Enter these during gameplay Cheat UP, SQUARE, SQUARE, DOWN, LEFT, SQUARE, SQUARE, RIGHT UP, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, DOWN, LEFT, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, RIGHT UP, X, X, DOWN, LEFT, X, X, RIGHT L1, R1, TRIANGLE, L1, R1, CIRCLE, L1, R1 L1, R1, CIRCLE, L1, R1, X, L1, R1 L1, R1, X, L1, R1, SQUARE, L1, R1 L1, R1, SQUARE, L1, R1, TRIANGLE, L1, R1 L1, L1, TRIANGLE, R1, R1, X, SQUARE, CIRCLE CIRCLE, X, DOWN, CIRCLE, X, UP, L1, L1 X, X, R1, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, L1, TRIANGLE, TRIANGLE CIRCLE, CIRCLE, R1, TRIANGLE, TRIANGLE, L1, SQUARE, SQUARE L1, UP, RIGHT, R1, TRIANGLE, SQUARE, DOWN, X Effect Weapon set 1 Weapon set 2 Weapon set 3 Money Cheat ($250,000) Full Armor (Blue Bar) Full Health (Red Bar) Raise Wanted Level Never Wanted Cars Drive On Water White Cars Black Cars Raise Media Attention


Effect Spawn Trashmaster Sunny Weather Clear Weather Overcast Weather Rainy Weather Foggy Weather Spawn Rhino Faster Clock Destroy All Cars Peds Riot Peds Attack You Peds Have Weapons Faster Gameplay Slower Gameplay Perfect Traction

down.X.R1. RIGHT.trianglex2 Faster Clock L1. DOWN.O. R1.triangle. R1.L1. R1 Effect Commit Suicide All Green Lights Aggressive Drivers Have People Follow You Bobble Head World Display Game Credits Change Bike Tire Size All Vehicles Chrome Plated Calls closest Ped to come hop on/in your vehicle.000 L1.triangle.right.R1.L1.X.up.R1 AAA*** Cheat Code WARNING *** It is recommended that you do not save the game while codes . CIRCLE.L1. R1.R1. UP.X. Square.X.L1. liberty city stories cheats [PS2 Cheat by: ShyGuy ] Alright you lunatics here are some things to help you make it throught the mean streets of Liberty City Keep in mind that I have personally tested all but 5 of these and I will start with the 5 unknown ones: #1 up.X.trianglex2.Cheat L1. X SQUARE.L1 #2 and the 2nd is O. untested) Perfet Handling L1.L1.X.triangle.circlex2 Green Lights trianglex2. X.left.X Chrome Cars L1.R1 $ SQUARE.square.square. CIRCLE.down. L1.R1.up. #1 O.square. L1. UP. circle.L1.L1. L1.up.X Spawn Rhino L1. R1 DOWN.squarex2. R1 #2 up. triangle. Down.R1. L1. L1.L1 #3 up.X.triangle. DOWN.L1. Sorry for the bad frame rate.circlex2.L1.L1.down. CIRCLE DOWN. TRIANGLE TRIANGLE.R1.R1. R1. my HyperCam settings are messed TRIANGLE.L1.right.R1.squarex2 Destroy All Cars L1. X.up. by AznAndNerdy See the video: Cheat Video G. CIRCLE.R1. R1.X.R1 #5 X.A.L1 #4 up. X. SQUARE. R1.R1. X.up.X.L1.R1. Up.up. SQUARE. TRIANGLE X.O.down.L1.O.up.right.O Spawn Trashtruck triangle.R1. R1 L1. DOWN.up triangle.X Black Cars circlex2.L1. L1. R1 CIRCLE.square.R1 White Cars X. R1.O. DOWN. DOWN. Square.triangle Aggressive Drivers squarex2. TRIANGLE.X.L1.up.L1.X.square.up.O. X.R1. L1.up. R1.square. R1. Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories Secret Tunnel Glitch [PS2 Cheat by: SeaRose ] I will show you in this video on how to get out of map and into the secret tunnel in GTA:LCS.X.R1.L1. L1.right. X. CIRCLE.L1. X. DOWN. DOWN. UP.downx2.triangle.L1 Health L1.left.square Cars Drive On Water (the 1st do not work.T. TRIANGLE.L1. CIRCLE. RIGHT. DOWN. LEFT. SQUARE TRIANGLE.

Keep breaking the law until the media attention level is displayed. you must find another one within the time limit or the mission ends. Triangle A message will appear if you entered correctly. and may cause glitches. Twenty 8 pedestrians. You can also reenter the same car and repeat it as many times as desired. Go to the park at night where the mission took place and be dressed in the Avenging Angels fatigues. Staunton Island. Right. Square. Ride with passenger How to: When in a vehicle with nearby pedestrians. Square. press: L1. Circle(2).P Barracks OL Find the junkyard and go in. Find another Avenging Angel dressed the same. If your movement becomes locked. When inside a car or on a bike. If your Avenging Angel friend dies. Square. enter the car or get on the bike. The nearest person will enter your car or get on your bike. No money loss when Busted Complete the Avenging Angels missions on Staunton Island. Reach level 12 to be fireproof. L1(2). . press: L1(2). Firefighter mission bonus Fireproof Steal a fire truck and press R3 to start the Firefighter missions. It may affect your game statistics. it locks your movement unless done under one of the following conditions. R1 A message will appear if you entered correctly. some codes cannot be disabled. grenades. Just run them down in a car is the easy way. View media attention level When playing. press: Up(3). R1(2) A message will appear if you entered correctly. or use a bladed melee weapon. 4 gangs unlocked in Multiplayer mode When playing . Down. X. Using Molotov cocktails. press: X. Next to a wall will be a Barrack OL (army truck). Random Pedestrian Costumes/Outfits When playing. Portland. A message will appear if you entered correctly. Triangle. *** After this code is enabled 4 times. L1. Up. R1. Left. Your controls will not be locked. Press R3 near them to start the vigilante-style killing spree.have been enabled. Ambulance mission bonus Steal an ambulance and press R3 to start the Ambulance missions. Up. Additionally. You have been warned . Down. Reach level 12 to get infinite sprinting. then press Triangle to exit the car or bike. X. You will fight various groups of hoodlums around Staunton Island in this mission. and other weapons capable of taking out multiple opponents at once is also good. Avenging Angels missions Description: "Avenging Angels" side missions is unlocked by Completing Leon McAffrey's "Crazy 69" mission. X. Square. either reload your saved game file or enable the Commit suicide code to return to normal at the hospital with your new costume. enable the code. Right.

L1. After taking control of Paulie'scar he will exit. Circle. L1. Assassins After you complete the "No Son Of Mine" mission. Down(2). R1. go at maximum speed on a PCJ-600 on the wrong side of the road. Drive his car to where you kill the gang and they will not attack you. Left. L1. and a nice gun.) Upside up When playing the game. press: X(3). When you see a Banshee. R1. L1. R1. Triangle. Tuxedo costume/outfit Complete the A Date with Death mission to unlock the Tuxedo costume. This works even better with a Sanchez. body armor. press: L1(2). A message will appear if you entered correctly.Handling vehicles Better When playing. Faster gameplay When playing. R1. L1. Assassins can be carrying money. Down(2). Pedestrians riot When playing. Down. press: L1. making it very easy to kill them. press: Up(3). L1. drive directly into it. R1(2). Ma will put a "hit" on you. R1 A message will appear if you entered correctly. then use any bike to fly over cars. press: Triangle. Right. View game credits When playing. repeatedly tap X. Triangle A message will appear if you entered correctly. enable the Change motorcycle tire size code. R1(2). Down. R1. Paulie Siddaco will be in your van. BIG BIG Air How to: To get big air off any car. After you complete the mission. L1(2). Return to normal from upside up When playing. Square A message will appear if you entered correctly. Triangle(2). Chrome traffic When playing. Additionally. The Peace Mission hint You must take control of Paulie Siddaco's car and kill the gang members. So it is not that bad . X . Left. R1. R1. Square. Up. R1 A message will appear if you entered correctly. Wise Guy costume/outfit Complete the Shoot The Messenger mission to unlock the Wise Guy costume. Press Down after this code is enabled to make your car jump. X A message will appear if you entered correctly. Up. Down. press: R1(2). Infinite sprint How to: Instead of holding X to run. L1. press: L1. First enable the "Pedestrians follow you" code.

press: Up(3). R1.A message will appear if you entered correctly.000 When playing. and sniper rifle will be unlocked. Left. Exceed Garage limit 1. keep pushing it towards the garage door until it . You can cut down many enemies at once if you keep moving and tapping Circle. and after the garage door opens. flamethrower. Down. R1. Right A message will appear if you entered correctly. Square(2). press: L1(2). press: L1. you will keep doing the "running" punch attack. Let it Snow How to unlock: Find the auto shop in Portland to change the weather to snow . If you get to level 9. shotgun. Start the delivery missions and reach level 9 to increase your maximum health by 25 points. Square. it will start snowing to make it more difficult to drive in. Molotov cocktails. Fist Fighting How to: When selecting an enemy in a fist fight. Katana How to unlock: After completing Leon McAffrey's "Crazy 69" mission. L1(2). 9mm handgun. run towards them and tap Circle repeatedly. repeatedly enable the code until no ammunition number appears beneath the gun pictures. AK-47. Destroy all cars When playing. Even though you will just be running into them and may remain stationary. R1. Let it Snow . Square(2). 2 locations. 3. Square A message will appear if you entered correctly. you will keep the samauri sword during the mission. The brass knuckles. Circle. X. press: Up. quickly press Triangle to get back on and press X to drive it in before the door closes again. L1. Left. knife. Get a motorcycle and park it against the garage door. as it can kill enemies with one hit. X(2). 2. To get infinite ammunition. $250. 7 gangs unlocked in Multiplayer mode When playing . Forty 3 pedestrians. Right. This is a very good sword for your melee slot. Use it for the "Avenging Angels" missions when fighting gangs to save ammo. L1 A message will appear if you entered correctly. Jump off. Begin the car dealership missions where you must sell cars to people by doing what they want. Weapons (tier 1) When playing. Tec-9. L1.. Triangle. Food delivery mission bonus Maximum Health +25 Go to the Well Stacked Pizza shop in Staunton Island or the Noodle Punk shop in Portland. R1 A message will appear if you entered correctly. Toni will keep doing this attack rapidly and your enemy will not have a chance to attack back. With a car.

Repeat this to make it grow larger until it returns to its original size. You can now do things like in a normal vehicle. there is a ramp going on top of the fire station. you will receive the "Dragon jumpsuit" clothing option at your safehouse. To your left when you are up there is a ledge going around the airport. then keep pushing it until it is inside. but it will be on fire. Park a vehicle already in your garage halfway out to keep the door up. Super Land Stalker (bulletproof) at Shoreside Vale safe-house Complete the Avenging Angels missions in Shoreside Vale. X. the cop will want to fight you. Game Of Death reference After completing Leon McAffrey's "Crazy 69" mission where you run around in the park and kill gang members with a samauri sword. L1(2) A message will appear if you entered correctly. press: Circle. Drive of the edge onto the airplane hanger to find an M60 with 100 ammunition. There is a secret package and magnum. the vehicle will be fixed but still look burned. Make sure to only punch him once. Drive destroyed vehicle How to: Find a vehicle with a driver in it. Change motorcycle tire size . When you go through it. Triangle(2). press: Down(3). Spirit E and PJC at Staunton Island safe house Deliver all sixteen vehicles on the list to the Love Media garage in Bedford. Circle. Now. X. Drive on water When playing. Press Triangle to get in the car and immediately enable the "Destroy all cars" code. This article of clothing is exactly the same as the one Bruce Lee wore in his 1973 film Game Of Death. M60 in Shoreside Vale Location: There is an M60 at the airport parking lot. If done correctly. Keep going around the airport until reaching a dead end. There should be a small opening to your left. if you run up to the person being chased and punch him. Underwear costume/outfit Complete one unique jump to get the Underwear costume. Up. Pedestrians follow you When playing. Make sure you can reach the doors on them or you may not be able to get them out. There is a small gap between the edge and an airplane hanger. R1 A message will appear if you entered correctly. Circle. Enable the "Full health" code to put out the fire. if you continue and kill the person. Shoot the moon with the sniper rifle to make it increase in size. you will get a $50 Good Citizen Bonus. L1. Down. drive in as many other vehicles as you can fit. Change size of the moon Use a sniper rifle to look at the moon. If you take it to a Pay N Spray. you should be in the vehicle. Good citizen bonus Description: When you see a cop chasing sum1 down the sidewalk.opens.

Black traffic When playing. Triangle A message will appear if you entered correctly. In Grand Theft Auto 3. . FBI car Get a 5 star wanted level and FBI cars will appear. Up. as you cannot take it with you. It also has good speed and handling. Right A message will appear if you entered correctly. do not go up it. As soon as you see one. Once you reach the ramp. L1. Drive off the bridge and into the water. Get to other areas early How to: To reach Staunton Island early. Keep following the wall & run to the back. Circle A message will appear if you entered correctly. R1.Repeat the code to cycle the tire sizes between large. and normal. can you?". X. Square(2). Commit suicide When playing. Instead. Spawn Rhino When playing. press: L1(2). When playing. When you are driving the FBI car. Slower gameplay When playing. Up. Circle. press: Circle. the sign read "You are not suppose to be here". Follow this wall until you find the ramp. Down. Left. Drive your car onto the docks. Circle. Goodfella costume/outfit Complete the "Overdose Of Trouble" mission to unlock the Goodfella costume. then run straight ahead. press: L1. Right. Dragon Jumpsuit costume/outfit Complete the "Crazy 69" mission to unlock the Dragon Jumpsuit costume. A message will appear if you entered correctly. Square A message will appear if you entered correctly. X. Right. Super Angel Bike (bulletproof) at Portland safe-house Complete Avenging Angels missions in Portland. L1(2). Jump over to the roof to your right. Triangle. press Circle(2). Smiley face sign in Staunton Island Description: Look for the place where you have to chase the "priest" into the Church missions. X. Find the white stairs and climb up them. small. Square. R1. Overalls costume/outfit Complete "The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade" mission to unlock the Overalls costume. You are now on Stanton Island. It is a garage-type place. Right. Triangle. press: R1. turn on the siren and all of the other cars will move out of the way. Turn to the left to find the hidden location. Jump off to the right of the wall. the sign has a smiley face with the message ""You just can not get enough of this alley. enable the "Wanted level disabled" code and quickly get in an FBI before it leaves. Triangle. go to the Calahan bridge and enable the "Drive on water" code. This also works for Liberty City. Left. L1. X. then go to the docks. Make sure it is not a nice car. R1. Left.

Circle(2). Infinite shotgun ammunition How to: Stand outside the Ammu-Nation store and target the man behind the counter. R1. press: X(2). and he will have respawned with another shotgun.Complete level 4 in the car salesman missions. then take his shotgun and drive away a few blocks. which you can once again take from him. Kill him. L1. 1. Triangle(2) A message will appear if you entered correctly.White traffic When playing. Return to the store. . It will appear in the showroom. Real vehicle equivalents Banshee Dodge Viper RT/10 / Shelby Series One Bobcat Ford Ranger Blista Dodge Caravan BF Injection Modified Volkswagen sand buggy Cheetah Ferrari Testarossa Deimos SP Nissan 300ZX Hellenbach GT Dodge Challenger / AMC AMX Infernus Jaguar XJR-15 / XJ 220 V8 Ghost Lotus Espirt V8 Chevrolet Camaro / Pontiac Firebird Phobos VT TransAm Stinger / Yakuza Porsche Boxter Stinger Thunder Rodd 1939 Dodge Sedan Delivery Police Chevrolet Caprice pursuit Taxi Chevrolet Caprice FBI Cruiser Chevrolet Caprice pursuit Forelli Exsess Stallion Sentinel / Leone Sentinel Yardie Lobo Patriot Stretch Ambulance Rumpo Firetruck Esparanto Kuruma Cabbie Landstalker Idaho Manana Bus Moonbeam Yankee / Triad Fish Van Linerunner Freeway / Angel Faggio Pontiac Grand Am Ford Mustang? BMW 3 Series Chevrolet Impala / El Camino Hummer H1 Lincoln Continental Limousine Ford E350 Ambulance Ford E250 Econoline Van American LaFrance pumper truck Cadillac Coupe DeVille Dodge Stratus Chevrolet Bel Air Mitsubishi Montero Sport 70's Dodge 440 two-door Geo Storm International Blue Bird Chevy Van Ford Econoline 350 Freightliner / Peterbuilt Cab Harley Davidson Vespa Scooter Hellanbach GT Are you looking for a Hellanbach GT for LoveMedia crazy car give-away? There are 2 ways to get one.

X A message will appear if you entered correctly. and Shoreside Vale unlocked in Multiplayer mode When playing. Vice City Reference During the intro sequence for the Biker Heat mission. Right. Free items How to: You can buy anything in the beginning. Select the pistol and you will not be charged. X. press: Triangle(3).It can be found is at Shoreside Vale. That car is a Hellenbach GT. press: Up(3). Down. Circle. press: Up. Square. X(2). L1. drive left or right. If one is not there. Portland. Down. L1. Aggressive drivers When playing. Circle(2) A message will appear if you entered correctly. Return to normal from upside down When playing. the poster above Maria's bed depicts members of the imaginary rock band Love Fist. you will see Chinese food on the table . Sweats costume/outfit Complete the "A Walk In The Park" mission to unlock the Sweats costume. Up. Inside the safehouse. X. Save the car in your garage until you need it. All pedestrians. cars. then turn back. R1(2). Foggy weather When playing. JP will call and tell you to take his car as a down payment on the money that he owes you. Up(2). Triangle. Go to the 1st house on the bottom row of houses in the Cedar Grove area. Down. R1. . Staunton Island. press: Up. R1 A message will appear if you entered correctly. Sunny weather When playing. Circle. Down. press: L1(2). R1 A message will appear if you entered correctly. Triangle. Triangle. Triangle(2). Overcast weather When playing. which was the band Tommy Vercetti befriended and completed missions for in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Up. L1. R1 A message will appear if you entered correctly.2. L1. Chinese food after Wong Side Of The Tracks mission Location: Go directly to your Portland safehouse after completing the Wong Side Of The Tracks side mission. Also you can get the Hellenbach GT from the mission where you must kill Sindacco. L1. press: Square(2). Shotgun and ammunition Find a cop car to get a free shotgun or bullets. There can be one sitting in front of the garage. During one of the 1st missions you have to go to Ammu-Nation. You can also go to the Pay 'N Spray for free the 1st few times. R1 A message will appear if you entered correctly.

However. Thunder-Rod Description: You must win a race when you do the 3rd or 4th mission for Ma Cipriani called "Grease Sucho". Left. However. you must deliver sixteen different cars. shotgun. and minigun. it will be very hard to win the game later. the following reward will appear in your safe houses when you collect the required number of packages: Handgun 10 hidden packages Shotgun 20 hidden packages Body armor 30 hidden packages MP5 gun 40 hidden packages Python gun 50 hidden packages M4 gun 60 hidden packages Laser aimed sniper rifle 70 hidden packages Flamethrower 80 hidden packages Rocket launcher 90 hidden packages $50. R1. You must ram the car to get him out so that you can kill him. press: Triangle. In the "Love Media" mission. Traffic lights always green When playing. Square. assault rifle. called a Thunder-Rod. press Down. . Kill anyone without receiving stars How to: With a car or bike. L1. Wanted level increased When playing . After you ram Sucho's car just enough that he gets out. press: L1(2). L1. or shoot down helicopters.000 100 hidden packages . Drive directly toward the target and jump out. you must kill Sucho. R1. drive fast enough so that you can jump out of it and kill sum1 at the same time. This will not work if you jump out too late. kill him then take the car and put it in your garage. You can hit gang members and they will not chase you. Use this way of aiming to take out gang members in their cars. L1(2). This works for the pistol. Triangle. do not let the car explode. Hidden package rewards There are a total of 100 hidden packages in the game: 40 in Portland 30 in Staunton Island 30 in Shoreside Vale Besides getting $250 when each package is collected. the officer in pursuit will aimlessly run. X A message will appear if you entered correctly. and the Thunder-Rod is one of them. Holding L1 also allows for more controlled aiming (slows the movement of the sights).Weapon Aiming 101 How to: When holding R1. If you do. Once you win. He will be in a car with flames down the side. Faster game time When playing . press: L1. Circle. Triangle. R1 A message will appear if you entered correctly. L1. Square. You can also hit police cars by doing this and not get into trouble. R1. if you do this to sum1 the police are chasing. Right. pop tires. Square. X(2) A message will appear if you entered correctly.

Cox Mascot costume/outfit Win SlashTV 2 times to unlock the Cox Mascot costume. Down. the motorcycle passenger will get back on the motorcycle and sit behind you as you drive around. Down. L1(2) A message will appear if you entered correctly. you can never have a wanted level. L1. press: R1(2). *** You will not be able to bail from the bike while moving. Circle A message will appear if you entered correctly. Up. Triangle. When playing . Fly helicopter in Calm Before The Storm mission . Antonio costume/outfit Complete the "Making Toni" mission to unlock the Antonio costume. Easier Mission Once at the point where you can do missions for Ma Cipriani ("C" on the map). Down. Pedestrians have weapons When playing. Upside down When playing. Spawn Trashmaster When playing. Square. L1. L1 A message will appear if you entered correctly. Circle A message will appear if you entered correctly. do not continue doing them until they are the only option. R1. Circle. Circle. she will send hit men after you. Pedestrians attack you When playing . You have to hit them hard enough that they both fly off the motorcycle. press: L1(2). Circle. R1(2). just get off the bike and shoot them. Triangle A message will appear if you entered correctly. To get rid of the passenger. Triangle. X(2). press: Triangle. Motorcycle Passenger Description: You need to use a vehicle to ram a motorcycle with 2 people sitting on it. making future missions more difficult to complete. After Ma's "No Son Of Mine" mission. Square. R1(2). Clear weather When playing . press: L1(2).Wanted Level disabled If this code is enabled. press: Up. X. press: Down(3). Right. R1 A message will appear if you entered correctly. L1(2). Up. Square. R1. When done correctly. Up. R1. Get on the bike and shoot the driver but not the back passenger. L1. as the back passenger will block you from being able to jump off. They will continue to appear until they are all killed.

Avenging Angel costume/outfit Complete the "Frighteners" mission to unlock the Avenging Angel costume. Down. then get in the tank and press R3 to start the Vigilante missions. X(2). Left. Chrome plated bat Enable the "Chrome traffic" code. complete the car list for Love Media. Vigilante Mission extra Steal a police car and press R3 to start the Vigilante missions. L1. Down. complete all 24 unique jumps. R1 A message will appear if you entered correctly. Extra armor When playing . successfully complete all Rampages for the M60 to spawn at your safehouses. press Triangle while standing next to the helicopter to board it and fly around. It is possible! A tank will appear in Fort Staunton. R1 A message will appear if you entered correctly. when the helicopter makes its 2nd stop on the top of the building in the Red Light District. Rainy weather When playing . all side jobs. Circle. Down. all races in 1st place. All Multiplayer costumes/outfitswill be available in Single Player mode. find all 100 hidden packages. and survive all 20 rampages. enable the "Spawn Rhino" code. and speed boats can be taken in Portaland. then pick up a bat at your Portland safe house. Weapons (tier 3) When playing . Now. To easily complete the Vigilante missions. press: Up. SMG. The chainsaw. L1. get a bike. Reach level 12 to get a maximum of 150 points of body armor. and sniper rifle will be unlocked. press: L1. Make sure not to kill anyone or the mission will end. X(2). grenades. L1.During this mission for JD. Additionally. X. Chauffeur costume/outfit Complete the Rollercoaster Ride mission to unlock the Chauffeur costume. Square. press: Up. Circle. repeatedly . To get infinite ammunition for this or the other weapons tiers. Up. revolver. R1. combat shotgun. Crash into the cars and bikes you are chasing and they will explode. R1. mini-gun. Drive it up the stars. *** You do not get the M60 with any of the weapon cheats. Completion Bonuses Get a 100% completion by finishing all story line missions. Right A message will appear if you entered correctly.

sawn-off shotgun. Drop off 100 passengers to unlock the Bickle '76 cab. Circle(2). . Portland. Upgraded Sanchez Complete all 10 courses in the Bump & Grinds at the dirt bike course in Portland. To get infinite ammunition for this or the other weapons tiers. Taxi missions bonus Steal a taxi and press R3 to start the Taxi Driver missions. R1 A message will appear if you entered correctly. *** Enabling this code will cause your street creds to substantially drop in points. Left. R1. press: Up. 2 gangs unlocked in Multiplayer mode When playing the game. M16. R1 A message will appear if you entered correctly. press: L1. Circle(2). L1. press: Down(3). L1. R1. Circle(2). You can check your creds in the stats menu at the pause screen. repeatedly enable the code until no ammunition number appears beneath the gun pictures. The katana sword. Right A message will appear if you entered correctly. R1. If this code is enabled when your car is smoking or damaged it will get repaired. grenades. Down. Square. Uzi. Weapons (tier 2) When playing. King' Jumpsuit costume/outfit Complete all missions to unlock the King' Jumpsuit costume. X. X. Square(2). Triangle. 14 pedestrians. L1. You can check your creds in the stats menu at the pause screen. Full health & Repair When playing. *** Enabling this code will cause your street creds to substantially drop in points. Enable Big head mode When playing .enable the code until no ammunition number appears beneath the gun pictures. L1 A message will appear if you entered correctly. press: Up(3). and laser scoped sniper rifle will be unlocked. revolver. rocket launcher.