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mse4.txt START This is fon. please. +1 QD. As just said on the crypto phone, after consultation with 006, this is the current status of priorities: we would like you to focus first on ——— as priority level one, then on in locations 2 and 4 as second priority, and finally thet ‘as lowest priority at this moment. 006 is happy that you conduct the v: yn Wonday to break the pattern of deployments (therefore, no ‘and 003 would like you to 1 the visit to th ‘We will update each other after your deployment on Monday as we always dc For the purpose of your deployment, we will delay your and QJM s departure. We will try to get. flights for both of you early on Wednesday morning, so please you will have to move to Beirut on Tuesday afternoon. Please note that I informed QW about this plan. Please call me anytine over the weekend for any question and to discuss the conops for Monday. Se © 108 28 et All the best, Page 2

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