ERP is an industry term for the broad set of activities supported by multi-module application software that help a manufacturer or other business manage the important parts of its business. time study variance report. In general. FEATURES OF ERP • Time study. spare parts inventory and machine inventory .NIFT CHENNAI ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING: ERP refers to Enterprise Resource Planning software. interacting with suppliers. Line efficiency and Factory efficiency based on past performance • • • • Complete quality control for production Off standard minutes monitored line-wise and employee-wise. maintaining inventories. ERP does not live up to its acronym. and tracking orders. operators planning. lay register. an ERP system uses or is integrated with a relational database system. Employee skill matrix report generated based on the past performance Machine maintenance. parts purchasing. thread consumption based on operation. providing customer service. • Cut order plan. Typically. can pick and list the fabric pieces which will have minimum end bit • • • • Automatic generation and printing of bundle tags Line-wise production scheduling Line bottleneck indication for balancing Employee efficiency. In practice. It does not do much about planning or resource planning. including product planning.

. New Delhi. • The finishing department does not have a sink with the production department due to which sudden loads come upon the finishing department. • The production team does not have any connection with the marketing department thus it creates problem for deciding the optimum quantity to produce. Okla. • The production and cutting department are not connected to the fabric stores so they have difficulty in planning as they do not know when the fabric is in house. It ia small scale apparel industry. NEED FOR ERP IN THE COMPANY: • they are not able to keep a track with their fabric vendors which creates a delay in production thus resulting in late orders • The merchandiser has difficulty I pn tracking the production of various style on the sewing floor.• Comprehensive payroll module with card swiping feature for monthly. weekly wages and piece rate • statutory reporting IMPLEMENTATION OF ERP IN APPAREL INDUSTRY We are proposing the implementation of ERP in a company called Uni Style Image Pvt Ltd. producing garment for domestic and export market as well.

excess billing • • Automatic packing list generation based on order link to inventory. Category-wise. Assortment-wise • • • • Automatic Process Sequence and program from garment specification Purchase approval system Costing / Budgeting link to purchase Automatic raw material calculation for work orders to units / vendors Detailed quality control .automatic debits for rejections. In the present changing scenario the demand is consantly changing and the want for more is increasing thus increasing the competition. exports & payroll .It attempts to integrate all departments and functions across a company onto a single computer system that can serve all those departments’ particular needs. The integration streamlines internal business processes and improves productivity of a company. To cope up with the competition we need to keep our customers happy and satisfied and for this all are efforts and processes should be efficient and ERP helps us doing that. shortage. exports Financial accounts linked to inventory. HOW WILL ERP HELP: • • • Transparency of Information across the Enterprise with privilege of access Automatic BOM from Garment specification Automatic order Consolidation Destination-wise. seconds.

documents. etc. • • • • • • • • Industry best practices incorporated. employees. Fabric and Yarn Manufacture . Multi-location requirements Company-wise financial year option Auto dissociation of balance stock after order closure UPC number generation for bar-coding / warehousing Sample tracking and approval follow-up Facility to archive database periodically. etc. trims. Automatic payslip . measurement charts. fabric. Work Orders. .• • Style-wise profit and loss Card swipe user defined Payroll system. • • Takes very less time to implement Can handle Woven and Knit Apparel Industry. BoM. Implementing STAGE would bring the organization very close to ISO Standards Multi-component garment order and BoM Adapted to Multi-currency. cannot hack Scanning feature for storing images of garments. Embroidery units • • Data security. escalation to higher authority for unexecuted activities • Automatic email shooting to relevant persons for amendment of Orders. Statutory reports generation • Automatic time and action / alarm to prompt user activities.

reducing production lead times. distribution and supply chain management. It reduces paper work. Select a cost effective and industry specific software that meets the need of apparel manufacturing. planning. reducing costs. Employee can access data from anywhere if he has given a right to access. enabling you to get better output. merchandising. Its workflow system should provide better business process management capability for quicker response to customer requirements. It provides the correct information to the correct people at the correct time anywhere in the world. Some software have translated into several languages including. fields can be edited and the architecture modified through progressive installation processes. To obtain the most from the ERP software. reducing inventory. English. exports. ERP software for apparel and garment has the ability to be customized to the extent that screens can be remodeled. German. web-based platform.• BENEFITS OF ERP: ERP software for apparel industry provides manufacturing. improve decision making and promote business communication between employees. An ideal ERP software for garment and apparel company have following modules integration – product development. reducing cycle time. He gets all information on a click of a button. etc and provide better communication in international market. inventory management. customers and suppliers. automate operational tasks and provide better platform to access information. and increasing performance of your company. It can help with increasing capacity by reducing throughput time. increasing flexibility. purchase and production. finance. you have to get employees to adopt the . It should be streamline the whole process in apparel manufacturing. French. Chinese. payroll. After implementing software you can provide lower prices. eliminate duplicate entry. It can also be operated in a secure. He can take decision on information based. better quality and quicker delivery to retailers and consumers. Portugal. Integrated software can save significant time.

fields can be edited and the architecture modified through progressive installation processes. Confidence of your business partners and consumers will be increased. • Manufacturing companies often find that multiple business units across the company make the same widget using different methods and computer systems. and etc. better quality and quicker delivery. design. customers and vendors • For better ERP software. web-based environment. In addition. projects will be failed. enabling you to improve productivity. retailers and consumers push for lower prices. . advanced ERP software can be operated in a secured. enhance decision making and promote communication between coworkers. customer services. It improves the effectiveness of communication. therefore. sales and distribution. ERP. • Some multi-lingual ERP software can perform automatic translation enables almost every style detail to be viewed in several languages including English. financial. can deliver significant time savings. • Nowadays. • ERP integrates all aspects of the business processes including: manufacturing. you can enjoy more efficient work flow and improved productivity. it helps to reduce or eliminate duplicate work. • Advanced ERP software has the ability to be customized to the extent that screens can be remodeled. ERP implementation shows your determination to head for those direction.work methods outlined in the software. and automates operational tasks and provide easy access to information. By integrating business processes and people anywhere in your company. • ERP provides the right information to the right people at the right time anywhere in the world. These features provides flexibility and convenience in implementation and operation. Chinese. If the employees do not agree with the method and the system has no or less flexibility to be customized. ERP standardizes the manufacturing processes and improve quality.

you have to get people inside your company to adopt the work methods outlined in the software. If the people do not agree with the method and the system has no flexibility to be customized. ERP provides a way to integrate all your business process. No data entry required on the planning board. Therefore. The planning person can plan Merchandisers’ orders. For example ERP helping in production planning STAGE Production Planning Module seamlessly integrates with the rest of STAGE ERP. It leads to reduced invntory. it decreases the overall business cost. integration with T & A and Expected Completion Report are additional features of STAGE PPM. . To get the most from the software. • At its simplest level. Eventually. Automatic Mail Shooting. you should choose ERP software wisely. All data are extracted from STAGE ERP dynamically and results are displayed automatically on the planning board. cut & paste orders in part or full from one line to another by easy drag and drop method. ERP projects will be failed.• ERP helps business process flow more smoothly and improves the efficiency of fulfillment process.


TIME SAVED BY USING ERP ACTIVITY Order Entry BOM Calculation BOM Recalculation(If Buyer order fabric / changes qty. Accounts MIS Report of all for Reviewing Status Running to Styles Replying Buyer's Queries Export . inventory and payroll .Import Inventory (Receipts. QC Issues and Stock Reports) Accounts not possible ?? 60?? 100% 100% 100% 2 2 Generate 25% 10% 40% and Mail Report Full with export. Vendor. integration import. trims Immediate ?? Automatic Shooting Email MANUAL 10 60-300 (depending complexity) 30-180 on ERP 20 20 2 REMARK’S Merchandiser has to key in full details Automatic Shooting Email spec ) Passing PO Copy to Stores.


automatic debits for shortage.RETURN OF INVESTMENT The ERP software for Apparel Manufacturing gives you the following Returns on Investment COST CONTROL The ERP gives control on purchase through costing and budgeting so that overall cost is within the quoted cost to buyer (unless authorized by appropriate person in case of exceptions)Complete purchase control -ordering only what is required. automatic reporting. the Production Planning and Management software identifies bottlenecks in production.) INVENTORY AND PAYMENT CONTROL The ERP gives complete Inventory control – QC made compulsory. rejection and seconds . Clerical work and MIS Report preparation time greatly reduced. purchase approvals based on value slab. Reject excess supply. forecasts completion of late . automatic prompt to purchase person whenever change in specification occurs (new Fabric / Trims required. automatic and controlled issue for work orders. controls QC better. ON TIME SHIPMENT The ERP gives Time and Action control and automatic prompts push respective persons to complete tasks / orders in time (saving air freight and cancellation) IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY Implementing PROMAN.link to Finance. LESS MANPOWER The ERP gives complete integration of information across the enterprise. using existing stock before ordering more.

its implementation for Apparel Manufacturing would indirectly do Business Process Reengineering for the organization and make it ready for ISO certification.running styles. Some of our clients have grown very significantly due to effective handling of information. Most other ERPs take a very significant time of management and users for deciding on customization and implementation and have to go through a lot of trials. . On the other hand ERP is a ready fit with minimum customization and having highest number of successful installations in this category. improves productivity and controls machine and spare parts inventory. Low time and cost for implementation namely 3 .4 months. LESS CONTRIBUTION OF MANAGEMENT TIME The management’s time is very valuable. GOODWILL OF THE BUYER The ERP has been very successful in improving the way Apparel Business is done and our clients are commanding very good respect with their buyers. BUSINESS PROCESS REENGINEERING & ISO Since most of the best business practices are incorporated in STAGE. LESS HARDWARE INVESTMENT The ERP requires much less hardware configuration and investment than most other ERP solutions. PRICE .PERFORMANCE ADVANTAGE The ERP offers excellent price performance advantage compared to other major ERP solutions because it involves minimum customization and takes care of the high degree of variables in apparel manufacturing. the ERP software.

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