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Application Form

International Students
300 Woodlawn Road, Niagara, Ontario, Canada L3C 7L3
Phone: 905-735-2211 | Fax: 905-735-2413 | Email: | Web:

m Mr m Mrs. m Ms. m Miss Date of Birth:_______ |_________ | _ ______ m Male m Female
Year Month Day

Family (Last) Name:_ ________________________________Given (First) Name(s):________________________________________

Current Mailing Address:_ ______________________________________________________________________________________
_______________________________________________________________ Country:______________________________________
Phone number: ( )____________________________________________ Fax: ( )___________________________________
Email:__________________________________________________________ Country of Citizenship:_________________________

Do you want all communication to go to your agent? m Yes m No Agent Name_____________________________________

ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE (ESL) PROGRAM Which program are you applying to:
English for Academic Preparation (EAP) m Conversational English m
15 weeks m 30 weeks m 45 weeks
m Start Date: _____ | _ ____ | _____ m 4 weeks (July or August only)
Year Month Day
m 60 weeks m __ weeks Finish Date: _____ | _ ____ | _____ m 8 weeks m 16 weeks m __ weeks
(if known) Year Month Day

POST SECONDARY PROGRAMS Undergraduate, Degree, and Graduate

Which program(s) are you applying to: Start Date (circle one)
1st Choice Program Name_ __________________________________ Code_ ________January_________ September_________
Year Year
2nd Choice Program Name_ __________________________________ Code_ ________January_________ September_________
Year Year
3rd Choice Program Name_ __________________________________ Code_ ________January_________ September_________
Year Year
Is English your first language? m Yes m No
If NO, have you taken any English tests (ie: TOEFL, IELTS, CAEL)? m Yes m No
Test Name_ _____________________________________________ Score_ ________________
Your most recent high-school, college or university transcript must accompany your application for Post Secondary programs.

HOUSING INFORMATION I would like to apply for one of the following:

1. Homestay m Application Attached m To Follow 3. I will arrange my own living accommodations m
2. Residence/Dormitory m Application Attached m To Follow 4. I am interested in off campus housing m

Please return this completed form to: N

 iagara College, International Education
300 Woodlawn Road, Fax: 905-735-2413
Welland, Ontario, Canada L3C 7L3 Email:
A non-refundable deposit of $250 Cdn. must be sent with this form if you are applying for post-secondary programs. No deposit is required for the ESL
program. Make drafts payable to Niagara College. The deposit is part of your tuition fee.

Method of Payment (check one): m m m Wire Transfer m Bank Draft m Other

If paying by Visa, or MasterCard, please complete the following:
Card Number:______________________________________Expiry Date:________________________________________________
Name on Card:______________________________________Signature of Cardholder:______________________________________

Signature of Applicant:__________________________________________________ Date:______________________________

FOR OFFICE USE ONLY m Prof m Trans m Deposit m Degree/Diploma

For additional information please contact:
Niagara College–International Education Department
300 Woodlawn Road, Niagara, Ontario, Canada L3C 7L3

Important Information Phone: 905-735-2211 ext. 7505 | Fax: 905-735-2413 or 905-736-6016 |

Email: | Web:

for Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

Tuition and Fees
(4 months) (CDN) (8 months) (CDN)
Tuition $4,990/term $9,980
Service Fees $200/term $400
Medical Insurance $55/month $660
Bus fee $60/term $120

Other Fees
Co-op (for all co-op programs) $450/co-op term
Material Fees (for material used in your program) $0.00 to $800
*note: most programs have no material fees, however programs like Chef have large material fees for the food you prepare and eat.

Laptop Fees
Some engineering programs require students to lease a laptop from the college.

Books and Supplies

Varies per program, but books are expensive in Canada. One book can cost over $100.

Program Start Dates

Fall 2008 August 31, 2008 All programs start in September each year and some pro-
Winter 2009 January 2, 2009 grams also start in January. Check the web site for program
start dates
Fall 2009 September 3, 2009

Homestay (includes meals) 2 month minimum $600 per month
Dormitory (excludes meals) September to April $5,600 (8 month lease)
January to April $2,800 (4 month lease)
May to August $400 per month

Airport Pick Up
Airport pick up $100 per person
Scholarships Niagara College offers a variety of scholarships for international students. Please visit our web site for
current scholarship availability.

English as a Second Language Programs


English for Academic Preparation 4 months $3,980 plus insurance

Conversational English 1 month $995 plus insurance

Prices are all in Canadian Dollars, and are current for the 2008/2009 academic school year. All prices are subject to change.

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