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Groups Redux
We're really excited to announce a re-launch of Scribd Groups. We've listened to our users, and incorporated changes that makes Scribd Groups easier to use and manage. You can now see several documents at once on your group's landing page, including the most popular and the most recent documents. Here's a overview of Groups' new look:

Subscribe Scribd (skribb'd) is a free, web-based self-publishing platform and document exchange community that enables anyone to easily publish, distribute, share, and discover electronic books, documents, presentations, newsletters, photo albums, and more. Scribd provides: 1. A simple yet powerful method of publishing and distributing your own electronic books and documents in a variety of formats - for free. 2. A vibrant, global community of eager publishers, readers and collaborators that offer great content and constructive feedback. 3. A massive, perpetually growing library of open, communitygenerated and -published content. 4. A secure, flexible private document managment system.

A. Group icon B. Group name, description, and information C. Groups toolbar D. Main toolbar E. Group features quick-launch F. Popular documents G. Search within group H. Group members I. Group discussions Scroll down a little to view the documents most recently added to the group:

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Scribd Tools Plot Your Scribd Readers on Google Earth

Slurp-to-Scribd Add-on for Mozilla Firefox Recently Published ELISABETH www nude-info www nude-info www nude-info www nude-info Let us know what you think of our improvements! Posted by Jason Bentley at 6:47 PM 0 comments Blog Archive ▼ 2007 (59) ▼ October (3) Groups Redux Thumbnails and Previews New Scribd Flyers

Thumbnails and Previews
Now there's an easier way to browse Scribd's massive library of documents - thumbnails and previews! We're going through our entire library and converting as many docs as we can to miniature thumbnails, which we display along with document listings and search results. These thumbnails make finding the right content much easier. Of course, thumbnails aren't always effective, especially when you're dealing with lots of text. Well now, you can preview documents without having to access the View Document page. Click the Preview button to display the document in a temporary viewer! Let's take a look at the information you'll find in a document entry:

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A. Document thumbnail. B. File type icon C. Document title D. Time since upload E. Description F. Number of pages in document G. Preview link. Click here to view the document in a preview pane. H. Document uploder (with avatar) I. Number of views J. Number of likes K. Number of comments L. Tags Posted by Jason Bentley at 4:56 PM 0 comments Labels: previews, thumbnails

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New Scribd Flyers

Here's the first in a series of flyers designed to help make new users aware of Scribd. Feel free to embed them in your blog or website. :)

Scribd-à-Porter Is That You, Damien? Slurp in Private New Faces, New Features

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A Better Looking FlashPaper
A few of our regular users have written to point out some of the obvious flaws with FlashPaper, the technology we use to display and embed documents in web pages. One of the more common complaint is, "My document looks like crap!" Well, most documents don't look like crap...FlashPaper just thinks it does and needs to be told it doesn't. I'll explain. But first, I think this is as good a time as any to announce that we've had to tell FlashPaper that our relationship is strong enough for Scribd to start exploring other technologies. Back in the lab, our engineers are hard at work on a new viewer that's smoother, has more and better features, and is built from scratch with the suggestions and requests of our users in mind. I'll say no more for now... except to tell you how to improve your view of documents in the meantime. On some browsers, FlashPaper displays documents in low quality, but thinks it's displaying in high quality. For example, Dan Rather's lawsuit against CBS doesn't look too good at first glance:

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...of course I mean that aesthetically, not legally. :-) If text or images looks blocky, degraded, or unclear, simply rightclick on the FlashPaper surface, and select High from the Quality menu. It will already be checked, but click it again. Trust me. Like magic, the text will appear much clearer and more readable:

It's only a band-aid, but one that'll make your experience a bit better as we perfect a better-looking Flash paper. Posted by Jason Bentley at 11:49 PM 2 comments Labels: hack, workaround

Search is Back!
Hey, everyone! Great news! Scribd search is back, faster and more accurate than before! We're still tuning it, so it'll get even better as time goes on. I know that it's frustrating when we temporarily disable features. It's frustrating for all of us, too. But we hope you'll agree that the results are an improvement - and that we keep our promises. :-) And while we regrettably can't fulfill every request, we always welcome your feedback and suggestions. Posted by Jason Bentley at 11:26 PM 0 comments Labels: search


Scribd down for temporary maintenance
Scribd is down from 1PM Pacific Time for maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience. Posted by Jason Bentley at 1:06 PM 1 comments Labels: status


Scribd documents are unaffected by PDF security vulnerability
No doubt many of you have heard of the potential Adobe PDF security vulnerability for users of Windows XP. Scribd PDF documents are converted to FlashPaper, which is not affected by the vulnerability. Users of Windows XP and all other operating systems can read and embed Scribd documents without concern of infection or compromise. Windows XP users should use caution when downloading and viewing PDFs locally until Adobe releases updated information about the situation.
More about the issue:

Posted by Jason Bentley at 9:32 PM 0 comments Labels: acrobat, adobe, security, xp Older Posts Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)