where they are coming from. They don‘t need you go ga-ga over them. They want to meet a kind-hearted man with a good sense of humor. Just be aware of the tainting of our culture toward feminized men. They are accustomed to seeing strong men – in fact – overbearing and brutal men. They don‘t mind a ―good‖ strong man. They just want to find one with kindness in his heart – and one who will pursue her to win her heart. A good man is also a good protector.

65 | P a g e

The purpose of masculinity is to offer our strength to world. In this case, you are the knight in shining armor – and you are looking for a beauty to rescue. Or, more appropriately, you are a king who is searching the world to find his queen.


It is invigorating to be around a woman who is strong and has found joy in being a woman – the healthy feminine soul. As I said in my poem, they are radiant. I believe that all women have the potential to be radiant and reveal their own beauty. Even when Oprah was extremely overweight, she loved herself, dressed well, and radiated with feminine beauty and energy. Although we, as men, will place physical beauty high on our list of desirable traits, it falls to second place when we consider the highest state of love is the romantic connection that sets our souls ablaze. The advantage you will have with International Dating is that nearly all of your prospective dates would be 8‘s to 10‘s by American beauty standards. That box is checked off even before you arrive. Your sorting process is just about finding the one you have a powerful connection with. What are the challenges facing women? Let‘s talk about the foreign women first.

66 | P a g e

They work hard to keep him focused on her so he has no reason to look around. I still find it cute that my gorgeous younger wife watches out for other women who might be looking at me! They continually work on their looks. But it is this life of struggle that has given them maturity at earlier ages than we would typically find in American. They may work a 50 to 60 hour week and take home less than $500 per month US equivalent – taking into account currency exchanges. Yet they have not only finished school. This is especially true for both men and women in Asia and Eastern Europe. 67 | P a g e .Foreign Women Most of the women you will meet on one of these tours have had to struggle and work hard in life. not five. They don‘t have labor laws as we do. That is one reason you want to be dressed well – and in fashion – when you meet these ladies for the first time. Many of them have been working since they were 15 years old. They may only have a few outfits. so breaks are fewer and further between. As we discussed before. They are proud of the fact that they work hard and accomplish to make their future better. Therefore. they will focus on pleasing him – and their pleasure is in making him happy. In this competitive environment they often become skilled in seduction and sensuality within the relationship. Work weeks are often six days. They dress well and tend to stay fit. it is very competitive for one of these women to find a good man. but they will always look the best they can. when they do have a man in their lives. but added university education in and around their work schedules.

but only if he makes her truly happy. their family will most likely be glad for them. They find laughter and happiness in the life they have been given. This was the same life their mother and grandmother had. as they see it. That is not the way they view their world and would be insulted if you were to suggest such a thing. They don‘t need you to save them and take them away from a horrible life of poverty. But the most delightful thing about these women is their resilient spirits. If they do find a good man. we all now laugh about that notion. 68 | P a g e . The reward is a deep and richly satisfying relationship. yet traditional in the way they see family and marriage. Otherwise. so who are they to complain? It would be an insult to their family. These are classy. The men are the pursuers and the initiators. Don‘t underestimate these women.My friend Steve wondered what I would have to talk about with a 20-year plus age difference between my wife and I. elegant women who deserve to be treated like you would as if you were going on a date with a hot TV reporter from your local news station. women might see that brand of traditional attitude as weak. They are educated and gorgeous. and you just may. In our country. is romantic attention. He and his wife have spent so much time with us. They are traditional in that they do not ask men out on dates or flirt excessively. they are generally satisfied with their lives. But. give them romantic attention and treat them like you were trying to win their heart. even one abroad. The only thing missing from their lives. She is more than able to engage in any conversation we have – and often surprises us with her candid insights. They believe in the man being the head of the home.

and contributing to their communities.American Women You and I may be on a different path for the simple reason that we‘ve had bad personal experiences with American women. Paula Cole sings ―Where have all the cowboys gone?‖ And yet women in our modern societies are being taught that they need to be the cowboy. No one can be all things to all people .something has to give. raising children. Some will just stay in the cowboy role. I have been completely captivated by them several times in my life. The standards held up for American women include competing with men in business. they give up on being the showgirl – they stop paying attention to their beauty – and stop trying to seduce their man. Yet. American women grow up expecting to carry the roles of both men and women and keep themselves beautiful all at the same time. Strong women can thrive as business executives and become the dominating partners in marriage. we have all had relationships with some American women we loved. cowgirl. at the same time. tying and branding. If they keep some aspects of the showgirl it may be done to help advance their cowboy agenda in the workplace. But my heart goes out to American women. keeping up with domestic chores at home. and showgirl all in one. It is my opinion that they have been fed the ―Superwoman‖ standard for performance too long and they are experiencing serious overload. The poem I wrote entitled ―The Radiant Passions‖ was originally written for an American woman who captured my imagination and inspired creativity in me. but their heart is in the roping. For some women. Other women may just 69 | P a g e . I‘m not saying there aren‘t any prospects of finding a good woman in America.

After all. Personally.latch on to the showgirl and use their sex appeal to land their sugar daddy. The cowgirl does not try to run the ranch. She desires to support her man in his ambitions and empower him with praise. I should stop for a moment to consider one thought: perhaps these women are genuinely happy with these roles. What would you answer? Most men I‘ve asked can name one or 70 | P a g e . This combination seems to be the norm for foreign woman. Maybe it works for them. She seduces him almost daily with her showgirl appeal to encourage his masculinity and empower him as Josephine did with Napoleon. the great advantage of the American society is choice – you can be whatever you want to be. and adorn her with the good things in life. shower her with love. The woman who will lavishly support her man with affection and admiration will have no difficulty drawing out of him these desires and benefit from the rewards. but rides along side her cowboy as they make their ranch into what they dream it to be together. I enjoy seeing femininity come to life in the combined roles of cowgirl and showgirl – to keep with the analogy. becoming isolated into domestic life. Finally. it creates a desire to fight battles for her. there are others who latch on to the cowgirl role to the exclusion of all else. How many good marriages do you know? By that I mean the kind of relationships that you wish were yours. So how is it possible for American men and American women to create marriages that will work with such diverse expectations? It is hard indeed. not to mention finding deep satisfaction and enduring love. The statistics are that less than half find a way to even stay married. In the heart of a good man.

two. Men like us have struggled to find ways to live out adventures and find a beauty to rescue (or one that wants to be rescued). Don‘t you think that the women in this country want to have deep and meaningful connections in the way we‘ve discussed? Of course they do. While in other parts of the world there are women who are not finding men who will pursue their hearts and take them away on a grand adventure. I am simply a man who is eternally grateful to have found such a deep and richly satisfying love relationship – and I stand in the company of other men who have found the same – in the same place I did. That‘s why I truly believe that there appears to be a perfect – and natural fit – between the good masculine men in America and these wonderful foreign women. There are many women in America who have loving and kind hearts. We‘re each on our own path. I can‘t answer for them – or you. I can only think of only a few that I would personally want to emulate – and another five or so who seem happy with each other. If I were to boil this all down to a simple idea it would be this: If you are going to pour your heart into the love of a woman – you just want to know that 71 | P a g e . Perhaps they too are just looking for love in all the wrong places. We just wish this kind of happiness for you – wherever you find it. Both are left with places of emptiness and little hope that their situations will change – little hope that they will find a life that makes their hearts come fully alive. Maybe this path isn‘t working for you for a reason. but I want you to evaluate the reality of your situation and listen to what it is telling you. This may be hard medicine to swallow. It‘s like a match made in heaven.

―Mark. They feel more in love as time goes by. 72 | P a g e . If you find what you are reading rings a chord of truth – that it somehow resonates in your heart – then it‘s time for you to take action and make your move.she is going to pour that much energy back into loving you. What I have found is that the energy between the Golden Man and his foreign wife is growing and dynamic. Most of these foreign women are willing to pour their lives into the love of a good man – and they want to find someone who will pour themselves back into loving her. Their love and willingness to give to each other creates an ongoing momentum that continues to feed both. As my friend Steve summarized it. I just want you to find a woman who will match your efforts‖.

I wanted to include both of these photos because you will find that there is a traditional side and a wild side to most women. but with a radically different image.Nataliya Nataliya – Profile 93956 This is the same girl as graced Chapter 3. 73 | P a g e .

I am going to walk you through the steps from where you are today. reading and researching. 74 | P a g e . Put down a deposit to go on an introduction tour/vacation in that region‘ Spend nine days on one of the best adventures of your life. Learn what region of the world you are drawn to. You will: Study the women‘s profiles. let‘s get started! Here is what the next few months of your life look like. So.CHAPTER 6 MAKING YOUR MOVE For the rest of this book I am going to be your coach. to that day when she is yours. Pick several ladies to write to and learn from them.

You find a wonderful lady who captures your imagination and spend much of your vacation with her. Once I went on a romance tour I was sold on the concept. You commit to each other to be boyfriend/girlfriend while you get to know each other even better. Many get hooked on it and believed in the power of this alternative 75 | P a g e . Obviously. I‘ve traveled to many countries and dated on my own. You both decide it is . . Whether I went with other guys or not. hotel arrangements. You go through the visa process and you bring her home. . and find the hot spots to meet women. At some point you decide to pursue the fiancé visa for the purpose of bringing her to the US because you both feel that the relationship could work. I still had to make my own travel arrangements. You live every day waking up to the woman of your dreams and your life is a dream. Everything is planned and arranged. You write and talk on the phone and perhaps return to visit just her. You spend 90 days together to see if your relationship is really a life/marriage fit. That is the typical scenario. and get married. I just dove into the adventure and enjoyed the ride! With some men. their first romance vacation is a trial run to test the whole concept and to have some fun.

Pick an ‗Introduction Tour‘ to take as soon as you can arrange. STEP 1 Finish Reading the Book I‘ll trust you to get this done. you‘ve bought the book. let‘s go over the next steps. Now that you have the big picture spelled out. now finish reading it! Go to InternationalDatingForMen. that adds up to 27 marriages per day. It really doesn‘t matter. Let‘s move on to step two. Register with the site and write to one or more women. 76 | P a g e . The whole process was an adventure and they knew it was just a matter of time before they had a connection with one that felt right. if 10.2 Obviously.000 American men are finding foreign brides each year through international marriage agencies. this is working for a lot of guys. Notice what region of the world continues to draw your attention as you look through the profiles – and learn from the letter writing.com and look through the profiles. Here are the next immediate steps: Great start here . . On average. Perhaps it was on their second or third vacation that they met the woman they wanted to wake up with each morning for the rest of their lives. .form of dating and go back.

Her information appears in the main window of the browser and you read things like: Ying Self Description: I am a caring. caring. Comments: I would love to meet a man who is tender. I pay attention to my inner beauty. sympathetic. and generous. you may go with someone 30.to 35-years old. First time out.STEP 2 Searching Through the Ladies’ Profiles This is one of the most fascinating and intriguing exercises you can engage in online. 77 | P a g e . You come up with 740 profiles! You look at the photos in the left panel and click on one. honest. traditional Chinese woman with integrity. You go to the ―Search Engine‖ link and then start typing in a set of criteria. soft. no more than 119 pounds and no taller than 5‘ 6‖ in Asia.

Dongmei Self Description: I am a cheerful, kind, easy-going, caring, honest, down to earth woman. Comments: I would like to meet an honest, down to earth, kind man who loves me, and has a stable career.

Of course, I know you‘ve already clicked on the link to see ―More Photos‖. And I‘m sure you did that first before reading what they wrote. It isn‘t just you, and it‘s OK. Everyone does at first. But you will become fascinated by what they write as well. Next, you mix it up and change the search to 19- to 22-year olds in Ukraine who are 5‘5‖ to 5‘9‖ and no more than 115 pounds. You come up with 368 profiles and start to look through them:


Self Description: I am very cheerful, sociable and easy-going. I am bright, active and energetic. I always try to be busy with some work. I am supporting and always give a helping hand to the one in need. I like attention and
78 | P a g e

concern. I am open to new experiences and life adventures. I know that solid relationship is a hard job and a couple has to work on it constantly. I am ready for commitment and responsibility. Comments: I am seeking a man who has serious intentions. I am not here to play games and I do not want anyone to play games with me. I would like to meet a reliable man who has a gentlemanly set of values and traditional views on family and marriage. If you are seeking for sex or fun, you have chosen the wrong lady. I want a serious relationship with a special man that will lead to marriage. Up to 50 years of age.

Anna Self Description: I am soft but carry inner strength. I am tender but confident. I am friendly but I won‟t stand for disrespect. With my delicate and caring nature I am sure I will make a good wife and mother. I love children and animals; I love nature and being with friends. With my strength I will make sure my husband is always cared for. Comments: My love and I understand and have confidence in each other. We experience life side by side and will make a happy family. My man is respectful, courteous, passionate and has a good sense of humor. Up to age 50.

79 | P a g e

Elena Self Description: I am very kind, sensitive girl. I think I am very emotional. I am faithful, patient, tender, and affectionate. Comments: I am looking for a real man. He is kind, independent, loving. He knows how to make a woman happy. Up to 55 years of age.

You can create new profile searches through Colombia, Russia, Costa Rica, Philippines, Thailand, etc. The next step is to write to a few of the women who caught your attention. It was tough, I know, but you got through it.


In case you hadn‘t noticed, those last three profiles were of girls between 19- to 22years old who just said that they would like to marry a man up to about 55-years old. Or did that really just slip past you? What is the real story? For these young ladies, they have in their minds an ideal love relationship that will bring passion and energy that we are all looking for. It is a euphoric combination of love,
80 | P a g e

goals and direction in life matches yours. and dislikes? That is the more appropriate question. But there is another aspect that you need to be mindful of. protection. Typically. likes. But for others. Will she find any connection with your circle of friends? If she needs to spend her energy dancing in a disco are you up for that? Is your focus on winding down your life with leisure? What if that is not her pace? Perhaps both of your paces are slower and she prefers to be a home-body. Just because they think a 33 year age gap will work with the right man.adventure. The 20-year gap between him and his girl is not an issue for them. he‘s a free spirit with a high energy level who lives a life of travel and freedom. Take my friend Peter. Are you both in the same zone of energy. activities. But I will say this: You‘ll both be happiest if you find someone whose passions. Honestly. and provision they are looking for. 81 | P a g e . for them to feel those emotions. what would age have to do with it? In fact. the rule of thumb has been to keep the gap to within 15 years. This is just one more reason why you have to meet the girls in person to see which ones you connect with. you have to think about what you will have in common for the long run. it may be that some of them have had bad experiences with younger men and they feel that only older ones would be serious marriage material. a 10-year gap might be too much. What I‘m saying is that age is only a number.

They make it as easy for you as sending and receiving email. in like fashion. On the website you will find a link to register so you can send letters. the woman will respond to your letter and enclose a picture that was not made part of her profile.com. but to you it is fluid and seamless. So. It is customary for you to send a photo of yourself so they can see who is writing them. but writing is usually about $10 for each. There are many regulations that have been placed on this process because of past abuses with Internet scams and mail-order-bride scams. The privacy of the lady‘s contact information is held by the marriage agency from the country they are from and InternationalDatingForMen. The local marriage agency will contact the women you have written to and let them know that they have a letter waiting for them. The ladies will reply and their reply is translated back into English and sent to your inbox on the website. And. 82 | P a g e . Signing up is cheap. The process may sound complex from a logistical standpoint. let‘s talk about writing letters. But it is just that – preparation for face-to-face dating.STEP 3 Write to a Few of Ladies Letter writing is an important part of the preparation stage. These are healthy precautions. Pictures are a common part of the messages. The ladies can come by the marriage agency office or have the office translate it and read to them over the phone. Why? There is a cost associated with it because it includes message delivery and translation services.

only 3% of the men who write letters ever get on a plane and make the trip to see these women. it can be addicting. we have coined a phrase in the industry for these men who write letters but never go on a tour. romantic letters with such gorgeous women. (I actually only know of one case – everyone else has been disappointed). and married them. However. What if you don‘t end up having great chemistry when you meet? You spent a lot of money to go and now what? 83 | P a g e . We call them ‗Keyboard Romeos‘. I know of a few cases where the men fell in love with a woman they wrote to. 10 In fact. Statistically. In fact. They started talking on the phone.When you get your first letter back you may be amazed by your response. You better understand what you are looking for. the odds are not in favor of this happening. On the other hand. However. You narrow down the places to pick for your first introduction tour. please keep in mind that you may feel completely connected with a woman you are writing to and then find that there is no magic when you are together in person. It has much the same appeal as interactive web-cam porn – but this is not DATING! The reason you write to these women before you go on a trip is so that: You get a better understanding of their culture and their way of thinking. You already have some ladies to meet when you go. Most men get very excited at the prospect of sharing intelligent. flew out just to meet them.

So why write? For all of the reasons I mentioned above. It is an important part of your training and preparation for your exotic vacation.

What to Say in Your First Letter

There are three things you want to communicate in your first letter:

Introduce yourself

Tell them you are planning on traveling and attending the socials with the agency and may be in their city soon

Let them know that you appreciated what they said in their profile and you would like to write to get to know them better prior to your trip

Let me give you a sample letter (one I actually used as my template for first letters), and then we‘ll talk about it: Dear (first name): My name is Mark Davis and I live in Sacramento, California. I read your profile and genuinely appreciated what you wrote. Just to tell you a little about me; I have a good sense of humor, a high energy level, and a desire to make a positive contribution in this world. I'm an optimistic person. People sometimes ask if I'm always in a good mood. I am so grateful for my life and the wonderful things I get to do each day. I like my businesses and the people I get to work with. I plan on coming to Ukraine in December (2 months from now) with A
84 | P a g e

Foreign Affair. It may be that we can meet then. Until we have a chance to meet, I would like to correspond with you. Let me know if you are interested in corresponding with me as well. Kind regards, Mark Along with that letter I attached one picture of myself. So, what am I trying to accomplish with this letter? First, I am giving her a little bit of information about me, in the same way she did about her in her profile. It will also give her some things she can ask about in her letter back to me. Second, I have just set myself apart from all of the Keyboard Romeos by declaring that I am getting on a plane to meet these ladies in person. That alone puts you at the front of the line for her interest. Finally, I am asking if she would like to correspond with me. I never had one that did not respond positively, but it is always more gentlemanly to ask. And, including your photo also puts you on an even playing field with them – since you obviously got to see her photos.

What NOT to Say in Letters

Maybe even more important is what I did NOT say in my letters. I did not gush over her gorgeous photos or tell her I thought she looked hot. Try to save the complements on her physical appearance. That will also set you apart from every other guy who starts off by telling them how beautiful they are. It communicates that they are only interested in their looks and not who they are as a person. But, when she replies back to you and sends more pictures, you would be rude not to tell her how beautiful she looked in the
85 | P a g e

photos; and thank her for sending them. But do it with grace and dignity, ―Thank you for sending that special picture. You looked very beautiful in it.‖ You could add a specific complement about the way it made her eyes looked, or the special hair style or fashion she chose. You could tell her that you will print it out and save it. Just don‘t talk dirty and tell her she has huge breasts that looked great in that outfit – or worse yet – ask her if she has any naked photos. Oy vey! Please, for your own sake, use the concept of ―Gentleman‖ in everything you do. It is about winning her heart and showing you are interested in long-term and serious relationships. You also don‘t want to overdue the mush. Showing genuine interest in her by asking about her life and what she likes to do is enough to show you care. Until you have met in person and declared a relationship, you are really in no position to tell her you love her or think about her as being ―the one‖. Be patient. Another thing you don‘t want to do in any letter – or any conversation – is discuss money matters. And that goes both ways. You don‘t want to talk about how rich you are – or that you are not rich. Some guys think they need to show off their wealthy lifestyles (or what they think the girl will be impressed with). What they don‘t realize is how that turns them off. By talking about big houses, cars, cash or travel, you communicate that you are better than them and you‘re somehow doing them a favor by taking them out of their filth and poverty. Jeez . . . is that arrogant or what? On the other hand, some guys feel like they have to ―disclose‖ the fact that they aren‘t super wealthy male models and must apologize for their lives. That‘s another dead zone. You‘re insulting the girl to say that you think she‘s only interested in money or hard bodies. And you make yourself look insecure.
86 | P a g e

You should also be weary if she asks for money. The only exception to this rule is once you have met and established a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship and you want to help her with some English classes or pay for visa costs; only then would it be appropriate. In general, they are looking to be romanced and to make a life with a good man. The money and the man‘s body are not as important to them as love and kindness. Most of them have already had seasons of their lives when they had more money and seasons when they had less (by their standards). Typically, they see money as something that comes and goes, but the love of a good man can weather it all – and keep them warm at night. You might do well to adopt this attitude toward money. You just need to be able to provide for her. The fact that you are able to afford to make the trip is all the money information you need to communicate for now.


Learn from the Correspondence

I don‘t need to say much here except to pay attention. Listen to what the girls are telling you about themselves, their lives, and their heart. Pay attention to how you respond. If something jumps out at you in a letter, think about why that is. Just as an example, I‘m going to share with you one of the letters I received. You‘ll notice that it is responding specifically to what was in my letter to her just before this. In the letter just before this I was having some fun with her. She had asked me when I was born and I told her it was a cold and rainy morning in 1963 and I remember being glad
87 | P a g e

I have a younger sister. She lives in Yalta and I live in Nikolaev. It‟ll be in December. right? I am not among those who fall in love at first sight. When I am at home. No. As for me. Her name is Karina and she is 13. Anyway. I like to have rest with my friends out in nature when weather permits. I am glad you are coming to Ukraine soon. Kristina Remember the question from Kristina? This letter was from that same lady and one of many letters we exchanged before I traveled to Ukraine. Yes. I got a chance to see it! You do have a sense of humor. My granny lives with me now. really. Take care. I told her more about what I do for a living and then asked her how she learned about the marriage agency. And I decided to try and not to limit myself with just my city or my country. And.) right? yes. And for me actions speak louder than words. I just listen to music and think about life. I learned about the agency from my friend. it seems like you are a very busy person with varied occupations in the past and now. I think before making conclusions. She is at the age when she can‟t be left alone so it‟s convenient for us that she lives with me. yes. She was just as beautiful in person as she was in her photos. I am a creative person and I like to achieve a lot in life which is not possible…without love. or to go to the nightclub to dance. Do you believe in love at first site? Waiting for your reply. as you will hear more about later. 88 | P a g e . Because my other half can live in another part of the world!. She is 88 and she is a veteran of World War II. I am very serious and I want to find my love. I did meet her while I was in Nikolaev.that the doctors‘ hands were warm. I was taking part in her upbringing because my mother was always busy. I do not live with my mother. Here was her letter in response: Hello Mark! I was very glad to get your letter and you put a smile on my face – and your humor came out just very funny in the translation.

And don‘t go too far out into the future. A Foreign Affair (AFA) hosts over 75 introduction tours each year. and host the dialog that takes place between you. See if you can make arrangements to go in the next two to six months. This is where the translators come to work each day to take incoming letters. In each city there is a small office know to the locals there is a Marriage Agency. Romance Tours and Marriage Agencies Let me take a minute to explain how the various entities work together. let‘s talk about the local Marriage Agency office. 89 | P a g e .com – and pick one! Don‘t procrastinate. STEP 5 Pick a Tour and Send in the Deposit If you have not done so already. Go through the list of tours from the top left ‗Tours‘ link at InternationalDatingForMen.I know there will be some absolute gems you are about to uncover by corresponding with these ladies from around the globe. Until your money is on the line you will not feel committed to the process. pick a tour and plunk down the small deposit. contact the girls. First.

including: Hosting of a huge database of the girls. They set up the annual photo shoots – including re-shoots for girls who have active profiles for more than one year. 90 | P a g e . They provide many services.These offices also provide services for the girls. Arizona.  Facilitating communication  Setting up and coordinating each tour for every guy who participates through their romance tour division.  Personally caring for each participant every step of the way.   Helping out with any other travel you take before or after your romance tour through their Travel division.   Hosting and supporting their huge internet business which includes their own site and several affiliate sites. but they can pay to have a copy of their entire photo session on CD if they want. There is no cost to the women for these photos sessions. The local marriage agency may also be the place they come to for their English lessons. Profile information and photos are sent to the world headquarters of AFA in Phoenix.

trust and honesty create and hold together lasting love!!! I am a woman who is passionate about life and adventure. He will be fit and take pride in his appearance as well as want to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. : ) The sparkle in my eye will be for you. 121 lbs. and a touch of mischief and adventure. but don‘t mind spending a quiet and romantic evening at home. Can it be you? : ) 91 | P a g e . I am serious. 19.Maria Maria. . and I enjoy it when I can make someone smile and feel good. ) I like a good joke. caring. : ) If you are with me.com Self Description: My friends say that I am sunny girl. He should like adventure. . with a good sense of humor. : ) Comments: It is not needed that my future beloved should be a prince on a white horse or a millionaire. Ukraine – Profile 90323 InternationalDatingForMen. with strong morals and values. ) If you want the sun to shine every day you should be with me then. I will give my love to him. responsible. 5‘ 10‖. loving. you will see all the joys of life. : ) I think that truth. He should be serious and responsible on one hand and on the other hand he should be playful. He should be a man who will love me and take care of me..

you will join with 25 to 30 other guys and you‘ll probably meet 400 or 500 women. I am not exaggerating. She adds joy. I also love the attention she draws from other men here in America.CHAPTER 7 THE QUEST TO FIND YOUR QUEEN Welcome to the Club The day has come and you are ready to step on to that plane. I have to enjoy this moment with you. you become part of that top 3% who took action. She has a life and vibrancy about her that is hard to explain. entertainment. The moment you do. I am a man in his 40‘s who is married to a wonderful lady in her early 20‘s. She‘s a brilliant woman who keeps me feeling young and alive. because she is so beautiful. But first. I know her heart is mine so I can just bask in the ‗eat-your92 | P a g e . In the few days ahead of you. and sensual stimulation to my life each day. It‘s an amazing experience that I will walk you through shortly.

There is a buzz of excitement and expectation among the group. Don‘t get jealous or possessive. You are all now part of that International Dating fraternity . There are more than enough for everyone – you are only looking for one that you connect with when you meet in person. thousands of them!‖ But they‘ll never find out if they don‘t get on a plane and go on the quest for themselves. If you haven‘t traveled overseas very much. She loves flashing her wedding ring at them. Everything is new. Often a guy will ask. the trip may seem long.even before you have met one girl in person. ―Yes. You‘ll swap stories about girls you‘ve written to. Welcome to the club. The Travel Once you get to your departing airport. we both found deeper connections with other girls. But you have. We both went out on dates with her when we were in that city. you will get the first chance to meet up with your travel host and the other guys who are going on your trip. I had one guy on my trip that had been writing to the same girl I had been. but it‘s also invigorating. She daily reminds me that she loves me and that she is mine forever. but in the end. you and I are now kindred spirits in a very small club of guys who DO know something the rest may never know. For that. 93 | P a g e .hearts-out‘ glow without any jealousy. ―Does she have a sister?‖ To which I reply.

If I had only talked to English-speaking girls I never would have made the connection with the woman who would become my wife. Having conversations about this country will be much easier later if you are genuinely interested. We walked through the heart of the city and found a Benihana®-style of Japanese restaurant the girls suggested. I was surprised by how many there were. You are in a new country you may have never been to before – and who knows when you‘ll be back again. I want to say something about working with translators. You see. Don‘t be so focused on finding your queen that you miss the reality of your surroundings. I had this thought that since there were so many women I would only talk to those who already spoke English. So we invited four translators out for dinner. Build your fascination with your surrounding culture even now. she picked up English quickly once she 94 | P a g e . It is human nature to be lazy. I will forever be grateful that I changed my tune on that subject. Because of that dinner I made a wonderful friend in one of the translators that has continued even to this day. There was nearly the same number of translators (all of them women) as there were guys in the group! After introductions and basic instructions. Before we talk about the actual socials. First up will be an introduction to the translators. You will already have an itinerary and plan for your trip.Once you land at your destination city you will be met by a coordinator who will take you to your bus and on to your hotel. Obviously. my wife and I only communicated through a translator for the first two and a half months of our relationship. These were just fun people to be around. decided to make a night of it. Four of us guys who made an instant connection during our travels. we broke and had a chance to talk to them and ask questions. I never did use her for translating.

What this is like – the first-person perspective 95 | P a g e . . We talked so freely. What to expect (the short version). The secret is fairly simple: always communicate directly with the girl. Using a translator is part of your story and adventure. You may end up with a girl that already speaks English. You will be amazed at how you can connect with someone and even feel a powerful energy with them. Within three months we were communicating directly and never needed a translator again. They taught us how to work with them. I knew Anna was the one after one hour on our first date.started going to the English classes three times/week after we first met. . This is a very professional group of translators. It seems like half of them have some English skills. Getting ready and getting in the right frame of mind. Look into her eyes and talk to her in plain English with full expression as you would with anybody who spoke fluent English. it became as if there were no translator. But you don‘t want to cut yourself off from half of your prospects – especially since I can tell you that my eternal joy was found among the other half of the girls. The Socials I want to quickly cover three aspects of the socials . Wait for a couple of seconds for the translator to tell her what you said – and the girl will communicate back in like kind.

"What do you mean by that. The best golf you will ever play is when you are relaxed and you really don't care about impressing anyone. Well.. But. . it can actually hurt your game. You can swing too hard or lift your head at the wrong time. The results are disastrous. So. I am not suggesting you drink before the social. You should just like being you and you will enjoy this adventure no matter what the outcome. you know exactly what I'm talking about. This is about enjoying and being yourself. and. here comes the trick question: Were you being yourself when you were relaxed or when you were trying too hard? The answer is you were yourself in both instances. golfers? You know it is! When you are working too hard to improve your score. Mark? I know how to be myself". . In fact. let me briefly explain. you might say. 96 | P a g e . The hard part is staying in that mental state . How could that be when the results were so dramatically different? Because the truth is that you are your BEST self when you are in that zone of good energy. of course. guess what? Your game starts to improve. But you want to be your best self. No. let's examine that for a moment. when you start to relax again. For those who don't. you should stay sharp.isn't that true. "Beer is the best accuracy enhancer"? If you do play. my favorite Ukraine story:  How I met Anna   Getting Ready and Getting in the Right Frame of Mind This is about fun. Have you ever played golf? Have you ever heard the saying.

The room will have many tables set up. In some cases it‘s a banquet hall. Your goal is to connect with two to five ladies and go on dates while you are in that city. then move on to the next city for a complete repeat of the process. In other instances. the lights are dimmed and the disc jockey hits the music and the dancing begins. You and the guys will walk together down to the room where the social is being held. Not necessarily a suit. P-A-R-T-Y-T-I-M-E!! The following day next day you‘ll spend that day (or two) in that city. Are you ready? 97 | P a g e . You‘ll spend a few minutes at each table and make note if any particular girl catches your attention. You‘ll set up a time to go out on a date with her in one of the two following days. There will be a buffet and Champaign. You‘ll be encouraged to go from table to table introducing yourself and striking up some conversations with the ladies there. but contemporary fashion. dating those women you connected with the night before. Sometimes the ladies have already come in and are seated at the tables. On other occasions it‘s held at a night club (or disco as they will call it).What to Expect (The Short Version) Get dressed in a way that shows good taste. After two hours of going from table to table. The agenda for the evening is divided into two segments: conversation and then dancing. you are seated and they walk in single file.

As I walk behind a few of the guys it is hard to see past them. I‘ve really come to like some of the guys in the group and hope we maintain a friendship after this trip. They told us that this is when many of the profile applicants are processed – now I can see it in action. Now. I would guess that about 125 ladies were already seated in the room. I assume they‘re doing their profile interviews. while others had up to six seated. 98 | P a g e . Just to the right was the buffet table where several ladies were just picking up their drinks and some cheese and fruit to snack on. I saw girls seated at most of the tables. Some tables hosted just a lady or two. The other half had 30 or more round tables arranged in a way so people could walk around them. I‘ll tell the story in the first-person so you get the idea. I was in a great mood. Half of it was just open floor – presumably where the dancing would take place later. We walk just a short distance from our hotel to where the large banquet room is located. I see some ladies sitting at tables outside of the banquet room with the agency staff. Each table could probably seat eight people. He was playing music with good energy but the volume was low enough I could easily converse with anyone. I stopped to look at the room. Other women were in line to have their pictures taken.What is this like from the First-Person Perspective That was the short version. let‘s walk through this in real time. As I walked into the large room it had very high ceiling and a stage to the left where a disc jockey had set up.

I wondered how they would start off.My first social was in Odessa. I went up to a table of four ladies where I was interested in one of the girls. I just started out. I grabbed a drink and paused to scope the prospects. OK. ―Good evening ladies. So many. thank you. How are you all doing?‖ Three of them responded together. Wow.‖ I was surprised to hear English from all of them. Some appeared to be in their 30‘s. I recognized one of them as one of the translators I met earlier. It seemed that the average age was mid. Ukraine.to late-20‘s. ―Very well. here we go. Several caught my attention and I immediately started making my plan on which tables I wanted to visit. Some of the guys went right up to a table and started talking. but only a few appeared to be older. I am in the black suit on the lower left. 99 | P a g e .

I didn‘t want to offend the others at the table. so that made for an easy topic for conversation. ―It even feels bigger when you have to walk it every day!‖ one of them laughed. I was having such a good time that I didn‘t want to leave the table. It was much easier than I thought it would be. 100 | P a g e . Thus. ―What is your city like? Is it cold like this in the winter?‖ ―The weather in California? Haven‘t you heard that we only have beaches and everyone wears bathing suits every day?‖ We all laughed. the translators know many of these girls themselves. Also. We got up from the table and I pointed out the girl I was interested in. Just getting the girls‘ cell phone number is less effective when she is right there. Whew! One down! On a side note.‖ I commented. It is much larger than I thought it would be. just go ahead and set up the dates when you‘re at the social. ―It fascinates me. but I knew I only had two hours of this part of the social to get dates for the next two days.The conversation started out as small talk. You are short on time. The translator told a great joke. ―How do you like our city so far?‖ they would ask. the ice was broken. I asked the translator if I could talk to her. Everyone seemed to have seen more American movies than I had. The girls talked about how they enjoy dancing. They can also guide you to some that fit your description of your ideal girl – since you already have that defined from our exercise earlier in Chapter 2. She talked to the girl on her own and set up a date for the next morning.

―Previet‖. You are looking very lovely tonight. but I‘d be happy to help translate for the two of you. since I knew I had one set for the morning. We set it up and I got her cell phone number. I felt like I was on a roll! I now had two dates with two gorgeous women in their early 20‘s that were a delight to be with! One hour left before the dancing – next table! I was really enjoying myself now – so I intentionally looked for a table where a lot of ladies were seated. ―Good evening ladies. I walked up and said. but was free the day after. There she is – and she is alone.‖ ―That would be awesome. They could talk about fashion like it was a guy talking about cars! And I did it without talking about their fashion – which could be a problem since women are generally 101 | P a g e . so I looked to the next one. and then waved a friend over to join us. She has two guys at her table. She said that this was in fashion. You see this sweater I am wearing. ―Hello. My friend. my name is Olya. We laughed and had a great time. They told stories from childhood and asked me question after question about my life. I looked for one of the other girls who caught my attention earlier.I‘m feeling great now! I was ready to go again. my name is Mark.‖ She replied. Would this be good fashion in Ukraine?‖ Talk about hitting a hot topic. I went up to her table and said. Sveta. I have a problem and I need your assistance. Her friend said. A young woman at a store in my city helped me pick it out. does not speak English. Later I arranged for one of the translators from the agency to join us. I asked if she was available for a date the next afternoon. She had to work the next day.‖ I said. ―Hi. ―How long have you two been friends?‖ That conversation was a delight.

competitive in regards to fashion. But they all want to help their men look good. I was having too much fun to spend a lot of time where there was no energy. I looked around and found the other girl I had been previously interested in before. 102 | P a g e . and moved on. the conversation was dead. in mid-conversation with a table of four other beauties. so I just excused myself. the lights dimmed and the disc jockey turned up the music. I spent fifteen minutes with them and thanked them for such an enjoyable time. He didn‘t have to ask twice – the dancing started and could have gone all night! You can‘t help but dance with two or more ladies at any given time while you‘re on the dance floor. Then. but no other guys from our group were there. wished them a lovely evening. She was at a table with her friends. so I went over. Surprisingly.

She took me to two of her favorite discos. I had the time of my life. So many ladies – so little time! These lovely ladies were great company By the end of that first social I had four dates lined up for the next two days. These were amazing night clubs – part of a chain from Germany. I asked one of the girls if she‘d take me out for a late night on the town. 103 | P a g e .This was the scene from the third social in Kherson. After the dance wrapped up and people started to leave.

The girls were in a great mood and ready to party. I told him how great the last social was in Kherson. It was so comfortable. Every Social Makes the Next One Better I have to give credit to my friend John for this observation. ―It was an amazing atmosphere.This is Anastasia. I said. As I was reliving the social experience with him. I remember being waved over to a table of girls who wanted me to join 104 | P a g e . She gave me the tour of the local dance clubs that night and we met up again the next day to tour Odessa.

I have shared my experience. An Experience for Every Man John also confessed to me that the social format seemed a little intimidating to him. ―Did it ever occur to you that you were just more familiar with the way these things went by the third time you had done it and the girls were responding to your groups‘ energy and anticipation?‖ Wow. I want you to be able to go to your first social like it was something you‘d done before. and it is typical. He was right! What if it had been the third or fourth social for all of us in the first city? Wouldn‘t we have created the same energy and party atmosphere? Without a doubt we would have! So. As I‘ve shared this with other guys who have been on these Dating vacations.‖ That‘s when John chimed in and said. He declared that he‘s more of a one-on-one kind of guy. Not every man engages in this kind of introduction experience the same way. how can we make every city like the last? That is one of my goals here.them. tons of flirting and lots of energy. stories. they have re-affirmed how 105 | P a g e . By giving you the first-person walk through. I‘m glad he said something. It was crazy fun! The night was filled with laughter. dancing. ―It sounds like you went from prom night for Revenge of the Nerds to Animal House!‖ I told him that he was right on the money. Then he dropped this great wisdom on me.

The guys at home will have to live vicariously through you – but you lived it! 106 | P a g e . The point is that you can make your experience all about one-on-one dates if you wish. just the two of us. the tour director would tell me that he had someone he thought I would appreciate meeting. she was at least two inches taller and I am 5‘9‖. In one case. I could see by the way we were seated at the table that she was most likely a very tall woman. The director was bringing a new guy to meet her every 20 minutes or so.accurately it described their experience as well. If it weren‘t for that physical requirement on my part. Sure enough. I would have actively pursued her. but her life was not complete without a good man. I just hope you can open up to experience the larger social format once you get comfortable. She was already an attorney at age 24. Each man can use this forum to suit their own style. It will fill your senses. But you don‘t have to approach it the same way everyone does. While I was in each city. She was very comfortable with herself. In the end. This was an amazing woman. the woman he wanted me to meet was sitting at a table outside of the social where the interviews were being conducted. for a while. He‘d lead me over to a table and introduce me to a wonderful woman and we‘d talk. She seemed to think I was a good guy and I was amazed how quickly we connected. I asked her to stand up with me. However. I enjoyed speaking with her.

107 | P a g e . I didn‘t know how to respond. This was certainly not the magic I was expecting would happen between us. I was completely taken back. I wasn‘t sure what to say. But how could that be true when she wrote such wonderful things in her letters? Then she dropped the bomb on me. She said her work was far away from the agency and she didn‘t have time to answer all of my letters so she had her sister write back to me most of the time. I also gave you an example of one of her letters in Chapter Six. the next city on the tour. we continued writing and had agreed to meet in Nikolaev. I have to be honest with you that I had high hopes that Kristina would be ―the one‖ based on the depth of the letters we had exchanged. Well. but it took me the best part of an hour to recover. we started to talk. When we got to the next town and we walked into the disco where the social was being held. Eventually. but she kept watching the door looking for a friend of hers to arrive. Maybe it was all on my side. Soon we were sitting at a table just the two of us. In retrospect I guess I should have asked to meet her sister! I excused myself and wished her a wonderful evening. I immediately found one of the agency staff and asked about her. She looked every bit as beautiful as her pictures. She is the one who asked what a woman could do to make me happy every day. My expectations were so high that I was quite nervous.My Story of Meeting Anna Earlier in Chapter Two I mentioned the letters I exchanged with Kristina.

I left her for a moment while visiting with another girl and one of the guys started dancing with the blond girl – and never left her side. if it happens that you don‘t make a connection at the social.The dancing started so I decided I‘d just find someone to dance with and shake it off. I danced with this adorable blond girl who had fantastic energy. I‟m in this photo too – dancing with the cute blond. This is the disco where the second social was hosted in Nikolaev. I moped for a little longer and then realized that there were only 40 minutes left in the entire event – and I didn‘t even have one date lined up! Listen. If 108 | P a g e . don‘t worry. Yes. The agency staffers know most of the local girls and have the book of profiles with them.

yet relaxed voice. Thank you!‖ They both laughed. passing across the dance floor as I went. they will go through the profiles with you that they might recommend and see which ones you respond to. they looked cute from 100 feet away and they were alone so I marched toward them. Since the party was winding down. I‘ve had a long day and that will make it much easier on me tonight.‖ Then the red head chimed in. They both appeared to be in their early-20‘s and very lovely indeed. From the upper level I could see all the way across the room to two girls who were in the back corner sitting by themselves.you just meet up with them the next morning and tell them about the kind of girl you are looking for. . Would you mind if I just took both of you out to dinner tonight? I‘d love to just 109 | P a g e . I decided that I had to find someone – and it mattered even less who it was by this point. ―Whew. They can get on the phone with the girls and have you completely scheduled for the next two days! Now. ―and I‘m Anna. ―I have never been to your city before and I have no plans for this evening. They both smiled and nodded.‖ in a cheery. ―I‘m Anna. The blond answered first. ―Hi. One was blond and the other a red head. I‘m Mark. And I know they weren‘t there earlier. Well. back to my 40 minutes left at the social and no dates . I decided to go ahead and ask them both out right then and there. . I scanned the room for someone who looked interesting that I hadn‘t connected with yet.‖ ―You‘re both Anna?‖ I asked. I walked up to the table and said.

‖ They looked at each other and gladly agreed. It just sounded like a better way to end the day. We ended up at a wonderful sushi restaurant that overlooked the town square. In my book. having both of these ladies as my date was better than going out with twins! 110 | P a g e . Can you just see me now as I walked out that door with one beautiful woman on each arm! We walked through the streets and they told me about the statues and the main street.walk through your city and let you show me what there is to see. Later I looked up the profile photos of Anna Blond and Anna Red.

I asked them both out on dates for the next day. At some point during dinner I just felt a connection to Anna-Blond that I still find hard to describe. as I called her – had a very animated personality and made conversation easy. there was no good night kiss. It was a cold night in the mid 30‘s. She told me she would be more comfortable if I had a translator there. I set up a date for Anna-Blond for 1:00 and Anna-Red for 4:00 the next day. ―My hands are warm in my pocket. As we walked I asked her if Anna-Red was a friend of hers. At this point. I was still just enjoying my dating vacation. that they had just met that night. She said. 111 | P a g e . Something inside me was drawn to her. That would not be appropriate. AnnaBlond was going to walk home so I asked if I could walk with her. She agreed and we held hands for another kilometer as we walked to her house. She called a taxi for me and I told her I looked forward to seeing her the next day. I said I was glad to hear it. but her smile captivated me. How could I not when they were both at the same table with me. As the dinner was starting to wind down. It was like an electrical connection – a bolt of lightning. I had held hands with one of the other girls on an all-day date in the previous city so I did not see Anna-Blond as ―the one‖ – at least not yet. She fascinated me with a curiosity I couldn‘t let go.Anna Red. Anna-Red needed to take a taxi to get home. I said I would not normally ask such a thing after a first date. Her eyes told me that there was a deeper soul lurking below the surface. I paid for dinner and gave her enough money for her taxi ride.‖ I told her my hands would keep hers warm. I was hungry to know more about her. So the next morning I made the arrangements. because I really wasn‘t interested in her. No. but I am only here for five more days it changes some things from the norm. Anna Blond was more reserved. I asked if I could hold her hand. She said no.

You‘ll hear the rest of my story when we talk more about what to do on dates in Chapter 8. 112 | P a g e .

Ukraine Profile 94806 InternationalDatingForMen. 5‘7‖. 113 | P a g e . I am smart and intelligent.Oksana Oksana. 25. I want you to be wixse and tolerant. I wish you to have heart full of love and to be ready to give it all to your precious woman. I enjoy good things in life. I want you to be experienced and stable. 110 lbs. I like to be attractive and I am always interested in being in perfect shape to be sexy.. Comments: I am not affected by age difference and if you are older then me I would only be happy to gete to know you. loyal and honest.com Self Description: I will not describe myself in bright colors as I think it is not polite and movest at all. to be sure in the goals you strive for and firm in your ideals. yet be my support and strong shoulder all the time.

and a time you will be meeting. 114 | P a g e . Now you have a girl‘s name. . Now you get to spend more time with her in a very cool and exotic city. Date . and she‘s HOT! THEY‘RE ALL HOT! But by now.CHAPTER 8 Date. you are getting to be very comfortable with that. The translators and agency staff helped you get all of that done while you were at the social or set some up with you the next morning. . You‘re starting to relax and enjoy being with beautiful women – who are genuinely enjoying being with you. The guys at home are gonna die! So. here‘s how it works. Oh. and the place you will meet. You‘ve already met a girl and had a decent connection – even if it was in a crowded room. her cell phone number. I hope you‘re taking pictures. Date. Then Date Some More! Dating is a blast.

115 | P a g e . We would pick up the girl and now my date became my tour guide.The first concern I had was. They would tell me about the things I should be careful to do or not do.‖ What do I know? I just made the decision that I would be focused on enjoying the company of the woman I was with and it didn‘t matter where we were.‖ I always paid for everything. what are we going to do on this date? Let‘s face it – we‘re accustomed to being the ones in charge and making all of the arrangements. I wanted them to have a good experience with me and to have something to remember our date by. Now what? I was surprised to see how easily that all worked out. That way it was coming from my heart. They would then arrange the taxi to pick me up and told the cabbie where to take me to meet my lady. If it worked out to do so. they would remember the day that they had a good time with a good man. It was always their joy to be my guide. If nothing else. Often they would say. The staffer would get on the phone with the girl and suggest the agenda and confirm the meeting. I became their man – even if it was only for a few hours. There is a great little café there you guys could stop and have something to eat. ―I know this girl and I think she would really enjoy going down by the river. If the staffer knew the girl they would sometimes say. I since this is my country they won‘t overcharge or make any mistakes. As long as they weren‘t asking – I felt the liberty to be generous with them. ―Let me order the food and talk to the taxi drivers. I would give some small gift or a flower. I had been warned about girls who start asking for me to buy them things. I want to be the man and pay for dinner and the taxis. But we don‘t know this city.

―So. But I don‘t enjoy dating them anymore.‖ I would say. ―I make good money at my job and drive a nice car. so I decided to make a science of how to answer it – and have some fun with it. I only want the best and I heard that the greatest women in the world were here. You can always come back to her. why did you sign up with the agency? You couldn‘t find a man in all of Ukraine?‖ 116 | P a g e . I just want to be a good man who loves a good woman. One of the tactics that you will encounter is the girl who had a good date with you and wants to keep you from seeing any others. so I came to find out for myself. ―You have probably seen a lot of American movies. But you owe it to yourself to see enough other women to be certain about who you are selecting to be the one for you. so you know that there are many beautiful American women. Then the process repeats. ―That‘s a great question. What are you going to do for me?‖ I am not looking for a relationship where I have to prove anything. Keep going. This is very understandable – and you would feel the same way.At the end of the date the girl would instruct the taxi driver to take me back to my hotel.‖ I then turn my attention to them and ask this question with a half smile. They tell me things like. WHAT’S THE STORY? YOU COULDN’T FIND A GIRL IN AMERICA?? I was asked by the girls on several of my dates.

At 12:45 a middle aged woman walked in and asked for Mark.At that point. I started off that next morning by connecting with the agency staffer. That‘s when they begin to tell me about how hard it is to find a good man. I also explained that my 1:00 o‘clock date had requested a translator. But I reasoned that I was not there to date the translator so I greeted her cheerfully. I went to the lobby and waited. I told her about my 1:00 o‘clock and 4:00 o‘clock dates and gave her the names and cell phone numbers of both girls. She introduced herself as Vera. She spoke broken English – enough for us to communicate. We break into a good laugh. Go with it. I was surprised since most of the other translators had been younger women. It was all set up in less than five minutes and I went off to enjoy a leisurely morning of walking the streets of Nikolaev. but she wasn‘t satisfied with simple communication. I was told that the translator would meet me in the hotel lobby at 12:45. And that‘s an open invitation to a great conversation on what they are looking for in a man. So. She wanted to feel that she could fully communicate all of her thoughts with me and wasn‘t confident that she would be able to find the right words in English. 117 | P a g e . Ukraine! What a life. MY NEXT DATE WITH ANNA Anna said that she would feel more comfortable on our date if there was a translator with us. I wondered what the guys back home were doing! 12:30 rolled around and I started asking about the arrangements. I‘ve got them at their own game and they know it.

We drove to a local restaurant that had a wonderful atmosphere. Now. it was like déjà vu. I just didn‘t know what to do next. to be with her. and how I would feel in her presence.‖ 118 | P a g e . By the time we got in the taxi it was already 1:00 o‘clock so I gave her Anna‘s number so she could call her to let her know we were on our way. but I knew she was the one.We went to the curb to wait for the taxi. I don‘t even remember all that was said that first hour of our date. Working with Vera was effortless and it was like she was part of the dialog. ―Where is my boy?‖ It was very cute that I was already her boy after one date the night before. The matchmaker in her came out and she quietly said. Smooth jazz music played. It struck me in a profound way. Anna was already at the street curb in front of her house waiting and asked the translator. it was as if the two of us were alone. A fish tank was made part of one wall. I had not captured her full image in daylight before. She looked radiant in her high heel boots and long black coat. Just the site of her as we drove up caught me off guard. Her blond hair was long and full – flowing down to her belt line. She had a lady-like posture and grace about her that was noble and elegant. I was done. She was delighted. This was the one. how we would interact. at the same time. I didn‘t know what to do now. And yet. Stone work walls with tapestries. ―I will help you. I told Vera quietly to the side that I thought Anna was the one for me. I had been so specific about what I was looking for. I have to admit that she took my breath away.

More Dating to Do Even though I had met the girl I thought I had come for. We came back to the same restaurant and ended the evening on the dance floor in the back room where we slow danced together – just the two of us. and then held each other again as we slowly moved in rhythm. Anna had to work that day anyway. 119 | P a g e . so I went with the guys to the next city and kept my date with Tatyana. Once Anna understood that I was interested in her exclusively. I still had one date set up for me in the next town with a wonderful lady I had written to.Vera was very helpful to both of us. we set up more dates together – including dinner later that night. They are a valuable resource. The three of us feasted on delightful conversation for another two hours. Don’t be afraid to use a translator. We gazed deeply in each other‘s eyes for minutes on end.

I had mixed feelings. The next city had the best party atmosphere for a social I‘d seen yet. This is the way the dating vacation works. There were over 200 ladies and they seemed to be even more beautiful than the previous two groups. When I returned from Kherson to have my date with Anna the next morning. That is the power in having options. Go with your heart. don‘t close off your options yet. but when I saw my Anna again. so she met me outside where she had a taxi waiting. In all honesty. but usually half of the guys have found one or more that they want to pursue. but one hadn‘t risen to the top during the short visit. if I hadn‘t already met Anna. who was a delightful woman in her mid 20‘s. She had already arranged for a translator. but don‘t leave the country without at least one or more girls you wish to follow up with. I was glad to have enjoyed such a great time with Tatyana. I hadn‘t seen such a beautiful car in the entire country until that point. Every trip is unique in some regards. She took me to a very upscale Japanese Sushi restaurant that could have been a hot spot in San Francisco or New York. The other half found some ladies of interest to continue dialog with. She selected a taxi driver who owned a Rolls Royce. no more confusion: my heart confirmed that she was the one. I would have had no hesitation in pursuing Tatyana – and we would have made for a great couple.Here‘s an important thought you should keep in mind: Even though you may think you have found the one. All I could say was. It may be in future correspondence with girls you dated that one rises to the top as one you want to pursue as a life partner. 120 | P a g e . ―Wow!‖ Tatyana didn‘t want to go to the social. The evening was magical.

Anna Anna (my wife). Friends appreciate my sincerity and sensitivity. 121 | P a g e . attentive and caring. I am serious. 5‘6‖. I am also curious. who likes children and animals. 20. at first I need to know the person better to see if our souls are in tune. Ukraine – Profile 83170 Self Description: I think I am all-rounded person. cheerful and friendly. When meeting new people. Comments: I see my man as a tender. I do not open up at once.. who prefers healthy lifestyle. caring and kind person. 114 lbs.

Create memories. That voice in my head with all kinds of advice. What can you accomplish in a few days? Maybe I should propose marriage now. You feel this pressure too. As you should.CHAPTER 9 I Think I've Found Her! Now What? If you do find one wonderful woman you want to pursue while you are still in her country. but you also need to put this all in perspective and continually consider how this plays out from her perspective. Maybe I should tell her I love her. ―I love you‖ won‘t say them after only knowing someone for one week. Enjoy the small moments. but in the back of her mind she also knows that you are leaving in a few days. Your mind starts to scramble. Think about it. Live in the now. No decent intelligent person proposes marriage in the first week they meet. She signs up for a dating service and has a wonderful time with you. But what if she says no or doesn‘t say she loves me too? STOP! Take a deep breath. your first thought will be to spend as much time with her as you can while you are there. That‘s when I hear it. Smell the sweet 122 | P a g e . A person who genuinely values the meaning of. you wonder. Really good advice.

With that said. I told her that it was my intention to get to know her more – even after I went back to my home. When the moment was right. The lighting was just right to make it shine. She said the reasonable thing would be to ask her to be my girlfriend – sort of like binding us to an exclusive relationship so we can get to know each other better.fragrance of romance‘s intoxicating perfume. Becoming Boyfriend and Girlfriend Before I would leave the country in five days.‖ I told her. She‘s not going anywhere. I opened the box in front of her to reveal this gold ring that had an ornate design with a small gem set in the middle. She gasped for a moment. So Vera met up with me and we went shopping. If you would agree to be my girlfriend I would like for you to wear this ring. 123 | P a g e . So relax and build some fun memories while you deepen the connection. When I got back to my room I called Vera and asked her what she thought I should do. The store put the ring in a heart-shaped red velvet box and I brought it with me to dinner that night. so that we would take a few months to just date and write each other exclusively. ―You can always put yourself back on the network of profiles if it doesn‘t work out between us. That sneaky matchmaker had already gotten Anna to disclose her ring size! We went from store to store until I found one that I thought was perfect – and Vera agreed. She also suggested that I get her a promise ring to help close the deal. I told Anna that I was so glad we met and that I was impressed with the wonderful person she is. I wanted to know that we were committed to each other to some extent. And you are not going to be removed from her life just because you leave for home. I wanted to ask her if she would agree to be my girlfriend.

This is that critical moment when you‟ve asked for a decision . ―You are the first international man she has met. ―That is not a problem. ―Would you please put that ring back on the table?‖ So I did as she asked. now.‖ There was stunned silence. She really likes you and doesn‘t want to lose you. Vera leaned over to me again and said. ―Would you please put that ring on her finger?‖ Anna held out her hand toward me and I placed the ring on her finger. Vera explained to me. Vera fought to hold back the tears. . They spoke in Russian for a few minutes back and forth as I waited quietly for her response. But she hesitated. She said something to Vera in Russian. Vera leaned over to me and asked. I closed the lid and put the box back in my coat pocket.‖ I said. 124 | P a g e . ―I don‘t want to be the one to choose her until she feels that she wants to choose me as well.‖ I did the man thing at that moment. just shut up and wait for the response. . I opened the box again and they both let out an audible sigh. The two of them looked at each other. Finally. but she has nothing to compare you to.

But. She will miss you like crazy. from Vera‘s perspective. you need to know. By the third date you should put out some kind of feeler to see if you are on the same page. if you‘re on a second or third date. You need to be able to make the most of your time. it would be good for you to know for certain where you stand. Let me stop here long enough to say two things. This time your trip will entirely be about her.The moment I placed the promise ring on her finger was as magical as you can imagine. meeting the family had to be the next step. Meeting the Family Vera was from an older generation where the matriarch of the family had to approve all relationships. If she‘s not feeling what you are feeling. If you are the one who‘s not certain. She wanted to set up a meeting 125 | P a g e . While you are reflecting on your time. your heart may be longing for her – and that is when you call to propose the boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. boyfriend/girlfriend is about as much of a commitment as anyone should expect to get out of such a short time. If she‘s not serious then you will know before you‘re all the way back home. She had this whole process planned out in her mind. Ask your question and then wait to see how she responds. So. First. Now you can talk about ways to keep connected until you can get back there to see her again. it would probably be a more realistic goal to just create a strong bond and wonderful memories and then continue the connection once you have returned home. Once she has begun her work-a-day life again she‘ll remember the incredible time she had with you – and you may as well. You should still have time to connect again with the other women who sparked your interest on the trip.

cheese and cracker baskets and the like. A good friend of mine.where all of the relatives would gather to meet me. Let her decide when to meet them and who you should meet.‖ Every girl will be different in this regard. some salami. But the path to meeting the family is definitely something that must be guided by your lady. has a wonderful girl in his life. Some leather coats from a friend who made them in Italy. She may have a job or university classes that she can‘t get out of – but she will try to get out of them. Don‘t be concerned that you need someone‘s blessing unless your girl says it is important. Anna jumped right in and said. There was 20 years between them. Dating Your Girl Once you have picked one to focus on – the one you want to call ‗your girl‘ – the dating changes slightly. Presuming you are on your first trip and you are still in the country. I needed to bring gifts – and wear a suit. that may have been true for Vera. ―I will decide if this relationship is best for me. Well. Peter. the family had no problem with him or the age gap! Your girl will help guide the path with her family. The stated concern was that the age cap was too much. One of the ways it changes is just in the time you make for it. Peter sent a few boxes of ―gifts‖ to the family. It would be a big deal in the family. Suddenly. There would be food and drink. At first her family was concerned about their relationship. but it was not the case with Anna. 126 | P a g e . you will both work to spend every waking moment together. You don‘t need to meet my mother or granny. Most likely you will have to work around her schedule. That may happen when it makes sense.

dated on Monday. we met on a Sunday. similar to Chuck E. Since I‘ve had four kids. Good with kids? I still am a kid! 127 | P a g e . Tuesday I was in Kherson and Wednesday she got the day off from work. Anna wanted to see if I was good with kids. This is a very good sign. Nastia. It was a radiant joy to see her again. She is serious about me. Cheese. The three of us drove along to another neighborhood where we picked up her four year old goddaughter. The lightbulb in my head went on: She wants to see how I am with kids. She called Vera and told her to get a taxi and pick me up at 10:00 o‘clock in the morning. We spent the day at the zoo and a place called Kid‘s Planet. this was the best test I could have asked for.If you remember. I had a blast – and won my girl‘s heart.

The rest is up to your imagination – but let your girl help select the locations since it is her country – and it is good for her to feel like she can help you in some way. Everyone is different. When Do I Pop the Question? Wow. You may be able to talk with them about the possibility of married life together – or you may have to go with your gut and just pop the question when your gut tells you the timing is right. This entire strategy for international dating is designed to cut through the dating process to get to the bottom line as quickly as possible. museums. In nine days you accomplish more than you could in two years of dating in the US – and with superior results. and did some shopping. national landmarks. but I can offer some guidelines – and a secret strategy. Once she is your girl and you have more time. These women are typically very savvy and completely authentic. 128 | P a g e . is that the $64.000 question. You meet with serious women who are there to find husbands. you can even take her to other cities for your private mini-vacation with her. But it can feel like it goes too fast – especially for your girl.On other dates we drove to beaches. You are there to find a gorgeous woman who will love you every day of your life. You can talk about anything – just don‘t lie to them.

Wow. We both knew that we could always back out at any point before the ―I do‘s‖. But most adults don‘t have to go through as much as you will to get to the altar. we had talked about life and the possibilities of marriage. 9:00AM Phoenix time. If you do not live in the United States. you need to understand that the lengthy process has also weeded out the illegal ―Russian Bride‖ scams that had been more prevalent in the past. I also wanted to see how she would handle life with me before making the relationship legally official. You might as well get the process going and work through your relationship as you 129 | P a g e . do I wish it were that simple for US citizens. She needed to see for herself that what I was telling her about my life was true and see if there were any unknown aspects that could make life unbearable. on the other hand. Why not? If you think I am taking this lightly. Jones went through the various options and ways that someone could get to the US. God bless the Law Offices of Maria Jones. That is completely understandable. I am not. But. In the end. Ms.In our case. Jones made time for us to talk with her at 8:00PM our time in Ukraine. In our case we both agreed that neither of us would know for certain if we were right for marriage until she was able to be in my home for at least a few weeks. but saved a lot of time in the long run if we did indeed decide to marry. I sat at a table with our translator and Anna and put my cell phone on speaker phone. But how to get her to my home so we could both feel certainty was the question. It was very comfortable to do so. I am a big believer in committed marriage. it just made the most sense to use the K-1 Fiancé Visa program. Ms. It took the same amount of time as a couple of the other options would to get her here. this process could be as simple as getting her a passport and having her over for a few months.

Yes. Once she got here and we‘d spent three weeks together. you both have to sign affidavits swearing to your intention to marry within 90-days from when she arrives on US soil. By the time you‘ve finished the visa paperwork. I wonder if the foreign marriages are stronger because of the work they have to go through just to be together! The Fiancé Visa program would take at least six months to get through. But the truth is that you are going to have to work through a lot of paperwork. But it takes long enough to get through the process that it will also help solidify the relationship. And no one is going to put a gun to your head and make you get married if you see that it isn‘t working out. I am a romantic guy and I was determined to make my marriage proposal a very romantic event. In truth. I planned a dinner cruise around the San Francisco Bay and Golden Gate Bridge. The thought of leaving family and country and making a life with you may be less eventful than it could be otherwise if you had to force the issue a few weeks after meeting. the Fiancé Visa program is a preparation program for married life in America. We had already picked out rings in Ukraine so she could show them to her family. The secret strategy is that you can both commit to the K-1 visa process like an engagement period – even though you may not be ready to say absolutely yes to marriage at the time you start the process. None of that may sound like a very romantic way to ―pop the question‖. you will have spent months more creating a bond that is not questionable.go. Your time for a romantic proposal will come. but she did not see them again until I got on one knee and proposed marriage officially to her on that 130 | P a g e . That also gave us time to get to know each other more. Yes.

Christopher. but this is where you have to follow your heart.romantic cruise. 131 | P a g e . We both got on one knee. I decided to also include my son. I have faith in you. Most guys will propose actual marriage in the girl‘s home country. You‘ll come up with your own way to be romantic with your beauty queen. I asked if she’d be my wife and he asked if she’d be his step-mom. in the marriage proposal.

it is a bonus that the marriage agencies use fantastic photographers! 132 | P a g e .. 5‘6‖. 105 lbs. They have signed up to find a good man to love for the rest of their lives. but incredible women with big dreams. 19. But. Ukraine I‘m sure you have already realized that women featured at the beginning of each chapter are the real deal.Veronika Veronika. These are not professional models.

the rest is romance and wedding planning. read this section to get an idea of how immigration processes work. Let‘s look at what it is going to take to get from ―she‘s the one‖ to ―she‘s on US soil‖. If you are not a US citizen.S. Once that is done. Yours may be similar or simpler. but all basically come down to demonstrating these objectives for Homeland Security: Proof that you are a citizen Proof that you have a relationship with her that has included time spent in her country 133 | P a g e . . visa process? Many documents to fill out and an endless number of procedures that must be followed . What‘s involved in the U.CHAPTER 10 Getting Over the Goal Line What is the goal? The goal is to have this incredible beauty in your arms and waking up to her each morning. But you have to walk a path to get there. . But at least you‘ll have an idea of what it takes to prove your love and bring home your prize. The biggest obstacle for US citizens is the immigration and visa process.

First. she will be given a fiancé visa stamp in her passport. I had no reason to complain.Proof that you can financially support her. along with other documents such as a request for change of residence status. Once your application for her is approved. In my case. Proof that she has no criminal record. I met Anna on December 10th and we were married on October 13th of the following year. it then goes to the US Embassy in her country where she must bring her documents and be interviewed in person. Hire a Visa Attorney 134 | P a g e . Proof that she is not carrying any disease into the country. Ten months from first introductions to ―I Do‖ is a very reasonable timeframe. it was the time I needed to get to know my future wife. She must start travel to the US within six months and be married to you within 90 days after arriving or she must go back. you must present it. you will submit your application to an immigration office in the US. Once you have your wedding certificate. Proof that she is a citizen of the country she claims to be from. For me. If she is approved. to the immigration office before the 90-days are completed. By the time I was ready to go get her I was confident that we were right for each other.

Finally. KNOW THIS UP FRONT: On your application you will have to demonstrate that you have spent time with your girl in her country. lodging. be the man and be sure to cover any out of pocket costs she may have on her end to get birth certificates translated. and gifts.I don‘t even know why anyone would want to navigate the immigration legal waters without an attorney – especially when the rates are so reasonable. if they do take pictures. I tell you this because I know that many people are not big picture takers. Most will even have people on staff who can work with your girl in her language. Or. And. Set Up Ways to Communicate 135 | P a g e . What they will ask for are things like receipts for travel. If you are good at paperwork you may consider those fees to be a waste of money. Just have someone take at least 15 pictures of the two of you together in her country. My personal advice would be to just go with an immigration attorney and make your life easier – but that‘s totally up to you. etc. One of the absolute requirements is that you have 10 photographs of the two of you together in her country. be sure to save your airline and hotel receipts. they don‘t want to be in the pictures – they just want pictures of their girl. dining.

but I made it one step more personal. You may have to buy a cell phone for her and purchase some minutes for her. but it is often difficult. One solution could have been for me to send an email to Vera. There was an option to create a bulletin board. Be sure to send text messages during the day and when you both go to bed at night. we had Vera – and you can continue to use your translators at a very reasonable rate as well. That is close to what I ended up doing. It also would not hold calls very well. She also had no computer or email address. Call each other when it makes sense. After my first trip to Ukraine. Her cell phone did not work with international text messaging – which I did not learn until I returned home. You have created such chemistry and energy between you two and the only way to maintain that momentum is to be in regular communication. I had a personal website that I put up with Microsoft FrontPage. Get a good international calling plan. Then have Vera call Anna and read it to her in Russian. Now what? Fortunately. which really didn‘t matter since she was still not comfortable enough with her English to have direct conversations with me. when I met my wife-to-be.This may sound simple. The process would probably take two or three days from start to finish. but it would work. I probably had the most difficult communication situation you could imagine. Anna could then tell her what to say in response and I could get an email back from Vera with the message. I would send Vera an email with what I wanted to say and asked her to send it back to me in Russian. One of your top priorities has to be keeping the momentum going and the romantic flame burning. Then I would post the Russian message for 136 | P a g e . If you both have e-mail addresses and cell phones and speak English – you are so fortunate.

The cost will be defined. Maybe it‘s a guy thing. The bulletin board was only used for me to send her photos. They can deliver photos back and forth. Vera would email me Anna‘s message to me in English and the process would continue. we talked on the phone every few days and sent text messages to each other every day. Things She Will Need to Do as Well. Who knows? Don‘t be discouraged. That was a lot of freakin‘ work and I could have saved a lot of time and money by just keeping up our letter writing through the agency. Why didn‘t I think of that before? I don‘t know. I also bought her a top of the line cell phone and had it unlocked so she could use it in Ukraine. We want to fix stuff ourselves and not ask for directions. She could then read my message in Russian and reply to it in Russian. When I got home after that trip.Anna to read. They can handle the translation. Just keep in mind that you have to keep up your momentum for six to eight months until you can be together forever. On that trip her English had improved enough that we were able to fully communicate with each other without Vera translating. She would go to an Internet café to rent a computer and pull up the bulletin board. 137 | P a g e . We kept on this way for two months until I flew out to visit her again. I would look for her messages and then copy and paste them into an email I would send to Vera. There are always solutions.

you should plan on visiting your girl within 60 to 90 days after your first trip. Going on your own can be very reasonable. Keep checking those discount airline ticket websites for the best deals. They tend to hike the hotel prices for Americans in many cases. you do want to help her to be able to get around on her own and not feel trapped. You may also want to help her start taking English classes.She will work with your immigration attorney‘s staff to complete the documents she needs for her application. you may also want to help her get some driving lessons and a driver‘s license from her country. but California accepts valid out of state and country drivers‘ licenses for temporary uses. Check with your state. I searched the Internet for discount travel and found some incredible deals. Once she gets to your home. Finally. 138 | P a g e . Get Back To Her Back to the subject of keeping the momentum going. Lodging can be very reasonable if you let your girl set it up. When I went to see Anna in February after meeting her in December.

etc.On a subsequent trip we took a taxi to a historical site overlooking the Black Sea Try Not to Explode At first glance you might think I mean that from a negative perspective. She had connected with a friend of hers and shot dozens of bikini pictures of her at the beach. On my third trip I gave Anna a small digital camera with a 2GB memory card. Quite the contrary. They know how to make you happy and it makes them happy to know they impact your life positively. You can‘t help but look at her photos every day – especially her profile photos and the ones of you together. laying on the rocks. They want to give you 139 | P a g e . When I saw her next she gave me the disc and asked me to bring it up on my computer for viewing. The way she loves you and talks with you makes you want to hold her and be with her. She is going to make you want to be with her more and more every day.

140 | P a g e . Just enjoy the anticipation. I gave Anna a digital camera she decided to create pictures that would keep her on my mind These will feel like the longest six to eight months of your life.things to make you think of them. but don‘t go crazy. She wants to know that she is on your mind – all the time. Someday this will just be a period of time you look back at as part of your courtship.

I recommend that you get on a plane and escort her home.She's Yours Finally.Go Get Her . when you have completed the legal process and she has the Fiancé Visa stamp in her passport. Chances are she has not traveled much in her life. 141 | P a g e . As bright and capable as she is. It will be one of the most enjoyable trips you ever take. it is a much nicer touch – and more romantic – if you can go get her.

Raisa Raisa. 5‘3‖. I appreciate home coziness and I get a great pleasure from the time past creating it.. Ukraine – Profile 95903 Self Description: I am a kind and sociable lady. careful and tender man to share the life with. Comments: I am here to find clever. I want him to appreciate home coziness. You‟ll notice that I threw in a few 39 and 40 year old women just to show you how hot they can be too 142 | P a g e . warmth and mutual understanding in the relationships. 110 lbs. 39. kind.

She is the one experiencing culture 143 | P a g e . She is the one getting ready to be married without her family. You‘re off the plane and in your home with your beauty queen. She is the one making all of the adjustments. wedding planning. Complete the legal work. Then what? You have four objectives: Get her connected to her family at home. and wedding ceremony about her. You will be exhausted and want to take a few days just to recover. Make the engagement. Get her connected with your life and world. I call these the ‗90-days of love‘ because you will make this time all about her – with most of the work on your end.CHAPTER 11 THE 90 DAYS OF LOVE You did it.

―Getting Laid by a Gorgeous Woman Nearly Every Day for the Rest of Your Life!‖ Perhaps another book is in the making! Culture Shock Culture shock may be different for each girl. Don‘t just make her eat the fatty junk food that is all around us. Foreign girls are also usually unprepared for the inviting attitudes of salespeople believing that most Americans appear too friendly and fake with their happy greetings at every store. That chapter would have to be called. you are dramatically underestimating what your love life will look like. But. she won‘t know what to do in yours. in the same way you didn‘t know what to do when you were in her country. It may be difficult for her to find food that is nutritious or similar to her liking. On a side note – if you thought this chapter title had to do with 90-days of getting laid. and life is too easy. see if there are local restaurants that serve what she is accustomed to. Latin America. the streets too clean. 144 | P a g e . the open acceptance of gay lifestyles may be offensive to them. She may think that things are too perfect. And. If she is from Asia. Some are overwhelmed by massive retail and commercialism. She is a bright girl. or the Russian-speaking countries. She will let you know if you are moving too quickly.shock. Others will be shocked that there are so many fat people. Still others are appalled by the lack of concern for good fashion. Help her find places for healthy food.

They‘ll usually be excited for her. In time. Just don‘t make your differences a source of conflict. You don‘t want to force her to conform.DON‘T MAKE THE MISTAKE OF THINKING THAT AMERICA IS BETTER TO HER. Just listen to her and acknowledge when she has a valid point. she will learn to love you wherever you live. Some of them won‘t realize how they have come to love life with you until a year or two later when they go back home to visit family and have that real-time comparison in front of them. Learn to love her unique perspective and blend yours with hers. Remember. fat. as well. She will come to her own conclusions in her own time. You just can‘t make her come to the conclusion that America is better. Getting Her Connected with Her Family One of the things you will want to do right away is get her a cell phone with a discount plan to her home country. You want her to be able to call home. you didn‘t travel around the world to find an American girl. 145 | P a g e . That is where she‘ll share her excitement about her new life – with family who speak her language. If she is willing to love you through richer or poorer. and narcissistic. She may initially think that her home country is better and our way of living is sloppy. AT FIRST. she will learn to love it here with you.

Perhaps it gives them a sense that they are helping the family save money – or just the fun of shopping where everything is under one roof. Now their communication is free and they even get to video chat. Show her some places of interest around you.Fortunately. trip to the beach. You‘ve got to love technology when it works! Getting to See Your World Take some time during that first month to take short trips. Help her see what is of value in your own city. help her find out where the resources are. Where is the grocery store and closest Wal-Mart or Costco? It‘s interesting to me how many of these ladies love the discount shopping places. It could be a hike in the mountains. 146 | P a g e . help her learn to drive in your area and get a driver‘s license for her. Anna‘s mother recently got a computer and a Skype account. or even a day in Disneyland. Finally. on the subject of getting around your world. Most importantly.

Wedding Planning Hopefully she has connected with another woman in your world who can help her with wedding planning. my wife was gorgeous and had the wedding she wanted. Prepare your friends and family to welcome her. but she will respect people you consider to be your friends. They also introduced me to a good florist.Meeting Friends and Family Friendships and family are important to everyone. just be sure to include your bride in the planning. chairs. that will go a long way for both of you. We had 32 close friends and family and enjoyed a wonderful day. If she can find a girlfriend to take walks or go shopping. Even though time is short. you can still put together a decent wedding. Just keep in mind that not everyone from her homeland will be a good person for her to connect with. and an arbor. You should allow her to have some joy in picking out a dress and helping put together her own wedding. linens. But most important. Whatever you end up doing. 147 | P a g e . I went directly to an event rental business to get tables. You can‘t make her become friends with someone. If you know of good people in your community who are from her country you might help he make that connection. Some have even less time and end up with a Justice of the Peace ceremony or Las Vegas-style wedding.

After five years she can apply for US citizenship. Even when you have the certified wedding certificate in your hands. In case you are not familiar with the Green Card system. I can tell you this. and a work permit. make sure you take some good photos that she can send home to her family. The first issuance is for two years. it‘s time for Happily Ever After! 148 | P a g e . ask for travel documents. you‘ll both breathe a giant sigh of relief. you are not done. Finishing the Paperwork Set the date for your wedding to be at least two to three weeks prior to your 90-day deadline. Finally. In short. It must be submitted with more documents. let me explain. once you‘re done with the paperwork. your permanent status prior to citizenship is given by the issuing of a Green Card. This is where you petition to change her status to permanent resident. She will then be issued a Green Card that‘s good for 10 years.Finally. At the end of two years you must re-appear at an INS office to show that you‘re still married and the prospects of a continued relationship are good.

149 | P a g e .

You gave gifts to her 150 | P a g e . As you waited.CHAPTER 12 HAPPILY EVER AFTER CREATING THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS You left your castle determined to find the perfect queen to complete your kingdom. you continued to write and speak with her and send her gifts and expressions from your heart. She is graceful. feminine. Your romance was like none other. You negotiated with governments to arrange for her transport. You brought flowers and took her on wonderful dates. You traveled the world and spent time with many beautiful women – any of them would love to be chosen by such a king. You created such stories of adventure that you knew would capture the imaginations of your kindred back home who eagerly awaited word from your travels. sensuous. She treasures the small gifts you gave to her to this very day. But to bring her back to your country would be a task for the bold. It did not take long to declare that you wanted to know her better. and captivating. They put on their best to impress you. Then you met the woman of intrigue who captured your attention.

. the chance at living a life as the wife of a nobleman. that is up to the two of you to imagine and create. In as much as you had desired to rescue the beauty. Your wife will want to create a sense of family and identity with you – even if it is just a family of two. your lover . . . WHAT DOES HAPPILY EVER AFTER LOOK LIKE . your queen . . your wife. . Within a year after her arriving here we had two dogs and a cat. The circle is complete and now you get to live your Happily Ever After. in turn. she. The day finally came when you could bring her home. You took her on short visits to see the region surrounding your kingdom and created new experiences and memories for her. The greatest travel you have ever experienced was that first trip with her at your side. She is part of you and will bring grace and love to the walls of your castle. . You took the time to make her feel relaxed and welcomed in your castle. Now she is your bride . 151 | P a g e . IN DAILY LIFE? What else will you do now? Well. What has she always dreamed her life would be like? Believe it or not. . my wife negotiated that she‘d get a puppy and a kitten on that first date with Vera. such as yourself. .family and they were glad for their daughter to have such an opportunity. rescued you.

Just figure it out as you go. When she came here. Today. Many of them have university degrees from their home countries that won‘t transfer. she did what was required so she could practice medicine here. Once she feels secure in your love she may not feel so pressured 152 | P a g e .The topic of work and career may change as she gets settled in. she is a doctor at a major hospital. You may have to do some compromising. One man married a woman who had been a doctor in Russia. Let it be a fluid aspect of your new life together. Sometimes the women are adamant that they need to wait to come home with you until after they finish a certain semester of their schooling. but don‘t get on her case later if she delayed coming for a degree she didn‘t end up using. Her instincts may be to get the degree in case you leave her and she has to fend for herself.

the way you did in Chapter 2. I tell them that they can have it and where to find it. The system is in place to give expert assistance at every stage. Their lack of belief is exactly why they don‘t. 153 | P a g e . Be the golden man – her king and she will strive to be the woman of your dreams as well. but will they go get it? It is available to those who take action and just go after it. No. There is nothing to stop you. But this time. Many men don‘t believe they could really have such beauty and love as a part of their daily life. Whew! What an adventure! You traveled the world in search of amazing beauty and found a love most men only dream about. Just love her. Was all of this worth it? Just look in her eyes and you tell me! But beyond that. It is delightful and richly satisfying in every respect. Even more beautiful is the way you interact with each other.to have to do anything with that education. Was it worth it? You walk down the street and see the envy of men who wish they had what you have – but what you have is more than a beauty by your side. you get to do it with her. Let her dream with you about the life you want to create together. Make both of your dreams come true. you made a different choice. You may still be too good to be true in her mind. You could marry an American girl and hope your odds are better than most. Other men have told me that they wish they had what I have. what is your alternative? You could live alone. I hope you will create a new vision of your perfect life.

154 | P a g e . my wife told me that she knew I would be her husband the first night we met. But my mind and heart will remain with you. I knew she was the one for me. And even fewer got to live out their Happily Ever After. If you do what I have suggested in this book. Yet it still astonishes me that I was able to write this first letter to her after spending just five days together: My Darling Anna: It is 3:00 in the morning and I cannot sleep.Why wouldn‘t you go see for yourself instead of remaining curious forever – wondering what might have been? It is sad to think about the 500 or so wonderful women who came to the three socials that I attended. These are good women and I hope to use this book to spark a movement so more men will go and discover this match made in heaven. I had the clarity and confidence in my decision to pursue her. Good men finding good women. you will become very clear about what you want – and now you know where to find it. ―All of my dreams are coming into reality just as I imagined they would. and to realize that some of them didn‘t even have the opportunity to talk to one of us. Only a small percentage went on dates. After spending just a short time with Anna. Right now someone out there is imagining a life with you and you don‘t even know it. She tells me. In like fashion.‖ She was also clear about what she was looking for. Soon I will be in California at least in body. My mind is full of thoughts of you.

but only God knows for certain. Each time I see something new I did not see before. I am a king with a growing kingdom. God will make it known to both of us and we will be glad for the time we are given. Your smile is like a masterpiece of art . Should we share moments together for the rest of our lives . I have earned the respect of important men.it is deep and limitless. however long or short. as I am. I think he takes great pleasure in such surprises. Your laughter is as refreshing as the warm glow of the sun.longing to be discovered by the one with the key . I am proud that you wear my ring. Have a wonderful day. Your Mark 155 | P a g e . my love. I am grateful to God that he did not let me find the person I came to see in Nikolaev. Your eyes whisper and tell me that there is a woman of mystery hiding in wait . I learn more of you with each moment we share together. Part of my identity is now connected with you it may just be for a season of life . and not afraid of hard work.or it may be for all time. loving toward children and animals.I know I would still be discovering new insights into your soul . and a fighter.and so I search for the key to your heart. You are a giving person. With love from my heart. Your eyes write books and tell stories in the simplest of glances . He had another plan. strong in your values.they are limitless in beauty and in expression.I have lived enough years to have known many people in different parts of this world. At the same time. But you are the one who has captured the king‟s heart. I believe that our lives will be joined together forever .there is nothing like it. I have never met one as wonderful as you. you are still the child who loves to play. You are also stubborn.

. As I finish writing the last words of this book. in return. I make her feel deeply loved as well. she glanced over at me and reached up to touch my cheek. You will bring some of that home with you so you can take the best of both worlds and make a family that is special to you. This has been my daily life for quite some time now. I would just ask for your help in spreading the word. I asked.‖ And with that. I have to recount to you my evening last night. Anna and I were snuggling on the couch watching a movie with the dogs at our sides. ―What?‖ She simply replied. I am the happiest woman in the world. I conclude the book as I began – with a beautiful woman reclining on my chest. You will understand other cultures and ways people experience daily life.Together you will build a relationship that is unique. You will become a better man for having taken the journey. 156 | P a g e . . Just one parting request . I wish all men would have such an experience and understanding of the world. ―I am so happy I married you. It can give you both a lifetime of meaningful love and deep satisfaction. I am deeply loved by one of the most beautiful women in the world – and. Now you know the secret – and she has thousands of sisters out there just hoping to someday meet you. When the movie was over.

idating4men. And in doing so. you provide hope to the most wonderful women in the world as well. follow your heart. Hope that someday they may see their king walk into a ballroom and pursue them to win their heart.Share this secret. Ask a question. Let me know about your journey as you go. Let other men know that there is hope.com and share your story. And above all. We‘re here for you and want to share in your experience. Mark & Anna Davis 157 | P a g e . May God bless you and guide you as you go on your quest for your queen. Go to our website: http://www.

R O M A N C E.com 158 | P a g e .D I S C O V E R. InternationalDatingForMen.

Men‘s Studies‘ counselor and now the ―International Dating Ambassador‖. author. Inc. He advocates utilizing romance tours as a system for successful dating around the world. and founder of Abundance Int‘l – a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching self-reliance to men and women in developing nations.” He‘s fished in the Amazon River. California. and son. made friends with villagers along its banks and hunted alligators. 159 | P a g e . live in Sacramento. Christopher. public speaker.ABOUT THE AUTHOR “The greatest fulfillment comes when you put your passions to work in a way that makes a difference – and share those experiences with the love of your life. Mark has traveled and dated on four continents and brings a world of experience in dating combined with an understanding of healthy masculinity and femininity. He‘s president and CEO of International Dating for Men. Among his business ventures is a company he took public to execute their plan for a series of casinos in the Caribbean.. He and his wife. Life is an adventure for Mark Edward Davis. entrepreneur. businessman. Anna.

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