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S. Seymour Hedke 7 January 2009 (Revised and expanded December 2010)

If it were possible,, it might be a good idea to move south now. Last night there were record
low temperatures in Germany. My first breath of air as I went out this morning reminded me
of the film “The Day after Tomorrow”, in which a man opened the door to his helicopter and
fter Tomorrow”,
was flash-frozen.

On the 7th of January 2009

cars would not start or
stood by the road
abandoned. Hospitals
were filled with accident
victims. Frozen pipes burst.
Waters flooded houses
and streets. Electricity was
lost and Russia chose this
time to turn off the gas to
its western neighbours. To
top it all there was the
warming news of conflict
between Israel and
Palestine at the Gaza Strip.

On the next day I spoke to

my sister, who was living
down in the south-western
toe of England, an area
usually thought to be
particularly mild. She said
the sea had frozen over,
and that there was no
record of it having ever happened before. midda 7th January
Snow across Great Britain midday
2009,, picture courtesy of NASA/GSFC.
It is with such words that I began my article written on January 7th 2009 and published on my

This weather was not unexpected to me as I had been writing about an ice age coming to
much of the Northern Hemisphere in my book: THE GALACTIC CENTRE 2012 and the Great
Waves Coming in December. The Galactic Centre was the reason for all the climate changes
and natural disasters we are experiencing. It was after the Tsunami in December 2004 that I
found the Mayan prediction of a disastrous end to this age was based on knowledge of the
Galactic Centre and Great Year cycles and that the choice of December was connected to the
effect on the Sun crossing the Galactic Centre area in the heavens in that month and even
early January. I discovered a great many disasters caused by such alignments.

So what has happened since that winter of 2008-9? Were the cold temperatures in early
2009 a fluke? I personally remember hearing of some pretty awful winter blizzards in
America the last few years and experiencing on my own flesh that the winter of 2009 to
2010 where I live in Germany was a jot worse than the one before, and the one before that.

However, what about more objective records? Wikipedia supports that the winter of 2009–
2010 in Europe was unusually cold. It tells there were atypical snowfalls in several parts of
the Northern Hemisphere and that in January 2010, the northern half of Europe was caught
in the grips of the coldest winter since 1981–1982. Snowfall began on 16 December 2009
and many parts of Europe went on to experience heavy snowfall and record low
temperatures. This in turn led to a number of deaths, widespread transport disruption,
power failures and the postponing of sporting events.2

What about North America? Are there any more precise records of what occurred there in
the last years? In 2009 we find that the winter onset was early and widespread.3 With 20%
of the USA covered in snow before the middle of October 2009. The article mentioning this
also shows how there was a sharp but steady increase on previous years with 2003- .7, 2004-
.3, 2005- 1.7, 2006- 3.7, 2007- .3, 2008-12.7, 2009-19.9 percent on 13th October of each

If you Google “record cold snow in USA winter 2009 to 10” as I did, you will find a number of
articles telling of the coldest temperatures ever recorded and record amounts of snow
falling in blizzards.

Also in Asia Wikipedia records the fatalities caused by the winter storms and increased
snowfall of the last years.4

Winter storms of 2009–2010 in East Asia
Here in mid Germany the last two winters brought record cold, killing many garden plants in
our village, and the last winter continued a very long time, not seeming to leave till almost
Summer had arrived, and then the temperatures soared up suddenly into the 30s and even
40s within one month producing record heat! But in November 2010 it began to snow again
and there has never been a winter like this one since I moved to Germany, or even since I
was born in England back in 1959, a winter in which snow fell in November and stayed till
after Christmas5. It was rather strange that as the first snow was falling outside, the radio
was telling of the Kyoto Protocol meeting to talk of preventative measures against Global

There are many who now realize that global warming is not the main problem, and that in
fact the Earth has been cooling since 1998. Even back in 2006 an article from the Telegraph

Nasa Article: Arctic Oscillation Chills US and Europe
was written entitled “There IS a problem with global warming... it stopped in 1998”6
It is certainly no mere coincidence that the galactic axis of the Milky Way was most exactly
aligned with the winter solstice in that very year -19987. Did that trigger some kind of
climate reversal?

Yes it did. For the Galactic Axis with the Galactic Centre by the Scorpio and Sagittarius
constellations on one end and the bright constellations of Orion and the Pleiades cluster in
the shoulder of the Bull Taurus at the other end – at the Galactic Anti Centre - are the see-
saw markers used by the ancients to tell time on the Great Year clock, whose seasonal shifts
can come on extremely suddenly, especially at the time of alignment with one of the solstice

In the graph above adapted from Wikipedia8 you may see that the Galactic Centre and
Anti-Centre are placed close to the ecliptic path of the Sun where the best known zodiac
constellations are placed. When the solar clock with its solstice and equinox markers
aligns with the
galactic gates
we may
sudden and
changes and
reversals on

The chart on
the right
shows the sun
signs with
spring equinox
and winter
marked in the
inner circle
and the

There are a number of links to different astronomers claiming that 1998 was the most exact alignment
between galactic axis and solstice axis.

on the outer circle.

If the spring equinox of 21 March is used as a fixed marker, then the constellations seem to
“precess”. Of course in reality it is our Earth that is wobbling and creating the illusion of

If we allow the signs instead of the constellations to revolve, then the Galactic Centre (which
is actually placed at 3° of the constellation Sagittarius), appears to travel through the signs
and is now at 27° of the sign Sagittarius closing on the Winter Solstice and appearing to
move forward at the same rate as precession, 1° in 72 years or 1°24’ in 100 years.

The Galactic Axis has already made its most exact alignment in 19989 but the Galactic Centre
or Sagittarius A that is taken as the true Galactic Core is not quite centrally placed on this
axis. In 2012 neither the galactic axis nor the Galactic Core will be exactly aligned with the
Winter Solstice. However, what may make the 2012 period more memorable is the planetary
alignment occurring on the Holy Cross at that time.

A Holy Cross is formed twice in the Great Year between the constellation on the Spring
Equinox which at present is at 5° Pisces and the Milky Way at 5° Sagittarius/ Gemini. It is
these planets, Uranus and Pluto, also on this axis around 2012 and close to the winter
solstice and spring equinox in terms of sign positions that may cause the intense shifting
suggested by many ancient cultures predictions. Still this is a more complicated subject that
is dealt with in my book.

Many are now talking about the Younger Dryas Ice Age and its sudden onset, and wondering
if something like it could happen again. This ice age, called the Big Freeze, began about
12,900 years ago and lasted to 11,600 B.P., which was the approximate date calculated
through Plato’s Timaeus for the sinking of Atlantis. Fresh water from melting glaciers
entering the Atlantic was given as a reason for the ice age onset in the film “The Day After
Tomorrow”, which envisaged another sudden climate shift occurring in the near future.

However, only recently has it been discovered that this ice age may indeed have come on
not in a twenty years, or ten years but in a matter of months, as evidence found for instance
in Ireland shows!10 In fact, mammoths and other large creatures, found flash frozen with
summer flowers still in their mouths, suggest we may have very little warning.

If we take one Great Year as usually calculated at 25,920 years in length, in which time the
Galactic Centre appears to travel through all 12 signs of the zodiac and so was a good marker
of the Great Year which would end with the alignment to the winter solstice as now, then
half a Great Year ago was 12,960 years ago.

This fits almost exactly with the onset of that 1,300 year Younger Dryas ice age that marked
the end of the Pleistocene Period and the beginning of the modern Holocene in which


Sunday Times Article “Clare lake shows ice age came quickly”
thereafter, with geological evidence of serious flooding, the ice receded in the northern

Half a Great Year ago the Galactic Centre end of the Galactic Axis aligned with the Summer

Now we have reached the end of this Great Year Summer period for the Northern
Hemisphere that began for us after the Younger Dryas ended, and those who want to survive
the coming temperature changes may need to have some stored nuts and have made some
winter preparations, or have wings to fly south.

For what I believe is happening now is a return of the Great Year Winter in the Northern
sphere, which will be triggered by changes in the Gulf Stream11 and volcanic eruptions,
Hemisphere, eruptions
in such articles as 2010: the
that have in fact already begun, as predicted already by myself (in
Year of the Volcano12).

Yet this is not the end for in fact there will be a return of what we had lost,
lost together with an
eventual return to a Golden Age in the equatorial regions and Southern Hemisphere:
H a rising
of the lost “Atlantis” out of the waters.

Many of our oldest cultures

ltures tell of a lost Golden
Ag, though this
his has been difficult to reconcile
with our knowledge of the ice age that lasted
till half a Great Year ago in the Northern
emisphere. The truth is that the Golden Age
was not in the Northern Hemisphere
emisphere but in
equatorial and southern lands,
lands whose climate
then changed and whose lands sank below
the waters. This is a story I am still in the
process of writing:


Now we stand before a time when

temperatures will be extreme in many places,
beforee the transition is completed.completed
arthquakes and volcanic activity will raise
the new Earth that has been predicted will
return both by the Mayan Chilam Balam
priests of the 16th century, as also by the
Revelation vision of John in the Bible.

The earthquakes,, birth pains of that new Great north-atlantic-current-

2010 the Year of the Volcano
Year, can be seen to be increasing.

Graph showing increased smaller earthquakes in the USA in 2010.

In 2010 we have had more magnitude 7 earthquakes than since data bank records of NEIC
and USGS began in 1973, with so far 22 earthquakes over magnitude 7.

Especially in the month of December to early January, when the Sun crosses the Galactic
Centre, large earthquakes can be expected. The most likely times are when both Sun and
Moon are in aspect with the Galactic Centre. So on 26 December 2004 and 21 December
2010 the Full Moon opposite the Sun has caused large earthquakes of 9.3 and 7.4 respectively
as the Sun and Pluto were conjunct and the Full Moon opposite the Galactic Centre.
The above graph shows unprecedented historic earthquakes occurring in the last eight
Decembers compared with the eight years before in which only one historical
earthquake was recorded. There has been no period like it in records going back to
1800. As I am writing this before the end of the year, the data for December 2010 may
yet have to be increased.

The next three years will be critical in these earth changes.

If possible those in the northern hemisphere should be prepared that temperatures can get
colder every winter from now on and could indeed suddenly turn into an ice age. Each week
the news is telling us of new records in many places, like Berlin, which is experiencing the
most snow in 100 years.13

Berlin sees most snow in December since 1900s
Early this coming January 2011, when many planets including Sun and Moon are conjunct the
Galactic Centre (between the 2nd and 4th January particularly) we may see both larger
earthquakes as also temperatures plummeting down to create new icy records and those who
depend on external electricity, and food and water supplies, or require transport, may have a
very hard time.


S. Seymour Hedke