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What makes AAPDEP unique?

The most important features of AAPDEP that
distinguish us from other organizations are:
• We are spearheaded by Africans for Africans! Join AAPDEP!
• We organize the highly trained sector of the
African population to use their skills for the AAPDEP invites Africans world-wide to join us in
development of Africa and African communities our work to improve the quality of life for Africans
everywhere. everywhere! Membe rship is $10/month or

• We empower those who participate in our $5/month for students and those who are
programs! All of AAPDEP 's programs have a unemployed. Go to
strong community education component to read the

designed to train communities to run and principles of unity and complete the online
duplicate the programs we develop. membership form.
•Our programs are not charity! They are

expressions of African self-reliance and self-

Development &
There are many ways you can volunteer your time
Why is AAPDEP necessary? and skills with AAPDEP! Contact us at
With an abundance of oil, mineral, agricultural, and to learn of

intellectual wealth, Africa is the richest continent volunteer opportunities in your area.
on Earth! However, African people worldwide -
from Brooklyn to Brazil, Guinea to Guyana - are Register your skills!

forced to live in abject poverty.
Register your skills in the AAPDEP skills bank! Go to
Wherever we have been forcibly dispersed, African to let us know what your
people suffer from a lack f health care, clean water, area of expertise is and we will keep you informed
sanitation, good housing and most other of opportunities to your use your specific skill in
necessities of life. In Africa itself, the average life current or future AAPDEP international projects.
expectancy is only 54 years, almost 50% lack
access to clean water and millions die every year Donate!
from preventable and treatable diseases.
AAPDEP recognizes that this imposed poverty and Make checks or money orders out to "AAPDEP"
misery can only be overturned with Africa's and send to PO Box 17014, Huntsville, AL 35810.
resources in African hands for our collective Online donations can be made at
benefit. Our programs represent the interests of
the majority of African people around the world
and places us on a positive trajectory toward In-kind donations are also welcome! To see our list
transforming our conditions and forwarding self- of equipment and supplies needs go to
All African People's Development & AAPDEP Programs
Empowerment Project
Clean Water
AAPDEP works to increase the
amount of clean drinking water
African self-determination, available to African people by
building community rainwater
not charity! harvesting and water
purification systems.

AAPDEP is guided by
Community Health Workers Training
the understanding that
AAPDEP organizes community
ultimately, the future of health workers training in basic
African people medical care and the
prevention, identification and
everywhere is tied to treatment of waterborne
our ability to unite diseases.
Africa's people, resources
and skills.
Community Farming
In the US, AAPDEP brings farming
and gardening skills back to the
people by building networks of
backyard and community gardens.
In Sierra Leone, AAPDEP members
are engaged in cassava farming and
processing for community
economic development.

Infant and Maternal Health

AAPDEP's Infant and Maternal
What is AAPDEP? Health Project (IMHP) works to
reduce infant and maternal
AAPDEP is an African led non-profit organization established to engage in development projects that improve mortality in Sierra Leone, West
the quality of life in African communities worldwide by making use of the vast technical expertise of Africans Africa, where 1 in 8 women
everywhere. die in childbirth and 1 in 10
babies die before the age of
The activities of AAPDEP inclulde, but are not limited to, the construction of ecological sanitation facilities, one. The IMHP focuses on maternal nutrition, training
rainwater harvesting, community electrification through renewable energy technologies, farming, fishing and of traditional birth attendants and construction of a
community health workers training. community birthing center.

AAPDEP is guided by the understanding that ultimately, the future of African people everywhere is tied to our
ability to unite Africa's people, resources and skills.