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THIS PARTNERSHIP DEED is made on this 28th day of September 2010, between :-

Mr. Babloo Dubey, S/O Mr Dubey aged about 26 years R/o C-21
Mr. Jagdish Shukla, S/O Mr Shukla aged about 24 years R/o C-26
Mr. Mickey Mehta, S/O Mr Mehta aged about 23 years R/o C-28
Mr. Bharat Bhatia, S/O Mr Bhatia aged about 22 years R/o C-27

This Partnership Deed witnesses as under :-

1. The Name and style of the firm shall be M/s Lucky Bhojanalaya (India).

2. The business of the firm shall be manufacturing of Food & Beverages, viz. Maggi,
Pasta, Sprouts, Eggs, Juices, Milk etc and such other services as may be decided by the Parties
from time to time.

3. The business of the firm shall be carried on from its unit in C Block of IRMA, Anand
Gujarat - 388001 or from any other premises as may be decided by them mutually from time
to time.

4. The business as above shall initially be functioning as a unit (undertaking) of existing

Company M/s Lucky Bhojanalaya, having registered office at 95A, Mpl market, Connaught
Circus, New Delhi-110001 of which Fourth Party is Director with major stack holder (to the
extent of 70%).
5. The utensils shall be washed by Shukla and Mickey as per their own arrangement
agreed upon mutually.

6. The partnership commences on September 28, 2010 and shall continue at mutual will.

7. At the end of financial year 2011 all parties on mutual consent shall have the option to
delink them from the parent Company M/s Lucky Pvt Ltd. and may operate there further
business independently in the name of M/s Lucky by repaying entire finances along with
accumulated interest generated through M/s Lucky Pvt Ltd. At this stage the Second party
shall have the option to increase its share to 50% by acquiring further share at the book value
of share as on 31.03.12.

8. The profits & losses of the partnership firm shall be divided in the proportion 75%
and 25% by the First Party and the Second Party till the end of financial year till 31.03.2012
and in the proportion of actual share holding at the end of each subsequent financial year

11. Both parties shall be entitled to make withdrawal from the partnership firm with
mutual consent as may be decided by them from time to time.

12. Regulars books of accounts shall be maintained at the business premises and
the two parties shall have a free access thereto.

13. The partnership firm shall follow the financial year for the purpose of maintenance of
its accounts. The books of accounts of the partnership shall be closed on 31st March each

1. : Babloo Dubey

2. : Mickey Mehta

3. : Jagdish Shukla

4. : Rajat Bhatia

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