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Civilization IV is the latest installment in the award-winning Sid Meier's Civil
ization series. The game is developed by Firaxis Games and is published by 2K Ga
mes on October 25, 2005. Firaxis began working on the title about two years ago.
Pyramid - Click to enlarge The most prominent change from previous civilization
games is the graphics. The game world is now completely 3D. Rivers, resources, a
nd terrain improvements are all animated, making the map come alive like never b
efore. You will also be able to smoothly zoom in from a rotating global view all
the way down to the city level, as well as change the camera angle to a Civ2 st
yle isometric view or a Civ1 style top-down view. All city improvements and wond
ers are now directly visible on the map, so if you build the Pyramid, it will ap
pear within that city's radius. Fans who missed the Civ2 wonder movies will be h
appy to know that wonder movies are making a return in Civilization IV! There ar
e about 45 movies total in Civ4.

What This Version ?
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Description Installation pack
Civilization 4 with update 1.61 & 1.74
Mod Pack
*) European Middle Ages Resurrection
*) Favorite Religion 0.2
*) Byzantium Civilization
*) Next Level
*) Stargate 2.5
*) Super Civilization 1.05
*) Ancient Mediterranean
*) European Empires
*) Fall from Heaven II
*) Harry Potter
*) Rhye's and Fall of Civilization
*) Sevo
*) Star Wars
*) Total Realism 2.1.0, 2.1.3
Civilization 4 Warlords with update 2.13
Mod Pack
*) Byzantium Civilization 2.0
*) Thrace Civilization
*) Europe 1.3
*) Pirates!
*) Medieval
*) Modern Warfare
*) Rhye's and Fall of Civilization
*) XX Century
*) Visa Mega 3
Civilization 4 Beyond The Sword with update 3.13 & 3.17
Mod Pack

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