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Text compiled-Typeset: Mrs. Helen Kaplan Production: Island Academy printinggraphic arts class ... 04/96

Island Academy Principal: Mr. Timothy Lisante printing-graphic arts teacher: J. A. Brathwaite assistant: 1. Liguas

Stephen Phillips: Superintendent Alternative High Schools & Programs Funding support from:

The New York State Council on the Arts Copyright 1996

Kronna Kenyatta is a student at Island Academy Alternative High Shoal.

Eternal Love

Always and forever Forever with you

Lady you're my always and my always is true.

True and pure,

as bright as a summer day Yeah, my lady

I'm here is stay.

We'll walk hand in hand until the end of time

And I'll hug you so tightly Just to show you're mine.

I'll make you feel

like a woman should feel With touching and pettince That you know is real.

This total love we share Between me and you Makes me feel like

No other man do


The love we share seems unthought of So I know it had to be sent from above.



I'm looking for a woman, Who can make me feel

The way a man ought to feel

I'm looking for a woman. Who's mentally strong. A loving mother,

Who can do no wrong.

I'm looking for a woman

Who can do more than cook and clean, A girl who's pure from within,

Yeah, you know what I mean?

I need a woman with just a touch of spice A purky, happy-go-lucky,

But twice as nice.

I'm looking for a woman, Who's always hard at work, But never in the mix of things, The girl I'm looking for,

Has to be a queen H!


Heat (A Passionate Love)

, 000 girl, let's work it out!

Let me make you scream and shout. Without a doubt, this love is true, Yah you know that we came to do.

We'll make love till the sun comes in, Then do It all over till it comes back again Up and down, huff and puff.

Still we can't get enough.

The sweat pours from our bodies like passionate waterfalls

Our lust-filled cries,

Rings throughout the halls

We 0000 and ahhhh, as the infinite joy nears The sound of love is all we hear

When the time had come

We both had known

Yeah baby ... this love is true


Total Love

I think about you constantly Nearly all the time.

I've thought about the love we've shared, And it nearly blew my mind

My love for you is hotter

then the hottest summer day. But alii truly need to say

is that I love you in every way.

And just to be with you ....

I'll climb the highest mountain swim the deepest sea,

I'll cross the hottest desert. Just so I can be with thee

Then my thirst for love will be quenched, by your soft and tender kisses.

That's why it feels so good,

Knowing in my heart that you are my misses



There will always be sunshine, As long as I have you.

Cause without you, I'll always be blue.

I lay in bed tossing and turning,

My mind pulsating, my body yearning.

I think about the times that we shared, The things we did, how much you cared.

I think about the joy, a girl and a boy, The children I hope to have one day. I think about your hand to hold,

My ring you'll wear

and know that you're here to stay.



I've watched you now for a full hour and a half, Watching your every move.

The way you walk

The way you talk,

and it begins to soothe my broken heart from knowing

that it could never be

But I will always love Y'.J For all eternity!



, The Road to Happiness

I come home from work, at night before! sleep I begin to weep

I look to my side, there's nothing to see There's no one there to comfort me

But the morning comes, it's time for work There is no pain

There is no hurt

But sadness falls, this feeling's new I lost my job, Now what to do ?

The time had come, there's no more work I'll walk the street, to pain and hurt

I move through the crowds, with no where to go I feel a pull, I feel a glow

I lift my head to a glorious sight It feels so good, it feels so fight

I stare into these beautiful eyes, She begins to smile, I begin to cry

She comes up to me, and says to me, "why?" Why would a man want to cry ?


I said to her with tears on my face, "I lost my job, I hate this place !"

She wiped the tears from my face, and said to me, "Don't be blue, someone out there will hire you"

But I said to her," there's still much more, I go home to nothing, just to snore".

She said to me, "That can't be true, There must be someone to comfort '):JU !" I said to her, "No,

I have no wife, I have no kids,

All I look back on is the bid that I old ".

She said to me,"Now that's not right, I will go home with you tonight".

I began to smile, but had to say,

"Only come home if you're there to stay"

She smiled at me, and said, "I'll be true, Forget your problems, I'll marry you ". So I said to her with joy and delight,

"Come on in and stay night after night after night"



F ~

~ ~ '---...}.~

<.':;:":~:: .. ::.~ ,.

..... _ -._ - .

. ~.4r~~,.. ~ .. ;,... .. ...0: •• >.(; ••. ..,.. ••• 0. •. ~.' -, L..<. ~~LRoO<l'"VJ

a Waterways project publication



In Search of a Song Volume 181


This publication produced in Island Academy printi ng-g raphic arts class. 04/96.

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