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Autopsy: No Arabs on Flight 77

By Thomas R. Olmsted, M.D I am an ex Naval line officer and a psychiatrist in private practice in New Orleans, a Christian and home school dad. It troubled me a great deal that we rushed off to war on the flimsiest of evidence. I considered various ways to provide a smoking gun of who and why Sept 11th happened. Astute observers noticed right away that there were no Arabic sounding names on any of the flight manifests of the planes that “crashed” on that day. A list of names on a piece of paper is not evidence, but an autopsy by a pathologist, is. I undertook by FOIA request, to obtain that autopsy list and you are invited to view it below. (1) Guess what? Still no Arabs on the list. It is my opinion that the monsters who planned this crime made a mistake by not including Arabic names on the original list to make the ruse seem more believable. When airline disasters occur, airlines will routinely provide a manifest list for anxious families. You may have noticed that even before Sep 11th, that airlines are pretty meticulous about getting an accurate headcount before takeoff. It seems very unlikely to me, that five Arabs sneaked onto a flight with weapons. This is the list provided by American of the 56 passengers:

American Airlines Flight 77, from Washington to Los Angeles, crashed into the Pentagon with 64 people aboard.

1) Charles Burlingame of Herndon, Virginia, was the plane's captain. He is survived by a wife, a daughter and a grandson. He had more than 20 years of experience flying with American Airlines and was a former U.S. Navy pilot. 2) David Charlebois, who lived in Washington's Dupont Circle neighborhood, was the first officer on the flight. "He was handsome and happy and very centered," his neighbor Travis White, told The Washington Post. "His life was the kind of life I wanted to have some day." 3) Michele Heidenberger of Chevy Chase, Maryland, was a flight attendant for 30 years. She left behind a husband, a pilot, and a daughter and son. 4) Flight attendant Jennifer Lewis, 38, of Culpeper, Virginia, was the wife of flight attendant Kenneth Lewis. 5) Flight attendant Kenneth Lewis, 49, of Culpeper, Virginia, was the husband of flight attendant Jennifer Lewis. 6) Renee May, 39, of Baltimore, Maryland, was a flight attendant.

7) Paul Ambrose, 32, of Washington, was a physician who worked with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the surgeon general to address racial and ethnic disparities in health. A 1995 graduate of Marshall University School of Medicine, Ambrose last year was named the Luther Terry Fellow of the Association of Teachers of Preventative Medicine. 8) Yeneneh Betru, 35, was from Burbank, California. 9) M.J. Booth 10) Bernard Brown, 11, was a student at Leckie Elementary School in Washington. He was embarking on an educational trip to the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary near Santa Barbara, California, as part of a program funded by the National Geographic Society. 11) Suzanne Calley, 42, of San Martin, California, was an employee of Cisco Systems Inc. 1

the society's president. "Joe was here at the office until late Monday evening preparing for this trip. A Mississippi native. Nevada." 24) Wilson "Bud" Flagg of Millwood. 29) Bryan Jack. as part of a program funded by the National Geographic Society. 3. 58. Virginia. as part of a program funded by the National Geographic Society.. 31) Ann Judge. 43. was a fifth-grade teacher at Ketcham Elementary School in Washington. 17) Eddie Dillard 18) Charles Droz 19) Barbara Edwards. he joined the society in 1987. "Jake" Jacoby. Maryland. 58. of Alexandria. of University Park. of University Park. 45. Virginia. of Las Vegas. was a teacher at Palo Verde High School in Las Vegas. a wireless data and messaging company. 16) Rodney Dickens. a software engineering firm. was a senior executive at the Defense Department. was the chief operating officer of Metrocall Inc. Maryland. California.. Maryland. of Washington was the president of a health-care consulting firm. 20) Charles S. as part of a program funded by the National Geographic Society. 3. Maryland. 11. Virginia. of Alexandria. He worked on data systems for NASA and also developed data systems for the study of global and regional environmental issues. Falkenburg was traveling with his wife. was the director of research at ECOlogic Corp. 11. was the daughter of Charles Falkenberg and Leslie Whittingham. Maryland. 48. and Dana. 15) James Debeuneure. 14) Asia Cottom. 49. was a student at Leckie Elementary School in Washington. Asia was embarking on an educational trip to the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary near Santa Barbara. Zoe. Falkenberg. Leslie Whittingham.12) William Caswell 13) Sarah Clark. as part of a program funded by the National Geographic Society. was a retired Navy admiral and retired American Airlines pilot. 28) Stanley Hall. "Joe Feguson's final hours at the Geographic reveal the depth of his commitment to one of the things he really loved. of Virginia was the travel office manager for the National Geographic Society. of Columbia. was a sixth-grade teacher at Backus Middle School in Washington. Society President John Fahey Jr. She was accompanying a student on an educational trip to the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary near Santa Barbara. 8." said John Fahey Jr. 30) Steven D. was the daughter of Charles Falkenberg and Leslie Whittingham. 25) Flagg 26) Richard Gabriel 27) Ian Gray. It was his goal to make this trip perfect in every way. California. 65.. California. She was accompanying a group of students and teachers on an educational trip to the Channel Islands in California. He was embarking on an educational trip to the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary near Santa Barbara. 21) Zoe Falkenberg. He was accompanying a group of students and teachers on an educational trip to the Channel Islands in California. was from Rancho Palos Verdes. 8. of University Park. of Upper Marlboro. 55. California. 68. said one of his fondest memories of Judge is a voice mail she and a colleague 2 . 23) Joe Ferguson was the director of the National Geographic Society's geography education outreach program in Washington. was a student at Backus Middle School in Washington. 22) Dana Falkenberg. and their two daughters. He was accompanying a student on an educational trip to the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary near Santa Barbara. California.

California.S. announced in 1997.once left him while they were rafting the Monkey River in Belize. 50) Hilda Taylor was a sixth-grade teacher at Leckie Elementary School in Washington. He was married and had two children. 51) Leonard Taylor was from Reston. 40. and Dana. She was accompanying a student on an educational trip to the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary near Santa Barbara. She twice called her husband as the plane was being hijacked and described some details. 47. She was from Great Falls. 43) Lisa Raines. of Anaheim. "This was quintessential Ann -. 45) John Sammartino 46) Diane Simmons 47) George Simmons 48) Mari-Rae Sopper of Santa Barbara. Solicitor General Theodore Olson.S. 3. 29. 32) Keller. a biotechnology firm. Zoe. She joined the firm in 1993 and was part of the its telecommunications practice. Virginia. was a women's gymnastics coach at the University of California at Santa Barbara. was the associate director of clinical research for a biotech firm. 35) Karen A. Charles Falkenberg. and their two daughters. They were traveling to Los Angeles to catch a connection to Australia. 45." he said. 40. The professor of public policy at Georgetown University in Washington was traveling with her husband. 42) Robert Penniger. of Potomac. Maryland. was a Boeing propulsion engineer from El Segundo. 36) Norma Langsteuerle 37) Dong Lee 38) Dora Menchaca. was from Irvington. New York. a consultation and referral life to the fullest and wanting to share it with others. She also worked on other major health-care legislation. Virginia was a nonprofit organization manager. 41) Ruben Ornedo. 49) Bob Speisman. 38. was senior vice president for government relations at the Washington office of Genzyme. 44) Todd Reuben. from Reston. Kincaid. California. of Poway. She had planned to take a different flight. and was married to Stephen Push. 3 . California. was an electrical engineer with BAE Systems. 33) Yvonne Kennedy 34) Norma Khan. 39. Whittington. 39) Christopher Newton. California. 8. She had just gotten the post August 31 and was making the trip to California to start work. 63. of Los Angeles. who had been left behind until they could settle into their new home in Arlington. She worked with the U. California. as part of a program funded by the National Geographic Society. California. was a lawyer with the Washington firm of Wiley Rein & Fielding. 45. was a Boeing propulsion engineer. Food and Drug Administration on developing a new policy governing cellular therapies. She was married to Peter Batacan. Maryland. 45. 40) Barbara Olson. was president and chief executive officer of Work-Life Benefits. was a tax and business lawyer. 42. Whittington had been named a visiting fellow at Australian National University in Canberra. 52) Leslie A. Virginia. She worked as an investigator for the House Government Reform Committee in the mid-1990s and later worked on the staff of Senate Minority Whip Don Nickles. Virginia. of Santa Monica. was from University Park. including that the attackers were armed with knives. 45. but she changed it at the last minute so that she could be with her husband on his birthday. was a conservative commentator who often appeared on CNN and was married to U. 45. California. Newton was on his way back to Orange County to retrieve his family's yellow Labrador.

gov/pressrel/penttbom/aa77/77.m. 71. the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP).html On September 27th. (2) 4 .htm Nawaf Alhazmi Khalid Almihdhar Majed Moqed Salem Alhazmi Hani Hanjour Meanwhile.fbi. does a miraculous job and identified nearly all the bodies on November 16th was from Waldorf. back at the 54) Vicki Yancey 55) Shuyin Yang 56) Yuguag Zheng source: http://www. Crashed into Pentagon http://www. the FBI published photos of the “hijackers” of Flight 77: American Airlines #77 Boeing 757 8:10 a.53) John Yamnicky. Departed Dulles for Los Angeles 9:39 a.m. Maryland.

produce the names of all the bodies identified by the AFIP and compare it with the publicized list of passengers. I figured that the government would want to quickly dispel any rumors so we could get on with the chore of kicking Osama/Sadaam’s butt (weren’t these originally two different people?). being the trusting sort. . The AA list only had 56 and the list just obtained has 58. The satanic masterminds behind this caper may be feeling pretty smug about the perfect crime. but they have not responded. They did not explain how they were able to tell “victims” bodies from “hijacker” bodies. Fourteen months later. Now. three ADDITIONAL people not listed by American Airline sneaked in. The new names are: Robert Ploger. Zandra Ploger. 5 .The AFIP suggest these numbers. whose parents and young sister are on the list of those identified. Believe me that they weren’t a bit happy to give it up. but they have left a raft of clues tying these unfortunates together. and I really have no idea why they choose now to release it. The AFIP claims that the only “passenger” body that they were not able to identify is the toddler. from the beginning NO explanation has been given for the extra five suggested in news reports except that the FBI showed us the pictures to make up the difference. I sent a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the AFIP and asked for an expedited response. So. however. many Iraqi civilians pushing up daisies. 125 worked at the Pentagon and 64 were “passengers” on the plane. It seemed simple to me. 189 killed. a few US soldiers dead. I have seen no explanation for these extras. No Arabs wound up on the morgue slab. . and Sandra Teague. and that makes it so. In fact. I did give American the opportunity to “revise” their original list. because we were getting ready to send our boys to war on the pretext that Osama/Sadaam had done the deed. and I finally get the list. Stay tuned for part two to take a much closer look of the cast of characters on this ill-fated flight. Dana Falkenberg.

(1) 6 .

7 .

8 .

while the oral pathology group created a triage area to conduct positive dental identifications. The rest were killed on site. an official said. scientists. Forensic dentistry experts from the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology performed dental charting and comparison with ante-mortem dental records. 2001 Forensic feat IDs nearly all Pentagon victims by Christopher C.html What some experts have called "the most comprehensive forensic investigation in U. 9 . "We also received tremendous support from the doctors. Air Force Col. only pieces of tissue could be found. assisted by two AFIP staff pathologists. Also arriving at Dover during those early critical hours were two other key AFIP groups: forensic scientists from OAFME's Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory and oral pathologists from the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology." Ensign said. with headquarters at Walter Reed. Only one of those who died made it to the hospital. "Our staff represented every branch of the service." The investigation mobilized AFIP assets in many ways. worked with FBI and local Virginia law enforcement officials to create a plan for recovering and identifying the victims. When remains arrived at the morgue. Full-body radiographs followed to document skeletal fractures and assist in the identification process. and for weeks at the DNA lab in Rockville. played a major role in Operation Noble Eagle investigations. 16 with the identification of 184 of the 189 who died in the terrorist attack on the Pentagon. AbuBakr Marzouk. Kelly Armed Forces Institute of Pathology http://www. AFDIL scientists ensured data systems and records were available to make DNA identifications. history" ended Nov. followed by autopsy inspection. "We immediately called in regional medical examiners from as far away as San Diego to participate. the acting armed forces medical examiner. Wagner. 11. FBI experts collected trace evidence to search for chemicals from explosive devices and conducted fingerprint identifications. headed the investigation team. to identify the victims of the attack. Mortuary operations were fully underway by the evening of Sept. Air Force Maj. AFIP's team of forensic pathologists. Many of the casualties were badly burned and difficult to identify. A computerized tracking system assigned numbers to each victim for efficient tracking." said AFIP Director Navy Capt. Bruce Ensign served as AFIP's team leader at the site. Del. and for some. a scanning device searched for the presence of unexploded ordnance or metallic foreign bodies.S. 13. Contacts were also made with family services in each branch of the military to obtain ante-mortem information and reference material. AFIP used a well-defined and tested system for conducting the identifications of the Pentagon victims. At the same time. officials said. In the hours following the crash Sept. Glenn N. and technicians stationed at Dover who participated in the investigation. A total of 12 forensic pathologists. personnel from the Office of the Armed Forces Medical Examiner positioned and staged equipment to begin operations at Dover. a forensic anthropologist. investigators. DNA experts.. A multidisciplinary team of more than 50 forensic specialists.(2) November 30. and support personnel from the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology.dcmilitary. odontologists. Of the 189 killed. 125 worked at the Pentagon and 64 were passengers on American Airlines Flight 77. and support personnel worked for over two weeks in the mortuary at Dover Air Force Base.

Rodriguez in determining the race. Essential records and references were submitted to us in a timely way. "Fortunately our logistical support was terrific in helping us get material in. seven days a week to meet the mission requirements. "Because of the combined effort of all three services and the FBI. For 18 days following the terrorist attacks. forensic pathologists determined the cause and manner of death. and tissue samples were collected for DNA identification and further toxicology studies. but the victims of the Somerset County crash as well. "We had tremendous logistical issues obtaining equipment. Teams of forensic scientists. especially with additional demands in New York City and Somerset County." Logistical help from AFIP also played an important role. sex. and casketed remains prior to release to next-of-kin. essential to any forensic investigation. "This is the largest mass fatality we've dealt with in recent years. we were very pleased with the speed of the identification process.. William C. Their work included not only the Pentagon crash victims." Ensign noted the entire team worked well together. and stature of victims. logistics staff. AFDIL employees worked on 12-hour shifts.from collecting. sample processors. and administrative personnel were involved -. Mortuary specialists then embalmed. took over the difficult chore of generating a DNA profile of the victims. analyzing DNA samples. and gathering and logging DNA reference material to preparing DNA reports. Pa.At autopsy. aided by forensic anthropologist Dr. For eight days a full complement of AFIP forensic specialists worked 12-hour shifts to complete the operation. under the direction of Demris Lee." Ensign said. Every one of the organization's 102 DNA analysts." he said. 10 . "We have modalities today that we didn't have before." The Dover mortuary sent specimens back to the Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory in Rockville. A board-certified epidemiologist managed the tracking system for data collected during the autopsy process. dressed. documented injuries and personal effects. tracking. Forensic photographers. Our investigation was much more technology-intensive. technical leader of the Nuclear DNA Section.

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