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Firestation Addition/Repair

Building 1950
XDQU029237 & XDQU042859




A. Drawings and general provisions of the Contract, including General and Supplementary
Conditions and Division 01 Specification Sections, apply to this Section.


A. Section Includes:

1. Fire protection cabinets for the following:

a. Portable fire extinguishers.

B. Related Sections:
1. Division 10 Section "Fire Extinguishers."


A. Product Data: For each type of product indicated. Include construction details, material
descriptions, dimensions of individual components and profiles, and finishes for fire
protection cabinets.

1. Fire Protection Cabinets: Include roughing-in dimensions, details showing
mounting methods, relationships of box and trim to surrounding construction,
door hardware, cabinet type, trim style, and panel style.

B. Shop Drawings: For fire protection cabinets. Include plans, elevations, sections,
details, and attachments to other work.

C. Product Schedule: For fire protection cabinets. Coordinate final fire protection cabinet
schedule with fire extinguisher schedule to ensure proper fit and function.

D. Maintenance Data: For fire protection cabinets to include in maintenance manuals.


A. Fire-Rated, Fire Protection Cabinets: Listed and labeled to comply with requirements
in ASTM E 814 for fire-resistance rating of walls where they are installed.


Type 304. provide one of the following: a. Type I. Industries. Clear Float Glass: ASTM C 1036.2 FIRE PROTECTION CABINET (FEC) A. Kind FT. B. a division of Activar Construction Products Group b.. Stainless-Steel Sheet: ASTM A 666. Kidde Residential and Commercial Division. Coordinate size of fire protection cabinets to ensure that type and capacity of fire extinguishers indicated are accommodated.5 COORDINATION A. FIRE EXTINGUISHER CABINETS 104413 .1 MATERIALS A. Coordinate sizes and locations of fire protection cabinets with wall depths. L. Subsidiary of Kidde plc c. Sheet: ASTM B 209 (ASTM B 209M). B.PRODUCTS 2.Firestation Addition/Repair Building 1950 XDQU029237 & XDQU042859 1. 2. Class 1 (clear). Provide factory-drilled mounting holes. Cabinet Construction: 1-hour fire rated 1. Potter Roemer LLC B. C. E. Type B. Fire-Rated Cabinets: Construct fire-rated cabinets with double walls fabricated from 0.(1.2 . PART 2 . Tempered Float Glass: ASTM C 1048. Class 1. Cabinet Type: Suitable for fire extinguisher. D. Quality q3.0428-inch. J. 1. and as follows: 1. Condition A.1-mm-) thick. Aluminum: Alloy and temper recommended by aluminum producer and manufacturer for type of use and finish indicated. Cold-Rolled Steel Sheet: ASTM A 1008/A 1008M. Commercial Steel (CS). 3 mm thick. Larsen's Manufacturing Company d. 6 mm thick. Type I. Inc. fire-barrier material. 2. Quality q3. cold-rolled steel sheet lined with minimum 5/8-inch. Products: Subject to compliance with requirements.(16-mm-) thick. Extruded Shapes: ASTM B 221 (ASTM B 221M).

Door Style: Vertical duo panel with frame I. E. of sizes required for types and capacities of fire extinguishers indicated. cast-iron door handle with the word "FIRE" embossed into face. Accessories: 1. designed to secure fire extinguisher to fire protection cabinet. Lettered Door Handle: One-piece. Provide where walls are of insufficient depth for recessed cabinets but are of sufficient depth to accommodate semirecessed cabinet installation. with one-piece combination trim and perimeter door frame overlapping surrounding wall surface with exposed trim face and wall return at outer edge (backbend)." 1) Location: Applied to cabinet door 2) Application Process: Silk-screened 3) Lettering Color: Red FIRE EXTINGUISHER CABINETS 104413 . Surface-Mounted Cabinet: Cabinet box fully exposed and mounted directly on wall with no trim. 1. Provide projecting door pull and friction latch 2. 1. Door Glazing: Tempered float glass (clear) J. permitting door to open 180 degrees. Cabinet Trim Material: Stainless-steel sheet G. Provide continuous hinge. and door material and style indicated.Firestation Addition/Repair Building 1950 XDQU029237 & XDQU042859 C. F. Mounting Bracket: Manufacturer's standard steel. Rolled-Edge Trim: 2-1/2-inch backbend depth. Identify fire extinguisher in fire protection cabinet with the words "FIRE EXTINGUISHER. 3. K. D. Semirecessed Cabinet: Cabinet box partially recessed in walls of sufficient depth to suit style of trim indicated. with plated or baked-enamel finish. Door Hardware: Manufacturer's standard door-operating hardware of proper type for cabinet type. Locate as indicated: a.3 . Provide where walls are of insufficient depth for semirecessed cabinet installation. size. Identification: Lettering complying with authorities having jurisdiction for letter style. 2. trim style. of same material and finish as trim. Shelf: Same metal and finish as cabinet. and location. Cabinet Material: Stainless-steel sheet. 1. Door Material: Stainless-steel sheet H. spacing.

Variations in appearance of adjoining components are acceptable if they are within the range of approved Samples and are assembled or installed to minimize contrast. Prepare recesses for semirecessed fire protection cabinets as required by type and size of cabinet and trim style.1 EXAMINATION A. Stainless Steel: Brushed finish. Examine walls and partitions for suitable framing depth and blocking where semirecessed cabinets will be installed. free of cross scratches. 3. Polished Finishes: Grind and polish surfaces to produce uniform finish.4 . temporary protective covering before shipping. 6. FIRE EXTINGUISHER CABINETS 104413 .EXECUTION 3. Protect mechanical finishes on exposed surfaces of fire protection cabinets from damage by applying a strippable. B.4 STAINLESS-STEEL FINISHES A. Appearance of Finished Work: Noticeable variations in same piece are not acceptable. 1. Proceed with installation only after unsatisfactory conditions have been corrected. 2. Dull Satin Finish: No.2 PREPARATION A. C. Surface Preparation: Remove tool and die marks and stretch lines. D. Finishes: 1. 2. PART 3 . or blend into finish.3 GENERAL FINISH REQUIREMENTS A. B. Finish fire protection cabinets after assembly. B.Firestation Addition/Repair Building 1950 XDQU029237 & XDQU042859 4) Orientation: Vertical L. Comply with NAAMM's "Metal Finishes Manual for Architectural and Metal Products" for recommendations for applying and designating finishes.

Remove temporary protective coverings and strippable films. a. if any. or replace fire protection cabinets that cannot be restored to factory-finished appearance. 3. F. Use only materials and procedures recommended or furnished by fire protection cabinet and mounting bracket manufacturers. Adjust fire protection cabinet doors to operate easily without binding. 1. FIRE EXTINGUISHER SCHEDULE 1. General: Install fire protection cabinets in locations and at mounting heights indicated: 1. Provide the following type fire extinguisher cabinets at the following locations. Verify that integral locking devices operate properly. clean interior and exterior surfaces as recommended by manufacturer. Refer to the drawings for the quantity of cabinets required. Fire Protection Cabinets: Fasten cabinets to structure. B. as fire protection cabinets are installed unless otherwise indicated in manufacturer's written installation instructions.5 .Firestation Addition/Repair Building 1950 XDQU029237 & XDQU042859 3. E. B. Service Portion: Provide (4) Surface-Mounted cabinets END OF SECTION 104413 FIRE EXTINGUISHER CABINETS 104413 . D. Touch up marred finishes. square and plumb. Office Portion: Provide (2) Semi-Recessed cabinets b. square and plumb.4 ADJUSTING AND CLEANING A. Fire Protection Cabinets: 54 inches above finished floor to top of cabinet.3 INSTALLATION A. C. Fasten mounting brackets to inside surface of fire protection cabinets. On completion of fire protection cabinet installation. Replace fire protection cabinets that have been damaged or have deteriorated beyond successful repair by finish touchup or similar minor repair procedures.