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Ever since I give up the idea that what i am doing as a student have to have
practical utility, i have so much less strudggles. I would like use this study of use-
lessness in design to dedicate this ultimate architecture student career.
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Beside practical usage, architecture is record of thinking.

This thesis is study of the approach of neutralization architecture. Attempting to
see what formalize architecture when all the consumptive benefit had peeled off
from it.
The method I came into is use the “bed” designing goals undisguised.
For this time, I study how to design useless things.

Why should architecture be neutral?

As a document of searching for answer, architecture itself should not have any
opinion, it is just a selection many parallel possibility. It is more interesting to
show tension between different potentials than give an answer.

Why useless?

The idea that architecture should be useful suggested the rightness design,
which unnecessarily true. Meanwhile the usage of design is over explored in
commercialized world. When design is all about seducing consume, it would be
interesting to see how uselessness serve this goal.
What is useless.

by dictionary:
of no use; not serving the purpose or any purpose; unavailing or futile: It is use-
less to reason with him.
without useful qualities; of no practical good: a useless person; a useless gadget.
so here useless is word defined by the word opposite to it-- useful:

being of use or service; serving some purpose; advantageous, helpful, or of good
effect: a useful member of society.
of practical use, as for doing work; producing material results; supplying common
needs: the useful arts; useful work.

So useful things are the serving for some purpose, then useless things do not
answer any need.

List of useless things:

Premature things:
The prototype of product, of transition product before final vision, those things
with ideal of the final vision, but unnecessary could perform their function per-

When I was kid in primary school, my teacher always told me that study is to
become a useful person. From their I learned there is a idea that before be edu-
cated and adapted, the prime state of human being, a kid, is kind of useless.

For the same reason the processing product of research, either for science or
design also useless.
2. Additional things.
In this condition almost everything could become useless when one got too much
of that.
Food itself is useful, but when it leftover (and no one could eat it). It is useless.
Antiques bunched in the storage of museum are also kind in this situation.
Through they still could be used as the vehicle to culture representing, but they
had already out of the contest that they could perform the way they suppose to
be. they are useless in their own fate.
The back up storages things also could be in this catalog.

4. Un-qualified things.
Imperfect products, because they not qualified to be come standard product, they
can not appeared in economic circulation, as their value could not be cash, they
are useless.

In Japan, food produce process mushrooms into thin slides and sundried them
and than packaged them into bags, sell them as slide dry mushroom. but if the
mushroom cheeps broken during the transportation, they lost the quality to be-
come the standard product, than not be allowed to appeared on the shop shelf,
through the broken mushroom chips taste as good as any others, they become
useless things.

5. broken things.

things that used to be useful but because it is broken, can not practice its origi-
nal usage, it become useless.
Wormed things usually end up in garbage can. And beside them, those empty
packages used single use things, food residue,also could be put into this type.

6. Abundant things
Things that still could be use but had disregarded by people. Those things maybe
use to be

7. Things that have debatable value:

Things we don’t need but still like; For instance: cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, extra
sugars, and artificial flavors, new clear bomb store.

Art could also put into this catalog. Though there is value system to give price to
an art work, but the value of art vague. It is because art is thing we use to ex-
press representing and interpreting ourselves. As it is not serving any practical
goals, it is value is different from person to person. One mind blooding master-
piece could be completely useless for another person.

8. No use things.
Stars, wield animals, those things exist, but people haven’t found the way to use
them, so they still useless.
Meanwhile useless is a comparative concept; a thing could be useless for one
while be precious to others. And useless is also a concept related to time, useful
things become useless by time, vice versa. Now, it is obviously to see that the
useful or not is decided by its users but not designers but is.

There are two ways things become useless, one is when people don’t know how
to use it, art, experimental products, stars are useless in this way. Considering
there is actually potential be used and the fact that not being used additional
things and abundant things also could be take as the member in this catalog.
Another way is when people don’t want to use it. These kind of useless things
usually end up in cabbage can. And the real useless things, those we know have
no good to us but still dedicated to. For this type of uselessness, to tell the truth I
still don’t know what I should do with.
About useless architecture:

Who is audience of the architecture?

In general, architecture as a martial existing its audience should be people who
use it. The usage of architecture for this group of people is about economical ef-

Meanwhile, architecture as a discipline, it is hard not in the conversation with its

own follow. In this respect, a architecture could show more contexts, which are
beyond its own physical circumstance. In these way, architecture could abstract
audience who unnecessarily have chance to use it but curious about its contain-
ing. Because of it, some architects use their work to passing on messages.

There a completely useless architecture should not have any economical effi-
ciency, meanwhile talking nonsense.
The practical usages of architecture:
1. Shelter people.
2. Gather people
3. Separate people
4. Host certain program.
5. Service certain function
6. Guide circulation of people
7. Provide entrance to events
8. Enhance view
9. Demonstrate wealth or power
10. Protect property
11. To establish property
12. To enhance property
13. Connect property