PechaKucha night Lakeland

DATE: Friday, January 21, 2011 LOCATION: Downtown Lakeland, Florida

PKN Lakeland



TIME: Doors open at 7:20 pm - event starts at 20:20 (8:20 pm) PechaKucka (pronounced peh chak cha) is a social/networking event for creative, innovative, thought provoking individuals. Ten presenters will show 20 images for 20 seconds each. Presentation can be on any subject that is visually or mentally stimulating. The event will be fast pace with varied presentations laid over a simple yet consistent presentation rhythm. No presenter shall receive any form of payment. There is no fee to present. This is not an open mic or elevator pitch event – Presentation is not to be used for direct business promotion – it can be about a project(s) or process you are involved with. Keep it entertaining or intellectually stimulating. Pecha Kucha gets its strength from the precise and simple format therefore it must be adhered to at all times.
PRESENTATION FORMAT • • • • • • • • Presentation is to be comprised of 20 PowerPoint slides - No exception The individual slide content is up to the presenter – each slide can include multiple images. Avoid traditional PowerPoint templates. Large full frame images work best. Use text sparingly - if at all. Image resolution to be 1024 x 768 Presenter is to use PowerPoint template provide by PKN Lakeland Each slide to be set to automatically advance after 20 seconds. No exception - Do not adjust slide time settings. Opening presenter name slide is not counted as one of the 20 slides. Slide presentation cannot be paused, moved forward or return to previous slides A 20 second video clip may be incorporated – max 2 per presenter (note, presentations that include video clips will not be included in any future PKN online archives) Submit this form and any questions to Victor Prebor at 58 Lake Morton Drive, Lakeland Florida 33801 863.660.0029 no later than January 2, 2011 PowerPoint presentation (thumb drive or CD – no email) is to be sent/delivered to Victor Prebor, 58 Lake Morton Drive, Lakeland FL 33801 no later than January 9, 2011. Label media with PKN and presenters name. Submit hardcopy printout of presentation no later than January 9, 2011. PKN Lakeland will review PowerPoint submittal to verify that the slide advance has been correctly set. It is PKN Lakeland’s policy to not review presentation for content. With that said, PKN Lakeland and PlatformART reserve the right to reject a presentation for any reason. PKN Lakeland will determine the order of presentations.

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By signing this document, you agree with the terms and conditions stated above. This agreement is not valid without PKN Lakeland signature.

Presenter(s) Presentation name Presentation subject Presenter’s phone Presenter’s Full Printed Name PKN Lakeland Representative Presenter’s email Date Date

PKN Lakeland operates as a non-profit entity with no paid staff, facility, etc. Donations, and sponsorship funds benefit PlatformART a 501(c)3 non- profit arts organization. Your contribution may qualify as charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes - Please contact your tax advisor. Funds received from entry fees, etc. that exceed actual event cost shall be transferred to PlatformART. C:\Users\Bev\Documents\PechaKucha\PechaKucha Commitment Form.doc edited 07.14.10

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