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Why this system is to be followed

1. No loss in production from very first crop

2. No disease at all through out the season,
3. No need of any market input except Jegary, but for this also alternate is
there- we can use rotten Banana, Juice of sugarcane, rotten mango juice,
jack fruit, Mahuva flowers,
4. Forth one most important is that what ever things needed were available
to every one within there resources. It is inbuilt and in-situ process.
5. It required less water then present system which is major problem with
6. It enrich and enhance the quality of soil on every harvesting the crop.
7. This system gives benefit to both producer and consumer.
8. Only way to remain healthy, as science says that to understand the health
of any nation study the soil of that nation.
9. This is only system which provides all the nutrition to the plants from within
and continuously.
10. There is no tilling, no digging so increase the Organic Carbon in the soil.
11. In this system soil is converted as humus, and maintains through out the
crops harvested and after that also is maintain which develop special
types of microbes from within and enrich the soil year after years.
12. Most important factor it decrease the entropy from the eco system.
13. Secret of this science is all nutritious are managed from different types-
varieties of seeds having different age group, SHADRUS. EKDALIYA AND
DWI DALIYA i.e. serials and pulses having oilseeds, fibers etc. as different
seeds provides different enzymes and elements, which benefit in this
system and as at different stages plants develop different varieties of
elements which are harvested in this methodology, which manage all
types of elements, microbes, amino acids, hormones, and advantage of
decomposing in-situ which provides special enzymes which are essential
for the growth of feeder roots which is commonly known as white roots.

In this methodology needed is the knowledge which can be

provided or it is available through the internet.