Called to True happiness with Mary Assumed into Heaven A. We are called to be happy. What makes us happy?

I received this text message. I will read it to you. I hope you can follow.

Ngumiti ka. Ngumiti ka para walang problema. Ngumiti ka kaibigan. Ngumiti ka sa mga tao . . . sa iyong kanan, sa kaliwa, sa likod at sa harap. Ngumiti ka kahit kanino. Ngit lang ng ngiti. Ito’y isang paalala hatid sa inyo ng Philippine Mental Hospital B. We are called to be happy. And that which satisfies us makes us happy. What satisfies you? 1. Money For years researchers have given surveys to people from countries all over the globe, asking what makes them happy in general. For example, Harvard students were asked to choose between two possible worlds and asked which they would prefer. Here are the choices: • In the first world, you would get $50 thousand a year, while other people get $25 thousand (average). • In the second world, you get $100 thousand a year, while other people get $250 thousand (average). The majority of students preferred the first world. The same result is found across classes and cultures. If money makes us happy and satisfied, how come people are not happy when they get less than others even if the amount they get is already large? 2. Achievements • In the Olympics, the survey as to who are happy was conducted. Why? Because the bronze medalists have a medal. They are comparing themselves to all the others who have no medals at all. They likely didn't expect to beat the top competitor. Silver medalists are usually disappointed and not happy, because they were close—but not quite up to winning the gold. If achievements make us satisfied, how come the bronze medalists are happier than silver medalists? C. What makes us truly happy and contented in this life? May binatang estudyante na nagngangalang Francis na lumapit kay San Felipe Neri at nagsabi na nais niyang mag aral ng abugasya. “Maligayang maligaya ako,”sabi ni Francis. “Nagpapakadalubhasa ako sa batas, at ako ay magiging matalino dahil dito.” “Pagkatapos, ano?” tanong ni Padre Felipe. “Pagkatapos, ako ay magiging dakilang abugado at ako’y magiging bantog sa buong lupain, “sagot ni Francis. “At pagkatapos, ano?” tanong pa rin ni Padre Felipe. “Pagkatapos, magpapakasal ako sa aking iniibig, at maligaya kaming magsasama hanggang sa kami ay matanda na,” sagot ni Francis. “Oo, Francis, pero pagkatapos, ano?” tanong pa rin ni padre Felipe. Wala ng maisagot si Francis. Nag-isip siya ng ilang sandali at sabi niya, “pagkatapos, padre, ay matutulad ako sa ibang tao . . . .mamamatay ako.”

“At pagkatapos, Francis, ano pa?” patuloy na tanong ng pari. Lalong napalalim an gpag-iisip ng binata. Nag isip siya ng mabuti hanggang sinabi niya, “Pagkatapos, ay maghihintay na lamang ako kung anong hatol ang igagawad sa akin sa aking mga nagawa sa buhay na ito.” Tumigil na si Francis. Wala na siyang maisagot sa tanong ni Padre Felipe. Ang tanong na iyon ay nagpabago sa buhay ni Francis, at naiba na ng tuluyan ang kanyang plano. Sa halip na maging abugado, nagdesisyon siyang maging isang pari at siya ay masaya. The will of God satisfies us in this life. God alone makes us truly and fully happy. Nothing more. If he is the foundation of our happiness, we will never look for something else and for somebody else. Today we celebrate the Assumption of Mary into heaven. This solemnity tells us that Mary was given the special privilege to be the first to enjoy what Christ has achieved. What did she do? She fulfilled the will of God. Was it easy? Definitely, no! Did she enjoy it? Yes. Since the time she received the will of God and said “Yes”, she did not show regret in accepting it. She even sang in the Gospel her appreciation of God’s favor, “My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord...for He has looked with favor on his lowly servant.” She was completely happy because God has given Himself to her; and she also gave herself to God in accordance to His will. She became the mother of God – she conceived Jesus first in her heart, then in her womb. After His death and resurrection, Jesus ascended into heaven. When Mary died, she followed her Son; she assumed into heaven – body and soul. Mary died but her death is so momentary that our Church’s tradition would regard it as a power nap (a brief slumber) – in Latin, the dormitio of Mary. And being preserved from sin, a body that is hers has no place in our mortal world. If everything that we see undergoes corruption, Mary’s body was spared from that. God has loved her so much that Jesus would not let her mother experience deterioration. Jesus made sure that her mother would assume into heaven, because Mary loved God in this life and God alone made her satisfied and happy. Mary has made the right choice of making God the foundation of her life and that choice brought her to heaven. When Jesus ascended into heaven, He showed us that truly God has created us to be with Him. When Mary assumed into heaven, Mary showed us that heaven is for those who choose God to be the foundation of their life and the source of their happiness. Heaven is the fullness of happiness; with God there is no fear and sadness. Mary is telling us that if you also want to be happy, choose God more than achievement and money. Choose Him now that you may be detached from other things that claim to be the source of happiness. What will happen if we do not choose God, or if we choose Him and yet not completely? You are in for a great danger. But if God remains your foundation, and Mary your guide, you will stand for the truth and you will find it easy to detach from what the world offers. Two nights ago, I met a former student. He used to be a duty manager of one of the biggest hotels here in Manila. But he resigned and is now in to teaching. I asked him, “Why did you resign?” He replied, “Father, do you really want to know?” And I said, “Pwede ba?” He said, “Sure, Father.” “Before, I prayed hard to get that job. I did pray to Mary also for it. And I was grateful that I was chosen for the position. But after some years of struggling to put in place some policies and not

being able to stomach corruption and anomalies, I realized I had to give up. Father, just imagine, if I just gave in to corruption, everyday I can get an extra thousand pesos. In a month, if I go to my job for 26 days, I can get a minimum of 26 thousand pesos on top of the usual salary I am receiving. I cannot accept that.” “And why can’t you accept that?” I asked. He replied, “Father, I love God and I also love Mary. I asked them for that job; they gave it to me. But my conscience will not presume that through that job I can dishonor them. I believe that God would want to see me working but also standing for what is right, and so they led me to that hotel. I am grateful for the chance. That is enough.” If God is truly the foundation of our life, He alone can make us happy. Let us imitate the example of Mary.

in a private school... teacher: tess, why are you so bright? tess: promil user ma'am! from 6 months onward teacher: i see. and you, pedro, ba't bobo ka? pedro: emperador user ma'am! para sa totoong tagumpay!