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Large Personal Luxury Submarines


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Dive to 300 meters

Large Personal Luxury Notably, each year nearly 2

Submarines million passengers dive aboard
ABS classed manned sub-
U.S. Submarines, Inc. offers mersibles and tourist subma-
you four different large luxury rines – and the industry has a
submarines designed to trans- perfect safety record. So,
port you and your guests on whether you choose the luxuri-
remarkable subsea journeys to ous Marlin 1000, the sophisti-
depths of up to 300 meters – all cated Nomad 1000, the expan-
in perfect comfort and safety. sive Seattle 1000 with its five
Each of these four submarines private staterooms and transat-
is completely autonomous. lantic range or the magnificent
Powered on the surface by $70 million Phoenix 1000, you
The wreck of the Kirk Pride is can rest assured that you will
shown here perched along a turbo-diesels, our submarines
ledge on the famed Cayman Wall have extended surface range be experiencing one of the
at a depth of 240 meters. The
and the ability to dive on battery safest forms of transportation
photo was taken with natural
light. If you ask the question, power and remain submerged known to man.
“What is there to see below 100
for days at a time. And, each
meters?” This is an example.
vehicle is designed and built to Expect Fascination
the rigorous ✠A1 Manned
Submersible classification One of our unique luxury
standards of the American submarines is a passport to a
Bureau of Shipping. new frontier. As an owner, you
and your guests can journey to


the silent depths of the sea and The unbelievable profusion of Expect Luxury
explore uncharted territory, or lovely soft corals in the South
All of our submarines have air
you can easily experience the China Sea and Indian Ocean.
conditioned one-atmosphere
fabulous abundance and The splendid and dazzling
interiors, so regardless of how
diversity of life on a tropical profusion of reef fish in the
deep you dive you’ll enjoy shirt-
coral reef. South Pacific. The playful
sleeve comfort at surface
With our submarines’ extended mammals of the wonderfully
pressure. The interior appoint-
cruising capability you will have diverse Galapagos Islands. The
ments of each submarine in the
the opportunity to explore a crystal clear waters and myste-
fleet rival those of the finest
myriad of subsea environments rious shipwrecks of the Carib-
superyachts, with en suite
as you cruise... and we even bean. The wonders of the
heads, superbly equipped
have a special program to subsea world are truly yours to
galleys and complete amenities.
advise you as to where to go for experience.
the ultimate subsea experiences.


Significant versatility

The Marlin 1000 includes a head and galley. In a

more luxurious configuration,
The Marlin 1000 is an incredibly
Marlin can be equipped with
versatile diesel electric subma-
tables, chairs and couches for
rine. At 17 meters (56’) in
eight. A private aft convertible
overall length the Marlin is
stateroom is optional as well.
powered by a single turbo
diesel for cruising speeds up to No matter which version you
10 knots and boasts a 305 choose, rest assured that the
meter diving depth. For maxi- interior appointments of the
mum viewing the submarine Marlin are warm and luxurious.
has eight large side viewports The on-board life-support and
of 900 mm in addition to a 1.46 climate control systems keep
meter bow viewport. the temperature perfect and the
air fresh, and like all U.S.
Marlin is designed to be very
Submarines’ vehicles the air
versatile. In its highest density
pressure in the passenger
seating configuration the
compartment is equivalent to
submarine will accommodate
surface pressure regardless of
16 passengers in comfortable
diving depth.
leather lounge chairs and


With a Marlin you can cruise out partment. The pilot shuts and Specifications:
of your marina and enjoy the dogs the hatch and moves
Operating Depth ........... 305 m
open air of the main deck or the forward to the pilot’s compart-
surface views from the pro- ment where he completes a Passengers .............. up to 16
tected bridge cockpit. A stabi- checklist, vents the main ballast Length ....................... 17.20 m
lizer based roll compensation tanks and engages the electric Beam ........................... 3.00 m
system keeps the ride smooth drive system so that the subma-
Height .......................... 3.55 m
in all but the worst weather. And rine cruises silently and effort-
of course, one advantage to lessly into the depths. Stay Draft ............................ 2.02 m
owning a submarine is that submerged for minutes, or Weight ........................ 40 tons
when the ocean gets too rough, days... it’s your choice. Surface Range .. up to 750 nm
you can simply dive and pro- The Marlin is an advanced Max. Speed .............. 10 knots
ceed to your destination. submarine with digital propor-
Submerged Range ....... 60 nm
When it comes time to dive the tional joystick controls and a
pilot stops the main diesel and computer monitoring system. Max. Mission Time ....... 96 hrs
closes the surface control The submarine is low mainte- Add. Life Support ......... 96 hrs
console. The passengers then nance and only requires one
descend a comfortable stairway annual haul-out for routine
into the main passenger com- inspection and ABS survey.


Serious capability

Nomad 1000 A luxury interior by Glade

Johnson design provides
The Nomad 1000 is U.S.
seating for eight guests and two
Submarines’ original design for
crew. Converting the seating
a personal luxury submarine.
allows sleeping arrangements
With a pressure hull diameter of
for six. Nomad also has a full
2.4 meters and an overall
head with sink and shower as
length of 20 meters the Nomad
well as a completely equipped
has a wider and more spacious
galley. An extended version of
interior than the Marlin and is
the Nomad is also available
nearly twice the displacement.
with a convertible private
Nomad is powered by twin 185
kW turbo diesels and has a 305
meter diving depth and 1000 The Nomad is absolutely
nautical mile surface range. unique. If the weather deterio-


rates or if you simply crave Tired? You can retire to a Specifications:
some isolation or a change of queen-sized bed with the
Operating Depth ........... 305 m
scenery, simply close the hatch world’s most exclusive view –
and dive. You can either con- through a remarkable 1.5 meter Passengers ........................ 10
tinue to cruise toward your diameter viewport, and you can Length ......................... 20.0 m
destination submerged, or you light the subsea vista with up to Beam ........................... 3.70 m
can take a break, settling sixteen 1000 watt quartz
Height .......................... 5.80 m
Nomad on the sea floor and halogen undersea lights. In the
enjoying the view through morning, after a hot shower and Draft ............................ 2.70 m
panoramic viewports. After a breakfast, you can surface Weight ..................... 72.5 tons
luxurious dinner you might do Nomad, start the diesels and Max. Speed .............. 12 knots
some exploring, using the high continue on to the next amazing
Submerged Range ....... 60 nm
resolution color imaging sonar destination.
to locate interesting features on Max. Mission Time ..... 120 hrs
the bottom. Life Support ................ 200 hrs


The megayacht of the deep

Seattle 1000 options are available depending

upon the owner’s requirements.
The Seattle 1000 is a natural
Some of Seattle’s unique
progression from the Nomad
attributes include an all acrylic
design and is capable of
passenger lounge above the
extended surface range and
waterline, and an optional diver
endurance with greatly ex-
lock out chamber aft of the
panded interior space. With a
engine compartment.
36 meter overall length and a
6.5 meter beam, the Seattle The Seattle’s 3000+ nautical
class boasts a central twin deck mile cruising range is sufficient
arrangement which includes for transatlantic crossings. The
independent private staterooms ample battery capacity of 1100
with ensuite baths, crews kilowatt hours means that the
quarters and galley as well as Seattle can remain submerged
spacious living and dining for several days without surfac-
rooms. Several different layout ing.
Passenger compartments com-
posed of transparent acrylic
provide exceptional viewing and
characterize several U.S. Subma-
rines’ designs.


The Seattle 1000 is truly the In the graphic below you can Specifications:
“megayacht of the deep”. see how our talented design
Operating Depth ........... 305 m
Imagine the amazing adven- staff has developed a luxurious
tures you could have aboard interior arrangement. Virtually Passengers ............... variable
this submarine. With Seattle’s every room has a viewport, and Length ......................... 36.0 m
extended range the undersea in the main lounge you are Beam ............................. 6.5 m
world awaits, from the tropical surrounded by viewports that
Hull diameter ................. 5.0 m
abundance of the Sea of Cortez are 2.3 meters in diameter and
to the fabulous shipwrecks of provide amazing views in to the Draft .............................. 6.0 m
Truk lagoon – the Seattle 1000 subsea world. Weight ...................... 380 tons
can take you there in absolute Max. Speed .............. 15 knots
luxury and complete safety.
Submerged Range ..... 160 nm
Max. Mission Time ..... 240 hrs
Life Support ................ 330 hrs


The ultimate submarine

Phoenix 1000 open spaces, results in a

vehicle as luxurious as the
As proposed, the Phoenix 1000
finest of motor yachts.
would constitute the single
largest private undersea vehicle Clearly, the Phoenix provides its
ever built, and arguably, the owner with substantially more
most significant personal capability than a simple yacht
transportation device of the — the opportunity to explore the
20th century. depths of the world’s oceans in
perfect comfort and safety. The
Phoenix is capable of making
A Luxurious Undersea transatlantic crossings at 16
Vehicle knots, yet can dive along the
The Phoenix 1000, has more route and explore the continen-
than ample space. The total tal margins of some of the most
interior area of the submarine is fascinating waters on earth. And
in excess of 460 square meters unlike surface yachts, when the
(5000 square feet). The signifi- water gets rough, the subma-
cant volume, coupled with very rine can submerge into a
large acrylic viewports, and the perfectly smooth and quiet
potential for relatively large environment, continuing on


toward its destination, providing Phoenix will outperform smaller Specifications:
a ride unsurpassed in quality— counterparts in surface speed,
Operating Depth ........... 305 m
unequaled by the finest motor submerged speed and sub-
coach or the most luxurious merged endurance. The large Passengers ............... variable
executive aircraft. pressure hull diameter allows Length ......................... 65.0 m
for very large acrylic viewports, Beam ............................. 8.0 m
making the undersea viewing
The Size Advantage Hull diameter ................. 6.7 m
capability truly extraordinary.
At 65-meters (213 feet) in The interior space, with the Draft .............................. 7.0 m
overall length, and with a beam noted absence of structural Weight .................... 1500 tons
in excess of 8 meters (26 feet), bulkheads, provides for tremen- Max. Speed .............. 18 knots
the Phoenix is a vehicle of dous versatility in interior layout
Submerged Range ..... 240 nm
formidable size. Yet despite its and space planning. And finally,
1500-ton displacement, the the Phoenix’s large size Max. Mission Time ..... 360 hrs
submarine is quite streamlined. coupled with its integrated roll Life Support ................ 460 hrs
Given the significant water- stabilization system makes
plane area and ample internal surface transit quite comfortable
volume, which allows for in all but the worst conditions.
greater battery storage, the


Things to know

ABS Classification: als on site, and then continue

Safety is First the testing and inspection
process of all major systems
Contemporary manned sub-
throughout construction.
mersibles and tourist subma-
rines have a perfect safety The certification process
record and are statistically the culminates in shop trials and
safest form of transportation in then extensive sea trials. Once
the world today. This is due in approved, the submarine is
large part to the rigorous awarded its classification
classification requirements of certificate. Each year, the
the American Bureau of Ship- submarine must be thoroughly
ping and other classification inspected by an ABS surveyor
societies. in order to maintain classifica-
The requirements for ✠A1
Manned Submersible classifica- Classification is a requirement
Here a tourist submarine is shown for insurance and provides you,
cruising the depths along a coral tion are significant. The process
reef. Over 40 such submarines begins with a thorough review the owner, with the assurance
have been built, most of them
of the submarine’s design and that your submarine has been
with a passenger capacity of 48.
The tourist submarine industry its engineering calculations. built to stringent safety require-
carries nearly 2,000,000 passen-
Typically, several hundred ments. In addition, ABS classifi-
gers a year and has a perfect
safety record. design drawings will be submit- cation is accepted by all regula-
ted to ABS for review and tory authorities worldwide. All
approval. Subsequently, all U.S. Submarines’ vehicles are
materials and components used classed to ABS, and the
in the vehicle must be approved company’s President, L. Bruce
as well. Once the basic design Jones, is an appointed member
is approved, ABS surveyors test to the ABS Special Committee
and certify pressure hull materi- on Undersea Vehicles.


Control & Navigation With the Seattle and Phoenix digital proportional joystick
class submarines there is a controls allow for precise
Each of our larger submarines
pilot’s compartment forward of maneuvering in all three axes.
has at least two pilot’s stations.
the above-water passenger’s All submarines are equipped
When the submarine is on the
lounge. All stations are fully with GPS, radar, sonar, autopi-
surface it is piloted from the
equipped. lot, fluxgate compass or gyro,
pilot’s station on the bridge. In
the case of the Marlin and When the submarine dives, the chart plotter, VHF radio and
Nomad the bridge floods when pilot moves to the bow of the dual frequency underwater
the submarine dives, so the submarine where he has an telephone with pinger locator.
control and navigation equip- extraordinary view. Computer A wide range of optional equip-
ment is enclosed in a one- based stations with touch ment is also available.
atmosphere pressure vessel. screens provide most control
and monitoring functions while

Navigation & Communications Additional Instrumentation

Compass Main : Magnetic fluxgate Control Display CPU • regulator, flowmeter
Compass Gyro : C. Plath • heading • O2, CO2, H2 Analyzer
Speed Log : Digital • speed Ballast Panel
Depth Gauge : 1200 ft (2) • depth • Air gauges
Depth Sounder: : 50kHz • time & dive time • Vent valve controls
Active Sonar : Color imaging • cabin pressure • Blow valve controls
Surface Comms : VHF Marine, Cellphone • cabin temperature • Pump switches (3)
Satphone : A or M (optional) • trim weight location • Hull valve controls
Subsurface UWT : Orcatron 10 & 27 KHz • rudder angle Electrical Panel
Radar : Raytheon • bow plane angle • Breaker controls
Plotter : Raytheon • volts, amps & Ah% • Distribution controls
DGPS : Trimble • motor current • Light switches
• VBT level • A/C controls
• alarms (12) • Volts/Amps gauges
• interlock indicators Fire Suppression System
Thruster Control Panel Hydraulic Panel
• F-16 Style Joystick Depth Sounder CRT
Life Support Panel IR & Circuit Protection
• O2 Gauges Inclinometers
Various options


u.s. subs
Experience counts

U.S. Submarines, Inc. The management team at U.S.

Submarines has been involved
At U.S. Submarines we devel-
in the design, engineering,
oped designs for the world’s
construction or operations of
first luxury submarines back in
over 50 submarines or sub-
1993. We are the only company
mersibles, amounting to ap-
in the world today with a luxury
proximately 40% of all operating
submarine program and one of
tourist submarines and manned
only five firms world-wide active
submersibles. We also consult
in the design, engineering and
with well known engineers,
construction of manned sub-
naval architects and operations
mersibles and tourist subma-
specialists, making our group
the most experienced and
capable civil submarine experts
in the world today.

In 1994 we designed the 4-

passenger Discovery 1000
specifically to be launched and
recovered from a 72 meter yacht.
The launch and recovery system
was engineered by Caley Ocean
Systems. When desirable, both
the submarine and the launch
and recovery system could be
removed from the yacht and
placed in a 40 foot container for

The Discovery 1000 is the world’s

most advanced small submarine.
The vehicle has a unique acrylic
pressure hull and is capable of
diving to 305 meters. A video is
available upon request.


Design Philosophy Other Submarines In addition to personal subma-
rines and deep submersibles
As designers and builders we In addition to the large subma-
we are also very active in the
believe in innovative adaptation rines described on these pages,
commercial tourist submarine
of existing technology. But as U.S. Submarines can design
submarine operators we never and engineer a submarine or
put a component in one of our submersible specifically to your For more information please
submarines that has not been requirements. contact us by telephone,
demonstrated to be effective in facsimile or e-mail. And please
U.S. Submarines also builds
the subsea environment. visit our award winning website
and sells a line of small sub-
Reliability and maintainability at http://
mersibles ranging from 2 to 10
are critical issues to us. Our passenger capacities. For more
products are fully warranted information please request our
and we provide initial opera- small submarine brochure.
tions and maintenance training
as well as full on-going techni-
cal support.


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