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Testing Gasket Leakage Performance


The ROTT is designed to provide these new gasket constants by monitoring leakage over a
series of applied stresses. The first part of the test is a sequence of increasing compressive
stress levels where leakage is measured at 400 and 800 PSI internal pressure in order to
determine the minimum seating stress. This data is meant to supersede “Y” values. The second
part of the test is a series of unload, reload sequences at higher gasket stress levels while 800
PSI internal pressure is maintained. This data is meant to supersede the M value by
determining the minimum operating gasket load. This test provides the gasket constants Gb, a,
and Gs.

ROTT testing demonstrates that ElastaGraph is the tightest seal available through 50,000 PSI
bolt-stress levels. This level of stress accommodates virtually every bolting load being used in
industrial applications. While it may be possible to provide a theoretic tighter seal at extremely
high bolt loads, in practice, bolt load (gasket stress) will drop from this high initial load during
operation. Any applications that use more than 50,000 PSI stress will at some point cycle under
this load. Therefore, a gasket with a theoretic tight seal at extremely high bolt stresses but a
high “Gs” will in practice not be as tight because as the gasket load decreases leakage
increases. Therefore, because ElastaGraph is virtually unaffected by changing loads and stress
levels (low Gs) and is so tight through virtually every initial load, ElastaGraph proves to be the
best possible design available.

three thermal cycles (1 each day) in Helium under creep-relaxation conditions. A maximum stress relaxation of 6. The test procedure involves initial compression at room temperature (simulation of bolt-up).HORT . and may also be the case for some standard pipe flange joints for which a slightly modified procedure also exists. The short term creep/relaxation resistance of the gasket is good. The purpose of the HORT test is to test the relaxation resistance of a gasket when subjected to temperature cycling and excessive gasket stress that may be produced during the fluctuating conditions such as those produced at start-ups and shut-downs. There is no acceptance criterion of a HORT test since the resistance capacity of a gasket to creep-relaxation depends on the type of gasket and the application under consideration. Both procedures may include bolt-load loss recovery after each thermal cycle. The hot relaxation resistance behavior of a gasket material can be examined by performing special hot relaxation tests on the TTRL Universal Gasket Rig which can simulate the rigidity of the specified pipe or heat exchanger joint. Conclusion The Leader GT ElastaGraph™ 1/16'' thick gasket behaved well during the complete HORT test. The first procedure is specific to heat exchangers while the second procedure is designed for the pipe flanges.3% was recorded during the third cycle while only 4% was recorded after the first thermal cycle.HOT RELAXATION TIGHTNESS TEST 650°F Thermal Cycle Test Purpose The effect of relaxation of bolted flanged joints due to gasket creep at elevated temperature is of importance in terms of tightness loss. After subjecting the gasket to the first thermal cycle. tightness further improved as no leak could be detected with the UGR leakage measuring system. The gasket overall tightness performance is good. The lowest recorded tightness at the start of the relaxation phase is 9794. This retightening of the bolts known as “hot torquing” is conducted on some heat-exchanger applications. Two procedures have been developed to investigate this behavior depending on the application under consideration. .

Constant “Gs” characterizes tightness sensitivity to operating bolt load reductions produced as a result of pressurization or gasket and bolt creep or thermal disturbances that cause load loss. the maximum and minimum tightness Tpmax and Tpmin must not have been deteriorated. to a “moderately deteriorated” gasket. “a” and “Gs”. “a” and “Gs” actually responds to the log of “Gs”. As may be appreciated from the SgTp graph of Fig 5. During aging and before subjecting the gasket to any stress and thermal disturbances. . In this case. after exposure is higher than that obtained with the preexposure ROTT. The focus of this validity is that the post-exposure “Gs” would not substantially alter a bolted joint design based on a pre-exposure “Gs”. Conclusion The design bolt load based on the new code rules that use the constants “Gb”. the gasket low stress tightness was maintained every time it is subjected to stress and thermal disturbances and during the post- exposure ROTT. a small shift to the right was obtained in the post-exposure ROTT as compared to the pre-exposure ROTT. The lowest value of tightness measured during the entire test was 697 measured at the stress levels S1 during the pre-exposure ROTT. the gasket tightness was maintained if not slightly improved from 2488 to 2936 values recorded at the beginning and the end of the undisturbed aging. The purpose of the EHOT test is to prove that applicability of the room temperature constant. the value of the “Gs” obtained from the ROTT part of the EHOT test. the maximum and minimum tightness after exposure may result in a lower post exposure Gs. Also. constants “Gb” and “a” represent the capacity of the gasket to develop tightness upon initial seating. These apply at assembly and are valid for any temperature.EHOT . In this case. defined as the damage equivalent to what would be obtained in about 3 years service ( about 1/3 the maximum service life). These Leakage-based gasket constants are determined from the results of two or more ROTT (Room Temperature Tightness) tests. Together. Gs. the maximum and minimum tightness Tpmax and Tpmin have improved and consequently the Leader GT ElastaGraph 4” cl 150 lb 1/8” thick gasket passed the EHOT test. Although. In fact.ELEVATED HOT TIGHTNESS TEST 850°F Aging Test Purpose Emission performance is characterized at room temperature by the new PVRC gasket constants “Gb”. the gasket overall tightness performance has slightly improved. Therefore. a ROTT test is performed before and after the gasket is inflicted the equivalent damage. The acceptance criterion of an EHOT test is a simple “yes” or “no” on the validity of the pre-exposure “Gs” relative to “Gs” after the exposure.

ROTT PERFORMANCE COMPARISONS ROTT performance comparison of a minimum amount of load required to create a tight seal at a given design pressure. .

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