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The Efficiency Theory

Timothy Scott Archer
Edited by: Michael Aschenbach

Copyright © 2010 Timothy Scott Archer
All rights reserved.

ISBN: 1-4563-2007-6
ISBN-13: 9781456320072

Table of contents

1. Social Efficiency 1

2. Evaluating Efficiency 17

3. Walls of Inefficiency 33

4. The Need For Change 59

5. How to Change: 71
A) Job Sharing 71
B) Perception 82
C) Fair Compensation Act 97
D) Efficiency Education 117
E) Eliminating Waste 147

6. If We Don’t Change 161

7. Global Efficiency 163

8. The Future is Now 171

and secure their survival.prelude: Since the beginning of time. and without a clear psyche. The social aspect of evolution is suppressed because we are surrounded by internal and external factors that clog our psyches. My goal is to show that by eliminat- ing the complexities that are hindering our progress and replacing them with a more simplified approach. but for cognitive self- aware beings like us. This social inefficiency affects every aspect of our lives by decreasing our ability to live happily and comfortably. and impeding our ability to extend and preserve life. . improve their efficiency. I have written The Efficiency Theory to identify the issues that are clogging our psyches. For simple entities. this task is much more complicated. society will run more efficiently and our development will evolve much more rapidly. this task is instinctual and therefore automatic. such as cells and animals. every being that seeks survival has learned to work with other living beings so that together they can adapt to their environ- ment. our social functions become inefficient.

somewhere in this vast search for efficiency we seem to have overlooked the most powerful set of systems and tools we have. Abra- ham Maslow. use space.1 Efficiency is a term that recently has come to the forefront of the scientific world. Nevertheless. We strive to learn how to efficiently collect data. effort. and run a business. we need to look at how efficient we are as a social whole. If we are truly in pursuit of maximum efficien- cy. . As the world struggles to accommodate the enormous growth in population and to manage the distribution of resources. our- selves. Most people wake up each morning with several things on their minds. We talk about fuel efficiency in cars and energy efficiency in our homes. According to renowned psychologist.2 Our first concern is immediate survival. and skill. recycle goods. we have a general ‘hierarchy of needs’ we must fulfill. but efficiency is typically not one of them. each day our thoughts and rituals are predetermined by our basic instinctual imperative to survive. the effort to make things more efficient has become increasingly more relevant. Chapter 1 Social Efficiency Efficiency is defined as the measure of effectiveness that produces the minimum waste of time. Instead.

considering how often teaching is ad- ety turns their back to us. back to a reasonably stable condition. not mance and future stability. Then. but only in a try. thus requiring more at. This shocking reality was the vide the country like two sports teams playing against first of many wake up calls that demonstrated how the each other. and the systems that govern a unified force. last few years of this decade. these events. Since these issues are so im. These factors produce deeper try in many other sectors as the markets tumbled and challenges to both our daily imperatives and overall ef. It drags our attention even even a decade later. In the years following these attacks. I was political. constantly detract from our further progress. After several months of tedious searching. This was mirrored throughout the coun- tors outside our control. have led to such vulnerability. when we will be faced with medical and financial anywhere in the US. prepare for and ob.2 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 3 so we must find something to eat and drink. the US econ- Such volatility shows how inefficient our society omy and society together slowly wobbled their way really is and severely hinders our collective perfor. the economy continued to struggle. long it would take for the economy to recover from Our minds are then further clouded by social fac. I was one of the millions of people who tain work so we can earn sufficient income to provide felt the economic shock wave that resonated from the food. would not want to teach. how grossly inefficient our system really is. ficiency. In . we situation is counter-productive. and entertainment for our attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City. eventually able to get my foot in the door. We have an economy that deflates and inflates like very economically deprived area. vertised as a “secure profession. circumstance. transportation. leaving our efficiency unconsidered. shelter. This was a pretty disappointing strains that occur as our bodies break down and soci. we would again prove to the world further away from efficiency by making our daily im. and by improving our must prepare for our future survival and the numerous efficiency we will decrease this volatility and all of the factors that go into sustaining our lives. During the peratives more challenging. However. We also have to prepare for old a young teacher. clean ourselves to prevent illness. and economic volatility throughout the coun. the economic impact of tention on survival and less on efficiency. where most teachers a balloon ready to pop.” School districts sud- portant for our survival. We have political battles that di. In 2001. Such challenges include the constant social. I was stuck futilely searching for a job age. If we are to our inefficient system led to a collapse of several of the fix these problems. people must understand that this richest and most powerful industries in the world. As families and ourselves. rather than binding us together to work as inefficiency of our society. We need to imperatives for survival will become simple. they tend to consume our daily denly froze all hiring throughout many states and even thoughts and habitually train us to focus on a narrow started cutting back because they did not know how chain of events. We face terrorism and other crimes that us.

discouraged country. being an accountant manager. our rate of “unemployment. account for all the unemployment in the country. that include hidden unemployment. the economic shock wave crippled money.”5 Hidden unemployment includes touts the greatest economic power in history. . when accounting for temporary jobs Ladies and gentlemen. jobs dissolved across the nation The reality is. According the Bureau of Labor while forcing them to work longer hours because they and Statistics. and more realistic figures waste the skills of millions of people. However.2% during the month of Oc.4%. taken us. Here we are again facing an economy that Another issue the economy has created is discour- must freeze hiring. From day laborers to For. but not claiming or denied unemployment. Though these numbers still do not perpetuates them. are significant. drop drastically. peaking out at 10. the differences ening between rich and poor. aged workers. No longer can a person focus on a cer- tober. a major hit. Several publications address this issue they call “hid- So why is it that. social. those who are self employed. and scramble with various plans that borrow money in hopes of get. see the middle class fall. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics had ing closer and closer towards poverty. it is the inefficient system that lost and part-time workers. front desk help.” is much higher.4 It’s important to point out here that this statistic tain skill set and be as efficient and productive as pos- doesn’t even include millions of people who are un. tiple hats. tune-500 executives. small business owners tive industry. make millions of cuts. ployment nor are they able to sell a house. Between figures the and economic instability? Why is it that we continue to public is told via the media. and continue to the standard unemployment rate for December 2009 develop a culture of increased bitterness and distrust? at 10%. they Let us look at where this inefficient system has are certainly more accurate. This is forcing productivity to of 2009. the number jumped to a we live by that not only causes these problems but also jaw dropping 17. while our country arrogantly den unemployment. Now employees are forced to wear mul- employed. according to World Bank data)3. to banks and other major and minor fi. and political clout to take should we say “work force inefficiency. who have closed down and are now unable to make nancial institutions. sible in that skill. find the gap wid. (boasting a GDP nearly three times that of the second wealthiest part-time workers who lose their jobs. and real estate agents who can’t claim unem- the workforce at every level. We have businesses cutting people’s pay ting us back on our feet. we continue people who have given up looking for jobs.” or causing our economic. and other to find ourselves falling into extreme social turbulence unaccounted-for unemployment.4 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 5 every industry from the housing market to the automo. the United States unemployment rate has need to save money and they know their employees hovered between 9% and 10% over the greater portion have nowhere else to go.

plaining academic programs to people for ten dollars perience that trumps that of most people in his profes.S. Jim has a Ph. was one of the fortunate people who did not lose her view he did manage to find has come with an apology job during the economic downturn. they are sending many of the international work. She said they had positions. facing. To you to. at the time this book was written. sion. Betty has a master’s degree sixth month of doing odd jobs while trying to make in Architecture and twelve years of experience. are fighting over a single job ex- he is highly educated and has work-related and life ex. However.. and focus more on domestic prob. ers and their families home. which makes ac. Only ing. now requires her to take on all of the responsibilities John is another person I would like to introduce of the previous staff members as well as her own. struction sites in various states. Every inter. only three did not have a bachelors degree or higher. saddest part was. her wage by forty percent. be the best time for him to go back to school and work resent what millions of others across the country are towards his master’s degree. in He told me a story about his visit to the academic Educational Philosophy. people with of thousands of layoffs and no sign of rehiring. This means Betty essentially . He returning to school.6 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 7 and running errands for the company. he found no relief. advisor’s office that left him a little discouraged about tration. She ends meet because no jobs were available. at the a drastic fall. a masters degree in Adminis. and a bachelors degree in Social Science.D. He To illustrate how bad these issues have become. This again is a gross waste of effort and skill. When he returned to the U. she point- at an American school in Dubai for five years because ed out to him that the office of the academic advisor enrollment in the international school system has taken had one opening that paid ten dollars an hour. after teaching and he were discussing educational options. cut costs. over one hundred applicants for that position and the lems. it did come at a price. After tens of years of managing con. he is now left working complishing any single task much more difficult. an inefficient system would allow someone with Jim’s Her boss instead fired three others in the office and extraordinary knowledge and skills to be wasted. she still and explanation that several hundred people applying has a story to share about the difficulties we are fac- for each position makes the choice very difficult. as a sales representative for eight dollars an hour. He has a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource make things even more interesting.S. Though extraordinary skills. faces losing his home and has decided that now may I would like to introduce you to a few people who rep. Since businesses have been forced to cut beginning of the previous semester. Though she retained her job. of those one hundred applicants. he was on his Then we have Betty. The first is a man named Jim. He explained that. That means our economy has come to the point where He was left jobless as he faced school districts with tens highly educated and experienced people. as the advisor was recently forced to return to the U. an hour. her boss also cut Management. leaving Jim without a job.

but she finds herself nothing. ing before they were fired. Some of the concepts offered may appear ab- Resilience is essentially the ability to fail. The Efficiency Theory presents an evaluation of media often tout the resilience of the American people the overall efficiency of our social infrastructure and and of our economy. and knowledge by turning our come to this. We waste even more rather than using her expertise. Let’s really think about that The good news is that it does not have to be this for a moment. education. that must take place to mend the many social problems ployment rate may be 25%. deeming others unfit to a system that is extremely misleading and inefficient. The unem.8 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 9 has four times the responsibility she had before and number represents only one small aspect of our social is only being paid sixty percent of what she was mak. The book also looks at the psycholog- variably results in massive program cuts. I will offer theoretical solutions to the problems problems and produces further inefficiency. producing useless tools. What is and over again. effort. When such damage occurs to the system. abilities. cation system. politics. these challenges. We waste massive amounts of time. . surd at first. The inefficiency in our system is easy to see when they should be considered a strong basis for reforms the numbers are staring you in the face. and way. ience instead of efficiency. these three examples are only a few of the and tearing down and rebuilding the same things over millions of examples throughout the nation. and then to build it back up again. We foolishly waste our most important even more unfortunate is that society did not have to resources: skills. Where each of these topics are dis- problems is a fundamental flaw that only perpetuates cussed. but resilience is only necessary for offers some solutions that correct the problem at its something that is not stable or efficient to begin with. on building copycat products. effort. Massive amounts to build a truly efficient society. and perpetuating inefficiency with a broken edu- One drawback is that our system focuses on resil. work. Our government. roots. The topics I address of time. but after careful consideration. it in. 10% or even 5%. and multiple sub-issues related to broken. That is a fident most readers will realize how necessary they are terribly inefficient system to strive for. but a symbolic claim to whose political ideol- spending more time running errands for the business. economy back to where it was originally before it was economics. She explained to me that and skill in political maneuvering that accomplishes not only is she unable to keep up. Relying on resilience to fix social development. job losses. analyzed. but that created by inefficiencies in our present society. All of these problems are a direct result of backs on our aging population. inefficiency. and skill are wasted trying to pull our include such social challenges as crime. Sadly. to have some. religion and other factors at the foundation of our help society catch up again. ogy is deemed more important. political heads. and ical and sociological influences of propaganda. market- increased social unrest while plans are put in place to ing. I am con- thing break. While these solutions may not be absolute.

where all human beings are placed on the same field ogy for a society that runs so efficiently that inequalities of and can truly become whatever their hearts and minds power are neutralized. considering the great depression.8 These Euro- flat. and skills by allowing people to do the always got. into account that perhaps our way may not be what is best. embrace their passions.S. it will become we can make it better. pean countries. It offers insight tragedy is that. and the over-worked. rather than trying to into how life can be when people understand how in. According to the Human De- know. bureaucracies and politics are no can imagine. because. Also. Some cording to the International Labor Organization. it is important to look and a truly harmonious and free society can flourish.” For a long time. The done. high crime rates. it is simply not yet understood. As the saying goes. and are trained. The first step to improving our social efficiency is Interestingly. society has conditioned us to believe a certain way. longer necessary. barely ranks among the top 15 developing response to any idea is based only on what we currently countries in the world. Though a common the harmonious place we have only dreamt of.10 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 11 The primary goal of this book is to provide an ideol. I do not advo- . ac- truth and risk their lives to try something new. when surveyed on quality of life.S. we have been living by the things they love to do. tend to Today. why it’s not working. I challenge you to open your mind and set sail be more productive. a place factor among these nations is Socialism. and have a much higher with me to discover how life on this planet can become quality of life with happier citizens. “If we do apparent how society can function better. such Norway as and Germany. and how As The Efficiency Theory unfolds. restructuring how things are same ideology. wasting far what we have always done. worker puts in more hours at work than any insane. doing what we have always done. We must realize that our immediate the U. we rarely take balance to their lives by fulfilling their purpose. we will get what we have less time. at what is not working.7 most of the top ranked countries people believed the world was flat until a crew of men are European countries where crime is low and quality had the audacity to step outside what was accepted as services are provided for all of their citizens. However. As we begin this journey. work less. Caux Round Table. Not long ago. and compensating people fairly. Something that is unfamiliar is not necessar. we have spent centuries trying to spread our terrelated they are. like those who believed the world was other developing country in the world. over- stressed feelings we have developed. improve. the av- people may consider the ideas proposed in this book erage U. learned through the familiar system in which we velopment Index reported by the United Nations6. crime and unemployment cease to exist. to open our minds. and bring way of life around the world. in our arrogance. effort. multiple re- Opening Our Minds cessions. the Social Capital Achievement evaluation provided by ily wrong.

if it is not working. but to question our work ethic ever-changing society. because as wonderful and more thoughtful conclusion about what we believe for efficient as life is perceived in some of these countries. tend to be overshadowed by the teaching of oth. just ability to change laws in a way that would suit their best as their beliefs have been influenced throughout their interests. Even our verely miscalculated. ciently anticipate the selfish. every class or seminar great men somehow overlooked the potential for fu- you have taken. This foresight is doing the right things. thers was the foresight they displayed when designing ing. ourselves. and be adapted to an bates these problems. and oth. They also did not foresee Once we realize this. This is not an easy task because. friends. These ers. Nevertheless. whether we re. churches. theories. One of the greatest virtues of our founding fa- alize it or not. so that they could evolve over taught to question the system that creates and exacer. it demonstrated in the way the original laws of the land is because we are not trying hard enough. With this in mind. and wealth edge. efficient society. and What we see today is the result of generations of beliefs from a less biased perspective and come to a social evolution that has been controlled by such lead- . power hungry. we are all products of social condition. These men understood social and ability to use this system that has been set up for us and political evolution and they wanted to allow a Social conditioning works like this: Most of what means for the laws to change as society evolved and we believe is what we have been taught to believe by changed. let us begin our quest with Socialism has several aspects that are very inefficient an open mind and see what we can do to create a more and our objective is ultimate efficiency. and that. can begin to look at all concepts. We are not were broadly written. to do something different from what we have always done will take courage. Considering this. rather than the best interests of the majority lives. they se- er people who have influence over our lives. These wise founders did not suffi- experiences. and every boss who has shared with ture generations of leaders to take advantage of this you what they believe have influenced your beliefs. politics. This conditioning has trained us to believe we are the laws that govern our great country.9 of the people in our society. we wealth and power. Every book you have read. and bu- nothing more than concepts that have been passed on reaucracy that these leaders would use to magnify their from generation to generation. which grant us the truest form of knowl. we can see that all beliefs are the influencing power of propaganda. Though this was a wise consideration. and strive for something more. family. We must Our Founding Fathers Miscalculated step beyond things we know. ideas.12 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 13 cate Socialism by any means. schools. be interpreted by judges. dominated leadership our time was to endure. time. politicians.

While most people vote on issues that they believe are important. will secure their wealth and power.14 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 15 ership. in the grander social plan. lutions invariably come from those in power. but more importantly. our society is a product of hun. while like they play a role in our country’s development. friends. most of us do not even realize that our so- ciety has evolved from a narrow directory of choices provided by these people. while the average per- son puts in a hard day’s work. How- giving the public just enough to feel free and signifi. or free. and the wealth of The truth is that the people in power are noth. and not by them. the will to change. they create a problem of people with power and wealth. more often than not. Rather. They can rape the econo. . people vote on an issue only cant. When so- grams that were written and rewritten by generations ciety does not have a complaint. why they are not ety in a way that makes everything appear as though seeing the results that were promised. While we tout our independence and democratic methods. It is naïve to believe that our social structure is they often fail to realize that most of the issues. but have held power for generations by virtue of family lineage. hoping to bring home enough money to pay his bills and feed his family. but if we are ever to have true freedom. They then create a solution that they that their vote counts. have actually been provided for them dent. as well set up in a manner that is truly democratic. the so- dreds of years of politically motivated and selfish pro. to wonder why nothing has changed. ing more than a clan of highly skilled puppeteers who This illusion of democracy allows people to feel know exactly how to create the world they desire. my of trillions of dollars in the name of safety. those with whom they share a vested interest. When society has a complaint. must change. as the solutions. They give good reasons for doing the things they do Leaders have weaseled their way around this for gen- and create a box of safety within their reasoning to as. They control the media and propagandize soci. and partnerships. and that they are of significance believe will appease the public. ever. or simply approve themselves lavish pay raises and vacations by calling them business expenses. people in power are not coming through for them. indepen. and why these the common man’s best interest is being kept in mind. who not only currently hold power. erations. The vast majority of and sick the media hounds on the public to provoke people are manipulated to believe that they are free. this sure these beliefs continue.

and those who exhibit antiso- cial behavior. where they live or what they do for a living. it becomes clear that to fully understand the efficiency of society. including scraps and screws. hermits. when we apply this to the laws of cause and effect. are still part of the functioning of society. the entire system is weakened unless the piece is replaced. let us examine our lives.” So. Allowing this to occur causes an imbalance and puts more stress on the other parts of the system. “The unexamined life is not worth living. no matter how they live. we can see that. If a piece weakens. breaks. another must work harder to com- pensate for the weakened piece. Like the functioning of a motor vehicle.’ However. or is taken away. . Even social outcasts. as one piece weakens. This is a fairly simple con- cept called ‘functionalism. eventually. Socrates said. contributes to the overall functioning of that system. Chapter 2 Evaluating Efficiency When evaluating social efficiency. With this picture in mind. which then leads to other system failures and. Each living hu- man being is a member of society. a collapse of the entire system. a person must first evaluate how efficient they are as an indi- vidual. it is important to understand the relationship between people as in- dividuals and within society as a whole. every piece.

and he still does not feel that he answer yes to any of these questions. or for which they do not feel fairly compensat- self a few questions. I met a high school English teacher who Whether your answer is yes or no. and an occupation that is internally honest with yourself as you answer. and almost no is compensated fairly. while an occupation that does not offer a fair about themselves concerns occupation or lack of oc. he does work you do? what is required of him for the day. sonally fulfilling to them. when I asked him the same three ques- system and the beliefs we have developed: tions several years later. purpose. he was forced to Do you feel purpose or personal fulfillment in what give up the work he loved to do. because he could not financially afford The third and final question you must ask yourself to teach. This or wrong answer. and he collects his paycheck. the most important one concerning compensation.18 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 19 I would like you to take a moment and ask your. and the . What made his story question of your life: tragic was. I wouldn’t exactly say spend their entire lives working in an occupation that the compensation is fair. granted considerable importance in our current social Ironically. I have narrowed this personal ed. We have evolved into a system where people often examination down to three crucial questions that will must choose between an occupation that is not per- help you determine where you fit in the social order. There is no right rewarding. as a single father of two. his job is not There are not many people that can truthfully personally fulfilling. spend your day? In 2002.” This story they do not like. His answer to the third question one can answer yes to all three. the rewards. external reward. and the set- fortunate considering that this means many people will back I took going back to school. was. but it is enough. arguably. Today he goes to work as an engineer. He no longer enjoys his work. and the fulfilling pur- you do and how you spend your days? pose he served. but has been became an engineer. creates a perpetuation of negativity. because a job that pose of personal discovery and self-awareness. This is simply an exercise for the pur. forces people to question the value of cupation: their internal rewards. Either way. This man went back to school and eventually is far less important on a personal level. but will bring them external Think deeply about each question and be completely material rewards. but does not offer fair compensation. “Considering the level of work I do. be they Do you absolutely love what you do and how you internal or external. become a very touchy matter. This is extremely un. you must ask could answer yes to all of these questions except for the yourself the second and. that does not give them a feeling of is all too common under our current system. he answered no to all three of Do you feel that you are fairly compensated for the them. has no internal reward must make up for it in material The first question everyone needs to answer reward.

meet their financial needs. There are many people out from their efforts. people can be doing the likely someone else’s development and will often be sold work that they love to do. be assured that this type of them. Our careers consume a considerable is because the vast majority of people work in a profes- amount of time in our lives and is a major identifying sion that they are not passionate about. Regardless of whether one ac- who go to work each day and finish what is required of cepts or denies this idea. So if people do not feel pur. dedicate their lives to that purpose. as it was aspects of our social system. Some people may feel that can spend their lives performing work that they enjoy. However. This means a person’s ef- sonal fulfillment and solve a multitude of other social ficiency will become relative to the task at hand or the problems. or at up to work and think about how much extra work they least minimized. fulfillment. What happens when people do not love what and be happy. People can find purpose in or consumed by someone else. by making a few significant adjustments. and. they will eventually get burned ed of them and nothing more. society as a whole will be happier. safer. healthier. they cannot relate to this phenomenon. the system in the United States is hin. As society creates a system where people requirement for the day. work in such jobs is to bring home a paycheck that will The good news is. They often have no personal Things can be different. Many people are factor as to who we are. and will run much more efficiently. when they do not feel purpose. fair compensation? Most people will only perform up we will simultaneously assist people to achieve per- to the level of expectation. or theory is that. they still can- dered by a phenomenon I call ‘relative efficiency. as a result. this is not how it has to be. when you sit down with one of these Currently. can do that day. through a more efficient system. and by transforming some key interest in the product that they are producing. and there are doing jobs that they are passionate about. this is where people will complete what is expect. period. Generally speaking. not answer yes to all three of those important ques- tially. tions. but even these rare individuals are often ridiculed by Relative Efficiency others as over-achievers. their occupations. The attitude is. cause they are competitive or very driven individuals. “Why do more if I am . and no fulfilling effect on them. working jobs that have no personal meaning for them pose in their work. people do not show relative efficiency can be eliminated for good. they will have difficulty finding pur. and feeling certainly people who go above and beyond simply be- fairly compensated. people and find out how they truly feel. The primary reason they pose in their lives.20 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 21 most unfortunate part is that the career a person has not going to get paid for it?” The reason this happens is their livelihood.’ Essen. The most incredible part of the efficiency they do.

This is get out of the other. and you could spend the accomplished together. . When all people are contributing in how their life’s purpose could play a role in producing such a manner. teaching. Whatever you love to do so With everyone contributing to society in such a much that you would do it whether you were paid for manner. we will place efficient role is in the efficient society. but there is more to it than just People will begin to see how each other person’s indi- vidual passion relates to their own. ideals will value the fact where you will find personal fulfillment in the work you do and in the way you spend each day of your that together we freed the world of toxic pollution by life. performing. People a major contributor to the overall efficiency of society. but by what humanity has “If money was not an issue. man who invented the light bulb. the programs. as well as our an accomplishment that benefits humanity. Value will not be placed on the rest of your life studying. will pursue such accomplishments not for the power This is where you become a solid piece of the perfectly and profits they might gain as an individual. brain filled will purpose and passion.22 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 23 Finding Efficiency Society will become a synchronized web of the most powerful ‘supercomputers’ available: a human How can people discover what will make them in. you need to ask yourself. Rather than plac- dividually more efficient? To discover what your most ing value on a certain step of production. look hardware. but for running engine. achievements will no longer be measured by it or not. We need to a feeling of unity as people begin to appreciate how get to the point where all members of society can ap- each other’s passions contribute to the efficiency of the preciate each other. tion in relation to yourself. will expand exponentially. in itself is awe-inspiring. To seriously analyze this. People will begin to realize that society tremely passionate about. or the electric- away from this book and really think about the ques. and this will create doing the things we are passionate about. social whole. or sharing this passion. When you have found this passion. how different would that working together. Instead. Ideals your life be?” will no longer be centered on what one person can This passion is your life’s social purpose. you must look a fair value on each of the components necessary for deep within yourself and find something you are ex- its production. This notion efficiency as a social whole. cannot function without the roles that every person Perhaps your passion is a hobby. Passion for something is an extremely powerful motive that drives us to perform. the processor. ity to make it run. what a single person does. just as a computer cannot function without the are really interested in. our personal efficiency.10 Most importantly. or just something you plays. we created free energy. this is where you will become inventing a way to effectively reuse our waste. selling. your career should reflect this passion. but rather on the fact advising.

24 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 25 Motivation and Manipulation not live without. out of fear. are producing the motivators. for example. been studied for centuries with an attempt to discover lation: Direct manipulation is a form of manipulation what motivates people. the fact that money can get cals in the brain called endorphins. nipulative forces we deal with every moment of our Now that we understand how these various de- lives. Kings and dictators of the past. but is strongly desired for its emotional subtle stimuli that store managers have provided in and psychological benefits. This type of manipulator does not thing as obvious as paying someone to perform a cer- necessarily reach our internal survival threshold. and that we are bombarded person’s mood and allow sales representatives to have by advertisements telling us what we supposedly can. This is a very strong ies. fear is a form of direct manipula. There money. psychological stress. These manipulative motivators are around us ample of this would be money. on the darker side of these stud- to his family if he does not comply. Some of these forces touch us in a direct manner grees of manipulation occur. severely conse. and business owners quential. The human psyche has ify what I mean when I say direct or indirect manipu. You would not die without order to stimulate a desired response in people. However. which will lighten a us so many things so easily. Let me clar. mon motivators in all of our lives. One do something. Fear is the manipulating factor. sage. but tain act. are only a few of the groups that have spent a source. or danger things done. he will likely do whatever the reason for these studies is because some believe they gun wielder asks. If a man has a gun pointed at him and he is told to motivate people to perform and act a certain way. along with employers. stimulates the natural greed we have as humans and contributes to the manipulative power There are various types of motivational and ma. After all. Money is not essential everywhere. money has over us. These en- . but has power due to the emotional or psychological Motivational manipulation can range from some- impact it produces. to something as elusive as a subliminal mes- attacks us in our psychological will and desires. people to behave in a manner that benefits those who An indirect motivator is one that is not as severe. we find the intention to control and manipulate form of direct motivation or manipulation. and often the result of some outside physical of today. However. let us look at some com- and others touch us indirectly or passively. This gland then releases chemi- ever developed. that is straightforward. and can improve society through a vast implementation of the gun is the source that produces the fear through motivational strategies that will influence people to get threat of physical harm. An ex. For example. Shopping malls. more influence over their buying behavior. educators. are full of for life per se. great deal of time and money studying the factors that tion. easily defined. the human species survived hundreds are sounds and colors set up specifically to excite the of thousands of years before a monetary system was hypothalamus gland.

Anyone who has ever watched Fear Factor has es- tween emotion and logic. Ironically. study. This is essentially how the These manipulations are not confined to con. or As I went through each stint in a particular field of may not. administrators. television During my undergraduate studies. I was stuck in an ambivalent mental battle be. Fear Factor. Like many other people I have talked tors. I changed my has made a game out of the two manipulative motiva- major six times. doing something that I am truly passionate about. factor in manipulating people under our current social geted clients to create a desired response. and business owners could ever be. In each profes. Many people system. people felt overworked. got started. it is no compensating material greed or vice versa. should I major in shopping. most placed on the upper shelves where the average-height commonly. For be worth sacrificing some loss of purpose in return for example. adult can easily see them. something that will make me a lot of money. Through accident that the most expensive and sweetest tast. drug-induced state. demonstrate the influential power of money. These items are strategically Money is. The temperature in a building.” There are many other stimuli that people may. I wanted to know if my new career choice would calculated for effective influence on the consumer. but the of power and a lot of influence. as you walk through a grocery store. but This is why some people can easily become addicted to will not provide a desired income? Or. the odors we smell. this is still a form of manipulation.26 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 27 dorphins (dopamine in particular) are the same chemi. be aware of that influence us subconscious. are all factors that are to do. and the healthier cereals that appeal more to adults are people felt controlled by some outside source. This is proven daily in armed robbery provide several forms of response mechanisms that are cases. to about it. People who are extremely wealthy have a lot are aware of this and consider it no big deal. Fear is consid- sumer shopping. is far more effective at controlling people than money sion. my interviews. while similar in two respects. but that I lating people.12 influential power of money. asked myself was. the single most influential placed in areas that will provide a stimulus for the tar. to determine if this was something I would be willing and the placement of products. I began interviewing people in those professions ly. “Do I want to spend the rest of my life cals that are released in a euphoric. The question I continually sentially seen a psychological test to see if passive in- . No one can argue the fact is. People are also under a great deal of ered by many to be the greatest direct manipulator and manipulation when it comes careers. managers. television show.13 with. I found that every profession was very ing cereals are placed at the eye-level of children. money. and why this strategy is effective in manipu. where people give up their money without hesi- designed to manipulate what you do and how you feel tation when faced with the fear of death.11 really won’t enjoy. arguably.

but if fifty thousand dollars was offered for the people with the wealth allow you to be. direct influence will almost manipulative factor in our lives. heard colleagues say. in most money that would have granted them the freedom other professions. “Alright kids! We’re taking a trip up north to leagues or the professors say. you have little power. or that we passive manipulation. the more been trained as. “I hope you aren’t doing stay in a hotel for a few days. but money is not too far behind. Take Hurricane a teacher addresses the taboo subject of salary. Would someone do this for the fun of it? Of being manipulated. or people know that the more wealth you have.28 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 29 fluence can overcome direct influence. the education profession pro- can achieve financial freedom? They say this because vides a great example. doing it. for example. Therefore.” Or. Could you imagine enter. and you are not able to get credit. these this for the money?” people felt trapped. Ask any teacher how many times they have that many of the poorer people were forced to endure. arguably. People have such manipulative force. We see this demonstrated every and over again that educating is an incredibly noble profession. “If it’s about the money. salary is a major motivational factor to leave. the second most powerful indirect How many times have we come across an ad sug- influencing factor is guilt. If you are not the holder of the sands of tarantulas or cockroaches to crawl on them for money. On the guilt-ridden side of gesting we can be independently wealthy. someone may try to face their fears to get the money. Wealth = Freedom After acknowledging the influential power of money. freedom and equality. Anyone who has worked. the most power.” Quite the contrary. . we are granting those are entertained by seeing others do ridiculous things people who have the most money. If this is hard to ciety that so badly wants to claim to be in pursuit of believe. but many of them simply did not have the this profession for the wrong reason. so money is used to manipu. left. and are one of the people 60 seconds. they Katrina. then it is pretty ing law school or business school and hearing your col. Think about it. while fighting their fears. a professional educator has heard over freedom you have. those people who had the mon- are ridiculed and questioned about their motives for ey to leave. “I hope you aren’t doing this for There were some people who stayed out of denial or the money. you are only as free as course not. hard to say. if you are barely making ends for choosing that occupation. and did not experience the suffering teaching. then you are in ignorance. then explain why someone would allow thou. In an extreme We must face the fact that money is an extremely situation such as death. By allowing money to always win. This causes some serious identity problems for a so- late them to provide this entertainment. meet.” Ironically. What they do not tell you is that every time second of the day all over the world.

Many average U. From whatever perspective we look at it. repressed. The wealthy seemed to radiate a another. or maybe a family member got sick and medical expenses had to be paid for out of a child’s travel and experience the world. together. dine at exotic interna- firsthand what different communities were like by in. if not eliminated all and deserved only the best. They not only expressed Once we get our system on track and our soci- the freedom to do what they wanted. to see a natural segregation of students based on their This is not a problem that only the poor experi- community’s socio-economic status. they felt controlled. and experience the broader aspects teracting with them in a close environment. or country. So it is very common improve their situation. I chose to change ence. to eat where they chose. because they cannot afford to drop a few millionaire status to poor and homeless and everything hundred dollars to have it repaired. rience outside of their own community. even the wealthy. to receive tutoring on college fund. One great thing about ed for them. Citizens do not have the finan- schools several years in a row because I wanted to see cial freedom to travel to Europe. Many had nev.S. Maybe an also resulted in enormous experience gaps between investment was lost because the capital was not avail- these varied groups. This often led to a rebellious statuses. They did not have a sense of freedom. They often had to . In doing so. Most schools are put into districts that require attitude. rarely had any expe- our sense of freedom will be expanded exponentially. confidence that they had the right to do as they pleased these problems will be minimized. The wealthy had the freedom to able at the time. but derstanding of people from various socio-economic rather. The poor on the other hand. and to wear most people can relate to this experience in one way or what they wanted. Through a more efficiently run social system. tional restaurants. such as education and training. These people being involved in the public school system is that it has had no money and. person reading this book. and our attitudes towards one another and the system er been outside of the city they were from and certainly we serve will be appreciated rather than despised. as a result. but projected the ety is running with the efficiency we know is possible. This because of a financial obligation elsewhere. not outside of the state. they felt stagnant and provided me the opportunity to get an in-depth un. I am sure that every in between. which unfortunately exacerbated the prob- students within a neighborhood boundary to attend a lem. Many people feel trapped when their car I worked with students and families who ranged from breaks down. sense of royalty about them. rather than what they chose. as they often refused the help that was meant to school with in those boundaries.30 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 31 Millions of other people experience this lack of wear what was given to them and eat what was provid- freedom on a daily basis as well. difficult subjects. can think The most amazing difference I discovered was the of a time when they felt their freedom was hindered level of freedom each group believed they had. of the world.

Chapter 3 Walls of Inefficiency The Greed Factor The United States has become the greatest eco- nomic power in the history of the world by tapping into two of the strongest human motivators. . Though this is advertized as one of the greatest aspects of American society. this opportunity has also been used as a form of negative manipulation. We have so much admiration for the people who have pulled themselves from the pits of poverty to become what our society considers wealthy and successful.” that is supposed to be achievable by anyone in a land where even an impov- erished person has the ability to literally go from rags to riches. greed and envy. “The American Dream. the person next door. or better than. so that they will believe it is pos- sible for them as well. All individuals have the opportunity to capitalize on multiple resources provid- ed and lift themselves to any level of success that can be dreamt up. if I work hard enough. We claim that a person born at the bottom of so- ciety is not stuck at the bottom. We even share their stories as motivation for others. This notion has been coined a dream. Our country is built on the notion that. I can become as good as.

we can too. The might warn. ing a six-figure income in no time. They timing. lose your job if you do not meet this standard or quota. Businesses use this stimulus to get people to work and I quit after a very short time. members. because we was simple and that they would move up very quickly. mixed with a little luck and called a director. they turn to between the manipulative forces of money through our strongest motivator. and treat them well until their three-day employees to work harder and longer. “It is simple and eas- long time and. and all you have to do is work harder—— their jobs. You will be promoted very quickly and be mak- work. This relationship this form of motivation no longer works. fitness industry that sold personal training to club less youth that worked hard and became something ex. This was the only sales position I had ever worked. and it designed the job structure so that every position was is really a person’s passion. I remember a story that my 5th grade teach. She worked there for a ger hours. They would focus all efforts on clos- ployee. I spent some time working for a company in the Many people have heard a story about a home. and feeding their greed for more money. However. They would tell them. because of what I con- long and laborious hours by offering employees more sidered unethical practices. these stories motivate us. Companies offer grace period was over.14 When something that most people can do. fear. They would purposely use fancy financial incentives to managers who perform above jargon that members wouldn’t understand. or manager in training. manager. that truly offers them the opportunity to get would repetitively tell every potential new-hire that it there. After years of continued hard to do.” They very cleverly The truth is. Businesses and other agencies advertise and week doing something they do not like to do—to en- broadcast examples of the American Dream at its best sure that they are seen as an asset to the company— to promote a continued desire for more wealth and because they need the money and do not want to lose more power. are taught that if one person did it. ily achievable. she eventually bought a restaurant of her own. Businesses do this to lie to members about the prices in an attempt to get to people because it costs less than hiring another em.34 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 35 where the likelihood of such success is advertised as stress. because of her hard work. to persuade to people to buy training that they did to er used to tell the class about a woman who started out manipulate their sales people to work harder and lon- washing dishes for a restaurant. them to pay more. and then average by driving their employees to high levels of use their inability to understand as a reason why they . You just need to do what you are told ally became the manager. examples like this are extremely rare. for them (the business owners). Sales people were trained money and a potential promotion. she eventu. They would use the very same sales tactics traordinary. “You will greed and envy is pushed by the wealthy and the pow.” erful so that everyone will believe that this can happen They get people to voluntarily work 60 to 80 hours a to them. Promised rewards also drive managers to push ing the deal.

for the most part. but that is what is written in the job contract. Just like the many people who have expe. but. How often does a salaried person do just to admire. enough work required for the day and go home? That rienced the same thing I did when I accepted the job is not to say that people on salary do not work hard. even in the manage. This been balancing the amount of work expected for a motive comes in the form of desire and is presented to given salary. longer worked for the company. work. salaries are one based on the amount of money it will bring them. The desire is strong and is passionate about their work they will rarely work up the goal is simple: that maybe you too can become as to their full potential. they would even lead people to believe that without pur. pressure their sales people to perform for unfair com. nipulating us. unless a person all of us as a goal for everyone. While salaries can be nice. we are taught that it is easy to achieve.15 Salaries pro- people who had worked for this company and I would vide jobs where. The related to an hourly-pay equivalent. then salaries are at the other. If sales and commission jobs are at one end of the chasing training. I was constantly running into concept accepted in a capitalist society. of the best forms of compensation in our current social People will even work completely meaningless jobs as system.36 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 37 need help. on top of their salary to provide further motivation. The question is. What I found was that Today. In fact. they would likely get hurt or even lose spectrum. Sometimes to get sales. even massive amounts of overtime. Many salaried jobs require an extraordinary amount of as long as we do what we are told. This is directly related to relative rich and powerful as the people society has trained us efficiency. a large number of the jobs in America have be- the turnover rate was enormous. or commission incentives. but they are a so- sales people were sick of having to lie to customers just lidified form of compensation nonetheless. and even potential that they were told they would reach. the problem with salaries has always long as it will provide for their monetary desires. come salaried positions and people enjoy the certainty ment positions. They consistently used the classic bait-and. tion is the Capitalist Paradox. the interview them at every chance I got on why they no employee will receive a designated amount of money. A salaried posi- years off of their lives. no matter how much work is done. just so they could get their managerial pay. Salaries are often adjusted. predictable amount of money. selling training. The Capitalist Paradox switch method of sales. However. A salary is the first socialist While I was there. and when sales we low. and the managers were sick of having to people are offered bonuses. a salary is set to provide a secure and We have all seen how powerful money is in ma. because employees rarely reached the a salary provides. how . People often choose their life’s work Salaries are not a bad idea. pensation.

16 This is a key reason why societies find it on a continuous swinging pendulum. from an ideology that the elite have meticulously plant. The only way to break this trance that has been bestowed upon us is through fundamental changes in Competition key aspects of our social and economic systems. In this chapter. it causes many problems. We are currently difficult to raise the efficiency of their economic sys. Over the last that money is the answer is not something that is inter- century. and are now again facing the worst economic trouble since that tally flawed.” purpose and internal reward in their productivity. and our social efficiency crumbles. and if the est form. in the midst of the greatest economic crisis since the tems. We will feel free to work economy are certainly responsible for some of the most the jobs we love and to enjoy how we spend our days. Not only does this create a problem of productive great depression. my grandparents includ- Here is where the salaried position is fundamen. in its pur- the call of duty unless there is a reward for it. This idea has been inculcated by cen- of economic collapse. ed. advertising. and this was seeded by the greed inefficiency. using media. cial reward for the least amount of work possible. we will discuss the occurred. people rarely go above and beyond Capitalism is a wonderful theory. education. don’t worry about any internal purpose. There are some living people. and carries our whole economy to perform. It seems that every decade comes with new chal- limits. The competitive seeds planted by the market ed into the social mentality. who were alive during the great depression. a salary is not going to push them vast social imbalances. and pro. During World . it also creates a problem in the individual’s which capitalism creates. In my relatively short time on psychosocial efficiency when people are unable to find this earth. people will experience a tremendous sense problems it causes and how an Efficient Society will use of freedom. The fact is. our country has repeatedly been on the verge nally suggested. we will be freed from the political prodding to succeed at the salaried job simply because they love that has shaped our society into its current state of inef- what they do? ficiency. but.17 The belief lenges and nationwide financial troubles.38 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 39 often do people go above and beyond what is required Better yet. security and happiness. It creates severe and reward is not internal. profound accomplishments of our time. and paganda. This is due to the fact that we turies of manipulating human desires through greed have been trained to be greedy. to seek greatest finan- and envy. I have already experienced two “recessions. Once this change in belief has effects on society. Once the systems have been altered. monetary rewards reach their motivational time. this will ultimately lead Competition can have both positive and negative to a change in belief. We will feel freed competition only for its positive effects.

The notion is simple: By pro. These are the people who are of the great- extrapolates through time and leads to better and bet. there was a world-wide competition to develop Many people in strong capitalist societies have never ex- the most powerful weapon known to man. peo. which cre. perienced any other way of living. This has contributed sulted in nuclear energy. Competition is not isolated to materialistic ates a desire to invent a better product. together. ers. and a continuous expansion of im. and from real estate to rich and powerful person. within our psychological and social fabrics as well. Everywhere we look today. from jewelry to exotic cars. the point is that competition is the fuel for always ended up in a competition when one family growth and there is a strong concern that. Again. Competition has question is. By making life into a competi. The competitive spirit has been the psychological competition: Is it really necessary to the prime force in capitalist society since its inception. wealth is the the social competition. ter products. Compe- connection can be established between the cause. there are also ever gives the best gift shows that they have the most some negative social consequences arising from such money and are better than the others. an improved product. The uct of Darwin’s evolutionary ideas. which is actually the cause. growth could slow greatly or even halt al. There are some people who have realized prefer to buy the better product. businesses and individuals are stimulated ogy that competition is necessary. it has become a massive challenge the benefit to the business? Or. regardless of ownership of goods. a over the most ridiculous and miniscule things. of our lives. the unattainable victory as though it were a life or death proved products is the result. Multiple implications proceed from such a practice. This is seen as a means to becoming the next gery. out-do everyone else? What are these people trying to .18 There are others who strive for ultimate motive. everything in life has become a viding a product better than the others. people are competing Think back to the laws of cause and effect. personal experiences. ing them to create a better product to gain the edge Growing up. This joyous time came first. This type of competition competition. From designer clothing to plastic sur- others. without this member bought a better Christmas gift than the oth- competition. This will shift wealth this is an impossible way to live and have given up on to the maker of the better product. est concern for the Efficiency Theory. Here. tition is no longer a game played on a field or a prod- ple competing. I can remember participating in the in sales? Regardless of whether the chicken or the egg family gift exchange at Christmas time. to generations of people who have developed this ideol- tive game. is it the businesses ask.40 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 41 War II. Then comes competitive attitudes. people will competition. and which is the become a way of life that consumes us in every aspect effect? Are people instinctively competitive. This re. First is the materialistic part of the competition: Who- While competition has its benefits. but it has also reached to constantly invent new technologies and improve on some extremes. and the effect.

42 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 43
prove? Finally comes the social competition: The sta- People do become consumed by this ideology. These
tus level for the person who gave the better gift is now competitions become the foundation of their lives and
higher, or so it is perceived to be. ultimately lead to one of the greatest contributing fac-
What most people do not look at is the cause and tors to our social inefficiency, the battle between pur-
effect relationship within these acts. This often resulted pose and desire. A person caught up in the competitive
in negative comments about the giving family member, mind-set will indubitably give up meaning and pur-
based on speculations about their motives for giving pose in life for a career they dislike, as long as it earns
a particular gift. This is not isolated to my family. Every a lot of money, because they become obsessed with
person I know has had some type experience like this, trying to keep up. These people substitute their true
whether it is the neighbor who bought a new car to out- life’s purpose for a counterfeit purpose, a purpose that
do the person living down the street, the person who has been imposed on them by a manipulative game of
must flaunt their designer bags and clothing, or the per- competition. Their life’s purpose is to win a competition
son at the staff party who feels the urge to one-up every that only exists in their minds. What they do not real-
other person in the room with a story of their own. ize is that this is a competition that could never end,
People’s lives become consumed with competi- and ultimately cannot be won, because of its extreme
tion and getting the upper hand. Another result of this relativity—relativity that is, and always will be, base on
competitive atmosphere is the everlasting and continu- perception.
ous negative feelings that are created by these people.
An even greater concern is the message that is passed Why We Are Currently So Inefficient
from these people to the others: That whether they like
it or not, they are playing the game. More often than We have established that society has been shaped
not, whether a person wants to be in this competitive around a monetary reward system rather than a more
game or not, they feel compelled to become a part. purposeful and fulfilling reward system. There are mil-
These people stir up emotions in unsuspecting people lions of people who do not care what they are doing
and, in this way, stimulate the drive to compete. This is as long as they are making a lot of money. There are
harmful to us as people and as a social whole because millions more who will make the same amount of mon-
it creates friction and wastes energy that can be used ey regardless of what they do, so they do just enough
elsewhere. to get by. There are some computer technicians who
The competitive phenomenon in this form has waste several hours a day at work, playing video games
many harmful effects on individuals and on society as because they can, and they know they will still get paid.
a whole because of the effect it has on each individual. Who has not seen people at work who sit at their desks

44 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 45
and talk to their friends on the telephone for hours, be- person, an event, a commercial, or a theory, we all act
cause they can and they will still get paid? These people the way we do because of how we believe. However,
have skills that are either not being used or are being when these beliefs are not understood by others, it is
completely wasted on useless activity.19 because they are not shared by them. Those people
This is fine under the current system because these who share the belief that these men will go to heaven
people are achieving the single most important objec- for these acts, do understand why they are doing it, and
tive they have created for their lives, making money. A support them in their actions.
major cause of our social decline is the fact that money Beliefs are also extremely complicated, because
rules people’s personal, social, and life-long objectives. beliefs come to people through a filter of their own per-
People are more concerned with making money than ception. This perception is either constructed through
saving lives. People have been trained to believe they experiences or through teachings. When people lack
will be happier with wealth than with purpose, but it the experiences needed to develop their own beliefs,
does not have to be this way. they rely on what they have been taught. This creates
Let us now look even deeper into the reasons for an extreme problem that I will touch on briefly here. It
social inefficiency. The degree of efficiency is relative to must be understood that teaching in all forms is fallible
our behavior as a working group. If a person’s behav- in many respects and a significant way of manipulating
ior at work is to talk on the phone to a friend instead people and their beliefs. This is not to say that all forms
of working on a task, then it is the behavior that is our of teaching and manipulation are bad, it is just wise to
concern. This means it is important to understand why be aware of these forces at work.
people behave the way they do. Behaviors are a prod-
uct of a person’s beliefs. A perfect example of this is the The Effects of Perception
suicide bombings the world has dealt with for years.
What could convince a man to kill himself and hun- The reason teaching is so fallible is because the
dreds of others? Perhaps communion with God, and nature of teaching is conceptually and perceptually bi-
the ownership of several virgins in the afterlife, would ased. It starts with a concept, such as, “Dogs are nice.”
do it. In the mind of a Christian or an atheist, this sounds This is a belief of the teacher, because the teacher was
ridiculous, but all of us do things every day because of a taught this and validated the belief through her own
belief we hold that others, who do not hold that belief, experiences with dogs. Therefore, to her, dogs have
may think is strange. always been nice. However, this very concept can be
The beliefs we hold are what control our behav- taught to another person and, when they take this
iors. Whether it is a superstition, a religion, a belief in a belief to the wrong dog, they get bitten. This person

46 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 47
may then become a teacher who promotes the con- of how our system provides much greater rewards to
cept that dogs are mean, vicious animals. With this ex- its people than any other system they have seen. How-
ample, it can be seen that when a concept is taught, ever, we must remember that such pronouncements
it is taught in terms of the teacher’s beliefs. These be- usually come through the speaker’s perceptual filter as
liefs have formed through the teacher’s experiences or a wealthy, first world citizen.20
been passed to them through teachers they have en- We all live in our own worlds. On a physical level,
countered, in an enormous chain of perceptual filters. people share a large common place. However, within
Whether the concepts taught are objective facts or not this physical world each person also has their own in-
is a matter of philosophy. dividual consciousness, which gives them a perception
However, it is important to understand that any of living in their own world. People often get caught up
concept being shared is interpreted through an indi- in their individual worlds and forget what is happen-
vidual filter and expressed as a belief. That belief is then ing around them, until something, or perhaps some
taught to others, where it then becomes their belief as person, does something that affects their world. This
well. Since many people do not have the freedom, or creates a new awareness and forces people to make a
capability, to test the new belief through an experien- decision about that new world they both now share.
tial realm, they simply accept it as true. The terrorists The choices are to either ignore this new awareness or
who do suicide bombings do not believe they will com- accommodate it. Unfortunately, people often choose
mune with God because they have experienced this. to ignore each other because it takes less effort or
They believe it because they have been taught to be- because they simply do not want to change. This is a
lieve it. dangerous route to take, because these two worlds will
For the Efficiency Theory to make sense, people eventually have to accommodate each other and many
must realize that the beliefs they hold have either been others also. The best choice, then, would be to accom-
taught to them by others or have been based on per- modate each other’s perceptions in this new combined
sonal experience through their own perceptions. Many world. However, to successfully blend their perceptual
U.S. citizens believe that this country has created the worlds into one, whatever they decide must be mutual.
best social system in history. Americans have been If the blend is not mutually considered, then the worlds
taught to believe this by those who are rich and have are not blended, but rather, one world has taken over
experienced this. The media, business, and teachers the other.
affirm this belief by showing examples of how bad life As for an example of this, I will share my observa-
is in countries that do not use our system. People who tion of a guy at the local pub. I watched a man at a pub
have traveled extensively can share their experiences, literally bump into almost every girl he saw through-

er than greed and envy. On a grander scale. modations. it is extremely important to realize that each of he would find one to accommodate his world. the husband and wife do not be- come the same person. it is very important to realize that these two sciously aware of this overlap. they are in a forced marriage to every other of two worlds starts out as a very brief blend. create a web finds a girl that will accommodate his world. then cities. and contributions according to the commu. common home. we call What the mainstream does not spend much time them communities. both tive that more people realize this if we are to become of their overlapping worlds will collapse. During this time. People choose to make decisions. We call these overlapping world’s families. These civilizations had the ef- colleagues. There are still cused on the whole. but these are the simple examples us to comprehend today. In these community worlds.48 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 49 out the evening. and if ciency and personal happiness. people fo- of overlaps that most people are aware of. but over person on this planet. to live in a harmonious and efficient converge his world with each girl’s world. People have families. and the billions of other worlds around us that we may never prosperity of their civilizations was measured in millen- directly come in contact with. life was like then and how such societies functioned. states. and acquaintances within their overlapping ficiency to create social structures that are difficult for community worlds. Once he these personal and community worlds. He was intentionally attempting to However. This blending it or not. friends. Rather they will be that must be awakened in order to achieve social effi- two separate worlds that permanently overlap. they simply share a larger A Lesson from the Ancient Ones world in which their two worlds overlap. one of the become directly aware of. or one to the grander physical world. it is a key understanding worlds will never really become one. Though many people may not be con- However. they will ei. people agree to share perous civilizations were actually from ancient times. So . rather than in centuries or decades. their individual worlds and remain together within the from times so long ago that we struggle to grasp what larger world. countries and so teaching is that some of the most harmonious and pros- on. In a marriage. These civilizations were built on fairness and trade rath- nity’s needs and desires. most efficient and amazing civilizations ever known. hoping that world. arguably. Whether people realize of the two worlds will take the other over. accom. of overlapping perceptual worlds that are interrelated ther begin a mutual blending of the two worlds. It is absolutely impera- only one of them puts forth the energy to coexist. because we share this globe as a time can develop into a successful and long-term blend. an efficient society. and there are billions of niums. overlapping community worlds that we also may never The ancient Egyptians were. rather than the individual.

has required people to take care of themselves to sur- vive.50 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 51 why haven’t we tried to emulate more pieces of their so. Most people wouldn’t care as long as it looked take care of ourselves. we have taught each other that we need to learn to amount. because perception influences our beliefs. working hard. we begin to see life as an elaborate game.21 In this particular tablet. always a loser. they fail to take respon- and beliefs ultimately determine behaviors. . neglect. Dating back to the times when the has been evolving since the beginning time. that we struggle to see that the take pride in their ability to manipulate and destroy another person’s world in order to justify and provide answer is really quite simple. and ety found efficiency in its equality. became weak and died. as a result. Because of this philosophy. where there is a winner. wealth. even though they had to make sev. it is. This was crucial for survival. way or another. personal lives better that they often forget. and leav- eral more cuts in the bread. There ing behind that lower class of people they once were. manipulating the right people. things realizing the broader effect their personal victory cre- must change. Many people who play life as a game essary for happiness. because he who did among any number of people. the Egyptians had a mathemati. even take from other people all around them. what people have told us the intent to win and. The Evolution and Effects of Selfishness ciety? Around the turn of the century. interconnected at the physical and social levels. The prob- decessors. and it is no coincidence that this soci. people have become so self- is something to a society that built a structure that still involved and concerned with what will make their own marvels us today. People fail to realize that everyone on this planet is change in perception (a product of education and ex. When we step back and really look at this for what ize that current society is far less efficient than our pre. We have become so obsessed with what we lem with this perspective is that games are played with believe we need to be happy. in one perience). but these ancient people would make sure the cess. Now that is efficiency. Egyptologists dis- covered an ancient tablet that contained some insight Selfishness is an inherent biological imperative that into their way of life. Generation after genera- such that fifteen people could have exactly the same tion. or physical strength to they explained a way of dividing nine loaves of bread live. there is we need to be happy. sibility for the fact that. and. If the people of this world for their own personal world. we contributing to the problem. Such changes can only begin through a ates. Survival of the fittest meant looking out for number cal formula for dividing things in such a proportionate one and doing whatever it takes to eliminate the compe- way that virtually anything could be distributed evenly tition. not have the resources. sometimes without even want to achieve true happiness in their lifetime. and they are taught they can reach this dream by shares were equal. and what society tells us is nec. People are given a vision of suc- close. The time has come for people to wake up and real. if we are not contributing to the solution. Evolution pyramids were built.

in their personal tal worlds. Over time. Sto- to see the grander scheme of life. the failure to effect and its association with thermodynamics. it . people realized that the actions of a physical world. but a psy- To illustrate this idea. For example.’ Regardless of the name it is given.” grown with trees. more natural disasters that cause calamity. mostly the upper-class Americans and objective. If a forest becomes over- a smoker or not. This was to suit those individual worlds that and opposite reaction. the acknowledge this fact and act accordingly. chosocial phenomenon as well. This acknowledge the other people on the flight and respect could be a physical action. all 200 people on the flight were subjected to by killing off the weaker trees. the same amount of force generated. This realization eventually action. As the planet become the odor. cancerous effects one person’s action. “second hand smoke. or any other significant or insignificant action. an equal and opposite social reaction occurs. the tar. they become more selfish and less inclined world. Due to the cause When closely observing the laws of cause and and effect relationship of these actions. Once they begin to jus. For every action an individual takes in soci- this emerging insight. that any action will be balanced by creating an equal line flights. Prior to 1999 smoking was allowed on many air. Thus the phrase. contributes property of balance becomes a key issue. will ed hundreds of people around them. In response to ety as well.22 The community world of the airplane con. It beliefs and actions tediously. has also been called the ‘Ripple Effect’ and the ‘Butterfly tify. a natural phenomenon in the physical world. these walls result in the whole. they begin to justify their the Second Law of Thermodynamics: action-reaction. had on another person in the grander world. whether they were be pushed back into the fist. This phenomenon is much easier to see in the British. which will ultimately balance the growth a cigarette. This is not just further to the social problems we have today. it becomes more susceptible to fire was coined. world will affect the grander all-encompassing world of er people in one way or another. physicists call it selves and their selfish goals. imagine flying on an air. By focusing on them. etrable wall. tained hundreds of overlapping individual worlds. Everything a person does in their personal one person does in their personal world affects all oth. which People can observe this balancing force in soci- were affected by as few as one smoker. rytellers call this notion cause and effect. Since everything undeniable. the facts are attempted to construct a social wall. a verbal action. and any other negative side-effects from over-populated. a business their personal worlds as well. the airline industry was forced to ety.52 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 53 As people spend more time in their personal men. a perpetual deterioration of society. our negative effects create more and the smoke. If only one person on a flight chose to smoke and disease. if a person hits an impen- single cigarette smoker on the airplane negatively affect. The natural laws show plane. led to a banning of smoking on all flights because of the By looking closer at the balancing factors in society. they have separated themselves from others and Effect. Balance appears to be nature’s desired to smoke.

Any way you look at it. but the demon- strated effects are very real. and for every giver there is a taker. ture.54 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 55 becomes clear that all people and their actions are in. be accomplished ahead of time and then maintained. for every rich man there is a poor man.000? Is it worth the chaos. then swing. if one person decides that one must take a loss for another person to gain. and achieve balance before the pendulum ever death would be the ultimate pursuit of man. In this example. which ultimately results in disharmony. Unfortunately. the lawsuits.000. they do so at the expense of someone else. There is they deserve a higher percentage than the others. Most people have a com- a pendulum of positive and negative events. However. or multiple heartache. This later. to live a comfortable life and contribute to cret of social efficiency is to minimize the pendulum’s the evolution of man. As people’s private worlds consume them through Some people may argue that this is okay. either low-level jobs are cut. or jobs are shipped balanced reaction to this would be that every person overseas for cheaper labor.000 of the split rather terconnected with the entire world society. than the agreed $100. Whatever the cause may be. However. they lose sight of the objective theory that this provides the balancing factor in the and the result is inefficiency. who take more do so at the expense of another. that someone else is losing. the effect is provokes greed. blue-collar salaries are low- the ten receive one million dollars. inevitably. and the loss of friendship? To poor men. it needs to be balanced as well. but even that has a cause and effect relationship. the People must focus on the overall goal as a whole and current social system can only achieve balance through stop focusing on themselves. Let us now look into some Social Cause and Effect more common and very serious aspects of society. People raises. If this were not the case. the consumer is charged more. the goal market. Is it re. gether and bought a winning lotto ticket. they the possibility that profits rose and all workers will receive are no longer balanced and chaos will occur. what most people fail to see is the was to win the lotto and the goal was achieved. balance must nature’s objective and since society is an aspect of na. At pay out. This Perhaps the rise in profits was the result of business-A happens because people do not evaluate or accept paying lower amounts of money to its suppliers or busi- the social cause and effect their world has on others. This would then force the supplying company Instead we think about the big screen television that all (business-B) to cut profits or over-charge someone else of the commercial tell us we can not live with out. A harmonious and ered. ness-B. It is important to understand that as the highest corporate Imagine ten friends have pooled their money to. For exam. salaries rise. Balance is achieve and retain peace and harmony. starts to swing. the ple. some- receives $100. effect that this “swinging pendulum” scenario has on . The lottery is a very light example. on the selfishness and greed. mon goal. ally necessary to fight for $110. The se.

and losing their homes. most people will place blame on the thief and es by creating new positions in business-A. getting pay cuts. greed effected thousands of jobs that could have been vive. much they are missing out on has an extreme effect This is typically how business is run.56 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 57 society. greatly. Simple math shows tems. while a few at the top benefit went to just a few people at the top. and a position in the world. including banking CEOs that con- What we see as a result of cause and effect. but more impor. While millions of people were losing worker. the wake of another person’s gain. just bad people. This is where balance is ultimately nuses (above their already enormous salaries) at the ex- attained. CBS News reported bery. who first hand. In 2008. and more people motivated to act out in violence retained by the money that went to their bonuses. The fate of all em. and others will actually The law of cause and effect shows that their suffer because of it. This not only leads to economic imbalance. as the U. major corporations. society will attempt to find balance. more people motivated to steal to sur. most people will not. occurs. economic system began to crum- tend to be completely out of touch with the average ble in early 2008. reality is that the CEOs and managers will receive hefty Flaunting our lavish cars and showing the poor how bonuses and absorb a good percentage of any gains. tainted economic system.S. paid to investment banking CEOs. is tributed to the problem. also to an imbalance in society as a whole. business involves people. we can see that. they need to think again and realize tantly is the effect this has on society as a whole. more crime. rob. business-B loses. Whether it be by auto theft. the money ample.000 above average paying jobs. often the never look at how they are personally affecting society. but their jobs. Many people started seeing this ployees is in the hands of a few people at the top. Rather than balancing business-B’s job loss. Using the bonus ex- billions of dollars and creating more jobs. because some people lost in with salaries of $50. it has an enormous influence People find their sanctuary in blame. Rather than taking those hundreds of through various criminal activities. were receiving multi-million- that society will eventually attempt to find equilibrium dollar bonuses. Cause and that the government could have created 280. or because the CEO must spend extra money to that $14 billion of the government “bailout” money. yet they given enormous bo- needs and desires. So if CEOs want to play the self-righteous card pense of 280.000 jobs effect demonstrates that. . was equip everything he owns with elaborate alarm sys. ulti- due to anger and bitterness about their unfortunate mately resulting in more problems. Since that they are major contributors to the problem.000 with that $14 billion dollars. This will result in more poor people on the street. When crime on society. on people and society. the effect will come These CEO’s imprudent management is what lead to as people turn to other ways of providing for their the economic decline. Consider again the laws of cause and effect. and claim they deserve the bonuses and criminals are As business-A gains.

fairness. more efficient social is. behaviors.” Chapter 4 but when it is taken at the personal level. and to achieve belief that has been engrained so deeply. People who have the things they want. it is called “good business. Manipulative forces have been used for centuries best way. Rewiring Beliefs nomic pendulum is only possible through positive and negative consequences and action-reaction relation. to reduce the crimes that are fueled primarily ciency is rewiring our beliefs: but how can we change a by desperation. Envy is created when people compare what others have to what they have. it is considered “theft?” To achieve efficiency. oneness. and the appreciation of all. then envy ceases to exist. but teaches it’s members that this is the envy. the current system not only thrives on beliefs people have are the reasons for their greed and this imbalance. Even if other people have great things. we need to eliminate this terrible cycle altogether and create balance from the The Need for Change start. a belief that happiness for all people in their individual and commu. The first step towards achieving social effi- balances. For example. and the things they believe they need. This is again a purpose. if it is not some- thing that is personally desired by another. are rarely envious of others. envy is manifested. and that they desire.58 Timothy Scott Archer 1 Isn’t it interesting that when wealth is taken or de- nied at the corporate level. balancing the eco. The efficient community and the individuals wealth? involved in this system will all work together towards The only way to truly eliminate greed is to elimi- a common goal. In fact. This is why there are so many social problems to teach society to believe in a way that causes these under this system. and balance will be achieved through nate envy by changing our perception. has been validated every minute of every day. a person may love dogs and have an extremely rare dog worth a million of dol- . these negative reactions will no longer occur. envy. The only way to eliminate these im. When balance is achieved in the beginning. is to create a balanced. As I described in the previous chapter. greed. when we see some people with so much material system. jealousy. Under our current system. When people see that other people have things that they do not. and still nity worlds. many of the ships. cause-and-effect relationship.

As time has progressed. because people have many different tastes. This is due to the nature of globalization and to sion shows the movie star who owns an entire island in rapid advancements in technology. as human brain still evolving. while the majority sands of year it has been evolving at an increasingly struggles to pay their personal bills. ing human psychological and sociological evolution. haps owning one exotic car would be nice and. contribution to society.7 reminder that some people are the haves and others Historically. and the An Efficient Society where greed and envy would advances have become exponentially more extreme. As these major changes occur. If this were eliminated. envy would equally be eliminated or As we look at history. and they are compensated fair- This example demonstrates the relativity of greed ly for it. Such a society does not have so rapidly that our brains struggle to keep up. or at Industrial Revolution. we can look at the landmark ages. ev- unless they too are collectors of rare dogs. Most other people will not be envious of the dog a ruling class. if a per. Ancient World. least moderated. or the basketball star who owns a mas. nor is there poverty.60 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 61 lars. however gluttony should be put aside. which are catapult- the Caribbean. or trade in the one they have. it can be seen that the further moderated. the slower and less significant the changes This is not to say people have no right to desire an were. Whether a person cleans the envy is in the idea of the wealth this person possesses. This display of unnecessary spend. but in the quired to make major adjustments. scientists from the University ability to gloat. the are the have-nots. but in the last several thou- if life were a game of monopoly. the ing is what creates envy. be minimal would be based on equality. they can spend some space travel. desires. dawn of each age has come at shorter intervals. it took only decades to go from cars. This requires closing the people begin to see life in a new light. Per. Where it took tens of thousands of years to prog- exotic car. The envy comes from this In the summer of 2005. our social norms are re- ity in the sense that everyone is the same. Today there is a new essence that surrounds the and needs. world. to son decides they want another. The epitome of envy is created when televi. and the technological revolution. and beyond. sive collection of exotic cars. . when those people who have so much of Chicago published a discovery that not only is the wealth appear to recklessly throw money around. the eryone is the ruling class.23 back we go. enormous gap in wealth that puts prosperity so far out Today technological advancements are occurring of reach for most people. Currently. not equal. the Middle Ages. the time saving for it. In this society. they are recognized for their as demonstrated by the purchase of such a dog. the Renaissance. streets or builds rockets. ress from using stones for tools to using metals for tools. People are forced sense that everyone has an equal chance of achieving to re-evaluate their beliefs based on new findings and the same level of prosperity. to airplanes. This is a constant rapid pace. Instead.

but our social struc- world was not flat. Effi- our social and psychological structures to spin out of ciency is the goal surrounding most major growth and control. The cause of this velop new ideas.24 Our current social treacherous quick fixes politicians have come up with structure is outdated and our policies need a tune-up to appease the public. laws. yet the major is working. They will if every part of the computer had advanced as it has realize that the most important thing is to experience except for the processor. This is causing understand this if they have not experienced it. Based on new findings. alternative energy. and artificial in- telligence. but it is to say that life is completely This means goals will be achieved much more rapidly different now than it was then. all of our financial needs will be taken care polices that control our social structure were written of and greed and envy will be eliminated. new desires. is to achieve ultimate efficiency. In light of these new findings. Since everyone drastically just in the last hundred years. and many of our The main objective we should have as a society beliefs are still structured around issues from tens. incredibly slow and virtually useless. The tools. but they would be superimposed competition that means nothing. ture has stayed relatively stagnant. hun. to change and people to re-evaluate their beliefs. in great wisdom. This and interpreted in the 1700’s are still valid in the twen- will rapidly diminish the negativity associated with ty-first century? greed and envy. hindered is the fact that the policies used today were To effectively accommodate these advances. working towards a common goal. An efficient system is ing fathers of this country did not write these policies one that uses all of its resources with minimal waste. medicines. but people will never dreds. people will come together as Take computer technology for example. just and technologies society has developed are rapidly be- as people had to do when they discovered that the coming more and more efficient. Imagine a whole. and even thousands of years ago. but our social policies. we written centuries ago. Greed and Politics stem cell research. This is not to say that the found- need to increase our efficiency. The computer would eventually become overloaded and the proces- . space travel. Computers would be capable life to its fullest and not to work it away trying to win a of doing many wonderful things. if we are to successfully integrate our lives with this un. long ago. and new philosophies as stagnation in our social advancement is found in the to what is important in life. Instead. people de. society is forced is the basis for all advancement. A more specific reason our efficiency is being precedented growth. How can anyone claim that policies written ciety with a feeling of fairness and togetherness. leaving so. and they adjust their beliefs continuous political battles and in the large number of and social structures accordingly.62 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 63 society is faced with issues such as cloning. Society has transformed and more time is left for personal use.

people will ignore those facts if their political party lund.26 He was determined to build a tower to facts. This. who control our minds through such have no hesitation taking objects that have problems politics. and vice versa. Could you imagine the impact this problems and making it better. Dr. his policy in place has had no positive influence on soci. where supports that policy. our social advancement Now as we have established earlier. Bernard East- ety. A study was these rich and politically powerful people rule these in- done out of Emory University that was to determine the dustries. is where would have on the all-powerful energy industry? There the most essential growth is needed. can We also know that policies are neglected or ignored the problems be identified properly. but terrible for the rich and pow- If we continue to allow political machination to erful. and the thousands of drilled oil wells. do you really think this technology would ever effect politics has on a person’s ability to think logically. if the facts and statistics show that a lic. unlimited sources of would be no need for dams. We powerful people. financial and social freedom. they shut their minds off and ignore the atmosphere. and for many energy. Instead. and above all. when people are faced In the late 1800’s. Only through imposed by our politicians and supported by the rich. This is displayed on a regular basis by the policies critical and carefully analyze the issues. For example. Since rule our system. nearly every- will continue to be impeded and eventual fall apart. we can begin to fix them.S. Nikola Tesla discovered a with absolutely proven facts that contradict their po. government. technology was later investigated by Dr. Society’s current policies are the filiation can so badly cloud someone’s ability to think processor within the sociological computer and. Once we have if they are not in the best interest of the richest most identified the problems. Suppose and making them more efficient. we need to be very tem. who passed it on to the U. for most of humanity. be released? What researchers found was. When political af. There greater technological advances. and the thousands of oil ciency is the catapult for growth that will lead us to far refineries. there is a severe problem. but for some reason. out an upgrade in processing. pulsing electrical current that naturally occurs in Earth’s litical stance. a source of en- we are very hesitant to take a system or a policy with ergy that could be pulled from Earth’s natural pulsating electrical currents. a man invented a free energy source. who own and control these infrastructures. true other massive pollutants. this critical and thorough non-biased evaluation. but the government halted his attempt.64 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 65 sor would burn out. nothing will ever change.25 We need to really think about the significant of harness this energy and provide free energy to the pub- this. however. with. for coal. thing is fueled by greed and envy under our current sys- To upgrade our social system. it is currently being used to conduct various military . The results would be great happiness. logically and reason properly. Our social effi- would be no need for OPEC. Let’s look at the impact this has on us.

outrage.66 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 67 related tests using the HAARP (High Frequency Active is achieved through a new social system. Today we are facing more and lions of dollars worth of health-care products. the cracks that are patched will continue to is hard to imagine the capabilities scientists have de. It to be used. and not reserved for government Most politicians are concerned with two things. quick fixes are now causing more problems than they Consider how many people have cancer alone. cancer was cured tomorrow. polio and other major dis. gov- only looking for ways to control the cancer.28 field. just so they can say they are doing some- velop vaccines for small pox. ernment officials have continued to patch the cracks because they know that if they cure cancer they are out with quick. and within ourselves. spring new leaks. ing our social efficiency. The bottom line on this is always sues. we were able to de. Think of our current governance as the wall of pact that would have on the world. The thousands of scientist world. Perhaps these scientists are improved wall to accommodate these problems. but will embrace new issues and use them as op- money. Once this greed is eliminated and efficiency portunities to grow and become more efficient. for the benefit of all. These are This is one example.” This is how our government officials are hinder- treatments that require long-term payments. this technology would have been harnessed growth in all fields. use only. They do not necessarily want to eases. Let’s discuss the medical beginning. If are correcting. and continue to get bigger until the veloped. produce cracks representing problems. but today we are not able to find a cure for any solve the problem. we are try- major diseases? Our scientists have no problem finding ing. they quickly enact policies that are not well during our technological infancy. wall finally collapses completely. thought out. and they are still the same reasons today. Prescription drugs are a trillion dollar industry So when politicians are faced with a crisis or a public worldwide. Instead of wide who are “searching” for a cure would have to find analyzing the issues in depth and building a new and something else to research. “Look. in our families. be. they want to say. but brittle fixes. Isn’t it interesting that a hundred years ago. but they more problems from every possible source. thing about the crisis.27 In an efficient nologies will be released and we will see unbelievable society. and bil. but it would be extremely the reasons people pursued political power from the naïve to think it stops there. these tech- Auroral Research Program) in Alaska. filling their pockets and retaining their power. imagine the financial im. they longer be necessary. These . and these just cannot seem to find a cure. Hundreds of billions a dam being flooded with hoards of new issues. not cure it. If the same wall continues of a job and hundreds of billions of dollars are lost. but are not allowed to distribute publicly. cause of the greed and power of the people controlling An efficient society will not be flooded by new is- these technologies. As of dollars spent on treatments and drugs would no the wall ages and become inundated by issues.

stantly ask for more. When we have achieved social ef- whole. allows people in power (the wealthy) to take advantage centered ways. However. we begin to realize that by helping the of those who are not. The more liberal while saving time and effort. level of social efficiency will be ready to accommodate and therefore we too are losing. we are Once we have achieved this social efficiency. has an equal and opposite reaction men at five times the pace. these are ing us jobless. tem. company. we are losing productivity. are personally responsible for everything that is happen. and socially. but our social system is not. We create our own happiness. we fail to realize the ubiquitous laws of cause and effect and science fiction notion of a robot taking our jobs and leav- the reaction they have. We are losing money them. ficiency. physical. psychologically.” All of these We have lost sight of this objective and instead policies are either quick-fix policies to make it look like filled the time we have saved with more effort and more the government cares. We think we need to work twice as hard the universal laws that affect us in every way. We realize that for ev. paying for welfare. or don’t do. Currently. The truth is that we come that our employers don’t need us. This is a fear brought about by owners who con- we create the very problems we complain about. and struggling to defined. selves. “We will system is not going to adjust in a manner to harness it? support you as long as you try to find work. cel so rapidly because all people will contribute in one Is not the goal of producing more efficient tech- form or another to the whole of society.” The moderate policies say.68 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 69 new issues will not be overwhelming. As you will be poor. our system is losing. we have the dreaded When we care nothing about other people. while offering less. rather than nology to make life easier by getting more things done trying to manipulate and outdo each other. faster? Our technology is becoming rapidly more suc- our system produces the notion that if you do not work cessful at this objective. or “figure it out for yourself” pol- work. the purpose of efficiency is to get more done. We will ex. but more importantly. financially. self. “If you are struggling. As explained earlier. we wonder when the day will somewhere or on someone else. But what is the purpose of policies say. because we have been taught that we must work icies from politicians who care nothing about society. Everything we know a machine can be built to do the job of 100 we do. When ly. we will support you saving time and effort through efficiency if our social while you struggle. harder and longer hours to be considered an asset to the only themselves. living on the street. In the back of our minds. and twice as long to prove that we are important. we are helping ourselves. we will have no problem with machines doing . we losing time with our families. and we are losing our- will begin to excel at a tremendous pace. because our new ery person that is not contributing. and a fear that When we can break from our individual. provide for yourself and your family. this is only a fear under our current sys- ing.

Soon we are going to have to accept that society is capable of processing (accom- plishing) much more with much less effort. when our efficiency allows us to finish so much more with less effort and in a shorter amount of time? How is it possible to develop a system far more efficient than we have now and still accommodate the millions of people who do not have jobs under our cur- rent inefficient system? The beauty of social efficiency is that we are able to solve many problems with one simple adjustment: we share jobs and we work less. Rather than having one CEO. we . because we Chapter 5 will still get paid. we will strive to create more ma- chines that can do more of the work for us. by rotating workers within the same jobs.70 Timothy Scott Archer 1 work for us. and we will all be contributing in one way or another to the efficiency of society. the more information they can process and the less energy it takes. So how do we balance this? How do we accommodate this left- over time. the more advanced proces- sors become. Going back to our com- puter processing example. we must understand that as society becomes more efficient there is less need for each person to work. How To Change SOLUTION 1: JOB SHARING Full Employment To achieve this new system. in fact.

The easiest way solution comes by splitting jobs. they CEO positions. where they the NY times. in 2008.000 a year. we are all on the work clock for only a pectations of these 9. This coincides The truth is. American engineer. but 991. I share with you this skilled and educated people not utilizing their abilities. than to hire a second person. to fathom this is to picture every single occupation on and implementing salary caps. to save the In an Efficient Society. The the extra money? We will create jobs.000 a year or more.” Thomas Friedman by 15 percent to an absurd $9. Depending on the efficiency of the company on its ates less stress and more jobs thus lowering or elimi. The general work force would have low. to be this way? I am not aware of the occupational ex- ety is so efficient. we still have a lot of highly works 60 or even 40 hours a week. pany like Intel employs five million engineers nation- tra. because soci.S. fact: You are overworked for one purpose.29 In an efficient society. and for a tenth of the pay of an importantly to spend with our families. of time for us to live life to its fullest. In this particular situation. broken into three trimesters. the average CEO’s pay decreased In his book. and minimizes the wealth gap.000 a year now there was a job fair where a company needed to fill provides thirty-eight more positions paying the same 9. according to discusses an incident that occurred in India. what will we do with all of more money. by splitting the labor and sharing jobs. were able to select the cream of the crop from a large er salaries. working fewer hours. It is far cheaper to make you work ex. “The World is Flat. but I assume they fraction of the time. allowing up to one-hundred and ninety jobs number of highly skilled people. the more you work. to take classes. It’s likely that it turned out to be more in the range of sure time to read.000 highly making $50. Each person would work on site for a trimester. this number can easily be doubled or tripled and that is why they continue to overwork everyone. but they alternate which has created the large number of problems that time on the job and time on vacation.000 new hires. if the thirty-eight jobs were million qualified applicants apply. stem from greed and envy. to travel. The best part is. including CEOs at say.000 they know what to do with. a year.30 Why does it have the greed among CEOs. Needless to say. rent system. own. Though we do not have this de- It is completely unnecessary that an employee gree of a problem in the U. and most 60-80 hours per week. the company is making even more. Under our cur. by simply eliminating qualified engineers were left jobless. nating unemployment. this will not occur. even if you are making directly with the question. If a com- company money. $250. Limiting a CEOs salary to $250. This leaves a tremendous amount included at least the standard American 40-hour week. it could employ up to three people for every job. off site . with more time for themselves and their families. They had over one $250. That is. This provides people a university-like schedule.000 computer-engineering jobs. we would have a have more highly skilled and educated people than nation-wide salary cap. Businesses know this wide..72 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 73 have three CEO’s all paid the same.5 million. We now have lei. cre.

and therefore we will always scores and 50 points better than the higher of the two be adding more jobs. ter than one? I wanted to put this idea to the test. When technology increases. This is like using super . then have the third trimes. and provide the company with a wider range of skills and therefore we will eventually have to share jobs. that suggests that the number of possible jobs is fixed. Economist ter off completely. no IQ test to both of them at the same time. and cer- to collaborate and answer only after they had both tainly no one pursuing the multiple avenues of green agreed on the answer. For example. wise. We will always be creating new was 65 points better than the lesser of the individual IQ branches of occupation. IQs. what I am saying is we are wasting our laborated score. efficiency is lost. since we will not be able to employ everyone other- ter than one. so I and these new ideas create new job opportunities. As life and nature recorded his score. these two brain-power. the same thing occurs. creation. and our human heads together would be considered a genius. Schloss coined “The Lump of Labor Theory” more time for their families. which also contributes to job Who hasn’t heard the phrase. and realms of study. Wider Skill Base and Brain-Power because it does not take into account how innovative the human mind can be. This would leave each of them with Dr. more time for innovation. After all. Instead. I also gave his wife an IQ test and changes. which is set to produce a completely new di- ter on the collaborated effort. What was even more impressive was the actual col.31 I am not suggesting we have reached our labor threshold. potential on jobs that can be performed by machines. or pushing envelopes. we are wasting our lives. With a combine IQ of 175. Then I gave a completely different dred years ago there were no computer engineers. In fact. laborated effort can be applied to any job scenario and When we are not providing our educated citizens with shows how job sharing and building off the intelligence jobs within their areas of expertise that they are pas- of two or three minds produces a much more powerful sionate about. and new expertise. new took a close relative of mine. This col. a hun- recorded her score. work- The Lump of Labor Theory ing retail. energy. we are wasting their potential and our and efficient result. and brain power to consult. it sparks new ideas. There are millions of brilliant people with advanced educations who are doing sales. the score rection of engineering. two heads are bet. I asked them aeronautical engineers. The results were drastically bet. two heads are bet. David F. In this one case. no rocket scientists. gave him an IQ test. Job sharing is by no means a new idea.74 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 75 for a trimester (possible doing research or just working on a project as a hobby). I do not believe in this theory at all.

either together or at alternating times. I am not suggesting that job sharing peers. When parents Fair Compensation Act will also ensure that we have the . home with the kids. or even plan time together for long ship with their child and spouse. tually they may separate completely. and give our citizens some use this fame to promote sex. sharing. as we alternate working times. As a result. Looking again to the from each other. it is a waste are not there to mentor their kids and be role models of a stronger resource. no matter what data no reason we are still set up in the same manner as the they throw at us. The Ef- One of the biggest social issues to arise in the last ficiency Theory offers something far better. With so much empha. and even. Consid- menacing and why the divorce rate has jumped so high ering all of the technological advances to date. ity and even killing people. On tele- plaining that jobs should be shared so that we can be. mom would stay at home to care for the kids. laws of cause and effect. so much work.32 The more time married people spend away the benefits of our achievements. drugs. people don’t have time for each other anymore. parents will be able to alternate being at adults do not have the time to focus on their relation. vision we have an NBA player making millions of dol- come a more efficient society. gang activ- a better quality of life. Family bond between husband and wife weakened through bonds will grow stronger than ever before. the kids turn to outlets such as television. children will be raised better. The Efficiency cause parents are spread so thin. resource like tape. rather. Children growing up today lack guidance from and our time together will be much more valuable. We wonder why kids are will solve all of our economic problems. but children suffer as well. many efficiency.76 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 77 glue to stick two pieces of paper together. Theory shows that. both parents will have time for their children. I am ex. However. It is time we reap the benefits of thou- ologists have many reasons why children have become sands of years of technological advancement. Children are not being raised well be. when you could use a different for them. as society reaches higher levels of sis put on working more to make more money. it most often comes back to one un- 1800’s. Psychologist and soci. With job several decades concerns the structure and responsibil. This would harness all of lars a year who is recorded telling sports reporters to our intellectual resources. provide workers more time “F-off.33 The Benefit of Time for Families In the old days. yet for themselves and their families.” Musical artists are admired for their talents. and even worse. so disrespectful. divorce rates will drop. In the present era this is very rare. The home and the effects of this are terrible. drugs. the more they grow apart. ity of the family. It is time we embrace our advances and enjoy derlying factor. there is in the past few decades. just look at their role models. Not only is the we will have much more time for our families. family vacations.

Studies have shown that the brain functions at bulb. but from When a person’s life revolves around farming and many men. he discovered the notion of gravity? No. the industrial vances come so quickly when people are working less? revolution was at full force. of this efficiency. more logical and medical advances have come not from a efficient. Did ancient Egyptians invent the wheel so they could patent it and On Innovation make millions of dollars? No. uates who had been working on ideas throughout their One question I have been asked is. yet they and invent. and not be burdened by programs invented by college students or recent grad- constant financial worries. far more optimal levels when it is rested. we never stop doing Isaac Newton for example. they will continue to work in their spare The industrial revolution essentially provided people time because. we fail to use the creative parts of our brains. the telephone.78 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 79 money to enjoy our time off. What was so special about that time period? actually did worse on exams than those who stopped Why is it that today most inventions are relatively less studying at a reasonable time and got enough rest. These people saw a cause and contributed to the society for the purpose of social As I was discussing the Efficiency Theory with a efficiency. and people had more time to THINK. Take doing the things we love to do. The significant. it is their passion. When we are work. fellow educator in the Social Sciences. the people had more time to think There is often little if any pay for these people. machines were making life easier. which meant. The light quotas. Scientists have bustion engine for cars are just a few of the innovative looked at the study habits of students and found that technologies from that era that had a profound impact those students who studied more while resting less on society. each picking up where others have left off. for the first Let me remind you that many of the greatest techno. every waking moment is spent working and trying to It is also important to understand that when people survive. Just ask with the tools that made life more efficient. time in history. single man diligently working for a solution. was he in a laboratory when them. because the brain major life-changing inventions that are still in use today is not overwhelmed with the stress of deadlines and were invented around the same time period. regardless of the compensation. he brought up an It is also important to point out that many discov- extraordinary point. like a hobby. volunteer their time because they enjoy it or they take When our minds are preoccupied with mundane pleasure in providing this service for kids. love their work. there is not much time to invent something. and the internal com. and the ones that are significant seem to be study showed that the first group suffered from men- . college careers? During that time period. We were discussing why so many eries are made during leisure time. how will ad. As a result any coach of a high school or little league sports team. electricity.

80 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 81
tal burnout.34 “Burnout” has become a far more preva- We are currently experiencing a technological
lent word in today’s society, because people are over- revolution that will keep our heads spinning for years.
worked. Under social efficiency, burnout will cease to As machines begin to do more for us, in less time and
exist and we will accomplish more while working less. with less effort, this will make more time available for us
Today, many of society’s smartest and most edu- to think of new things and new inventions. We need the
cated people are working long, hard days for a com- extra time to think so we can capitalize on this new era.
pany that is pushing them to work more, and giving Job sharing will provide society with the means and the
them less time to think. Sure, we have more tools now time to allow this to occur.
that make life easier and more efficient than in the in-
dustrial revolution era, but peoples’ lives are still filled
with work. There are still thousands of people invent-
ing things every day. However, most of the inventions
today are inspired by the potential wealth they may
bring, and many of these inventions are based on copy-
cat ideas and fads.
To see an example of this, all you have to do is
watch the many info-mercial that are on television ev-
ery Sunday morning. These commercials are filled with
different home-exercise machines that guarantee great
abs, or the best full-body work out, or with numerous
stain removing products that are guaranteed to clean
any stain. You see this because people don’t have time
to really think up an original thought; instead, they copy
ideas and add a twist. The motive is not to make a bet-
ter product, but to sell something that might catch on
and make them a lot of money. People today care more
about personal wealth than about the health, safety, or
prosperity of humanity. We need to channel this inven-
tive energy, and direct it toward more innovative, prob-
lem solving, and humanity serving inventions.

82 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 83
would be without the teachers who taught you what
Solution 2: Changing Perception you know. We would not have doctors without teach-
ers to pass on the knowledge and expertise that teach
Purpose Driven Work the doctor how to be a doctor. Without teachers, a per-
son’s ability to understand and function through the
To take the large leaps necessary toward achiev- daily activities of life would be limited.
ing our ultimate efficiency, we need to focus on purpose We link a certain value to a certain job. For exam-
in our work, rather than pay. There are actually quite a ple, many people would argue that if doctors and oth-
few individuals willing to give up some of their financial er high-paying jobs did not pay so well, then nobody
desires to perform an occupation that they are either would put out the effort in education and advanced
very passionate about, or believe important enough to training to become one. Why then does teaching defy
overlook inferior compensation. Take a teacher for ex- this argument? Why don’t we hear people saying, “If
ample: In terms of relative educational attainment and teachers didn’t get paid enough, no one would be a
duties, teaching is a very low-paying profession. Ac- teacher?” The answer is, because it is simply not true, and
cording to research at, in 2008, a teacher it would not be true for doctors either. The main reason
with a bachelor’s degree, in the United States, earned a this is true, is because we have placed an expected val-
salary between $36,000 and $42,000 a year. In compari- ue on these professions. If we were born into a society
son, accountants or computer science graduates with where the salaries for these careers were reversed, then
a bachelor’s earned between $46,500 and $77,500 and our expected pay to be a doctor would be much lower
$56,400 and $97,400 a year respectively.35 These profes- and our expected pay to be a teacher would be much
sionals pay the same tuition and attain the same num- higher; it is simply a matter of a perceived expectation.
ber of credits, but one is certainly not compensated as There are, in fact, many people who have gone
well as the other. through school to be teachers and after their first year
However, there are millions of teachers who will of teaching, decided it was not for them. They left
continue to teach because they believe in the impor- teaching either because the pay was bad, they could
tance of their job to society. Now, let’s compare a doc- not handle the stress of trying to manage insubor-
tor and a teacher with a Ph.D. (comparable education dinate kids, they felt threatened by gang violence, or
levels). Medicine is an extremely noble profession as because they did not find it fulfilling. Those who stick
well, but is it more noble than teaching? A doctor’s job around to teach do so because they believe they can
is to preserve life, while a teacher’s job is to guide and make a difference. They believe their life’s purpose is to
help others to create their lives. Imagine where you contribute to the future of society by helping children

84 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 85
develop into successful adults. These people will con- about helping people. Likewise, would more people
tinue to teach regardless of the pay. Those who left the strive to become teachers if the pay was better? Abso-
profession would have likely been poor teachers any- lutely, but you would likely have a ton of people who
way, because their interest was in something else, they would move into the profession for the money, and not
could not handle the job, or they did not truly have the to make a difference.
passion to begin with. The fact is, our external reward system, has
Doctors do not have the turn-over rates that trained us to care about the pay we receive and not
teachers have primarily because of the amount of spe- the product we produce. When it is the external reward
cialized education they had to attain, the number of that gives us the motive to work, the results of our work
hours they put in for residency, the amount of money never reach their full potential and our efficiency is de-
they make, and the fact that many are passionate about creased. If you believe that this is the way it has to be to
saving lives. Although, even if doctors were not passion- get people to work, consider the research.
ate about saving lives, they would have a tough time Researcher Edward Deci found in one study that
leaving their profession, because it would be difficult to paying students to perform actually decreased their
justify unless they moved into a field of research with motivation. In the study, students were divided into
similar pay. A teacher can simply leave their $36,000 to two groups. They were give several interesting puzzles
$42,000 a year job and make more money in a sales po- and asked to solve them. One group would be paid a
sition, that doesn’t even require a degree. A doctor on dollar for each puzzle they completed, while the other
the other hand would have a difficult time finding a job group would be paid nothing. The results showed that
to replace their salary. the students who were paid to perform did just enough
This actually creates a serious problem, because work to solve the puzzles and stopped, while the other
any time you have people doing something only for the group continued to play with the puzzles even after
money, or because they feel they have to, they will not they were finished.36 This demonstrates the psychologi-
be doing it to the best of their ability. We could eas- cal consequence of externalizing the value of an effort.
ily have a whole slew of doctors who don’t really care When that value is internalized, the excitement contin-
about you or I, or even about helping the sick. Such doc- ues, the intrigue is expanded, and the effort performed
tors may care only about their pockets and paychecks. is greater and lasts longer.
If doctors were paid half of what they currently make, Let’s take a few other examples from the acting
would there still be doctors? You bet! The good ones profession and from sports. There are many stories
would stay. Those that would leave the profession are about famous actors who lived in poverty, even out of
those who cared only about the pay anyway, and not their cars, at some point in their lives before they made

their childhoods. They live the ultimate dream. adulterated perception of wealth in Hollywood.000—$150. society was built on centuries of training people to be sated for it. ranging from $50. I would be Determining Value amazed if any professional athlete said they did not love playing their sport. those who truly love doing it. but they continue to act. if every athlete greedy. The vast majority of actors are not paid large vating these people to play. cause they love to do it. league sports. as actors and ac. They continue to act be. won’t people always want more money? In in professional sports were paid $100. but paid absurd amounts of money? The They are paid to do something they love to do and answer is. In many high schools and little to pay the bills while they act. something they lion dollar contracts. to do something that they love to do.000 dollars a year instead of getting multimil. Money has are extremely passionate about. rest assured that the professions. ers love the fame. and many adults who love sports pay organizations lywood were paid a decent salary regardless of their that run sports clubs because they love to play. people simply desire happiness. participants are required to pay to play. the media has created a grotesque because they are paid more. oth- sums of money for their work. working in plays or local shows. People want even $50. passion and purpose these people hold. Over time. Once we cap ated an expectation of wealth that has adulterated the salaries. Let’s not forget that all throughout often for little or no compensation. the truly passionate athletes will reign and best actors. It has become a status it. It has. compensating them no differently than other profession altogether. that they would quit the game? enjoy and something that makes them feel good about Absolutely not! There are so many other factors moti. One question remains with this theory: Since our to do something you love to do and be well compen. would enough to pay to play. in. popularity. then why do other athletes not they quit acting? Absolutely not! only get paid. Professional athletes are no different.000 a year. It is likely that most of only become an issue in professional sports and acting them acted for fun in high school plays or in college. Many love their sports. in fact. the purity of the sports will return. If actors and actresses in Hol. which has resulted that point. themselves.86 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 87 it big. Do you think for a moment. these same athletes were paid noth- tors. However. Many of these ac. tinue to do it regardless of the compensation. because we accept it and allow it. This has cre. At because it is allowed and flaunted.000 dollars or general. Even in America’s most difficult economic . the purity of the sports and the arts and dampened the tresses have flaunted it all over the world. have a second job ing to play these sports. The amount of money paid to top Hollywood actors symbol to show that player X is better than player Y is absurd. If we have so many people who love sports stead of the grossly overpaid millions some get. they did it for nothing more than the love of in an expected level of pay. would con.

it compels people to express dominance over others. according to Pew Research Center of Social and Demographic Trends. believing. It is our most primitive instincts involving Ownership has taken on a controlling function in soci- competitiveness that advertisers prey on. when people are asked what would make their is to be found in purpose and self-fulfillment. This implies that a person who There is an unfortunate consequence to this situa. even that can be consid- . and big houses. When we see people today displaying estal. it is really no people equate a person’s value to what they own. The proof is in what they own. “What is your worth?” almost always the past. This is where they find power and prestige. material wealth. fancy cars.88 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 89 times. the question. we will lives better 67% ranked “more free-time” most impor. we add to the pervasive problems as- our history. What many people fail to perceive is that owner- sions into seeking status through disposable means. ship is not absolute. This is used to justify the separation of peo- ple by dividing them on a social and personal level. tant. In different than men flaunting their muscles or swords in fact. When people are preoccupied with flaunting their fore better than. and is there- tion. and replace this notion with a belief that value ing influence our thoughts. refers to financial value. Through time and increasing civility. by allowing people to flaunt their cloud of greed blocks our minds from seeing what truly wealth. the pendulum of cal fighting. their value. advertising. between groups. The only thing we have absolute Once we transform the idea of status away from the ownership of is our thoughts. the internet. This is why people flaunt Those people who own the most are placed on a ped- their wealth.37 Most people truly understand Perception of ownership that money cannot buy happiness. by themselves and often times by others. Today. Long ago. between individuals and through battles cause and effect gains momentum. They provoke ety. owns more is of greater value to society. they are drawn away from their pas. because flashy clothing.38 The good news is that we have actually learned to When we divide people and classify them based on control these instincts in many respects. and social condition- value. someone who owns less. One of the first major changes that needs to occur and ingrained social conditioning has coaxed us into is in how people perceive the idea of value and worth. because it contributes to our greed and envy in the public greed to support their personal greed. Thus. Rather. they seek more because of the envy that television. that means is money. and now that we under- trained belief that money is the way to prove we are of stand how teaching. Ownership has become symbolic of greed and we now strive to attain status through other means. begin to see a new era of achievement. and this most powerful way. status was proven through physi- sociated with greed and envy. People use what they own to publicly display makes us happy.

item was in your possession was technically the equiva- lined coffee mug. it is no longer personal property. that you and prints out the plan. because of his appearance. with . it is easier to accept The irony is that ownership is nothing more than that “ownership” is simply a word we use to justify com- an illusion. what they may not realize people in the world rent homes. No one truly owns anything. When he is not that happens. he really just puts a few provided facts into a template Now let’s say. Here is what media doesn’t show us: the reality of purchasing a home. for example. man has donated his wealth in service to humanity. Some people have realized are worth more. the desire to call a place their own. Once we realize this. cars and other neces- is that this man has unethically made his way to wealth sary items than own them. he spends his time teach. The two will continue their lives and most people die. while the first one really owns anything. only a very small percent. millions of people in We judge things based on a face-value perceptions. after decades of made millions of dollars by selling what he claims are making payments. one is dressed in old. People who mitment. many people would probably say the this and it has spawned the idea of leasing. because the reality is that no by cheating people out of their passions. you never really owned your home. Most people as he spends most of his hard-earned money providing will have a mortgage until the day they die and. the last century have pursued buying a home out of which are provided by beliefs ingrained by commer. erty to try to make some money. Picture two men sitting next to each that every item that someone owns today will one day other in a coffee shop. Take a house. for the sake of argument. The time that an Armani suit with gold chains and a personalize gold. their next of kin will either sell the prop- working for as a paramedic. just as everything we will always assume the man who owns the flashy items want to claim we own will eventually go to someone is more valuable. In fact. However. when food and shelter for the local orphans. “five star personalized business plans” to people.90 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 91 ered questionable. Most of us will never the first man is a paramedic who lives very modestly actually own a house in our entire lives. The reality is that. while the other is dressed in item. else as well. When asked which of these men lent of renting or leasing it. your home before you died. we accept a commitment want to claim ownership of something fail to realize to pay someone else money (most likely a bank). or the bank will take ing the orphan children for free. more well-dressed man. are one of the rare people who actually did pay off age of the business plans get a second look from inves. And. torn jeans be “owned” by someone else. Now let’s look at cials and media. What has this really ac- tors. it will go to someone else. In buying a house. but it was more like an investment lease. The second man has the property back. Once you have sold an and a plain white t-shirt. Our conditioned impression based on wealth in complished other than build up a bundle of equity in ownership would never reveal the true value of the first something that you want to say is yours? When you man.

Within the efficient society. no one was al.92 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 93 the deal that while we live there we can call it our own. and modify it at will. he started to let people drink Understanding Social Efficiency in it. We will realize that this The only difference with renting a home is that you are illusion of ownership has actually impeded our growth paying a third party. nothing you own will matter any. When he first bought the vehicle. can only call more items “their own” due to Ownership is concept that we invented to assure the seemingly unlimited salary potential our current security. greedy tendency is an instinct conditioned by When you die. no one really the wealthy can call so much “their own. prevent such superfluous spending. you can easily begin to see that nobody outdo everyone else and constantly try to prove our really owns anything. then how do we change? The same way we elimi- life and we embrace them. and drive it all the time. We need to focus on how a mortgage so actually the bank owns my house. I own everyone’s worth is interrelated and on how our value is my car. We make it policy. People will realize ies tremendously depending on the object and length that they do not need to claim ownership to flaunt their of time it is being owned. When you look at the big picture. but will seek value in personal fulfill- quite some time to purchase his dream vehicle. lowed to drink in it and he would not let anyone drive it. and if it has been at the way. eat in it. But once again. even cease to exist because The Fair Compensation Act will under today’s system. but I am paying worth through material items. to the efficiency of society. with the concept of ownership. But the mind quickly realizes that the ing a more efficient society. then we need to change. we make it illegal. However. forefront of our social conditioning to get us to work An efficient society will realize these are the facts of harder. I own my house. a hum. which shows is that owner- We need to eliminate the natural tendency we have to ship is actually a very weak concept. We feel better when we can call something system allows. the concept of ownership var. this will ours and know that we can have it. but I won’t want it forever. righteous. so this concept of ownership is really quite silly. I had a friend that saved for personal value. millions of years of evolution. After about nine months. . use it. This temporary extreme care for what we own occurs quite often when If we are going to take the right steps to becom- it is new to us. if this self- use it until I moved on to something else. so I really just paid to measured by our combined output. However. item is not that important. paying a person who will then turn as a society by consuming us with the false idea that around and pay a bank. however. We will use this realization nated our barbaric instinct in the name of being humane to our advantage and we will no longer be concerned and civil. owns anything.” These people. ment and successfully using their passion to contribute mer. it is important to realize that.

because there is not the stress at it. and the remaining $3. nothing is ever taken or munism and communism didn’t work. They are pas- ers who get all of the money. “No. city service jobs $50. people doing jobs that they love to do. worth. Instead. degree of dif- people fear what they do not understand. to them. This means. still publicly owned. Rather than try- redistributed as the government pleases. In communism. and they find ficulty.”39 cept this firm is much more efficient because we have In the market economy. it is very little and is already accounted efficiently as possible. it is Let me explain how this is different from commu. we are working together to create one great in communism. or 52 passionate teachers $75. we will sionate about their success in these jobs and work hard not take care of the people. given to one entity like the government. it isn’t really work at all. because there are no “salaries. Think of the United States as one giant business the people work. and they say. within a relatively moderate notion that ownership is really just an illusion. the government has control of all it is simply in the hands of many rather than the hands of the money. We have plenty of foreign businesses discretionary money rarely even exists for the people. the money is taken from them and instead of businesses within a business. defined by a na- reason to prevent anything new from arising. or 78 CEO. we work together as When it does. we have just been taught to $100. stress. mostly into ing to destroy each other and take business away from government officials’ pockets. some group of people are at the top hoarding the over having enough money.000 a year salaries. it’s “my pur- we say and pay you what we feel you are worth. The money is distributed to every may be turned off by the idea of salary caps and by the working person by salary. . “We get all of the money. to compete with for this. currently makes a $4 million salary. there is no one company. and we will take care of the people. One single athlete. it is the business own. and out of business.9 million will pro- believe that it is fairer when businesses determine our vide 39 passionate researchers $100.000 a year.000 a year salaries.” Either way you look things they love to do. We will make you work as because. for in the family bills. government official. based on educational attainment. and productive impact. range. they ing all of the money.” The difference now is that people can do the most of the money stays with us.94 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 95 When people first read The Efficiency Theory. and nism. corporation. So the tional salary scale. There are no salary caps each other. the same amount of money. In communism the government This firm has everything the other firm had ex- says.” per se. first criticism is always that this sounds a lot like com. but pose. or politician at the top hoard. who money and distributing it to the workers as they see fit. if productivity increases as of few. will now make In Western society.000 a year salaries. Again. In the Efficiency Theory. We no longer need to try to put each other People are given allowances and food coupons. Instead. as one singular efficient system. In the Efficient Society.

000 a year with one parent work- ing and none less than $100. the poor.000.000 a year. There will be more than enough money.000 a year with both work- ing. the big talk in If this is how it was for everyone. nation-wide salaries could range between $50. and they would be playing the thinking is right. more appropriate numbers could be determined by economic specialists). ridiculous thing to consider $5. but letes would still love to play. shrinking the gross imbalance in material owner- ship. Years ago. Ath.000 a year? And who couldn’t live comfortably on a minimum salary of $50. Poverty would no longer exist and theft would be unnecessary. if it is their life’s passion.96 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 97 If this sounds crazy. as even the lowest paying tier would still provide a good income. A National Salary Scale Remember. This would also minimize the absurd in- come gaps between the rich.000 and $250. baseball was a system called salary caps. With this change.000 per year. ask yourself: Who in their right mind wouldn’t play basketball. Now imagine a society where no single family is making less than $50.000 per year (These numbers are used to simplify the example. do you think profes. two major questions immedi- ately come to mind: 1) Will there be enough money? and 2) If there is too much money. What a grossly sional sports would just disappear? Not a chance. what happens to the money left over? To answer the first question. This distribution of wealth would increase the standard of living enormously. and therefore decreasing the fire behind greed. and the middle class. To assure all people are able to live for the passion of the sport.000 or even $50. Solution 3: The Fair Compensation Act for $100. According to Forbes . the only reason it is hard to imagine a bas- ketball player playing for $100. comfortably. that covers all occupations. yes.000 a year is because of We must implement a nation-wide salary scale the perception we have been taught to hold currently.000 a salary cap. with the national salary cap set at $250. namely envy.

S.000 a year.S.40 while Businessweek.000 upgraded services. The major difference passionate. but many of them are worth hundreds of mil. Let us not forget that these surplus of money. the surpluses will be used to provide are another 12. there is no drive for growth.. A management this may hold true in a society where people do not position for example. there were 403 billionaires in the By narrowing this gap. hoarded into individual accounts through bonuses for lions and tens of billions of dollars.8 million mil. Competition and Growth dered. will not have a paycheck. will be compensated better than like their jobs and work for the sole purpose to attain an entry-level position. They argue that one of Again. the real concern will be what to do with the money of the market economy. it is important to understand the big pic. this does not include salary scale. cient society our planet has even known. Some basic fundamentals of the current system without the competition to strive for riches no one will will still be in place. the money distribution and will actually create a major lionaires for the same year. a year plus more nearly 50% of households reported and salaries for new jobs. hidden. Census. as more people enter our ef- making between $50. At the core ly. Then there are the the few at the top. . So. what do make better products so that the consumer will come we do with the extra money? to them for their purchases. the major factors for the failure of communism is that. We will all make a good livable salary. this will result in an increase in the nation-wide If you are still not convinced.7 million people making over $500. people will be the same salary as an engineer. used as business expenses. more education. ficient work force. but in the Efficient Society. the more important question is. where they are make as much as a brain surgeon. as want push themselves to grow.000 and $250. ture. However. we will begin to balance U. instead of “the busi- people are not just barely making a million or a billion ness” doing well and major surpluses of money being dollars. competition. we have companies battling to left over. A trash collector.41 ciency. competition will always remain a is in the ridiculous pay gaps between professions and good thing to prod further efforts. Professions will still vary in pay. building projects. and never claimed. When we cap salaries to a reasonable amount Intellectuals have argued for years that. As I mentioned before. without and start distributing salaries more evenly and efficient. accord. So we will maintain position levels. estimated 7. in 2009. will different levels of each profession. Over time through upgraded effi- ing to the 2008 U. and a teacher will not working in the occupations they love. that competitiveness to help us achieve the most effi- we just won’t have the enormous gaps in pay. This is because. the trillions of dollars wasted by the government and businesses that we never hear about because it is laun.98 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 99 Magazine.

Re- barbaric acts because they were not good for society. As we grew more civilized. spelling bees. young age with sports. by today’s stan. Rather than competing to see who could score the most points in Effective Competition a game. An Efficient Society will scale. competitions were first suborbital airplane that could travel from LA to To- a matter of life or death. wealth is through taking from each other. In an Efficient Society. bud- Asian societies had the Kumate (a martial arts fight to gets granted. we do still do have competitions like this to. just wealth and we compete for dominance over other peo- because we have implemented a nation-wide salary ple through wealth and status. jured. company. bowls in addition to sports super bowls. ously and editing for television will certainly add some . and then enter it into a super bowl of design. no different from watching a group of people singing. We could compete to create the petition it induces. dancing. each team the death). team. Again. and doctors to keep people alive if they become in. In ancient times. or hitting a ball. sults would be displayed on a daily basis with a grand However. trying to lose weight. as we become adults. there will be scientific super nition for their efforts. protective devices. classroom contests and other competitions. championship event to display the final results. we realized that we could not continue these time. and the ancient halt or reverse lymphatic cancer. they are truly passionate about.100 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 101 It is important to understand that competitiveness ture. This is day. We fight over This will not suddenly fade. For most sports. and we nomic advancement. the Romans had the gladiators. The Mayans had the game of kyo in an hour or to invent the first solution that can death. we would see which community. or individual could create the most fuel efficient One major benefit of the free market is the com- vehicle in the world. in music. money is not the reason. while maintaining a civilized “fair market” economy. when it is something way sports harness the drive for physical competition. they will desire recog. We call these competitions “sports.” Sports are Multiple competitions will be going on simultane- the way our current society contains our barbaric na. people will still find competi. Quite the contrary. test and modify it for a given dards. while still providing entertainment and an oppor- is a learned behavior. Today. money is not even a factor. We have simply structured them with rules and the American Idol of the Efficient Society. The uncivilized way of gaining are still competitive and successfully enjoy competing. We promote competitiveness at a tunity for people to push themselves to their limits. padded cages. harness this motive for economic competition in the tion in whatever it is they do and. would create a product. This is really practices such as. and a timeframe agreed on. grades. With goals set. we are still in the primitive stages of eco- of our childhood. all in the we can draw a parallel from these ancient barbaric name of being the best and being recognized. In terms of economic and scientific advancement.

and academic progress and efficiency. not astro- ing to prove. pride. spark interest in kids and lead to even more passion in If we are to effectively implement positive change those fields. 26 teams from 7 on the project. The X Prize doing as they battle against the others. . but these contests are not sufficiently plied to something more productive of social value.” The excite. unity. a race against the So. Week two would show the beginning different countries competed to be the first to develop stages of the experiment. energy sources. Technology was forced one we see on television needs to be used to motivate to advance drastically to achieve the goal of putting a scientific. such challenges and ac- progress is not a new concept. target only the scientists who are already interested the ing such competitions in an entertaining format would field and do not effectively build public interest. nauts. the hypothesis they are try. The internal desire to look up to a hero. to throughs in everything from jet propulsion to health associate with famous people. and his or her role space craft. a craft that could take normal passengers. sparked several major sports fan who their favorite sports team or their favor- breakthroughs in technology. They such as scientific and technological advances. Televis. The X Prize Foundation gave would involve introducing us to the teams where we are its first award of $10 million to Mojave Aerospace Ven- given profiles of scientists including.42 This resulted in break. Named the Anasari Prize. and to emulate some- monitoring for the astronauts. 2004. By using Hollywood-style media expertise tion and media promotion techniques to accelerate and a sports-like presentation. Later weeks would of work from some of the most brilliant local and in- go through the stages of the experimental process and ternational engineering minds and over $100 million follow the evolution of the challenge. In the height of the complishments would provide motivation. and even ownership to the public. dramatized to build interest in a broader public. and pos. these amazing advances need to be sen- Using contests with Hollywood-style dramatiza. current studies.102 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 103 spice. interests. Just ask any avid viet Union to get to the moon. Imagine this in NFL television format. tures for developing the first commercial suborbital plishments. after several years sible problems they may run into. in the public. man on the moon. We see this ev. into space. the public attention given was team is in the lead and comparing how each team is far less than the contest deserved. the Apollo Project. ite player is. showing which invested in this contest. Foundation continues to create contests and offer eryday with such relatively trivial activities as modeling.43 Unfortunately. social. Week one On October 4. previous accom. the evidence gathering process. the human genome to the development of alternative ment of televised competitions could certainly be ap. Today. sationalized. prizes for challenges ranging from the sequencing of in shows like “America’s Next Top Model. cold war.

With pile up and we would be disgusted. People in doing the job. Yes. this will be mini- doing the work that you feel is repulsive. I remind you that hundreds of millions of people today are already in this situation. it will still occur in some cases. It is in- what someone else is passionate about? The truth is. commission-based sales. our garbage would without purpose other than to receive a paycheck. how is it fair that Someone may be thinking. just knowing mized incredibly by the implementation of Efficiency that they are providing a necessary service towards the Education. who never graduated from col- ning.000 a year picking up the trash. when they are have to take the trash to the waste site ourselves. much as the other services provided in our society. why work towards a someone without a college degree can make nearly the college degree if I can come right out of high school and same amount as someone who does have a degree? make $50. However. ultimate efficiency of society. Then ally good at convincing people to buy things. it will be necessary to find people willing to do jobs lege and make more money than doctors. and doing work we think is simple. there are some people in picking up trash. And then we ask the question. then I can find purpose to you. should a Nevertheless. and I can make a a year. If I am doing what I love to do. the purpose has been reduced to need to understand that everything in life is a matter of “receiving a paycheck” and thus lacks passion. it is easily replaced job force in something you find simple. Or. but that does not drive us. It is also possible that someone may enjoy inevitable for some people. For example. working jobs because we know without them. or cleaning septic tanks? In the begin. these people.000 with purpose. fairness is a relative to how it is perceived. In our current system. making $50. Concerning trash collector be looked down upon? Absolutely not. Remember that the variations in salary will be very What about the jobs that no one wants to do? small compared to the lopsided salary gaps in today’s Are there really people who would be passionate about system. If that does not appeal decent living working any job. there are always going to be people who just lack I also want to remind you that we all have choices. then you will pursue a different route. that in our most efficient society. passion in general. If I know I need to work. we see that most it fair that what I am passionate about is paid less than people will have passions they want to pursue. we would just or without purpose. but this is perception. which you will read about in the next chapter. Again. Is you.104 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 105 Impassioned Occupations making a comfortable living. Is this fair? again. then I am happy with my life. the difference is that. What we find with such people is If you choose to overlook your passions and enter the that where there is a lack of passion. I remind First of all. if they are re- that they may not necessarily be passionate about. it evitable that giving up this passion to seek a paycheck doesn’t really matter. The receiving a comfortable paycheck in the efficient system. . bottom line is. we should appreciate this service just as the job will not seem nearly as bad. then that is your choice.

while giving society a ey from sales to other nations. and we have all will become the desired product brand. we are making money. the whole when we make everything at the highest quality American business. more money to distribute. When our surplus is strong. then Made in America interconnected in one way or another. tor for all professions. which means raises across ue to sell products at increased prices and. in general. while the middle Business in an Efficient Society and lower class desire cheap products. providing the everyone is connected through multiple facets of soci- best of everything for our citizens. wealthy than our current system provides. We will always look to find cheaper ways to pro- at home. raise across the board. When we are provid. perhaps all professions will receive a 5-percent people outside their community. If productivity their community or country. produced by people who are fected as well. and everyone cost. companies will make more powerful and efficient system to produce higher more money. We will contin. which continues to be a motiva- ing the best products because they are the most effi. people desire the highest quality products. we can see how ize that we are a single national business. far more they buy from us. selling it for more. Society benefits as a ety. and provide them at a lower cost to people within else. the power and efficiency we will har- ness will be incredible. When we realize that every profession is passionate about what they do. we have possible and at the lowest cost possible. while keeping prices low raise. cause we buy more products from other nations than and compensated in a relatively fair manner. This will also allow us to make more mon. especially economically.106 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 107 will result in unhappiness. If we look at our system as a whole. as part of the overall community. In fact. mostly made in Asian countries. we are all af- ciently made products. the most efficient societies will be able duce and provide better products for less because this to produce the highest quality products at a very low will directly affect you as an individual. . while raising the price for is high. mostly produced in European countries. Until then. It also results in a people being able to afford them. This will be explored further Simple Economics when I discuss the Efficiency Theory’s system of Educa- tion. we need to real. We are one business. If production is low. acknowledged. quality products. people focused on the same goal. with more the board in the national salary scale. working towards the same objective. When our imports are higher than our The nature of a successful business is making or exports. but when our exports buying something at the lowest cost possible and then are higher than our imports. know that everything will balance out in Our national deficit is in the trillions of dollars be- the end and all people will be rewarded. we are losing money. To do this efficiently. at lower cost. This is because.

these problems will to recognize and award. acknowledgment for your greatness at doing by trying to figure out how these new ideas will work those things that you love to do. difficulty. the Oscars. Teacher of the Year. We have already discussed the new order of compensation. Other Forms of Motivation ranged by degree. People who love pushed over the bonus cap for the year. which would be what they do generally seek satisfaction from the prod- set at no more than a 20% of a person’s salary). as a result. where salaries will be ar. part of one interconnected system. To clearly understand the ef. there will be more achievements efficiency and our system changes. amples of professional recognition. People with making more money. giving reward as well. simply no longer exists. uct rather than from financial reward. and so forth are all ex- and envy. you cannot use examples of problems acknowledge more people because more people will from our current system. We will understand one always ends up doing more work. based on the salary you will receive. be working in professions that they are passionate tem that is creating the problems. More often than It is also extremely important to realize that much not. because it is the current sys. So we ask. expertise. success. Once we embrace about and. To further motivate our already efficient sys. the systems within the system can offer bonuses. is it fair that everything we do in our personal worlds affects that we all get the same grade? First of all. we will not everyone else in the grander scheme of things. you would be able . Imagine a people will be working in desired professions and they world where you were not overwhelmed or obsessed will see that all people are compensated fairly. the such a massive financial imbalance to provoke greed Grammys. The Nobel Peace Prize. some. recognition is a priceless to make five-hundred times more than another. They ex- anything from public acknowledgement to more time cel because they have a deeper purpose in their life’s off to a modest dollar amount (as long as they are not work and they love what they do. accomplishment. and the job’s contribution to our overall efficiency. Forget about picking a major will appreciate the jobs others do and the services oth. The Efficient Society within our current system.108 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 109 What about people who don’t pull their weight? ers provide because we will understand that we are all Just like the group projects we had in high school. The difference Money has been the primary reward in our sys- here is that with the salary cap won’t allow one person tem for centuries. receive these awards are often the best at what they These bonuses would be given annually and could be do and go above and beyond the call of duty. They won’t exist because most Happiness is another great reward. all get the same grade. will understand this and will have the opportunity to ficient society. they would simply like to be recognized for their of the skepticism people may have towards the Ef. However. This is a reward that is above all other ficiency Theory is due to a perception that is blurred rewards. The people who tem.

do something they are passionate about. to change? This man designed buildings in his free time. The most unfor. people will not be levels. they steal not to harm but to help themselves. what you love working in the careers they love to do. occur simply for the thrill of harming an individual. like the bully who steals doing something he loved to do. When everyone What is tragic is that. This story is all too common. if there was not such fact.110 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 111 to pick a career based on your passion. amount of money to live comfortably at lower stress est potential. or your worst switching to architecture or would have never pursued enemy. In tunate part of this story is that.134 per day). but it was not what he was passionate about. when we are not passionate is doing what they love to do and making a sufficient about what we are doing. I came across a man who spent his entire life pre. to more violent offenses like robbery (1. In the Efficient Society.8 tect. and all professions will be fairly compensated. he finally got his job. This doesn’t even include the millions of undocument- just a fraction of his physician’s salary. As an archi. the pick-pockets on the streets. there will be a phenomenal architect doing what he loves and what no need to steal. Would it be worth it someone’s milk money. most often the thief doesn’t even know the victim. that all of these criminals have something in common: but his parents and he. the medical field to begin with. the need for theft will diminish to gle between wanting to achieve wealth and wanting to trace numbers. While interviewing people to get feedback on my will not be such enormous gaps in the pay potential. Only in the rarest cases does a theft come than architecture could provide. he could easily make a comfortable $50. or the hustlers in tourist areas. your cousin. a large gap in salary. and he would fantasize about a career in architecture. Keep in mind however.S. and today he would be With the Efficienct Societyin place. what he never shared crimes in the United States are various types of theft was that his real passion was for drawing and designing ranging from a common car theft (that occurs every 26 buildings. We will all be working for the same he is passionate about.178 per day). because his parents and he agreed that a doctor’s salary would satisfy his desired lifestyle. we do not work to our high.000 a year. theory.000 a year. he would have had no problem They don’t care if it is you. but he would be ed thefts that occur every day. wanted him to make a larger in- they want money. because there to do. to have more time for themselves and their loved held back from their passion. There will not be a strug. However. and to travel. As a doctor. business with the same goal at hand. he was making $250. According to FBI statistics. Effect on Crime After eight years of college and several more years of practical experience through residencies and shadow.44 the most prevalent ing. to identity theft (19. People will be . seconds in the U. ones.). paring to be a doctor.

They will continue to be exponential. For the greatest potential to be likely to discover that there is either a desire or a need reached. The Ef. or working on help those who do have the gift excel even more.112 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 113 When Skill and Passions Do Not Match entrepreneurs seek business ventures. I have seen athletes who are passionate become extraordinary coaches as a result of their struggles to fail because money is the driving force. sionate but cannot play well. and other ventures. will still develop into a franchises. work beyond normal business hours because they are passionate about what they are doing. rather than having hun- Entrepreneurship is easiest to tackle when it is dreds of copycat businesses. or to provide a service that people want. These people love what they do whether they this efficient teamwork is achieved. These entrepreneurs. flourish because passion is the driving force behind the ficient Society will convey this collaboration and. and passion and for the love of what they have created. we need the passionate people who struggle for their product or service. This can happen when someone has dedi. often times someone who is pas. The basic objective behind en. entrepreneurs will be looked at as a whole. reward. Entrepreneurship In the Efficient Society. What makes these situations special plains why 80%-90% of businesses fail within the first is that the struggles these people face to become good. passion. inventing ways to make life easier. There are two main reasons is even better. further growth will are making a lot of money or not. they will not have to worry about failure . Many don’t particularly care what it is. Do we really need 200 different coffee shops often lead them to become experts at many different in the same town or 50 different sandwich shops? These levels. When people are doing a hobby they people often know the game inside and out and can love. In cause they find their passion in the potential monetary sports for example. play well. One reason is that they are people motivated by money looking for While discussing this theory with a colleague. These businesses tend to to be great and the naturally gifted to team up. five years. when venture. what if I am passionate about something I have to get rich. In the something they are passionate about. releasing new and improved products and services trepreneurship is to build something that others want because it will be something they have created out of to buy. or a service they can provide. Fewer people start a business for the second cated themselves to becoming the best at something reason. he something they can sell. they are more job force we need both. This is often where you find copycat businesses. be- no natural skills at? Passion can often overcome skill. What make a business out of it. it ex- very good player. asked. but these are often more successful they were not given the right gifts to excel in. More importantly.

or what if one of you decided you want to trade after only a minute or two?” He answered by The Lesson from the Lemonade Stand saying. and part of the already established National Corporation and who is doing the most work?” At this point. do it anymore. we want to do it.” percent of their base salary. ness profits. the national salary their work? That wouldn’t be fair. ey?” The children looked at me funny and they said. the entre. deciding when strategies like commission sales and investment. before they have become a cup of lemonade and I asked them. and then we trade once the sellers get bored. to hire and how to make the company more efficient. “What can be invested in further job creation and subsidizing if everybody is bored from selling and nobody wants to other future entrepreneurs. the kids be- will be opened as a subset of the larger whole.” preneur will open business and operate it while being “Two of us sell the lemonade while the other two play subsidized by the system. When people are doing what it is . I purchased liance that all people hold.” “I mixed the first jar and when success of the business.” I of the salary scale. be- business to go back into the Efficient Economy where it cause we trade whenever we get bored.000. Theory will work. “Nobody works longer than the others.” I asked. it runs out. it doesn’t matter. “Don’t you worry about one person selling lon- As the business grows and surpasses levels needed to ger than everyone else and not getting paid for all of sustain the start-up entrepreneur. “Who makes all of conditioned by the selfish.” I continued by asking. and getting cups efficient approach. market testing will occur to establish the potential Melissa got the sugar. “We all helped by making signs. came eager to share their business theory with me. “But who’s stand is it. this was all of our idea. manipulative soci- the money from your little business?” One kid said. until they have reached the salary cap of “Sir. and ed. When a product or service is invent. Their salary will increase by when it’s their turn. If tested successfully. They may also receive bonuses of up to 20 we all helped put it together. shouldn’t they get all of the mon- percentage in correlation with the percentage of busi. and water. The entrepreneur would I insisted on providing them with some greedy market continue to be in charge of the business. greedy. would it?” The child cap will be in place allowing further profits from the answered. Johnny and Paul squeezed the lemons. One Entrepreneurship will take on a more stable and said. “But what if one person sells all of the lemonade to increase their salary. until profits have increased enough asked. These kids displayed an innocent bril- ade on the street corner for 10 cents a cup.” I was taking a neighborhood walk one Saturday This is precisely what shows that the Efficiency morning when I saw three small children selling lemon. so we share the money.114 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 115 because their products and services will be released as all do. It’s not like any of us have to do it. whoever is selling will mix the next one. “We ety we live in now. “Sir. They will start at the bottom catch. it’s all of our lemonade stand and $250.

Where a short time ago we were not allowed to ques- tion authority. We have conflicting beliefs on everything from religion to what freedom really is. do. and are fairly compensated for doing it. we must now discover what drives people. education was a straight road. In the past. society is far more diverse and challenging than it was decades ago. Since we have taken care of the issue of com- pensation through the national salary scale. This is where Efficiency Education is imperative to our success and happiness. In the past. they are much more productive and Solution 4: Efficiency Education willing to work. A teacher’s job was to supply facts and teach students where and how these facts are used. Discipline was strict. now we have nothing but questions for . are taught how to do it effectively. the bottom line was that people were told what to believe and they were not to question it. (The facts taught were based on books writ- ten through a very stringent filter to produce a desired perspective. students were taught right from wrong in terms of social norms. One of the greatest struggles in our social evolu- tion is trying to figure out where to go with education.116 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 117 that they have chosen to do. and they cooperate at a much more ef- fective and efficient level. These children give us hope The only way people be will happy in what they for the future. and taught morals that mirrored the desired social structure of the church. and curricular objectives were based on the student’s ability to understand as much information as possible. is if they know what they want to do. They were taught science through a reli- gious perspective. and not what they feel they have to do. and educate them to be successful in their passions.) Today.

We have schools where teachers have lost reflection of society. The system of old was straight and narrow and ex. the community is poor fective in today’s fast-paced. and to experience freedom This analysis is similar to what you have read in in their educational endeavors. In of these problems will naturally cease to exist. As society has evolved. we be adjusted to keep up. numerous examples of this that teachers see on a daily ful. coming from. When schools are perform- The objectives then are not the same as the objec. forget that some of the brightest ideas have come out To combat this problem. there is a large movement sweeping across the money is no longer an issue and parents have the time public schools in America is called. which the country has.” to educate themselves and assist their children. Galileo was ostracized for his what I call “Efficient Education. make thoughtful decisions. The irony is. “Character Counts. administrators who are slaves to a political ture communities that reflect the larger community bureaucracy. our educational system must dition students to be of standard moral character. dren are a product of their environment and there are without a clear vision of what it means to be success. while teachers are expected to con. advancement. as I explain how our educational system necessary to be efficient contributors to society. you can bet that the parents tives today. later the theory was proved to be true. However. basis. When you have schools that are performing poor- tremely efficient at producing the primary objective of ly. When fact. but that is no longer enough. For example. when we become an efficient society. with uneducated parents. It is an undeniable fact that chil- tem that will guarantee achievement for every student. ficient system will catapult society into even more rapid ter. Looking at cause and effect relationships that show how edu- been distorted. and politicians who are demanding a sys. from which they come. previous chapters and here is why. many This is a program implemented into the schools to pro. and purposeful education for the students. More than likely.118 Timothy Scott Archer 1 authority. therefore. Of cation that strives to fulfill the core educational duty course. of these current problems will subside. well-paid professionals. Teachers are still expected to teach and cation and society are interlinked. ever changing society.” This is a system of edu- idea that the Earth is not the center of the universe. all you have to do is look at the community they are conditioning people. but this system is completely inef. the objectives have are mostly educated. it becomes quite augment social norms by demonstrating and teaching clear that. All schools are essentially minia- all power. as well as providing personal discovery shows that outside-the-box thinking is not always bad. an ef- mote what they call the seven pillars of good charac. ing well above average. education is a direct . to needs to change. The goal is So I invite people to hold a critical attitude toward my to provide students with the knowledge and guidance theory for a bit. I have come up with of defiance. many morals and character.

As masters of this system. The problem lies Well-educated people. we will ultimately be able to There are a vast number of issues in education determine the effects these beliefs have on education today. As I strove to find a singular root for all students. ception of success. However. er perceptions of success held by people who are not sciously developed many beliefs about the structure of educational professionals. tive beliefs that ultimately form the structure of the This however poses a serious problem in that not all educational system? Or: Are the leaders’ beliefs created people share their perceptions of success. This makes it very important to understand the be- liefs held by most educational authorities. The way education is structured liefs of educational leaders. These majority of problems in education today. For whelming biased toward the structure in which they example. tie the idea of success to some form of life purpose. it is questions: Do educational leaders have original objec. an educational leader may find purpose in im- were involved? Regardless of which question we con. These two are particularly concerned with two main categories of factors are: beliefs: 1) the purpose of education.120 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 121 Why Education is Failing it. by doing so. they feel successful. who have successfully in the probability that those who run the schools and mastered the education system. By analyzing the perceptions and be- 2. are invariably the ones structure the system do so through their personal per- who structure the schools. both concepts are deeply related ment constitutes success for them. through their perceptions that success is determined. Therefore. tion Due to the correlation and determinacy of each of these factors. cause for the problems. They do not take into account oth- educational leaders have consciously and subcon. The beliefs that educational authorities hold stitutes success. I always came back to these two causes. since they There are two major factors that are causing the ultimately prescribe the functions of the system. another and have an equal causal impact on the multitude of person may find purpose in raising healthy livestock educational problems in America. This has transformed educa- the system. it is virtually impossible to know which Since changes to the educational system are pre- problem causes the other. but most of the problems stem from these two and provide alternative possibilities to assure success primary causal factors. and are they therefore over. Many people as products of the system. both factors must be addressed Beliefs: Determining Success and Purpose in Educa- equally. This evokes the following scribed and structured by highly educated people. They do so based on their own success in tion into something that is as much a sales promotion . and 2) what con- 1. and. Producing this improve- sider most significant. proving a school’s test scores.

low test scores. Lead- structuring the system altogether. so it is replaced. It lems. Teachers and educational leaders are increasingly Currently. education will never the big picture and restructuring the system as a whole. leaders are selecting problems such faced with students who are more concerned with the as. a tire may be flat and once it is fixed. but they fail to Society has changed drastically in half a century step outside the system to evaluate it as a whole. so they create policies that are often too many perspectives on purpose and success to con. The situation truly provide success for every student is to drastically has gotten worse as problems multiply and demands change the system at its core. and realize that education needs a example. Implementation is no longer the will run okay for a while longer. The only chance to say they are doing something about it. in order to tinue education in its current form. This goes on and on until someone educational leaders today not only have to provide an steps back. the car systematic upgrade. quick fixes that often ex- ers have become extremely keen to determine prob. than the knowledge it learners. The system needs bad. at the expense of the educative objective. lems within the educational system. attain the achievement it pursues. There are far ence immediately. The fact is. ers continue to find new problems before the previous problems can be fixed or even re-evaluated. cational leaders and teachers to get kids to “buy-in” to Leaders are feeling extreme pressure to make a differ- something they do not find purpose in. time and cost of implementing these strategies. Without stepping back and looking at the car as is time for educational leaders to step back. due to the some of the long-held beliefs about education. it is impossible to find all of the problems. and budgets. and weak science and math programs. as technological and scientific breakthroughs oc- ine the educational system as a car with many prob. This includes opening become more extreme. it is extremely difficult for edu. Finally. cation system is in. administrators. they are providing short-term.122 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 123 as a medium of conveying knowledge. “It is education. but they must also convince kids to believe time for a new car. Teachers and be repaired as well. English language reason for learning the subject. changing on teachers. dropout rates.” This is the same situation our edu- in its importance. looks at the car as a whole and says. look at the a whole. and. they are ignoring or failing to see the overall problem. but is providing. it will continue to change at an exponential rate. Politicians and lead. and re. the brakes go out and must to be restructured altogether. Rather than looking at Under the current objectives. For system as a whole. cur. This is causing massive stress educator’s minds to perceptual differences. Then the radiator goes solution to educational problems. Imag. It needs to be renewed . acerbate the situation or even cause new problems. This is a Problems with the Current Structure futile game of cat and mouse that will continue to dete- riorate education in this country.

and sociological tests. psychological. but through his or her own per. chosen purely by personal interest. This is the ultimate objective of Throughout basic and exploratory education. Basic School will subconscious levels. at both conscious and school age. another by strengths. where students could do labo. last for seven years. however. approximately 4 years old. School education and results have been received from The following three years of school will be Exploratory academic. Schools. where the students will be taught Once the students have finished Exploratory all major curriculums and the basic concepts of life. This could be set up where one occupation is with physical education. their strengths and interests lie. the next step. The other part of the day or week would teach together. psychological. they School.124 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 125 in a way that will provide ample opportunity for every samples related to doctrines associated with the Civil student to succeed. Students will start by entering into students with a mass of valid information on where a basic school at what is currently considered the pre. War. and sociological testing. ceptual filter of success. students would complete two years of a Pre- work inside the schools. students may have a class in in. First. as well as could be integrated with English to produce writing educational facets within the job. Part of the day or week (according learned. the student-centered education. principles of physics to develop a practical scientific The occupational setting could be arranged in a prescription for how to hit a baseball farther. This will be an integrating pro- cess to bring real life purpose to the academics being Mentorship Program. a men- . Students would ultimately The structure of “Efficiency Education” is broken have the final decision on the path they chose in life. They could implement assignments be spent at two or three different occupational settings. ratory experiments where they would use the scientific and a third by a combination of the two. to each school’s policies) would be spent in an academic For example. down into a four-tier system. where theoretical and factual book learning dustrial arts where a math teacher and a shop teacher would occur. within a full 14-year com. For example. Science could be integrated interests. where students will apply the concepts they would begin the final two stages of efficient public edu- have learned and expand on them through functional cation. and teaching strategies to show how geometry is a which would be linked to the student’s strengths and function of construction. These tests would only be used to facilitate and guide students towards Efficiency Education Structure their strengths and interests. History way that would provide on-the-job training. setting. would go to great lengths to provide pulsory education. and it is time for us to take student would also participate in regular academic. The possibilities are endless.

students the on-the-job procedures that nurses must follow. one quarter of the a professional in whatever field they have been direct- day (approximately an hour and a half) would be set ed to or chosen. ing each student the best possibility for success. and technical to pursue to continue on this track. This is crucial in provid- purposeful relationship to the schoolwork assigned. as research has shown provide a synthesis of various elements of curriculum that “more than two-thirds of all high school students and how they are related to the job. a work during their senior year. some schools provide career academies. Option one would be a drop-out rates and reduce failure among high-risk stu- three-quarter time Internship Program. In this case the stu- writing tasks related to the work. Anoth. and team up with Within the Internship Program. This will assure that dent’s future would be well established and worked out students are using and expanding on the concepts that through guidance counseling or with the company for are relevant to them and their work. has published data more value to a high school diploma.46 Efficiency education is taking career academies would take their background education. This is not an internship. in a job that they are fully qualified for. student would learn on-the-job activities and also turn but this experience provides purpose and motivation in reports on mathematical. using the knowledge be spent reviewing and expanding knowledge in all they have learned. For three quarters of the day. knowledge. This pendent studies. while drawing a which the intern had worked. Cur- The last two years of Efficiency Education would rently. course work aligned to a career focus” and conversely. since graduating that shows: “Many students thrive in an environment high school would come with an employer’s endorse. This time would would actively engage in the job. Gene Bottoms. and practical experience. Keep in mind er example would be a computer mentorship where a some internships would require an advanced degree. but a focus of study within a school.126 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 127 torship in nursing would not only provide students with Once the high school diploma is earned. an Internship Program or Research has shown that these career academies lower a College Preparatory Program. where students dents. and building a repertoire of skills in the field. . students aside for required school attendance.” 45 This may also provide renowned educational researcher. a modest wage until graduation. but would have the choice of attending college and pursu- they would also be assigned reports and assignments ing an advanced degree or going right into workforce on scientific lab analysis and pathology studies. This would be even They would pertain to the intern’s job and creatively more appealing to the students. Several independent studies would could even be an opportunity for students to be paid be assigned throughout the course of the two years. allow students two options. scientific. developing professional relation. curriculums by means of assigning and reviewing inde- ships. that allows them to pursue a strong academic core with ment. developed one-step further.

which Grading contributes to the problem of unmotivated students. set by politi- Grading in Efficiency Education would become cians and educational leaders. college upon graduation. the negativity associated with being right or wrong pects of curriculum. If we can bring purpose to education . strengthening students’ weak- workers in certain jobs. and guiding students. This is where a tremendous psycho- ests analysis. #5. 3) Being evaluated according them. professors. the pure academic Ultimately. This is no longer working and it needs trained to teach curriculum. 2) Learning how to do a job nesses.47 Bottoms’s research also found the follow. strengths. or a C at the top of the paper. weaknesses. teachers would be gular direction. 4) Receiving encouragement from a math assignment in which a student missed three out a work-site mentor at least monthly to develop strong of ten problems. They experience perception of success. There is no personally involved. the motives to succeed. is arguably the greatest motivator in a person’s life. This declines. and why. A visual example of this approach could involve to clear standards. the teacher would shown daily or weekly how to use communication skills write. Success would likely be Today. Students from either option could attend logical adjustment can occur. because of the choices dents as work without purpose. however. the “purpose” of schooling as something imposed by educational leaders. 5) Being 7/10. weaknesses in long division and carry- route where students would engage in a rigorous Col. and prodded in this sin- a thing of the past. that they are forced to do. at the work site. The ing work-based learning experience to be associated difference is that the assessment would be focused with higher student achievement: 1) Observing veteran on personal discovery. working. 70%. #10. They are taught a generic form of success. The assessment could read: strengths in multiplication The second option would be a purely academic and addition. and the students’ recognized purpose in what they do. rather than on labeling from a work-site mentor. and interests. work habits and good customer relations skills. Rather than the teacher writing. Efficiency Education is the epitome option is intended to reach out to those students who of student-centered and individual learning. but still prescribe majors based on to a more positive focus on what is working. or researchers. These could be future teachers. along with a brief written assessment. In this system. and to guide the number of students earning high school diplomas them in the direction of their greatest potential.128 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 129 when fewer career and technical courses are offered. This would include all as. #3. ing numbers. This turns the student’s attention from lege Preparatory Program. what isn’t the information provided by the strengths and inter. Purpose are scholars at heart. the structure of education is perceived by stu- much higher at these schools. and evaluate students’ to be changed. isn’t to say students’ work would not be assessed.

experience because they will be learning about things In an Efficient Society. it out through an entire year. This Modeled after most university schedules. This effective. society will after each nine-week quarter. Though each part is equally schedules to optimize family time together. their value is diminished. there was a three-week follow. parents and their children will have more time instead on what works and doesn’t work. tical life-experience. By providing this correlation of been taken away from good/bad. the school year ing that every part of the engine is equally important will be set up to balance school time with family work for it to function efficiently. the face attempted to maintain the 180-day system. and put time off. longer than three weeks. and where could allow the division of work time and school time they are likely to be successful. and learning will be even greater because there will be tage of others. The changes that need to occur in efficiency ed. Classification School Calendar In the first part of the Efficiency Theory. but spread of education will be changed forever. This is generally bro. to rotate jobs in all professions on a trimester system. naturally skilled in. People will feel purpose in their educational century or more and are far too outdated. education will still be optimally productive. what we tional school year consists of 180 school days plus 80 now need to point out is how each part plays a specific days off (not including weekends). function. This approach meant that As the system of education changes. but instead to coordinate. ly trains people not to blame. conscious interests and skills have directed them. deceive. vacation and then a summer vacation that was a little ucation are the same changes that we need to see re. right/wrong. together.130 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 131 and if students believe in what they are doing. and take advan. systems will reflect this trimester system as well. job sharing allows everyone they are passionate about guided by where their sub. public school will result in unprecedented graduation rates since stu. more time to travel and gain knowledge through prac- and support each other to achieve success together. valuable for the system’s overall efficiency. School calendars of this type flected in other social functions to produce our Efficient are all based on a system that has been around for a Society. but if the parts are not put in the proper plac- mer vacation. as is the overall function . A trend in the eighties and early nineties es. The tradi. The mind set will then be centered on how we can be more efficient as a social whole. we are looking at society as the engine of a car and emphasiz- In an efficient school system. role. each part is necessary for the vehicle to ken down into 3 nine-week quarters and a large sum. The focus will also have into quarter systems. This dents will be graduating and pursuing careers in fields will also leave room for an increase in efficiency that the are passionate about. Certainly. cooperate.

The irony was that. ing of their potential. desire. Our current system does understand this. and classes. though edged. but it emies long before university study is required. the way the means by which his success came about. some inconvenient facts must be acknowl. it drop out or fail out. For example. The fact is. He was miserable as he was faced with a se. This was cer- system is currently set up. engineer and for years his talents were being wasted.132 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 133 of the vehicle. glass is necessary for the ficult. several years later. education. he didn’t have the intellect and discipline to make it doms must be taken away. most efficient vehicle possible. by the illusion of failure and does not adequately con. ficiency and overall success. but Within Efficiency Education. a highly intelligent ries of grueling classes that he referred to as “weeding kid with a tremendous amount of will. All of these sider the element of passion. lack of success eventually separates these ing to find their purpose can easily be placed into acad- people from continuing on an unsuitable path. he got a job in computing and has been successfully This is a highly efficient way of organizing society. my friend ended up dropping out parts should be most appropriately placed in order to after one year. would be extremely insufficient. and created equal and therefore should not be pushed in talent in this particular field poured over into personal the same direction. Students will be classified based on skill. intelligence. The school system should be set up in a way university and entered directly into the engineering that categorizes students based on this score or rank- program. we have people who have tainly the least efficient way for my friend to become an little or no talent in math pursuing degrees in engineer. some truths must be accepted. This is takes time to really establish where their talents are why Efficiency Education is imperative for our social ef- best suited. when I gradu. We must select where Sure enough. For example. but if we tried to use glass for the bumper. engineering computer programs for a major newspa- but the truth is that for society to work at its highest per in the southwest for years with a less than adequate capacity. and some free. would be placed into a school with high . we shall implement uses the frustrating method of separating these people classifications. ness intellect while others are born with the ability to The unfortunate thing about this story is the quickly learn a trade or craft. components will be calculated to give them a potential ated from high school. with the idea that inapt students will eventually windows. and desires. interest. motivation. Some people are born with a busi. He has been successful because. We have people running businesses that would be To solve this problem. Students seek- Many times. talent. wills. at people’s interests. study of computer programming.” his desire. ing. Long ago. interest. and interest. people are not through the “weeding classes. However.” These classes are designed to be extremely dif. we need to take a very close look much more efficient saving lives in the medical field. a friend of mine went to a major ranking. make the strongest. will.

They will see their future in front people lack motivation and lack professional direction. These students would their placement. Privileged students go to privi- tional laborers. The occupations they will be forefront of the socialization process and plays such a prepped for will directly correlate with the national sal. then they will know what they need to be groomed as potentials. would be placed in the second tier of where they will fit in society. promote business sense. it is currently taking place all over the ple are on track to be construction workers. develop leadership. If they do not agree with schools for further development. and their internships would reflect this. off of their mother and father or the government. people must dent’s seat would be far better suited for a poorer kid who had tremendous talent. it only makes sense ary scale. tremendous role in shaping society. These students would be placed into way that distributes students accordingly. student potential. in labor skills and trades. “I don’t care about my edu. We must face the fact that some thing else. The problem is. intelligence. There will be no.000 a year job painting houses. when students will physically see them. In fact. for educators to be decisive in setting declarations of cation. which will do to change. In an selves on the route to a job outside of their passion and Efficient Society. That stu- For society to run more efficiently. Students on the bottom category. and may be groomed as service the lower-level labor track would be trained primarily workers or tested further to find their potential. We have far too skills. school simply because their family is wealthy. leged schools and disadvantaged students go to disad- Higher-level groups would be trained to think outside vantaged schools. An Efficient Society will not tolerate track if they do not change something. learn highly technical on family wealth and nothing else. including the U. as their passion may be in a student who has high intelligence but lacks interest or $50. will be students who lack interest As a reflection of this. it is currently based the box. or has the motivation and interest but lacks in front of them daily provides a constant reminder of the intelligence. as inhumane way to promote subordination and order. These peo- as this sounds. there are no freebies and the system living a constant reminder of their future professional is blatantly honest.S. and instill management abili- many privileged students wasting space at a privileged ties. and desire. who choose not to utilize . Imagine the motivational power this Some of these people have no plan other than to live would have. have a variety of tiers. of them every day. A will be happy on this track. and tradi- world. Capable people. and would be disciplined in a This is not a new concept. have a clear awareness of where they fit and accept This ranking would become their future place in their place in the society. The third category. but seeing it right motivation. Some people freeloaders.” attitude.134 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 135 level classes that relate to his or her area of interest. Since education is the at the the professional world. schools would be set up in a and intelligence. because I can make more money doing some.

as skills. or it will destroy the beauty of the flowers. are no longer wasting the great resource elderly people ple will continue to teach throughout their lives. and they bring knowledge. People pass on their personal beliefs and learners as they efficiently work together. we are not nothing. Where the inefficient society today would have an Humans were born to teach. an Efficient Society to educate one another. they have and expand on that. with job sharing there will be more teach- keep societal contributors functioning. They goal of humans to learn. just as they have given By promoting the elderly as teachers. if they do In an Efficient Society. The second way is to implement knowledge they are forced to work. educators. is it has become extremely institutionalized. no drink. and there will be more schools with are like a weed growing in a flower patch. No food. We take great pride in passing on the practical experience. Re- a waste to society and a waste of the very resources that member. and as mentors. One way is to In prisons today. the knowledge they have attained through years of ed- ucation and experience. These people ing jobs available. and peo. have been educated thoroughly in the field. saying that someone younger. It is our inherit nature engineer. From the earliest form of hu. as volunteers. If they still do not work. scientist. by the tier system. Every person on sionally trained teacher may not have. will not be just as beneficial as a teacher. will be forced to work. it has been the teachers until they are incapable of performing. who is passionate about ple: if they are not contributing to society then they are teaching. what we have learned to someone else: as parents. and perspective to the classroom that a profes- friends. they will be imprisoned. will have them continue expressing their passions as man consciousness to our current status. provide. This is can provide for us (which happens at retirement). Human beings instinctively do Knowledge Communities this so their spirit will live on through the people they have taught and then through the next generation of One problem with continuing education today people who are taught by those people and so on. no life. there are two ways of har- not. it needs to be special academies provided as students are classified eliminated. by leaving our personal mark we are also providing incredible knowledge to young on the world. If people do not want to work. Where the elderly will most benefit education will be during the exploratory and skill de- Fulfillment Through Teaching velopment years. nessing this productive instinct to teach. they are provided with nothing. and give preference to the elderly as and the work gets done. making it . then communities. people work against their will promote. pass on what we have learned. or doctor retire.136 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 137 the efficient system. but our way of living eternally. By doing this we this planet has been a student and a teacher. The rationale is sim.

the world is globaliz. gregation. Formats such as workshops and ethics. learning moral characteristics. The knowledge communities will gather at a 8:00 AM: Meeting of the Minds: A gathering of ev- meeting place where adults and their children can eryone in a common room where announcements will be . and often forgo further edu. However. Example: ogy. debates. science. why can’t we spend a little time learning about life. the idea of spending personal or “free ship increases. philosophy. seminars. there will be more knowledge and ex- time” in an educational setting sounds repulsive. people church. where there is a meeting place and scheduled sincerely enjoy learning new things. but more often. allowing multiple perspectives and thoughts on have internalized from our early school years. discuss. and any group discussion desired. as member- To some. time for various groups to come together in a common casional stubborn or lazy people who do not want to interest to pursue knowledge and continue to educate do anything. geometry. So here I must ask. to learn. symposiums. This vision is modeled after the common western they want to change careers. breakthroughs. history. much of ology to anthropology. people would break into subgroups where they modeled after religious schools. or any auditorium where a weekly review of current events. various subjects. From ing to school. People attend schools throughout their objectively pursue knowledge through shared experi- childhood. In today’s themselves. At first. biology. Experts will conduct various workshops in every ing. The experts would rotate as teach- is because of the unpleasantly formal experiences we ers. practice new content. soci- being required to learn constantly. as possible from the local community and. educational process. chemistry. issues and also providing each teacher the opportunity many of these same people have no problem attend.138 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 139 far too formal. and. When people attend church or mass. attend college. this may be limited since seminars offer all kinds of educational opportunities on it will depend on membership and member expertise. In fact. and experimen- cation unless it is required by their employment or if tation. it is a friend teaching The goal is to attract as many highly educated people a friend. to grow by becoming a student in another field as well. There are the oc. ence. However. ing another form of formal education every Sunday or There would be an opening introduction in a main Saturday. technol. this learning is beginning to come in a more informal religious studies. but most people like to learn. technology is advancing. other weekly religious sermon. ranging from physics to metaphysics. For the most part. if can emphasize an area of interest. or any other pedagogical subject as well. This pertise to be shared. the American school system was there. and so forth. and people can spend this much time at a religious con. they are essentially go. engineering. whether people like to learn or not. technology. world. they are given field.

Most religious sermons are meant to train people to behave in a certain man- Families in an Efficient Society ner. ily failure.140 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 141 made. the gain you seek. I truly believe that the unex. by empowering ber of single parent families and uncared for children them through knowledge. that child is five times more likely what they want to be through knowledge. to commit a crime and 100 times more likely to have a tation. we have the largest num- people in their personal development. and scientific issues. people should logical. experimen. positive. When not be told who they are.48 If the human spe- pushed in one direction. what they believe. One of the greatest destructive forces in society is I offer the opposite. Five to ten different subjects will be lead in a religious. Witness and participate in scientific ex- the discussed issues. what to believe. A non-biased weekly review of major world news. economical. to control how they perceive the world. political. If we spend our entire lives being child out of wedlock him or herself. so I offer a multifaceted are compounded in every facet of the physical. Regardless of Knowledge sharing provides this opportunity. workshop type atmosphere where people can develop a better understanding and deeper knowledge of a 8:30-9:15 AM: Opinion/Debate session on any of desired subject. The potential is limitless. and born out of wedlock. and debate. Today. periments. a medium (the priest or pastor). For every child sonally discover who they are. then progression must be that one side. and treatments. and ulti- mately convince them to follow church doctrine. in the history. My philosophy is. I offer a medium that assists the failure of families. taught under during time off. learn and assist with medical diagnosis thought about the grandest collaboration of life in gen. but instead people should per. learn and assist in the development of com- puter technology. learn psychological statistics and 9:30 AM: Knowledge Sharing: Have you ever breakthroughs. knowledge communities provide an endless opportunity for personal growth and knowl- edge development that can be used while working or Church is really just a weekly lesson. the results are quite alarming. . and what we analyze the cause-and-effect relationships of fam- they should strive to be. and social planes of human existence. You may dis- eral? Have you ever thought about the inner working cover an expertise that comes easy to you or you may of those things we take for granted the most? What if find something difficult but develop a greater appre- you could stop wondering and start understanding? ciation for those who work in the field. The negative effects this has on society amined life is not worth living. we will only know what is on cies is to continue to survive. psycho- form of examination.

rather than a carefree or acci- families are overwhelmingly more likely to become dental result. These are prepared for the significant changes that comes with all areas where poverty and conflict is high. but instead analyze that they are.142 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 143 The law of accelerated returns explains the expo. and drain more be required to attend a series of classes. To change this permanently and be subgroups.50 they will not be prepared. There are many quick fixes that government has pens if the accelerated returns are negative? Looking at tried to implement. but these invariably result in only a the world and the reproductive fertility in various social temporary change. problem. and poorly educated communities. we must fix this is an empowering theory in terms of technological ad. neglect their own families. from society than they contribute through systems like nential increase in cause-and-effect relationships. In order to even consider and ultimately are the least efficient. society will eventually be subdued by the what works and does not work. education raising a child. Also consider that statistically. and low-income a cherished privilege.49 Based on the something different than what we have always done. least productive. unsupportive. Census statistics and the changes a child will create in their lives. the Middle East. children who are In an Efficient Society. Before having a child. on our way to the most efficient society in history. For an Efficient Society to exist. which they . and 2) the rate of divorce. The U. giving birth is considered raised in uneducated. major issues today that are contributing to the deterio- At a global level. United Nations data reports that ration of the family. ing the responsibilities that come with having a child economically affluent parents.51 vances.S. we ing the most offspring are the groups that are the least need to change to a current “modern” belief about cre- educated. if these negative aspects people must not look at things in terms of right and of society continue to expand at the exponential rate wrong based on what we do now. cident and without thorough consideration. unless they have thor- the population is increasing the fastest is in primarily oughly investigated the issues concerning parenthood. future parents will criminals. No show that over the last thirty years. Women are at times impregnated by ac- and health care is low. However. they are rarely Africa. There are basically two degenerative factors associated with these offspring. the theory never addresses what hap. low income. the rate at which matter how old the person is. it can be seen that the groups that are hav. and Indonesia (UN). have the most problems. ating and developing a family. 1) the lack of preparation to raise a the countries where the population is growing at the child. This welfare. People often have a child without really evaluat- parents versus the number of children born to socio. and much Domestically this is demonstrated when comparing the more often in poor and uneducated parts of the popu- number of children born to socio-economically poor lation. and society is least productive. Law of Accelerated Returns. fastest rate are mostly third world countries in Central No matter how much people try.

or lacking cannot invest the time it takes to prepare for parent. If a couple Compensation Act will eliminate the stress money has truly wants to start a family in an Efficient Society. and other issues involving child care. and Lamaze classes even to cause divorce will not exist. ports that time. but also to unhap- they will receive a legal certificate confirming permis. As we are manipulated vided on the person’s driver’s license. our social structure is set up in a manner that the parent completes the course. Children will be efficiency. This takes time away from the relationship and the perspective of an Efficient Society. The Fair ry system. marriage counseling. Currently. and do other great things together that ties to prepare for and build a strong family that will not they may not be able to afford under our current sys- burden society but will instead contribute to our social tem. the di- reers (such as. and educational opportuni. can see that when we embrace social efficiency. seen through hours. Once impregnated.52 developmental stages. to believe we need more money. they on so many families. nities to travel. there is no reason a couple long day at work stressed out. In the Efficient Society. People come home from a able. Failure and Family at the Institute for American Values re- to complete the classes will result in a label “Unfit Par. money. piness in general. hood. people work longer This may sound harsh at first but. timing job rotations to fit with the child’s vorce rate will decrease also. This will decrease the divorce rate. how to correlate raising a child with their ca. it is very reason. so does the efficiency of our social whole. too exhausted. and sex are the three biggest ent” and they will be not be allowed to parent the child. compounds these very issues. we tionship. and when people’s produc- pregnancy that involve parenting. The Center for Marriage schooling). many couples find time for parenting In the Efficient Society the issues that are known classes. problems that often lead to an unhappy marriage. parents will be by bothersome circumstances in their family lives. Job sharing will give with their busy schedules. and provide people with opportu- will have the wealth. the time to spend quality time together. After completing the classes to the poor development of children. with the sala. which will improve edu- . there will people the time to spend together. With Job sharing. discipline strategies. benefitting their be more than enough time available and. tivity drops. puts stress on the marriage. relationship with their spouse and their kids. they legally required to attend classes throughout the entire tend to be less productive. raised under ideal conditions.144 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 145 must complete and validate that they are responsible Divorce is another factor that not only contributes enough to be a parent. The label will be pro. When people’s minds are consumed sion to have a child. stress it may cause on the rela.53 which may go into adoption or a child-care center until Today. When we look at the main causes for divorce. time. poverty will no longer be an issue.

we have leaders doing as they please and justifying why they did so. oil. while we claim democracy. When you really look at how our system is run. And Solution 5: EliminatE Waste perhaps most importantly. The presidents we have had in recent history have all been multi-million- aires well before they ever became presidents.54 However. or any major politician that is from the lower or middle class. we claim to have superior policies to the rest of the world. make people happier. If we search. We continue to have special interests using lobbyists and bombarding us with negative campaign ads to manip- ulate our vote in order to get what they want. we have actually be- come more imperialistic over the last century. but not completely absurd. investments. governor. which is .500 a year.146 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 147 cation. and we arrogantly spread our way of democracy across the world. or their personal wealth through businesses. We must understand that politics is completely intertwined with business and wealth. The Bureau of Labor and Statis- tics shows that in 2007. their sal- aries don’t reveal the inherent wealth from their fami- lies. or former employment. a Governor’s salary ranges from $70. No More Politics In the United States. How- ever. decrease crimes and decrease the many other negative effects of torn families have on society. Rather than democratically voting on issues.000 a year. we can find that the salaries of these officials are good.000 to $206. while Senators and Repre- sentatives are paid $174. senator. we are any- thing but democratic. Try to name one president.

via the internet.148 Timothy Scott Archer 1 a trait shared in common with many other politicians. same strategies are applied in the opposite fashion to from their office computer. and the experts approve. and other relevant fields. be provided with a single generic and objective infor. internet café. The primary objec. No lon. from a library. We Society. reaches efficiency. Political candidates will no longer come from fam- Once we have implemented national salary caps and ilies of wealth who are seeking power and the ability eliminated the greed factor in politics. in an Efficient philosophy. or a mess of obstacles that occur and bad. Here the system what to decide. instead of playing this ma. These experts best for our efficiency and for the social whole. or from an discredit or make the other politician look bad. biotechnology. just as all manipulative marketing strategies 24-hour period. It will include everything legal and illegal. Unfor. tem to prevent poor decisions made in an emotional This will state their history (like doing a background state by the public. will also harness the incredible power of the informa- ger will we be spending hundreds of millions of tax tion age and use the internet to vote. we will elect profes- most dirty politics will be eliminated. with multiple branches of government. objectively provide their stance on issues. Forget campaign finance reform. these commercials often twist and embellish the for anyone to read up on the issue (which could have a facts in an attempt to make one politician look better popup that succinctly describes the bill. When issues are dollars on government marketing. or official’s ide- than they really are just to win the vote. the ologies) and vote from the comfort of their own home. No one will be denied the ability to vote In an efficient system. no longer be a political game. she said. the initiative altogether. Campaigning is ul. since computers do not discriminate. Online voting would allow ample time do. Then we will find sionals and experts in various fields who are passionate politicians who genuinely care about providing what is about making life more efficient for all.” the populous will counted in real-time. there will be an and outline their beliefs. the sion commercials designed to convince people about public votes. it will tive is to let the voters decide. Instead. relevant information will be provided on timately one politician’s sales pitch on why the people the internet via informative video clips and written in- should vote for them and not the other person. They may adjust it for a second vote or veto their policies in a town hall format. just like many polls are done already. candidates would be questioned on approval. A voting window will then be opened for a tunately. but most importantly. Even worse. Rather than a singular president check). and votes can be nipulative game of “he said. . campaigning is eliminated altogether. on the table. the fuel behind to control the populous. Rather than having a debate expert panel of scholars who will be the final check of against each other. There will be in place a checks-and-balances sys- mation commercial and a pamphlet for each candidate. will be from fields such as sociology. rather than having televi. The experts suggest. formation. good having the final say. economics.

that people as “helpless” and this label not only has an ex- tremely negative effect on them.150 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 151 No Retirement In an Efficient Society. If people are not physically able to per- es to the best of its ability. Now. People are a society’s top resource and. nor is it what is best for people or for your whole life. if people pertise in a management position or teaching younger are not contributing. “Put as that in the Efficient Society you will be able to experi- much in as you can and then we’ll take care of you.55 Interestingly. retirement does not exist. due to the government’s misuse of funds and efits that this delivers both from the productivity that gross underestimates. With technology today. Our current system pro. now because you can’t wait to have the free time re- ber of people to drain from the system without putting tirement would have provided. schedules. Our current system is set up in such a way work from remote locations. we will have been granted the free time to . to work to receive insurance.” But ence the wonders of having more free time through out this is not efficient. so they return ing. a person could hypothetically work from a retire- is now 62 years old. In today’s technologically advanced soci- tire comfortably. but also clouds our the University of Michigan Retirement Research Center minds about their true capabilities. By virtue of our new job-share working society as a whole. we label elderly full Social Security benefits until 67. anyone can on society. Medicare is not effectively the working elderly can provide to the social whole and paying for many of the medical problems people face for the health and wellness of the person who is work- as they age and their bodies weaken. they become a wasteful burden people their trade. Third. psychological. and have that most people have an objective focused on work. or even a bed. The average legal age for retirement ety. they should be using their ex- sible. but the government will not grant ment home. which allows for an enormous num. Social Security longer. in the world. if you are having a difficult time with this motes retirement. The current system says. most people do physical stimulation throughout their days.57 An Efficient Society understands the ben- anyway. and for a number of reasons. use online tools. There is a place for everyone to contribute to the overall A truly Efficient Society will use all of its resourc. These stud- not set aside enough money throughout their careers ies have also shown that elderly people generally live for them to retire comfortably. form tasks they once had. then let me remind you anything back into it. healthier lives when they continue to work after benefits have been depleted and may not be around retirement. Studies have shown found that 43 percent of retirees end up going back to that elderly people who work and/or volunteer are work. Secondly. and waste as little as pos. the ability to receive and send resources from anywhere ing hard for a good portion of their lives in order to re. Currently.56 First of all. goal of society. and that number is expected to continue to rise generally healthier due to social.

“Do nothing and we’ll put together programs to take pable years. The first thing we need to do is realize that means. Instead of allowing this. By using we feel we can make a judgment to deem someone all of our working resources. can and should contribute. take up a new hobby. more fulfilling life. we no longer treat people advantage of the Efficient Education system just like ev- as unequal. We understand that ing. time. paired.152 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 153 live the joys of retirement throughout our lives. but regardless. will have achieved a greater balance in society though and we can teach monkeys working skills. We are being unbelievably arrogant when cause. including the elderly. getting several years off in a row during our least ca. thus living a richer. people. fragile. These people should not be set . people have become physically points out flaws in handicapped people and tells them handicapped through an accident or an unfortunate they are outcasts and incapable of contributing to soci. They may or may not be placed at a lower thing to contribute to the advancement of society and tier based on their ability. we will produce more capped people as if they are on a lower level than the as a whole society. Our current system Quite often. We waste brilliant of only in the last part of our lives. Rather than our elderly friends and relatives be. tioning of their brains. but we will eliminating the wasted effort. while individually doing less. and skills that the deem a handicapped person useless and allow them drain of retirement causes to our system. everyone can and will contribute in one way or another. This rest of us. and contributing to a greater tal abilities. Through the design minds and useful bodies everyday by treating handi- of an efficient working system. rather than in our social advancement. exer. tive individuals that contribute to our overall efficiency.” we need to put them to work where they Imagine having the time to travel the world. We understand that everyone has some. we will actually have more time for ourselves everyone can contribute and have an important role spread throughout the course of a lifetime. eryone else. instead ing it’s number one resource. to be unproductive members of society. we useless. In The Physically and Mentally Handicapped the Efficient Society. socializing. circumstance. they will be trained to be produc- the elderly. care of you. they will be perform tasks of interest within their physical or men- still working. as well as the physically and mentally im. but they still have the complete func- ety. Rather than telling people. This is one of the most disgusting features of our current system. Handicapped people will take In an Efficient Society. and enjoy the wonders of life ciety until society and programs provide for them the while you are young and capable rather than old and opportunity to leach off others. These people are not leaches on so- cise. and intelligence rank- the efficiency of our social system. can be productive. we need to train them to ing miserable at home with nothing to do. desire. This again drains from our social efficiency by wast. We can train circus animals to perform tricks.

when I was in Junior High a smile on his face and took such great pride in cleaning School. He became loved by the and more normal life. His message was that. She told them no one fered a loss of ability had become sour at life. and has lived a much longer and The Greatest Busboy Ever. “Before he went unconscious. them and tell them they should sit at home because dren want to learn. There is a society. we had a guest come and speak to us at an as. Just as retirees have found. had the plaque to Andy’s mother. who had less physical damage from the war. Andy’s only job was to take dirty plates from for them. they will live a much happier. regardless of what society he asked me to tell the customers at the restaurant that has told them they are capable of. He went back to college. the tables for people. they asked story was that most of the men in his platoon who suf. The point of this story is that most people who I suggest that everyone take a day out of their seem incapable in the eyes of the general public have a lives and assist with the handicapped kids at the local lot to offer society if they are given a chance. stayed at was sure what was wrong but he had been rushed to home hiding from the public. The guest was a man who had his legs blown in and they noticed that their plates were not taken im- off during the Vietnam War. they were healthier life. the waitress where Andy was. We neglect school. greater cause. They too should be living their purpose was fantastic. with tears coming from actually died. the group of customers going to hold him back. and were constantly sick.” and purpose gives you the will to go on. while a couple members from his old pla. When they gave toon. One day a group of regulars were sembly. He seemed to have a 6th sense for know- and passion. when the reality is we do need them much of the time. when people work her eyes.154 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 155 aside and treated like an infant who needs us to care restaurant.” Unfortunately. We must also remember that some of the most story I was told once about a boy with Down syndrome brilliant minds of geniuses like Charles Hawkins and (we’ll call him Andy) who worked as a busboy at a local Beethoven come from a disabled body. they should be participating in our the tables when people were done with them—and he advancement. It is time we . by staying part of the right there to ask if you wanted him to take your plate. she told them. these chil. He always had I remember long ago. got got together and made a plaque that read: “To Andy. healthier. the hospital the night before. instead. and so they are of no help. He was one of the few that decided that nothing was That night after dinner. Alarmed. will have purpose— he was sorry for leaving the tables messy. What was special about his mediately after they had finished. just when you needed him. a job in marketing. and contribute to society. They want to contribute. too late and Andy had passed away. it is the little accomplishments that and they will play a vital role in the overall efficiency of make these people so proud of themselves. many disabled ing when people were finished because he was always people have also found that. Except for the extreme conditions. customers and appreciated by everyone.

have a superfluous number of job vacancies. However. the effect will be two new openings for every are again allowing the system to be drained by people currently-filled job. Every unfilled and newly created who are not contributing. they are reducing our overall ef. we have effectively to do. the documented jobs. welfare vows to being worked. with this bucket is that it is continuously growing as the There are plenty of jobs that need to be done that population grows and we are constantly poking holes few people would chose to do. Some people will people. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to be a drain on society. There are thousands more jobs that will never be advertised. We must also take into ac- No More Welfare count the enormous number of jobs that will become available once we embrace efficiency and begin shar- Welfare is an example of worst kind of inefficien. It is extremely important for us to any newspaper to the job section and you will find realize that all jobs are equally important for society to hundreds of jobs available. This doesn’t make the jobs some all people contribute. give them jobs. disabled jobs any less important for our overall goal of efficiency. ing jobs. Even with a 9 to 10 people do any less important. off the system without putting anything back in. the problem society to bring society to its ultimate efficiency. This doesn’t make these in it with programs like welfare.156 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 157 truly harness the minds and abilities of everyone in our filling the bucket with water. all jobs need to be completed and all people have become holes in the bucket. By simply splitting the jobs that are currently cy. jobs and. and so on. When we effectively train an equally important role to play. As we work and contribute to the system. retirement. fixed the leaking holes. he could just as well have taken such pride in picking In an Efficient Society. . rate. for society to run efficient. benefits. to split jobs into thirds. we are history. as a result. Instead.. Just as Andy took such pride in cleaning tables. Do an online search for jobs run efficiently and to realize a greater appreciation for and you will find thousands more. you can open them is just different. their purpose in doing percent unemployment rate in the U.S. as described in the job sharing ing to society. When our level of economic efficiency allows us ing for those people who are not working or contribut. and do not provide programs find purpose in doing work that others wouldn’t care that allow them to leach off society. they ly. We won’t have an unemployment rate. everyone a place in the most efficiently run system in et. This creates a huge problem because we section. we will ficiency. we will have doubled the employment take care of all people in the fairest way possible by car. there is no welfare because up someone’s trash. Taken from the socialist philosophy. These people do not have position will actually turn into three open positions. and these are only everyone who works. allowing Imagine our economic system as an empty buck. Any time we allow people to suck rather it reemphasizes that.

These figures are able to stir emotions and being taught and why. A host trust. driven agendas. and manipulative and showing how they correlate with history. So people turn to political public has such little trust in the all-powerful social in. While the delivery methods used to communicate In doing so. emphasize causes and effects and how what we are do- . because of the lack of screen knowledgeably discussing the issues. effective way to inform the majority of people. In the book Influencer. television. I do so with transparency and open. experts to present facts. Instead. to find stronger and more indirect ways of manipulat. But if you tell people what they are groups. the manipulative methods used today will have to be applied simply because they are the only Part of this book’s purpose is to help readers be. and newspapers all bombard us with manipu. Schools. the authors tures are core to our development and propaganda is explain that the best way for people to learn is through used to instill belief in these structures. when that experience is not available. which essentially mitigated by open acknowledgement. They provide this vicarious lative messages.”58 This cept them. media. they learn best through “vicarious experience. This is not happening now because the own conclusions on issues. then people have the choice to cause social conflict because they know the public is believe and maintain individual trust from an objective generally too lazy to research issues and draw their perspective. we must also eliminate money-mo- social changes may be just as manipulative. this can be tivated political radio and television. or subliminal messages. we must include television. We are trained to believe that certain social struc. media sources that give a biased analysis of problems stitutions that govern us that authorities must continue and tell the public what they want us to believe. influences are everywhere and most people simply ac. We must methods will be unnecessary. make sense to them. these same indirect strategies must initially be should not broadcast their own opinions. is why story telling.158 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 159 Implementation and Acceptance To begin. Propaganda experience but. force. often backed by lobbyists or financial ing manipulated. bill. as I begin to explain what needs to experience that people need in order to understand a occur to gain acceptance of the Efficiency Theory and concept better. but interview used until the benefits of efficient systems are seen. we must show researchers on the media ing the masses. Theory’s strategies. We must teach history truth- Once society begins to run more and more efficiently. commercials. So. Therefore. people are be. if fills people’s minds with completely biased and greed- any society’s methods of attaining agreement involve coercion. and music to effectively implement the Efficiency ness rather than hidden manipulation. Unfortunately. ful at influencing people. to implement it. For example. fully by spending more time teaching present issues trust will be restored in the system. and radio are so power- boards. People come aware of the manipulating influences around can’t simply be taught something and have it effectively them. radio. churches.

160 Timothy Scott Archer 1 ing now could affect the future. There are many infer- ences that can be drawn from history to shed light on Chapter 6 where current issues are leading society. and efficient societies. implementation process. The imple- is shaken and tumultuous times are imminent. If we analyze these societies thoroughly. as long as people are tributed to their downfall. because beliefs are developed in the work with their environments. plentiful. but their obstinate unwillingness situation will continue. We need to Our Collapse challenge the young to visualize their futures to foresee problems and correct them before they occur. We need to awaken the minds of developing generations to important is- If We Do Not Change sues concerning the present and future. along with various potential positive and negative plans of action and the possible results of those actions. in schools and in religious institutions as well. For example. . the process of gether and trading with each other in an extremely ef- implementation becomes easier. while working to- Once these beliefs become common. once conditions become unpleasant and and guide them to their most fulfilling place in life. using nature and natu- home. When people believe a board of to adjust to the extreme changes and demands of their intellectuals and scholars can lead us in a better direc.59 tion than money-motivated political figures. ral phenomenon to make life easier. Support must come from all prosperous. Greed invariably created the content with the rich making the decisions. This has also become evident in more recent times. These issues need to be taught and pondered. most civilizations are fruitful and prosper- can implement a better form of leadership. people believe in a school system that will assist them However. the stability of a civilization they will cherish the education they receive. Viking. for example. only then will they be willing to implement a we find is they share a single common trait that con- nationwide salary scale. american. There mentation of an Efficient Society will ultimately come is evidence of this phenomenon in the ancient Meso- from within. if people ficient manner. then resources become scarce. However. They learned to avenues of life. it is also important to realize believe life will be better when the majority of power that even these seemingly efficient societies eventually is taken away from the rich-elite and distributed more perished. and desirable conditions. our present problems they faced. There have been many civilizations throughout Media and education can only take us so far in the history that have developed into extremely powerful. And when ous during stable. then we Like us. societies ultimately led to their collapse. what evenly. However. and Polynesian civilizations.

we consider these societies back to early battles over territories rich in gold. when crime spikes as people become frustrated and angered Chapter 7 by their place in society. the cause re- need to wake up and realize that we are not immune to mains the same. Whether the conflict dates apart. for this to occur effec- .162 Timothy Scott Archer 1 in Haiti. our efficiency to survive. present. However. When a nation is unable to trade re- sources. we will meet the same ulations of other nations and sacrifice their own people destiny as previous great societies. We are at such a crucial time in modern civiliza- tion. yet we continue to follow in their therance of their own interests. brain-power.S. a battle is only necessary when the re- sources are in short supply and a nation needs them. We ent day battles over territories rich in oil. and fur- civilizations collapsed. protection. competition over resources ered. without adjustment of our social system. we developed international trade organizations. Unless we take action. past. the direct. or pres- primitive and discount their relevance to us today. Each of the 193 nations is ultimately destruction. We must improve in battle to fulfill this selfish agenda. we will is one of the greatest causes of social problems. and even in the U. Resources We face all of these extremely challenging problems today. We are surrounded by all of the classic causes for Global Efficiency societal collapse. Environmental problems. become extinct. With global trading. economic instability. To prevent ourselves from completely destroying each other. and religious upheaval have all historically become the roots of social demise. we have ingeniously developed ways to trade labor. As every other great civilization in history discov. However. or indirect. Nations will kill the pop- footsteps. we can provide nations with very little resources access to needed resources without a military dispute. agenda of controlling land that tions whose empires crumbled and whose societies fell contains desired resources. depletion of resources. and/or manufacturing capabilities in place of resources. and future. We are fully aware of why these previous concerned with the preservation. In our vast arrogance. War after war has been fought with Our history is littered with incredible civiliza. in parts of Africa. On a global level.

As long as there is a feeling of separation. we can better evaluate the the universal goal of human development. we must get each nation to buy into the same the U. We will undoubtedly have human beings on and territories that provide us with specific resources.164 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 165 tively. However. laptop com- . Ultimately. the mountain level of cooperation is necessary because global condi- states primarily provide mining and agriculture. Imagine the possibilities of a global community we respond by cheating someone else. the plains states primarily provide more than ever. and the Midwest primarily provides manu. working ever developed. Industries would rather make that we must take from each other in order to build a quick buck than prepare an infinitely more perfect fu- ourselves up. planet to find new resources. rather than condition. This resources.. When we are not happy with available and improving the ease of production each someone.S. market economy has placed business ness. of ownership. As the human species becomes threat- agriculture. no single na. ened by depleting planetary resources. This is be- fect set up. the perfect storm of political power toward the same purpose. but fifty years ago hybrid vehicles. Currently. situation and become much more efficient societies. fiction. shows us is that efficiency is not that simple. we merge these pieces together together to engineer new resources or to go beyond our to provide for the entire nation. great nation from the pieces we bring together from there is a renewed interest in getting a human presence different parts of the country. sure of living in a global community where people care When we begin to analyze the consumption of for one another and where everyone works towards resources on a global level. Mars within the next hundred years. but we must not forget that business is busi. This may sound like science tion is efficient enough. still imports more than it exports. our global trade organizations have actu. the coastal states primarily provide sea worked together. as separate battling entities. Even with all of its resources.S. we will cut them off.S. Imagine the peaceful plea- through greed and wealth. As Nearly everything in the Efficiency Theory could a national community. there is no doubt that there are enough While people continue to believe in the illusion resources in the world for everyone to live comfortably. In theory. When we feel cheated. In the U. it will be impossible to have a completely ture for the people. we need to work facturing. this is a per. and tions are reaching the point where we need each other winter recreation. cause the U. year. such profit ahead of efficiency. we look at our land and build a be applied to a globally efficient whole as well. it could happen in half the time. effective program. business trading. but if all nations For example. Imagine the efficiency of ally produced one of the most dangerous strategies more than 6 billion people on the same page. Because of this that worked together as a single nation. Globally. they will continue to be stricken by the and scientific technology is making more resources negative effects of greed. What this program and agree to the terms. and tourism. we have states on Mars.

why aren’t we trying to figure out how to reuse the One reason for our incapacity to unite in a coordi- garbage? We know that. jealousy and hate. or what most gang members and other lar purpose. In a globally Efficient Society. and even Why do you think the worst fighting occurs in the poor- the Internet were considered science fiction. in this us- our current comprehension. this level of efficiency will expand beyond social outcasts would call “respect. for social pride. our technology will double and hateful of the privileged. it releases nated production of human progress is the innate desire methane gas. A globally Efficient Society would collaborate on Experts have estimated that a single human brain fuel efficiency. virtual reality. We are worried that our fresh water supplies is a problem each and every one of us faces. The truth is. est neighborhoods and poorest countries? Sure. on environmental efficiency. Instead replanting trees. then the rich would be the targets. We have over 6 billion human super computers on this why aren’t we creating a substitute for wood? Instead planet and well over half of them are wasted. inefficient use. have for China’s economic and scientific potential. Even the are running low. When society comes together on a globally. but many people are not computers seem to do more work than most humans? thinking outside of the box. jealous. current level of expansion.166 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 167 puters. and grow exponentially faster as each why the poor fight the poor. due to of trying to figure out where to put all of the garbage. This most powerful computers of our time. of producing fresh water. Fighting among the poor is because of an internal fight oriented structure and humanity combines for a singu. Instead. we focus on fear of what might come. This stems from our root desire to . are somehow can accelerate the process and store this gas? And per- better than others. and science fiction will be at our It is disgusting to hear the fear some Americans doorsteps.” However. and on cre- can process 30 to 40 times more information than the ation or discovery of new fundamental resources. most degraded individuals in a society find a way to justify why they are better than someone else. vances. “respect” is nothing more than a term used to label as a catalyst for the incredible technological advances one person as better than another. at the cause many of these people are less educated. when garbage rots. as individual entities. If it were simply about technological advance paves the way for further ad. equality is not some- haps we can develop engines that run on this source thing that is feared only by persons of power. we have already seen. but that doesn’t explain every five years. So why is it that world is full of brilliant minds. we would embrace one an- Tapping into Global Efficiency other and even assist other nations in their advance- ment. digital communication. Global efficiency will work age. Why are we not providing chambers that to believe that we. equality of energy. but we are not creating new sources poorest. it’s be- The Law of Accelerated Returns states that.

prime advancement from this point forward will occur cells discovered that they could bind together to create only when the national community clusters can come a stronger and more efficient cell colony. we recognize this biological pro- from suppressing others because they feel as though cess in all life forms. a brain. the and still does so today. racial clas. a heart. and so On a small scale. Today. Instead. the survival of the body. A cell has the equivalent of a circu. but we are not individually. sifications. that work together to achieve a more efficient whole. Countries are like organs. Within countries. blood. billions of years ago. The personal ambition to be la. try. the whole community of cells became functioning for the whole. Global Prosperity functioning to supply nutrients and oxygen through- out the body). These cancers destroy the system and. a whole. The biological system has made leaps and from each other. the organs (countries) do not work harmoniously to work together efficiently to produce of an overall or. destroy. of cell communities that work together for the efficient function of their specific purposes (for example. For example. By allowing cells to specialize man body. we see indi- stronger and more efficient. latory and respiratory system. and also for the purpose of the entire We have spent centuries. cells to spend less effort on surviving and more effort The best comparison is to see the world as a hu- on specialized services. countries . and The next step in this evolutionary process is the try to exert personal growth against the system. However. these communities of cells are able sult. and other phenomena that have become One reason for this may be the idea that we think we an impediment to our evolution. but the most advanced life form they are above them. rather combination of cell communities. and even millennia. A human body is literally a massive cluster our overall global collapse. toward the evolution of the whole. Consider this fact: are strong enough as individuals.60 ing to better ourselves. but the system has not advanced in a long time. but this could eventually result in is a human. there are communities of people physical existence. as a re- nities. However. A single cell has the ability to function on its own on a larger scale. economics. which bind together than working together for the benefit of the system as to become even stronger than their previous commu. religion. and forth. We do this through status symbols bounds in the systematic upgrade from animal to hu- given by education. Many people may get a sense of safety ganic structure. system. we call these families or tribes. We have the minimal advances of a kind mirroring our cellular devel- same functions and the same parts that make up our opment. man. This allowed together as one. vidual cells that act like cancers. As a result. Evolution has been stuck at this stage for quite beled “the best” has required us to separate ourselves some time. we call these nations. We have made some people are really no different from a cell.168 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 169 be in control. They fight.

for the live in a more efficient society. and no one will go through with it.” This is the belief that many people currently hold and it is this very belief that perpetuates the problems. we together are in control of the future. the deaths. the pains. it can cause problems in the body as a whole. Humans will not advance wars. They will say: “The rich won’t accept this pose is the promotion of the whole. when we look at the human body. we are killing our world body by but most of the people who read this will not believe not binding together for a common purpose. We are ready for a change.170 Timothy Scott Archer 1 try to promote themselves as better than the whole. If people are like the cells of the world body. Through thousands of years of war and conflict. policies cannot change a society. I am here to share with you the good news that you and I. and countries are like the organs. Like the cancer that that is engulfing this planet. My point is. the fear. Picture this: Tens of thousands of soldiers along the Israeli border are forced into battle by their govern- ments because for thousands of years they have been . People are tired of the common goal of evolution. people have concluded that harmony is impossible and that peace is a dream. and the negativity until we come to this realization. as the body does. The pur. The Future is Now The function of society is to work together for the better good of humanity. Our thoughts and our beliefs are what make anything possible and no one can control these but us. then Most people would agree that they would like to we need to work together. It is an understanding and a belief that is put into action. No laws or government can create a harmonious society. However. It is in our genes to compete with each other. Harmony is a frame of mind. kills the human body. and to advance ourselves even at the expense of others. to exploit each other. is the liver Chapter 8 any less important than the heart? Is the stomach less important than the lungs? When an organ grows too large. it is possible.

and no . soldiers find something different. The bor- ders of what is currently called Israel or Lebanon. come in for a drink and stay awhile. colors and creeds. Sure enough. Europe or Russia. My home is your home. and act on die.172 Timothy Scott Archer 1 The Efficiency Theory 173 taught to hate each other because they each believe foreign currencies. were put up to separate us. dies. Iraq or Iran. I will no longer fight. For when you to change our minds. And the only way we can do that is brothers and sisters. because we will be one efficient they are the rightful owners to a piece of land. believe it is possible. social entity working together for the betterment of ily armed Israeli tanks approach a neighborhood. “Welcome my is to find efficiency. as we learn the efficiency of unity. This begins an incredible new era. Please. a piece of you those beliefs. These walls must fall. the commander manages to persuade a few male el- ders to join them so they can receive some food and shelter from their side. would-be soldiers find them- selves sitting together in the poverty stricken homes of local families and sharing with them the little that they have. and you and I are one.” Many of the troops are suspicious. Where we have defined separation by oceans or mountain. a piece of me dies and when I die. no foreign trade. the humankind. The commander of the army is so moved by the gesture that he responds by inviting the residents to come to the soldier’s homes and share what they have. there are piles of weapons laying in the streets answers. There will be no passports. we will no longer be separated in thought. be they physical or in our minds. The walls. and these walls between peoples make us more inefficient. While the older Palestinians are shy about accepting. The principle of Occam’s razor holds true.61 The answer to finding peace and harmony and signs in Hebrew and Arabic that say. There is no resistance. exist only in our minds. Asia or America. As heav. but they take the chance. The most complex problems often have the simplest Instead.

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