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January 1, 2011 - January 1, 2011, The Afro-American A1


JANUARY 1, 2011 - JANUARY 7, 2011

Entertainment’s Best
2011 Sports Predictions B4 B3 Year’s Top Scandals A3
and Worse of 2010

Successes. Scandals. Showdowns. Goodbye, Lady T

2010 remembered
Health Care Act. Enacted on March 23
after months of squabbling on Capitol
Hill and in townhall meetings that
saw the meteoric rise of the Tea Party
Movement, the law expands coverage
to 32 million uninsured Americans,
prevents insurance companies from
denying coverage due to pre-existing
conditions and allows children to stay
on their parents’ insurance plan until
they turn 26 among other provisions.
Republicans successfully kept the
“public option” out of the legislation,
and finagled a two-year extension of
tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans
and a reduction in estate taxes.
However, they were not as successful
in stopping a financial reform package
that includes new regulations on Wall
Street, credit card reforms and a new
Consumer-Financial Protection Bureau
that will be able to regulate mortgage
and credit-card products.
See more tributes on A2.
Additionally, despite GOP
obstruction, Congress passed bills
AP Photo that free up dollars to cover a
discrimination lawsuit settlement
Census Results Reveal
Unemployment remained the marquee issue for African Americans in 2010.

By AFRO Staff
against the U.S. Department of
Agriculture by Black farmers, repeal
Blacks Leaving Large Cities
the “don’t ask, don’t tell” military policy against homosexuality, Flight could dilute and shift Black political power
This was a banner year for the media—news was prodigious, approve revision of the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty
(START) with Russia and assure equal pay to women. By Dorothy Rowley
often fast-breaking and meaty enough to make even the most
While the White House can claim success for these wins, AFRO Staff Writer
abstemious news observer sit up and dig in.
however, it committed a major faux pas when officials forced
USDA director Shirley Sherrod to resign based on video a Black residents are increasingly departing large U.S. cities,
JOBS. JOBS. JOBS. a shift that could affect African-American political power
Unemployment continued to cast a dark shadow over right-wing blogger edited to make her appear racist.
according to data from the first results of the U.S. Census
the African-American community in 2010. Though national Bureau’s population census.
joblessness dipped, Black unemployment hovered at 16 percent. VERSUS—The Year’s Noted Showdowns The population of the nation’s capital now exceeds 600,000
And among Black youth, the numbers were scarier. NAACP vs. Tea Party – The NAACP, too, got caught up residents, 53 percent of whom are African American, and
in the Sherrod imbroglio as an outgrowth of its war with the there has been a gain of nearly 30,000 new Washingtonians
tea party. In July, during its annual convention in Kansas City, since a decade ago. But, according to Census Bureau data
Mo., the group adopted a resolution that called on the Tea Party released Dec. 21 and cited by The Washington Post, much
For President Obama and the Democrats, 2010 was a year
of hard-fought victories. Chief among them was the Affordable Continued on A4 Continued on A3

Stormy Year in Prince George’s May Yet Produce Rainbows

Local news review
By George Barnette underwear. Baker’s rhetoric of changing Prince who you chanted for, the goal of every
AFRO Staff Writer “Do you want me to put it down George’s to make “a good county Prince Georgian is to make Prince
Hear the AFRO on The Daily the toilet,” Leslie asked her husband, great” had county residents excited George’s County the greatest county
Drum, Wednesday at 7 p.m. 2010, as expected, was a year of according to the recording. “Yes, about the possibilities. there is.”
change in Prince George’s County. flush that,” Jack replied before “What we see here tonight is not One of the things Baker ran on was
The county saw a massive change in telling Leslie to put “the cash” in her just a political victory,” Baker said at increasing the commercial tax base in
its political leadership, but also saw a underwear. Leslie responded “I have his victory celebration. “This is not the county and he got help in that area
lame duck leader in shame. it in my bra.” the finish; this is the beginning line. from state and regional partners. Gov.
Former County Executive Jack And that’s where FBI agents found Our goal is greatness. We arrive at Martin O’Malley promised to move
Johnson, and his wife, Councilwoman it when they later searched her. the beginning. No matter who you the state’s Department of Housing and
Leslie Johnson, D.-Dist. 6, were This news has overshadowed a voted for, whose T-shirt you wore or Continued on A8
arrested by federal authorities on Nov. county, which had high hopes after
12 on corruption charges. It was part
of a larger scheme in which nine other
people were arrested including three
September’s primary elections. The
county saw a change of the guard in
the county executive, state’s attorney,
Baker: County’s 2012
Prince George’s police officers.
The investigation included a
wiretap that famously caught the
sheriff and five of the nine council
Of course the major change was
Budget Looks Bleak
By George Barnette teacher pensions is shifted from
Johnsons trying to destroy a $100,000 the election of Rushern Baker as the
AFRO Staff Writer the state to counties. The Prince
check that Jack Johnson allegedly took new county executive. Baker defeated
George’s delegation in Annapolis is
from a developer, and trying to hide former Sheriff Michael Jackson, who
Among his first tasks, newly still fighting on behalf of the county
$79,600 in cash in Leslie Johnson’s was seen as Jack Johnson’s protégé.
christened Prince George’s County on that matter as they believe the
Executive Rushern Baker recently shifting of the burden could bankrupt
announced some sobering news Maryland counties, especially Prince
regarding the county’s budget in George’s.
fiscal year 2012. “I feel like if the state is really
“There is very little revenue focused on education then it should
growth in 2012 and beyond,” Baker fully fund the teacher’s pension, so
said. “The property tax assessment I cannot agree with that decision,”
continues to decline. The income tax said Sen. Douglas J.J. Peters, D.-
will grow at a rate of less than one Dist. 23.
percent due to the regional economic Given the bleak figures, Baker
conditions. There’s additional and his financial analysts are going
expenditure pressure for 2012 for through every line of the budget to
education, pension, healthcare and figure out where they can cut costs.
key program areas.” That means the county hiring freeze
AFRO Photo Due to that, the county is looking will continue with the exception
Newly elected County Executive Rushern Baker hopes to bring at a deficit of at least $77 million. of sworn positions, and furloughs
Join the AFRO on respectability back to the county after the corruption scandal that Baker says that number could rise
Twitter and Facebook marked his predecessor’s departure. to $105 million if the burden of Continued on A4

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A2 The
Afro-American, January 1, 2011 - January 7,
1, 2011

Thanks for the Memories

By AFRO Staff teen years she performed with
various groups and was influenced
From entertainers to business by celebrated gospel artist Mahalia
moguls and models, the world lost a Jackson, with whom she later toured.
number of standout figures in 2010. Walker founded The Caravans and
News of their deaths sent shockwaves recorded over 60 albums. She was
throughout the public, as fans nominated for 10 Grammy Awards
mourned their losses. Here, the AFRO – winning one – and received three
remembers some of the nation’s most Stellar Awards for her gospel music
recognized faces and the memories contributions.
they inspired.
John H. Murphy, 94
Dorothy Height, 98 John H. Murphy III, who was
Thousands poured into the remembered as a steady hand
Washington National Cathedral on that guided the Afro-American
April 29 to honor Dorothy Height’s Albertina Walker Lena Horner Raymond Haysbert Newspapers through the turbulent
legacy as a pioneering civil rights waters of civil rights history and
leader and educator. Height served as a perilous industry, died Oct.16.
a past president of Delta Sigma Theta Murphy began his service to the
Sorority and was president emerita AFRO in 1937 and served in a
of the National Council of Negro variety of positions until he retired
Women, which she led for 40 years. At in November 1986, after 49 years
her funeral, President Barack Obama of service.  He started as the office
wept openly and said, “Dr. Dorothy manager of the Washington AFRO,
Height deserves a place in this took over as president in 1961 and
pantheon. She, too, deserves a place in became chief executive officer in
our history books. She, too, deserves a 1967. He was at the helm as president
place of honor in America’s memory.” and/or chairman of the board for 25
Vonetta McGee, 65
Vonetta McGee, a leading actress Gary Coleman, 42
in popular 1970s films Blacula and Former “Diff’rent Strokes” star
Shaft died at a hospital in Berkeley, Dorothy Height John H. Murphy Ron Walters Gary Coleman died May 28 after
Calif., on July 9 after suffering a heart suffering an intracranial hemorrhage.
attack and spending two days on life join the burgeoning Parks Sausage market cosmetics for women of color. Known for his “What’chu talkin’ ‘bout
support. company, a career move that would She married John H. Johnson, founder Willis” catch phrase, Coleman was
transform his social and economic of the EBONY and Jet empire and was hospitalized May 26 after injuring his
Raymond Haysbert, 90 status. Seventeen years later the responsible for naming the popular head in a fall at his home near Salt
Raymond V. Haysbert Sr., the company went public, and by the end EBONY brand. Lake City.
pioneering community leader and of the decade, Haysbert was named Born in Zion, Ill., Coleman was
business giant behind Parks Sausage, executive vice president. Under his Albertina Walker, 81 recognized as one of entertainment’s
died May 24 at Baltimore’s Union leadership, Parks Sausage became a Often dubbed the “Queen of brightest stars during his childhood
Memorial Hospital of congestive heart Fortune 500 company and grossed Gospel,” vocalist Albertina Walker, appearance on “Diff’rent Strokes.”
failure, according to reports. Haysbert nearly $30 million in the ‘80s, a who spent six decades inspiring future Despite his promising career, Coleman
was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, amid record-breaking number for Black- gospel artists and inspiring legions struggled to gain notoriety after the
abject poverty. After working for a owned businesses at the time. of fans with songs like “Please Be show ended and faced a number of
coal company, he joined the Army Air Patient with Me,” “Lord Keep Me Day health complications stemming from
Corps and was a fighter pilot with the Eunice W. Johnson, 93 By Day” and “Walk Around Heaven,” an autoimmune kidney disease.
celebrated Tuskegee Airmen. By the Eunice W. Johnson, creator of the died Oct. 8.
early ‘50s, Haysbert was working as Ebony Fashion Fair tour, died Jan. 3 Vonetta McGee Walker was born in Chicago and Walter Hawkins, 61
a business teacher in his home state. at her Chicago home. She was one of began singing at the West Point Walter Hawkins’ career spanned
In 1952, he’d settled in Baltimore to the first entrepreneurs to create and Baptist Church. Throughout her Continued on A8


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November 1, 2008 - November 7, 2008, The Washington Afro-American A3

Jennifer Hudson and Relatives Identify Body of Her Slain NephewA3

A2 The Afro-American, January 1, 2011 - January 1, 2011 January 1, 2011 - January 7, 2011 The Afro-American

On the Scandal Sheets

By Alan King sport-utility vehicle sought in from a neighbor about a suspi- posted fliers bearing his photo-
AFRO Staff Writer connection with the murder of cious vehicle. The man noticed graph around the city. On
Hudson’s mother and brother. the vehicle while walking his Sunday, Jennifer Hudson asked
Jennifer Hudson and other The white, 1994 Chevrolet dog. According to the Chicago for the public’s help in finding
relatives positively identified Suburban with Illinois license Tribune, the boy had been shot her nephew. In her MySpace
multiple times in the back seat blog, she thanked fans and sup-
of the vehicle. The SUV, regis- porters for their prayers and
2010 saw its share
tered of hot messes
to Hudson’s murdered stemming from the perennial swamp of offered a $100,000 reward to
Congress tobrother,
the pulpit. was towed with the anyone who returned the boy
Many were
body inside when is beinglegislator Rep. Charlie Rangel,
andlongtime alive.
D-N.Y., was charged with ethics violations, including a failure to pay taxes
processed by evidence techni- Since the investigation,
on vacation property—given a 40-year stint on Capitol Hill without the
cians and workers. The body Hudson – who gained stardom
taint of corruption. More were dismayed, however, by the punishment—
was later removed and taken to after appearing on “American
the Cook County Medical
censure—given an ethics committee’s findings that Rangel’s misdeeds were Idol,” and then won an
not deliberate. office. Academy Award for her role in
Hudson and other family
Also caught in the ethics dragnet was California Democrat Maxine
the movie Dreamgirls – has
members arrived at the Medical stayed out of the public eye.
Waters, who strongly denied the charges and who has yet to receive the
Examiner’s office mid-after- The Chicago Tribune report-
trial she requested, and Dallas
noon to identify the Congresswoman
body. Eddie
Julian Bernice
King, Johnson,
Jennnifer Hudson’s nephew. ed that a parade of cars moved
who allegedly
Given awarded
the choice thousands
between of look-
dollars in college scholarships to slowly past her family’s home
several family members.
ing directly at the body or A spokesman for the office the murders but is being held in Monday morning, past the
viewing stench
it on wafted
a wall-mountedover to nearby Maryland,
told the newspaper wherethatseveral
Hudson jail for parole violation after news vans, reporters and curi-
Black lawmakers were also caught in the crosshairs. On Jan. 6 then- ous onlookers.
Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon resigned as part of a plea deal, one month
Courtesy Photos AP Photo
Jennifer Hudson and her mom, Darnell Donerson who
Congressman Charles Rangel, D-N.Y.
was killed, as well as her brother, Jason.
AP Photo
“She held hands with her family. It was obviously a very emotional moment.”
after her conviction for embezzlement. Longtime state legislator, Sen. Congresswoman Maxine Waters, D-Calif.
Neighbors stood
quietly and
Ulysses Currie was indicted on 18 charges of conspiracy with reflected on the
video screen, Food theWarehouse
family chose “remained
in September. Instrong
October forprominent
her fami- being convicted of attempted violence.
the body of her 7-year-old plate X584859 was found on Baltimore
the City councilwoman,
latter. According to the ly” and
Helen was clearly
Holton pleaded itsno
leader. murder and vehicular hijack- In front of the Hudson’s
“She held hands with her fami- ing. Cook County records show home, men in heavy jackets
nephew Monday, just hours Chicago’s West Side after contest to campaign finance violation charges, marking the
Tribune, Hudson said, “Yes,
ly,” the spokesman said. “It that he pleaded guilty to both
after his body was found in a police received a 7 a.m. call final chapter
that’s him.” of the corruption investigation that led to Dixon’s and hooded sweatshirts came to
was obviously a very emotional charges in 1999. He was also
resignation. And in November, the nation looked on as FBI kiss the twin white crosses bar-

ACORN Fights Back

moment.” convicted in 1998 for posses- ing the names of Donerson and
agents arrested then-outgoing Prince TheGeorge’s
boy – theCounty
son of Julia sion of a stolen motor vehicle.
Executive Jack Johnson and hisHudson, wife then-Councilwoman- Jason.
Jennifer’s sister – had He was released from prison in “Everybody is sick of going
elect Leslie Johnson – on whombeen agents foundsince
missing almost $80,000
Friday, 2006 after serving seven years
Leader Calls Voter Registration Fraud Charges ‘Bogus’
through stuff like this,” Artisha
hidden away in her bra – on charges when of awitness
relativeand evidence
found Julian’s for the attempted murder and West, a former resident of the
tampering in connection to a corruption investigation
grandmother, Darnellwith car hijacking charges. area told the Tribune. “We all
By Alan King and Dallas Cowboys players Notentacles
wonderinObama’s severalcampaigngovernment is departments.
Donerson, 57, and his uncle, The boy remained missing have to stick together. All these
AFRO Staff Writer Tony Romo and Terrell Owens, trying Topping
to distance the himheap, fromhowever,
the was theHudson,
Jason imbroglio 29,involving
shot to death through a long weekend in young children are dying, and
among the names submitted to renowned
group, saying, Bishop
“Barack EddieObama Long, leader
in his of the 25,000-plus
grandmother’s home in which police and volunteers for what?”
Presidential candidate John election officials. member
Never New Birth
Organized with Missionary
ACORN.” Baptist the 7000 Church
South Yale Ga.,
McCain’s attack on ACORN – Hurd said those workers, who But whoObama’s
in Septemberties to ACORNwas accused run ofAvenue.
sexual coercion and abuse
Associated Community were doing those things without long and deep. He taught classes
by four young men from his church-affiliated An Amberyouth Alert academy.
– a desig-
Organization for Reform Now – ACORN’s knowledge or permis- for ACORN. They even endorsed nation for high-risk missing
Given Long’s outspokenness on homosexuality the allegations
confirms the success of the sion, were fired. him for President.
AP Photo were incendiary. And the flames children – was issued
of speculation Friday
were fanned
organization, the head of the “The evidence that has sur- But now ACORN is in trouble. after Julian was discovered
Bishop Eddie Long faced so far shows they faked even more There
Reporter: by Long’s are atfailure
least to deny the charges, saying only, AP Photo
group says. missing after the murders.
11“I’m not a perfect man, the but this thing I’m gon’ fight.” Former Prince George’s County Executive Jack Johnson
“This is testimony to the work forms to get paid for work they investigations across Police arrested William

Census Results Reveal Blacks Leaving

we’ve done and success we’ve didn’t do, not to stuff ballot country involving thousands of Balfour, the missing boy’s step-
had,” Maude Hurd, president of boxes.” ACORN, she said, is the potentially fraudulent ACORN father and estranged husband
ACORN, said in an interview victim of fraud, not the perpetra- forms. of Julia, at his girlfriend’s
with the AFRO.
Your History • Your Community tor of it. • Your News Announcer:
Continued fromMassive
A1 voter Southside apartment several
“When this The attack started, we
Afro-American Hurd said the only things
Newspapers fraud. And the Obama campaign hours after the murders.
had justBaltimore
announced that we had bogus are the charges them- of the
paid moreincrease is due totoan
than $800,000 an has exceeded the departure that will gain seats.” of the country’s African-
Office • Corporate Headquarters ongoingfront influx
Balfour’s mother, Michele, has
registered 1.3 million new vot- selves. And factcheck. org ACORN for ofgetHispanics
out the vote told of Whites since 2000, and
reporters that her son had
The results of this year’s American population will not
2519 N. Charles Street and Whites moving into the as a result, that city has now population count reveal be available until February,
ers,” she said. “That’s just to say agrees. efforts. nothing to do with the slayings.
Baltimore, MarylandIt21218-4602
that someone’s running scared concluded, “Neither city – a change
Pressuring banks brought
to issue risky on suffered an overall decline in that, as of this past spring, when the Census Bureau will
Balfour remains a suspect in Jason Hudson
because of ACORN’s success.” • Fax:ACORN1-877-570-9297
nor its employees have by a gentrification
loans. Nationwide voter process
fraud. Black population for the first the United States is a nation release demographic data
McCain, who is running
for been found guilty of, or even that hasObama.
Barack forcedBad many African
judgment. time in history, according to of more than 308 million by states on a rolling basis
president on the Republican tick- charged with, casting fraudulent Americans
Blind ambition. outToo of risky
city for GBM News. people. At the same time, so their governments can
et, lashed
Founded out atbyACORN
John Henry in the Murphy votes.”Sr., August 13, 1892 neighborhoods.
America. The Post also reported America’s once staggering start the local redistricting
finalWashington Barack EmeritaThe
debate againstPublisher problemL.came
- Frances aboutIIpri-
Murphy According to the Post, that, according to census population growth also process, according to a
Obama, contending the group “is marily because of the way SinceinMcCain’s
Blacks the District comments,face data, Los Angeles has seen itsSQUARE dipped to its lowest in seven HIGH Census spokeswoman.
Chairman of theperpetrat-
Board/Publisher ACORN- John operates.J. Oliver,
Rather Jr.
than ACORN’s 87 offices have
on the verge of maybe
Executive Assistant - Takiea Hinton - 410-554-8222 the prospect of being a been Black population shrink from decades. “The figures we released
ing one of the greatest frauds in rely on volunteers, it pays peo- bombarded with threats and
population minority in the around 18 percent in 1970 to But not to worry, on Dec. 21 were only state
voter history in this country, ple, many of them poor or unem- racist mail.
Receptionist - Wanda Pearson - 410-554-8200 city by the time of the next 9.9 percent four years ago. according to a spokesman and national population
maybe destroying the fabric of ployed, to sign up new voters. The day after the presidential
democracy.” of Advertising/Sponsorship Development &
The idea was to help both those Sales census in 2020.
debate, vandals broke into the Though a growing number for the Washington, D.C.- numbers. We haven’t released
Susan Gould - 410-554-8289, a non-partisan being registered and those doing Implications are
organization’s Boston and Seattle similar of people are seeking out based Population Reference any other information and it
Web site, found those claims to
the registration. in Maryland.
offices and stole The population
computers. won’t be released
Advertising Manager - Robert Blount
be “exaggerated,” with “no evi- - 410-554-8246
Maud explained, “We have a grew aby
After almost 480,000
Cleveland representative BREAD NOT ON THE LIST until next year,”
Sr. Advertising Account Executivezero
dence of any such democracy- - Annie
Advertising Account Executive
tolerance - 410-554-8235
Russpolicy residents,onyet
for deliber- appeared TV,thean Black
e-mail was “According to the Post, Blacks in the District face said spokeswoman
destroying fraud.” ate falsification of registration.” population
sent to the local remained
office saying at 29 she Malkia McLeod.
Marquise Goodwin - 410-554-8274
Hurd believes the McCain Most news account neglect to “is percent.
going to Whites
have her make life up the prospect of being a population minority in the
ended.” “We don’t have
percent of Maryland’s numbers yet for
charges were
Director of Finance
politically motivat- - Jack point
out- 410-554-8242
that ACORN is A
by law to turn in all reg- received
in Providence,
residentsa threatening
- a 5 percent
city by the time of the next census in 2020.”
call say- any one group
Archivist - John Gartrell - 410-554-8265 LEFT RIGHT
She said, “Because it’s low-
Community & Public Relations
istration forms. And they also fail ing, decrease
“We know from the
you last
get offcensus.
work specifically,
and moderate-income people, to note thatManager
it was the organiza- That
at 9” andleaves Hispanics,
uttered racial epithets.who warmer climates, census Bureau. “We have a youthful we just have an overall
Diane W. Hocker - 410-554-8243
and people of color, I believe the tion, in many instances, that first A callerfortoonly
account one office7 percentleft a results show that Blacks population that will create population number. The rest
McCain campaign thinks thoseEditorial brought the phony registrations message
of the state’son thepopulation
answering appear to be returning to population momentum of that information will be
voters are goingExecutive
to vote Editor - Talibah Chikwendu
to the attention of authorities. machine, saying: “Hi, I was just
E-mail: but fueled 40 percent of the family roots in the South or through a large number of rolling out throughout next
Democratic, which is not neces- The McCain camp apparently calling to let you know that
Managing Editor - Kristin Gray - 410-554-8277
isn’t interested in those fine state’s growth
Barack Obama needs to get since 2000, relocating to suburbs near the births, relative to deaths, year.”
sarily true.”
Washington Bureau
ACORN is no stranger to Chief - Zenitha Prince - 202-332-0080,
points, preferring to air mislead-ext. 119 according to Census
hung. He’s a (expletive deleted) data. cities they are leaving. for years to come,” bureau
controversy. E-mail:
ing ads that seek to link Obama Audrey
nigger, and he’sSinger,
a piece senior
of The population shift could spokesman Mark Mather told AFRO reporter Shernay
For 38 years, the non-partisan to ACORN, thereby undercutting fellow
(expletive for the non-profit
deleted). You guys are dilute Black political power, Williams contributed to this
Global Markets
organization has fought for social his political support. public policy
fraudulent, and Brookings
you need to go to which first grew from the An updated, specific count report.
Director - Benjamin M. Phillips IV - 410-554-8220
and economic justice for
low- McCain: I’m John McCain Institution,
hell. All the niggerssaid Maryland’s
on oak trees. concentration of Blacks in
and moderate-income and
Washington Circulation/Distribution Manager I approve this message. population
They’re gonna increase
get all might
hung hon- major urban jurisdictions, !
Americans. With Edgar400,000
Brookins mem- Announcer:
- 202-332-0080, ext. 116Who is Barack havethey’re
eys, to do goingwith ato“fairly
get assassi- according to GBM News.
ber familiesBaltimore into more Obama? A man
organized Circulation/Distribution with “a political nated,
Manager stablethey’re
economy gonna in get
state, “African Americans are a
than 1,200 neighborhood Sammychap- Graham - baptism
410-554-8266performed at warp buoyed
Another bymessage
the capital said,region
“You large part of the population
ters in 110 cities nationwide, speed.” Vast ambition. After col- liberal
Production Department - 410-554-8288 and also theDumb
idiots. draw of suburban in several of the states that
ACORN has over the years seen lege, he moved to Chicago. deleted). Welfare
counties around Washington bums. You are losing representatives,”
its share of criticism while advo- Became a community organizer. guys just (expletive
and Baltimore, most notably deleted) said Margaret Simms, a
cating for affordable housing, Washington Office
There, Obama met Madeleine come to our country, consume
Prince George’s, but also fellow at The Urban Institute
1917wages, healthcare
Road,for Talbot, part D.C.
the • Washington, of the 20002-4723
Chicago every natural resource there is,
Benning N.E. Montgomery and Howard.” in Washington. “But they
and while organ-Fax: branch
underserved—202-332-0080 of ACORN. He was so and make a lot of babies. That’s
impressive that he was asked to In New York,
all you guys do. And then suck the number are also a large part of the
izing voter registration drives.
But none has been as withering
General Manager
train the ACORN staff. of Blacks leaving
up the welfare and expect every- the city population in several states
Edgar Brookins - ext. 116
and baseless
this one. What did ACORN in Chicago one else to pay for your hospital
- Mia Hayes-Hawkins - ext. 112
With the presidential election engage in? Bullying banks. bills for your kids. I jus’ say let
than two weeks Service,
away,Home Delivery Intimidation tactics. Disruption
and Subscriptions: your kids die. That’s the best Before age five, every room is a classroom.
ACORN’s detractors allege410-554-8234 the of business. ACORN forced move. Just let your children die. Fun learning opportunities are everywhere. Simple things like
organization has engaged Customer in mas- banks to issue risky home loans. Forget about paying for hospital counting and identifying shapes activate a child’s learning ability,
sive voter registration Billing fraud after The
Inquiries: same types of loans that
410-554-8226 bills for them. I’m not gonna do and help them enter school more prepared. That’s why PNC
the reported discovery of bogus
Nights and Weekends: 410-554-8282caused the financial crisis we’re it. You guys are lowlifes. And I founded Grow Up Great and its Spanish-language equivalent Crezca
names, such as Mickey Mouse in today. hope you all die.”
con Éxito, a 10-year, $100 million program to help prepare young
Hurd thinks the hate calls will
children for school and life. Pick up a free bilingual Sesame Street™
cease soon.
“Happy, Healthy, Ready for School” kit at a PNC branch. It’s filled
“In two weeks, I think these
attacks will be over. But I think it with all kinds of simple, everyday things you can do to help a child
will be harder for us to get our learn. Together, we can work with our communities so an entire
name back on good graces generation won’t just grow up... but grow up great.
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Baltimore Afro-American — (USPS 040-800) is published weekly by The Afro-American because they really trashed us in
Newspapers, 2519 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21218-4602. Subscription Rate: the last few weeks.” To find out more, go to
Baltimore - 1 Year - $30.00 (Price includes tax.) Checks for subscriptions should be made But ACORN will not be
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nities.” TM /©2008 Sesame Workshop. All rights reserved. ©2008 The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. All rights reserved.
A4 The Afro-American, January 1, 2011 - January 7, 2011 January 1, 2011 - January 1, 2011, The Afro-American A3

2010 Remembered
Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence
Thomas, made similarly inexplicable
comments. The tea party activist called Anita
Continued from A1 Hill—19 years after Hill accused her former
Federation to dismiss bigoted elements from boss Clarence Thomas of making sexual
their organization. The resolution was based on comments—and left a message demanding an
what NAACP delegates felt was a “vitriolic” apology for the allegations. Hill, now teaching
year of Tea Party demonstrations, during which law at Brandeis University in Massachusetts,
participants used racial slurs and images. The said she initially thought the call was a prank.
move prompted a blowback from conservatives When Mrs. Thomas confirmed that she has sent
such as Sarah Palin and Tea Party Express the message, however, Hill told ABC News, “I
member Mark Williams, the latter of whom have no intention of apologizing, and I stand by
was expelled from the Federation. my testimony in 1991.”
Sharpton vs. Glenn Beck – Similarly, Glenn Beck…need we say more?
civil rights activists—including the National
Urban League, which celebrated its centennial THE GLADIATORS
in 2010—decried an Aug. 28 rally led by Superstar LeBron James broke the hearts
conservative activists in the nation’s capital on of all Cleveland Cavaliers fans when he
the anniversary and at the same site of the Rev. announced during an hour-long TV special he
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous “I Have a was leaving Cleveland to take his talents to
Dream’’ speech. Civil rights leaders countered South Beach Miami, where fellow superstar
the event and held a 3-mile-plus march from Dwyane Wade and star forward Chris Bosh
Dunbar High School to the site of the planned awaited. Several NBA legends, including
Official White House Photo by Pete Souza
King Memorial near the Tidal Basin. President Obama can claim several legislative victories in 2010. But as hard as this year
Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan and Magic
Republicans vs. Democrats– Riding on was, with new Republican control in Congress, the next two years promise to be harder.
Johnson, criticized James’s decision. Now, the
the wave of the Tea Party momentum, the “King” and the Heat are out to silence critics,
GOP roundly trounced the Democrats in this one game at a time.
year’s mid-term elections, gaining 63 new Most boxing fanatics say it would have
representatives to take control of the House easily been the fight of the decade, pitting the
and 13 new senators. And across the nation, two most successful boxers at the moment
the party gained 690 new state legislators and against each other. But the anticipated
several governors. fight between Floyd Mayweather and
Michael Steele vs. the GOP– Despite Manny Pacquiao never happened because
those gains, GOP insiders have been calling of a disagreement over blood testing. Both
for Republican leader Michael Steele’s ouster champion boxers went on to fight other
from the helm of the Republican National opponents early in 2010, but negotiations
Committee among allegations of financial continued with hopes of a later matchup.
mismanagement and frequent verbal gaffes But with Mayweather and his trainer, Roger
over the past two years. But, as he has done Mayweather, both facing domestic violence
throughout his tenure, Steele struck back at his charges, chances of the fight happening
critics, recently announcing his plans to run for anytime soon are slim to none.
re-election in January. Led by a number of key Black players, the
9/11 Survivors vs. Muslims – American U.S. Soccer Team journeyed to South Africa
Muslims came under fire after one group vied this summer, hoping to capture the top spot
to build an Islamic cultural center near Ground in the FIFA World Cup,which made its first
Zero. The move prompted heated debate at a appearance on the African continent. In the
public hearing and at least one planned Koran end, Ghana eliminated the United States from
burning. World Cup contention, just as it did during the AFRO File Photo
2006 tournament. Health care reform was vigorously debated in the halls of Congress and in town halls
SERIOUSLY? The most exciting, and perhaps equally across America.
On Aug. 10, radio host Dr. Laura surprising story in the NFL this year revolved
Schlessinger went on an “N-word” binge in around the outstanding play of Philadelphia
response to a Black caller’s concerns about Eagles quarterback Michael Vick. Just a
racial taunting. A week later, Schlessinger couple years removed from his release from
announced her plans to resign.
MedicareAd_5.5x10.5:Layout Sarah Palin’s
1 11/12/10 1:25 PM Pagefederal
1 prison, Vick set the league on fire with
advice? “Don’t retreat… Reload.” his unmatched talent, becoming a top candidate
In October, Virginia Thomas, wife of to win the NFL’s Most Valuable Player award.

An Important Message from Medicare

Open Enrollment is November 15th to December 31st.

What’s New
with Medicare
Even if you are perfectly happy with your Medicare Plan,
Open Enrollment is the time to compare what you have to AFRO File Photo
all the choices available for next year. Maybe you can save After decades of agitation, Black farmers came one step closer to receiving recompense
money, get better coverage, or both. And don’t forget to from their discrimination lawsuit against USDA.

check out all the new benefits coming soon from the new
healthcare law. Most people with Medicare will get free cancer
screenings, wellness check-ups and a 50% discount on brand County’s 2012 Budget
Continued from A1
name prescription drugs if you enter the donut hole.
have not been ruled out for we want to pay special important to make sure
positions outside of education attention to,” he continued. that this department is
Visit us online to review your and public safety. To investigate this and performing efficiently and
plan at An assessment of the other areas, Baker will also providing great service to the
county government’s institute CountyStat – similar residents,” Baker said. “Since
automobile and credit card to CitiStat in Baltimore – to my first day in office, I have
Call to get help from a trained policies for abuses will examine every agency within prioritized improving DHCD
Medicare representative or learn likely be another means of the county to see where and look forward to the
cost savings. Baker didn’t money is being wasted or results and recommendations
where you can get help locally
overtly comment on any used improperly. of this audit.”
at 1-800-MEDICARE situation, but after a recent One of the agencies that Now that Baker is facing
(TTY 1-877-486-2048). Fox 5 report showed James will take precedence is the the reality of being the
Grier, former deputy director Department of Housing and county’s leader, he’s already
of the Office of Human Community Development. had to make tough decisions.
Check your mail for Relations Commission, using Baker announced that the He said he remains positive,
the 2011 Medicare & You a county-issued vehicle for county signed a $65,000 though, that he can see the
personal business while he contract with Virginia Tech county through the tough
handbook to review
was supposed to be working, Center for Housing Research period.
available Medicare Baker acknowledged a need to do an external audit of the “The overriding goals
plans. to take a look at everything. department due to concerns for the fiscal year 2012
“Clearly we want to be as over its ethics and fiscal budget process will be
efficient and as effective as responsibility. a balanced budget that
possible,” Baker said. “Even “The Department of preserves our Triple-A bond
if there were no allegations Housing and Community rating, allocating monies to
of abuse we’d want to look at Development is a vital programs and services that
everything. agency that affects the are most important to the
“Certainly areas around livelihood of thousands of education of our children and
credit cards and automobiles, Prince George’s families the growth of the county’s
which can easily be abused, and children. It is critically economy,” he said.
A4 The Afro-American, January 1, 2011 - January 1, 2011 January 1, 2011 - January 7, 2011 The Afro-American A5

Around the World in 365 Days

International news in 2010
By AFRO Staff Recording artist Wyclef related to keeping Christopher islands. A fisheries disaster
Jean made the news with a “Dudus” Coke out of the for Alabama, Louisiana and
The New Year had barely bid to get on the ballot as a hands of authorities who’d Mississippi was declared by
started when Haiti was candidate for president, but finally agreed to extradite the federal government and a
hit with a 7.0-magnitude failed because he did not meet him to the United States as fishing ban remains in effect
earthquake, with an epicenter the qualifications. But by the requested. for approximately half of the
just 16 miles from the nation’s time the rescheduled elections Coke is wanted in the U.S. Gulf.
capital of Port-au-Prince. The took place on Nov. 28, no as the leader of the Shower BP has agreed to foot
quake, reportedly the worst in clear winner for president Posse, a group allegedly the entire cost for cleanup
two centuries in the country, emerged from the field of 18 reponsible for murdering effort and to pay all claims,
impacted up to 3 million candidates for the office and hundreds of people during spending, so far, over $3.2
people, according to the Red the result kicked off unrest cocaine wars in the 1980s. billion. While there is
Cross. in the country. The runoff Coke, 42, took over the gang still much to be done, the
underwater well was officially
declared sealed by the U.S.

Photo Courtesy American Red Cross

government on Sept. 19.
Rubble remains one of the
Freeing underground
biggest obstacles in rebuilding
resources led to another
Haiti after the January 2010
disaster this year, but one
earthquake that destroyed
with a much happier ending.
much of the capital.
On Aug. 5 a cave-in at the
San Esteban copper and gold
Public sentiment mine, near Copiapo, Chile,
turned against BP trapped 33 miners. The miners
after the summer oil were able to make their way
spill that wreaked to an underground shelter
havoc on the Gulf – about 2,300 feet down –
Coast. where some supplies were
After 17 days, the miners
sent a note out to the surface
AP Photo attached to a probe sent in
by rescue crews. At the time
The Haitian government sea floor gusher that released rescuers said they would
reported that approximately Haitian superstar Wyclef Jean
an approximate average be able to send in food and
230,000 people died, and over was among the candidates
of 53,000 barrels daily for supplies, but that it would
a million were left homeless. vying for presidency of the
87 days. Until the well take months – because of the
It also reported that 30,000 embattled Caribbean nation.
was capped on July 15, an instability of the mine and the
commercial buildings were no estimated 206 million gallons depth of the trapped men – to
longer usable. of oil was released into the get them out.
The world wide response Gulf of Mexico. After 66 days, the longest
to the crisis was amazing, The impact of this oil spill, miners are known to have
with a multitude of which easily surpassed the survived being trapped,
organization and government volume of the Exxon Valdez the workers, one at a time,
pledging money and other spill in 1989, continues. Oil emerged Oct. 12 from the
resources to rescue people and from the spill made it to the 28-inch diameter hole that
assist with rebuilding. This 125 miles of Louisiana coast had been drilled and secured
has not turned into a reality and was found on Alabama, for their rescue as the world
for the country – many of the Florida and Mississippi barrier joyously looked on.
pledges resources have still
not been delivered.
Almost a year later, the AP Photo
majority of those displaced
in a U.S. Court on June 25,
by the devastating earthquake election is scheduled for around 1991, after the death
entering a plea of not guilty
still reside in shelters, in mid-January 2011 between of his father and older brother.
and is awaiting trial.
temporary tents and other Mirlande Manigat, a former The United States first
Many people are calling
makeshift housing. first lady of Haiti, and Jude request for Coke’s extradition
for the big oil conglomerate
The earthquake was not Célestin, candidate from the was pushed aside by the
BP to go on trial for the
the only reason Haiti was current governing party. Jamaician govenment in 2009.
catastrophe that propelled
in the news this year. This Jamaica was plunged But in May it issued a warrant
it into this year’s review.
was an election year for the into civil unrest and the for Coke’s arrest. Reportedly
On April 20 the Deepwater
country, and the process government declared a state of 70 people – civilians and
Horizon drilling rig exploded,
was postponed because of emergency in two parishes in police – were killed before
killing 11 workers, injuring 17
the earthquake. Along with Kingston after shootings and Coke, who’d been barricaded
others and starting what has
senators and deputy seats to firebomb attacks on police in the Tivoli Gardens, was
been described as the largest
be selected, a new president stations in May. According apprehended at a checkpoint
oil spill in U.S. controlled
was to be selected. to reports, the attacks were on June 22. He appeared
waters. The spill came from a
A6 The Afro-American, January 1, 2011 - January 7, 2011

Community Calendar a Kwanzaa hands-on

workshop that includes
making instruments and
Hyatt Regency Crystal
City, 2799 Jefferson Davis
Rescheduled Event infused celebration will high school seniors that have dancing. The workshop Highway, Arlington, Va.
Umoja on U Kwanzaa honor eight leaders in the at least a 3.0 GPA and an will feature a special 8 p.m. Join the Positive
Celebration D.C. community. $10-$20. interest in media, business, Kwanzaa Art and Music performance in celebration of Black Men Coalition for
The Lincoln Theater, For more information: www. computer science, engineering Workshop the fifth Kwanzaa principle, their New Years Eve Gala
1215 U St., N.W. D.C. 6 or technology to apply for The Smithsonian Nia (purpose). For more featuring three ballrooms
p.m. The first annual Umoja paid internships in the D.C. Anacostia Community information: 202-633-4820 of entertainment, food and
on U Kwanzaa Celebration Dec. 30 region as well as many other Museum, 1901 Fort Place, champagne. Jazz/R&B artist
has been rescheduled to Feb. Paid Internships major cities around the S.E. D.C. 10:30 a.m. The Dec. 31 Roy Ayers is set to perform.
20, during Black History The Emma Bowen country. Deadline is Jan. 14. African Heritage Dancers Positive Black Men For more information and to
Month. This performance- Foundation is looking for For more information: www. and Drummers will conduct Coalition New Years Eve purchase tickets, visit: www.

Inner Caucus New Year’s
Eve Gala
L’Enfant Plaza Hotel,
480 L’Enfant Plaza, S.W.
D.C. 8:30 p.m.-3 a.m.
This celebration will
feature five unique rooms,

a complimentary buffet,
champagne and more. $65.
For more information: 202-

New Year’s Eve at K Street

K Street Lounge, 1301 K
St., N.W. D.C. 9 p.m. K Street
Lounge hosts this New Year’s
event featuring four hours
of a premium open bar. $89.
For more information: www.

New Year’s Eve at Eatonville

Eatonville Restaurant,
2121 14th St., N.W. D.C.
6:30 p.m. Eatonville’s new
executive chef, Garret
Fleming is preparing a special
prix fix four-course chef’s
special dinner in celebration

of the new year. $59. For
more information: www.
acy’s wishes you a joyous
Jan. 1
celebration of creativity, family Seductive Saturdays
Tuckers Restaurant and
togetherness and prosperity . Lounge, 9205 Marlboro Pike,
Upper Marlboro, Md. 9 p.m.-
3 a.m. Experience this grown
and sexy event with soothing
sounds from the Mental
Attraction Band. $10-$15. For
more information: 240-398-

Jan. 4
Hand Dance Classes
The House Chang
Restaurant & Lounge,

9400 Livingston Road, Ft.
Washington, Md. 6-8 p.m.
Learn how to hand dance, do
the DC Bop and some of the
latest line dances. $10 per

class. For more information:

Jan. 5
‘We Shall Overcome: The

Song that Moved a Nation’
The Smithsonian
Anacostia Community
Museum, 1901 Fort Place,
S.E. D.C. 10:30 a.m. View

the film, We Shall Overcome
that traces the origins of the
1960s Civil Rights Movement
through song. For more

information: 202-633-4820.

Jan. 9
Rhythm Cafe: The Long
Awaited Return Home

The Smithsonian
Anacostia Community
Museum, 1901 Fort Place,
S.E. D.C. 2-4 p.m. Listen
to the final installment
of a three-part story that
offers traditional African
dancing and music. For more
information: 202-633-4820.

Jan. 10
Intro to Jazz Singing
The Mansion at
Strathmore-Shapiro Music
Room, 10701 Rockville
Pike, North Bethesda, Md.
7:30-9:30 p.m. Jazz singer
Jessica Boykin-Settles will
instruct this class introducing
participants to the basics
of jazz rhythm, harmony
and improvisation. $275
for six sessions. For more
information: 301-581-5100.

6110298A.indd 1 12/22/10 5:33:11 PM

January 1, 2011 - January 7, 2011 The Afro-American A7

Opinion Leading Actresses Look beyond the Rainbow at Life’s

Harshest Realities

Tyler Perry’s For Colored Girls brought to life a plethora of

‘AFRO’ Journalists Reflect on

women’s issues too large for one news article – racism, sexism,
sexual abuse, poverty, homosexuality – and the list goes on. Watching
the film during a press screening, I wondered how I’d review a

Favorite, Most Impactful

larger-than-life film replete with a bevy of A-list actresses who
delivered strikingly realistic performances. It proved a challenge,
but writing about a film which showed Black women at their best,

Stories of 2010
worst and every nuance in between was refreshing, particularly in
an entertainment realm filled with one-dimensional characters and
reality show drama queens.
While I didn’t think For Colored Girls was a perfect adaptation
of Ntozake Shange’s 1970s literary gem, the 2010 release highlights
some of the obstacles “colored girls” and all women face.
Black Farmers Receive Long-Awaited Justice
Kristin Gray is the AFRO’s managing editor.
“At last,” read the title of the AFRO story on Congress’
approval of legislation that would release the funds for a settlement O’Malley Election Rally
owed to the nation’s Black farmers. The two words were a sigh
of relief from an embattled people in whom lay a tightly coiled My favorite story of the year was the Gov. Martin
mixture of emotions—angst, disillusionment, anger, sadness, O’Malley-Sen. Barbara Mikulski rally at Bowie State
fatigue—after decades without justice. University that was attended by President Obama. It wasn’t
Justice, for Black Americans, is often a fickle reality. And for my favorite because Obama spoke. It was my favorite
African-American farmers awaiting reparation from the settlement because it symbolized the power that African Americans,
particularly those living in this region, wield politically and
of a lawsuit alleging the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s economically.
discrimination against Black agrarians, it proved particularly Often times criticism is thrown around by and at Black
capricious. But, in the end, right prevailed. The victory was a people for lack of action, and that’s why that rally was
bittersweet one—many Black farmers had died before seeing a strategically planned at Bowie State. There was no way
resolution to their cases—but a triumph it was just the same. either Mikulski or O’Malley were going to be re-elected
It’s nice to see the little guys win. without the voters in Prince George’s going to bat for them
at the polls. Country residents did, and both candidates were
celebrating on election night.
Zenitha Prince is the AFRO’s Washington Bureau Chief. Now, while time will tell whether those were the right choices for Maryland, it does show what a
motivated and unified population can achieve. There is no doubt that there are some flaws in Prince
Fenty Messed Up George’s County. However, if focused correctly, there’s enough political and financial capital in the
county to affect the kind of change residents want to see.
There are people around the region and around the country that love to beat Prince George’s while
The most impactful story for me was the work I did on the mayoral
it’s down - sometimes giving country residents low self-esteem about the place they live.
race and more specifically, Mayor Adrian Fenty’s fall from grace. Fenty, However, just think about what residents have been able to do when united and motivated to make
who was overwhelmingly voted into office four years ago by the city’s projects happen. Prince George’s County residents wanted the Boulevard and it was built. Prince
Black constituency, proved his leadership ability with mandates that George’s County residents wanted an upscale grocer and it got Wegman’s. Prince George’s County
decreased crime and improved neighborhoods. Seen as a much-needed residents wanted a tourist attraction and it got National Harbor. Prince George’s County wanted
lightning rod for change, the District’s youngest mayor was a force to be O’Malley and Mikulski for another term and that’s what it got. That’s why the first jurisdiction in the
reckoned with and was credited for bringing in the right person to turn state O’Malley thanked in his victory speech was Prince George’s.
around the long-troubled public school system.
But then the public began to get glimpses of Fenty’s personality: George Barnette is the AFRO’s Prince George’s County staff writer.
He would blow off the people who needed his ear the most in favor
of hobnobbing with high-powered developers, the well-to-do White Who Could Forget How Forest Park Took Over Canton?
establishment and the like. In other words, Fenty became inaccessible
to the working class, largely East-of-the-River set, and that was his One of the most intriguing stories I had a chance to cover in 2010 revolved
downfall. around the Forest Park Black Hawks, a little league football club based in West
The City Paper was on target in its assessment this past summer the Baltimore. The Black Hawks invited me to tag along with them as they took
mayor’s race had boiled down to a referendum on Fenty’s personality. In addition to what many have three bus loads of youths to Canton, Ohio, to visit the legendary Professional
described as an abrasive nature, Fenty also lacked the transparency needed to be a likeable government Football Hall of Fame Museum back in August. It was a first time visit
official. to Canton for everyone involved, including myself, which is enough to make
On the other hand, I found that Gray was more of what voters wanted and needed. He was accessible, the trip one of the most memorable experiences of my lifetime.
But that’s not the only thing I will forever remember about Forest Park’s
inclusive, approachable and most importantly, adept at showing he had the people’s best interests at heart. trip to Canton. Besides visiting the Hall of Fame Museum, the Black Hawks
I learned through my work on this article that D.C. residents place a lot of stake in the people they administrative staff also invited three other youth football clubs from Illinois
chose to lead them. However, if they feel they’ve been blindsided by empty promises, blank stares and out to Canton for what they called the first annual Youth Football Hall of
blatant put offs, they will react in kind. Fame Jamboree. The Garfield Gators, Naperville Patriots and Columbus Day
Stars joined Forest Park as they played 10 football games in a Maryland
Dorothy Rowley is the AFRO’s senior Washington staff writer. vs. Illinois faceoff that lasted from 8:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Aug. 22. Each
game was played at Fawcett Stadium, home of the annual Pro Football Hall of
Fame game.
Church Protests Nearby Liquor Store Inviting clubs like the Garfield Gators ended up being more of a blessing
than most expected. The Chicago-based organization was having trouble
What an exciting year! I enjoyed covering almost every news story, but my favorite was a funding the trip and faced the possibility of not being able to go at all. But after
church’s protest of a liquor store opening in their rental complex. I loved the rush and investigative- The Chicago Tribune wrote an article on their invitation to Forest Park’s first
like quality of this story. My editor learned of the protest on a Monday afternoon. Discovering a news annual Youth Football HOF Jamboree, Garfield received thousands of dollars in
story on a Monday can be rather hectic since our deadline is the following day, so in a mad dash, I “It was a blessing in disguise that this event was able to help Garfield out,”
completed my other stories so I could begin this one. I missed the actual picketing, but I was able to said Forest Park Vice President Curtis Covington. “But that’s what we do this
get in contact with the church’s head pastor. He chronicled the situation—the church moved to this stuff for. It’s all for the kids. They’re going have these memories for a lifetime.”
new location February 2010; by spring, congregants noticed construction in the storefront below them Curtis is right. They’ll definitely remember such a rare experience for the
and by summer, they learned the production was for a liquor store. It is actually illegal for a liquor rest of their lives, and so will I.
store to be within 300 feet of a church. The pastor said he discussed the uncomfortable arrangement Perry Green is the AFRO sports editor.
with the liquor board, zoning board and city council members but didn’t receive appropriate
responses. So, he resorted to protesting. The church had staged a similar rally the previous week and
The Decision
was protesting a third time when my story went to press. I spoke with the chairman of both boards
and the liquor store manager. After some digging, I was able to contact the property owner, too. He told me in an interview that he had Time flies and 2010 did just that. The year went
not acted illegally and he thought the church wouldn’t mind the liquor store because some congregations serve wine. My review of the by in a breeze but not without leaving some heavy-
information showed the property owner may have taken advantage of some timing issues to fill the space in his building, despite how hitting stories that shifted the calendar year. It’s rare
it might negatively impact both his tenants. This was my first, quick taste of investigative reporting. The new style paired with the that a sports story can transition into a mainstream
short turnaround time, made this one of my most exhilarating stories. news chronicle, but LeBron James’ decision to leave
the Cleveland Cavaliers to join the Miami Heat
accomplished the feat. James, arguably the most
Shernay Williams is the AFRO’s Baltimore bureau reporter. She joined the staff in October 2010. popular sports figure of his generation, captivated
millions during his tenure with Cleveland. With
unparalleled athleticism and basketball skills for a man in his early 20s,
A Story 100 Years in the Making James rose to cult status as the new face of the NBA. So his decision to
leave Cleveland not only singlehandedly transformed the Association but
left a wake of questions, regrets and shock among James’ followers.
The past year has been my first at the AFRO and I can definitely say that there were I debated for most of the summer with AFRO Sports Editor Perry
multiple stories that I enjoyed writing. But the one story that stands out among my other Green on what James’ next step would be: staying in Cleveland or bolting
favorites has to be the article about Elmer Harris, a Washington, D.C., native who turned for a championship chance. But when James announced his decision
100 in July. When the story was given to me, I initially considered it a typical (humdrum) to join Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, it was something neither of us
assignment. But, after it was published, it immediately became an article of which I was could’ve foretold. You have James, maybe the most talented player in the
NBA, teaming up with two other players that could easily rank in the top
particularly fond. 10 of best in the league, maybe top three when you consider Wade. The
Prior to my interview with Harris, I had specific questions that I wanted to ask him, but move was bold—All-Stars in the prime of their careers just don’t elect to
he would later show me that they weren’t necessary. After my first question, he went off willingly join forces. But the move was also something that left several
into a full blown story of his 100 years. While I could have promptly ended the spiel with sports pundits drooling over the prospect of what the new NBA was about
my next question, I decided to listen as each sentence became increasingly interesting. to become: A league where it’s now mandatory that teams possess two to
Harris grew up in Washington, D.C. and it was no secret that during a good portion three superstars just to compete.
As a sports journalist, James’ decision was one you live for. Something
of his life, racism was rampant. He spoke about some of his experiences as a kid, as well
you daydream about when playing video games or conducting a fantasy
as those he had as an adult. But what made the experience remarkable was that this was a basketball draft. The closest I’ve come to seeing two top-five talents on one
firsthand account about Black life in the early 20th century and it amazed me how, at his team was Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal in the early 2000s but Wade
age, he could recall certain facets of his lifetime in great detail. and James have a chance to rewrite the history books if everything goes as
Anyone who knows me well is aware that I am very interested in stories from the past and Harris’ stories were really fascinating. planned. James’ move to Miami was by far the biggest sports story of 2010,
Additionally, he left me with some encouraging words; he urged me to work hard in whatever I do in life and reassured me that I had a and maybe even deserves a nod for one of the major news stories in 2010
bright future ahead. After four months, the article still sits on my desk today as a reminder of the experience and his words of wisdom. as well.

Stephen D. Riley is an AFRO sports writer.

Gregory Dale is the editorial department’s assistant and a staff writer.

Best in Cartoons

Cartoonist Kofi Tyus’ 2010 favorites

A8 The Afro-American, January 1, 2011 - January 7, 2011 January 1, 2011 - January 1, 2011, The Afro-American A5

Stormy Year in Prince George’s

Continued from A1
Community Development to Prince George’s

AP photo
County, while the state’s Department of
Transportation and Washington Metropolitan
Transit Authority have began planning to
develop the area around the New Carrollton
Metro Station.
Developments like that are far and
few between in the county, which is why
Woodmore Towne Center opened to great
fanfare this year. The Glenarden complex
features a Best Buy, Costco and Wegman’s, The snow storms that blanketed the Mid-
the first grocer of its kind in the county. The Atlantic region in early February was only
center’s opening has county residents hopeful matched by the political furor caused by
that more of these kinds of shopping options the legal web that snared several county
99 149 199
Club Price
lb lb
Club Price
Club Price
will make their way to the county.
“The chains decided to build in P.G.
County and I’m excited,” said 33-year-old
Shannon Gray of Bowie in October. “To me,

However, a recent harassment allegation at

the center has cast a cloud over that optimism.
Residents can only hope that the changes
Pork Loin
that means that businesses are finally willing
Assorted Pork
Rib Half Loin Chops Pork Loin Chops
SAVE up to $3.30 lb. SAVE up to $2.80 lb.
SAVE up to $2.80 lb.
to invest in P.G. County which can only be a in leadership can keep those clouds away in
good thing.” 2011.

Ic y-
ed from
Sourcld waters!
c o
Thanks for the Memories
Continued from A2
more than 30 years and he released more than 10 books and hundreds of academic articles
14 albums since 1975 as a solo artist and with and commentaries. He was awarded the Ralph
his family ensemble. In July, after battling Bunche Prize for his book Black Presidential
pancreatic cancer, Hawkins died. Politics in America. He was also a political
Large Hass Some of the singer’s most memorable songs consultant, serving as policy adviser to former

Club Price
Club Price: $1.00 ea.
SAVE up to $9.90 on 10
Lobster Tails
5-oz. Premium Tails.
SAVE up to $5.99 ea.
50 Club Price
include “Thank You,” “Holy One” and “Going
Up Yonder,” many which became popular
Sunday selections in Black churches around
the country. The songs also helped Hawkins
earn an induction into the Gospel Music Hall of
congressmen William Gray and Charles Diggs.
He worked with a number of organizations and
served as director of public policy for the Rev.
Jesse Jackson’s presidential campaigns.

Fresh Backfin Fame and the Trailblazer Award from publishing Teddy Pendergrass, 59
Lo Crabmeat
A full 16-oz. container.
Chunky Soup
company BMI. Noted for his soulful voice and sex symbol
Weather permitting.
Pistachios 18.6 to 19-oz. In addition to his work as an artist, Hawkins status, Teddy Pendergrass rose to the height
SAVE up to $7.00 ea. 8-oz. package.
Selected varieties.
Club Price: $1.25 ea. was the pastor and founder of the Love Center of fame during the ‘70s and ‘80s with hits like
SAVE up to $4.99 on 2 SAVE up to $4.96 on 4 Church in his hometown Oakland, Calif. “Turn Off the Lights” and “Love T.K.O.” He
began his music career as the lead singer for
9 Club Price

Club Price
Club Price
Teena Marie, 54
On Dec. 26, music lovers learned that Teena
Marie – popular for hits like “Square Biz” and
the group Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes
and launched his self-titled solo album in 1977.
Tragedy struck the crooner in 1982 after an
Signature Cafe® “Lovergirl” had suffered a grand mal seizure automobile accident left him paralyzed from the
In the De

7 Club Price
MUST BUY 2 to get discounted price
Catering Trays
14 to 48-oz.
Selected varieties.
and died at 54. Born Mary Christine Brockert
in California, the “Ivory Queen of Soul” was
recognized for her singing, songwriting, guitar
waist down, but Pendergrass continued to record
music and eventually returned to the stage in
1985 for a Live Aid concert in Philadelphia.
and piano playing talents. She worked closely In 1998 Pendergrass founded the Teddy
with mentor Rick James and was nominated Pendergrass Alliance, a national organization
for four Grammy Awards throughout her dedicated to improving the lives of individuals
career. In 2009, Marie was featured on an with spinal cord injuries.
episode of TV One’s “Unsung” series, which
chronicles celebrity musicians who, despite their Manute Bol, 47
waterfront BISTRO® talents, never reached the upper echelons of One of the tallest players to ever appear in
Large Raw Shrimp
31 to 40-ct. Easy-peel shell.
SAVE up to $4.00 lb.
599 lb
Club Price Perdue

Ron Walters, 72
the NBA, Manute Bol was both an athlete and
an activist. The Sudanese-born celebrity, whose
name means “special blessing,” was drafted by
Poultry Sale
For more than four decades, Dr. Ronald the Washington Bullets in 1985, making him
99 Selected varieties.

1 Walters served the African-American the first African-born player in the NBA. He
Rancher’s Reserve® Club Price
community, the United States and the world as played basketball for 10 years and along with
Boneless Beef
London Broil
a consultant, teacher, writer, mentor and friend. the Bullets, was a member of the Golden State
Or Small pack, $2.29 lb.
His service came to a close Sept. 10, when he Warriors, Philadelphia 76ers and Miami Heat.
S. B
Club Price SAVE up to $5.00 lb. Nabisco
Snack Crackers
5.5 to 10-oz.
Selected varieties. lost a battle with cancer at Suburban Hospital in He is the only player in league history to block
Club Price: $1.66 ea.
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Bethesda, Md. more shots than he scored.
In the De
Signature Cafe® Freschetta Pizza Walters made his mark as a dedicated Bol directed a number of charities and events
scholar, authoring and co-authoring more than that raised money for his war-ravaged homeland.
Chicken Wings
25-ct. Bone-in or 2.5-lb.
Boneless. Selected varieties.
12.6 to 28.01-oz.
Selected varieties.
SAVE upp to $2.00
for He founded the Ring True
Foundation, which raised funds
7 99
399 for Sudanese refugees.
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Club Price Lena Horne
Maxwell House Fresh Express or
Minute Maid or Celebrated for her beauty
Eating Right® Salads
and talent, Lena Horne
or Seattle’s Best Florida’s Natural
4 to 12-oz. package.
appeared in films Cabin in
Coffee Orange Juice
31.5 to 34.5-oz. or 12-oz. Selected varieties. 59 to 64-oz. Chilled.
prepack. Selected varieties. Club Price: $2.50 ea. Selected varieties. the Sky and Stormy Weather

SAVE upp to $3.20 SAVE upp to $1.98 on 2
and began her career in
SAVE up to $1.70

entertainment as a teen
699Club Price
Club Price
199Club Price Fort  Myer  Gospel  Service  
at the famed Cotton Club
in New York. Despite her
talent, racism stifled Horne’s
Deer Park Water Congregation   career and her film scenes
were removed during theatre
24-pack, 16.9-oz. bottles. Breyer’s Ice Cream
1.5-qt. Selected varieties.
Club Price: $3.34 ea. Limit 3.
viewings in the South where
SAVE up to $3.47 on 3 SAVE up to $3.00
Prince  George’s  County     African Americans could not
Delta    Sigma  Theta  Sorority   appear alongside White actors
10 199
Club Price Alumnae  Foundation  
on screen.
Horne died in May after
suffering heart failure.
Club Price

All American
Sub Sandwich The    Institute  for  the   The AFRO also remembers:
Jefferson Thomas, member of
or East Coast
Sub Sandwich
Advancement  of  Multicultural   the “Little Rock Nine,” 68
and  Minority  Medicine  
12-Pack Pepsi Fridge Mates 12-oz. cans of equal or lesser value. Selected varieties.
Made fresh daily. Margaret Burroughs, founder,
Club Price
Serves 3 to 4.
SAVE up to $1.00 ea.
Bu y 4
DuSable Museum of African
American History in Chicago
Ivy  Foundation  of     and a celebrated artist, 93
In the D Marva Wright, singer, 62
Northern  Virginia     Ron Banks, singer, 58
Alpha  Kappa  Alpha  Sorority     Guru, rapper, 43
Hank Jones, musician, 91
  Ali-Ollie Woodson, 58
Garry Shider, musician, 56
Ms.  Patricia  Brown   Marvin Isley, singer, 56
Solomon Burke, singer, 70
Shirley Verrett, singer, 79
Tortilla Chips
bag of Doritos lected varieties. Ms.  Michelle  Reynolds   Jack Tatum, athlete, 61
Lean Cuisine Meals
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11.5 to 13-oz
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Al Goodman, singer, 67
James Moody, musician, 85
Club Price: $2.00 ea.
Offer valid with Safeway Club Card between 12/26/10 - 01/04/11. Four (4) participating
SAVE up to $3.95 on 5
Abbey Lincoln, singer, 80
Club Price Pepsi 12-packs and one (1) bag of Doritos must be purchased in a single transaction.
Limit one FREE Doritos offer per transaction. Plus tax and deposit where applicable.

Prices on this page are effective MaLinda Sapp, preacher and

DEC-JAN 29 30 31 1 Wednesday, December 29, 2010 thru Saturday, Janaury 1, 2011. school chancellor, 43
WED THUR FRI SAT ALL LIMITS ARE PER HOUSEHOLD, PER DAY. Selection varies by store.   AFRO Military Program   Harold Dow, news
correspondent, 62
2519 N. Charles St
Betty Peebles, senior pastor

Baltimore, MD 21218 of Jericho City of Praise in

Landover, Md., 76
January 1, 2011 - January 7, 2011, The Afro-American B1

The Golden Scissors Awards, a highly fashions, fantastical hairstyles and

anticipated fashion staple in the style gurus. The 19th annual event, Mayor-elect Vincent Gray presents
a proclamation to Glynn Jackson
District, took place recently at the themed “Hair Gaga…Taking Beauty
for promoting the Black hair care
Walter E. Washington to the Xtreme,” was hosted by Glynn industry.
Convention Center amid Jackson Productions and Glynn
a whirlwind of colorful Jackson the Agency and attracted
hundreds of hairstylists from around
the world. Among the attendees was
Washington, D.C. Mayor-elect Vincent
Gray, actor/choreographer Darren Glynn Jackson,
CEO of Glynn
Henson and radio personalities
Jackson, The
Guy Lambert and Anji Corley. Agency and
sponsor of
Jackson presents the Golden
winner’s trophy Scissors
to Christopher Awards,
Fountain of speaks to the
Bridgeport, Conn., media.
for his colorful
creation. Lachers
Jeannie Jones, WKYS FM radio Reese models the
personality, and actor/fitness guru outfit.
Darrin Henson of Get Fit & Stay Fit.

Washington AFRO
General Manager Edgar
Brookins and WPGC
radio personality Guy

The Miami Connection – Miranda

Jakelin, Miami regional coordinator
for Glynn Jackson, The Agency Models take the stage.
Fashion models promenade a diverse
showcase of styles

Models prepare
Maryland Del. Herman Taylor (at podium) presents a proclamation to Glynn Jackson to storm the
as Barbara “Lefty” McBride, Atranett Waters, Naman Mitchell and Yvette Hill look on. runway.

Photos by Danita Delaney

Ivy Vine Charities, the charitable foundation of Theta debutantes’ intelligence, charm, accomplishments and grand promenade and waltz with their
Omega Omega chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, unique personalities. More than 500 family members, handsome escorts. The master of ceremonies
Silver Spring, Md., hosted its biennial debutante cotillion friends and guests attended the debutantes’ formal for the evening was Mike Burke, WHUR radio
where 16 young ladies were presented to society at presentation. The crowd witnessed the crowning of personality.
The debutantes and their escorts Martin’s Crosswinds in Greenbelt, Md. Catrina Johnson as Miss Cotillion, Jalyn Sanders as The debutante season formally commenced
perform a dance routine This season’s theme, “Pink Petals of Sophistication: first runner-up and Alecia Gibbs as second runner-up in April with the “Mother & Daughter Tea.”
Polished Poised Prepared,” served as the focus of and Miss Congeniality through the votes of her fellow Cultural activities included a tour of the
seven months of activities designed to highlight the debutantes. The evening showcased the debutantes’ Kennedy Center, a performance of Thurgood
and William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night
at the Shakespeare Theatre Company.
The prospective debutantes and escorts
also participated in a community service
activity by collecting school supplies for
disadvantaged students. Miss Cotillion 2010
Susan Peevy, left, Brenda Dancil-Jones, Frances Brock, Beverly Brooks Desirea L. Hughes and Virginia Boateng Catrina Johnson is
Anderson, Desirea Hughes, 2010 Cotillion co-chair; Valerie Evans-Harrell, served as the co-chairwomen. Donna escorted by her father,
president , Theta Omega Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Chatman Owens is the president of Ivy Vine Dr. Alfred Johnson.
Donna Chatman Owens, president, Ivy Vine Charities; Geraldine Jackson, Charities and Valerie Evans-Harrell is the
Jalyn Sander, first runner-up; Miss Cotillion Virginia Boateng, 2010 Cotillion Co-Chair, Alean Miller, treasurer, Tyra Dent president of Theta Omega Omega Chapter.
2010 Catrina Johnson and Alecia Gibbs, Miss Smith and Kimberly Niono.
Congeniality and second runner-up

Donna Chatman Owens, left, president of Ivy Vine

Charities; Miss Cotillion 2010 Catrina Johnson,
Sherri Cox, finance committee chairwoman and 2010 Debutantes - front row: LaKellia Butler, Heather Phillips, Nia Young, Asha Shannon, Alecia Gibbs and
Miss Cotillion 2006 Stephanie Shante Eubanks Katerra Jones, Lauren Parker. Back row: Alyssa Gill, Remington Thames, Siani Spears, Joy Marie McIntyre,
Jalyn Sanders, Amina Shannon, Catrina Johnson, Krystan Norris and Brea Govan

2010 Escorts - front row: Heber De Deus, left, Charles Wesley Cephas
III, Leonard Long III, Shaka Owens, Miles David Moore, Stephen White,
Darien Pusey, Matthew Price. Back row: Jonathan Middlebrooks, left,
Richard Tyaba, Waymon Jones Jr., Darrye Bennett, Jamal Donte Childs,
Ellis Parker Jr., Grayson Shepard and Malik Partman

Virginia Boateng, 2010 cotillion co-chairwoman; Desirea Hughes, 2010

cotillion co-chairwoman; Jalyn Sanders, first runner- up; Miss Cotillion 2010
Catrina Johnson; Alecia Gibbs, second runner-up and Miss Congeniality;
Donna Chatman Owens, president of Ivy Vine Charities and Valeria Evans-
Harrell, president of Theta Omega Omega chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha
The 2010 debutantes and their fathers
Photos by Donovan Marks
B2 The Afro-American, January 1, 2011 - January 7, 2011

Community Students from Bowie State to

Study Abroad in Ethiopia
Journalists’ Roundtable Christmas The Bowie State incorporate visits to private
Party University College of
Business is instituting the
business firms, government
agencies, the headquarters
Isabel Wilkerson discusses her critically acclaimed book, first study abroad program of the African Union (AU),
The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America’s Great to Ethiopia by a University the Economic Commission
Migration Dec. 18, at a holiday party of for the Journalists System of Maryland for Africa (ECA) and
Roundtable at the Washington, D.C. home of Paul and Anita Institution in January 2011, attend a series of lectures
Delaney. Mr. Delaney, a former New York Times senior editor, according to a press release at Addis Ababa University.
is the winner of the 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award of the issued by the Prince George’s Students will also visit
Photo by Craig Herndon National Association of Black Journalists. County school. The trip will historic sites and participate
in a uniquely Ethiopian
Macy’s and Clinton Kelly want to solve your biggest fashion dilemmas. Tell us yours for a chance to win† one of 8 personalized makeovers with Clinton, and a shot at 10 undergraduate students
the ultimate prize! Enter by Jan. 31, 2011. For details, go to †No purchase necessary; complete details online. Employees of Macy’s, Inc. not eligible. and three faculty members,
including co-director Dr.
Granville Sawyer and
outreach coordinator Dr.
Regina Tawah, will spend 12
WOW! PASS days in Ethiopia.
EXTRA SAVINGS ON ALL SALE The program, funded


Excludes: specials, super buys, furniture, mattresses, floor coverings, rugs,
electrics and electronics, cosmetics/fragrances, gift cards, jewelry trunk
shows, previous purchases, special orders, selected licensed depts., special
purchases, services, Cannot be combined with any savings pass/
coupon, extra discount or credit offer except opening a new Macy’s account.

VALID 12/30-1/2/2011

Courtesy Photo
The Rock Hewn Church of

Department of Education,
was developed to initiate
and enhance student and
faculty awareness of business
opportunities in Ethiopia,
considered by many as
gateway to sub-Saharan
To qualify for the
program, students met a list
of criteria including minimum
GPA, a competitively graded
two-page essay, as well
as attendance at pre-trip
orientations seminars.
“This study abroad
program is one of its kind
in the region and we look

forward to introducing our
students to the unique cultural
experience of Ethiopia, the
world’s oldest independent
nation and the birth place
of humanity,” said Fiseha
Eshete, co-director and study
NOW THROUGH SUNDAY, JAN. 2 abroad coordinator for the
Department of Accounting,
CLEARANCE 5O%-8O% OFF STOREWIDE Finance and Economics, in a
statement. “Students will have
the opportunity to experience

international business
practices and to communicate
in Amharic, an African

15% OR 1O% OFF

†† business language, which will
be offered as a humanities
elective beginning fall 2011.”
The grant, made possible
when you use your Macy’s Card or pass ††Exclusions apply; see pass. by the U.S. Department
of Education International
Shop with your gift cards and start the year right! Business Education Program,
will cover approximately 80
percent of the costs associated
with the study abroad
program. The two-year grant
was awarded to the College
of Business in July 2010 for a
total of $340,000, including a
match from the university.
“Study abroad programs
provide students with a
unique opportunity to develop
international skills and
enhance cultural awareness,”
said Interim Provost and
Vice President for Academic
Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy and magical New Year Affairs Karen Johnson
Shaheed in a prepared
statement. “The University
is proud to offer students the
chance to study in Ethiopia
and we plan to continue
expanding our study abroad
and international programs as
we move forward.”
Students participating in
the study abroad program
FIND MACY’S EVERYWHERE Follow us on twitter Become our fan on facebook Download our free iPhone App from iTunes are scheduled to arrive in
Ethiopia on Jan. 8 and return
Open a Macy’s Account for extra 15% savings the first 2 days with more rewards to come. Exclusions and limitations apply; see below.
to the United States on Jan.
Macy’s credit card is available subject to credit approval; new account savings valid the day your account is opened and the next day; excludes services, select licensed departments, gift cards, restaurants, gourmet food and wine.
On furniture, mattresses and rugs/floor coverings, the new account savings is limited to $100; application must qualify for immediate approval to receive extra savings; employees not eligible.

6110089A.indd 1 12/22/10 9:34:06 AM

January 1, 2011 - January 7, 2011, The Afro-American B3

Blacktrospective 2010: Annual Assessment of the Best (and Worst) in Black Cinema on

Entertainment’s Best (and Worst) Moments of 2010

By AFRO Staff match Minaj’s over-the-top colorful wigs and tongue-twisting in scandal this year after an alleged affair with a married man,
rhymes, the sometimes outrageous cast of Bravo’s “Real suicide attempt and several court dates. The negative attention
Housewives of Atlanta” comes close. The six women have threatened to overshadow the release of her album Back to Me
2010’s top winners used the show to secure book and record deals; appearances in August. Likewise, Baltimore native Mario’s spat with his
Black celebrities ruled the entertainment world this year on popular talk shows, clothing lines and more. Perhaps the mom, a recovering drug addict, landed him in jail with a mug
with their big wins, controversies and blunders. Some of 2010’s show’s standout star, NeNe Leakes, is having the greatest year, shot seen worldwide. Charges against him were ultimately
biggest winners were singers and rappers who’re turning their as she’s currently filming for “Celebrity Apprentice.” Rumors dropped, when she admitted to being intoxicated at the time.
careers into multi-million dollar empires. Beyoncé and Jay-Z have swirled that she and husband Gregg have split, but neither
have set the blueprint for entertainers-turned-business moguls has confirmed the chatter.
with their growing influence. In November, Jay-Z released Meanwhile, rapper Drake didn’t need rumors to make him a Better luck next year
his first book, Decoded, which household name. The 24-year-old Canadian rapper took the No. Some entertainers were down on their luck in 2010 after
debuted at No. 3 on the New York 1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart with his first studio album, failed sitcoms and album flops. Others, like rappers DMX, Lil
Times Best Sellers List weeks Thank Me Later, and its hits “Find Your Love” and “Miss Me.” Wayne and T.I., struggled through the year because of drug-
later. Similarly, his flaxen-haired Despite rumors of a spat with mentor Lil’ Wayne, Drake has and gun-related arrests. In December, New York rapper DMX
wife made major moves on stage remained one of the most successful rappers of the year. was sentenced to a year in jail after violating his probation in
and with her first fragrance, Heat, Like Drake, Tyler Perry has been in the public eye this year Arizona. Weeks later, he was moved to the mental health ward
which hit stores in February. for all the right reasons. He was the force behind For Colored for an undisclosed reason, according to Arizona Department of
Riding high off the release of her Girls, a film adaptation of Ntozake Shange’s For Colored Girls Corrections records. In November, heavily tattooed rapper Lil
I Am… tour DVD, pregnancy Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf. The Wayne returned to society after spending eight months at the
rumors ran rampant and – powerful cinematic gem brought Hollywood heavyweights like infamous Rikers Island prison for a 2009 gun charge.
although untrue – the publicity Phylicia Rashad, Kimberly Elise Neal and Thandie Newton And just when fans thought father and newlywed T.I. had
only heightened the power together for roles that inspired laughter, tears and every turned over a new leaf, he and wife Tiny were arrested in
couple’s fame. Forbes’ end-of- Courtesy Photos emotion in between. The film was well received and Perry’s September for drug possession. He is currently serving an
year earning roundup is calling the Texas-born starlet the top- pockets show it. According to Forbes “Rich List,” Perry came 11-month jail sentence. Other entertainers who landed in the
earning singer of 2010 with an estimated $87 million in profits. in third on the list of Hollywood’s 20 highest earning celebs slammer this year are Gucci Mane, Lloyd Banks, Kid Cudi,
Another powerhouse vocalist, of 2010, raking in $125 million. His longtime, aforementioned Wiz Khalifa, Ja Rule, Waka Flocka Flame and Lil Boosie.
Jennifer Hudson, had a stellar friend Oprah took the No. 1 spot and brought home an On a lighter note, Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw
year and stunned the world with a estimated $315 million this year. seemed to have promising roles as the lead stars on NBC’s spy
dramatic weight loss. Going from thriller “Undercovers.” Despite the show’s media hype and its
a size 18 to a svelte size 6, Hudson co-stars good looks, “Undercovers” bit the dust after only 13
lost none of the soul- stirring The controversy crew episodes.
vocals that made her a star on While many Black stars hit it big this year because of
“American Idol” and Dreamgirls. awesome album sales or new films, others created a whirlwind
The star also snagged a deal with of controversy in the process. Drama seemed to follow Kanye New unions and family additions
Weight Watchers and her new West into the year after his on-stage debacle with then –teen LaLa Vazquez and Carmelo Anthony – The former MTV
physique landed her on the covers singer Taylor Swift in 2009. Even in November of this year, VJ, 31, and the Denver Nuggets star, 26, wed July 10 in a
of InStyle, Canada’s Fashion, West was still discussing the incident and even bashed the lavish New York ceremony. They have one son, Kiyan, who is
Australia’s Who and People young singer again at a party, the Los Angeles Times reported. 3.
magazines. “Taylor never came to my defense in any interview ... and rode
Oprah Winfrey, like fellow it and rode it,” he reportedly told the crowd. “If I wasn’t drunk, T.I. and Tiny – Embattled rapper T.I., 30, wed his longtime
Chicagoan Hudson, is ending 2010
Jennifer Hudson
I woulda been on stage [when I interrupted Taylor] longer.” girlfriend Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, 35, in a three-city ceremony
on a high note with the debut of At the same event, West also lashed out at “Today” host in August. The newlyweds have two children together.
her own TV network, OWN. Formerly the Discovery Health Matt Lauer for an interview several weeks prior. After a tense
channel, OWN will feature a lineup directed by Winfrey and interview with the longtime journalist, West took to Twitter Keyshia Cole –
includes a much-hyped show featuring a new host. The OWN where he said, “I feel California native Keyshia
network marks the end of the 25-year run of “The Oprah very alone very used Cole, 29, welcomed her first
Winfrey Show.” very tortured.” son, Daniel, in March. She
Perhaps a media mogul in the making, Nicki Minaj – who Another is engaged to basketball star
said, “I love me some Oprah” in an interview with the New entertainer kept Daniel Gibson.
York Times – captured the hearts of the 25-and-under set in heads and magazine
2010. Her debut album, pages turning for Sandra Bullock– Keyshia Cole and son
Pink Friday, hit No.1 on different reasons. During a public split from
the Billboard rap charts and Singer Erykah her cheating husband,
spurred a highly publicized Badu stunned fans actress Sandra Bullock, 46, welcomed adopted son Louis
Erykah Badu Bardot into her life.
documentary, My Time and her fellow
Now, produced by MTV. Texans when she
Adding to the Trinidadian bared all at Dallas’ Dealey Square – the scene where President Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz – In what has been a
star’s fame was the sale of John F. Kennedy was assassinated – for her “Window Seat” whirlwind year, musical couple Alicia Keys, 29, and Swizz
a cotton candy pink lipstick video shoot in March. The video quickly went viral, making Beatz, 32, wed and had a son, Egypt Daoud, on Oct. 14.
accordingly dubbed Pink Badu and her voluptuous backside the topic of heated debates
Friday by popular cosmetics and a disorderly conduct charge from the city attorney’s office Paula Patton and Robin Thicke - Precious actress Paula
line MAC. and the Dallas Police Department. Patton, 35, and husband Robin Thicke, a 33-year-old R&B
Nicki Minaj and Drake singer, introduced the world to son Julian Fuego on April 6.
While few celebrities can North Carolina native Fantasia also found herself mired
Martin Lawrence and

The 10 Best Black Books of 2010 (Non-Fiction)

Shamicka Gibbs – Prince
George’s County native Martin
Lawrence, 45, wed longtime
By Kam Williams American Entrepreneur by 12. Losing My Cool: How of Pain, Truth and Triumph girlfriend Shamicka Gibbs, 35,
Special to the AFRO Dante Lee a Father’s Love and 15,000 edited by Marilynn Griffith at a private ceremony in his
Beverly Hills home in July. Shamicka Gibbs and
Books Beat Hip-Hop Culture
Martin Lawrence
1. The Grace of Silence: A 8. Create Dangerously: by Thomas Chatterton 18. Decoded by Jay-Z
Memoir by Michele Norris The Immigrant Artist at Work Williams
by Edwidge Danticat
19. The First: President
2. Brainwashed: 13. The
Barack Obama’s Road to the
Challenging the Myth of 9. A Game Other Wes
White House by Roland S.
Black Inferiority by Tom of Character: Moore: One
Burrell A Family Name, Two
Journey from Fates by Wes
20. Do I Have to Be a
Sweet Honey
3. Extraordinary, Ordinary Chicago’s Moore
Starving Artist in the 21st
People: A Memoir of Family Southside Tickets
Century? by Hisani Dubose
In The Rock
by Condoleezza Rice to the Ivy 14. ®
League and The History
4. The Next Big Story by Beyond of White 21. The Brand Within: The Children’s Performances
Soledad O’Brien with Rose by Craig People by Power of Branding from Saturday, January 15
Marie Arce Robinson Nell Irvin Birth to the Boardroom by at 1:30pm and 4pm
Painter Daymond John People‘s Congregational
5. Black Faces in White 10. The United Church of Christ
22. Of Thee I Sing: A Letter
4704 13th Street NW
Places: 10 Game-Changing Presumption 15. Washington, DC
Strategies to Achieve Success of Guilt: Children of to My Daughters by Barack
and Find Greatness by The Arrest Fire: A History Obama Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra
Randal Pinkett and Jeffrey
Wynton Marsalis
of Henry Courtesy Image
of African- with
Robinson Louis Gates, Jr. and Race, Americans by Thomas C. 23. Before Truth Set Me
Class and Crime in America Holt Free by Vanessa “Fluffy”
Sunday, January 30 at 7pm
6. The New Jim Crow: by Charles Ogletree Murray-Yisrael Kennedy Center Concert Hall
Mass Incarceration in the 16. Damn Near White:
Age of Colorblindness by Honorable Mention An African-American 24. America I AM: A Marsalis is “hard to resist.”
Michelle Alexander Family’s Rise from Slavery Journal edited by Clarence ~ The Washington Post
11. The Warmth of Other to Bittersweet Success by Reynolds
7. Black Business Secrets: Suns: The Epic Story of Carolyn Marie Wilkins
500 Tips, Strategies, and America’s Great Migration 25. Why Do I Have to Think
Resources for the African- by Isabel Wilkerson 17. SistahFaith: Real Stories Like a Man? by Shanae Hall
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B4 The Afro-American, January 1, 2011 - January 7, 2011

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AFRO Sports Year in Review

Pro Sports— For caller behind two less proven familiar stars like Ray Lewis, West Virginia in the first round.
professional sports teams in passers, Rex Grossman and Ed Reed, Ray Rice and new Unfortunately for Morgan
the District, the offseason is Jonathan Beck. talent like Anquan Boldin State’s football team, the wins
usually more exciting than and T.J. Houshmandzadeh, came few and far between, as
in-season. Like they’ve done Washington Wizards Can’t Baltimore is projected as the Bears finished this season
in years past, the Wizards and Shake Funk a legitimate Super Bowl with a 4-7 record, their first
Redskins both made offseason The late June drafting of contender and could do a losing season in three years.
splashes over the summer but Kentucky University star lot of damage in January’s Bowie State’s basketball Dunbar Poets
crashed miserably once the point guard John Wall infused postseason play. team represented Prince AFRO Photo
games started to matter. the city with new life. With matching its mark from the past season. Behind head
new ownership and a new College Sports—It was previous season. coach DaLawn Parrish, Wise
Redskins End on Sour Note lead guard in town, Wizards yet another typical losing The 2010 Thanksgiving marched its way to a 12-1
Redskin Nation went fans had a reason to forget affair for Howard University’s Day Turkey Bowl record before bowing out in
gaga over the team’s April the previous campaign’s football team as they finished Washington, D.C. high its second straight state final
acquisition of former 26-56 record. A summer the 2010 season with a 1-10 school football championship game to Urbana 6-0. Despite
Philadelphia Eagles league filled with misleading record, their sixth straight didn’t arrive without the loss, Parrish has his
quarterback Donovan highlights continued to losing season. Despite losing, drama. An academic ruling team on the rise. The Upper
pump blood in the Howard linebacker Keith disqualified Ballou High Marlboro, Md. program has
veins of Wizards Pough was voted to the Mid- School and opened the door compiled a 24-4 record over
watchers, as Wall Eastern Athletic Conference for Dunbar, who Ballou beat the last two years, dominating
quickly impressed and first team on defense, while in the District of Columbia teams along the way and will
became the central teammates Sackie Kerkulah Interscholastic Athletic return star running back Uriah
figure in the team’s and Willie Carter were Association playoffs a week Bethea for his final season
turnaround attempt. selected to the all-conference earlier. In what attending next year.
Once the official second team. fans called poetic justice, But while Wise couldn’t
tipoff began, however, Meanwhile, Howard’s H.D. Woodson High School bring a title to their home
hope quickly basketball squad hired new claimed its third consecutive town, Baltimore’s Paul
dissipated. A 1-4 start head coach Kevin Nickelberry Courtesy title, blowing away Dunbar Lawrence Dunbar High
Kevin Nickelberry
to the season was to pull the struggling Bison Photo 44-12 and raising second School did, beating Havre de
just a sign of things team out of its multi-year thoughts on how Ballou Grace, 22-12, in the 1A state
to come. Injuries to losing funk. Unfortunately, George’s County well with would have fared had they not championship. Dunbar Poets
Wall kept the rookie the Bison saw team captain a 16-9 overall record, 14-6 been disqualified. stars DeonTay McMannus
in and out the lineup, Calvin Thompson and star in the Central Interscholastic When it came to Prince and Trevonne Garrett helped
Donovan McNabb and a December recruit Theodore Boyomo Athletic Association. The George’s County football, lead Dunbar to a 13-1 record
AP Photo
trade finally ended suffer season-ending injuries Bulldogs football squad Henry Wise High School and their fifth state title in six
the Gilbert Arenas before the season could even finished 6-4 in their season. was the name to know this years.
McNabb, but by the time era. Washington currently begin. Howard is currently
November rolled around it finds itself last in the NBA facing a 10-game losing High School Athletics—
was the usual sad story for
one of the league’s most
Southeast Division and may
struggle to match last season’s
streak to start the New Year.
But while the Bison
It was basketball business
as usual for the DeMatha AFRO’s 2011 Sports
storied franchises. McNabb futile record. struggles, Morgan State Stags. The Hyattsville, Md.
never found his groove with University’s basketball team Catholic school won its
Washington, battling offensive Baltimore Ravens currently holds a 4-5 overall second consecutive City Title
line and wide receiver woes Remained Winners in 2010 record so far this season. Game, upending Southeast By Stephen D. Riley
before battling his new head Meanwhile, further Junior star Kevin Thompson Washington, D.C.’s Ballou AFRO Staff Writer
coach Mike Shanahan. Mired north on Interstate 295, the and the Bears are trying to High School 80-70 at the
in the middle of another Baltimore Ravens remained repeat as Mid-Eastern Athletic Verizon Center last March. NFL’s Super Bowl—This NFL season has truly been
disappointing season, as of the most successful team in Conference champs after Led by sweet-shooting junior one of the most tightly contested campaigns in the league’s
this posting, the Redskins the Maryland region, earning claiming the conference title point guard and All-Met recent history. There are more than 10 teams that will
find themselves last in the yet another winning season. with a 26-9 record last season. Player of the Year Quinn potentially finish with at least 10 wins this season, including
NFC East division while The Ravens will head to the Morgan State also earned its Cook, DeMatha, and its the defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints.
McNabb finds himself last playoffs for a third straight first ever trip to the NCAA collection of athletic and The Saints join the Atlanta Falcons and Michael Vick’s
in the quarterback rotation, year, a first in team history. Championship tournament, accurate shooters, stormed Philadelphia Eagles as the cream of the crop in the NFC
now the third-string signal With a roster that includes where they fell to top ranked its way to a 32-4 record, conference, but most of the NFL’s heavy hitters reside in the
AFC conference. Look for Tom Brady and the New England
Patriots, the New York Giants, the Pittsburgh Steelers or
the Baltimore Ravens to bring the Super Bowl’s Lombardi
Trophy back to the AFC.
NBA Finals—The Miami Heat became instant favorites
among many basketball fans after superstar LeBron James
decided to “take his talents to South beach” this offseason
and team up with former Finals MVP Dwyane Wade. But the
Heat will still have to get by Boson Celtics and Los Angeles
Lakers, who featured in 2010’s epic seven-game Finals. Kobe
Bryant and the Lakers edged Boston for their second straight
championship, and are looking to “three-peat.” But Boston
added depth to their own star studded cast, signing Shaquille
O’Neal to join Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen.
Don’t be surprised if we have a repeat Finals performance of
the Lakers vs. Celtics.
College Football Championship—Auburn quarterback
Cameron Newton has done his best to dazzle America. The
ultimate weapon on the football field, a quarterback who can
run and throw, Newton’s Heisman Trophy wasn’t a fluke. He
thoroughly dissected opponents all season, helping Auburn tie
a school record for wins with 13 and ringing up scoreboards
in the process. Headed by Newton, Auburn scored over 49
points seven times this year and finished sixth in the NCAA
in scoring. However, they’ll need every point against their
BCS Football Championship opponent, Oregon in January’s
No. 1 vs. No. 2 matchup. Oregon finished first in scoring this
season, averaging 49.3 points per game, outracing teams to a
12-0 record.
Oregon became a featured attraction this year as their
offense was simply too much for teams. It’ll be the legs of
Newton vs. the speed of Oregon on Jan. 10 for a chance for
collegiate supremacy. While dominant, Newton’s one-man
band might not be enough to combat the quicks of Oregon as
the school will likely take home its first national title.
College Basketball Championship—While the college
basketball season is still early, parity seems to be the universal
theme so far. Yes, Duke, the reigning 2010 champions, is
still tops in the land, but it’s not as obvious as last year’s
tournament run showed. Ohio State, Kansas, Connecticut and
Syracuse have played impressive through the season’s first
couple of months and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see some
combination of the aforementioned school’s in this year’s
Final Four. But it’s something about Duke that just seems
favorable. Maybe it’s the combination of skilled shooters and
  rotating defense. Maybe it’s the tradition or prominent head
coach Mike Krzyzewski. Whatever it is, Duke remains as the
favorite to bring home another title until they are dethroned.
January 1, 2010 - January 7, 2010, The Baltimore Afro-American B5

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Superior Court of D.C. 20001, on or be- days of its first publica-
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fore June 17, 2011. tion shall so inform the cedent¬swill) will)shall be be estate of Roderic E. 1321
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UNKNOWN HEIRS Register of Wills, includ- the undersigned, on or Wills, D.C., 515 5th September 24, 2010 v.
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ORDER OF personal representative with a copy to the under- Afro-American
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ceive a copy of this no- shall be presented to the known shall enter their ATTN: Tabatha Braxton
Office of the Secretary
problem! Let us help! CHANGE OF NAME J. Mitchell, who died on June 17, 2011 or be for- tice by mail within 25 undersigned with a copy appearance in this
Reporter days of its first publica- to the Register of Wills proceeding. Objections NW Suite 419
1350 Pennsylvania Ave
November 2, 2010 with, ever barred. Persons
Quick low rat Personal, Ashley Rose Waddell
a will, and will serve believed to be heirs or
Betty W. Weaver tion shall so inform the or filed with the Register to such appointment (or Washington DC 20005
having filed a complaint Personal
Business Auto Debt con- for judgment changing without Court supervi- legatees of the decedent Representative
Register of Wills, includ- of Wills with a copy to to the probate of de- Serve:
solidation, Home loan Ashley Rose Waddell
sion. All unknown heirs who do not receive a ing name, address and the undersigned, on or cedent’s cedent¬swill)
will)shall be be Office
of the Attorney
and heirs whose 202-526-3579 relationship. General (DC)
copy of this notice by before June 17, 2011, or filed with the Register of ATTN: Peter J. Nickles
Bad credit ok. No ap- name to Ashley Rosa whereabouts are un- mail within 25 days of its
TRUE TEST COPY Date of Publication: be forever barred. Per- Wills, D.C., 515 5th One Judiciary Square
Waddell and having ap- REGISTER OF WILLS
plication fee Apply call. plied to the court for an
known shall enter their first publication shall so 12/17, 12/24, 12/31
December 17, 2010 sons believed to be Street, N.W., 3rd Floor 441 4th Street NW
appearance in this Name of newspaper:
1 877 674 6660 Order of Publication of proceeding. Objections
inform the Register of heirs or legatees of the Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C . 6th Floor South
the notice required by Wills, including name, Superior Court of Afro-American decedent who do not re- 20001, on or before Washington DC 20001
to such appointment (or the District of Washington Law
law in such cases; it is to the probate of de- address and relation- ceive a copy of this no- June 17, 2011. Claims and
by the Court this 10th cedent’s will)
cedent¬s will)shall be be
shall ship. District of Columbia Reporter tice by mail within 25 against the decedent Any and all persons having
DONATIONS day of December 2010. filed with the Register of Date of Publication: PROBATE DIVISION Bernard N. Lloyd days of its first publica- shall be presented to the or claiming to have any in-
terest or fee simple in the
ORDERED, that all per- Wills, D.C., 515 5th December 17, 2010 Washington, D.C. Personal tion shall so inform the undersigned with a copy property and premises
sons concerned show Street, N.W., 3rd Floor Name of newspaper: 20001-2131 Representative Register of Wills, includ- to the Register of Wills situate, lying and being in
AAAA** Donation cause, if any there be, Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C . Afro-American Administration No. 202-590-9487 ing name, address and or filed with the Register the District of Columbia de-
DONATE YOUR CAR, on or before the 17th 20001, on or before Washington Law 2010ADM1176 TRUE TEST COPY relationship. of Wills with a copy to scribed as:
The property known for
June 17, 2011. Claims Reporter Ella C. Lloyd REGISTER OF WILLS Date of Publication:
Free Pick-up/Tow, day of January 2011,
against the decedent E. Patricia Coleman Decedent 12/17, 12/24, 12/31 December 17, 2010
the undersigned, on or assessment and taxation
why the prayers of said before June 17, 2011, or purposes as Square 5325,
Any Model or Condi- complaint should not be shall be presented to the Personal Milton E. Mclver Esq Name of newspaper: be forever barred. Per- Lot 0010, vacant lot in Mar-
tion, undersigned with a copy Representative P O Box 3308 Superior Court of Afro-American
granted; provided that a sons believed to be shall Heights, as per plat
to the Register of Wills 202-529-5103 Capitol Heights Md the District of Washington Law
IRS Tax Deductible. copy of this order be or filed with the Register 20791-3308 District of Columbia
heirs or legatees of the recorded in Book County 6
published once a week TRUE TEST COPY Reporter decedent who do not re- at page 39, situated at
Help Underprivileged of Wills with a copy to REGISTER OF WILLS Attorney PROBATE DIVISION Robert N. Reid ceive a copy of this no- approximately 5035-5037 B
for three consecutive the undersigned, on or Washington, D.C. Street SE and located be-
Children. weeks before said day before June 17, 2011, or
12/17, 12/24, 12/31 NOTICE OF Personal tice by mail within 25 tween 5043 B Street, SE
APPOINTMENT, 20001-2131
Outreach Center in the Afro-American. be forever barred. Per- Superior Court of NOTICE TO Administration No.
Representative days of its first publica- and 5029 B Street SE
JUDGE 202-234-0068 tion shall so inform the Washington DC 20019
1-800-601-7171 sons believed to be the District of CREDITORS 2010ADM1167 TRUE TEST COPY Register of Wills, includ- Defendants.
A TRUE COPY TEST: heirs or legatees of the District of Columbia Johnetta J. Reid
12/17, 12/24, 12/31 AND NOTICE TO REGISTER OF WILLS ing name, address and AMENDED ORDER
decedent who do not re- PROBATE DIVISION Decedent
ceive a copy of this no- UNKNOWN HEIRS 12/17, 12/24, 12/31 relationship. OF PUBLICATION
Furniture Superior Court of tice by mail within 25
Washington, D.C.
Bernard N Lloyd, whose W. Alton Lewis Date of Publication:
In accordance with D.C.
Code §ß47-1375,
47-1375, the
the District of days of its first publica- address is 4702 Kane 1450 Mercantile Lane Superior Court of December 17, 2010 of this proceeding is to se-
Columbia tion shall so inform the Administration No. Place, NE Washington Suite 155 the District of
2010ADM726 Name of newspaper: cure the foreclosure of the
LEATHER LIVING Civil Division Register of Wills, includ- DC 20019 was ap- Largo, MD 20774 District of Columbia Afro-American right of redemption in the
Case No. 0009132-10 ing name, address and Otto H. Dorsey pointed personal repre- Attorney PROBATE DIVISION following real property, lo-
ROOM SET. In origi- Decedent Washington Law
IN RE: relationship. sentative of the estate of NOTICE OF Washington, D.C. cated in the District of
nal plastic, never used. AMBER ELISE MILLER Date of Publication: Bruce E. Gardner Ella C Lloyd, who died APPOINTMENT, 20001-2131 Columbia, and sold by the
Nancy Bradford Ordway Mayor of the District of
December 17, 2010 1101 Pennsylvania Ave on September 19, 2010 NOTICE TO Administration No.
Orig price $3000, Sac- Applicant
Name of newspaper: NW #600 CREDITORS
Personal Columbia to the Plaintiff(s)
ORDER OF with a will, and will serve 2010ADM1178 Representative in this action, described as
rifice $975. Can deliver. PUBLICATION Afro-American Washington DC 20004 without Court supervi- AND NOTICE TO Roderic E Ordway 301-951-0240 lot number 10 in block
Call Bill 301-841-7565 CHANGE OF NAME Washington Law Attorney sion. All unknown heirs UNKNOWN HEIRS Decedent TRUE TEST COPY County 6 at page 39, being
Amber Elise Miller hav- Reporter NOTICE OF a n d h e i r s w h o s e Robert N Reid, whose Sherri M Stahl known for assessment and
ing filed a complaint for whereabouts are un- address is 1203 Colum- 5530 Wisconsin Ave taxation purposes as
12/17, 12/24, 12/31 Square 5325, Lot 0010, and
Cherry Bedroom Set. judgment changing Am-
Personal NOTICE TO known shall enter their bia Road NW Washing- Suite 801
Solid Wood, never used, Representative CREDITORS appearance in this ton DC 20009, was ap- Chevy Chase MD situated on a vacant lot at

brand new in factory

ber Elise Miller name to
Amber Elise Jordan and
TRUE TEST COPY AND NOTICE TO proceeding. Objections p o i n t e d p e r s o n a l 20815
Subscribe approximately 5035-5037 B
Street, SE and located be-
REGISTER OF WILLS UNKNOWN HEIRS to such appointment (or representative(s) of the Attorney
boxes. English Dovetail. having applied to the
court for an Order of
12/17, 12/24, 12/31 B r u c e E . G a r d n e r, to the probate of de- estate of Johnetta J. NOTICE OF
Today tween a single-family home
located at 5043 B Street SE
Publication of the notice whose address is 1101 cedent¬s will) shall be Reid, who died on July APPOINTMENT, (Square 5325, Lot 0011),
required by law in such Pennsylvania Ave. NW filed with the Register of 28, 2010 with a will, and NOTICE TO and an apartment complex
#600 Washington DC located at 5029 B Street SE
cases; it is by the Court Wills, D.C., 515 5th will serve without Court CREDITORS Washington DC 20019
this 29 day of November 20004, was appointed Street, N.W., 3rd Floor supervision. All un- AND NOTICE TO (Spare 5325, Lot 0804).
cated in the District of successors in right, title, Wills, D.C., 515 5th DC 20002 was ap-
Columbia, and sold by the interest, and any interest Street, N.W., 3rd Floor pointed personal repre-
Mayor of the District of in the leasehold or fee Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C .
Columbia to the Plaintiff(s) sentative of the estate of
in this action, described as simple in the property 20001, on or before Jessie Bell Green, who
and premises situate, ly- June 30, 2011. Claims died on May 24, 2010

lot number 10 in block
County 6 at page 39, being ing and being in the Dis- against the decedent with a will, and will serve
known for assessment and
taxation purposes as
trict of Columbia de- shall be presented to the without Court supervi- January 1, 2011 - January 7, 2011, The Afro-American
scribed as: undersigned with a copy sion. All unknown heirs
Square 5325, Lot 0010, and Square 4065 LOT 0801 to the Register of Wills
situated on a vacant lot at
and heirs whose

located with cross or filed with the Register whereabouts are un-
approximately 5035-5037 B
Street, SE and located be-
streets NOTICES
at Neal Street to ofLEGAL
Wills withNOTICES
a copy to LEGAL
known shallNOTICES
enter their LEGAL NOTICES
tween a single-family home the north, West Virginia the undersigned, on or appearance in this
located at 5043 B Street SE Avenue to the east and before June 30, 2011, or proceeding. Objections Superior Court of
(Square 5325, Lot 0011), Morse Street to the be forever barred. Per- to such appointment (or the District of
and an apartment complex south and adjacent to sons believed to be to the probate of de-
located at 5029 B Street SE District of Columbia
Washington DC 20019
and abutting the east heirs or legatees of the cedent’s
cedent¬swill)will)shall be be
side of 1167 Neal Street decedent who do not re- filed with the Register of
(Spare 5325, Lot 0804).
The complaint states, in NE, Washington, DC. ceive a copy of this no- Wills, D.C., 515 5th
Washington, D.C.
District of Columbia Bureau Chief
among other things, that the Defendants. tice by mail within 25 Street, N.W., 3rd Floor Administration No.
amounts necessary for re- ORDER OF days of its first publica- Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C .
demption have not been PUBLICATION tion shall so inform the 20001, on or before
Helen R. Powell
This person will be responsible for reporting on local, national and
Pursuant to the Chief
In accordance with D.C. Register of Wills, includ- June 30, 2011. Claims Decedent international newsworthy events, serving as the departmental personnel
Official Code
Official Code§ 47-1375
ß47-1375, ing name, address and against the decedent
der Number 02-11, it is this
the object of this relationship. shall be presented to the
Thomas S. Donnelly
manager and monitoring the progress of articles in process and upcom-
8th day of December 2010. proceeding is to secure Date of Publication: undersigned with a copy 1990 M Street NW ing editions of the newspaper.
ORDERED by the Superior the foreclosure of the December 31, 2010 to the Register of Wills Suite 200
Court of the District of right of redemption in Name of newspaper: or filed with the Register Washington DC 20036
Columbia, that notice be
given by the insertion of a
the following real prop- Afro-American of Wills with a copy to Attorney This person will also be responsible for maintaining several blogs,
erty located in the Dis- Washington Law the undersigned, on or
copy of this order in The
trict of Columbia, and Reporter before June 30, 2011, or
NOTICE OF producing and anchoring webcasts, features writer for supplemental
Afro-American Newspaper, APPOINTMENT,
having a general circulation sold by the Mayor of the Robert J. Tyrrell be forever barred. Per- NOTICE TO publications, copyediting and proofreading, newsroom administration,
District of Columbia to Personal
in the District of Columbia,
once a week for three (3) the Plaintiff in this ac- Representative
sons believed to be
heirs or legatees of the
CREDITORS reviewing the public e-mail inbox, helping to coordinate and address-
successive weeks, notifying
all person(s) interested in
tion, described as 301-984-4790 decedent who do not re- UNKNOWN HEIRS ing tour groups on their visits to the company, coordinating internship
the real property described
0801 and assessed to REGISTER OF WILLS
ceive a copy of this no-
tice by mail within 25
William H. Jackson, program, and representing the company at public events.
above to appear in this whose address is 1726
Court by the 16th day of the Estate of Esther May 12/31, 1/7, 1/14 days of its first publica- Montana Avenue, NE
Wire and the Estate of
February, 2011, and redeem
the real property by payment Charles Edwin Wire Superior Court of
tion shall so inform the
Register of Wills, includ-
Washington DC 20018 The minimum qualifications for this position include a bachelors
was appointed personal
of $1,668.08 together with
real estate taxes assessed
and/or their known and the District of
District of Columbia
ing name, address and representative of the degree in journalism and three (3) years practical experience.
unknown heirs, located relationship. estate of Helen R.
and interest and penalties
with cross streets at PROBATE DIVISION
Date of Publication: Powell, who died on
Annual salary of $52,000. Send all resumes to:
theron from the date the real Washington, D.C.
property tax certificate was Neal Street to the north, December 31, 2010 October 26, 2010 with-
purchased; court costs, and
reasonable attorney's fees,
West Virginia Avenue to
the west, Montello Ave- Administration No.
Name of newspaper: out a will, and will serve
Afro-American without Court supervi-

To Advertise call 202-332-0080

expenses incurred in the nue to the east and 2010ADM1191
Washington Law sion. All unknown heirs John E. Leister
publication and service of Annie C. Ferguson
process by publication and
Morse Street to the
south and adjacent to Decedent
Reporter and heirs whose The AFRO American Newspapers
Willie C. Green whereabouts are un-
for reasonable fees for the
title search, all other and abutting the east Nakia V. Gray Esq.
Personal known shall enter their 2519 N. Charles St.
6404 Ivy Lane
amounts paid by the peti- side of 1167 Neal Street
in NE, Washington DC. Suite 400
Representative appearance in this Baltimore, MD 21218
tioner in accordance with the 202-397-1188 proceeding. Objections
provisions of D.C. Code The complaint states, Greenbelt MD 20770
TRUE TEST COPY to such appointment e-mail:
§ß 4 747-1361
- 1 3 6 1 aandn d aall ll among other things, that Attorney
REGISTER OF WILLS shall be filed with the
outstanding municipal lien
the amounts necessary NOTICE OF
12/31, 1/7, 1/14 Register of Wills, D.C.,
amounts due and owing on
for redemption have not APPOINTMENT, No telephone calls will be accepted.
the aforementioned real NOTICE TO Superior Court of 515 5th Street, N.W.,
property, or answer the com- been paid. 3rd Floor Washington,
plaint or, thereafter, a final Pursuant to the Chief CREDITORS the District of

Strictly Personal
AND NOTICE TO District of Columbia D.C. 20001, on or be-
judgment will be entered Judge’s Administration
Judge¬s Administration fore June 30, 2011.
foreclosing the right of re- Order Number 02-11, it UNKNOWN HEIRS PROBATE DIVISION
demption in the real property Ida Virginia Hart, whose Washington, D.C. Claims against the de-
is this 18th day of Octo- cedent shall be pre-
and vesting in the plaintiff a
ber, 2010. address is 5219 11th 20001-2131
title in fee simple.
/s/ Joseph I Beshouri ORDERED by the Street, NE Washington
DC 20011 was ap-
Administration No.
sented to the under-
signed with a copy to the Pen Pals
Magistrate Judge Superior Court of the Register of Wills or filed
12/10, 12/17, 12/24 District of Columbia, that pointed personal repre- EMMA L. WHITE
with the Register of Wills
notice be given by the sentative of the estate of
Annie C. Ferguson, who
with a copy to the under- 66 years of age, Black man, 130 lbs., 5’8”, would like to
Superior Court of W. Alton Lewis Esq
the District of
insertion of a copy of
this order in The Afro- died on April 7, 2009 1450 Mercantile Lane signed, on or before
June 30, 2011, or be
meet nice women. Raleigh Anderson Jr., P.O. Box 1265,
with a will, and will serve
District of Columbia
Washington, D.C.
American Newspaper,
without Court supervi-
Suite 155
Largo, Maryland 20774 forever barred. Persons Baltimore, MD 21203.
having a general circula-
20001-2131 tion in the District of sion. All unknown heirs
and heirs whose
Attorney believed to be heirs or
legatees of the decedent ---
Columbia, once a week
for three (3) successive whereabouts are un- APPOINTMENT, who do not receive a
copy of this notice by
Truthful man seeking spiritual pen pals. Womb my emana-
In re:
Susan Carr Freeling
weeks, notifying all per- known shall enter their
appearance in this
CREDITORS mail within 25 days of its tion. Law is unification. Breath, knowledge and conscious-
sons interested in the
aka real property described proceeding. Objections AND NOTICE TO first publication shall so
inform the Register of ness! William Piggie, P.O. Box 565, Pittsboro, N.C. 27312
Susan Marie Freeling
described above to ap- to such appointment (or
to the probate of de-
Annette V. Riley, whose Wills, including name, ---
pear in this Court by the address and relation-
Susan Marie Freeling cedent’s
cedent¬swill)will)shall be be
shall address is 13403 United
Lonesome Hearts - Pen Pals
22nd day of December ship.
Susan M. Freeling Carr 2010, and redeem the filed with the Register of Lane, Bowie MD 20720
ORDER OF Wills, D.C., 515 5th was appointed personal Date of Publication:
Real Property by pay-
PUBLICATION ment of $49,618.00, to- Street, N.W., 3rd Floor
Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C .
representative of the December 31, 2010
Name of newspaper: To have a notice published in the Strictly Personal Section,
Petitioner, Susan Carr estate of Emma L.
Freeling, aka Susan Ma-
gether with interest from
the date the Real Prop- 20001, on or before White, who died on Afro-American
Washington Law
write the message you want printed in the space below.
rie Freeling Carr, Susan
Marie Freeling, and Su-
erty tax certificate was June 30, 2011. Claims
against the decedent
November 22, 2010 with
a will, and will serve Reporter Enclose ten dollars ($10.00), check or money order for 25
purchased; court costs,
san M. Freeling Carr, reasonable attorney's shall be presented to the without Court supervi- William H. Jackson
Personal words. NO CASH PLEASE. Additional words will cost 50
having filed a complaint undersigned with a copy sion. All unknown heirs
for judgment changing
fees, expenses incurred
in the publication and to the Register of Wills and heirs whose Representative cents each.
her name to Susan or filed with the Register whereabouts are un- 202-841-1040
service of process by TRUE TEST COPY
Freeling Carr and hav- publication reasonable of Wills with a copy to known shall enter their
ing applied to the Court the undersigned, on or appearance in this REGISTER OF WILLS
fees for the title search; 12/31, 1/7, 1/14
whereupon it is the 10 all other amounts paid before June 30, 2011, or proceeding. Objections
day of December 2010. by the petitioner in be forever barred. Per- to such appointment (or Superior Court of
ORDERED, that all per- accordance with the sons believed to be to the probate of de- the District of
heirs or legatees of the cedent’s will)
cedent¬s will)shall be be
sons concerned show
cause, if any they have,
provisions of D.C. Code
§ 47-1361 and
ßß47-1361 and 47-1377
47-1377 decedent who do not re- filed with the Register of
District of Columbia
To answer a Lonesome Heart notice, enclose a check or mon-
on or before the 18 day and all outstanding ceive a copy of this no-
tice by mail within 25
Wills, D.C., 515 5th
Street, N.W., 3rd Floor
Washington, D.C. ey order for $2.00 for each letter you wish to have forwarded.
of January 2011, why municipal lien amounts 20001-2131
the prayers of said com- due and owing on the days of its first publica- Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C . Administration No. NO CASH PLEASE. Be sure to include the fox number of
tion shall so inform the
plaint should not be
aforementioned Real
Property, or answer the Register of Wills, includ-
20001, on or before
June 30, 2011. Claims
John Robert Crenshaw
the person you wish to contact.
PROVIDED that a copy complaint or, thereafter, ing name, address and against the decedent Decedent
of this order be pub- relationship. shall be presented to the Samuel C. Hamilton
All letters, queries and notices should be sent to:
a final judgment will be
lished once a week for entered foreclosing the Date of Publication: undersigned with a copy Metro Plaza One,
three consecutive right of redemption in December 31, 2010 to the Register of Wills Suite 620
weeks before said day the Real Property and Name of newspaper:
or filed with the Register 8401 Colesville Road STRICTLY PERSONAL
in Afro American News- of Wills with a copy to
2519 N. Charles Street
vesting in the plaintiff a Silver Spring MD
papers. title in fee simple. Washington Law the undersigned, on or 20910
Baltimore, MD 21218
Judge Magistrate Judge before June 30, 2011, or Attorney
TRUE TEST COPY (Signed in chambers) Ida Virginia Hart be forever barred. Per- NOTICE OF
12/24, 12/31, 1/7 A TRUE TEST COPY: Personal sons believed to be APPOINTMENT,
12/24, 12/31, 1/7 Representative heirs or legatees of the N O T I C E T O
Superior Court of 202-526-3549 decedent who do not re-
the District of CREDITORS
Superior Court of TRUE TEST COPY ceive a copy of this no- AND NOTICE TO
District of Columbia the District of REGISTER OF WILLS tice by mail within 25
Washington, D.C. UNKNOWN HEIRS
Columbia 12/31, 1/7, 1/14 days of its first publica- Alvin Thomas Carter,
20001-2131 Civil Division tion shall so inform the
Case No. Superior Court of whose address is 12714
Case No. 0009548-10 Register of Wills, includ- Brandywine Road,
0006655-10 IN RE: the District of ing name, address and
In re: Columbia Brandywine, Maryland
RICHARD KEITH relationship. 20613 was appointed
Susan Carr Freeling Civil Division
BARKSDALE Date of Publication: personal representative
aka Case No. 0009951-10
Applicant December 31, 2010 of the estate of John
Susan Marie Freeling IN RE:
ORDER OF Name of newspaper: Robert Crenshaw, who
Carr Dinalu Ulysses
PUBLICATION Afro-American died on August 27, 2010
Susan Marie Freeling Auger Economides
CHANGE OF NAME Washington Law with a will, and will serve
Susan M. Freeling Carr Applicant Reporter
Richard Keith Barksdale without Court supervi-
ORDER OF ORDER OF Annette V. Riley
having filed a complaint sion. All unknown heirs
for judgment changing and heirs whose
Petitioner, Susan Carr CHANGE OF NAME Representative
Richard Keith Barksdale whereabouts are un-
Freeling, aka Susan Ma- Dinalyu Ulysses Auger 301-809-0121
name to Richard K.B. known shall enter their
rie Freeling Carr, Susan Economides having filed TRUE TEST COPY
Turner and having ap- appearance in this
Marie Freeling, and Su- a complaint for judgment REGISTER OF WILLS
plied to the court for an proceeding. Objections
san M. Freeling Carr, changing Dinalu Ulys- 12/31, 1/7, 1/14
Order of Publication of to such appointment (or
having filed a complaint ses Auger Economides
the notice required by to the probate of de-
for judgment changing name to Constandina Superior Court of
her name to Susan
law in such cases; it is
Ulysses Auger the District of cedent’s will)
cedent¬s will)shall be be
by the Court this 8th day District of Columbia filed with the Register of
Freeling Carr and hav- Economides and having
of December 2010. PROBATE DIVISION Wills, D.C., 515 5th
ing applied to the Court applied to the court for
ORDERED, that all per- Washington, D.C. Street, N.W., 3rd Floor
whereupon it is the 10 an Order of Publication 20001-2131
sons concerned show of the notice required by Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C .
day of December 2010. cause, if any there be, Administration No.
ORDERED, that all per- law in such cases; it is 20001, on or before
on or before the 16 day 2007ADM1165
sons concerned show by the Court this 22nd Jan Wepsiec June 30, 2011. Claims
of January 2011, why day of December 2010. Decedent against the decedent
cause, if any they have, the prayers of said com-
on or before the 18 day ORDERED, that all per- Kenneth Rosenau Esq shall be presented to the
plaint should not be sons concerned show 1304 Rhode Island Ave undersigned with a copy
of January 2011, why granted; provided that a
the prayers of said com- cause, if any there be, NW Washington DC to the Register of Wills
copy of this order be on or before the 26th
20005 or filed with the Register
plaint should not be published once a week Attorney
granted. day of January 2011, of Wills with a copy to
for three consecutive NOTICE OF
PROVIDED that a copy why the prayers of said APPOINTMENT,
the undersigned, on or
weeks before said day complaint should not be NOTICE TO before June 30, 2011, or
of this order be pub- in the Afro-American.
lished once a week for granted; provided that a CREDITORS be forever barred. Per-
JUDGE copy of this order be AND NOTICE TO sons believed to be
three consecutive A TRUE COPY TEST:
weeks before said day published once a week UNKNOWN HEIRS heirs or legatees of the
12/31, 1/7, 1/14 for three consecutive
Kenneth Rosenau, Es- decedent who do not re-
in Afro American News- quire whose address is
papers. weeks before said day ceive a copy of this no-
Superior Court of 1304 Rhode Island Ave- tice by mail within 25
Judge the District of in the Afro-American. nue, NW Washington
that pursuant to SCR DC 20005 was ap- days of its first publica-
District of Columbia tion shall so inform the
12/24, 12/31, 1/7 PROBATE DIVISION 205(b) notice be sent to pointed personal repre-
the applicant's creditors sentative of the estate of Register of Wills, includ-
IN THE SUPERIOR Washington, D.C. Jan Wepsiec, who died ing name, address and
20001-2131 by registered or certified
COURT OF THE on July 11, 2007 with a relationship.
Administration No. mail and that proof of will, and will serve with-
DISTRICT OF service of mailing be Date of Publication:
COLUMBIA 2010ADM1206 out Court supervision. December 31, 2010
Aaron Kimche made in the manner pro- All unknown heirs and
CIVIL DIVISION vided in SCR Probate h e i r s w h o s e Name of newspaper:
Civil Action No. Decedent Afro-American
NOTICE OF Rule 19(b). whereabouts are un-
2005CA002912L RP JUDGE known shall enter their Washington Law
Calendar #18 APPOINTMENT, appearance in this Reporter
VICKIE JEFFRIES 12/31, 1/7, 1/14 proceeding. Objections Alvin Thomas Carter
PLAINTIFF CREDITORS to such appointment (or Personal
vs. AND NOTICE TO to the probate of de- Representative
Superior Court of
The Estate of Esther UNKNOWN HEIRS
the District of cedent’s will)
cedent¬s will)shall be be
Robert J. Tyrrell, whose filed with the Register of
May Wire and District of Columbia Wills, D.C., 515 5th TRUE TEST COPY
The Estate of Charles address is 6010 Execu- REGISTER OF WILLS
tive Boulevard, Suite PROBATE DIVISION Street, N.W., 3rd Floor
Edwin Wire, and Washington, D.C. Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C . 12/31, 1/7, 1/14
Jean Wire Murphy, heir 900, Rockville MD 20001, on or before
20852 was appointed 20001-2131
and Joan Myrl Wire Administration No. June 30, 2011. Claims
personal representative

Wood, Heir, and against the decedent


Preston W. Wire Jr., of the estate of Aaron shall be presented to the

Kimche, who died on Jessie Bell Green undersigned with a copy
heir, and Estha Wire Decedent to the Register of Wills
Walper, heir, and Marvin October 15, 2010 with a
will, and will serve with- Thomas H Queen Esq or filed with the Register
M. Wire, heir, and 530 Eighth Street, SE of Wills with a copy to
C. Raymond Wire, out Court supervision. the undersigned, on or
All unknown heirs and Washington DC 20003

Heir, and District of Attorney before June 30, 2011, or

Columbia h e i r s w h o s e be forever barred. Per-
whereabouts are un- NOTICE OF sons believed to be
All Unknown owners of known shall enter their heirs or legatees of the
appearance in this NOTICE TO decedent who do not re-
the property described CREDITORS

proceeding. Objections ceive a copy of this no-

below, their heirs, devi- AND NOTICE TO tice by mail within 25
sees, personal repre- to such appointment (or
to the probate of de- UNKNOWN HEIRS days of its first publica-
sentatives, and execu- Willie C. Green, whose tion shall so inform the
tors, administrators cedent’s will)
cedent¬s will)shall be be
shall Register of Wills, includ-
filed with the Register of address is 855 21st ing name, address and
grantees, assigns or Street, NE, Washington
successors in right, title, Wills, D.C., 515 5th relationship.
Street, N.W., 3rd Floor DC 20002 was ap- Date of Publication:
interest, and any interest pointed personal repre- December 31, 2010
in the leasehold or fee Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C .
20001, on or before sentative of the estate of Name of newspaper:
simple in the property Jessie Bell Green, who Afro-American
and premises situate, ly- June 30, 2011. Claims Washington Law
against the decedent died on May 24, 2010
ing and being in the Dis- with a will, and will serve Reporter
trict of Columbia de- shall be presented to the Kenneth Rosenau Esq
undersigned with a copy without Court supervi- Personal
scribed as: sion. All unknown heirs Representative
Square 4065 LOT 0801 to the Register of Wills
or filed with the Register and heirs whose 202-387-8680
located with cross whereabouts are un- TRUE TEST COPY
streets at Neal Street to of Wills with a copy to
the undersigned, on or known shall enter their REGISTER OF WILLS
the north, West Virginia appearance in this 12/31, 1/7, 1/14
Avenue to the east and before June 30, 2011, or
be forever barred. Per- proceeding. Objections
Morse Street to the to such appointment (or
south and adjacent to sons believed to be
heirs or legatees of the to the probate of de-
and abutting the east cedent¬s will) shall be
side of 1167 Neal Street decedent who do not re-
filed with the Register of
B8 The Afro-American, January 1, 2011 - January 1, 2011

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