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Applying for a Canadian Temporary Resident Visa (Visitor Visa


v All documents not originally in English or French must be accompanied by a certified translation
done by a professional translator
v Original BANK, EMPLOYMENT and SCHOOL documents are required. Please submit one copy
otherwise, we will keep the original
v A decision will be taken based on the documents you submitted. Failure to submit complete and
satisfactory supporting documents will lead to the refusal of your application
v False documents, statements or any form of misrepresentation will result in immediate refusal
and could lead to your exclusion from Canada for a period of two years

Applications can be submitted at the Visa Section of the Canadian Embassy from 08:30 to 10:30,
Sunday to Wednesday.

· Every effort is made to provide same day service to clients with a complete visitor application
· Group applications may not be processed the same day.
· Applications from citizens and residents of Sudan, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Iran, Iraq, Kosovo,
Lebanon, Libya, Macedonia, Montenegro, Palestine, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Serbia and Syria
require a minimum of 10 working days to process.

Your application must include the following:
v Complete application, signed and dated, including all family members, whether they
are travelling or not. Each child over the age of 18 should complete a separate form;
v Additional information sheet for each applicant 18 years old or older;
v Valid passport or travel document with a minimum of six months’ validity and at least
two blank pages;
Two recent passport sized pictures 5cm x 4cm on white background with the name and
date of birth written on the back;
v Non refundable processing fee (please see fee schedule).

Applications that do not comply with the above requirements will be rejected.

Documents to submit in support of your application; include all documents that apply:

± Proof of your financial situation or that of the person who supports you in the form
~ a bank statement covering the last six months and showing the balance of the
~ letter of employment indicating your position, length of your employment and
your salary;
~ proof of income from other sources (pension, scholarship, rent from property,
investment income or other);
~ proof that you are operating a profitable business (commercial registration,
corporate bank statement, proof of taxes paid, social insurance for employees, invoices,
commercial contracts, etc.);
~ proof of sufficient funds available for your trip to Canada (bank statement in
your name or from the person/organization paying for your expenses);

± Letter of invitation indicating the purpose of travel;

± Document showing your host’s status in Canada (passport. ± If you are religious worker: ~ Copy of invitation sent by inviting organization (i. ± If the applicant is under the age of 16. submit any/all of the following: ~ Employment letter ~ Notice of assessment ~ Proof of funds ± If you are 75 years old or older. ________________________ ________________________ Applicant’s signature Date . I hereby declare my intention to submit my application having reviewed and understood the above noted information.). Having reviewed and understood these requirements I am prepared to submit my application for a Temporary Resident Visa with the attached documents. ± If you are visiting a family member or friend in Canada. mosque. church or association). I realize that any omission of the required and suggested documents may result in the refusal of my application for a visa to Canada. permanent resident card. that person may. health insurance to cover the period of travel to Canada. etc. proof of enrolment in a program of study. ± If you are a student. ~ Letter from the Egyptian Ministry of Awqaf/letter from your church in Egypt indicating purpose of travel and who will cover the trip expenses. In addition I am fully aware of the required and suggested documents outlined in this form. both parents must come to the embassy to authorize the application or submit a notarized statement allowing the child to travel to Canada.e. if they wish to support your application.