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7900 Sonic Detergent

product Overview
7900 Sonic Detergent is an effective combination of powerful
detergents, wetting agents and emulsifiers.
Excellent for instrument cleaning systems and for removing
all types of soils. 7900 Sonic Detergent is ideal for use in
ultrasonic cleaning equipment, instrument washers and
Key Features NOTICE
• Fast, thorough, pollution-free cleaning For institutional and industrial use only. Not for home use.
• Superior wetting action; thoroughly penetrates all areas, Refer to MSDS for more information.
including difficult crevices
• Emulsifies fats and oils, easily removes greasy soils Contains potassium hydroxide (CAS # 1310-58-3).
• Freely rinses with no residue Handle and open container with care. May cause irritation to
eyes, skin and mucous membranes. Harmful if swallowed.
Wear suitable eye/face protection.
Usage INformation
IN CASE OF CONTACT WITH EYES, immediately rinse with
DIRECTIONS plenty of water, and seek medical advice.
7900 Sonic Detergent should be used at a dose of 0.2–1.0
oz/gal (2–8 mL/L) depending on water quality. Always follow AFTER CONTACT WITH SKIN, wash with plenty of water.
manufacturer’s directions for the particular automatic washer
being used. If you have additional questions, consult your IF SWALLOWED, drink several glasses of water or milk, and
Getinge representative. immediately call a physician or poison control center.
DO NOT induce vomiting.
NOTE: Some plastics and rubbers are not compatible
with detergents or high water temperatures. Check with HANDLING AND STORAGE
manufacturer for suitability. Store below 120°F (49°C). Store upright in original, closed
container. Do not reuse container.
• Clear, colorless liquid WASTE DISPOSAL METHOD
Use method outlined in local EPA and governmental
• Mild odor
regulations. Contact your local EPA office.
• pH value: 11.0–12.5 Contains no phosphorus. Non-chlorinated.
Product is freeze/thaw stable. If frozen, thaw and agitate. Caustic alkali liquids, n.o.s. (contains potassium hydroxide), 8,
UN1719, II.

Description Catalog Number
4 x 1 gallon 61301605272
5 gallons 61301600843
15 gallons 61301601297
30 gallons 61301644662

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N E . 8. LTD. if product is involved. Physical Description: Clear Thin Liquid UNUSUAL FIRE & EXPLOSION HAZARD: Use water spray to cool adjacent fire exposed Characteristic Mild Odor containers. NY 14623 EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBER IN THE EVENT OF CHEMICAL EMERGENCIES INVOLVING A SPILL. Wear self- Evaporation Rate: (Water=1): GT 1.. 0 D = C + Face Shield I = B + Respirator 1 = Slight Protection.PHYSICAL/CHEMICAL DATA SECTION IV . Use care to avoid falls. III.. SECTION III .SPECIAL PROTECTION INFORMATION RESPIRATORY PROTECTION: (Specify type) N/A VENTILATION: Normal room ventilation. B E = B + Dust Mask X = Ask Supervisor 0 = Insignificant SECTION I .: Caustic Alkali Liquids.s. of merchantability. Carbon Monoxide. 372.o. INHALATION: Irritation INGESTION: Give milk or water to dilute material.. n. FIRE OR ACCIDENT: CHEMTREC 800-424-9300 PROPER SHIPPING DESCRIPTION: >1QT. acids. SECTION VIII . II LABEL: Corrosive <1QT. fitness for a particular purpose or of any other nature are made hereunder with respect to information or the product to which it refers. (Contains Potassium Hydroxide). C O M P R E H E N S IV E E N V IR O N M EN T AL R E S P O N SE . EYE PROTECTION: Safety glasses. LEAK. SECTION V ..o.5 SPECIAL FIRE FIGHTING PROCEDURES: Avoid exposure to fumes or vapors.: Caustic Alkali Liquids.. SECTION X . MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET HMIS HAZARDOUS MATERIALS (Prepared According to 29 CFR 1910. IX Effective date: February 26. normal combustion products: Carbon Dioxide. NEVER GIVE ANYTHING BY MOUTH TO AN UNCONSCIOUS PERSON. Hazardous Decomposition Products: If burned. 8. Inc. Wt% OSHA PEL ACGIH TLV OTHER Potassium Hydroxide 1310-58-3 <5% 2 mg/m3 2 mg/m 3 The information & recommendations set forth herein are presented in good faith & believed to be current & reliable. No representation or warranty.1200) IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM A = Safety Glasses F = C + Dust Mask 4 = Extreme Health.62 pH Concentrate: 12..SPILL OR LEAK PROCEDURES STEPS TO BE TAKEN IN CASE MATERIAL IS RELEASED OR SPILLED: Mop up & flush to sewer with plenty of water. consult 40 C FR parts 302.60 EXTINGUISHING MEDIA: Water spray or fog. II LABEL: None SECTION II .032 FLASH POINT (Method Used): None LIMITS: LEL: NA UEL: NA Vapor Pressure (mm Hg): 17 Lbs/Gal Density: 8. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. 2007 PRODUCT NAME: 7900 SONIC DETERGENT CHEMICAL FAMILY: Detergent GENERIC NAME: Low Foaming Detergent FORMULA: Proprietary Mixture DISTRIBUTORS NAME: Getinge USA. 1 B = A + Gloves G = B + Respirator 3 = High Flammability. 370. OTHER PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT: N/A SECTION IX . SECTION VII .. and 40 CFR part 68.. DO NOT induce vomiting. C O MP E N SA T IO N . chlorine.STORAGE & HANDLING INFORMATION Stability: Stable. CALL A PHYSICIAN OR POISON INGESTION: Harmful if swallowed CONTROL CENTER IMMEDIATELY.N ot Applicable G T . EYES: Severe eye irritant EYES: Flush with flowing water for 15 minutes & see physician. 2004 Section(s) changed: I.REACTIVITY DATA SECTION VI . Contact your local EPA office. WASTE DISPOSAL METHOD: Use method outlined in local EPA and Governmental Regulations. CAUTION.. Vapor Density (Air=1): 0. 0 C = B + Apron H = F + Goggles 2 = Moderate Reactivity. UN1719. DISTRIBUTORS ADDRESS: 1777 East Henrietta Road INFORMATION PHONE NUMBER: 585-475-1400 Rochester.FIRE & EXPLOSION HAZARD DATA Boiling Point (F): 212 Specific Gravity: 1.. n.PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION Product Code: 796 Supersedes date: April 6. Hazardous Polymerization: Will not occur. Store upright in original closed container. 304. The manufacturer makes no representation as to the completeness or accuracy thereof & supplies information upon the condition that the persons receiving same will make their own determination as to its suitability for their purpose prior to use.ADDITIONAL FEDERAL REGULATIONS S A R A TIT LE III (E P C R A ) N O T IFIC A T IO N : D oes not contain chem icals subject to the reporting requirem ents of Section 302. Incompatibility (Materials to Avoid): Strong oxidizing agents. A N D LIA B ILIT Y A C T (C E R C LA ) N O T IFIC A T IO N : PO T A SS IU M H YD R O XID E For m ore inform ation. reducing agents. In no event will the manufacturer be responsible for any damage of any nature whatsoever resulting from the use of or reliance upon this information.00 pH Use Dilution: 11 contained positive pressurized breathing apparatus MSHA/NIOSH Approved or equivalent to Solubility in Water: Soluble maintain TLV. See physician if irritation persists. UN1719. Store below 115 F.. PROTECTIVE GLOVES: Rubber gloves. either expressed or implied. 355..N ot Established N A . (Contains Potassium Hydroxide). Nitrous Oxides.s.HEALTH HAZARDS AND FIRST AID Carcinogenicity: NTP? IARC Monographs? OSHA REGULATED? NE NE NE YES EFFECTS OF OVEREXPOSURE: EMERGENCY FIRST AID PROCEDURES: SKIN: Irritation SKIN: Wash with soap & water.HAZARDOUS INGREDIENTS CHEMICAL NAME CAS No. Floors may be slippery.G reater Than .. QTY. or 313 of T itle III o f the S uperfund Am endm ents and R eauthorization A ct of 1986.