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Malpani Trust

At. Krishi Tirth

At. Bajwada, Post. Nemawar, Tel. Khetagoan , Dist. Dewas,
Madhya Pradesh, 455339, Mo: 9329570960.

Dear Deepakji,
It was truly a wonderful stay. I was so nourished and happy to see and meet all of you that i can't
explain in words.
I am attaching my '21 reasons of why I would like to do Natueco farming'.
Hope all goes well in the coming week.

21 reasons why I want to go for Natueco Farming?

1. It is a non violent way of growing food-No tilling and digging.
2. No external additives or pesticides are required
3. The soil nourishes itself while growing food-the method imitates natural process
of top soil creation.
4. Less laborious(after 3 years) unlike conventional farming
5. Maximizes yield/plant, which in turn results in healthy plant which in turn makes it
less susceptible to pests and disease
6. Maximizes dry matter/sq ft of available land. Makes business sense. More for x
7. less.
8. Maximizes nutrition per family by diverse and multi-crop pattern of cultivation
9. Least water intensive-just rain fed and what we consume for personal use
10. Overcomes an important constraint-a need to have good quality of top soil on
existing land
11. Dramatically reduces our ‘eco-footprint’ and ‘food-miles’-good for environment
12. Is perfectly aligned with nature’s 3 cycles- of matter, energy and life.
13. Increases biomass thru perfect management of Sun, soil, plant and man.
14. The only occupation to set a man truly ‘free’-free from being a slave of an
15. The only dignified way to help an individual shift from dependence on external
inputs(like job, government help, infrastructure etc) to liberation and ‘swaraj’ in
real sense
16. Provides shock absorption against ecological and pest disasters because of
multi-cropping and crop diversity
17. The best combination of age old natural farming and modern scientific
18. Not an esoteric or theoretical concept and yet leads to wholesome and spiritual
19. Possible to develop new ventures and non-exploitative entrepreneurship abilities
20. Generates a natural healing climate where automatically harmony and love
evolves and greed or selfishness dissolves-no sermons or religions required to
preach virtue.
21. Highly integrative-reduces sense of duality