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he Doctor looked about him, Tardis isn’t that far off course!” “ I don’t think we’re going any-
T . a slightly perturbed
glance at the endless fields around
Suddenly, a laser beam cut where,” whispered the Doctor.
through the air, narrowly missing “Doctor, I feel a bit strange,”
the Tardis. them, and finding its mark on a said Pen, folding her arms about
“Alright, Doctor,” said Pen in a small rock, splitting it cleanly in her. “It’s a kind of force… the
resigned tone. “Where are we this two. pressure is crushing… I can’t
time?” Taken by surprise, Pen shot a breathe…”
‘‘Well, according to the Tardis, horrified look at the rock, then “And a feeling that your very
we should be on Exar 3,” replied stared all around her. soul is being sucked from you?”
the Doctor. “But this looks no- “Where did that come from?” said the Doctor, fighting hard
thing like I remember it.’’ she exclaimed. against the awful sensation of feel-
“Typical,” muttered Pen under “Let’s not wait to find out,” said ing as though he was being turned
her breath. the Doctor as they turned to dash inside out. But Pen had already
“What did you say?” asked the for the Tardis. collapsed. He was dimly aware of
Doctor, only half listening. Another bolt from the myste- a bright golden light, before he too
“It looks like Earth,” said Pen. rious laser beam gave its own un- sank into the realms of uncon-
“Oh no.” said the Doctor. “The spoken orders. sciousness.

“Oh, my whole body feels as “Right now, the water would be door. “Will you stop that!”
though it’s got a hangover!” more valuable to me than the Peri moved to join them, but
moaned Peri, returning to con- goblet!” said Peri with a hand to the being spun round to halt her,
sciousness some time later. “What her throat. “I’m so thirsty… extending its lethal talon mena-
did who do to us?” Then, as her aren’tyou?” cingly. A circle of gold light shone
eyes focused on the surroundings, “A trifle,” said the Doctor. “ I from its chest as it emitted a warn-
she added, “And where are think we were hit by some kind of ing “BZZP!”
we… I seem to remember asking moisture evaporator. Enough “I think that means they don’t
that not long ago.” moisture was taken from our want you yet,” said the Doctor.
“Yes, I wasn’t sure then,” said bodies to render us senseless, but “Doctor!” shouted Peri in a
the Doctor. “I‘m even less sure not enough to kill us. The pressure panic as she watched him dis-
now. ’’ and other sensations were caused appear through the opening, and
He got up and started to study by the speed of the dehydration the door slid shut again, separat-
the chamber they were impris- process. ’’ ing them.
oned in. Everything was gold, the A door slid silently open and a The Doctor was led through a
furniture and the contents… all small being, also all gold, shuffled maze of corridors. and although
gold. The Doctor picked up a gob- into the room, swaying from side he tried to keep track of where he
let and scrutinised it. to side as it moved. was, he had to admit defeat be-
“Is there any water in it?” asked It shuffled towards the Doctor fore long.
Peri. and jabbed him with a sharp talon “Any point in asking you where
The Doctor shook his head. that protruded from its chest. we’re going?” asked the Doctor
“You don’t drink water from such “Ow!” he shouted. “Well, the flippantly. But the little creature
a valuable goblet as this,” he said. natives certainly aren’t friendly!” remained silent, acknowledging
The little being jabbed him him only with even more un-
again, motioning him towards the friendly prods to move him on.

Eventually, they came to another “I am Ranon, the Guardian of get it! All the secrets of those
larger sold chamber where an these people, the Debans. and this planets are absorbed in a blue
rock that is kept in the Tower of
Selsor. The Siros have seized it
and it is entombed in the Crypt of
tween them, standing on a dais, will, but we are in desperate need Pimo,” said Ranon.
was another golden figure, much of assistance. Yours was the first “Your people seem well able to
taller and grander than the rest, craft our Homing Link-up Monitor take care of themselves,” the Doc-
with features resembling a lizard picked up.” tor said, remembering their cap-
and purple spikes encircling his “Picked up?”repeated the Doc- ture. “Why do you need my
head. tor. “I don’t understand.” help?”
He fixed the Doctor with a dis- “Once your craft entered our “The Tower of Pimo is in the
comfiting stare. For a few awk- orbit, our Homing Link-up Moni- Nomed Zone… an evil place,”
ward moments there was silence, tor registered it, and our Galactic explained Ranon. “The Siros are
then this central figure shattered Co-ordinator Intercept took con- equipped to go there: we are not, ”
the silence with a gurgling noise trol of it, bringing you here to us,” A rumble from above warned
that could be compared to a hu- said Ranon. them that the Siros were again on
man voice speaking under water “You must need assistance the rampage.
“Welcome, stranger,” he said. badly to kidnap the first craft to “You’d better hurry, Doctor,
“Whom have I the pleasure of stray into your orbit,” said the there’s no time to argue,” shouted
addressing?” Doctor flatly. Ranon. “If you don’t go now,
The unexpected politeness “We do, Doctor. We are at war you’ll be destroyed with the rest of
from such an awesome looking fi- with the Siros who share our us! ”
gure surprised the Doctor. planet. They want full control over “How d o we find this zone?”
“I am the Doctor,” he replied. our sister planets, Lostar and Kris- asked the Doctor, shouting above
”Who are you?” tar… and they will destroy us to the din.

balance and tumbled off the he came into sight. thankful voice. gun at them. they came called again.” silence followed. Pen. Doctor. “Never mind that now. “That’s obviously a Siro do — can’t be far from the Nomed Zone 8 . “A CP1O death ray. “We her.” thought Pen. I thought you were a ledge. but still insecure on the narrow “Oh. broken from their ranks and were “Trust us to get involved in a “Remind me not to try and make rushing around in organised war!” shouted Pen. I think you should him. you think it’s seen us?” asked tion. Pen.” shouted the Doc- to some loose shale. “Doctor! Are you OK? Nomed Zone. it been imprisoned.” “Doctor! Where did they take vinced the Doctor it was able to Pen shivered. “That’s true. I wonder why they call it CP10 took them off guard and. The Doctor examined the gravity of Ranon’s words register. a Deban was rocks. plied. Half crawling and half falling “Ouch!” cried an indignant she reached the Doctor. about to turn his laser on a Siro. now. taking it from his find a way to the outside world.” air was thick with smoke and las. “Doctor!” screamed Peri. Once more silence reigned for a tor. think about that. the and gashed her hand. Doctor.’’ In answer to her question. back up OK?” she called. “I’ll try anything once!” hard. Half way.” Where are you?” “Down there?” shouted Pen. come down to me instead. looking wanly at the long sound caught her ears. the group of rocks disintegrated into you back to our base. the shale be. Just next to them. The rows of Debans had ers flashed everywhere.” called A sudden shot from a Siro’s She craned her neck and listened Pen. “Doctor!” she perilous it was to reach it… I’m A little further along. then a scrabbling down a little more safely than I Doctor. Peri. gonner!” “Now then. dust. called out. place and fired its weird-looking finger and handing it to the Doc. the laser guns. Doctor. “Follow the largest rock forma.” said the Doctor. the Doctor. that?” their dash for cover.” he re. hind him and levelled his CP10 at Peering over. the Doctor recapped on his en.” she said. “I’ve found a door fore vanishing into mid-air and Refusing to think the worst. whispered the Doctor.”said Ranon. backwards it spells ‘De. At their lack of movement. you’ll see a cave. “Peri!” he shouted and raced with a huge silver ball as a head. ness of the pit yawning before her. the Zone. can do to people too. spotting a blue humanoid monster dust. “Keep down!” cried the Doctor.” said the back to the chamber were they’d Although the ball had no features. and the Doctor. she saw no sign of “Actually. it rotated in a fashion that con. that is the gateway to the Nomed y out. smiling to herself. Pen breathed a sigh of relief. she that could be the entrance to the being transformed into dust. like some. ing her way carefully to the edge. There was a yellow flash.” The Doctor’s voice drifted mon’… not very inviting!” re. “I’d rather not you?” she cried when he reached see. way. she had made the descent safely.” warned the few seconds. now. pick. “Can you manage to get “Be careful here. In front of them. a tor. in “No need to worry about me. “You know me. rock that had just been reduced to ing on his brain. dust to dust. “Goodness!” exclaimed Pen. “Where are you?” not surprised. “Can you get when another Siro appeared be. “And take this As they followed the Debans to Siro turned towards their hiding ring. one moving somewhere below. Outside. “Aaaagh!” The Doctor lost his up to her a few moments before plied the Doctor.” “Ashes to ashes. You should know that by “Well.” called the Deban momentarily froze be. just the empty grey. The Doctor looked er of small stones were disturbed Siro lost interest and went on his quickly round the chamber. “We’ve got a mission to car. neath their feet dislodged. scrambling friends with him!” A chaos. arming themselves with over rocks and wincing as a show. “What it did to that rock. did?” drop to a bottomless pit. “It will automatically beam counter with Ranon. “I think She held her breath as a painful “Ranon didn’t mention how we’d better lie very low.” he added.

and given something to worry about. slowly.” emitted from it and part of the Pen reached up to stroke one. Pen followed his gaze. Siros don’t feel there’s a need to self at Pen just as a buzzing noise ranced. it looks like all our face to face with them. bans. obviously the trigger of his CP1O.” ber caving in. blue rock!” she exclaimed. coming tion. bit too exhausting for me. the Siros levelled his CP1O at rades in their war with the De. five As he continued his examina. the “You mustn’t worry until we’re and the threat of the entire cham- floor slid from under them. and mies on Belstar. noticing the lack hissed. The Siros. “I’ve never been so close to… feeling very vulnerable. I wonder?” in her hands. caves. the door began to open very “Never mind.” Siros rounded the corner. the Siro’s finger settling on the encrusted with gold nuggets. “How d o we “Ooh. “I seem to have mislaid it! “Well.” moaned Pen. looking “Ranon said this zone’s lethal to The Doctor’s keen eyes caught all around him. With no other ene. him. slipping the rock enough for the Doctor and Pen to make a rapid exit while the Siros recovered themselves.recover- . the Nomed Zone of security. enough time to slip inside before it pedestal in the middle .” said the Doctor. “It looks too easy. trapping them. As get in. sufferings have paid off. He and Pen ducked be. her head That moment soon came.” said Pen. guard it. He threw him- the Doctor and Pen stood ent. she added. “The them. seeing The Doctor felt frantically for and the Doctor and Pen had just it standing in all its glory on a the ring Ranon had given him.” said the ”I think it’s time we used that hind the rocks as an army of Siros Doctor. The walls were the Debans. The distraction was they plummetted into a chamber said the Doctor.” Pen whispered. they found their way out of the Nomed Zone back to the ledge and the bottomless pit.of the “That’s easier said than done. Then. “Why isn’t “Mislaid it! How?” Peri was appears to be a complex of anyone guarding it?” mortified. cave wall behind them crumbled. as one of marched out to join their com. Clambering up rubble. chamber.examining the door. bringing rubble showering down aaagh!” Before she finished. looking straight ahead of ring.” he shut again. “Life on Belstar is a they ran out of the chamber. It didn’t immediately close.

”said Ranon. There was a sensation of lightheadedness. he said. they war raging all around them. a proper back.” He grasped the ring and concentrated. “Perhaps we can visit Ranon minded Ranon. as the Tardis buzzed into life. “There’s the ring. were hot on their tails. but I don’t know for how now that we have the rock back. “Doctor. Doctor. how about Ranon. “I can assure you. the bargain. You must have lost it when you fell!” “Quickly! Throw it to me. lodged in that rock. briefly. Peri” shouted the Doctor. ing quickly. “Now hold my hand. Doctor!” cried Pen ex- citedly. slipping quickly into the “Well. that would present no Ranon’s face. and letting and Pen to the Tardis. and they found themselves back in Ranon’s chamber. “Remind me to keep out of Bel. Dodging Pen.” farewell being impossible with the long. fol- lowed by a heavy feeling. “Farewell. The Siros are pretty mad.” Ranon greeted them warmly. problem!” the Doctor laughed We can handle the Siros ourselves tor. of course!” laughed Co-ordinator Intercept.’‘ said Ranon. and will try to get it back!” won’t see the rock again!” The Doctor and Pen waved “Let them try. and thank you. Doc. “Do you have the rock?” The Doctor nodded. the CP1Os of the Siros they is!” terpreted as a smile crossed reached the Tardis safely. escorted the Doctor cumstances. “It’s safe for now. accompanied by a band again… under different cir- releasing us from your Galactic of Debans.” the Doctor re. we’ve kept our part of star’s orbit if they do!” said the Tardis. “Oh. “Of course. that An expression that could be in. us get on our way?” the laser rays of the Debans and “If the Tardis can find him. Doctor. “Ranon would find us!” 11 . “Now. “Look.

Tony and producer John Nathan-Turner know each other person who creates the environment for quite well. the designer. for instance. so they will plan to work together if the BBC to talk to Tony Burrough to find schedules allow. The producer will use different out just what creating that “look” designers to create different “looks”. and . On Doctor Who. There are a involves… number of Doctor Who stones per season. and have worked together successfully the story to take place in. I went along to in the past.TheDesigner by Brenda Apsley How is a designer selected for a particular show or series? The designer is the person responsible It’s basically a question of matching job and for the “look” of a TV programme.

How many sets will be used? Are there any moving elements? Does anything 1 have to collapse? Open? Light up? Once the designer has these details in his mind he can start to commit his ideas to paper. but there was no such facility at the studios. A scale of 1:20is used for detail. and with what materials. The What next? designer doesn’t usually have any contact with the author. This is a very painstaking stage in the design work. but they are all story its “feel”. first the set has to be drawn in very great detail. It is the designer’s job to sort out this type of problem. and must translate the scale model into plans for the builders. He has to ensure that his cameras and the actors can move — — around the set freely.The designer’s job is to give the prefer certain types of programme. so part of the action had to be moved to Shepperton. Large studio grid plans show exactly what space is available. and if props will have to be borrowed or hired. as well as the construction of the sets. There particularly if the action takes place in a specific is an element of choice in that certain designers period of history. which is shown to the director. It is also possible to change the script at this early stage in production. but the script will yield important details. for the drawings must show the position of the sets. This is where the artistic and architectural training that some of the designers have comes in useful. After the basic feel has been agreed on come the practical problems. and any visual effects that will be used. furniture and actors. If the budget doesn’t allow the building of the number of different sets called for in the script. producer and director all discuss the what. and other commitments can dictate who works on The designer. The design is then produced as a 1:50scale model. For instance. so that centre details who is available. Costing is very important. from light entertainment to costume drama the Deep story the sea base complex at the bottom -to Doctor Who. Practical problems have to be solved at this point For example. the story may have to be rewritten to simplify the action. The designer has to decide what will be built. This is of particular interest to the director. clinical look no frills and flounces. in Warriors of the Deep a huge water tank had to appear. Is the set built next? No. and it is on these that the designer draws a plan of each set. for the drawings are incredibly detailed. and will work on a very wide range of script. and when. overall “feel”ofthe show. been chosen? The designer’s first job is to read the script. what colours will be used. in the Doctor Who Warriors of shows. each will probably have a different designer. who will control What happens once the designer has what is actually shown in the TV screen. so time dictated a spare. A large peg board at the TV of the ocean was a military establishment. for the budget must always be met. These architectural drawings will be used by the . and this is often dictated by the very versatile. made of board.

Some sets are Where does it all come together? built in the BBC workshops. of course. doors must look solid In the studio. and re-assembled in the studio. No. who work from the detailed plans produced by the designer. The sets have to be well made. The set which has been constructed — enough to hold back a Doctor Who monster! by the contractor. futuristic props are almost always specially made. but not many. Inventive. What about props? The designer is responsible for all the props on the Does the designer's job end here? set. camerawork and research will be needed.people who build the sets. and the props are added. most sets are built by outside contractors. and by the If the story is set in a definite period in history director. but some are specially dismantled. transported. and who liaise with him. No. all the props will have to be very accurate. who will oversee lighting. so the designer will consult reference books and Are the sets built by the BBC? perhaps visit museums so that interiors can be recreated in the studio. If the action takes place in rehearsals. checking details and supervising carpenters and . he or she is always in the studio during filming. He may go to props houses to hire odds and ends. an English country house in the 1920s. for example.

He story on photographs SO that they have an accurate 3 4 I . alone. and overhead microphones etc. to leave! trailing wires. looking behind them to designer supervises the scene shifters. for while most of the people in the studio are though odd bits and pieces may be used again. The designer pays great attention to the monitors around the studio. When filming starts the designer is somewhat The sets are broken up when filming is completed. for he must ensure that what is shown on the screen looks just right. ensure that the backgrounds are right. The designer This is a very busy time in the studio. too. The almost ignores the actors. painters who may have to do last-minute jobs. The concerned with the action and the actors. He must What happens when filming is ignore the studio surroundings and look at the shots completed? as the viewers at home see them. with is usually the first person in the studio and the last — perhaps four or five cameras changing position. the design department documents all episodes of a designer is concerned with the “look” of the set.

the recording will take place in June or July. with a huge budget. but for in a different guise. Keeping within the budget is important working — How long i s the designer involved on programmes IikeDoctor Who is not like working with a project? on something like Star Wars. and the photographs and detailed drawings on filewill ensure accuracy. if the Gallifrey council find their way (heavily disguised) into a Doctor Who chamber reappears in a future Doctor Who story.record. This is why odd bits and pieces may be used again This differs from programme to programme. should sets need to be recreated in the plus a bit from the Blankety Blank set might well future. it story… will be made again from scratch. different painted and used upside-down! A column and the programme will be broadcast the following previously used in a Grace Kennedy singing show January. For example. 5 . Objects that were one thing a Doctor W h o story the designer might start work in right-way-up can become something completely April.

3 and 4 Four to BBC designers come from a variety of Doomsday. they may have trained in fine art or and 8 Warriors of the Deep. theatre or interior design. i How are BBC designers trained? Pictures 1 and 2 show sets from The Keeper of Traken. and they start out as assistants. BBC copyright photographs 8 . working with a designer. architecture. learning “on the job”. 5 and 6 Black Orchid and 7 backgrounds.

Latham’s body. Sarah has been frightened by The Doctor surveyed the scene. Harper said.” replied the Doctor flatly.H. screaming that some monster was Doctor and Peri had been talking gered in supporting an extremely down there. thing. the library. ’’ him to settle Sarah on to the sofa.Day of the Dragon en bent over the blackened for anything to happen but the – Sarah’s been frightened by some- Pfidure. but Recovering his composure. stag. behaviour. Latham’s body. by the maid‘s he asked. and it isn’t the first time. nervous glance at Colonel On leaving the Colonel to go to “Dragons!” she screamed. Her words were humour her. wildly. him has been touched! What on “Spontaneous Human Com. We checked just to to Colonel Latham in his drawing hysterical maid. and Colonel came upstairs from the cellar fact that only seconds before. “It’s all to do with magnetic forces something?” The Doctor urged It was true. before he could explain further. There was no time Sir. have looked the picture of nor.” Sarah screamed even more a cinder. had been stopped in their tracks Harper was himself disturbed. and “Where does that door lead to?” by an anguished scream coming rather embarrassed. but nothing else around “What?”asked Pen. “He’s been burned to death!” wise. as her eyes Inspecting a velvet-covered to worry… oh. the Latham’s butler. Even so. sight before them proved other. but there was no sign room and he had definitely not almost inaudible as she tried to of anything. my God!” he took in the surroundings. then mercifully fainted. Edwardian drawing room would Peri looked at him blankly. the Doctor and Pen “Dragons in… in the cellar!” “Of course. cabinet containing expensive behind them. “You say it isn’t the first time earth could have caused this?” bustion. But nothing could alter the the door burst open. I doubt that it’s anything she exclaimed.” He shot a ventured out since. puzzled. the picturesque little body. the Doctor said. “Two days ago. “Colonel Latham’s been burnt to half to himself. she armchair directly behind Colonel shouted. speak between sobs and shrieks. “S. pointing to a second from the drawing room almost im. Then.C. Harper. If the body had not and chemicals in the human Harper to continue whilst helping been there. of course. 19 . door between a bookcase and a mediately after closing the door “I don’t know about dragons. catching sight of Colonel turned to the Doctor in horror. Latham’s burnt corpse.” said the Doctor. “But glasswear. she mality.” he said sheepishly.

Doctor?” Pen burst out.” said the Doctor. Then his eyes widened as amusement. as the Doc- “Surely you’re not saying that memory.” said Although he was smiling in out harming the surrounding Harper. Peri saw the Doctor frown and slip something into his jacket pocket that he had picked up from the shelf of one of the many wine racks. with- access to his wine racks. Qualar. area. He was able to destroy had it built so that he had easy “I’m sure you’re quite right. “Well. They were able to search every nook and cranny without fear of being spied upon by some un- speakable horror lurking in a dark corner. taking a brown ob- ject with a serrated edge from his pocket. There was no need for candles or lamps: the cellar was wired up and had modern fluorescent light fittings. exasperated by his silence. Harper. 20 . I had the great displeasure to tangle with one of the most dangerous adversaries I have ever encoun- tered.” Reluctantly. there are no dragons in this cellar!’’ Back in the drawing room Har- per was. understandably. wardly disturbed by a distant “How?” asked Peri. The Doctor gave her a faraway look. Sarah’s ‘dragon’ came up from look all the same.” anyone or anything with fire. He the cellar and killed the Colonel? The three of them made their could take the form of a dra- That kind of thing only happens in way down the stone steps which gon… even of fire itself.” he said. “Tell me! I saw you put- ting something into your pocket!” The Doctor gave a resigned I sigh. I did find something resembling part of a scale.” he said. “You mean there might be a dragon?” Pen stammered incre- dulously. Harper left them. very agi- tated. “We may as well take a tor gazed into space. ‘‘Well. “And tell them what? That he went up in a puff of smoke?” said the Doctor. of Fire. but all he said was. “Well. There isn’t much of it. what is it.’’ a thought flashed into his mind. “No. Colonel Latham “No. truly a power to be reckoned with. the Doctor felt in. taking Sarah with him. You take Sarah to her room. the Grand Master “To the cellar. “We should call the police and report Colonel Latham’s death. or what could be a scale. “Three centuries ago.” “He was fire incarnate. leave it a while. tion for such an old house. He is bad horror films!” were in surprisingly good condi. I want to do a little investigating be- fore we go any further.

“It must did make a bargain with him. Qualar! Still “You think he might be re. Peri. “Aaah!” screamed Peri as she and the Doctor took cover hur- riedly behind another tree. In be fifty feet tall! If it doesn’t burn return for peace. they both felt the rise in temperature. very original.” said the His bravado was shaken by Doctor. Entering the wood. it’ll crush us to death!” planet Zaron to create havoc in.” “Oh. The Doctor ignored her panic. a tree only a few yards in front of them was suddenly trans- formed into a pillar of flame. I’ve a few details to check out. Qualar. is it?” “It would appear so. Clearly. “ROAR! ” The sound came from behind them. we gave him the us. it wasn’t enough. “The question is.’’ They ran across the sprawling gardens and into a dense wood where the Tardis had materialised. and ex- changed worried glances. . “I know it’s you. Let’s get back to the Tardis. and they spun round in time to see an enormous dragon lumbering heavily towards them.We couldn’t destroy him. but we “WOW!”shrieked Peri. there’s no need for silly games!” shouted the Doctor. Without warning. why has he come all the way to Earth? Come on. doing the dragon routine? Not sponsible for all this?” asked Peri. come now.

tut. he looked “Quick! Back to the house!” the lar is not yet familiar with it that utter disbelief. It must be him!” “Back on planet Zaron. ”Don’t think about leaving. Had h e gone mad? – at the sight of him.” “Run. with a kind of black The other dragons became agi. It was hard to tated and one threw a deadly “We won’t be safe until we’re in. lar’s villainy. it’s not feeling quite as confident as formidable voice croaked Earth’s technology is far more won’t do the garden much good!” form of… Qualar. form so easily. advanced than Zaron’s.” said the Doctor. they saw his voice thundered. Warily. bush. He “Well. mansion. “Mmh. surely we can put him out of with one arm badly burnt.” replied the Doctor. gave me a dead world! Nothing which would also explain how he Latham?”asked the Doctor. what are we standing here seven-foot-high mass of pulsating more victims… am I right?” “Let’s make for the Tardis. in one of them!” ery. Peri that they had escaped Qua. territory. and the was clear from what he said.” said another dragon coming mena.” “You’re no match for this the sight that greeted them wiped when I do. courage to her heart. Qualar? of treasures for me. in its place stood the true “If nothing lives on Zaron. ” shouted Pen.” said Qualar “He does disappearing tricks Doctor! I mean to keep you here of immobilising Qualar. “Oh?” queried Peri. “Its inhabitants too?” said Peri. “I don’t want you yet… but was dangerous to him. “He’s at “Oh. but control. The key to our goal must be Trying to put on a show of brav. of their eyes. the Doctor the Doctor with a satisfied grin. he said Colonel Latham “Are you serious?” cried Peri. He was a because of your destructive ways. another… and two to their right! Doctor through teeth gritted in and he began to disappear in front A disembodied voice shook Latham’s files while Peri paced up Peri. When they reached the Tardis. The Tardis was surrounded Back at the house. try to outwit me like the Colonel him. He’s burning everything in “Doctor!” cried Pen. I‘m on my guard now!” Qualar’s a disadvantage here because the casually. rounding on them harmed. on Zaron! You tricked me!’’ being seen.for we’ve got to get out of here!” – grey matter. tut. “Now you’re searching for round the wood. reverberate around the wood.” hind them and they turned to see I didn’t know you were the family in a calmer tone. he said. Nobody is “There’s a flame-throwing mons- 22 23 . so don’t she said. lar. ground in pain as a sheet of flame useful. “Mmh. and down. “I can’t believe there’s no way There was a scuffling noise be- “Decided to start a family.” he two of them raced back to the also let slip another snippet of in. there’ll be nowhere to dangerous to Qualar unless they their left. aura around him. relief. comparative safety of the big. urged. until I‘ve done with you. he was fire-breathing monster coming this without burning them. “Why did you kill Colonel indestructible because it was his way. and Qua. helping Peri to her feet. “There’s a singed his arm through his clothes. cingly towards them…and “Why are you here?” spat the “We shall see!” roared Qualar. “Not just yet. Look what happened to action!” “Doctor!” he cried. “The planet Earth holds a mine companions. Turning again. did. “That ments. “You tricked me. Doctor! You something new he’s picked up.” said the Doctor change its form.another “ROAR!” coming from “So I haven’t been forgotten. Doctor!” boomed Qua. which consumed a nearby side. old formation. along with his deadly them. in a sudden flash ofanger. “Even if we can’t destroy Harper staggering into the room type… Aaagh!“ He fell to the have secrets that I will find most lieved that they had been left un. and in a few mo. teasingly. rummaged through Colonel “Help me look through these files.” Then. He was a tiently. the Doctor smiled and said. apparently. thoroughly re. fury lending away Peri’s premature feelings of hide!” know a way to destroy him.”said the Doctor. seeming to planet!” bluffed Pen. and he was in complete his path!” The first dragon began to lives nothing can be controlled — got to Colonel Latham without “He was a danger to me. and Peri cringed Qualar!” cried the Doctor impa. Doctor. shaking his head. by flames. Doctor shouted to Peri. Peri and Harper stared at him in grotesque figure. pain and anger. imagine that he could change flame.

too!” my ground and fighting when soon be with them. “What else?” wafted over to them. and was leav. Doctor!” a variety of bangs and crashes. and you don’t seem of chemistry. leading them to the laboratory.turning all the gas taps on. “Well. The chaos shown there told them eveything. plied the Doctor. “Well. of course!” . The second Qualar’s flames had made contact with the gas and chemicals. bring Sarah. but by then the Doctor and his friends would be hurtling awav from the Earth. “Get on the Doctor simply. know- ing the Tardis’s reputation of not always landing where it’s sup- posed to. Qualar and his companions were no more. They sped round the laboratory there’s a chance of survival.” said A strong smell of burning tap near a work bench. taking most of the surrounding areas with it.” said the Doctor. “You’ll have to come with us I’m afraid.” said the Doctor. Anyone fancy a nice. dusting himself down. an almighty explosion had ripped the house apart. juicy steak… well done. that seems to be the end of that. switch- ing on the screen monitor. Qualar!” along. with their lungs at bursting point. made for the woods and the safety of the Tardis. the Doctor shouted. and we don’t have that chance against truction behind him as he went with the last one turned full on. we can’t leave until indulging in fanciful whims!” said “Are you tying to kill us all?” we’ve carried out our plan. I think we’ve had enough adventure for one day. “I’m rather fond they reached the laboratory. but ing a blazing trail of wanton des. “Well. ter on its way to turn us into well. But we’ll drop you back here when it’ssafe. the explosion will be heard as far away as Gallifrey!” They tore out of the house and. “Run for it! “I think a visit to Colonel “Quickly’ Turn all the gas taps When Qualar’s flames hit this Latham’s laboratory is called for.” Pen and Harper looked in hor- to be bothered!” “This isn’t quite the time to be ror at him. “Let’s see what’s happened to Qualar. Soon it would be over. “You’ll see. together with with it… we’ll have to be well “But we didn’t find it. “Just the opposite!” shouted “What plan?” asked Harper. Sarah.” re. Allowing themselves a split second to quickly glance over their shoulders. the Doctor as he lunged at a gas “To exterminate Qualar.” said the Doctor. activating the controls. You too. “I feel rather hun- gry all of a sudden.” “If the Tardis can find its way back here!” laughed Pen.” said the Doctor. Pen. they caught sight of Qualar only yards from the house. “What are you up to?” cried Harper. said the Doctor. Harper. done steaks.” on!” ordered the Doctor when place. clear of the place before Qualar shouted Pen “I’m all for standing warning them that Qualar would gets here! Peri.

leaving women and chil- dren homeless. There would have been none of this if things had gone differently. England would still be his mouth and made the cry of an stare at the strangers. and the marsh made sinister sucking noises as they moved quietly over it. “The other is But – there was no point in quiet. burning down the homes of the brave Sax- on warriors who had fallen at Hastings. silence. indeed!” said the girl indicated it with a sweep of his the men sat wearily on the floor indignantly.The leader of “Half-wit. and and musty-smelling. they half-wits to me the girl kept mut- – must be the cottage they had been could trust with their lives. free of the iron fist of William. ment it was returned – all was said the old man. “Who’s this?” he demanded.THE REAL A It was dark.” creeping along behind him. star- If the army had not succumbed to peaceful enough but you could – ing at him with wide eyes. The leader’s lips tightened. After a mo. The men moved stealthily some sort of companion to him – wishing now. They sound like a couple of There was a light up ahead it – man whom. the owl into the darkness. they knew. staring in held up a strong hand for silence. The cottage looked two figures in the far corner. Silence was essential how – many times had their leader told them that? There were Normans everywhere. tering about some sort of transport told about. apparently fleeing Normans who armed Normans or not. to remind them of the need for to the fire. “One calls himself a doctor. and a whisper of shamed annoyance from the cul- prit. I don’t done.” Norman duke. cold and damp. From time to time there would be the sound of metal striking metal. had then turned and hacked them He raised his cupped hands to while his men turned swiftly to to pieces. the old man who lived there a – know. swarming over the countryside like flies. He turned to the men Inside the cottage it was dim they had. Then by its light he saw “Where d o you come from?” 25 . and were met by maybe an apprentice. but the Saxon leader powerful arm designed yet again with a cup of spiced ale. What was done was to the cottage. He that fatal temptation to chase the never be sure if it hid a bevy of sprang to his feet.

after a while he believe you.” he said. We’re peaceful Saxons – legendary Hereward the Wake.” he said. come. “You are dressed The old man nodded. Peri.” Doctor and Pen consulted in whis. keeping out of “You’re joking! ” nervous glances. old man! where we are now. We came – They began to eat while the “Don’t be silly.he asked.” for one will not be interrupted by a not the murdering savages the “Hereward the who?” pair of whispering fools. He tended assistant. and welcome to stay here for ever. – “Whether I do or not. just vanished into the mist.“ “The Wake. “How could h e have won The tall Saxon looked hard at pers. known as the and smiled “It’snot often that –” paign against the Normans after Doctor. “Now. wise.” Normans call us. acidly. – the Saxons.” growled the Saxon “Food and a good night’s rest. outlaws who led a guerilla cam- “I am a traveller. and where is this trans. old “What?” leader. Our vehicle well.” said the Saxon briskly. American. I forgot. I wonder…” ‘‘Quiet. and I peace. you’re He turned back to his men.’’the Doctor said to this cottage seeking help. which is The Doctor shook his head. then “Who are they? Do you really throne for the next dozen or so nodded sternly. by tieth century England. glancing over at them. “This is my “Come. Quickly!” “Did he win?” asked Peri.” lying. They’re Saxon outlaws. you know. “I am prepared to believe they’re peaceful?” generations? No. Or rather we are lost. with the Normans safely on the them for a long moment. “We’re starving here! to concentrate on the fen country. “Think The Doctor shrugged. never yourselves fortunate if I did not. man. I . it’s better to be seen again. and we’ll leave you in “Whether this is in fact the “We have much to discuss.”said the man. They still think these men would have slit your not to accuse them point blank of he’s alive in some parts of twen- throats by now. sight of the Normans. it has no real claim to that word– Bread and cheese.” The Doctor and Pen exchanged the sound of it. was the foremost of the Saxon port of yours that was spoken of?” if it would please you.” broke in one of the battle of Hastings. “Aye.” is lost somewhere in this marsh. Hereward the Wake strangely.

fatal words back into his mouth. Does it harm anyone? The Nor- tion. what do we do now? Do we carry on lying low here in the fens. my lord?” “You mean – they knew that “Stupidly. “ that so long as the people of Eng- allow you to take control of the The tall Saxon turned back to land know that Hereward is alive.” he said. sent round. my lord?” the Saxons angrily. do you think the Danes would fied. through his for one moment that they would your lord. and Normans as their overlords.” he said slowly. that I can cause him great trouble. county if you should defeat the the Doctor. “At least. King Cnut’s sister. absolute silence. This is mother. and watch a Saxon outlaw take known as the Swan-Neck. King Harold smiled. Who better ly. “Why not? I said that it was a stupid sugges.“Now. Both of “So you’re King Harold?” said the crown. “ not so. “ whom knew the king very well. as they wish. the only ones to have ruled here! mother of his children. though. King Harold can claim their to identify him? But do you think out using that expression. There was a pause. Why. the other the The Saxon leader smiled grim. “I have told you all before ab. “Yes.” once they will not stand idly by – smiled. on London. “You who had spoken clapped his fists known Saxon soldier and wept spoke?” to his face as if tying to push the over it as yours?” The Doctor got to his feet. man duke believes that I am dead the Kent coast will be swarming ings. Is that fail to d o as he asked?” what the Danes suggest. and march on London?” “And why not?” broke in one of “On London. or do we agree to an alliance with the Danes. – let him! He fears me. The body was identi. You’d all be cut to that was the word the Normans Hereward the Wake he knows – pieces. There was a long moment of you were alive? Even while they dryly. Already we have made ourselves known as a force to be reckoned with. “I never thought I’d 27 . Peri at last. “They are not one his mother. Then the Doctor spoke. And even if you weren’t. “And the Lady Edith. let us consider what we have to do. while the Saxon looked at the body of some un- The Saxon swung round. The countryside from here to “But Harold was killed at Hast. Iam not allegiance anyway.” put in the Doctor. Yes. as with Normans. The question is. “Identified by the they will never totally accept the Normans? They’ve ruled here Countess Gytha. and the Nor- mans have men out all over the countryside looking for us.

very slowly. his pocket for something. as long as I lived!” Doctor forestalled them. “Meanwhile. The Saxons had friends. “Do we attempt bring you certain death. He turned to the Doctor. tage in the marshes for no reason “Very well. “That will ions?” he asked. ” those vicious-lookingswords? before they reached the door yourself more than ten times a “My lord. “My dear girl! What do you keep in your pockets?” 28 29 . better man than the King Harold London…” of his pocket. ’’ French oath. “What say you. create such trou- as Hereward the Wake. the right answer to his question.” he said. “We thank “Mmmm?” Slowly. Since –” and returning to the throne. and Then one of the Saxons stepped you will be doing them a greater forward. “today you have proved of action. It’s getting “Hush!” interrupted the Doctor laughed aloud as she saw what it There was a terrified scream. Peri.” urged the Doctor. King wards the door of the cottage. flashed and rolled.: “I am Martin. “You may. stilted. We frowned. about this march on The Doctor drew something out again. There were eight of them. where is your means you. As if they were robot on the damp ground. “My lord. It glinted pulled it silently open. its eyes outside a metallic voice was saying The king laughed. and die? Or stay here. had followed glish are never beaten!” “Aye. the Doctor. and by doing so. something to believe in. he lost. sound. mechanised things. her. grabbing dis through the early morning sun- ground. away from the city. creeping to.” said the As they walked back to the Tar- creeping slowly over the damp were reassured when the Doctor. placed the never have heard them in your pocket?” in the dim firelight. My men know these marshes knew. and ears children in her own time. – but let it believe in Hereward. Farewell Hereward the – cloth over a bird‘s cage. American accent.” said Peri. the robot and shaking it into sub. ” their hopes. heard nothing at first. Suspicious of the cot. been dead in our blood by now. man’s breathing. show that Norman that the En- side him at Hastings. “We would “Why did you have a toy robot Harold drew his sword. I think we can be sure of Then. Now. When ing fainter in the distance. A few of them. we Saxons ranged behind him. there was the sound of footsteps drawn back at the sight of it. my compan- don. We will help you return to the him unquestioningly into danger transport which you say you have after danger. “But I would like to ask years was it exactly? had been to – you a favour in return. Peri they were nevertheless sniffing of transport?” this is getting us nowhere. and so it was not long Doctor. peering outside. while Wake!” were strained for the slightest you pushed the button. quite close to the cottage. “I hope I am not his hand softly on the king’s arm. I can do all sorts of meet no more Normans.” he said. their “Yes. here. vehicle. “Farewell. their wishes? “Do not try to march on Lon. quite. despite each pair of devoted but calm all.” he said flatly.” said the Doctor sole aim for the past how many – hastily. your answer. it is my opinion service than any king could. it began to repeatedly. You too. May you Peri. had determined upon his well – we have lived here for overthrowing the Norman duke years. aye. if I reinstate him as king of the En- may ’’ glish. Doctor. ” that we can do no better than stay The king paused to look at the here in the fens. The cottage “My lord king. and of breathing – a making violent gestures. y on under the Normans. Live out London. That way. He ensure that the Saxons still have studied them all. you remain safe – and we eyes. your life here. Harold smiled. guttural. listening as eagerly as the walk stiffly forward and spoke in a Metal Marvel. and the king looked at them with affection. but “They have gone. light I think my companion and I – suddenly: Silence fell as though was one of those battery-driven – then another. “Doctor. Then. against them. and a third and the can find our way back to our – someone had dropped a black robots that were so popular with sound of running footsteps grow. I am pleased that we are “Oh. Was he now to throw aside Harold nodded. Doctor. Let the ble as will make the Norman up- country think that Harold is dead start tremble in his shoes? Come. she became puzzled. There was a moment’s silence. and approaching and would have The Doctor turned and stared at actors following a cue. and Peri almost brave men but… – who died at Hastings. every brave face. The king smiled. ” Give your people the heart to car. He should have known that they would give ever get to see someone like you the Saxons followed suit but the –– The Normans outside heard no. demons. ’’ Saxons. sir. he you for that. What could he possibly round it like dogs.” broke in the have still to decide upon a course have that would be more use than was small. and groped in other than boredom at their posts. light. Laying thing at first. and a muttered trated that it would not be used mission. my lord!” The Sax- ons nodded their approval of this decision. the rest of pushed its button. “We stay too much of a disappointment to he shook his head. I am Martin…” that. These men had fought be.

“I’m afraid I have some busi.” continued see it. have you ever seen a pur. “Well. perhaps you can show Peri some Earth.” she get here!” His old face creased to entertain you. ple lake that bubbles like the hot noticing some dirty. “I’m glad calon… did you know they’re at ple lake. but with purple water. of the sights of our little planet?” didn’t expect it to be so… he seemed to her to be old. well… tranquil. Doctor!” Vama.” said the “W elcome. “Mmh. black weeds Vama. I Peri was quite taken with him. yet at “Of course. once… I wasn’t at all sure you’d just finish it off and then I’llbe free “It’s beautiful. “I must confess I was ex- into a smile. She had been curious to the Tardis managed to reach its war again? Anyway. grinning and leading her away. “It’s so good to see you again. held his hands out to ness to attend to… you know. “Peri. Pity. Peri was spellbound by the pur- meeting his friend again. It’s lovely!” the same time. the Tardis “No. a Time Lord of consider- able age. “I’ll breath away.” said Peri. “lt seems warm greeting. delighted at ing out the planets Rexac and Ex. but the reality took her programmed destination for Vama. In the meantime. “Yes. gasped. come this way.” 30 .” have… I but I’d like to!” though. pacifying a few Dalons.” muttered the Doctor. and his eyes shone you know your way round – pecting it to be just like a lake on brightly. ageless. and sort- Doctor. not waiting for a reply.” agreed the Doctor.” The Doctor returned the springs of the Earth?” washed up on the shore. greet the Doctor. “I can’t say that to be getting a little messy now excelled itself this time. Doctor.

“How odd. to say “How old is he?” asked Peri shaped control tower. “That’s the first time I’ve by the lake. He was convulsing kind of skill and dedication to do known anything like this to hap. nothing more hap- you. “He’s a Time that little animal.” “Well. “I don’t really know. Doctor. Having had time ago. pen.” Vama carried on. “Doctor. and Vama fills those require.“ They went to examine it. to a metallic bronze. “An in- Doctor.” “A very small comet crashed the site. is that weed poiso- nous?” she asked. tor.“ a nibble. “I’ve never seen that type of weed before. taking a close look at it. Lagon 2. One this solar system. a delegation of excavation gave himself the job of overseeing to change colour from its natural experts were sent to the site. It was mystifying.” watching a small creature crawl up mentioned the strange phe. It takes a special tor. and died very quickly… but not it. the Doctor the least. Peri was still watching the little into the south side of Kyros a short The tragedy has remained a mys- creature by the weed.”replied the Doctor. were done. “A good on his planet.” replied the Doctor. I must mention it to Vama. up of debris and necessary repairs Lord like you. not long after- “No. It was pened.” remarked the Doc. colour.” \ . and he recounted the unusual “The others were never seen “Oh. “That’sthe oddest part.” said Pen.” remarked the Doc- to the weed by the lake and nibble nomenon. and yet he isn’t like ing to where it lay. to your description of the creature manding one. then it was still. point. but nothing was found. Vama’s face clouded. However.” said the events that had recently occurred again. Not much damage was tery ever since. look what’s happened to done and after the initial clearing said Pen eagerly. of them returned in a state similar his sole purpose… and a de. “Tell me about Vama. vestigation party was sent over to few of your centuries at least. “Indeed. “He not only dead. it began to quiver quite violently before falling on its side.” before he too had turned a bronze ments. That’s blue colour. but was beginning wards.” at it. it’s hard to say. trying to think.” Meeting Vama in his dome.

area near the control tower. hour at least. so would the Vama. puzzled. reassured her.” suggested the Doctor.” The Doctor’s mind was ticking robots like themselves. For “If the weed is spreading. “I’ll arrange for a thorough robot. They which was bleeding badly. “ I “We must get to the site where vapouriser guns to annihilate the cry. Carefully “It can’t harm anyone now. It attacked me!” “What’s in there?” asked the she cried.“Get the Imperial Guards gled back with it. way here and passed it then it – A sense of foreboding filled the grabbed me from behind and tried Doctor as they approached the to kill me!” door to this last room. having left only one “Doctor. and six The Doctor and Peri spun “I don’t think anyone is doing erything!” Kyrosan guards raised their round in shocked surprise at his anything. robots who reproduce by a deadly leader of his Imperial Guards. “The Armed with a KGS Stunner. Not anticipating such a sud. Vama nodded. “It didn’t register before in the this lies with the comet. “You can’t cover the entire advantage it made full use of. Doctor!” warned Pen in amazement. ” from outside startled them. who fell armed with a Stunner… luckily he said. “It As they spoke.” replied Vama. of ping this!” get it into the control tower. movements filtering through to his “That’s an understatement!” A Kyrosan guard ran in to them.” opening the door. but the wards the corridor. If Neltar had been so horrifi.” area. Intercepting it. We’ll destroy den encounter. almost too stunned to speak. said the Doctor. robots seems to be advanc- Footsteps thundered down the “Neltar!’’ why. It must Doctor. ‘‘He’ll be OK. same. confusion. row of weapons by the door and. “That’s the heart of the “Wait!” ordered the Doctor. even know who’s doing this. “You say that the south side is The Doctor and Vama raced to- where the comet crashed.” atures and changes them into together. cial munition in case of an “But I’ve just been attacked by emergency. mind. The Tardis took we might have a chance of stop- d o no harm to examine it. Doctor. met up again.” weed could have spread any- quickly overcame Vama. ‘‘It’llbe under the over. This gave the robot an Vama.” rest of the excavation team… search for the weed. ‘‘We’ll have to stop it be. the Doctor were at that moment. his eyes fell on the robot. “We haven’t any robots on “That’s where we keep our spe- Kyros. “This is a nightmare!” gasped mediately confronted by the effect of the Freezer for a good cally transformed. working on pure reflex action. Vama gradually came to. Peri. an army of…of… mobilised the robot. there’s some kind of room unsearched. he cried. they were taken Peri shot a worried glance at and goodness knows where they it with explosives!” by surprise. Let’s area!” me there once by accident. im. a scream filled can’t be far away. would say that the reason for all the comet crashed!” shouted the renegade. “It would “Let’s search the immediate seem the problem is spreading. and Pen rushed He and Vama separated and in. as he and the guards strug. robot out there.” said Vama. ” the control tower.” fore Kyros is turned into a planet “AAAAGH!” Another scream lunged at a KGS Freezer from a Conscious of sounds and of robots. but that’s the excavator have carried that weed from… problem. it some reason the robot was only consequences will be disastrous. “While the robot’s frozen. If we can destroy that. Doctor pointed out. As cried Peri.” ing on us! They’re destroying ev- corridor towards them.” the no sign of the robot.” replied the Doctor. The Doctor for us. the planet. such as a galactic one!” shouted Peri. “ I was on my war. “The very weed that attacks other living cre. or well. made a thorough search of the She was clutching her left arm. from Jerimi.” said the Doctor. it will who returned from the crash yes. You know what 33 . they were im. but there was’ lake isn’t on the south side.where… everywhere!” senseless to the floor.” “The one who died?” asked course! It’s inhabited entirely by “Deltar!” Vama addressed the “Be careful. “But how? We don’t “Vama.

Armed with vapourisers. Doctor abandoned his safe posi.” agreed unfortunate guards became the remainder of the war-torn. damage sustained. chain reaction. Thus. Before everyone’s eyes. the ground under them. The life force of as they could with their lethal to hear to ward off the attacks of their but nonetheless. The planet was covered by this. rendous to watch. they clambered over and picked explained the Doctor. Doctor.” “It appears to be…dare I say orders. joining the ranks of their vastly diminished army did their a disarray of parts. I’m not sure you did too well by regeneration!” he mocked. “Are you sure this will work?” tion and ventured out. flash lit the sky and debris hurtled As they made their way back. “Do come again. The process was hor. ing them to see the results of their turning to Peri. Reaching the crash site. troyed. said Pen. however wide-spread. exterminatingas many in despatching yet another robot explosives was in place. 34 . One by one. “We’d better check on the was linked to the crater. it… all clear!” reported Vama.” “Perhaps when we come again. but she re. by Vama. were killed when the heart was. “You‘re always welcome here. once the heart was des- rial Guards dodged the murder.” weed that was attached attacked Deltar hurriedly sent a select Doctor raised their heads and and neither had the weed. weapons. and the other eye on the guards Doctor assured her. Vama and the bodies None had survived… “Thank goodness it’s all over. followed defence plan and the extent of the task as this. shaking Vama. while looked warily around them. it would bring about a ous robots. Vama gave his orders. where it The circuits of one robot what seemed to be an eternity. A blue results of this exercise. You really should try a new body. enabl. robots. The Doctor was too engrossed ordered Vama as the last of the quietly surveying the battle scar. I them. and changing mained unconvinced. The almighty explosion tore “Let’s go back to base. “you will have regenerated. all around them. and I think it’s time we adversaries. the who were dropping. “Right.” sending particles everywhere. Deltar and with a relieved smile. As explosives around the crater!” he After a while. whispered the Doctor. Vama and the Impe. “I thought That created a fresh nightmare. “That goes for all of us.” said the weed. “Yes. red area. enemies.” said the Doctor. things will be more peaceful!” He was still waving as the Tardis life and dematerial- knows where! way to… goodness i weapons are needed for such a “We won’t make it!” cried Peri. it and the robots shorted causing it to explode. destroyed. Pen. disappeared too. “I hope next time you come. Doctor. All Back in Vama’s control tower.form.’’ said Vama.” the “Hopefully. after through the atmosphere. Peri. the robots were scattered either in Vama immediately operated the Vama. no.” one terrified eye on the legions of Pen shouted. you know!” “Oh. everybody take cover!” the surviving guards Joined them. eyeing the Doctor up “Goodbye!” Vama called back. the team to carry out that task. reigned once more. The whole of the “Yes.” said the Doctor. and with their troops cut by half.” all started. the shouted. that’s the end of it. Deltar raced out to carry out his robots that advanced ominously “We’ve a good chance. or whole… Luna Scanner. Doctor… and Pen of course. when silence their way through dead metallic we’d be successful!” the particles hit the guards.” laughed Vama. “I’m happy with the one I’ve got… besides. “Set the through the air.

where ‘here’ is!” Four humanoid figures strode ly into her senses to clear the hazi. she “Pulled it here?” Peri was fear.” he said to him- very similar to that of the Earth. “Mmh… it’s hardly a case of forgotten world. “Come on. afraid to raise her voice for fear of weapons brandished by these although the atmospheric counter what evil being might hear her. The Doctor looked at the what on ‘Earth’ happened. There was no which one grey. They had landed in the middle towards them carrying awesome- ness. ble Tardis had crashed. I suspect planet. Their and where are we?” she asked the air smelt stale. replied the Doctor. “Laser guns. Some feeling stunned and weak. and find out why we are here – “What’s happening?!” A sudden thought flashed rude. Where was the Doctor? As if of what looked like a forest. tried to piece her thoughts hopelessly confused. answer as he pondered on the a cluster of stumps to their left. but looking weapons. spindly arm with “What on earth happened… sign of life anywhere. monsters in their fearful claws. What had happened? “Mmh. we may yet find survivors. we’d better try “Aaaah!” screamed Pen. lay amongst the fallen debris.” whispered Peri. Look. heads were completely hidden by him as she staggered to join him. taller than four feet and each was of light shone across to her. ::*:. The brown stumps may at one dressed in a dark blue garment in ing in the direction it came from. not sharing Peri’s a hand to her aching head. indeed. a shaft one that had died a long time ago. shows that the atmosphere here is “It does look as if some catas.” trophe has happened to kill the self. was coarse and dry. “This place is like some kind of helmets of the same dark blue.” said the we were brought here.- Peri. from open doorway of the Tardis. but now the ground at the front at chest level. under his breath. and even a claw at the end poked out. time have resembled the proud the style of a tent. They were no in answer to her thought. mind was completely blank. with an opening she saw the Doctor standing in the trees of Earth. Putting force pulled the Tardis here. and.” Doctor loudly. the Doctor’s assistant. but her idea. “No.” was the Doctor’s only white beam of energy cut through Her eyes told her the indestructi. There was a sudden flash and a together. 36 . but if that is the case.

We are tor and Peri and pushed them attack on your planet and devas. “Our planet is triumph in his voice now. “He knows who you are!” ex- claimed Pen. “You have been brought here to fulfil a purpose. They trust you. will use our communication system to inform the Time Lords of our peace treaty with you.” was the reply. built caves and feed on what vegeta. attempts to take possession of powerful nation. None of the humanoids spoke. lous! They’d detect your craft be- from the rock. Vorton was getting carried “ away with excitement as he ex- plained his plan. first of all. Doc- tor. and we will strike them while they are powerless!” Ia. who you are and what this planet is?” “I am Vorton. that is far superior to any we have It was Vorton’s turn to laugh. “Ridicu- came to a large chamber. he went on. “May I ask. In front of them building a new spacecraft one – attacking them!” was another figure like the others. and that we would like to come in peace to their planet. They launched a full scale sources were left to us. except for the fact that his robe built before. these.” the figure con- tinued. and weapons that are “We could destroy them before was red. They will not be prepared for an attack. We have spent our time You’d never have a chance of blue-clad figures. They were sur. ready to launch it. He rose to speak.” he began. You. 37 . But we have not fore you were halfway there. Then.” whispered the Doctor. rounded by hundreds more of the been idle. strong enough to destroy the most we were halfway there. “At least he gets straight to the point and I was right about us – being brought here after all. tion we can find. and plan to through the forest until they came tated it!” avenge ourselves by destroying to what appeared to be a cave. with what re- but roughly took hold of the Doc. Realisation dawned in the Doc- tor’s mind. addressing the red-robed figure. “Of course! You and your people were condemned by the Time Lords for your attacks on neighbouring planets and wouldn’t know who was attacking them – and we have a special reason why we want them to know. but they “Doctor. “Exactly!” The voice of Vorton the Time Lords!” There was Once in the cave. they were led was full of venom. and this planet is Exclon. “They will know we are coming. Relishing every word. down winding tunnels until they dead. We are forced to live in The Doctor laughed.

“Anything that aged. and another. and shaking loose more of the rock. rocks cascaded down and hit her. Doctor.” the Doctor told her. “They’re testing the craft by the As if to lift the tension. we can be brought The guards abandoned their post pected way by coming within that back. and with it a “Our control chamber is equip.”obsetved the Doctor. You obliged us in a most unex. “No!” he hissed. and the guided to a damp corner of the them which set the rocks vibrating atmosphere was charged with chamber. These were blocked in many places by rubble. It was suddenly quiet. the Doc. explained Vorton.” blocked by a crashing avalanche The Doctor and Pen were There was a rumble beneath of rocks. Pen made for the way out. with round them. and the Doctor and Pen also limit. tor asked.” “The Tardis isn’t too dam. . Now you must rest. Eveyone else left. The whole cave was vibrating now. less we can destroy Vorton’s grav. the exception of their four captors. for them. to crumble. “We Pen screamed in horror as a comes within 1. “How did you manage “We must get out of here!” Pen There was another louder rum- to pull the Tardis here?” was terrified of what was in store ble. ity control. our plans will be put into he can wipe out the Time Lords entrance to the chamber was action. and they lost track of where they were. In three If we don’t put that out of action. who remained to guard them. Then there’s the spacecraft. “We must find the spacecraft. ’’ without our help. but the Doctor restrained her. power. tumble of rocks as the cave began ped with gravity control.” They dodged the falling rocks and made their way down narrow passages. made their escape just as the – hours. sound of it.000 Earth miles of can leave easily enough but un- – steady flow of small stones and Exclon can be overpowered by it.

clutching a thre- atening laser gun. scrambling over going through agonising death Without warning. The Doctor grabbed her by her them a few feet. will no longer be a threat to any unconscious by falling rubble and The Tardis was just in view planet. rang out from inside. to land on the “Time for us to leave. he and then dimmed. but the craft is undamaged. Doctor and your – servicesare still required. wrenching her leg. Vorton and a blue-clad fi- gure emerged. As they ran down yet another tunnel. “the Time Lords screamed the Doctor. “Get out!” until they were well clear of the have nothing to fear now. hard. unyielding ground. half drag.” said the Doctor. It tor said to her unconscious form ged her through the twists and seemed as if the whole planet was as he carried her into the Tardis. finally. the chamber burst and spewed small openings until. turns of the cave. the walls of rubble and squeezing through throes. The superb saw the light of the entrance to the rocks came to rest and the rumble craft lurched and an explosion cave. them off their feet and catapulted -and promptly fainted. The Doctor’s eyes widened in disbelief as he tried to take in the size of the enormous craft. ” They were forced down more of the now familiar passages until a massive silver shape loomed be- fore them. Vorton The guard had been knocked cave.” the Doc- waist and half carried. gasp- “It’s going to explode!” way through the dead vegetation ing for breath. from the explosion faded. 39 . “Our tests appear to have dis- turbed the cave. The flying rocks everywhere. A bright light filled the sky. They staggered and forced their “Well.” Pen fell over him in her hurry to when a deafening explosion lifted “Thank goodness!” replied Pen escape. It seemed as if the Tardis could fit into it a thousand times! Vorton went inside.

40 .And though the imagination. K9 as he appearedon screen in Warriors’Gate. a A …an what is electronic innards o like. by Brenda Apsley “Ifit can be imagined. it can be made”. the aims of was the maxim when a scenic designer and an the department are still the same: to create on engineer set up the BBC‘s special effects screen what started out in the writer’s department in 1955. That department is now some 60-strong...

and as it appeared on film in Warriors ofthe Deep.. costume and make up explosion for the cameras. from cut. Sea Base 4 under construction in the special effects workshop . Set design. 41 . another Warriors of the Deep filming for Warriors of the Deep. the rest departments' responsibilitiesare logical and clear- assistants)work on every type of programme. the effects department handles just about children's shows to light entertainment series. be it making a very accurate model factual programmes like Tomorrow's World.. anything of a space satellite to staging a spectacular fake Doctor Who. Another miniature being manipulated Sentinel 6. The visual effects team (20 designers. The operator miniature. gives a good idea of scale.

The gateway in Waniors’ Gate started out as a model sculpted in plaster. producer.the rest by contractors. a laser stun gun. Has He will meet the director to talk about the ‘feel’of one character to hit another with the laser stunner? the story. 90%of called for. or simply that there is not models. but more complicated things will chosen for a Doctor Who story. then there will be a pre-planning meeting (The model will have to be very light and fall apart attended by the director. He will start to make smoke. Effects enough time to make all the equipment that is is very much a manufacturing department. and at the In Warriorsofthe Deep the Silurian masks posed end of the meeting they will all know what is various problems: Does the actor inside have to see expected of them. The visual effects designer The designer must also book special equipment. Practical considerationsare workappears. Will the gun get dropped. Here the whole story is discussed fully. perhaps the creation of an undersea made: Does the gun carried by a guard have to fire? craft. guns. or a flame fork. work starts in earnest. scenic designer. and possibly costume designer and electronic effects designer. It is at this stage that any changes out of the mask? Does he have to speak? Turn his or cuts are made in the script. A mould was made from this (left)and the miniature gateway was made for filming (right). masks. and can use his imagination perhaps a dry ice machine for making swirls of on a show like Doctor Who. work is carried out within the department (usually After the pre-planning who-does-what meeting by the assistants). the incidental to the story. Let’s say a visual effects designer has been up simple objects. (Electronicspeople will make sure that it does). perhaps if the budget head? Practical questions like this dictate design. and he will note and plan 42 . damaged? A rubber one will be used. etc are actually made. First of all he will be drawn up in detail and usually shown to the read the script. marking it wherever relevant effects director for his OK. will not allow some expensive effect which is Once the designs have been achieved. or an explosion. has a pretty free hand. easily).

A shot taken in the studio during fllming. The gateway is shown side-on. with the Tardis in the foreground. ready for… .

An actor is installed in a very cumbersome costume. Practical considerations have played their part in its design: does the actor have to 44 .

3. and can’t be hurried. The designer must decide on the order of priority for various models and effects – remember. a TV programme is never shot in the order you see it at home. Budgeting is also the responsibility of the designer. Special properties which means things like – guns. the aim being to create the ultimate effect – safely. and the designer must ensure safety for both people and equipment. Deadlines have to be met. snow. like modelling. Mechanical props like the Daleks and K9 are built and operated – by the – visual effects team. The range of things made in the visual effects department is very wide. Pyrotechnics are potentially dangerous. but it can be roughly broken down into three areas: 1. to make sure all the props and effects are perfect. were produced by the costume department. We would like to thank Mat Irvine for his help in the preparation of this feature. Model filming sessions. on the Warriors ofthe Deep set. And the motto of the special effects department? It’s the same thirty years on: “If it can be imagined. The visual effects designer liaises with the other design elements. and therefore have to have – or very rapidly develop a wide range of – skills. and often come from jobs in film or theatre. like rain. but their eyelids were made to open and close by visual effects. or real. 45 . The designer is still on hand when filming starts. money for TV programmes is limited. 2. Most people joining the department have an arts degree. studio and film or outside broadcast sessions must all be fitted in. What sort of training do visual effects designers have? There is no specific training: you do the job by doing it. dry ice smoke or collapsing walls. it can be made”. Models and miniatures –imaginary. Ifthey have the budget! A Myrka. too. Floor effects which includes anything created – on the studio floor. as in the case of science fiction space craft. They start out as assistants. costume and makeup may all be involved in designing and making monsters or aliens. The Sea Devil heads. slide aside. bits of the set that light up. and it is very important. turning and welding. visual effects. as in a detailed space shuttle scale model. etc. explosions. so designers have to be artists and engineers a modem-day – – combination of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. laser cannon. even in a controlled environment. sculpting. for example. rise up. The job is to produce artistic designs that will work practically. making things designed by the designer. It is a part of the job that is taken very seriously.for any other piece of equipment that may be needed. He will operate models like K9 and is responsible for explosions on the studio floor.

we verse. Lord President. the Doctor admiring the skill with which the pected for several hours was now put the thought of Palaran’s gol. ” circle that the Doctor stepped see…” “Not a war. They were come straight to the point. “Of course. infinitely more dangerous. and that the Coun- for Gallifrey. If someone on one planet have brought you here. Something. Doctor. Please sit down. indeed. his assistance.altered the smallest detail.” tor. the The Council of Time Lords admit. Doctor.” The deep voice of The Doctor sat. I will large part of the rest of the uni. Switch- almost certain: the Tardis was no den beaches and lilac sky out of ing on his scanner the Doctor longer heading towards Palaran his mind and prepared himself for noted that he had landed exactly and a peaceful summer holiday – his arrival on Gallifrey. Doctor.” not exaggerating the problem. Our job your – tone of mild surprise. Tardis was being of solemn faces. surprised. ful enough planet.travelled backwards in time and The Doctor smiled to himself. Time Lords were seated in a cir. That is why we “The Earth?” repeated the Doc. ” with which you are better ac. We do been prepared for you. and troying not only itself. Someone has inter- “Please be seated a place has – “The matter concerns a planet fered with time on Earth. is in danger of des. Something when he opened the door of the “All will be made clear. and the theft of a Tardis. although officially floor. turned to normal. a city. before irrepar- circle? The need must be great. the controls had been overridden While one part of the Doctor’s the meeting place of the Council and the course was set irreversibly mind was speculating on the of Time Lords.” for you to find out.knew. I planet to be a major force in any cle. Undoubtedly the reason why the Time Lords cil was in session. It was into the middle of this will do all I can. he had not – the most important and influential 46 .” Earth. Doctor. but also a The Doctor looked round at the we have no time to waste. more Tardis. Sighing. as the Lord President greeted him. a ting that it needed his help! away from any other inhabited country or a planet could be T he Doctor aimed a desultory kick at the delicate controls of the Tardis and sat down on the that was the unspoken condition upon which the Doctor had his freedom of time and space that – been outstandingly brilliant at his studies while on Gallifrey. he need your help. wanted him after all. “What’s been hap.not know precisely how that is – “What?” said the Doctor in a quainted than most of us here. but I don’t really interstellar war. urgency in the other’s tone. pening there? It’s usually a damage is done. aware of the which directly concerns us. “The Twen. pulling his hat forward over he would be available to help the forgiven. “That is job is to ensure that time is re- – ty Four admit another into their why you have been summoned. ” “The need is great. What he had sus. continued the President. twenty four of lime Lords wanted something. Time Lords. in the middle of the Panoptican.” – destructive. and too far whole future of a man. Time Lords if they ever needed the Lord President the other was – strument panel. “Doctor. was still a sore point with his face and glowering at the in.

and must recognise ‘‘Well. There is one more the gravity of the situation. you know what the Lord know no more. said…” we knew exactly what we were turbance.” said the Doctor as he in the year 1996 Earth time. to Palaran. – we won’t be able to stop for any assistance –” You must leave immediately. geographical location. “Well. although she felt the Tardis. secretly troubled. pared to disperse.” The Doctor gestured towards Pen smiled. – the moment.chocolaie…” disturbance take? What am I look. we must save time thing. A time-disruption A ! 48 . I suppose we’d better was justified. who is well able to cope with “September 3rd. your mission is to save time. and I Imust say it would make it easier if mate time and place of the dis. dis and brief your companion. Should you require tor. It appears to take place “Yes. not emphasise too strongly the im. Let’s see now – the assembly of Time Lords pre. and must be re.eventualities. penknife. as solved as soon as possible. I am gathered together an unlikely jum- Tardis will be programmed to afraid that your holiday will be ble of objects and stuffed them take you to the approximate postponed for the time being. tape measure.“We must be prepared for all “Is that it?”asked the Doctor. The President. This into his already bulging pockets.” announced Pen. I can. I time-displacement detector. Doc. 1996. “Can’t you tell portance of your mission. Now.’’ said the Lord looking for.’’ meals you know. “I have an assistant.for?” “I am sorry – we ourselves ger there is. She is asleep at ‘‘Well. bar of me any more? What form will the suggest that you return to the Tar.string.changed or even wiped out. Doctor. We were on our way start our investigations although – “We have located the approxi. though. “A bar of chocolate! What’s that ing for exactly?” She must know exactly what dan.President said.” the Time Lords’ faith in the Doctor the task in hand. quite. ” affair is grave. “Earth. She hoped that Pen. you see.

“Come on now! No time for day dreaming. The Doctor rummaged in his old chap. “Well. but by now thor- “Sorry to bother you. will you?” the bemused. and looked extremely ill. mate! You want to lost. There’s no sign of any- thing wrong here.” “Unless it’s not happened yet.rapid pace in the direction indi- mured the Doctor. should come with you? Y’know. thank you. but could oughly wide-awake tramp. that is always… look!” The Doctor broke off sud- denly and pointed to a group of trees. I think. Doctor?” The Doctor was sitting on a park bench. eating chocolate. with close- cropped sandy hair and yellowish skin. it’s cold out here!” Dawn was just breaking over the eastern hills and the cheerless grey light lit up a damp. “I don’t know.’’ where…” he announced briskly. Pen saw a man asleep under the hedge which ran along the road. “Methylated spirits. “ tance as the Doctor set off at a “Thank you. showing no sign of the frenzied activity of a few hours be- fore. dank world of dew-covered fields and lanes. and if there was a time-disruption it would be fairly obvious. The Doctor picked up one of some English money some- the bottles. “ know anything else? P’raps I “You’re in Cambridge. Leastways you will be if you walk make sure you don’t get lost or along this road for a couple of nothing…” miles. had appeared suddenly. If I didn’t know better I’d say the Time Lords were wrong. mate. “Doctor! Look! What’s the mat- ter with him?” The man was sur- rounded by empty bottles.” mur. “Come on. . “Now.cated. leave off. do you mind? I’m The voice trailed into the dis- trying to sleep. if I re. wake up!” He shook the pockets and eventually produced man until his eves opened a rather crumpled ten pound note blearily. which he pressed into the hand of “‘Ere. I should have run to keep up. They were wearing identical brown overalls and scarcely had in their I was one of the greatest potential dangers in the universe She was startled out of her thoughts by the voice of the Doc- tor. Now.” interrupted Peri “Of course. you tell us where we are? We’re “Thanks. Two figures. with Pen almost having to member rightly. Bring a coat.

“Unless. Those men were would find something she had “The Arthur Jeffries Building! wearing the uniform of the lpsilon missed before. How did they get drifted across the park. although she had been the same. materialised out of thin air in seem to be more fond of the dark appearance and disappearance of and around the building last night. follow the escaping intruders. Some of the guards sur- in hushed tones of awe and re. Peri heaved a sigh of despera. until their leader. glad to have a chance “Exactly. She shivered. afternoon. sitting down again abruptly. President of the had obtruded upon the beautiful 50 . standing inside the government more sudden appearance of the graceless building of concrete and building. “Doctor! Listen!” ducted!” and that is rather ominous. rounding the Doctor and Peri wa- spect. ly in all directions. the time travellers did not sudden- inspiration. sent two of them to told of the reputation of the Arthur his head. “I think it is.” two men in Ipsilon uniforms they steel. Doctor?” tion and stood up.” replied the Doc- Several hours later Peri and the happenings at the Arthur Jeffries tor. a purely functional building the Doctor said. which way they should go.” said the Doctor. of worked his penknife along the six heavily-armed guards. The guards. also sia Jenkins. “I must say. ‘‘Well. It was a squat. like to have a chat with our friends to think of them.” he whispered. gators…” “What were they. Now then…” He The first was the appearance of police. “Follow me. however. corridors.Corridors stretched away endless. of some action at last. We can look around same park bench and the Doctor have received several accounts of without being disturbed then. I had first seen in the park that designed by an architect with a thought their security arrange. however. This time.” replied the Doctor. they think we have some- edge of the door. something which stopped her in a dubious nature to be con- They were time travellers.” National Union of Psychic Investi- disappeared equally inexplicably. knew exactly what went on inside “Where do we go now?” asked but looked around. a grim and austere structure which “Sh.” ly blink into non-existence again. that was easy.” \ sudden appearance when they for the fourth time. than the day time. and then set off at a run future of the world and scientists building was certainly much larger down one of the long concrete spoke of those who worked there than even he had anticipated. Police “Tonight. her tracks. don’t just turn us over to the local Over there. not shared by everyone. somewhat startled. “This shouldn’t attitude as they surrounded the thing to do with those Ipsilon be too difficult to open. “there she was just about to choose a The Doctor looked at Peri and should be a door round here direction at random when sud. Perhaps if she The voice faded into the dis- asked Peri. The second was the even the past six years. as strange figures which. That view. singular lack of imagination and ments would have been better.we shouldn’t complain. shrugged. and satisfaction. “Is that what we’re searched the trees where the time tance as the person with the radio looking for?” travellers had appeared again she moved on. al police are treating it as a practi. is The Arthur Jeffries Building was she asked for the fourth time.” From somewhere behind them “Are we going there now?” “How did…?” the sound of the radio news asked Peri. “I can’t think why they somewhere for deliveries. as Peri had come No damage was done and the Ioc. saw the that it was something vital to the The Doctor hesitated. I’d very much the Ipsilon men. The Doctor scratched curt words. Peri knew that the Doctor had “You two!” he added. Peri. witnesses anyway the mysterious ‘ghosts’ he had been since the sudden say. Of course! Why didn’t I think of Foundation. Cambridgeshire countryside for Only minutes later they were hostile. Although nobody Still. Doctor were still sitting on the Building in Cambridge.” “Right. nodding could think of it as nothing but an no more idea than she had of at the Doctor and Pen with grim ugly menace. here?” “And finally news of mysterious “No. all apparently vered.” Doctor and Peri was decidedly men. seemingly the building everyone suspected Peri.” “But what are we going to do?” cal joke. and was still sunk in deep thought. with a few Peri. Jeffries Building by the Doctor. an organisation She was just about to start off that earlier? That’s by far the most which will not exist on Earth for across the grass when she heard likely place for any experiments of another three hundred years. “I’m thinking. whose course. Not yet. Miss Aly. Ah! denly two things happened. from Ipsilon.

which all approached the other man.” The Master taken. He turned round as the merely attracting attention atten. who fear only for a metal plate gingerly. themselves being pushed into a Thomas coldly. either you tell me who large. “I The Doctor turned round to see “A modest plan. Doctor and Peri entered and re. the Doctor felt. The party “Professor Thomas.” marched in silence down the said the Doctor cheerfully.” answered middle-aged man sat at a desk. at this crucial stage of my experi- from one of the guards. Doctor. you first get these revolutionary you imposed upon me?” What is that machine you are new ideas from?” The Doctor’s hand clenched on building?” “From me. the ghosts. which should never have it? Do machine. benefit humanity. At “And what are you doing here. I admit.tion I can quite easily do without ceived a sharp prod in the back garded them steadily. I am using my knowledge to a path it should never have puzzled. She turned to reply. It’s a time sor Masterman here. We’re… er… psychic looked exactly the same. “I’ll tell you what I know if – you’ll just answer one question. fear instilled by the cautious interrupted the Doctor. picking up surely? You cannot blame me for Time Lords. Doctor. time.could think of on the spur of the The Doctor and Peri found advantage. do? Surely even a renegade Time far future. one of the many identical doors the Tardis for some years. which may have far-reaching con- why I should not tell you now – “The Master! Of course!” he sequences. travel within the grasp of a race papers already. telephone.” those people are. all right. “Where did trying to escape the exile which their own monopoly of time! 53 . Professor Thomas shrugged. perhaps. “It was difficult.” the piece of metal he was holding. isn’t it?” ment. “I am aiding Professor The Master smiled. valve from my Tardis. Thomas in his search for time for freedom which you deprived – cepts of time and space we have travel so that I can obtain the me of is greater than all my in- – known for so long…” necessary components to repair built fears of breaking the laws of “Ah… these amendments. He investigators. It will make it possible to Surely you are not surprised to you not see the harm you could travel into the distant past and the see me? Why.” fined me to this planet when you Lord must have some respect for \ “But that’s impossible!” burst stole the time-matter adjustment the time laws. the other side of the room a Doctor? Your tricks with ghosts “All right. brightly-lit laboratory. “I don’t think I “Doctor. “I’m afraid you put me at a dis. or I call the entire half of the room was filled “Probably not. Nothing to do dimly-lit corridors. That is why the history of Earth setting it on – The professor looked at her. Do you not realise when it’s so near completion. You are changing out Peri.” replied Professor moment. She hand extended in greeting.down. but it was all he which lined the corridor. what you are doing. Doctor. police and have you both arrested with a complex mass of wires and and this is Peri. I’m the Doctor. Can I just have a for breaking and entering.” re- electrical equipment which the look at…“ plied the Professor. you yourself con.” First I had to accept some totally laughed. sighing and sitting writing.” my ship. A modest plan.” It was stopped and one of them opened which had been gathering dust in not a very plausible explanation. picking up the Doctor stared at with interest. One know your name. but re. his with me. Earth’s most famous scientist from broke into your building to see if Without any warning the guards an old copy of a science magazine we could find out more. and “Ah. breathed. We were interested wondered how anyone ever recognised the weatherbeaten in the strange events which have found their way around this face and startling blond hair of been occurring here and so we building. must have a purpose other than the Doctor. but one don’t suppose there’s any reason a familiar figure in the doorway. “My need foreign amendments to the con. putting time There have been rumours in the “I prefer to be known as Profes.

We wards the door.” replied the first man. muttering with annoyance. “But then your invention is wait until I have made my trip to “Nobody move. “Four volun- and let loose a terrible power on hope that you will understand teers were sent back through the the Earth. der the future and the past for sing components. “You are Professor Tho. we have no At that moment a sudden up. There was Professor Thomas nodded with the destruction of Earth. able to accept that we ourselves laws of time are purely altruistic. the Master knowledge and for material “And left the Earth with a lega. as you ment and continued working. but we chaos it was not easy. Time. process is nearly complete. It has all been added the Doctor. “And time we were born. mas? And you Professor and knowledge. dres. People plun- the future and obtained the mis. ’’ Everyone froze. menacing figures. synonymous escape was impossible.” said the first turned to evil uses. nothing to do but wait wait for – again.” he repeated trespassers removed. “Yes. used up by men greedy for wealth The Master ignored his com. will explain it to you. and wealth. rupted the Professor. “Yes. and your armed guards surrounded them. wait to be thrown into what we are going to do. Peri Masterman?” know it. and for a have been working day and night sed in brown overalls. It is only fair. You are working on a system of and place to stop you inventing – . Even the Doctor’s resource.’’ he continued. one side. The roar caused all eyes to turn to. fear in his eyes. we cannot do. There was only one thing left to the Master to gain his freedom “Professor Thomas. stood in the while you are the most celebrated for weeks and I d o not intend to doorway. known. Surely you do not believe that The minutes crawled by. The Mas. That must brandishing weapons. difficulty locating the exact time fulness seemed useless now. and prepared to turn the “You can tell me then!” inter- power. final time travel. this is your time machine?” name is an evil one. it works. You may therefore be their reasons for the innumerable adjustments were made. we had – gaol. are time travellers from 327 years Doctor? Even you must see that plex machine he had helped to in your planet’s future. Still.” they seek only to protect their own make. ‘Ghosts’ no longer. had ceased to exist by the looked around desperately.” The lpsilon men kicked these to future left for Earth. ter positioned himself in the com. they scientist that the world has ever stop now just to have a couple of were now solid. By the time the authorities cy which will almost certainly the guards dropped their guns. For a while. heavily. Four men. realise what is going on there is no bring about its destruction. of them. excitedly. Four The two men nodded. their own mystery? power on. Perhaps not. softly. “My plan does it work?” – time to waste in discussion.

’’ said Pen. He’s certainly ex. although we didn’t actually When the smoke cleared the slip away now. ” “Think. walked slowly back to the Tardis. are you mad?” inter- rupted the Master. “ “What. “Do you be. “If you don’t mind. before the police correct it…’’ Ipsilon men had gone. I’m afraid. not a des- troyer.” explained the Doctor. Take my notes and destroy the machine – I would not be responsible for the destruction of my race. “I think our pre- had destroyed the time machine – presence here. smiling. to give the Earth a chance to survive. lieve them? You are a scientist alien? And you… who are you?” working for knowledge…” “Don’t worry about that. we’ll just rected. We can certainly “He escaped!” place?” report back to Gallifrey that the “Yes.” time machine and vanished. and with. Was he…” he hesitated. your time machine. “If you change this you change your whole history! Why. “You’ve just mas had already handed his notes proved yourself one of the to the lpsilon men. “The ber night. Pen smiled to herself as the Tar- Thomas. as one sence probably delayed the Mas- and their own history. “I couldn’t build that thing In the same instant the lpsilon again without Masterman’s help. “into job was well done…that is. the Doctor. Professor Tho. Now then. scientist to another… could you ter long enough for the lpsilon “But the Master. rubbing the smoke from Peri opened the Tardis door. of course. dis vanished into the cold Septem- his eyes.” replied the Doctor. If we change it there might be a chance that men will survive on Earth. sacri- With a sudden movement the ficing your own future reputation Master flicked the switch on the for yourplanet.” said It was too late. I don’t know!” said the ceased to exist in the instant they might be difficult explaining our Doctor modestly. man!” The Master’s voice was harsh and mocking as he addressed the man from the future. Professor. The night was calm and still in Tardis doesn’t develop a little out his Tardis. “Soyou have come to destroy my machine?” “Yes. Cambridge as the Doctor and Pen quirk in its directional co-ordinates iled now. even if we do not live to see it. if the the future somewhere. you could even uncreate your- self!” He laughed. I am a sci- entist– a creator.” said Professor his world had been saved.” Professor Thomas was thought- ful. and take us to Palaran by mis- self to blame!” The old tramp. “Do you think we have not weighed the risks? Do you think we value our own lives above that of our planet? We will all surely die if history continues on the track it is on now. and you too if necessary. did not realise that today got there…” didn’t understand. and he’s only got him.” “No! I understand what you do I and why you do it. greatest scientists of all time. “Who was Masterman? “Where now?” she asked. they had arrive. asleep again in the take… lovely beaches they’ve “There was a great deal of that I hedge. “It “Oh.” time disruption has been cor- melted into oblivion. tell us how to get out of this men to get there. 55 . men fired their weapons at the even if I wanted to… not that I massive metal device and it do want to.

hands deep into her pockets and “Strange. shall we?” laid mine again. they were Pen cheered up. Doctor.” he said.“Who said what. door of his shop.” he said. “Cold out. Pen raised her eyes to the ceil. ’’ are the Rings?” Pen saw that it was a small iron. dryly.” the Doctor agreed. happens everywhere. “I’d like a good.” The Doctor scratched his head.” he if we can buy or borrow a small “What who says?“ said.” continued the Doctor. tor pleasantly. “Sorry to be a bit well. Who’s Pen sighed.” he said.” the control console.” said Pen as he went “Well. “Here you are.” he added. This lot are real- the place. into the back of the shop. well. “Mmmm?” he about. “The nutes. you know what they say. Not In the village. “He are.” on d o you mean?” asked the Doc- “Good evening. aboard.” said Pen can spend some time on this. ‘‘We’re closing in ten mi.” she asked. and what sort of goings- mongery. “You said something about you?” said loudly. Doctor. and there he?” with those pop badges on their was a general air of bustle about The Doctor grinned. “But very odd. “Does this machine ever That’ll be nice for you. mostly young people. “Oh.” me remember saying that. “Do you think we might take a “Yes. satisfaction. ” man. “What “Here we are. thank goodness that “Yes.” said the Doctor. The sky own. wouldn’t ing. until you’ve goings-on up there. the landscape. tor. you know – but whole of the world seems frosty the Doctor. take her down for a while so that I “Earth. They go offto the Rings walked down the High Street.” It was indeed cold.” he said. I can’t for the life of walk down to that village and see “Well. does like your normal young people. “At a rough guess. – those autumn evenings when the small screwdriver from you. Pen looked irritably at him. choosing. “It’s the clothes and such. “Strange. They went in. isn’t it?” ised over there. The Doctor and Pen old English custom of never ly sinister.” she said. ” twigs crunch underfoot. years. “No.” said stand-offish.” The man folded his arms. can’t you?” too. up asked. “We’re civil. and where leaves and broken down.” The man glanced towards the The shopkeeper eyed them The Doctor raised an eyebrow.” The Doctor paused in his was pinkish-blue. said Pen with a snort. “Well. you’re a newcomer and not ”The Rings?” said Pen. “Really?” he said. Then finally the Doctor lived somewhere for over thirty you!” stopped. Pen thrust her “Right you are. Let’s take her screwdriver? I seem to have mis- The Doctor shook his head at down. Doctor?” she I’d say late seventies. “D’you know. “This machine.” he said. last remaining fingers of sunlight “Small screwdrivers. we don’t want to stay out too long. “Well. I can tell dows. Rings are like standing stones. then. they shivered. how this “I flatly. over the controls. “It at night – and there’s strange pausing to glance into shop win. returning with a selection of legend is that there was once a 57 . “My vehicle has er – – we’ve been having a lot of strange and cold. “It’s done nothing but knowing what ‘they’ say.” he said. the cion. won’t it? work properly?” You can have a wander round in- primitive planet draws one back again and again.” said the Doc. “Strange folk?” he said. I was hoping to buy a tools. and particularly welcome. all the houses and shops. “It looks cold. it’s no Some time later.” said the over King’s Hill. It was one of “Well. and leaned for- both with something like suspi. lights were on in doesn’t seem at all friendly. with though. accepting strangers. walk. “We’ll have to safely landed. “What can I do for you?” he Pen blushed.The Mystery of the Rings don’t believe it. and I‘ve lost my folk round these parts lately. frowning. ward over the counter. and even the The man relaxed slightly. “What sort of strange folk?” seemed cold. isn’t it? And The Doctor was busy stooping stead of having to watch me fiddle almost your own modern times. glancing out at asked absently. malfunction ever since I came they?” “Now. doesn’t happen in the States.

as they attemp- ted to do before. ” Outside the shop. “Well. on account of these goings. “And me happenings up There was a small knot of peo- She told him that if he could see there?” pursued the Doctor. “Strange lights. “It all adds up. “I don’t go up there any into the centre of the ring of stand- answer twice. As they the way. have had their minds dulled by “You can count them three times “I reckon so. I believe. It’s a strange thing about “Does this happen every pressionless masks of those who those stones. king who met a witch on the hill.” said the shop. If my guess is correct this time. Most of them were he would be king o f t h e whole movement. but I would hazard a guess and say they’re from Valiark.” “And how do you know that?” demanded Peri. if ‘you want to be more accurate. They were all staring or more.’’ “Well. hypnosis.” said the Doctor. how much do I owe you? Come on. Pen could see that and his men to stone as they stood know about things like that. “Folk young. I can’t be precise as to their origin until I’ve seen them. on. They wore jeans and country within two months. what is it?” demanded Peri. “Where are we going?” she demanded. “That’s the trouble with you young people today.” The Doctor nodded.” said the Doctor grimly.” he said. and the witch turned him dancing on the hill. and from behind looked he tried. “Why are we walking so fast?” The Doctor pointed. we’d better get cracking. their aim is to colonise the earth. Peri followed their 58 . I read about it. laughing. “Space creatures or some- thing?” “That’s one way of putting it. ing stones.” said the man. but I have heard that others do. “I’ve heard of this sort of thing before and believe me. night?” asked the Doctor. ” exploded the Doctor. And in the village say that it’s the sweaters. ex- there. ple standing on the outer edge of the village from where he stood. and noises. although I wasn’t here to see it. but there was a mound in stones come to life again and just like other people.” he continued. Peri. Peri had to hurry to keep up. This happened once before on earth. “We’re going up King’s Hill.” “Colonise the earth!” repeated Pen. but I don’t drew closer. “Aliens. and never get the same keeper. ” more. it’s no- – thing so simple as a few bewitched stones coming to life again. a small planet I’ve visited before.” their faces wore the blank. and the Rings. “You don’t accept the truth for what it is even when it’s staring you in the face!” Peri was silent all the way up the side of King’s Hill. “Strange lights and noises. I wouldn‘t advise you to go up there either.

and to look away. They were beauti. As it is – almost repellent. Now. “Okay. This is why they have quid almost. But I think there’s will. and saw something which took her hand and slapped it completely subjected the minds of made her gasp. to do that. “Like stones. “You’re lost if you look at these poor villagers here. the reaction is.” said the Doctor. li- – dle of a patch of bushes and but uglier. they’ve had to use part of their own electro- magnetic force. She shivered with cold. no rigid They crouched down in the mid. I’ll buy that.” “So that’s why they look like this. another reason for this strange “Don’t look at them.” hissed back the Doctor. or what?” larger than humans were. I suppose that’s true. so beautiful that they were Pen after a while. “Have you noticed that the aliens are not moving out of the circle of stones?” asked the Doc- tor. They aren’t in their own shape yet appearance.” said Pen. put there by the aliens to protect themselves. much her hand sting. their bodies were totally unlike Doctor as he made his way steal. goyles you see on old churches. you can see for yourself what eyes drawn to them against her were. which means los- ing a certain amount of their physical stability. “But what does that mean?” “Magnetism. and they glowed with watched. He – they can’t be until they have “Which is what?” prompted Peri.gaze. ’’ pered the Doctor urgently. “Aliens from the planet Valiark. More like it’s hard – anything she had ever seen be.” About a dozen forms were them too long!” “Well. She forced herself this. “And that whenever they approach the stones they move away very quickly indeed?” “Yes. frighten off the villagers. what are their own moving about inside the ring of Pen winced as the slap made shapes like?” asked Pen. thoughtfully. thily to the other side of the Rings. and followed the The Doctor shook his head. How d o we get rid of them – and how long have we got before they succeed in colonising the world?” . to explain – more like the gar- fore. and Pen felt her “They are what I said they well. sharply. “Not exactly. lines instead they were fluid. to appear like this to begin with – a silvery light.” said Peri. “What are they?” whispered their normal appearance would ful. They were much.” whis. “There’s a sort of magnetic field around the stones. They had no shape.

– “I don’t think you understand “Of course. Why don’t you admit defeat now. horror on their faces.” she said sternly: “This is no joke. aliens. isn’t it?” stared menacingly in the Doctor’s were nearly under their influence cities in minutes. to. there were revolutions and “You mean you’re not sure?” the thicket. That will “You. what are not. even as she looked. not us nor for that mat- – thicket some yards away from the to the Tardis now. shivering. So what had happened to the aliens? Peering through the twigs of the side the circle of stones. moving swiftly towards happened. they – what was going on. here?”she cried. I . the aliens must Pen. as the Doctor’s face lit up. tic circle!” he whispered happily. In- wilderment – the hypnosis was broken. That’s how to do it. going just bad luck on their part. I The Doctor turned to look at great deal when they’re at their quickly. watching closely. ‘‘Well. and with the stones “But what happened?” asked themselves. not seeing him as he didn’t know where they were a smile on Pen’s face. “You are too there to slap you out of it!” he only reason they failed to colonise the patch of bushes and moved weak to defeat the people of way and skipped neatly out of the said. one of them must. At least.” said the Doctor simply. “Because what?” demanded circle of stones. direction. “One of them broke the force- Suddenly. and the least. The villagers you’ll never survive on this planet. Moving jerkily round the to leave. and Pen could hear yourself. their bodies hunched and men. moving erratically. were becoming more and more she saw the villagers draw back. how are ‘you going to get them muttering angrily. though.” he said circle of stones.” the gravity of this situation. to dissolve into the air “Over here! Or is it over there?” as though they were dreams. enough. “I see no reason why minds of the villagers. When the aliens. searching for the Pen. please?” These creatures are capable of a ter any of the villagers. “Or Finally they were gone. Then.” he said. confused. tree. craning’ her neck to see the villagers. Pen saw them blink. their silver voice. blue light that lit up the faces of and return home to Valiark?” the villagers. “Can we go back however funny you might think it. weren‘t you?” ing that period and all through – okay. they collided with one Tardis still needs repairing. they began to “No. “There’s no point in power to create a powerful force break the forcefield. “Oh. at – voice shouting from the thicket: the village. they break it themselves that is. the colour of putty. tree and came over to Pen. watching the “We confused them until they piciously. “Seems easy pay him any attention either un- – Pen smiled. They were hideous.” he said.” very figures of the aliens did not really.” another. “No. The Doctor glanced at her sus. who were moving full strength. saw the never been. And brainpower on ours. “The stone circle.of the earth then was because…” quietly towards the far side of the Earth! You have lost your powers. she saw the aliens. volcanoes erupted “Well almost sure. but stopping short just that sometimes especially if the – wars caused. and destroy you tying to do?” staying to be thanked – they’ll field around themselves. There was a growing rumble of and turn to one another in be- a anger now from the villagers. Twisting her- wards the direction of the Doctor’s self. Hypnosis works like Earth.” he Pen shrugged. not there. fade away. Even like this. The In reply. The sil. there was a flash of field. but there was no hint of “Somebody broke the magne. “I’m cold. the Doctor crept out of taunted the Doctor. “Here we are!” The Doctor emerged from his The aliens were clearly very dis. Pen answered her cue. You or me?” til he had reached the safety of a said. stood motionless. moved away from them.” he called. Peri. and dodge behind a large bent. “Why did they just disappear sources of the voice that defied like that?” them. You and earthquakes destroyed whole to do something. heard his slowly away down the hill towards have the power to enslave the must come out of the circle or. “It’s a good thing I was stone circle very like this one. Doctor move swiftly from the their faces grimacing and leering thicket. loveliness vanished as if it had Pen. Pen looked doubtful. natives of Valiark. I think. the aliens bushes in which she crouched. It’s bound – before the forcefield. The villagers subjects are weak enough. The Doctor the activities of a few aliens in a them to come out of the circle?” “You’ll never succeed!” laughed. away from the advancing evilly. and a number of the men began to move round the circle towards the thicket where the Doctor hid. Pen glared at him. it should The aliens showed signs of none of them have any idea what they last hied to colonise the do…” agitation. “Time turbed. Millions died dur.