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Balayesu Junior College – Hindupur

Half Yearly Examinations – 2010-2011
Time : 3 Hrs Class : Jr Inter Subject : English – I Marks : 100
I. Annotate any TWO of the following 2x4=8M
a)Though I was not keen on taking up the job , I saw it as a challenge.
b) It is thinking differently or doing something different,doing something that
might be quite novel and un conventional in nature.
c) He must focus and focus relentlessly
d) If muscles are not used much , they get flabby, that is true of the brain too
II. Annotate any TWO of the following 2x4=8M
a)For in the dew of the little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.
b) I am the artist a creator and a demigod
c)we do it differently in this dark continent
d)They sit and stare and stare and sit until they are hypnotized by it until, they are absolutely drunk with
all that shaking ghastly junk.
III. Answer any TWO of the following 2x4=8M
a)Lateral thinking is creative or non linear thinking . Provide instances from the essay to support this
b) Sudha murthy extremely determined and resolute. Justify this statement
c)How has wicket keeping become more difficult in one day matches.
d) How does human intelligence differ from Robotic or Computer intelligence.

IV. Answer any TWO of the following 2x4=8M
a) How does T.V. kill once imagination?
b) How does poet contrast the celebration of Mother’s Day in western countries and in our country?
c) The poem a spider and fly is a celebration of beauty rather than Utility . justify your answer
d) Who finds a faithful friend, finds a treasure . Do you agree ? explain your views with reference
to the poem by Gibran.
V. Answer any ONE of the following 1x8=8M
a) Write an essay of “after twenty years”
b) Datta found a solution to his problem. Did it really work for him ? justify your answer.
c) What is the moral of the story that the bachelor narrated ?how isthe story going to create
problems for the Aunt?
VI. Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow. 5x1=5M
While going to college yesterday I saw an old man crossing the road. He might be above eighty. The road
was full of speeding vehicles. There were scores of pedestrians and a traffic constable too, near by.
None bothered the extend a helping hand to the old man, I rushed to the spot. In the mean time, he was
knocked down by a speeding lorry. I took him to the hospital immediately .The old man expressed
gratitude for my timely help.
1. Who was crossing the road?
2. What do we get whenever we help some one often?
3. What is the name of the vehicle referred in the passage?
4. What part of speech is the word “Old”?
5. What is the meaning of Pedestrians?

VII. Read the following passage and answer the questions 5x1=5M
The great advantage of early rising is in good start it gives us in our days work. The early riser has done a
large amount of hard work before other men have got out of bed. In the early morning, the mind is fresh,
and there are few sounds or other distractions so that work done at that time is generally well done. In

and this exercise supplies him with a fund of energy that will last until the evening. but also ) e) I shall be here by 30th of Next month (add Question Tag) XII. correct the following sentences. Fill in the blanks with suitable Prepositions.. What do the exercise supply? 5. ( change into indirect) c) No other CM is as good as Dr.M c)Q. b) Sneha looked at the clock c) kamal has a pen d) when did you come ? e)you and I are celebrating new year .ounce f) Vi. Identify the part of speech of the underlined ½x6=3M a)John won a prize in the competition.him e) My house is -------..a walk c) He wants a glass ------.Tea b) Ram and Kumar went -----... What is the synonym of “Distraction” Section-C VIII.. Fill in the blanks with suitable forms of the Verbs. Y. 1x5=5M a) My master rupee coin from his purse.S. you--------(pass) the exam. ½x6=3M a)Raju prefers coffee-.ue d) I .(teach) the poem yesterday. 1x5=5M a)I shall finish the work ( change the voice) b) Raghu said . e) Tagore was-----. IX. An or The. What is the great advantage of early rising? 2. It was hungry (use not only .Rajasekhar Reddy(change into superlative degree) d) The dog was wet .the temple f) He took ------.extraordinary man f) He took out ------. 1.Sun rises in the east. ½x6=3M a) st. 1x5=5M a) Tharun –is having a beautiful car... e)if you had prepared well.water d) The poem was written -------. XIII.... d) children ---------(drink) milk every day.d XIV. XI.y b)C. ½x6=3M a) Anil is -------honest man b) There is e)A . Supply the missing letters in the following.hole in the dress c) --------Name of the lady is bhavana d) -------.many cases the early riser also finds time to take some exercise in the fresh morning air. c) Tamil --------(speak) in Tamilnadu. b) Why you are standing there? c) The shop opens on eleven in the morning d) I have a car beside a scooter e) Children are fond in sweets. What do the early riser find? 4. “I have seen a film. How is the mind in the early morning? 3. b)Sreenu --------(come)from Bombay tomorrow . Fill in the blanks with A. Rewrite the following sentences as directed. Identify the silent letters ½x6=3M a) Calm b)Might c) debt d) knife e) pneumatic f) design XV...his gloves X.

Thinking 9. (Or) There are 1000 students in a college.. Convey this information in a Pie chart XVIII.. you can..-. We plan to go for matinee show Mother:Of course.400 boys and 400 girls participated in the survey .. Gender 10. Team 4. Break Great heat 3. Hindi is the mother tongue of 250 students while Urdu is spoken by 200 .company 2.Patient 5.? Mother: Who are the friends with whom -------------------? Raghav:-------------... interesting story about a real person 6) Anecdote f) walking with an awkward drooping posture XVII..... write the number of syllables for any six of the following ½x6=3M 1. Telugu is the mother tongue of half the students.ensconced b) False.. A youth magazine conducted a survey about college students hobbies... go no to 5. Read the following transcription and write any five words in ordinary spelling 5M (OR) Find the odd words 1.f) Eat an apple a day XVI.. not genuine 3)Obeisance c) to violate the sacredness of 4)desecrate d) a gesture which shows respect 5)slouching e) a short . But be careful . Match the following words in column A with their meanings in coloum B ½ x 6 = 3 M A B 1. 5M Hobby Boys Girls Collecting stamps 100 50 Collecting Coins 100 200 Browsing the Internet 200 150 Total students 400 400 Present the information given in the table in short paragraph... rough bough enough XIX.. Rest speak other languages . Excite 8. Complete the following dialogue 4M Raghav: Mom can I ..Afternoon 3.debt 7. Robot XX..Imp 6. This Bath Think 2. Spurious a)Hidden or concealed 2.. chaos Batch chick 4. Of the remaining 500 .

. Wish you a very happy and prosperous new year 2011  .