· E' ·,N'"· ·.


,T I I ~

T 00L~ i\f\J n TECl ~N I~~lr [5


lUr1'(~reJ Charm BrAcel,~t 14

ih'e! l hain Je\~·eled Necklace 17

'Pt.:C racle Daisy Ch,ain ~ 9

T~'1l'dl'OP A .. nklc Bracdet 11 Dinmmltf Flol/ivered E~l:ring8 27 flower dl1d equin Earrings J 0 afildt!~f Flower CQrs~ge ~4 Thr~t-.'tf<;\j]~UVkt:illi( Nt,;dda(j~ 36 Fll.r~l Hair B~~ilJ40

Burron :Jel~kl~iCt; ',46

Pcarl Burron Nedcluc)~' 50

l' -I(is -8 t vle Pe n d an [ N eek 1~1 ce ): 3 Gliswning TUU'qU(lITSe NbCkiEl,ce 56 E'Jtlsri~ftmd "~lqJUn iJud Be~d B.rHcd~rs 61 P~~n'l131Jr[ (~f11 ruff 62

l.lu"Gta~s F~en"knn Neckl~.ce 67

Tllr~e·'· lr~rh.r (j)l"(lded 1"i:!Lul Necklace 70 Tlu~\t~'ll",!'l!1d Turquoise N,eckJ~ot" 73 Bluc'~.mJ-\\"bhe Chlna Can'lc() Bruocbe:s· 7j

lJ1Ul.rue .B,unpIll :PIID~v1ers 7;

p, \RTY PrEl~E5

Pinl\., J ~'wcleu Cb tl~[t:r 84- Pinl~Je\,vel Drop E~IIrin~s ~7 P eerty Part} Rin ~ 8:9 Beaded Butterflies 92

Sri Vel' FUigr,ee- N eckls ces 96, Glass Pearl Filigree Choker lOOt Filigree Gl~HfS Besd Bracelet 104 Ri b hOI'! Rosette 105-

G[ios:~:rain Ribbon \i\'kb BO\'\T Hj9' Memerv 'Win: Bract:lel 110


P<tic' Cryst~l Looped Earrings L] J

C[ U'stru" U~u:ring~1 115

Rosebud W.eddUlg Ti~tLJ J 1.8

Be~wed Flower and Gn]t.t leaf Tw~u'a t23 Pearland Cryst3] T~~sd Necklace 125




1': It) NEED vrnv ·fCW SPEGAL T( 1[_ [0 begin heading. A beading mar is. useful to stop the beads rolling around [00 much.und tweezers can be useful ~orpjcking up tirry seed h~~ds. Most importantly, you will need apair of small jeweler's pliers as wellas soft wirecutters, Epo:xy :Ilue i the h~!'It adhe, iv'~ to use as it stLcks permanently to. surfaces such as glass, metal, at11d china

.l~ t hough wh]'~e traCt f!lulf:' is best for sticking fahdc.

lil ~l"':;

III ASIA:N ~[ Ii(lON'1 NRNT AND EUROEL (partlcularly Venice, where the incredible art of beaded t1lwe.r-11l~11~iog originated) are g,neat sources nf beautiful g!~ss beads. Specialist bead ShOp8 arc [he mesr \~undcrfUlI plsces Hnd usually have thousands of diffe['en[ sorts 'of beads in stock. It is a food Idea [0 buy anassorred head pack when you start. These contain heads: in :mmy shapes, size. tlllnd colors, -and provide an inexpensive alternative to buying individuul beads. There are a&$o J1Ll\OV mail order Ictua[log,s ~md websltes.

A l\ I'IfJU- 1\ Ntl PLE)'. MAllKETS are oth er WOIl derfu I sources, where Ithere Me o.fu:n stalls

~I et:iulizing In ~e\ve1ry aild you em 'buy vintage pieces rhat eftD be easily dismanrledto re-assemble in ~Qur 0\\11 de~Jgl1,. M:~u·]t~, s are also a good S(~LU'ce for Issorted eharms, costume jewelry, and ~xum1ing bur inexpensive diamsnte. Junk shops, tiu·i£t stores, and charity shops provide ether useFul hW1rillg ,grounds. Farnily hand-me-downs 01" heidoo1l1S, can also be re-used, such asan old pearl necklace dun may need re-stringing or a collection of turquoise nuggets. lVIany people have

a button box corn~lhd_nll, old buttons [ust perfect for jewelry, rr not, !cWIr!]Y1 'buttons are ~lvlli1aJJlle

r rum rrimrn ings or baberdashery shops The tiny seed beads are also known as rocallles, Bllglle ht:Hds all! s,ha~~u:~d like: 'tubes.


\\ jr~


BLJill .AN BF TH1UCAI :'D onto differen pes of material

depending on the type and ~tyle t1': piece, Tiger taH is a stainless .steel wire co ared in nylon t h ,'~:[ COI'1J]·e5 .in H n u m her of col or an d In two thicknes es. It is, str "llg and Bexihle" -a y r ' thread" and won t tangle or kinlc, Ir is ideal for [1 reading a t ecklace.

B INOEI) N\.~ N "lHWI·.AD can be also lLS' -d, This is ideal. when rnaking , more complicated beatHng pattern such as the daisy chaiu lor, 1 I. t '''''I . I I,n page 19. 1" is. available in b] ~,d{" white, ~lnd many color

FlNE.lEWELTiI.i' WIt{E is mor - pliable, It can be twisted an d ben t to, accom modate

inrricarc beading te hniques such a:I.' the bea tt!d flol"ver corsage on page 34 If the 6 "gr, e choker on pag,e 100, 11 is availab] in ~cilver 001' '''11 er- or '0' Id-I Ibrl_d as well as in I. rass copper I and a 1 umber t f

, nodized alLJn1LnUIDl. color , It C01l1f\ U ~ range of thicknesses r 'om MHin. (O.4VTIl1l) to ~in. (! .'nUll), The duckn_f:sS is also referred to as [he· 'gau,ge"~ 0 tllt __ wire,

M MIR' '« It .. ~~ tandar I' Ieneth coil which retains its shape-> .. n be nni_o;hd with a.1(I(jl in the \\ me a on page 1 I 0 ~ or b~, fining and 'gll ~in.g j stc ,P bead.

E L.,wrrc I' U i,o W H f, MAKl N(; RItA ~m.["l s insread of us ing .J clasp. The '/~in. (oO.'lllll1) version can be' knotted, hut the ducker version needs t , be joined neatly \\dth a crimp bead. It is ~r aihble in several colors.

c .... h._. in


A"JULAllL" N; s nan :tLV!R 01<SU_VFll- OR (T .1l-pr,ATElJ,link

. sign can be bought ~ y lengrh or ')I -ighr. I hain is l' ed . r t!1I-- charm bracelet 0'0 page 1.--' .. It m: 11 se necessary to cut it wi b he211 lief rather than wirecurters) dep , ~Jin~ on its aickness.


Cb- rut bor cele:

'N )[ Nlj'

I LJ~ I~ ! H111]w USED TU DJ!SCHJ.B"- tile clasps, ,ell rring loops and fish hooks, lind j umprings used i~i1 the r~~vt:try p~tllje("[s.

C \. P a n~u 11): MII'JY 5TYI.ES AND SlZES, so select the appropriate ene to t:l mp'~en"e"tH ynut de~,jgD. You can choose between barrel clasp, rh C lmmOf!, spring dn~ lobster chnv, or hook and eye" Many of these are available in solidsilver or ~n1d plate ar a reasonable cost, Also n)Il~id!;![ UlHing Q~d cl3:SpS which ha ve been sa ved ,fron~ dismantled 'Or

III Jl k 'tIlvehy.

B M(_I,.I H t J NS LAN BE USE D, !IS with the b 11lC'>lnd -white cameo hro J he en pagt T5" Attach them 'LtJ the back of your creation with

pox~ i]],_~.

HEll n PfNS 011:· ifE PI NS i\l~E UMill to attach b ads to a Ch:flJID (see the charm bracelet on page [41.

RolW'w OR CLAlvl :0:1 lEI L CI\.LOTTI:S are covers foralrnor or crimp be;a,J end on a strung necklace. TIley close over the knot or bead and the hook is connected to the necklace clasp.

r Il::IIE .\HI:. \ ERY f'nW SPEC lAL TEL100QU!~ used in the projects in 11 TS bn lk, btu here are l fi:;\\ useliu tips for ntWlg clasps. 'spacing

1 tooIJS. and l'[t~K'l,ing head pins.

T I r ad I n ~ [''_:~l,d I<)n n If ~ on dll' C,ilJ

1\7; lfu'l TIrRI i\ DING fir Al)<; 011[0 a lengd.l oil nylon threlilJ. it is u elulto tie the end of the thread around ,EI, la-rger bead ro act as '::1 templ)r::1l ry stop.


Blue .. and-uibite cam eo l)I"oodJ



'When using jump rinas be sure [0 close the rings securely usins the tips OJr your pliers,

\~lh D using clam shell clasps, bring the stnu)cHs.) of wire through th cia' p' and then through a crimj had. Cru h the crimp bead \vid, pliers and cut ol'ff any excess wire, then dose 'he clam shell.

Bn'ing rh _ ·'trand~ of wire, through a crimp bt!ad,"[b 1] through th small r~g on th - cia' p. Bend the . trands back .through the crimp bead, pun tightly squash the crimp bead with pliers.and cut off §JOY excess, wire,

I. "

, rd.Cln~

To spa« beads 0[1 a ~qir'e. thread a crimp bead 'On either 'Side of the.main bead, and crush wirh pliers '[0 h()ld the main bead in I lace,

WI n u in - barrel cia, ps, bring the v; ir up through a crimp bead. throng

. .

the ring on one end 'Of ' h - barrel cla p, and back through the crimp bead.

Cr'LlSh me crimn beaJ wi b pliers, then cu [ '0' f any excess wire.


Thread the requir J beads onto [he head pin and connect the pin I, the cl isin

b_ 'I ending over and into 11 link. Cut (rFf 'excess wire and dose the 10 p [0 SI"'CU[',e",

~ h n j '1idinb ela li~ . U '{i 'I C imp beaJ rather rhar knot which can !'gol" uos,ightly. Thread both ends ! Il h elastic throu ~h either side of the crirnp bead.

u. h LL \vith ~l'U _" 0, cure in place, then cut o"r any e d ric.

U.jng a length of wire, weave rh bea onto the sieve b,y bJ,kiJllg the wire Ul through one 11,0]' • rhrf!adin~ 011 the beads, then taking the wire ' lown 'lhron,gb an adjacent hol . -PUIll the willie tightly n ~ nchor the. bead· 10 place,



IJ J:'. lARD I' 1 L\· 1'1.11''' a more welcorn gi " than

,[ 10\ ingJ- made piece (,f je\v, lry.Whil~ _~nr nl.lny nf us ir is so easy to go ou r an ~, buy something that is masspl~ClduDE!d the recipient of your g'I"_ \~ iU re,ed ' 0 much rnor ' ", cJO a~ when _' ou pre; ent " unique pi ce fila de

especially , or them, Y ou will find that n Inly can

you create all original p'i ce of jewelry, hut make if for a fractio,n of he cost ofa store-bought piece, Perhaps you kn ,'1",1 someone \vho, rould really 1 ve and us .' the 'pee 'ad ,i i ' d ain, whil th beaded l:1QW;(!j" earrings

would suit ",1 younger person, 'The beaded no.v er c ~,b\~e is t1 spect icular gih to S-Ot11 -one of ;i)ny ~,ge\1i. ho will

a preciate the inspiration and skill iuvolved in its

In' king,. Using the simplest technique d I rare project ", in [his chapter [00 _" uit all tastes, and in 'their malcin . you will deve~op the skills to move omu slightly mort"! invol· cd project I.


MTll.R R-' "··E;T GLA. BEAD. are the I erect partners bar these surprisingly inexpensive silver b arts while pretty gla S bearls .. himmer \\ ith deep pa tel, Ilghl -refl rting toil em: ers, This delicate charm bracelet would mske a wonder ul present fot" ~ II reasured ft~end on a special occasion. You could also make a chlld's \! rsion replacing chc rcal silver rharms wi h brighd} cal red b -ads.

I\/~ill ,ed~ 110


181n~ I 45crn J real ail verchain ]11 cable

}Ai n, (13JlliJ]) hook and eye ellsp

2 Kin.9f.5mm;' siler jump rings

S.ilv r he,ad [in '

Sit ver ey' e I in:

Foil-Iined gla .. bc«.d~ in ass, . te J 'shape

9 silver spacer beads in dlffer,eI'1·t shapes Facere roundel ~J3S:S, beads


\\'l'i'I:'e, utters


1 tAl-o.e ~UL tl e chain I',

a length 10' II [ loos_eI~ ~~ round your wtisL At one end aldld the eye to' the chain using a jump ring. Clos the jump ring w ith the rli rs.

4 (_t\b .' cJ Pl'ac .: th _ bead pin throughlh~ second chain rin:1 , end over \i ] h the I Iii r ; . II L nff the excess and tu n over to make a secure ring,

5' I Ri~bt) Fit a small be ~ld with

:;'1 head ! ,m. bread h heac pin with a large r bead, as sh x' n, ;and place me top ndthrough

a link ofchain, B'el]d over, cut, and secure into a ring ..

.2' (Above] At the re ther end the chain 3' Id tbc hook in [hi ,aID.· manner [1Ism? the second [urn p ring an 1. cL sing I he ring with the pliers,

3 (A[ ove rig t,' Decide 1, O"W' closet, ' you \\ mt to .. ac the I arms and beads-e-on thi

l racelet, r n. xamplc, the>", e added to every ihh link, Thread an eye pin through a round be8d" open the eye '~llgh·~r ar the bottom'and pU51~ the 01 'en ' d through a silver 1,:earL Press r 'getl_," \ ith .1 U' . to cl sse,

6, rRi~ht 1 Con tinue addiM,·~ assorted :glass

b ad ~UJJ silver harts. either u· fig eye 1 ins or head pins andattaching them to e\'ery , -lh l:inl<. 1h lasr cha 111 em.' b attached 110 one side of the eye .se.when the dasp is closed, the

hi eXHjVtl~a_nt siJvt'r chain necklace is made in a similarway to the previous 'pro~;ectjusin~ a :11 Ih Jo lobs.t~r .clasp ,~ll'd, '~Uv~r head pins or eye pins, A '\tvonderful assostment of 'pre:ss~l glass f 'Ii s, fa[cr cl hJ'~-pulished '~18ss. shimmering crystals. diamante rondels, and classic imitarion rd l) f e rL in aU ~,ize-s are 5u:S'lJCnd"ed frdm the chain, creating i"l truly theatrical necklacerich m c~ 1 r i:tnJ texture.und o\ftlrl~\fld~d ~~rcid;] light-catdling j~WielS,. There are even two small d]l:;uldeUe~: crystals to ,ru'n\~1' tlttendo'll.







SJ(;N is Vf:-ry' S~ltHt}r[n.g to make, \vith its repeat pattern and two-tone ,coI1t:lir

:-1 nyrnn thread Q(,ul]iciern strength [0 support rheglasses. ChCH)s·e beads in colors en orite (ilulfil or the color or the frames. You could also use the same technique to make 3 child's bracelet, sinl'ply subsriruting el~stic rht'ead for the nylon.

t 1 (Above) Cura 60in. (15J~'l) ~engxh of nylon thread atld thread ente a needle. Tie one end

of the thread a~rnlJn.d a 'l~:rgle1" head u)' aer '~S a temporary stop" Thread 1(111 six white beads, fbUn'wed bv one bhu;k head.

. . .

31 (1tighr)' Add fourmorewhire beads and thread rhe needle b~u:k [hIIC1Ill_gJ, the shah " .. bill:-e bead, th us creating a daisy wkh a h~Atk center, j~lln the thread to tighten [be UO'\iver.

2 (l\,'bove') Create half ~' ,J2[j ~,~ by re-th1eading thenylon h~ck thr(lUlllj, the .filrst white bead,

4 (LeiiJ Add ti black beaJ to act as a spacer between tl.1e daisies. Pull the nylon tight. Repeal this threadin,g sequence until you have ~ string of Jap~:)roxiIJlIll.[dy {5 daisies, R.ernel:uber to I~UU the nyio:n [hrend li~ht1)' ~n d1e time so none of tJH~ thread 51]0,\Y5 between tile dmsj~.

5 I Riglu, Tlu'~~~l ~l small en rn p bead nrl~O the rJylnn bero'h.::' f'OU ~dd [be In'[ bltl~k bead, Thre'iuJ lht· n:ylOl1 rhrough tbe rrin,~ onto tht> specttl(::l~ ~rnuJhrL1~elU loop. then b~ck through [be b~ack b-e~d~tlld the crimp bead, Pl~H [he thread to dgh[e~n" [hen

crush the crimpbead bet\vee.n dJe pliers" l{!l'::[n.n\r~ the temporary S[Or bea~ Irom the other end" ;;iUld SeCUI1[; ltnu attaeh the secl(cmd loop jn

exac ly the same manner.




~'liS [$ ONF OF THE SlIvU'lJEST PI~OJ .LTS in the book and it does make a ~e;lt gift for" yonng girL 'YOLl! l1;light like to try using real silver F()t the chain ahd good beads for the best ef(ec[~ 21J1ld aim TO keep the design telatively simple. - 'ere a plain) real silver toggle clasp b~lS been 11sed, '\vhld,. is easy to open llUd close, wh.h prerrv 'lilac clear glass teardrop beads threaded 011 t'n re~l silver head pins attached to a lel~gtb of silver chain,. You can easily adjustthe size or the chain ro 'fit the individual ankle, You could also create a necklace and wrist bracelet. to make II set,

- . - . . "

A/~,atc rk~,]s

Silver c~bh~ chain, .8!ti'n. ~ 22 em J long '01 :tC]1

fit ankle

Solid ~i1, er f,ogrg]c (la~~p .2 silver jumpcing~8

12 pressedglass meH;

teard ~~n'l' beads 12sHver head pins, ~l i recut ters




er ,drh rhe pliers, xc ~, \\. ire an lea refulh

. . ..

nuinin g p,grl Over t. u ure ll'up on the chain, no [0 squash thle loop d needs [0 move free~1. )fl1amin ~ btc,tds ill the p~ jn~ them evenry ..

1 a~iE!ftl Us:jn~ the wirecurrers, CUt the chain to' Hr your anlde. Join the [oggJ~ clasp to rhe I~ttds of the (?h~[m ~vhb the j'CIIllP rings· .. Be sure (0

. close thejump dn~s: firrn~lY wmth the pHers ..

2 (Len) T,h1'efld eadl [e{ll.rdJ~Op, 6e~J unto each of "[he h~,~ld pi n s,







TH S,· BRILLIANT AND GUYI'TII'UN(;., OJtURFUL DlAMANTE ri, IWICRl' were found in 8 flean1.tl,rl{,eL l.!uckUy they have a loop at both rhe top :lnd the bH~E! which makes them adaptable and ea~y [0 work 'witb. l\lthol1~h inexpensive, they add a da~zzlintg touch of opulence to these prerty elrop crystal earrings, Pale pink" blue. and ye]o\v bicone crystals formed into i;l. l!oop are suspended rrotn goJd Hsh hooks.catching the J.mgbr. This jewelry would look \lrOnOel'ful ~widl eveningwear->[ust the thing to set off-~, little bl~uek dress.

1\ t~L~d~ !


Tig,~l' uli.i {n~rll'n-co~t,~ds;taU11es~ steel wirel

n in, t3rnm,1 bi[D1'le pinl~ crystals

~J ~rI. ()'lIlI1:1J bicol1c yellow crystals

~ 3 l in, 131mm} bicone blue crystals

1 m1..ddcwored d i'"tm~l1U!Blo\vers

lO ~tnilU ~old crimp be'~d5,

.2 ~old lish hook e~'I.rrmgs

2 1·;llk 1~I~tltet;l: ghlS$ he~l,Js

\\'llreCLU t~rs



1 (Lef II' III an in. ( 20cm)1 length of tiger hll1~a,Jd Il'ri' ) crimp beads and tart threading the crystals. spacing the colDrs one afte the other. Afrer seven crystals. add a HO'lrer through the top 1001';; [hen ,add our more cr, .... rals before ~wding "'0 ther flower,

2 (Above) Add another seven crystals before addin-g the: In. t tlower, Bend int ·[100"1' and rhr 'lU [he' end ol 'IL tlaer tail thr I~hl,h" t\;, '(I crimp b ~aJ , leavir g ~L - mall space of fishhlil in wncieb to fit [he

fi - hbo(1k. Press with plie'fs 1:.0 secure at .d eli t off the ex Ot!,. •

3 (Left) '-~U[ three Zin, (5CHi lengths of ri,ger tail Thr -ad ea ch one th ron ah the base !()OP of the fl(Jwer:s, bend over in the cen tel", "rnd 'take rhe tw ,\:11,1 h~lClt through a crystal and a ctimp head, Pull t.1lJrbtly., cru b the c ';nl~ bead, and cut 0 ': the excet s, ,- Ise one [each color . f [he

crv' til 0]11 ach Ilower,

~ . - -


tr you would Iike '['U threada glass head onto the :s]J.aft of the ~~1 hook. [r,t 'Open up the loop at the base. Take ,ff the

~ l1J b(!~d tb·,at ,ccm1e~ with tbe hook, thread (1]1 the r~htss,

beau. replace the ;gl,»d nne" and secure the h{lOk bad,. around (he loop ef the earring,

4 (Right) Arhu:n the fish hook betweena crimp bead on the top of the crvstal loop,




~ I '5£ Dc.Lll,A'fE LARK I , ,(,.<; u, tiny, straigh - iJed bad in a range of mete lie colors. Th· beading technique is (~,aned French beading. but the crait actually 'rtginated in Venic,e and W,aB used in r [igious art, to make -I-It rpieces and ·uner.al wreat hs, This skill ex' erienced a revival of intere e, t ia Victorian times an, " again in the 19· '10 and 40s, )nce you nave rm srered the technique, you can P' tiently build up a bouquet of pretty b "t:lded ll_,\ve:t"

l\ L1LiOi ri~ 'I ~

~iu. ,05U1fb) pink thin-walled glass eeJ he"d, 2 'g~"u'lJ~ c'-[,per beadln .wire

2' domed ear dips" '\, ith sieves, %.tn. "15,CID ~

[11 diameter

12 pink irides !C*1Il -~'I.:ct d s quins ] 2 h in. 2 mrn) O,lIf)iuge s eed b ea~i,s \Virecurter



1 I( left) CU~ a len:gtl, of wire approximately 3,6,in. I 90em)' ~ong foreach petal, you'll nee ~ five ill tor~n.13eDd the wire 5in. l12._"CIll) non] one lend an .1:\\'[. t, making a 2~in. I(JICl) loop. Thl"ead, nine pink beads onto. the remaining short end 0' th "' ire, Thread approximately ten pink beads onto the longer length.

]1 (Above] T'ih1~ead mare be;Jds onto " he wire, increasing the number (' beads, on each side C) ~-r,t ornrnodate the increase in size of the p nal, AdcJ one head onto the central stern ,8X the: tOJ '. b efor ~ rwi ling d~le lonzer wire around.

2 (Rlght) T ,\ '[Sf the b~ltJ,cd v ire around the h irt r cen [1''3) ~ lire.

Thread another 'Lei' pink

II '{ he wi

~ ,eat. ODt' ,r 11e wire,

bend it down an d l wist aro ind the base of the central stern ..


4 Le., ontinue in this way, adding one' more

ben ~ 0'.0[0 the top ~eorraJ wire \ hen you tw it. he wire around, Bind the wire tightly and neatly around [he' loop at the base of the peral to secure . . Add another b ad t . the top central wire, twist the win; over the bead tw icc and cu t Q.f1 the reverse si,de~ Ree~;1,t lhi process until' you have 11'vc petals,

rl en 'hread the wire stems of each petal through rhe holes, arou n d the outside ({ the sieve,

5 (Bdo,\lV) Cut B 12in. (3Q,C"~n)i length of wireand thread through bon] the back between '[he petals, through a sequin and 8.. small orange bead, and rhr.cuIgh another home in [he sieve, PuU tightly and b:dn,g r'hrough to the IT"liflt. se\Vin.g om sequinsand beads so '[here are nv,e around '[be edge of the petals:md one inthe center, Brin~ Idle wire '[0 the back, wist [0 secure,

6, Turn the flowier',QVC'f 'land twist all the .p~tal sterns tighrrly" Cut off excess: ends and press dO~l'n into theweU of 'the sieve, Place the domed ear clip onto the sieve and bend over It-he' dJp8[O secure the flO\1W'er. Nlakea matching e,ardng il1 tile :sa:mew.~;}(

~l. l~~'.-' ;~ .. '.',

r : ~,,~

'- .. " .

'!l "t. •. B

,t!~. '_ ~ .~ ;\"

':';:r' .~,_ 'I.

: .... ~ ........... -

• ":. ~ _. "IIIii




T fIlS ts A LOVEl" VAlUATION of the French beadm,g technique used for the earringson th previous pages, The 'Small white beads are v,et? rttaio,ed in efiiecI.; enljJbasizing the shape and he· te chnique, The stam ns on the f1owl_'rs a e sin:lllly lerrgtbs of wire threaded ,,-rith idenriod wllilt( seed bleaas ,and tJ)en'~o1ded in half. Add Ji;_,[U' oJ"Bve tarnens and bind all [he ends to:g,eihe' , with the petals, Tille cor," gt~ i made by wiring the d IIDele flo,""rersc into I ,$:pl[:ay, 'chen hlndJJlg the' \vhnle piece tigl1tiy wi[h:~J] ice cotton embre,iciery' rhr~,a41 securin J'. Ute end~, ~t-itl~ a dab of white crafr g]l\e II would look goo _ decorating ~,lat e] (] -) the hclm, ~ a hat.

1 ~ IT . 1 U 'L. YET STU N . 'HAND D NECKLACI: would look fama tic worn with the memorv "W1J7'e bracelet featured on page 110; Th'is necklace is; a great design for using up assorted beads left ; ,v -f rr . mother jewdry project 5", ach strand feature a different re - eared pattern an : h s ,3. vintage spp arance in warm hades 0,- okt hrot:lJ.ze"and I', ink.


~irl. (3mm) p,ink: metallic 1 ugle beads Dark nre-polmsl~ eel glass, heads


~n. mrn) pink metallic b "gle be,~l,ds

~ in, l6mm) irideseen [ green twisted glass bugle b, ads

Dull, pale green I re-polished faceted .gl~' b ads


Yilll '3mI1JJ~ pink. metallic bugle beads ~in., ,mm) filt bronze glass bugle beads Sun J] round purple glass beads

~ in. ",6rnm ,) c lee r IIlddes(',en r faceted b eads

2, silver dam, bel[ knc '(,X)VeI1$ 2.1,rg'f;' silver crimp beads Barre] ,: iSP

Pin k dg -1' tail nylon -coated stainless steel \~rire) Pliers


,21 fRight T:, make the second stn nd , thread three, stnall pink bugles, followed, by Iou - long twisted bugles, Add a green f.lO red b acl, then repeat this pattern until aUeigh t green 'beads are in place. Finish ,~.-rith tour 1 ng - ugle , follcl\Ved by three tiny pink ones. Set aside,

1 ~Left 1 Make the first strand, Thread on.

17 pink bugle bea:ls £oUowed by one d~trk glas-s be ad. oUO\V this with 14i pink hugel .~ then a dark bcad.l~lepe~u unrileight dark bead are 10 place, then fu ish 00: I wid, 17 pink bugles. Plac" to one sid . makil1,g, sure that the be~d

do not fall of at ither nd.

3 (Right) To make th thL d strand, thread

~o 'small pink bugles foUo\ved by igh~ bronze glass lugles.",:_ oU'ow,cd \ y a roun - purple bead~ a clear iridescent fttceted bead, anomer round purple bead and eight bronze bugles. Continue in this way until 'there are ten bes I interruptions along the bllJ~le length. Rel1lembe.r to match the. other end "with t\VO smaU pink bu ules.

4 (Above Brin~ the three ends of the 'and together, Thread rhro I gh a dam sbell and then tin u h a crimp 1 ead, Crush the crimp head, ell L o.f£ any excess wU·,t. snd Idose [he dan] shell. RepEar Ion rhe other end,

.5 I Above Using plier .. ~ bend the book end of the clan} ,hell a round the ring on each end of the barrel clasp.

The use of the diffe~errt beads "till result in th . three 'strands varying slightly in length, adding to rh design.


T IDS susri,a, ANTI UE GREEN, 'OfT VE.V T RlliJ3( ···.makes the ideal backllTound on which to . mbroid er -a pr. tty fl,or,ai design. Th· lit de pressed vel et flowers: so evocative of an earlier rime wher they would have been used to decorate fd:t hats, are available at a good haberdashery or notions stOl' es or specialist ribbon stores, Sequins ,and small beads are often use," in combination to' embroider extiles, particularly in, the Indian subcocti neue. Once you have! experimented \vhh the hair band, you m'IY Hke to extend your skills and embroider a cardigan or .1 special eve ning

cite-so Mau:h your beads and sequins carefull a:n.sin t a darker background and the result '\lill be quite IEX'otiC., The hair baudl could also easily be adapted as a choker-s-just measure th ribbon around your own neck allowing f I,f' turning rhe ends and addj.n: the tie.

j\ l~:(. d8t!O


20in. (50011 J green velvet

ribbon, lin. (15cnl J wide

5 burnt oran .e pressed 'velvet t1owers~ 'kin. It! ';on) in diameter

12 turquoise sequin JIC:UVO;, 5r rOI,uud sequins

~iD. (3 DIm) turquoise g,la -1] bugle be~ds " ~in. (3 nun I ell glas turquoise beads Needl~ and invi . 'bie thread

16jn. (40cmJ green rayon er Uk ribbon Min ..

l3, mm) wid e


1 tAbeJ,ve} Cut the velvet ribbon

t(jl lit around your head 'Wi-t"ba lin. (2.j,rn1) gap between the ends, I .ut me silk rihbrHCi ill lJJ~lf, Turn 'Over the cut ends, of the velvet ribbon, insert nne of idle si]_k ribbon ends mro the fold~ and stitch in place. Turn over and stitch the other

ends of dlt:! .silk: ribbon to p~\fent frayiuB," Sf!:rW 011 the flowers 2~3,in. (5-7 5tmJ apart ruong the center of the ribhon.

.2' (H::ight) Sew a circular 'turquoise S'~qUi11 onto The center of each flower and top \yritb a cut-glass bead Fasten the dhread ne;dy on the hack of the dbbon behin d each flov-rer.

3 (A,bove' right) Srnrting 2:in. (jC01) frOID'] one end, bring 'me tb.re'ard through H) me front ofthe ribbon, ~diling btttde beads onto the thread to reach [ust under I[he petals of the flower." ICon tinue

::~ ·to;· 11 h- 1 •

untu you nmsn rr re row1' WOi~iilng

b-~l' nd .... 1L fl

eJllHll. eacn I· o\ver ...

4 {Le:fd Couch the rh readed heads unto [he ribbon by sewing between an d over every two beads; :IS you do sOJ 6x two leaves, Oil eithet parallel side of me

u sterns" a ~01J,g the l1bhon.

THL INSPIRI C- .HAPTLR makes re erence to materials and fashk_lJJS froul the past. \\7bo ha n't marveled at the vade y and subtle irides ent quality O~ old pear! butte ns I r sorte 1 throuah a gran dmot'h er , collee tion of colore' buttons and wondered how r U.JE them in 'a new way=-rhe -, u '[on necklaces will she you how. Ma:yhe YOl1 hav an old ~e\vel:ry I, 'x ~ i"th odd jewels, dusty unwashed b ads and uls or a b ld and beautiful I a [ pendant hat can be reas embled inti a stunning neckla 'I Th 1910 pcndant.necklac has

~ e . n made Irorn dear flo,", er bronches, very fashlon'lbl,e in rh 40s an -. 'Still widely a ailable £ron, thrifr stores and fie markets, Ind. ed, flea mark s antiques airs,

," nd garage sales are ill \V' nderl uJ I'OU C S 0 - Ql'lginaJ

material ha' can e re I, signed ani. Miv na new ]'e, s of 'lite. he blu -and-white cameo brooches are CC delight and. with the bronze and cut-glass I lead, Iramina them; look quireaurhenrie.

RI:.:rnr I RE\''lV A.L

T I-tf.9. I

have enorm IJ I:un mixing and matching colors, shapes, an 11 styles .. 1\4any people have inherited ~) button box Irom ',2 mol her or grandmother, full of th se treasures and I" airing fr-om ,2 time when everyone sewed, This UDU ual project pro ide" the ~ enecr us for these buttons. The beauty ofr-he necklace is that it is complet ly reversible because two "0\\'5 of buttons are used to hide the' wire

1-·,· 1- ber.Thi l' II' .e b' , ' .. I' 1- " " d 'b-]- • '-I ,. --"'

t J~lf JOIDS I. elm, oge, 'e. ,11S ~hS.Q 1111~lKes It rar more sur stannal, - IS an mere e- t y snnj 't: piece 'U'l

je'~7elry to mak --the onJ.i skill req u'i red is in: choosing the colors,

4:0 I' urton .. in h.ri,ght [color, ~Ud1 as Iue, g 'cetl, pitik~ ot"tlngc'. lime gxeen no,J yeUow

I: -reen ergold ,tig,_'r t~ il (nylon-cO'atled stainless steel Vldr,e,)

2 small gold crim] beads Golld barrel clasp


W irecu iter.

lV 1\ lA:JU I ::nu::J}[

1 (Aho,re) Cut a -")in. 1((,5'cO']) length

o tiger &it Tl read

ne 0." the crimp be~ld on 0 one end,

E ass rhi. end through the ring on one side of [he- barrel clasp, then bac k til rough

L1ie crimp bead,

q &asn me bad wi th 1 pU. rs _ o secu re,

.2' Lef Thlifad the tiger 1 il from underneath the tirs:l

t, ll' ron, back throu h the second he t~ and Into lhe firSt ho'[ - .of the', cond button. Bring it 1111' throug] the second bole and pull firmly, rhus, sc .uring the

5, cond button h!.Jf\\"rJlY under the firsL

J, (Above) Continue' in this [Hanner, b rinzin the tige r tail up d- rough the rop button and d \ rTI through the

A, wer one .. This hns I he elfec - 0.-' [flaki ng ;'~, staggen d t: ul J 1''0'\''''.

4 Above, ~'ntinue ;addjj1lgall the buttons,

Ii stributing the colors evenly.until all ar used up or [he necklace i . th'e de ired lleo,g'lh, inally, dlr~lld Ehe second crimp bead octo the other lend (as in step 1), through [be ring on lie barrel clasp and b· k through the crimp bead. Pull the wire

6 rmly an rush ih, crimp bea d to secure.

_,' L TEll N,ATIVE

T HJ.S - RE 1: "'-BORA· L VERI N of the button necklace on the preceding pages is just perfect far evening\v~r. Thi sophisticared . ariationglints aJ1 ] ,]; arkles in the light and the addhkmaJ threading 0,' the' tTIaU f~u::~'e:red glass beads" along with rh . pre I'y marquasite ind diamante but I OIl' in the center" gives it iiI pecial precious :~nd e1.egan touch. If you can find them. try to ue some older or antique pearl b:U_t0115 and mix them 'with contemporary ones, Pearl buttons are actually made frosn tbe creplcalabalone sh II which: shimmers 'with iri tescence. ' ring tiger t, il makes the necklace 11]1 ire "flexible whereas usinp: "bead.ing, wire keep" the h rttons more lirrnl) III place,



-- -....__-------

YclL' '~AN !lUY 'THESE ovrr.v CLEAI~ PL.-1.SnC BRO! ICHE.<; in antique shops !Iud flE!l!l. mllEirets.

The flower pi cture j s etched lmlll behin d and the in den rations are colored to form lhe j m~ge OIJ me fmITt, In 'thi:'> project, the faided I:alors are complemellted by beads rescued from old necklaces, You esn use plastic as wen !IS glass be-.Jds--plastic beads were also very pop uh. r in the 19405 and :50$. TIllis! the tiger [ail attached to the brooc::he~ so thai it sits weU below the heads.

31 j Y4ll~ r]'~,rt\l\c;r breo dles plink [ig.et It ail (nyjo~,·cnared sUI.~nles,s stee] wire) l .l'ffi'Ltl'j 2Ln. fj"Cm) rlr.·os'ted green grass bea,ds

u sm~lU 2ia. (;ern) fiiQ~ted pink gl{~.ss beads

largr I-~~>etl:d pjn1-: plastic 6e~lds

1 n,eJiLlm fEl~€tted pint, ,Plbstie beads ~ ~n s>!ll~,cett!d p~nk pislstir' :t'eatJs-

2 rtJ:U~1 S h,~]l knot ODVcn;;

til 11. (11mm' !ll]_),r'lin,g dny and [ump ring 2 " UVf!f t.idmll beil'ds.

Epoxy g1u e

\\' i reCliLmeES


1 Lefl' and right I Cut ~ hree

%in. ( em)' lengths of wire, Ben d in h~· an place on the back of each brooch to fOfn1 a han, - ing 10 ] ,I, NUx the. epoxy glue a;ICCOf(wg

to th - pack in struction:

Hold the folded wires in place, then dab be m xed glue ever the ends of d1Le wire, and hold in place ~, r .5 minu tea" u n til set.

2 lAbove') Cut a 21 in, 5:0em) tengcil J:f tiger tail, When the c~'due has set thread the loop of ~vire attached t the heart-shaped brooch into the' cent . of thetiger tail, Add a, sms Ui frosted pink bead to ach side, followed b; a l~rg , tacetec pink bead. a green fro. ted one. tl .en another faceted pink bead oll()wed by another pink I "fasted one. Add the sq uare brood .e , each follo\V'E. hy .another frosted pink bead,.


31 (Left) Thread h,alf the remaining be,nd~ onto the

_ "

other side' of the necklace as shewn, making SLU'I ott alternatethe sizes 111,f ead 'to give a pleasing appearance,

4 (Above I Thread :I, clam shd1 onto the tiger '[aU S,{)' that it touches the last bead. Push ,$ silver crimp bead OIn 0 the wir ' IrQ ne: tle in the open clam shell, 'Crush it onto the wire with the pliers so the tiger tail is secure, ,Cut off Idle excess \trir'e.

Close the: cl un shell Cliver the crimped end of rhe wire, up the look of the clam shell over the jump ring, [hread the corresponding heads onto the other end

o,f the necklac , matchina the der of til beads, and d . se the necklace in the, arne way, using d 'e spring ring"


RrTR RFVl\'I\! ..


T H 1$ T'XI -:1 fu\ NO I:lRACELE " RE , V, ~LFS M 'TAL -ACI{ TI .I EWEL, rescued from a broken i tem l'lf jewelry making :;}11 inexpensive way ''( create something new, l1u'pret( bracelet would be jd~t:.a] for ~ young girl, and even a child can make h as it uses elastic rather than wire :-01[' lhn.:adino•

1\1 asur 'your wri st before you cut the elastic and '~d.j ust the length specified in step 1 if necessary,

j\ t1h':ti .. ll


G reen belding elastic

~tn. C~'mt'rd cIQ1"r urquoise glass seed be.alis

Shi IJ- ,hat ed metal-bs -k I j,Euels., \-_ irb 2 channcl io_.b back-4 emerald ~teetl,~ -4 kale b!u "'"

l: no 4 pJnk

1 sil -"f crimp bt.;~ld' Pliers


,2 Olight, Add three more . glass heads" follol'\veJ by a green jewel, then three more glass b, ads ~OUG\';l·d b a bI ue jewel,


1 (Left)· ut two len,gths of elastic, esch up p roximatel; l2in. ' JOcm ) long. As a temporary ending! tie nne end, around a. bead this 1 to stop the bead' : 'aIr Q.,P ff). Thres d one length of th elastic with three turquoise glass beads then th ead the elastic through one channel Oil the hack of 1 ink j wel.

,} Left W1le!:1 a1] 12 jewels are rhr , aded onto the elastic. undo the I. nd tied around 'he extra bead. Thread both lends through

he same crimp bead frorn either .ide pulling tb las til , finnly so the bead all si ogether, Crush the crimp together with pliers,

4 (left) Thread an identical number of rurquoise beads to form th second strsnd, then thread the' elast ic throu,gh [be second channe] on th hack '0 the je ~ . els, inish off the braceletwith a crimp bead as in. tep J.

R1il1lU Rrvrv Al



U in



CRLi'lTIill US]NG .!l.S$ORTED LI~FTOvn aMoS AND SEQ TNS, 11 number of these pretty brightly colored bracelets Call be worn together, Uke Indian bangles. Assortln,enl pack~ oCdiffexent shaped and colored sequins are ideal for this project as they contain faoeted~ star, M,d Hower 5hapes. Also, try th readinganurnber of sequins tegetheras well a$ ,~sfujg th en] ~f'l=nut"~nldy ~ ~,JOd, a_dd the odd special bead. Clear he~u:Hng elastic is used and the bends are fixed it] place with a; crimp bead,

1 :rrs ELEGANT \'!IRMST CIJI-F requires only the simplest of sewing s,kilh and isa wonderful way to jazz up ~I IJ,lain sweater, It also JJro\rmdes ft deeorative way to, re-use pretty, old-fashioned buttnns salvaged 6_~om_-ill:S¢$lrded garmerrts, Pearl buttons like these, once used on everyday cLotbingl, ate no\v expensive till buy~ but the glas's beads mixed in with [hem make the perfect contrast te the sofJtn6:S,~ of ,old pearls, Before tutLitrg thee _dllhotl) measure your ''\Vrlst and adjust the sizing _if necessary.

j\ l~; ,~rr~, ~ ,",


,S,in. t2lOcm)' l,eD8l~ s;tuoky pwlt velvet r~bbl1]:1)

li_n, e5en;!) wide

W-hhe bonded nylon, ~:or sewi.IJ~ on buttons ,2] assorted small pearl buttons

1 0 small flo'\Ver~~hapC!d pe~l"J bU.tlQIIJiS

j) faceted ~1n., (Jrn'm-) i[]].et~llk~- Dated pink ~~ass be,a,J~

6io. (l:)cm~ length rat tail, [0 ruarch [he' smoky pink ribbon (rail tail is a s,a:tin ribbon wovsn in, the round, luoldng rarherlike a rat\~, tail!)

Gray silk, for lining, ,g x ~lifi. (2'0 x 7.5'rm)

Mard] iilg sewing thread

Needle and pins




1 tAh1\ e I sing he bond d 1]1'0)11 thread srm~ on the tina button approximately ~in. (2'm1, Irom the eJ d of the.ribbon. Bring the thr ~ad through again an,d sew ,d gl. lSS head centrally onto the button. Pull i :rtg; firml v, sew a

".. .-

couple nf stitches onto the back 0 the

ribbon to iecure the button and bead in" lace,



2 (Above'" ew on ,aU the bead ' and bu tt DS in this Vi ay t spacing them equally and pl acing [h ewe" bu I 11: .. , in a random pattern. Sew the last tXl 0 b _Itt, ,11" ., '( the other end of the ribbon Y.iin. 6mm,) from the en and ~in. (2'cnl) apart, Secure rhem 6rmlYl withoutadding a top bea,J as, thesewill be used to f~stlenf rh ICuff.

Till: When, making y iur selection ofot '

hU111 ms for th cuff remember hat rut Is the vari t rand r1 e LUr:tiL]U marks of age in the

1·' urons har make up nluch of their appeal. Look for un-bleached buttons, \VOn1 textures, and variation ' ~ sha.:de a I you cheese. Fer an authentic inrage look work wirhin a single 001" r range bur ,do nor try to match e cb button to 11 -:;uefl.llL.,

J ('Rii5htJ Turn the ribhofl OV~:I' onto the wn,1ng side. Tut'tJ over e~u2'h end by ~1. (I]tnrrl). Pin in plHoe. Mafte rwo loopsIrem the rat tai~ r:]nd rack them in place at one end, b e11 in d the 6 r~,[ f\:\7(] buttons sewn on.

,4 'T LiDl a heml orr the gray sin~ wirh pins, Baste the lltningdo\'!/n. "[ron it ~areJui]y and place i:t V\,'~·on.g~side li'cl\vcn on the ribbon undersjde,

; (l~bove) '·ew the lining to the rihbon by

hand. using wn)~~dl stitche;s,a11ld m ([[ching thread. rrnrurt the loopsare secure,



RETJ{' RI:vrVl\L

t-I1S ;U.T. Nl~ I'E.ND NT N '_UU.ACI: is V 11' theatrical and perfect for eveningwear, Lo k m ,Ile'a markets, charity shops or 'thrift. teres £ I[ similar endant witL metal loops on .the back.

A.combiilajon of clear pressed glass beads and bronze seed beads with silv r spacers aivea an antique ,apt earance, Cry~.tal heads are expensive hOI th j do s Id the occasional spark 1,e1, so It's good to use them with le S expensive pressed .gla '.

1\\ ,t~r[~l~


L lrgc cur .. glass tht~lur:i "al pendant

· ler lUg r tail (rtylot1-lcoated • tt1IIDJe~:s steel wire)

'Ij small g'G~d crimp bea L .In. Bml:11lprmg d:!llSI 'Ttl. ~ i 31 mml iwn P rll~g

I iTl f.2mm.~ bronze seed be~d

2Q I in. {6mm) bicone ,q,[,tiS', crvsrals


o I in~:6mm) fire-polished ac!etel glass beads

6 VillL ~ I''! mm press I India I pornegranute seed)

gl~~ .' beads

2 ~fu1. (] )mm fire-t olished (. ctteJ ,gh18S beads 4 riin. (13 mm) pres e II gl:a ss rond h:

28 silver rondei ,p,- cers


\'ttir'eCllL tel'S pliet'

I{I-, '~ I RE\'I\'A!

2 'lRight)C{art threading the necklace symmetric 11 y. spacing the gla s crys tal bead with bronze ,ted bead , and s ilver spacer.


1 I ,-ft' u a 2 in. (70ct111 ~cnglh (I'!" tiger tail and d:ueald the pendant onto d1,e: cen.[er. Thre d ' crimp bead { [lIO

the tiger tail nt, '_ ach si le of the pe dsnt,

ruh the b t!lld at th -" I'· ' inr where'd ,I ) meet tl e chann',n the len, lam ~';a,clL

1 LR"ghr) Continue l-bH.:'i;l,Ung dle ne ",ld~t:e LU]til y ~u reach the re ~l1ireJ length r Y'0~l.I have used ;,tU yO:[IIT' heads .. Before the la . two heads l' add

I I.:run,i be"h:h, 11.I$h to h ld the bet;{d ' firl1Clly irl~ place. Thread another crimp bead, foUo\v,e.d b. II e r bl.!uJ and,;' £i'n al bicone crystal, Thread the tiger tail thr ugh the spring cla p~, back

'I hrl1ugh he hiS! two I eads· .an~d ,[he [0 se crimp b~:R1. P'iU cightly ,tLnti (Tush the Ic:rin].~' bead html) [0 h it! in place. Rep~~u: m the . d er e1l1J with rh _ jump ring to tU1~' h.




TIc;[!:s E'lITIlliMlEL Y £lEG Ii. NT Rl~At PE..o\..ru_ t-dECKLAL'E has. been crested fl'om II]] old lleddilCe

. . -. ... - - . - . ~ . -;.- ..

',"~hjch \V~S -~ooking rather the worse for wear. Afcc.r' carefully dismanding me·-1lrecklace. [he damaged pear Is: weft:! discarded, while mt' geed one]; l~nd th~' pre! ty jetvded clasp were vi(as:be,J .gem.ly. Sort ilie pearls into sizes befall<: you start. If jl()u do not have-an old necklace W 1'1!'-Use_ huy a stzin .. g of graded ~u[ji1cial pearls ~11,d a cl~8,.p desi~rred' to hold three strands.

~ - --------

A~1'Pl'OJdm~ue]y 49 gra:,de,d' rea] p~arls (.01' frleshlv~lCle1~ pearls), ~~in. rJ-95mm) in diw:netet

Silver tf.~e.r [ail (nylon .. coat~~ stainless ~teel ,\\ri1'e) 1.02 5ilvet" ~/in. I~(t,)nlm) ~rimp beads

J~llveled .clasp for :;l three-strand necklace 'lOC!irecunen'



1 (i\bove)1 Cut three 24in. (600J1! length of tiger t il. Sort yoor pearl, into graded sizes, I, n the first length Q Lr .er tail, thread a h1:r2,e pearl and place in, the center. Thread a C!jD)~ be,ad 011 bo h sides 0 this I' ad an I rru: h t b,o] d the pearl in' place,

,3 fRi,glu) Contin uc si'flcin~~ tl e I earls on the riger ail in this manner, grading thesizes . nd sligl,rl y red L1C; n~ [he

I,ac - berween the aearls each Ii,IUt.! until there arc eiaht pearls on each side of the central pearl,

rn: king 17 in rc [at Make : ure the sides '~'rlr,

syrarn errical,

2' Ab e L (lvinr a lin. 25cml) ap beside [he h~, itr bead, thread 'on a crirn p bead. squash into place with th · pliers, ~dd another pearl, ';tnd SilUU, fly qua h another crimp cud Ion the other ide to hold the pearl in place,

4 (LettJ Thread ' \~ID more length 10· dgier rail in the S~lIDe \V v, one with 14 oearls : '-cl 'On'

,. t ~I

\vith .. ~ 8. ~me'mber [0 ~[' ld,. the sizes frot1?,\. large In the center [0 the small st at eacl elm. Bring the d ree I d., t gether. taggering [he final small pearls. Thread each end through a crimp bald~ then' ar und ea b ring )f the eb. p " nd back through the crimp bead. Squa [ wirh pliers to secure, Cur oH · 11)1 e~N~X!'SS wire, Repeal IOn the other side 00'- the clasp.




MADE IN £XA ~1 L Y rnr . A/yiE WAY' , the pe rl ne 'kL"" ' on the previ us pages, till. LUTq uoise necklace i fat"ilened with s contemp rary 11 ok and eye clasp, The veined sll191rurquoi, n gget are ra adornly spaced ant:i, held apart by af plymg crimp beads on either side of th ton, "" ~' Ilver and blue make a efa. sic color combination that always works well, Alhollh turquoise is classed a . a semi-preciour stone, it i not very expensive to buy,


~TCS 'TT{AD~TLON L-STi'LE CAlvrE'l ) BROOOrl' S ~ _I - an ingenious ,\To y of u :" 19 pieces of antique

blue-and-w hire china as a ba is for an elegant I. ieee u j'cf:w,elr .-'he :6nef [he cbina the nicer the

brooch. .U"1'-glli;ls, lead and bronze seed be,acls provide' the perfect nnL~h:i.l]g touches,

Brn~~n hins or old. [avorire dmnagtJ phn.te or CUI' with dl.dlnable- modE,

1'ilk nippers

In. Ilmm) 'bh.h:; cut-gb ss 'beads

Jjn.llnim }lUJ. !.rlJo, {2n1lm) bronze seed bead Thi\l copper wire

"'poxy glue Toothpick Brooch back pins Wire,ruttel'S




2 ·00" ht) '11lJ~e,id the I~u',gei" bronze ·s.eed b~ads and the' blue CUt-,~Ja.SS beads alternately onto the wire. Y 01~. \Jvill need to tlwead enough beads so ,d]_jU [he \vire is long 'enough to E:'eilch all around the outer -rhll of rhe china shard .. l\vhn the two ends, lof the wire

. '-

together to CTC~Ue a loop ..


1 (Lefr) Identify a fll0tif froID your llis.carciJe.d china. Using 'the rUe nippers, ICUt it out roughly from d~e lal'ger piece of china, Refine the shape in [0 an oval hy' g'e1~ J} nipping .ft\Vl!Jlly at' the chinu until you hive' the required shape .. Leave enough margin around your motil fur d'Jle' he ad frame.

3 (Left and belo\v) Mix up SOOle epoxy glue t~.ctonJing to the packet instructions and c&LreJ-uHy appl) it around the rim of the c~hjn~l~ using 1:1 tooth 1J1h:k. Ouicldv Ilush t'he threaded bead

t .... ~, fI

rr~une into place and hold until the ,glue bas set.


4 RigL t)1 ni~ ,t the excess wire,

'I_i - 1 . dl lv i

. x Ul' '~U111Je mor ~ ue an,. app_y H

onto d 'e: outer c·dge ,of the flat

Urf~1c.f'_ c ~ the ,chlna. next to the bead rim" Usi'ng tweezers, 1 lace the srnaller seed heads around 111,(" edg ... makir g, ,[' e rl -y bun rp ~~g,ain.'[ tb. glas bead Iram . \Xlorlr quickly bur :c.ar,tfuJ1 v, You n13V hsve to work

• ,.Jf •

m~ill sections ar a [j nJ'C: ~f . he ,glue

t!1 s to _, quickl y.

5' (Left Turn [he br loch,v,er' ~ nd ': 0 ck [he bro -.d- nin c nrr'llil" onto. (h back, '- _ilo\v the gIll [0 set, 11 the brooch had{ l ·.'illit, htly curved, bend [he pin 10 fir ~nu,gly into shape.


",_., .

.... . ~~ .. ,,~

-·1, ... ~!"', -,. -411

'; l I \

,:~ "4

. '. - - 1-. I~

!I ~., -"~

1 .... ". "

I ., ~

, . ,L lo..

MANY 1'£ P 1£ HIt VI: A BUT . 1"" Fl' ex \ hich has been h, nded dovn through geneL'lIti n • Tho collection will often feature a specia] antiqu pearl or ornate metal button \\ hich c 'l-Jd form 'he basis 0 this project, Thes{'care-nlly 'elected buttons are used to create the cente of t tather sumptuous Ho\vet) surrounded by petals made by lhreadino: tin v beads on to' fine wi c. it restrained pale re ofbrcnze, gold", purple, and Hl~.c has been used.Tt i important to consider the color if the beads millie and (;Jlisten, as too much color C~U1 confuse a design. For 'the best effecr choose buttons th, ,t are faceted, etched, ,e11graved,orenlbos." -d as this \vHJ help to reflect the light. These flo,,'en, are de igned ro he \ om as a cor age; for a simpler ef ect pin one singly onto a favorite dress,

- -

instantly converring ir into an "vellil1g outfir, Experiment with using the Oo\vers a shoe buckles

or hair ornaments or' to' decorate Sf plain silk evening baa,

/\!lute~d~ l


GOold! 28-_g:au,ge beadingwire

Assorted seed bead's in brass, gold, 1ilt'u:t a11ld purple . de don ,o,;a:luique pearl ,al1d metal bunons

As:snrt.ed Xin. (6I.l101) bugle beads in deep purple.

Iride cent purple, and da.rk gold 'w"i rec U it ters


How to make Antiqu~ Buttoa F[owers

1 (B:igh~) CUt3 24h1. (oJQem llength of beading wire, thread one end with 1.] hr~ss seed "beads. fold over the threaded section of the wire, andtwist tightly ItO £orm"~ loop,

2 (RighI) Leave a ~~in, (61~umJ._g~p be ore creatirtg another loop. CQintinue in this \Ylay until )'0[[ ~ull\re made Sleven loops"

( (

3 CLef) Bring all these loops. around tr'l form

:~ neat cl.r,de ot petal s. Twist :UU,': two ends of wire rogerher tightly ..

4 tBdo\v} On the back OJ rhe chosen t u ne " threa J the rwi ted wire- n d lhrou~b the buttnn I ole, \Wind it 'aroLUld back and [orth, anti in UJ ,d

It 0 th -h le ani ' in between the petal, [0 hind it tightly,

j I', 'J ,i!') T make a s em, cut a 16in. '.40cn'l) length of wire. r:(),}d it in h::aJI und thre-ad a eed 1 t~d in, the m iddle, Then brins the iC\1 nos duugl

20 g' ,ld bugle t eads, Win] the two ends '~rfn]r'lDound the hack of rhc 11o,wl r and in and out of [he p ,·taIs. Finih b' winding ighdy' around theto] of [he stern". and Cut off ilh, .' excess wire,



WI-!( . DOh5N··~· LOVr:: lJl{l~ :;IN(; IYP~· ~lJld what berter way is there to make all U'lllplrtessdon than to add an eye-catching piece of jewel ry 'rio YOLU· outfit. Y (JiU could be ad'ventUfOUS and ,don ~ riara-s-the rOSli::blld

tiara is idea] for IQ wCldd11R! ~1nd, the inclusion of paper rosebuds rneans IJt ';v]]] '1611$[ forever us. a memory of an important d~y. The pearl and crystaltassel necklace 'uses pink elongated .ft,e5h\~f''aJ[ler pearls interspersed \vith crystals. The ple~l1'I'S and crystals are expensive to huy but 't':OS[ l1 f'nlctlon 'Of '1 ready-rnade necklace using the same n'mare..rial~;and you can ~lI.chit~ve R silniJl~u'eEfect with artilical pearls ,A number 01 projects in this chapter use heads threaded in an interesfing des.i~n onto multistrands 'Of be~d,in~g wire .. TbLits is ~I satisfy1ng technique which extends the creative possibilities of you r be'ululg' ~dill~s;, the .gftl:ig, pearl fiJigree choker ~nc] the intricstc beaded burrerljics s.ho\.v what you C~111 achieve with even simple techniques :E1n,d are bod11 very ['ewardin~ to make ..

~ m C 111 ) J< '" I{ is OJ IJ~ on four litIIlilJ of wi re wh i ch alternately thre J t hrough large en t glass b a 1,- t- ~ n I. pan t,· into three .. trancl L thread an oval f se - ! b,. ads surrnundina ,: sing] be,~d on :l central wire, The at-backed pink jewel ~ are recycled lrorn ,~ cheap-and-cheerful elasticated brae 1 hou - ht in a {'lea rna 15l . t, These jewels characte risti ~dly have two d res ~d h ] - - n the back, The Jeep pink jewels parm red "\\ ith red seed bead make a "" iking color e,· nn bination,

;yl lib 'f' i,,~ ~ ~


ine sr eel wire

2' '''in. (J.n:un silver crimp:

Ail.1 .. ~ L5~fn} -sil er lobster claw 'hlSP UlusEer gJ~ s ~ ~~J l' I in. (I ,rom [ n~

7 n~f ~ 111 e bJ hm.ckl;;d ao'vii c iew. els "\<\P j ['11 l \~t th liCi'U,;l

holes. appr xi·mate.l~ ~in", t 15 liD) knl~

IJ pre 5f:d ~!a$ umethvst olor beads

v,~&n. (2nn-n,,) Lied ~nJ 1 ilvcr-liol~J ralnbo« . eed beads

val jump rina

li [1. n . ., em I lengrh la rge li n k~.y 'jJ cr dlr:tOO ;~ihl,~r eye pi 11


'XfI reeu rrers

1 (. bove ·,ut I~uur 1~nD't11s' .,f'Nire, eacb 3111,in.

~Ocm . Iong, Threadall four thro 19h the .rimp bead <irid [hen th:rorl gt, ~ he smal I ring on the Lobster cla claso. Ben I them over and back i'llg·ti.n through thecrimp bea ~ ('mt Ina. be easier [.0 thread tl e wires through one at a time'. P LU

ti lnl and: squa b crimj lead \\ ith th ~

_plier . Cut ()I" ',h,e lexC'f'.;'S wir .,

J l AJbove) Bring, the fUl] rwires IOIJ;,eth er again and thread thjrough the se nod glass b ~J

Kr:11:;; p the two central \ i es togetl " OIJd1.m,g, out the 'It\V'O l uter wire. Create all echo IOf tbe oval of [he pink j~v.;e] b~ threading 14 I, I.:,~: beads-on the outer two \vires.' 'n thccen ra! t\VO wires, th 'ead ~our eed beads follow ed by th amethyst lead .. ]"11,- b]d another' OIU' seed b,etld and bring all the wires together to thread thr I 'lJ!h an 1 h + glt:1·s b aJ.

2 I f\bove) Thread aU lour win!" hr., ugh

the first Ius er g.lats,-eacl' pen UI tbe wir ' , [breading [he t'V'(J central ones through the C\'VD ch U1n!.J on the back f (,1 pink iex el, Tak · e ,dl o - d. e remainins tv 0 \\ ires mn nn J euch side ol rhe [eweland thread each with enough seed head: [I surr und the . ",vel (her there are

14 seed bead ).

4 (t\bove) Continue until you have six je~;li'ds and _ i. e bea )' .oV"I'[ , en in}! with a pink ~e\\ eL \~{~ 'I rhe tinlU ,gl s bead, Thread the "Tire th rnu,~h '! he crimp bead aJld thmugh the jUIl1P ring, TI:rread .he last amethyst besd onto the y pin. Cut 0

the extra ]~lg~l .of the )', pi n I~ea \i'in,g ~m,. elm m J to' thread du'ougl th Las_ link 0 ithe chain. Bend over the ~ emaining wire and cio""e tb . k"lo~ . I pen thejump ring sligbdy and thread the other end

,f th chain into ir, . .lo .e wirh [he pliers,

P r\.JtTY Pr ' t


THESE D/\ZZLIN(; I . ROP -!\Rl~lNC;S have been de. igrred to match the pink jeweled chok or

on the ~ .evlous pages and are created r om the same bead". A sin pic' wire is fir r th.·ead "i threugh a small, fire-polisheJ cut-glass bead, ThL~ is [hen .fold d' over and the t\~,o ends threaded rhrolilgb fh,1 il pink jewel and then a lusrer glass bead. Th se rwo wires af'. threaded through th pink ff'\vd and again through a larger lust, "r alass be d. Unlike the choker the urroun 'Lng circler (1 ~ tiny !C d bead has been threaded onto a set {Irate wire, which is twist ~'d around [he base and therrdouhle rwis e ~ around I h ' p of the -. ink iewel ro secure it in place. A crim , bead has been u d co fix the j retry beaded d_ro~ onto the silver t:H~h hook ..

, 7

l'id~TY lin I. F ...

1 'I-IF.S" ~ wove 1.1 TILE !liN . c' 'Ire so sim ple und qui k tc make' that Y 1lI!: uld crcac se era! l match y. ur ·r.hanging mood and outfit . There j such Ll ranae .of '(~ecelr.'~rive b "'td' available at specialist bead she p that rhe possibili: ies '() design are endless. Either make a fe-ature of a single

- ead, a in the case o( lh Ilver heart, t( r create ~I combination like th ~ circler of gJ ,- , .n and turque lise n \\ ers, The simplicity or this lesign is that th f ing part that circles the bnp:et i" rna Ie hnrn . ntall bends threaded onto rille beaJ:ilJ1gblstic. Crimp be~tt1si'X hen squash -u [to the ela tic. l't ld : he ring in place and are ~ much nearer way nf fixing than [yiJ"l,~, "[he t\V( ends to~erben·, '\vJ:lJd]

I freD' r eals an untidy knot. fu these riu _:. are in 'pens! e II make and ,{ . imnle in rh .' J" construcuon they are particularlj '" nit bleas a sr rting proj IC[ ~ ,r childr n [I try, T1" "\V' ,uLlJ make good < tocking stuf ers or fun parry I . avorsa any rune.


:; JiI~ee:1~ JUll _3 r Irq:uuI c spa. "kly flo\vcr beads I in. (2nun) I uri juoise .~kt$ '. seed beads

, ilver c.ri IJIl p beads

I-tv. I m:.k Pr tly Party Ring

1 (}\hoveJCul at 6in. ~ ] ~'cm) ~en~th o~ elastic. Thread \vith one of the crim I) beads ~nd [oUO\\, with the fl ower beads, threading I he <colors alternate] r:

Take the other end

I .•• - th dade back

.h f1QU~)l the origin' J .rirnp b· ad & m [h,

,ther side-and pull ~th latie l'glhtl~

to create il ci rcle .

. quash the crimp bead '~I]th the plier ro ecure and cult off anv excess ~Ia tic'.

2' (Above) Cur an gin., (20C111) Ienglh or elastic. Thread through the second crimp bead and then through one si le of the f[O\,V'CJ circle.

1 aade I I' .- ,f the three flower beads, Th read approxirna [ciy 25' eed be~.ds onto ~1 is, elasti c and bring h up around and thro 'l,glli the second crimp bead, frolTI the' 0 '"Ier side, as, before.

heck that the ring 6 s your finger ~ adding 0 removing beads to adjust the size .. quash the crimp bead firmly to crest e the dng. ur o

J Left Repeat the same p ·Ce5S through the ncl J' half r r h 8 wer circle to create another adjaeent ring fixing rut with the third crimp bead ..



1 '!IF:;: EX )lIl"!l'I~ UJ::AD·l· B rrW{rUES continue' long tradition c f decorative bc~dwol'k,

u ing a technique apparent ann ,n~, mao} Jif I erenr cultures, ranging froru tribal t( Ja.?sk~ Th,€ enduriag shape or the butt .. rfly lends itself roth, intricat threading of a v~uiiety of bead onto rme '1.11U!'tal wire, The wings feature 3 pattern that is enhanced b" the inclusion or jewels in I;l ltec :'lirativ~ m UU s ,[J:UJo witlt two h les t tbr ad rhr ugh, thus en!Jblin,~ dJffeuolent rnet'hod. I]f C mstruetion. 'The bur 'rHi,~ could b _. used a~ H hea{:.t 'f del:'orarlun on preiry, metallic organdy dre ':$. worn as an emblem Of br och, or-used as 'hair barrettes. A ,~Ol~ d be,Hd shop \v,ill,j,o'l1t'ply metal barrette with hole. through which the but erlly can be arrached, Keer 'to a very simple range of colors, clisringuishing leach wing by copying uature . 'nd u ing~: dj "erent c lor I ombinarion, B .~ ire

cr :'l·ing ,.' our de . .ign, ir may be a ~ood idea t 1, ok at burrerily pattems in a book" -r tr .. nbs rviotbe butt,edl1e - themselves in summer. Y ou will se . ho'\ r it is p ssible ro mimi · the iridescenc SOl common in nature Vlfi(b th -' use )f carefullv sel 'ted bead~ .


· .. ~~ttin ,}ioJa s seed b.e.i:~,J.s~tu;l"qunise, iridescent blue' and d ear

I:3Im,~ and turquoise cut gl~,~1ii be~H:ls ~fnr the ends l [ the II n tenn ae)

Larger U't-~I~ s purple tUld turquoise bCild, If ,r

the heads)

~ c ur4IJO~.$!(! and d ~ep pu rple k ug!It: ghts 1 H!o-lds Doubie-holed metal bea 1: with i ,veleJ centers . ',luaU silver crimp he~ ds

;,. ~ 11. l05inm)' ~ ilver 1,ea,Hng\ ire \Xl[r~curter'


1 fI.ef[J To make upper \Xrin.g, cut two 8.h.1. L2B[m ~ tt!n,,,ths 0 f silv~r ·\\7 ire. Thread bn~h [engun together du·r~ugh ~. lar.~er pu rp le bead.Th read the sides of -tI'l e ou rer w~re \virb, (he snlruler blue seed beads, threading approxlrnately 12 beads ()n eac h side ..

,21 (Abo'lle· rigil') Bend ~le two sides 0: the in ne rwi re i n \V()I ttl . Tbi·,ead 'e~m'Lb side identically w~-rh, a SflJI{'llU blue seed be~ud1t foUowed by.~ purple bugJe~ another bJue' seed beael, then threadthe two pafr.~.ueJ wires together through the double-holed §leV\reJ. Re:peat the pattern ofbeading -, until you have +n'ee turthcraetsotbugles.

31 frug~ltl Thread aJJ fcrur wires rh rough a blue seed be~ld. two from each side, then pull the

~ .ires to right:eD the beatls. J\tllitKe another identical \ving in the same rnanner. .rvl~1.ke the two smaller wings 1.1s"i'11.g [ewer green seed be~ds and oU,g}e$.


4, (Left) 10 Inat e the body cut two IZin, If 3IQcm,) lengdl of wire, Thread alarger blu see' t bea l int .1 the cenre ~ and fold ('II er to, create' '0 ei is. Bring them rogl ther and

hread bo, h tl rough ~l similar bead, ' t en d I wire ut, and threa 1 nto eacb si"le a: purple bugle, fOUO\\Ted by a blue seed bead, Thread th ' two \VirCB through [he double-hole] [ewel and continue ill thisway until hi: je\l cis are in place.

6 Left) Ts' semble [he uppermosr wintl':', Ito rh ' body, wind 'he -"pare' wi ',e around d1C hug .purpl eed bead. then twist them toge her n the btlCk of the bod, tn s -cure. c1nd OU[ ldi d1.'1;: excess wire, Repeal with tb ~ mallet wings

aro I md the dou h~e-hole, l jew ,.


j Left) Thread both wire dJlougll a 1" glet purple seed beadand then h reugh ~l facer d purple ghl~ bead. I'l'en O\U I hie wires 'into antennae iU11d rhread \vitl~ alternate silver and bI ue seed h ~ , I, (approximate]; 13, on each, ide). Finish

the an tennae wi rh Sol !],aU

bl ue f,u:,e,teJ: glass beads, rUt wed by u 5m~~11 silver crimp b .31. Pres to close .and cur oTs[]y excess wire,

1 ~ IE,,' 0 ~LI O. TE 'lE, 'KL M:: " designed to be worn arou 11 d a bare neck. look more complicated hall [be'. acrually : c. The spar en, 'S If u· " ~ eading i ac .omplished ~ Y' the ui e ' ,r silver crimp bead. The pretty ,e\ enn ',"" 1(' the In l'" is rna le p 's· U le by the, e 01 col rre t nyl n-coated stainless steel wire which has an LnJ1Hte springin . ·8, rneanlng that he structure of rh wire \,\ in never lose irs shape, 'nee you have mastered thi technique of thr ading th 'be~Lds.,it is .r.~ ,~ood

I, a t make one or two 1]] ire examples UJ ex end yl UJ' col, l'f range. The use .' rf the iridesc mt drop bead ,a: (he b· I I~ the silver loops on [be pal or necklace j, particularly eliectiv ~ but sn uil 'eed p arls with a I~OP pearl ed~, 'VOlU] T( nrk just as well, The same technique' C,B be u: d to create matching brucelets and earrings.

~. E .• KL.AO· 2'

6 'lin. l.jiu.l sa e riger mil n. I" j -c l~1teIJ

stainle: s steel wired

! 9 small ghl5S blue-pink f.rosted rondels 1 OsimJJtlx teardrop glL1sS bf!~lds

J 0 !tin .. L3trlm) Irideacent ,~lJS Ilat drop beads

"- ;.:,."[1,,, lmm) fal • ted w/~ j ink meralic bea

'f;;i:n, ~9.~mmj prilJu ril'1g and jump dog silver

~11!:·cld ace lus t eae r

27 ~i; . I' mrn l Iridescent gJ'a, bllgl,e hOH1.~ 57 Vrb.in~. 2U1 .. m) silver crimp ben f •

2 "~ll. ( "l1'Ul1) . ilver crimp lead

1\ t~l(~ti.dl[~ N~ ( .. ~ 'A,!,! 1

(, ] n .. 11. 5" tl~) 1 i nl-: ti ser btll {ny! . tuinle s . e ·t wire

22' I in. ~JrfHnl .facct~tIghl"'~ fi_re-poli he 1 pink bC~lds 22 i':.in. {,'JIDIJ]r) f3Jt[f;'t] ~lilfi: fire- polis ]1 e ,,~ silver

bea t

2'=" ~rn_ (Jourl .'a. -,",ted giL.· 6te-roHshcd g ttl bah; Xllo. f9.5nun) spring riug UfI.:J jump dug ilv r

neck lace fastener

, ),1"in. {2mm) silv r crimp heads 2 !.Gin. ( 'rum '. sil er crimp beads \X/, recutter

F~ nt-nm ell1 p 1 j'e1"'b


31 Three 1 the next loo~ . in the' .. a m ~\vay and ('0t1riJ1U until, ou h V 14 loop . You can < Idjul [he size by pulling geutly [0 make the loops even, It works \' ell ro have

rhe I. op in the cen ter

ligh t larger then tapering toward the nds ..

1 tIDi:>h I 1.0 make th 'lrst necklace, at one ead of he ti eer tail ~ thread in order a. pink sitve'f, gold, and a second ilver glliassl bead, Bring the lo~:g end of the tiger ail around

c I mtercl ckv is ') £0:n11 a I op by threading the- end back brougb. I he fi:tst pin k bead. Maoo sure that you leave at least 6in .. 115Cll1) H.~ tiger nail free ar the end.

,2' (Right) On the other end of the riser tail.

the 1011- end 1 I hread ,3 pink, a silver, and then

,a g .. 1: bead, Bring he ug or ail : rou t d in [he same way [0 crt ale a second [, op, :[h is tune threading it b~ck through the silver bead on Lb left side of the list loop. :ol1'~inue hack rh rough rhe second pin] bead pUJJi11~g, gehtly to make a 'lTI a chin,' loop.


4 fRight), Thread a: crimp head liD. (13unjll iW~ y franl' tlie pink bead OJ1 the first loop, an,] pre ' shut firlnJl~ with the pliers. Thread five heads in f31[.!.~'[niltl! 'cot irs, ~oUowed bv


another crimp bead, and pres shut again.

Leave another Y;ln. (13nlnl lip ~c and I epeat cr . tin ar other identical rU\N 0 _. five bea _

,., All ) TI" -~---I'~' irnn b d

I 'x),CI\'le ,I _ rean a target crim p rene

followed by a "C ingl," pin.k bead. Bring 'Lh t ser tail '" round th _ jump ring, an J lack rour Rt~ll "[he: head and crimp ring~ }\,.dj U l so ~li+lll all this is !&in. (I311m]) away Irom th hun 1!fOUp " r beads. PuB the tiger [_Ill gently so lh riQg sits clo e to the pink benci" and firmly pres tl crimp be_ d I hut. Cut off any excess wir with tb wirec - tter ..

A L1 H lJ; H rurs !'TlINNfN U, Killl, looks very in .icate, nee ~ Oil have ri . 101 understr d the echnique i(, becomes quite easy to mak .. It is essentially threaded onto three strands 0'£ green beading 'wire \\rhidl sep" nne and come oget < er and are threaded in difting ways to create Lhi

r ovely necklace .,When v i.e\. ed close up the little p inky-green pearl" are shape J like tiny 11, eri r gues, Jmaking a pleasant change to the more regular shape.of beads. The tiny, dear glass beads provide ;o:1D interes ina contrast and show the shiny green wire through their c nters,

28 -gauge ,g reen beadiJtJ~, wire-

~ 8 !4ir . ' 6nw 'pinky-green 1:1', __ pearls 6 ~in. r9.5l'illn' pinky-gre " ulass pearls ~~il1. tlmmJ clear glass seeJ k~~!i1ids

~-tn. r( 9.5 m m l split ing,

Min. (1.5cm~ h(1011t: fastener

Wi .ecuttcrs



1 (Abo've) Cut three 36iL1. (90on)I ngths of '\\ ue,.llold the three enJL and twist them Ilwlce to~ II er 2'in,.

I -':on) Ir ~ n] tl - I, ',d. to join them secu -ely. Thread ,-, iln~ill gJa ".- pearl on l a the middle wi re, open .U P' the outer wires, aru:] thread six seed beads 011[0 each side .

2' (AbO\f'f') Bringrhe outer threaded wires back into and around u1,e g~~ls pe ITI en the central wire, Twist the three wires ogerher

. g~.'cn rwic bd~ , rc repeating the "~ln1Ie proc . but tl j s rime threadi ng a larger glass pearl 011tO th centra] wire, Thr "lr~d eight seed beads Q1n

.he '0' uer wirei around the tu~er p. 'u11 then bri.nq the wire [Q~l~tber around the pearl, and twist together ~ '~alill twice,

3, (Right) Thread t1 small glass pearl on ea,eh of the ou ter wires, twist the wire around ;.<iD. (9 .. 511l1n) from the last 1\V· I" add t\VU m . re bead ' i III the same manner at 41.n. I ~.5n 111' intervals, Thread 12 . eed ~ eads 'On' the cen i r~J'", Ire.

'P 1\ RTY P II Cr::s

,4 (Le11J Brinathe wires roge her and rwi ,t

as befor '. Thread a Iarger ~t~ss pearl onto the central wire and fill, before, su noun d i [ with eight seed bes tis on each s,ide. Twist a:~rtin and repeat this pattern until there are six open ed out sections and ·sl. hn;g,eI. pleads in between. Finish wirh ~1 JI1]:;1, chins small I~ pearl, as illl step L

5' eft _t on, end OJ en out the d, ret: wires" After ~in. (9.-mtuJ b nJ on [t1 '" \"\ ire ov T thesplir ring, rett rn,

"u'l,d CUl . ~ ,at ,~Ln .. r,',ID111 i I r ]lIS' , etore the first beads are thread d. T U [d . second . i I'IE'at AID. Srnm). Fh al1'v. bind tJH! third wire neatly and tightly ,!""'lID ~ 'dl ~ in, '95mm) bet': e n

the first beads and the pli :ring. Cut, J f the ex \\ ire. R'~ ar

~ t the nth r end of [he choker) .: uaching [he 11 ok Iasten r.


TI\, E

M ADIHN EXACT!. Y I J IE St\~1E W Y 11' the ch oker n he pr . ious r age , this filigree brace! t i 'so much more delicate a h ., L1ll1 Jt; on fine- wire wi h smaller beads. B ading wire C nnes i two thiekn ses (the finer gauge is U led here) anti in many color.", meaning that the a tual wire structure f} our pie e of jex relry GJ[U become a promlnentand I ie.co,r:;rcivc' part of YOLJ]X design.

, hoose yOU'I~ beads and wire colors together. The littl , round, lustre IS lilac beads are he~d in

place by twisting the' wire around the outside of each bead. : moky pink head are also ised: unlike the seed beads.jhese hac traight 'ide -, and SOl lt evenly l geth 1".


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