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Atributes: Roll 4d6 remove the lowest add the rest together.

You roll 6 times
for 6 stats and may choose to roll a powerball for one of your stats. This
powerball may be rolled only once.


Twildin: Twildin are strange and mystical beings. They appeared from the
forest one day around 700 years ago, near the end of the Surface War. They
were first discovered by a Cracal war band and learned much of the ways of
war from them. One day a man named Kaladris heard a voice from the
heavens and rose up as a leader of his people. He had been told the will of
the Creators of the Twildin and led his people to new lands to teach them the
way of their lords and give them meaning to their existance. The Twildin were
the first to offer up a truce to the Dvergar who eventually accepted; this act
starting the peace Aderon has enjoyed for the last 610 years.

Twildins are the largest race of humanoids on Aderon, they look like humans
and stand 7-8.5 feet tall and come in a range of shapes, skinny, fat, stocky
etc.. Their eye and hair color range from red, brown, black, blond and
white( eyes and hair always match with the Twildins, except in special cases
and when it does vary the Twildin lable the abberations as witches whether or
not they possess magical ability and they are always treated like outcast.).
Twildins live between 60-80 years of age.

Playable Classes: Warrior, Rogue, Wizard, Cleric

+2 Strength, -2 Dexterity

Cracal: Cracal were one of the three races that existed underground for
thousands of years before the Dvergar discovered the surface realm. For
reasons forgotten by most, the Cracal and Dvergar have been at war for as
long as the Cracal have existed. The Cracal race was the first to discover the
existance of the Twildins and took them in as potential allies or tools
(depending on your view) and taught them the ways of war. Not long after
discovering the Twildin, the fledging race decided to break off on its own and
establish its own lands. The Cracal were reluctant to let them go but did so
without bearing any grudge. In fact the Cracal continued to have close
relations with the Twildin and fought many battles along side them. However,
one day the Twildin decided they had enough of war that had very little to do
with them and offered up a peace treaty to the Dvergar, who to the suprise of
the Cracal accepted. With a major ally lost and strength already waning the
Cracal decided to offer up a peace treay of their own. And so the age of the
Cease Fire, as the Cracal called it, began. Opportunistic Cracal and Dvergar
soon began trade between the countries, though each race is highly
suspicous of the other and often attempt to impose taxes on one another.

The Cracal are twisted and deformed in the eyes of the other races, they
have jagged pointed ears and gnarled leathery skin. Cracals only have small
wisps of hair, if any at all, and have sharp, crooked, beast like teeth. They
range from 5.5-6.5 feet and have cool colored skin (ranging from black-grey-

green-blue.) Cracal live between 40-60 years of age.

Playable Classes: Warrior, Rogue, Wizard

+2 Dex, -2 Con, Low-Light Vision, Light sensitivity(-2 to everything while in

Hamil: The Hamil are the shortest race in Aderon, even shorter than the
Dvergar in most cases. The Hamil's roll in the great wars between the
Dvergar and Cracal are almost non-existant. The Dvergar see the Hamil as
shorter weaker cousins and find it their duty to protect them. The Cracal pay
little attention to the Hamil at all, except when he finds himself very hungry.
The Hamil are obssessed with keeping records; whether it be history or their
day to day journal. On the same note they are obssessed with any form of
knowledge they can get and are very good at learning and adapting. They
are not a very war like people and have not even tried to hold a battle axe in
anger (save a few foolish ones). When they fight, if they ever decide to, they
will do it from the shadows, copying the style of skilled Cracal assassins.

At one point, on the surface world, the Hamil established a grand city called
Darol and within it had a great anthenaeum which held the lore and records
of the Hamil people. Within it contained the history and events of every race
on Aderon, even the recently discovered Twildin. Many of the greatest minds
had their journals, notes and discoveres stored at the Darol anthenaeum.
However, near the end of the Surface War (or the Last Record as the Hamil
call it) the Dvergar were routed by the Cracal and took refuge in Darol,
forcing their way in. The Hamil had no time to react or prepare before the
Cracal were attacking the city. Darol had very little defense wise and was
soon burned to the ground and with it the great Darol athenaeum. The Hamil
recovered what knowledge they could but much was lost and after the age of
peace and during the signing of the formal peace treaty the Hamil had it
worked in that they will have the right to make an orginization known as the
Exploreres Guild and through this guild they would be allowed to recruit from
any race that was willing. The Guild would have the right to travel the lands
and search for records of the past or to confirm (or complete) the records
that they have. Also in the signing of the peace treaty they had it written
that Darol, or New Darol as it is being rebuilt, will be allowed to have full
control over its trade rights, taxes and prices. From this the highly orginized
Hamil city has become a known place for trade if one must resort to trading
at a fair price with little tax on their goods.

The Hamil stand between 2.5-3.5 feet and have earth toned hair, skin and
eyes. They are child like in apperance, never capable of growing beards and
hair never graying. The Hamil live between 200-300 years.

Playable Classes: Rogue, Wizard, Cleric

+2 Int. They believe they are the pieces of a fallen God which they call Grugnal (Creator). A beard is often decorated in jewels and gold and slowly becomes . and so the Dvergar began to mine and for the last 610 years they have been depleating the earth of ores and digging ever deeper for resources.) The Dvergar saw this as an opportunity to stock up for any war that may come into being and to reinforce their lands. +2 Wis. many Dvergar still fear the unstopable beast of war and train continously. Dvergar: Dvergar are said to be the first race ever to exist on Aderon. The Dvergar stand between 4-4. once all the Dvergar die it is believed Grungal will be reborn and take vengance on the other Gods. He was thrown upon the earth and crashed through. This group of Dvergar are known as the Ork or Disgraced Ones. The Dvergar first discovered the surface realm when being pushed back by the Cracal. The Dvergar are known for their large floor dusting beards ( except the Ork who are forced to shave them off) and are often ranked by the might of such beards. armor and siege weapons. The land was being drained and resources were becoming harder and harder to obtain.5 feet and have large broad shoulders. The Grugnadon lake is said to be the site at which he hit the earth. -2 Str MV 20ft. All knowledge as a General Skill. bringing to him their knowledge and skill. Some have even tried to instigate a war by attacking Cracal and Twildin lands or even attack their own villages in attempt to make it look like the Cracal are responsible. The Dvergar existed underground for thousands of years and at some point came upon the Hamil and Cracal. They also believe that every time one of them dies their spirit becomes part of Grungal once more. They. also the Dvergar were being pressed from both the Cracal in the north and the Cracal and Twildin in the south. many of the Dvergar turned to crafting and trading. keeping ever watchful eyes on the Cracal. Eventually after another 400 years of continous war the Dvergar were offered a truce by the Twildin and then the Cracal. These Dvergar are often banished and sent off as outcast from all lands. Grugnal was said to have been one of many creator gods and was betrayed by his brothers and sisters. and so the age of the Miners came into being ( As the Dvergar call it. Why or how these three races came to be is no longer known due to the burning of Darol and the great knowledge within ( and those who may have known have long since died). So the Dvergar decided to accept the peace treaty. The Dvergar used the new resources they found and created better weapons. call themselves the Barag'Drakum (War Machine). who used some sort of demonic power to drive them up and up. After so much time without war. however. For a long time the Dvergar dominated the surface realm until the Cracal found a way to it in the northern lands and when they did they began to slowly cut down into the Dvergar lands. at the same time it is said. Though only the Hamil seem very interested in finding the true reason once more. However.

skills or new learned spells. An explorere guild level can never exceed your class level and experience is rewarded to both Class Level and Explore Guild level when a quest is completed related to the Exploreres guild or actions are taken related to the Exploreres guild. Skills 10 Skills. 1d4+1 Spells(If wizard)/Spell Levels(If cleric) Initiate 2 Feat. Skills Seeker 4 Skills. Skills 8 Skills.silver as they grow older. Feat 11 Spells. Feat Lore maker . In order to obtain those one must raise Explorere Guild levels (LVL -1)*200. Feat 7 Spells. Feat 5 Spells. Skills(as class). Skills 12 Skills. Classes and Explorer's Guild When raising levels each players has 2 expierence bars. Skills 3 Spells. A standard level does not give you feats. First is his experience that is required to raise a level ( LVL -1)*1000. Feat Keeper 9 Spells. Rogue +2 Con -2 wis -2 cha. They live between 300-600 years. Skills Member 6 Skills. no movement penalties for encumbrance. Special sub-class Exploreres Guild: Specials Rank 1 Feat. +1 Skill. Playable Classes: Warrior. MV 20ft.

The ammount of pay you recieve is a standard fee. Skills 18 Skills. That class requires half the amount of XP to raise as your first class. Initiate: 5 SP. . Feat 15 Spells.13 Spells. Seeker: 10 SP Member: 20 SP Keeper: 40 SP Lore Maker: 80 SP Master: 160 SP Special Cross -class : You may choose to give a portion of your XP when it is gained to a second primary class. Skills 14 Skills. however you may find treasures that you can either turn in for additional money or keep for yourself during your adventures. normally have a specially ranked guild member (Watcher) accompany the initiate or group of initiates on Guild related quests. Feat Master 17 Spells. Feat 19 Skills 20 Spells. If you obtain enough XP to raise the second class it is considered "cross classing". Upon reaching each level of your cross class you gain only the Special abilites of that class. In doing so you gain the ability to assign Explorer Guild sub levels to the second class instead of the first. Feat Ranks: Your rank will determin the ammount of pay that you get for completing accepted assigned quests and the ammount of information that the Guild is willing to share with you. Each level of Explorer's guild sub-class gained you will be able to choose which of your 2 classes you wish to give the abilities to. Skills 16 Skills. Skills.

Warrior: BAB F/R/W Defense Special 1 1 2-0-0 0 Weapon Focus 2 2 3-0-0 1 3 3 3-1-1 2 Weapon Specilization 4 4 4-1-1 3 5 5 4-1-1 3 Fearsome Reputation 6 6/1 5-2-2 4 7 7/2 5-2-2 5 8 8/3 6-2-2 6 9 9/4 6-3-3 6 10 10/5 7-3-3 7 Legendary Reputation 11 11/6/1 7-3-3 8 12 12/7/2 8-4-4 9 13 13/8/3 8-4-4 9 14 14/9/4 9-4-4 10 15 15/10/5 9-5-5 11 16 16/11/6/1 10-5-5 12 17 17/12/7/2 10-5-5 12 18 18/13/8/3 11-6-6 13 19 19/14/9/4 11-6-6 14 20 20/15/10/5 12-6-6 15 Specials: .

Handle Animal. Jump. Perception. Skills: 2+int modifer General Skills: Intimidate and Ride Climb. armor penetration and sunder checks.Full round action .. Knowledge(Local). General: Two Weapon Fighting Powerful Strike .Attack ignores any deflection bonus the target has. Legendary Reputation: The warrior is now a legendary beast and 1/day may cause fear in his enemies. disarm checks and grapple to use weapon.Full round action. The warrior recieves +2 to damage.. all enemies within 30 feet are affected. Two weapon fighting) * . . Any weapon of the chosen class that the Warrior is proficient in gives the warrior a +2 on all attacks. Roll oppossed attack rolls and if succseful the enemy misses. Single attack .Weapon Focus: The warrior may choose a weapon class to focus in.requires light armor 2.Parry . before to hit rolls are made. Swords. magical or not. Diplomacy. Swim.reduce your bab to 0 add that to damage and to AVS penetration. Shield Breaker . If enemy fails save they run in fear until the warrior can no longer be heard or seen. Weapon Specilization: The warrior must choose the weapon class he is focused in. DC 10+cha Will. Spears. Axes. and try to destroy it (Does not work on spells higher than third level). Fearsome Reputation: The warrior's reputation is well known and he recieves a +5 to all intimidate normal damage OR attack may attack shield.Once a round may parry an incoming attack. Quick Draw Skirmisher (Preq. magical or not . Knowledge(Arch & Engineering) Feats Categories: *only obtained from Explorer Guild sub-class levels.

or recieve -2 / -2 for wielding two main weapons.Any single target. (Preq. if succseful will rise with 1 HP and will suffer from near death even if spells or powers would negate it.Precise strike . Once you fail to do an enemy's full life in one strike the cleave stops. * 6. Deadly Strike) Barbarian (Preq. (Preq.may increase the reach of your attack by 5 feet and recieve no attacks of oportunity for the attack.The reach of your weapons are now always 5 ft further than they appear to be. May make a single attack that counts as a coup d'grace. Dodge)* 12 .Mighty Blow . Lightning Reflexes) 14.Declared use.+2 to Ref Save 8 .Lightning Reflexes .Spell Dodge . May only be used 1/day 6 . Parry. may take a save anyways. Might Blow) 8 . (Preq.Cleave . non mind effecting spell - If a save is failed may re-roll the save.Unstopable . Lightning Reflexes) 16 .Full round action .(Preq.Full round action. Parry) 10 .Deadly Strike .Once a round.Two Weapon Mastery .Improved Lunge. Lunge)* 20 . Enemy (up to 1 size category larger) must make opposed strength check after suffering a hit. Second Wind) . Only works while a weapon is in hand. If the spell does not allow a save . If target takes damage from one of your strikes they must roll a Fort save VS damage done or die. (Preq.Second Wind . roll a REF save vs the roll to hit you.You do not suffer from wounded or near death ( Except in the case of second wind) (Preq.Declared use. 1/rnd.Improved Parry .If knocked Unconcious may roll a will save DC 10 +1 for every point below 0 (Even past -10).Dodge . 1/rnd.May parry up to 3 Incoming attacks in one round.Lunge. 4 .4 . Powerful Strike) 2 . (Preq. Lunge) 18 .If you do a enemys full life bar in damage in one strike you may continue to attack any enemy within your attack range. (Preq.If attack succesful hits and a parry was not attempted you may negate your armor save and attempt to dodge. If failed the target is knocked prone or 5 ft back.No long recieve any minus for wielding one main weapon and a light off hand. (Preq.

You may enter a state of Frenzy 1/day for 1 combat.Champion .Throw Weapon . Cleave. All intelligent creatures need to roll a Will save DC 10 + Cha or they will choose not to engange the knight in melee. This HP is used first when you take damage.You count as having 27 strength when attempting to break from ropes. Also may make an aditional attack with shield at -2. Once the frenzy is over this HP will go away but not subtract from your normal HP. Wolf: Gain + 20 ft movement speed and +4 Defense. + 30 movement speed(Stacks with wolf spirit). You may "Ride by attack" ( As 3. Gain +4 to Handle animal.Master of Armor .Mounted Combat . This also counts to bend bars or bust open doors. (Preq. of 50 ft and max range of 250ft. Armor .Great Cleave .Gain +1 Defense and Reflex save from a light or heavy shield. ( Preq.I.Armor Specilization . Kill a Bear and/or wolf with your bare hands and no armor in one on one combat.The Defense Minus in any armor is reduced by 3.May charge up to 90 ft(or base speed x3 . (Preq. (Preq. 10 . Unstopable) 18. While on horse back DC = 10 + LVL. Shield Specilization) 8 .While charging and enemy .5 PHB).The knight is a fearsome opponent. (Preq. 20 . You may also shoot bows from horseback without penalty. +200 HP. You gain x2 Die damage when charging on horseback.You are skilled at battle training steeds (Automatic takes 2 weeks).) 12 . Beserk Charge) Knight (Preq.Any weapon you are Proficient with and up to large size may be thrown with a in wolf form 150ft) gaining + 10 damage but suffer -10 Defense.Unbound .Battle Frenzy .Shield Specilization . chains or any bindings. (Preq. (Preq. ) 16 . Mounted Combat) 12 . (Preq. Ride) 2 .If you run out of opponents to cleave you may make a 5 ft step after each cleave to get in range of nearby enemys.All armor grants the Knight a + 5 AVS.Heroic Charge .10 .Activate the spirit of a Bear or Wolf once a day . 14 . 6 . Handle animal) 4 .Beserk Charge.Animal Spirit . +10 Defense +10 to hit and damage. No strength is added to the damage.Bear: Gain +4 to hit and damage for the rest of combat. the target must roll a Fear save Vs 5+ Level or loose DEX to defense and be unable to make AoO or other out of turn powers or held actions.

) 12 . (Preq.(Preq.No matter the odds .Enemies always fail AVS on a 5 against you. auto criticals and ignores AVS. No matter the odds.Break through .You may make a charge in a straight line and attack anyone you pass.Enemies always fail AVS on a 2 against you. (Preq. (Preq. (Preq. (Preq.You may make an AoO against anyone who charges you. (Preq. Make an attack vs an arm or leg (-like limb) at -10 to hit and opponent recieves a -4 AVS. Wild Hits.Hold the Line .Sever .Full round action. Slam is a full round action shield attack.Finishing Strike . target now has 19 HP and you can roll a STR check DC 19) If you pass the STR check the target dies.Works on Large or smaller opponents. You gain +2 defense while doing this.Specilization) 14 .Wild hits . target has 30/60 HP then you attack and do 11 dmg.May Bull rush without any AoO.You may make an attack against anyone near you at -2 to each attack. ( Preq. Your Attack will deal no damage but the enemy must still roll AVS at -5. Opponent loses attack if damaged. No matter the Odds. Roll damage and AVS like normal then roll a STR check vs remaining HP ( i.Kill the weak! . Break through) 10 . If he fails his AVS than you have exsposed a weakspot and he has a permanent -5 AVS until it is repaired.) 16 .Only works on targets of Equal size or smaller.Unarmed Combat .RI 50ft Standard Damage + Fort save vs DC 10 + Dmg or be knocked down. Heroic Charge.Shield Throw .Weak point. Does not stack. Opponent must make a Fort save vs DMG done or lose the limb. (Preq.) 16 .Slam .Charge Through . 6 . Champion) 20 .e. 8 .If target is Wounded ( At or lower than Half HP) You may make a Full attack action to attempt to finish him off. The enemies all suffer as if it was a Heroic Charge. Shield Specilization. ) 14 . ) Brawler 2 . Full round action. Shield Specilization) 18 . Kill the weak) . You may also make up to two charge attacks per round.Your fists do 1d6 dmg each and you may make 2 attacks with them at -2/-2 or use a one-handed weapon and a fist. 4 .

Unarmed combat) 20 .Recover .Improved Unarmed Combat .18 . No matter the odds. Trap finding 2 1 0-3-0 2 Evasion 3 2 1-3-1 3 SA+1 Trap sense +1 4 3 1-4-1 4 Uncanny dodge 5 3 1-4-1 5 SA +2 6 4 2-5-2 6 Trap sense +2 7 5 2-5-2 7 SA +3 8 6/1 2-6-2 8 Improved Uncanny Dodge 9 6/1 3-6-3 9 SA + 4 Trap sense +3 10 7/2 3-7-3 10 Crippling Strike 11 8/3 3-7-3 11 SA +5 12 9/4 4-8-4 12 Trap sense + 4 13 9/4 4-8-4 13 SA +6 14 10/5 4-9-4 14 15 11/6/1 5-9-5 15 SA +7 Trap sense +5 16 12/7/2 5-10-5 16 17 12/7/2 5-10-5 17 SA + 8 . (Preq. (Preq.Your Fists now do 1d10 dmg each. If the save is passed you remain at 1 HP. This can be done any number of times. ) Rogue BAB F/R/W Defense Special 1 0 0-2-0 1 Sneak attack.If you ever take enough damage to bring you to 0 or lower HP you may make a fort save VS dmg done.

If he is incapacitated he still loses dex to AC. Diplomacy.sneak attack bonus. Perception. Knowledge (Local). Sense Motive. Crippling Strike: If a target saves vs a rogues sneak attack they suffer a -5 to to hit . use a blunt weapon vs Skeletons). Does not stack. and only rogues. It may use only melee weapons that are not large and the rogue is proficent with. Knowledge(Nature). Swim. Gather Information. A sneak attack is rolled to hit normally ( the target may suffer from being flat footed) and if a hit is made the target rolls an AVS . Also the rogue must be able to penetrate the targets DR (i. Escape Artist. The DC = Targets HD after combat or Targets HD +10 if in combat. damage and ref saves. A rogue should keep track of the creatures it knows how to fight. Climb. Bluff Appraise. Improved Uncanny Dodge: The rogue no longer suffers a minus for being flanked and can not be sneak attacked by another rogue if flanked unless that rogue is 4 levels higher than himself.e. Evasion: Agaisnt spells that allow for a REF save for partial damage the rogue will ignore the damage if the save is made. Intimidate. Balance. Sleight of hand. If the creature is strange and unfamilar to the rogue they must spend time observing it or roll an imediate knowledge check (takes 1 round 1/per combat). Device. Trap sense: The rogue gains a +1 REF or DEF vs traps. Disguise. Uncanny Dodge: The rogue can not be caught flat footed except by a rogue 4 levels higher than himself. Skills: 8+int General Skills: Stealth. Decipher Script. Forgery. if it fails then the attack automatically counts as being a critical hit and the target must roll vs damage done or die ( Fort Save). Knowledge(Arcana). Stealth. The opponent must be caught unaware ( Flat footed) or flanked in order for the sneak attack to work. Jump. Tumble . have the ability to use the Perception skill to find traps and the Device skill to disarm them. Knowledge(General). Trap finding: Rogues.18 13/8/3 6-11-6 18 Trap sense + 6 19 14/9/4 6-11-6 19 SA +9 20 15/10/5 6-12-6 20 Sneak Attack: A sneak can be done once per opponent per round.

Improved Sneak attack) 18 Posion immunity.If opponent is observed in combat for atleast 1 round you gain a +1 to hit and damage.The rogue may make a sneak attack with a ranged weapon if they are within 30 feet.Shadowing Shot: You may shoot into melee without penalty and if you are stealthed your target can not determin your location. after rolls are made.Aim .The rogue may draw a concealed weapon as a free action. (Preq. Ranged Sneak Attack) 2 .( Preq.You may vanish from combat with a stealth check DC 20 +1 for every enemy that threatens you.(Preq.Read action.Poison Master: The rogue may apply poisons in combat as a move action and may use poisons without a chance to poison himself.) . Climb Skill) 16 .May make any other single action instead of an AoO (Preq. in any round before it starts.The rogue may choose to go first. 4 . Poison Maker. (Preq.You gain an aditional +1 to your sneak attack to penetrate AVS 6 .Vanish . Ranged Sneak Attack . Poison Master) 8 .Can scale walls and surfaces that are below DC 15 at normal speed and without check(Preq.Feat Classes: General: Improved Stealth .After a dealing with poison for so long you have become immune. 12. Improved sneak attack) 10 . Hidden Weapon . if the enemy fails to spot the weapon then rogue's next attack counts as a sneak attack Assassination: (Preq. Aim) 14 .The rogue may move at half speed (instead of 1/4) while stealthed. The enemy gets to roll a perception test vs the rogues Sleight of hands.Climb . stacks for each round that passes.Poison Maker: You may make poison from natural substances or harvest it from a poisonous creature.Improved Sneak attack. Improved Iniative . If another person with improved iniative trys to go first than whoever had the best rolled iniative goes first.

To give you an idea if you messed up a 5th level spell it is likely that everything in the area is now dead or worse. (Preq.Spell Theif . 4 . In the case of a 20 two spells are cast. In the case of a 20 the spell and the mishap table affect both go off.The spell has reached a height that is way beyond your abilities to . Pick Pocket 2 . If it was a spell that provided buffs. You recieve no save for the effect even if skills. Add the damage together to determin the opponents Fort save or die. 11-15 . 6-10 . magic items.You may make use up to two attacks on a single opponent and count them both as sneak attacks.May take 10 to pick pocket or conceal a weapon when not in combat. Master Pick Pocket.Master Pick Pocket. Roll a D20 1 . stoneskin. 20 .. only the DM can determin the effects of such a thing.5 You know the spell and its effects 0 You have had the spell explained to you and are very familar with it +5 Mishap Table . such as magical armor or stone skin.If you roll a 1 or 20.The spell fails to cast.e.The spell is cast upon one of your allies chosen at random that are in line of sight and functions like a roll 2-5..May use Use Magic Device to cast prepared wizard spells you obtain. or abilites would of been able to negate it.instead of providing you with DR it now makes you take more damage). you must roll on the mishap table. 16-19 . including its save. The spell is somehow transformed into something different and terrible. if no allies are in line of sight or range of the spell it is instead cast upon you. 2-5 .The spell backfires and cast only on you.The spell goes off but it does 1/2 of all of its numerical values. even if it is an area effect.20 Assassinate . Except on a roll of 20.The spell goes horribly wrong. the opposite affect is applied.(i.) DC = 5 + Spell Level Modifier table You do not know which spell you are trying to cast -20 You have never seen the effects of the spell in action .

May do it once per attack.Feint . In the case of a 20 . Combat Pick Pocket) 16 -Silence. . its imense power recoils through you causing you to take 2d6 dmg per level of the spell and be knocked prone. two spells are cast. you still use the casting style of a spell theif. You may only attempt to hide if no other opponents threaten you. You may make a free 5 foot step. if this step puts you in a square that is threatened by another opponent your hide automatically fails. and AVS is rolled normally. 6 -Acrobatic . to hit roll is replaced by sleight of hands and no AVS is allowed.You may use your Sleight of hands ability to pull opponents armor apart.May attempt to use a ranged weapon to disarm an opponent up to 100 feet away. Misdirection (Preq. Full round action 14 . All of its numerical values are doubled( including its DC). as a move action. tumble or balance skill even when in combat.You have been using spells for a long time and some might confuse you for a real wizard. To hit .Wizard! . If the target fails his sense motive check then you may attempt to hide or make a sneak attack. Hidden Weapon) 2 .( Preq. Target still gets a perception check to notice what you are doing and if he succeds he gains an AoO. Each time you do this the target loses 1 AVS and once he has lost all his AVS his armor falls off. jump.May use Sleight of hands as a single attack action.If a spell mishap result is made you may reroll on the table. however. However. (Preq.You may . Sleight of Hands Feat) 12 -Ranged Disarm. make a bluff check in combat against a single opponent. 8 -Sleight of Hands . Spell Theif) 20 .May take 10 when performing a climb. Also it makes a very loud bang which automatically reveals your position to everyone. Master pick pocket) 10 -Combat Pick Pocket . 18 -Master Spell theif . You may now choose 1d8+2 spells lvl 3 and lower and prepare up to 5 of any spell level.control.Your sneak attack silences the target making them unable to speak for the rest of combat. However.Dismantle . (Preq.May use the sleight of hands skill to displace and hide objects that you have in your possession up to 5 feet from you. Damage.( Preq.

You twirl and move around your opponent continously. dodging..(Preq. Improved Stealth) 2 . Instead of making a sneak attack you may knock your opponent unconcious. 6 . (Preq. Combat Dancer.Sap . Ambush) 8 . (Preq. Improved Feint) 14 . (Preq.Now you see it!.Ambush .Improved Feint . If you do it while not stealthed the enemys gain a +10 bonus to their perception. You may also double move at -5 or run at -10 to your stealth check. .You may add your CHA bonus to damage as well as your strength. target must roll a fort save DC 5 + your level + your STR or fall unconcious. if you do so you count as flanking him. Changeling) 12 . Changeling) 16 . Feint) 10 .As a master of ambushing you can feel when your walking into one.Master of Lies .You may move at normal speed when stealthed without penalty. Does not work if you count as being flat footed or flanked. Roll to hit normally.Make take a normal round's worth of action during a suprise attack. Even supernatural ones. There is a 20% chance that you misinturpet or others misinturpet you. (Preq. Disguise) 8 .Full round action.You may now use the disguise skill mid combat to imitate one of your enemies.You may now feint as a free action. Each round you must make a 5ft step around your opponent.Changeling . AVS is negated.You recieve a +20 bonus on your sense motive check vs bluffs and you may take 20 when bluffing yourself. Also you gain a +5 bonus to all bluff checks 6 . Liar) Burglary(Preq.Improved Ambush . .Stronger than he appears! .You have enough skill to communicate in the most basic ways in any language. You may roll initiative even if you are the one being surprised. ) 20 .Displacement . 4 .When using the disguise skill you may go so far as to mimic any humanoid race that is no more than 1 size category larger or smaller than you without penalty. (Preq.Master of Stealth. (Preq. and generally getting out of the way that in combat if you are hit you may forgo your AVS for a 50% chance that the enemy outright misses you.Liar .Language Master . If you try to look like a particular enemy you gain a -10.4 . Combat Dancer) 18 .Combat Dancer . (Preq.You have become so good at moving. (Preq.You may lie even if magic would compel you to tell the truth.

You may make a single sap attempt per attack.If you are surprised you may make an imidiate. Over any Obstacle) 18 .You may throw your voice and make any number of sounds up to 100 feet away from you. to hide. (Preq.Lock Master . 12 . Sap) 14 . also you may pick magical locks or disarm magicked doors. (Preq. and free action. Improved Ambush.10 . ) 20 .Throw voice . Master of stealth) 16 .Pass doors. (Preq. This does not give away your position. (Preq. You may also move at normal speed while swimming or climbing.You may open locks as a free action.Over any obstacle .You may move at normal speed even if difficult terrain or obstacles would slow you.Improved Sap .You have become so good at lock picking that you may take 20 on any lock.Master Ambusher . (Preq. Lock Master) Cleric Rogue BAB F/R/W Defense Special 1 0 2-0-2 0 Spell Casting Healer's touch 2 1 3-0-3 1 3 2 3-1-3 1 4 3 4-1-4 2 5 3 4-1-4 2 6 4 5-2-5 3 7 5 5-2-5 3 8 6/1 6-2-6 4 9 6/1 6-3-6 4 10 7/2 7-3-7 5 11 8/3 7-3-7 5 .

answering religeous questions correctly or any other sort of test the order sees fit..DC 10 + 1 + WIS . Spell Casting: The cleric cast spells by using a number of Divine Power Points (DPP) to invoke his spells.LVL 3 7.LVL 1 3 . To activate any spell it takes the number of DPP that the spell requires in its description. Add the a number of points up to the maximum to the clerics heal roll to see if the person will stabilize.LVL 4 . possibly a prayer book from a fallen cleric of the same order etc. The Cleric gains 1 DPP per Level.The cleric has a number of points = lvl x 4 + cha/day that he can use to help stabilize a person. To learn spells further the Cleric must gain knowledge from his order who will only give it to him if he proves worthy. The Cleric spells count as the Spell level listed on the table for purposes of Dispel magic and other effects that require Spell level. It is also possible for a cleric to stumble upon a spell while adventuring.LVL 2 5. Clerical Spell casting differs from other spell casting as his spells do not have levels. Spells become more powerful for each Spell Power Level he gains.12 9/4 8-4-8 6 13 9/4 8-4-8 6 14 10/5 9-4-9 7 15 11/6/1 9-5-9 7 16 12/7/2 10-5-10 8 17 12/7/2 10-5-10 8 18 13/8/3 11-6-11 9 19 14/9/4 11-6-11 9 20 15/10/5 12-6-12 10 Healer's Touch . Anytime a new spell is presented the Cleric must spend no less than a week learning it and at the end make a Knowledge Religon test DC 10 + Spell DPP cost.DC 10 + 3 + WIS .DC 10 + 4 + WIS . This often involves doing tasks or missions. if he fails he must spend another week learning it.DC 10 + 2 + WIS . Learning Spells: A cleric starts with 3 random spells. Cleric Spell Power: 1 .

As they grew more powerful they started to participate in these battles and changed the tide of war in the Dvergar's favor for a while. They observed from the Cracal during secret battles where most were obliterated.LVL 5 11 .DC 10 + 9 + WIS .Veor is the brother of Vilok and one of two gods who created the Twildin.DC 10 + 7 + WIS . His weapon is the staff. There they still bicker to this day and have opposing views on how things should be done. Sense Motive. His holy symbol is two hands . with 7 stars in a cresent above them. Knowledge(History). one held in the other.LVL 7 15. soon after the brothers began to argue on how things should be done. However. It is said that eventually they grew tierd of the mortal world and ascended to God hood. Perception. One day they attempted to perform a ritual learned from a rumored tome of unending knowledge.LVL 8 17 .DC 10 + 6 + WIS . Knowledge(Arcana). 100 years after they Ascended the Twildin (Creation of the Twins) appeared. Veor believes that all life is precious and detests acts of destruction. without the restrictions of lord and law. After performing this ritual they were imbuned with Godly powers and grew 10 feet tall. He seeks to bring peace and end wars. Diplomacy.DC 10 + 5 + WIS . The twins continued to study and advance the arcane arts and developed a magic that sought its power from life rather than demonic sources. He believes that each race should be allowed to rule themselves freely. for he is of the belief that the Dvergar's racial disgust and hatred of the Cracal has caused pain and hardship upon all races of Aderon.LVL 6 13.None . Swim Dieties and powers: Greator Gods: Veor CG . It is said in the days of the Surface war that two Hamil twin brothers (Kanil and Twanil as the Hamil knew them) studied the art of arcane magic.DC 10 + 8 + WIS . Armor Allowed .9. After a while their art was unstoppable but they still sought more power.LVL 9 Skills : 2+ Int General: Knowledge(religon) Heal.

Armor Allowed . He believes that the only way one can achieve power is fighting and winning. the strongest amongst them will rule and bring balance in a natural order. This has developed into a very orginized religon with temples and worshipers that must submit to the law of the High Priest and his underlings. The holy symbol is the sun being eclipsed by the moon and the weapon of choice is spear. The religon is called Ordanum - The worship of Two as One. He only believes in strength and cunning.Horad the Warrior. He believes that the only law that should exist is the law established by the most powerful.Frengar the Protector .Flail or Great Flail Veor and Vilok worshiped together LN . whether it be strength of arms or killing his enemy in his sleep. Armor Allowed . His holy symbol is a club with a skull on the pommel. This is the most dominate religon and often has places of worship for all the lesser gods as well as the Creators. Horad does not believe in rules or arenas ( Though some make fighting pits or arenas in his name). Horad is the God of those who seek to perfect themselves through combat. Horad will win any way he can.Some believe in worshiping Veor and Vilok as one God.Vilok (Twanil) the brother of Veor. In his eyes war has made the races of Aderon strong. He believes that only the strong survive and that only those who are strong and ruthless should rule. His weapon is the flail.Heavy Weapon allowed .Frengar is the Wife of Dagnor. She continously trys to calm her husbands temper . Vilok believes his brother is foolish in his want of peace. His father Dagnor was tricked by his uncle Lokrin and from that experience he believed the only way to become strong is to fight the strongest opponent you can find and learn from him to defeat him. Horad cares nothing for war or the plight of others. Vilok seeks to have a world of continous violence and destruction so that when only the strong survive.Staff Vilok CE . Vilok's holy symbol is a circle that is surrounded by black flames.None Lesser Gods: Horad CN . Armor Allowed .None Weapon Allowed .Club or Great Club Frengar LG . She has witnessed many a war that has been started by Dagnor and has seen the casualties it has caused.Weapon Allowed . hatred has made them hard and capable of surviving.

Dellagar believes in grand gestures of goodness especially when such actions oppose evil. Hemdarl killed many and was finally noticed by Vilok after years of battle. He entered a battle with only a Greataxe and no armor.Light Weapon Allowed .Medium Weapon Allowed .Dellagar the lord of th Sun . Forte's holy symbol is a hammer with an hourglass as its head.Great axe Fortes TN -Fortes the Judge. His weapon is the warhammer. In many a fight he would charge out completly naked to show Vilok that he hid nothing from him.None Weapon Allowed . angry brow.War hammer Dellagar NG . His holy symbol is a circle with black fire surrounding it and a white hand grasping it. Feeling pitty and sorrow for all those lost to wars they did not want Frengar decided to protect those who could not protect themselves. His weapon is the Great Axe Armor Allowed .but he rarely listens.Hemdarl in life was a crazed warrior who only fought to taste the blood of his foes. Fortes looks like a Twildin with a huge flaming red beard and a heavy. Fortes judges a man on the greatness of his acomplishments and the things he has done to change the world. Dellagar's holy symbol is a Golden . He cares not whether a man obeyed the laws or was good or evil. Vilok decided to raise him to the level of a God so he could spread his hate and destruction to the races of Aderon. Fortes was appointed by the Twins. Those who waste the gift of life are punished to an eternity of labor and those who are worthy of epic tales take a place in the great drinking halls of the Gods. She tends to the wounded and dying from both sides of the battlefield and always trys to seek peace. She only fights when she can not avoid it and seeks to gather those who are not participating in the battle and take them to saftey.Longsword Hemdarl LE . he only cares how that man used his life. one of the few things they could agree on. He judges if a man died before his time or long after. Armor allowed . She wears studded leathers and goes into battlefields weilding a Longsword and shield. Frengar's holy symbol is a shield with a heart on it.Dellagar the Light Bringer - Dellagar is known as the God of the Light and knowledge. He would recklessly charge into battle to prove to Vilok that he is the strongest. to the be the final judge for those who die.Hemdarl the World Blighter . Her weapon is the Longsword Armor Allowed . He believes that learning can bring the races to understand each other and that every mortal has goodness in his soul.

Even with all the help Dagnor's might looked as if it would prevail so Lokrin came down on Dagnor's flank slaughtering both Dagnor and the Demon lord's men. His wish is to have a world in perpetual war.Lokrin serves only himself and is ever greedy for power.Full plate Weapon Allowed .Light Weapon Allowed . better armed.Sphere. telling him Dagnor's position and plans. Dagnor wears black full plate and wields two flaming battle axes when he enters combat. Dagnor loves nothing more than the sight of war. Lokrin. Lokrin's holy symbol is a golden dagger with a jewel on its hilt. Feat Classes: . Dagnor does not believe in crushing the weak or defensless and only enjoys it if others can bring a fighting force to oppose him. He looks at war like a game board and believes it should be fought as such.Lokrin the Deciever . Dagnor LN .Mace or Heavy mace Lokrin NE . Armor allowed . His weapon is the short sword. wounded and weakened and every calculating decided to escape while he still could. He hates his brother Dagnor for the power he has and always seeks to outdo him through trickery. He believes that only war can show the true character of a man and reveal his nature. however he will not stop his slaughter if the innocent get in the way. that day won all of the spoils of war and built himself a secret fortress where he still hides. He believes that the better trained.Dagnor the War spirit. Lokrin believes in survival above all else and loves gold more than anything else.Battle Axe. After killing the Demon Lord Lokrin caught Dagnor by surprise and slashed him across the face. scarring his perfect features. Instead Lokrin made a secret dealing with a Demon lord and obtained much wealth for it. Dagnor despises trickery and would rather see war fought with a standard and regulated list of tactics to even the playing field. His weapon is the Mace Armor allowed .Light Weapon allowed . Dagnor . and larger force should always win.Short sword. His holy symbol is a chipped burning battle axe and his weapon is obviously a battle axe. Armor allowed . Lokrin once tricked Dagnor by agreeing to take his own forces and flank their enemies in battle.

They require a Strength of 27 to break or a DC 20+Level escape artist check.Any who speak out against the cleric's God or does something to offend him grants the cleric a +2 to AVS vs That opponent 4. in the style of the god. (Preq.Blasphemy! .A cleric's weapon does +1d6 dmg vs any who are not lawful.General: Destroy/Command Undead . At the cost of 1 DPP he may ask his Diety to protect the soul of a recently dead humanoid. 2 . This may only be done once per day. This light shines for 120ft in all directions and any enemy who is not lawful suffers a -5 to hit and damage. Combat Ready) .Weapon of the Righteous! .The Cleric may magically imprison someone inside of a square for 1 DPP. Defense and AVS for the rest of the day. Blasphemy!) 8 . The enemy must make a REF DC 10 + 3+ WIS or take 1d6 points of DMG per level/half if saved (Max. 6 . Mantle of the Chosen . of 6d6 points of damage).Holy Light . Lawful.The cleric .When the cleric is wearing the garb or armor of his Diety he gains a +1 AVS even if he is just wearing simple cloth.The priest may use a full round action in an attempt to destroy or take command of the undead around him ( a 30ft radius). If the save is failed or none is taken the cleric gains a +2 to hit.Any who activate the Blasphemy feat are struck by the God himself. Combat Ready .The crusader is one who belongs to a lawful God and believes in bringing those who offend his god to justice.Cuffs of the fallen . Ritual for the Dead .Imprisonment .The Cleric may use 1 DPP to activate a blinding light. Crusader(Preq. when using the weapon of his Diety. (Preq.It is often the duty of cleric to give passage to those who die. Divine Judgment) 12 . if the humanoid differs in alignment they get a will save LVL + CHA. The square may be drawn on the ground around that person or be an object in which the person can sit ( such as a wagon) or even . He does 1d6 points of dmg per level and if this equals the undeads current HP he either destroys or takes command of them till the end of combat.Divine Judgment . Cuffs of the Fallen) 10 .If the cleric ever binds a person who has offended his God or broken his laws then the bindings become magical. gains a +2 to hit and damage. (Preq. damage.

It takes 10 minutes for this effect to kick in and will not work if his body is burned.Speak no Evil . One such as he ventures forth to spread the belief in his God and seeks to increase his own faith. Cuffs of the fallen) 14 . at the cost of 1 DPP may Silence a single target . . This cost him all pre-memorized spells and remaining DPP.) Priest(Preq. The Cleric must declare he is doing so and gains a +5 to hit and + 10d6 DMG no save.The pirest. Imprisonment) 18.Smite the Fallen .be an actual room or prison. Perform a Divine Quest.. Holy Light.The Cleric is one of the most powerful of his order and should he fall while still in favor of his Diety he will be returned to life.Holy Weapon . (Preq. (Preq.The Cleric may force a target to obey to the rules of a given contract.The priest may gain an additional DPP each day. costing 2 DPP. spoken or written.Should I die before. The Cleric may only attempt this power once per Contract.Morning Ritual .The Cleric may smite his un-lawful foes with the vengence of his God. Weapon of the Righteous!) 16 . If that person fails they may not leave for 1day/per level of the Cleric. If the contract is not fufilled within 2 weeks of when it was suppose to be the target dies and its soul will be punished upon its death as the God sees fit. Smite the Fallen. The spell only stops that person from leaving a confined space and the target gets 1 imediate Will save DC 10 + 5 + WIS(Outsiders recieve a -5 ). (Preq. If the target passes the Cleric is aware the contract is not binding under Divine Rule. Ritual of the Dead). 1/day (Preq. If the target Fails and trys to not fufill the contract they suffer from extreme pain and are unable to think of anything but the contract. If the Target agrees to do something or follow certain conditions he is bound. ) 20 . Bound by Honor. 4 . He transcribes scripts and performs the daily rituals and services to his God.Bound by Honor . (Preq. If the Target saves he may not be effected again for 1 year. While inside the prison the Cleric may choose to allow that person to be magical sustained or to let them go without food and water. Also vs Undead or Outsiders the weapon has a chance to Banish/Destroy them DC 10+9+WILL. by any means. When he rises he will be at half HP and count as wounded even if spells or abilites would normally negate it. The Cleric may only contain 1 person at a time.A priest is one who tends to the temples of his God. 1/day. 2 . It also allows him to cast Smite the Fallen with no DPP cost or Holy Light at no DPP cost. The target recieves a WILL save DC 10 + 7 + WIS.The Cleric's combat ready weapon gains a +5 to hit and damge bonus vs unlawful targets.

The Priest may call upon power of his lord to strengthen him in times of need.Any who activate the See no Evil feat may instead be Damned at the cost of 4 DPP. if they are not dead. they automatically count as being near death even if powers or abilites would prevent it. He may call forth an aditional 1d4+1 DPP.The Cleric may negate incoming damage at the cost of 1 DPP.A prophet is one who tells others the word of his Diety and shows others the way to salvation and safety. ) 20 . 1/day (Preq. The target recieves a WILL save DC 10 + 5 + WIS.The cleric now recieves an additional 4 DPP each day(Preq. (Preq. If any attempt to attack this person they must roll a WILL save DC 10+ 3+ WIS or be unable to attack that person in any way for the rest of the day.Divine Prediction . Favored.Favored . If the target fails they disapear for 1 minute and take 100 damage. Should they fail a WILL save DC 10 + 6 + WIS . 6 .) 12.) Prophet . However. I f the target goes below 0 they are automatically stabilized. Protection of the Lord. They will die and their soul be forever tortured in Hell.Shield of Divine Power . Morning Ritual) 10 . (Preq. Favored. Strength of the Lord. Morning Ritual) 8 . which he may imediately use. (Preq. See no Evil) 18 .Protection of the Lord . When they reapear.The Priest may now gain an additional 2 DPP each day.The Cleric recieves a permant + 5 AVS as the lord blesses him with his protection.Ritual of his Divine Glory . This Person must not directly oppose his Gods alignment.The Pirest may declare a single person to be under the protection of his God ( or 1 person/per level if within one of his temples).Damnation . No save.(Preq.Sanctuary . Speak no Evil) 14 .Strength of the Lord . 2 . ) 16 .At the cost of 2 DPP the Priest may banish a target who activates the Speak no Evil feat from the mortal plane for a time. (Preq. The silence lasts as long as the Pirest is in LoS.The Prophet sees things before they happen and as such he may use 1 DPP to protect himself or an ally from an untimely end. .See no Evil . 1/day (Preq. the following day he loses the same amount of DPP and may not call forth strength again that day.if the speak out against his God or beliefs.

Reveal. (Preq. At the cost of 5 DPP the Prophet may ask 1 question/per level. The Cleric must know the targets name and a fairly accurate discription of him or have something that belongs to the target.Evil among us .Locate . use any form of dimensional of movement magic. (Preq. turn invisible. The Lord's Plan) 18 .The Prophet has been givin the blessing of sight from his lord.As it is written . ) True Believer (Preq. (Preq. (Preq.4 .The Prophet can feel those who oppose the will of his Lord or are of an opposing alignment. is granted a +20 bonus to sense motive vs Bluff and may see through any darkness. what he is doing and what direction he is in. The target recieves a WILL save DC 10 + 3 + WIS. if he fails the target can see where he is. (Preq. . He believes in nothing that is not in his Lord's Plan or that is not a part of his will.Reveal .The Prophet recieves a +10 bonus to sense motive VS bluff and a +5 Will save vs illusions or mind effecting spells. He may attempt to locate someone 1/day. Any person who attempts to harm the Prophet recieves a -20 to hit. Also at the cost of 5 DPP he may make it so that the target is unable to hide. (Preq. Divine Warning) 10 . Commune) 16 .Commune .The Prophets has obtained the right to communicate directly to his lord and ask him questions in times of need. illusion magic.) 20 .Ever Seeing .) 14 . Lord's Plan. Divine Prediction) 8 . 6 . (Preq. with normal vision.Light in the Dark .The Prophet may use The Lord's Plan up to 3 times a day. Also if the Prophet is not wearing armor he recieves a +12 AVS which can not be reduced in any way and works even against things that ignore AVS.1/day the Cleric may gain a +20 to hit on a single attack or gain a +20 Defense rating that last until he is attacked for the first time after casting.The Lord's Plan .Divine Warning .The Prophet's ability to see what is to come has empowered him far beyond a normal person. magical or not. He always passess all saves vs Illusions.The Prophet is warned of danger before it strikes him and may roll a DC 5+incoming damage WILL save instead of a AVS. 12 . Light in the Dark. what is around him.The Prophet has been granted the power to see through the greatest of deceptions. Mantle of the Chosen) .A True Believer is a Cleric that devoutes himself to his Diety and to his will. bluff or use mind effecting spells as long as they are within LoS of the Prophet.

Servant of the Lord . At the cost of 3 DPP 1/day the Cleric will be empowered with a +10 to hit and damage +5 AVS and deal an aditonal 1d8 DMG per attack.Divine Power . (Preq. 16 . .The Cleric has proven his undying faith in his Lord and his will. Servant of the Lord. The Target gets a WILL save 10 + 6+ WIS.) 18 -Fire Walker . 4 .Shield of Faith .The Cleric is a devout servant of his Diety and seeks only to become closer to him. (Preq.The Cleric recieves a permanent +2 Deflection bonus to DEF and REF.Avatar. 6 . (Preq.Keeper of the Faith . (Preq. In return for his devoution the Diety has blessed the Cleric with a permanent +2 AVS bonus. This does not work with feats. He obtains a 15/Magic DR and a 10+Level Spell resistance bonus. This last until the end of combat and takes 1 FRA to activate.The Cleric becomes immune to death effects and spells. (Preq. Armor of Faith) 20 .The Cleric has been granted the ability to allow others of like mind to be imbuned with his power. Any enemy cleric who opposes his Diety or arcane caster can be effected. Any spell that he can cast can instead be held by another but still cost him the DPP to upkeep.The Cleric is capable of taking those who draw power from false dieties or use arcane magic and rendering them powerless.For 1 DPP the Cleric recieves a Spell Resistance of 5+ Level for the rest of the day.By his Will . The Cleric may never die from old age and becomes dificult for mortal weapons to wound.The Cleric may invoke the power of his lord to help him in combat.The Cleric becomes immune to Mind effecting spells. if they fail they are cursed and unable to cast spells until they find a way to remove the curse.2 .) 12 .Armor of Faith . Divine Power. Shield of Faith) 8 . Also should he ever die he will rise once more within the nearest temple of his Lord in 3 days but loses 1 point of Constitution.Unshakeable Faith . Unshakeable Faith) 14 . Should he atempt to abuse this power or use it wrecklessly.) 10 . (Preq. his Diety may choose to not allow him to come back. At the cost of 3 DPP the cleric may attempt to seal away their powers. This may only be attempted once per target.The Cleric has become immune to fire or lightning. False Power.False Power .

A wizard can have a number of prepared spells per day based on his level as seen below.Wizard BAB F/R/W Defense Special 1 0 0-0-2 0 Spell book. stolen or . A wizard need be careful with his prepared spells for they can be lost. These material components need to be tracked on the Wizards character sheet. Spellcasting 2 1 0-0-3 0 3 1 1-1-3 1 4 2 1-1-4 1 5 2 1-1-4 2 6 3 2-2-5 2 7 3 2-2-5 3 8 4 2-2-6 3 9 4 3-3-6 4 10 5 3-3-7 4 11 5 3-3-7 5 12 6/1 4-4-8 5 13 6/1 4-4-8 6 14 7/2 4-4-9 6 15 7/2 5-5-9 7 16 8/3 5-5-10 7 17 8/3 5-5-10 8 18 9/4 6-6-11 8 19 9/4 6-6-11 9 20 10/5 6-6-12 9 Spellcasting: A wizard cast spells by preparing the right combination of materials and empowering them with his magic.

Spells Per Day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 1 2 2 3 2 1 4 3 2 5 3 2 1 6 3 3 2 7 4 3 2 1 8 4 3 3 2 9 4 4 3 2 1 10 4 4 3 3 2 11 4 4 4 3 2 1 12 4 4 4 3 3 2 13 4 4 4 4 3 2 1 . still imbuned with his magical energy. If he does not have his spellbook then he simply can not prepare his spells. and is very light in the hands of the wizard who made it. It is often written only for the wizard and with a special type of script known almost exlusivley to himself. then he can not use that energy again until the spell is cast or destroyed. based on the Wizard's saves. If he loses it he can sense the spellbook's direction though not the distance or pinpoint exactly where it is.destroyed. so the Wizard should only need one spell book. so another wizard's spellbook may need time to figure out. To create a new spellbook the wizard must buy a special prepared tome costing no less than 30SP and spend atleast 1000SP of special components to magical imbune his book. The spellbook also recieves a +2 on all saves. If he loses a prepared spell. In doing so the Spellbook is capable of generating pages should he run out. SpellBook: A wizard's spell book holds within all the knowledge needed for him to prepare his spells. A wizard needs his spellbook to prepare his spells. To unprepare one of his spells a wizard need simply destroy the prepared material components or disenchant a prepared item.

at 5th -2nd.The Wizard has spent long years of his life studying even the simplest of cantrips.Necromancy). If he is trained in a particular knowledge skill he gains a +2 bonus. Disguise Self. Powerful . 2 .14 4 4 4 4 3 3 2 15 4 4 4 4 4 3 2 1 16 4 4 4 4 4 3 3 2 17 4 4 4 4 4 4 3 2 1 18 4 4 4 4 4 4 3 3 2 19 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 3 3 20 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Schools of Magic: Necromancy.The Wizard has spent all his time and energy making his spells more effective. Mental Capacity . 20th-5th. . Swim.If the wizard is ever within 500 feet of a freshly dead body ( dead withing 2 days) he recieves an aditional +1 to all his spell DCS.The Wizard may make an untrained attempt at any knowledge skill. Arcane.The wizard is practiced in drawing forth his magical energies from the dead and spirts of the dead. Knowledge Arch&Engineering. Necromancy (Preq.Power of the Dead . 10th . ) Knowledge Lusty .The wizard may gain 1 extra spell per day in a particular school for each level of spells he obtains. He is capable of Memorizing spells without his book. Decipher Script Knowledge Religon. Mental Capacity . He may add 1 DC to a particular school of spells. Knowledge Nature. Stealth. Ride. Perception. Demonic Skills: 3+Int Genral: Knowledge Arcane. Elemental.e. Knowledge Nobility. (i. 15th-4th. He can memorize 1st level spells to start and may memorize 1 spell level higher for every 5 levels he recieves.3rd. Gather Information Feat Classes: Studious .

The Wizard has begun to understand how to sap the life force from those still living and empower his spells. He is not able to leave the spot in which he fell or communicate those who still live. If the wizard reaches -10 HP his exits this spirit form. The target gets a FORT save DC 10+3+INT. He can also cast spells from the corpse and . effects the wizard normally except that he can not be seen by normal means.4 .Death's puppets .Dead Friends . no strength is added to damage. (Preq.The Wizard can make a recently dead humanoid rise once more under his control. destroying the prepared materials as he does. The life he takes is put into a pool of magic that last until the end of combat and can be used to add aditional damage to any offense spell he cast. deathly State. (Preq. for every 10 points of damage caused the wizard may recall 1 level of spells. The corpse moves at 20ft a round or 10ft a round in case of a slow creature and can attack with whatever weapon is on him at the Wizards attack bonus.Deathly State .) (Preq. The body gets a WILL save as if it was alive DC 10+Wizard Level .The wizard may compel a dead body to speak to him and have a short conversation with it. however. Upon doing so the Wizard becomes undead. if he fails he takes 1d6 points of damage per Wizard level up to 20d6. (i.If the Wizard should fall to 0 or lower HP he will enter a state in which he is a spirit.Any enemy who falls to 0 or below HP but is not dead can be snuffed out by the Wizard as a standard action. Magic. In this state the wizard can not be effected by non-magical weapons . (i.) 10 .) This action can only be done 1/day (Preq. Dead Friends.Life Drinker . If he spends 1 standard action to sap a target. Life drinker) 12 .If the Wizard ever dies his spirit may enter the corpse of a recently dead body (within 2 days) if he does so within 2 hours of his death. he will be able to replenish one of his prepared spells for that day. While doing this the wizard can not move or speak but can see through the eyes of the corpse and command it.e.Corpse Maker .e. if 20 dmg is taken by the enemy he may recall a 2nd level spell. He loses all bonus from constitution to HP but still retains the hit dice he has already rolled and his Constitution drops to 0. Power of the Dead) 8 . 6 .Death and Decay . The Wizard will be able to cast any spells he had prepared. This spirit has up to 10 HP -1 for every point he drops below 0. He is capable of doing this 1/day.each day it has been dead. If he is hit by sunlight he suffers 1d6 points of damage per round and he gains a natural claw attack that deals 1d4 points of damage. These 10 points can then be used to add damage to any offensive spell he cast. and even with magical weapons they have a 50% chance to miss him.) 14 . he steals the life from a Cracal at 0 HP and gains 10 points to his magical pool.

feats or spells.count the range of the spell as starting from the corpse. He suffers all the same effects of Death and Decay. (Preq.The Wizard can trap the souls of the recently dead (Within 1 hour ) and use them to fuel his abilities. low light vision and scent. Increase damage by x2. Corpse Maker) 16 -Last Will . In Wolf form he gains a 40 ft movement speed. no matter how old the body is. It takes 1 standard action to shift into any form. However he has half of his normal HP and if his spirit is destroyed he is forcefully returned to his container and can not escape as a spirit again for the rest of the day. scent and low light vision.The Wizard is capable of using the energies of nature to change into one of the following forms: Tiny Bird. (Preq. Death and Decay) 18.Energy of Nature .Lich Born . 2 .The Wizard is capable of sending his lifeforce into a specially prepared object which takes 2 weeks to prepare and can cost no less than 1000 GP. (Preq. He gains no natural attack in any of these forms though he does gain a +1 defense bonus and AVS bonus in all forms. Lich Born) Nature . The Wizard can have up to 10 souls trapped at any time and use them to do one of the following effects: Increase Spell DC by 5. 4 . Last Will) 20 . If the Wizard kills himself he is trapped within his container for 1 week before he can exit once again. In Bat form he gains the ability to fly 30 feet good and blindsight 60ft. including humanoid.The Wizard gains a +1 DC to all spells when in forests or other life abundant enviroments. Increase spell range by x3 or regain spell 5th lvl or lower. He can be no more than 1000ft away from his container at any time and follows the rules for Deathly state. Wolf. to enter a corpse or float around.Natural Shape . In Spirit form the Wizard gains a +1 to all DCs that stacks with any other power and is capable of using .The Wizard may choose not to enter his container and instead remain as a spirit. Once inside a new body he may not leave it unless he is once again slain.Death's Master . When in Bird form he gains the ability to fly 30 feet good and gains a +10 Perception. . In rat form he gains a +10 stealth. The magical container is considered an artifact and can only be destroyed using a very high level spell or an equally powerful artifact weapon. Whenever his body dies he may enter an intact humanoid corpse that is within 100feet of his container. The Trapped soul gets a Will save DC 10 + 5 + INT. (Preq.The wizard has learned to focus on gaining his energies from the life of the world around him and has a great appreciation for the power of nature. He suffers a -1 DC in particularly lifeless enviroments such as deserts or wastelands. Rat or Bat. He can have up to 5 such puppets at one time.

6 . Knowledge Religon) .(Preq. Also while in water you can regenrate your full life bar within an hour. The Wizard Becomes partial elemental . Fire .Power of Nature . He must . Air. Rebirth) Demonic(Preq. (Preq.Elemental Form .Natrual Movement .In water you are invisible. (Preq.) 8 . Fire or Water and gains the abilites from the chosen type. (Preq. 1/day The Wizard may cast two spells in the same round as a FRA. (Preq. (Preq. (Preq.Rebirth . water breathing.Your chosen 4th level or lower fire spell is maximized at all times and you may summon a tornado of flames with a 10ft radius and 30feet high that moves at 50 feet a round on your command. Water .The Wizard is capable of casting his spells while in a shifted form.Electricity immunity and +20 foot movement.The Wizard may invoke the power of nature to grant him great haste. Fire.The Wizard may enter a tree and transport himself to any other tree within that forest. Power of Nature) 20 . Air .The Wizard ungergoes an ancient ritual in order to have his form reborn. Energy of nature. Rebirth) 18 .Earth.The Wizard becomes imbuned with the power of his chosen element.Natural Spell . (Preq.The ability to move through earth as if it were water. Natural Spell.The Wizard may speak to any animal. This also gives him a +20 chance to spot invisible foe and a +10 will save vs illusions that would imitate life.) 14 .Natures Ally .Fly speed 50ft Perfect. He often aligns himself with Demons or Devils in order to draw forth their power to use for his own purposes.Fire immunity and may cast a choosen firespell 4th lvl or lower at will.LifeForce .The wizard seeks to draw his power from a much darker source.Earthen Movement . Natural Spell) 16 .The Wizard can feel the energy of every living creature within 1000ft and can judge based on that their power. Air . Poison Immunity.Cold immunity and may move through water at 50ft a round. The tornado does 15d6 points of dmg and has a reflex save 10+5+INT.Acid Immunity. The Tornado requires your concentration and can only be summoned 3/day. Natural Shape) 10 . the ability to blast enemys with a 10d6 dmg lightning bolt at will DC 10+5+INT REF save. He gains the following abilites based on his element. Water .Elemental Fury . Natures Ally) 12 . Earth .The Wizard gains a +1 DC bonus on any elemental spell and all elemental spells do x2 dmg when cast by the wizard. Earth - DR 10/.

corrupt type of energy known as hellfire. the eighth layer of hell. No matter the situation.It is said that Yeenoghu was once a mortal gnoll that has become a powerful Demon Lord. giving into the lord's demands gives you power while ignoring them stretch your own powers thin. The Dark Prince . He is dangerously charming and seductive and speaks with eloquence and grandeur. an impregnable fortress made to protect him. which he calls Yeenoghu's Realm. darkly handsome demon with shiny black skin and green. Should you ever fully fall to their will you will be drawn into the Abyss/Hell and serve them as your new master. making him all the mor charming .Mephistopheles is an archdevil who has long held a great deal of power in hell. Graz'zt is lord of three layers of that plane. Graz'zt is a deeply sexual. He never shows anger or contempt.Dispater is the Iron Duke . he has a terrible temper and flies into frequent rages while in his palace in Cania . Mephistopheles rules over the frozen waste of Cania. Even though Mephistopheles rules a realm of ice he himself is the plane's heart of scorching flame. Lord of the Second .and dangerous.One of the most powerful demons in all the Abyss. Most strikingly of all his digits: He has six ebony fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot.You align your self with 1 of 4 Lords of the Abyss/Hell. Graz'zt dresses in regal finery. His home is the Iron tower. although they may be foolish) Demon Lord's that power can be drawn from - Graz'zt. he hunts lesser demons and other creatures while he plots his next attack against layers of the Abyss or the Mortal Planes. Demon Prince of Gnolls . Yeenoghu.Demonic Pact 1 . He is a tall.a citadel called Mephistar. Secretly. tapped from the substance of the plane itself. The dark prince never goes anywhere without a retinue of female careful for he may become their pawn or servant if he is not careful. Mephistopheles. however. Dispater is the picture of caution and careful thought. civility and understated wit. Mephistopheles has developed an extremely hot. glowing eyes. He still sees a kinship with the gnolls and many gnolls pay him homage.the lord of the Iron City of Dis. Dispater. erotic being. Each time you use one of thier powers you must make a . In doing so you gain powers that normal Wizards simply can not get. 2 . There. He never acts rashly and always has at least nine different backup plans and escape routes at any given moment. Dispater keeps a veneer of calm. Yeenoghu is very powerful and controls a layer of the Abyss. but his slightly pointed ears and yellow fangs makr him for the demon he is. However each lord demands his own price. Mephistopheles displays a facade of charm. gentlemanly manners. Lord of the Eight . (Not all wizards who seek the demonic path are evil.

Once per day. DC 10 + 2 + CHA Yeenoghu . Graz'zt .The Wizard can deform one his own eyes through a Demonic ritual. 4 . This arm allows you to cast spells even with both hands busy. 6 . Mephistopheles . In addition you gain a -5 perception test due to your deformed eye. Any within 30 feet of you that hear it must make a WILL save DC 10 +2 + CHA or become paralyzed for 5 rounds. Graz'zt . they Wizard may call upon his demonic patron's powers to add a +5 to any roll he decides to make except a Pact gain the ability to emit a terrifying howl. In doing so the wizard gains the ability to see greater distances (Increasing spell range by 1.5) and remove it so that it may float about and spy on his enemys for gain a gaze attack that can charm humanoids or intelligent monsters at will.Demonic Wish . This ability can activate spells which require opponents to hear a certain component to be affected.Telepathy . . Yeenoghu .You may continue to draw power from the Demonic lord you have choosen or make an alignment with a new patron.Demonic Pact 2 . They do not know it is you who speaks to them unless you want them to or they roll a DC 15 intelligence check.You gain a +1 DC to all Demonic and Fire based spells.Demonic Charm .Evil Eye .You gain the ability to communicate with humanoids within 100 feet of you with your mind. Also your charm ability DC is now 10+4+CHA.See invisibility . It can not move more than 10 feet off the ground or go more than 1 mile away from the Wizard. This arm can be concealed fairly easily due to it's demonic nature.Demonic Howl .Your eyes can now see invisible foes at all times. It also can act independantely of the body. Once your demonic points equal your constitution you die.Extra Arm . For instance.You grow a third arm that is a bit smaller than your normal ones. Dispater . Demonic Pact 1 ) 8 . Having more than one patron gives you a -1 to all Pact saves. (Preq.Fort save DC 4 + Pact level. if you ever find your self falling or in other situations where the arm can act it can reach out and make a REF save even when normal REF saves are not allowed or provide a +5 REF save in these instances. It has his stealth +10 and moves at 40 feet a round. To rid yourself of Demonic points you must do something that would upset or betray your lord. in Yeenoghu's case kill Gnolls. If you fail you gain 1 Demonic point.

Your flesh becomes reflective and metalic like. It counts as a 5th lvl spell . (Preq. even go suicide.You have mastered the dark energys that you invoke. except Pact saves. The target will not react if attacked or interacted with. Mephistopheles . You can only have 1 creature dominated at a time and it lasts until you or someone else releases them.Flesh to Iron .Any enemy within 50 feet can be effected by this ability.You have been able to decieve the Demon Lord's for some time and have gained the ability to call forth more of their energy for your supposed service.Iron Flesh .Any Evil Creature with an intelligence lower than 8 must roll a WILL save DC 10 + 6 + CHA or refuse to attack you for 24 hours. DC 10+5+CHA. and does 15d6 dmg ( Hellfire damage included). Mephistopheles .Domination . 18 .Upon a succsesful touch attack the target must make a FORT save DC 10 + 4 + CHA. You gain a 10/adamantium DR and become immune to eltricity.) 16 . You may make a WILL save whenever you reach 5 or more Demonic points to reduce the Pact points you have. DC 10 + Number of points you have. (Preq. This power can be cast 1/day. Your image transforms into a horrible visage and causes all enemys in range to be paralyzed with fear.Control .You begin to gain control of your abilites.You gain the ability to throw out Hellbolts.Mastery .5 damage and ignores fire imunity. curling up into a ball and cowering. If you succeed you reduce the ammount by 2d6. range touch up to 400ft.You may continue to draw power from the Demonic lord you ahve choosen or make an alignment with a new patron.Terrify . Dispater . Demonic Pact 2) 14 . DC 10 + 5 + CHA Dispater . if you fail you gain 1d4. This fear last until the Wizard is no longer within LoS.Hellfire . Demonic Wish) 12 . Any who fail their WILL save will drop whatever they are holding and fall prone.Evil's Brand .Demonic Pact 3. Control.Any spell that uses fire is now considered Hellfire. Hellfire causes and aditional 1. They will do any action that you wish. 10 . The target gets a WILL save. Having more than one patron gives you a -1 to all Pact Saves. (Preq. This is a spell-like ability you can cast at will. Once per day you can gain +10 to any roll. Yeenoghu .Your charm and demonic powers allows to dominate an enemy.Cunning Trick . if he fails his skin becomes iron ( he becomes paralyzed) for 1 hour. Evil's Brand) Graz'zt . (Preq. You now automatically reduce 1 Demonic point a day and if you fail a control save you .

(Preq. ) This counts as a move action and normal objects get no save. (Preq. Studious). copper or silver. . You may pick 1 of the following powers. Gold. within 10 feet. need a FORT save DC 20+CHA. Any one the Wizard desires. This arm is covered in yellow dog like hair and clawed.You may empower up to 1 spell per day to be instant casting.You gain a +5 bonus to penetrate any Spell Resitance.Your focus on your own powers have given you +1 Spells per level per day.At will you may target an opponent and cause everything he carries to rust ( If made of Metal. Arcane (Preq.Will of Rust .Quicken Spell . WILL DC 10+Spell Level (Preq. Demonic Pact 3) Graz'zt . Dispater . however you have also lived long enough to trick them. Mephistopheles .Fourth Arm .Black Hand .Mental Library . This can be done to any opponent within 500 feet and LoS. even artifact level objects. This allows you to cast any spell 4th level or lower without material not gain 1d4 points. Control. This arm is fairly easy to conceal do to its demonic magic.You no longer need a spellbook to memorize or learn new spells. 4 . Also you may precast up to 9 spell levels worth of spells in the hand and cast them at a later time. 2 .) 20 Power Theif .You are continually swathed in dark flames. Though this may weaken him in some aspects he compinsates by focusing on the magic he is capable of wielding and making it as perfect and as powerful as possible. Magical. of any kind. although materials must be used up to cast them still. Arcane Focus) 8 . All this time they believed you were their servant but it was them who served you. 6 .Flames of Hell .Spell Penetration .One of your hands turns ebony and grows a sixth finger.The wizard draws energy from wherever he can. This arm quickens all spells 5th level or lower. These flames can be conceal under a normal cloak if desired. not focusing on any particular source.You have made your final pact with the Demon Lords. once a day.Arcane Focus . Yeenoghu .Your grow a fourth (or third arm). will take 5d6 points of Hellfire damage with no save and any who strike him will take 5d6 points of damage. Also your pact powers no longer bestow Demonic Points and your Control skill gives you a permanent +1 Demonic Spell DC while Mastery skill can be used to add up to 5 points to any Demonic Spell DC.

the skill level is equal to your level + your stat modifer.Archmage .) Skills: There are two type of skills that each character have.You gain +10 bonus to penetrate any Spell Reistance. Spell Penetration) 14 . Listen and Spot are now Perception Open locks and disable device are now Device Knowledge arcana. (Preq. Endless Knowledge) 18 .Spell Focus . Master of the Arcane.You may convert any of your memorized spells to a Dispel effect against an enemy spell or magical ability.Greater Spell Penetration . use magic device and Spellcraft are now Knowledge Arcana Use rope does not exist Knowledge of the Planes and Knowledge Religon are now Knowledge Religon Knowledge Nature and Survival are now Knowledge Nature Concentration does not exist . Once your purchase your skills. Your General skills are skills you automatically have. Arcane Knowledge) 16 .You gain + 1d6 spells of any level and +1 of your highest level spells each day.Arcane Knowledge . If you wish to purchase a new skill upon reaching a new level you give a -1 to all your current skills or a -2 if you purchase a cross-classed skill.Master of the Arcane . (Preq. Bought skills are ones you used your assigned skill points to buy.You gain a +2 To all Spell DCS (Preq.Stealth Search. GENERAL and bought skills. (Preq. Mental Library) 20 . Ever skill that is a class skill cost 1 point and every skill that is not cost 2 points. You can purchase up to a maximum of your INT bonus in new skills. Skill changes: Move Silent and Hide are now one skill .Endless Knowledge .You gain access to a special class of 10th level spells called Archwizard.10 .You may cast your Dispel as an interupt action once a round.(Preq. Quicken Spell) 12 . (Preq.

Nobility are now Knowledge Local Knowledge (General) . medium -5. If you are hit you are automatically interupted and can not cast the spell. History. No BAB is added to this roll. You to hit roll is opposed by an opponents DEFENSE score..In combat you now use your DEX bonus not your STR bonus added to your BAB for all to hit rolls.. if you decide to take a particular knowledge skill it will function with no minus. Damage Reduction . Local. Armor Value Save(AVS) . small +0 .If you cast in melee combat you automatically provoke an AoO. although size is.Knowledge Geography. Knowledge ( All) . Other creatures get a -5 to grapple with 1 hand/limb.. this allows a hamil to take 1 skill to gain all knowledge skills. If he decides to take a particular knowledge skill in addition then that knowledge skill gets a +2.Damage reduction applys if you fail your AVS. The AV is determined by the type of armor you are wearing.The AVS is a check to see if your armor protects you against the incoming attack.Grapple is an opposed strength/escape artist check. If a hit is scored the enemy gets an ARMOR VALUE SAVE. weapon size that can be drawn and used with no check. Defense score .Defense is 10+DEX bonus + Size Modifier + Deflection bonus + Class bonus. Spellcasting . Grapple also always causes an AoO unless the target is flat footed. New Combat Rules: Modified to hit rolls . Any other size weapon must make a grapple check with the following modifiers : tiny +5. The size of weapon you can you use without grapple check follows the table below. smaller than you small .this allows you to roll any knowledge check a -5. Your roll a D20 at a DC 20 . you can no longer defensively cast. The only exception is a touch attack spell which can be cast in melee combat.Hamil only. Grappling . large -10 Grapple size and weapon chart: If target is. Creatures 2 size categories larger than you can grapple you with 1 hand/limb with no penalty.armor value (AV).

Armor List: cost AVS bonus DEFENSE minus MV Weight Light Leather 5sp 1 0 30ft 10 lb Studded Leather 25sp 2 0 30ft 15 lb Medium . same size as you tiny weapons 1 size categories larger small weapons 2 size categories larger medium weapons 3 size categories larger large weapons Example for a medium sized creature Medium being grappled by.. In a Disarm check use BAB + DEX to oppose one another. For instance if a Storm giant grabed you he could draw out a longsword sized weapon to strike you as well. in a sunder check use BAB+STR to disarm one another though a standar to hit roll must be made unlike disarm.Sunder and disarm no longer cause attacks of opportunity and no longer have bonuses or penalties for weapon size.only tiny weapons such as a knife (smaller dagger) Large Character (Ogre) .A small weapon can be drawn for the chart also works in the opposite direction. small character . same size character . Sunder and Disarm .A Longsword may be used Colossal character ( Ancient Dragon) .A Great axe may be used.. Small -5 medium 0 large +5 Huge +10 Colossal +20.A normal size dagger Huge Character ( Storm Giant) . only creature size.

Chain Mail 150sp 4 -3 30ft 30 lb Breastplate 300sp 5 -5 20ft 40lb Heavy Banded Mail 450sp 8 -6 20ft 45lb Full Plate 1000sp 10 -8 20ft 50lb Spell Casting: Spell casting works in different ways with Clerics and Wizards. A ritual may be performed by an individual of any level and class. A ritual may also require a certain number of people to perform it or have roles that it requires people to fill. however. Each PC may only have one DEFENSIVE spell on them at any given time. will allow you to replace the DPP requirement with things like sacrifices. The spell description. Rituals . most rituals need the sacrifice of DPP to perform correctly or to give the wanted result.. These spells have no levels. not just any weapon will do. Cleric Cast Types: . in a clerics case will let you know what type of spells count as defensive spells. it is up to you whether or not you attempt to use it. A ritual is something that may be discovered through your adventures. most often evil. However. Wizards also require a Material or Focus item while Clerics must be in possession of their Holy Weapon at all times. the ritual will definately do something. also it must be of the same kind that their Diety perfers to use. or cast type. The Holy Weapon must be blessed and approved of by their order. If the DPP is not supplied but everything else is done right.. both share the limit to the DEFENSIVE spells they can cast. Some rituals.Rituals are powerful spells performed for a particular reason. To cast: To cast a Wizard or Priest must use the Verbal comands to activate the spell.

and they last all day. Fear Ward. instead it sets off a warning in your mind.Aura . Rituals are an exception and will vary depending on the specific ritual. Offensive . If anyone attacks you. A Buff last all day.Cast: Personal Cost: 1 Description: If someone attacks you and hits you may have that attack re-rolled.Cast: Combat Cost: 1 Description: Any ally that is in LoS . Preperation . This spells last all day. The spell makes no noise. You may only have one combat spell up at a time and you can cancel one power to cast another. It will not locate invsibile or hidden foes but will let you know they are in the area effect. *note. Virtue .Cast: Combat Cost: 1 Description: 3+1/2 levels up to 5 stones float around you. A Buff counts as a DEFENSIVE spell. You may only have 1 aura up at a time. 2.Cast: Buff Cost: 1 Description: If you or any ally withini LoS are under a fear effect you may reroll your save. . Personal . 5. Each target may only try once per casting. Combat .Fortune .Preperation spells are a special type of spell that are more general in abilities. Dancing Stones . 4. 3. This spell only works once per round.A buff is a spell the benefits you and all of your allys. Divine Warning: Cast: Preperation Cost: 1 Description: If anyone but designated allys get within 10feet + 5/level up to 50 feet you are alarmed to their presence. Buff .An offensive spell reacts to enemys or danger. take 10 minutes to cast/ Preperation spells take 1 hour to cast.Personal spells only effect yourself. the stone automatically hits them giving them causing 1d6 damage. or yourself can make a WILL save DC 12 to negate the effects of Wounded. except combat spells. You may only have one personal power up at a time. These type of spells do not effect you in any way and only hurt/help targets that are described. ranged or melee. Spells: 1. An offensive spell last all day. You may only have one Offensive spell up at a time. You may only have one buff up at a time. An aura last all day.An aura is a special ability that radiates from you.Combat spells are cast while in combat and last only till the end of combat. You may only have one preperation spell up at a time. They can effect and target a large range of allys and/or friends.all cleric spells.

Commanding Aura .Cast: Preperation Cost: 1 Description: If you ever enter an area dark enough where you can not see a light surrounds your holy weapon. 12. This light shines 40 feet in all directions and can be focused into a beacon of light that reaches 120feet.Cast: Offensive Cost: 1 Description: Any who speak words of blasphemy or offend your God are afflicted with a -5 to hit. Sound Burst. 14.Cast: Personal Cost: 1 Description: If you take any kind of energy damage ( Fire acid. Also allys gain a +5 bonus to Diplomacy.Cast: Preperation Cost: 1 Description: You may use your healing touch ( but not healing skill) to help stabilize any ally within LoS. your ally takes any remaing damage once you hit 0. If a enemy attempts to cast a spell you automatically send out a burst of sound. Aura of Strength .Cast: Preperation Cost: 1 Description: Anyone who . The enemy must make a FORT save or suffer 1d8+1dmg/level up to 10. defense and saves. 13.Cast:Aura Cost: 1 Description: All allies in LoS feet gains a +4 to damage and to strength related tests. Binding . Aura of Shielding . 7.Cast: Combat Cost: 1 Description: Any enemy who attacks you (up to 1 per round) must roll a WILL save or become paralyzed. Aid . All allies get a +1 to all saves. 16.Cast: Offensive Cost: 1 Description: Up to one enemy per round. Does not work on yourself.Cast: Aura Cost: 1 Description: This spell gives warning if something bad is going to happen. Calming Aura . 10. This can effect a target multiple times.6. This can not change for the rest of the day. ) you automatically gain 10 points of resistance to that type. Zone of Truth . damage. 15. 11. They recieve a WILL save. 17.Cast: Preperation Cost: 1 Description: Whenever you try to use the Diplomacy or intimidate skill you gain a +5 8.Cast: Combat Cost: 1 Description: If any ally within LoS takes damage you take half of the damage and your ally takes the other half. Light . Energy Resistance. This does not work on area effect spells.. This power ceases to work as soon as your HP reaches 0. Augury .Cast: Aura Cost: 1 Description: Anyone who is under the effect of rage.. If he fails his save he must roll a concentration check to remain casting. frenzy or other such abilities must roll a WILL save or fall from that state into a calm one. Doom . 9.

19. Pain and suffering .Cast: Aura Cost: 1 Description: Any ally within LoS that comes under a paralyzation effect may reroll his save.trys to lie when you can hear them must roll a WILL save or tell the truth. This makes you immune to toxic air enviroments or spells and allows you . 6. 4. 8.Cast: Aura Cost: 3 Description: All allys within LoS are granted a +5 Deflection Bonus. 2. 20. Song of Divinity .Cast: Preperation Cost: 3 Description: Anyone that is invisible and comes within 20 feet of you automatically becomes visible.Cast : Buff Cost: 3 Description: You create a buble of clean and breathable air around you for 20ft.Cast: Combat Cost: 3Description: Anyone who attempts to cast a spell or speak out against your God must make a WILL save or go Blind/Deaf . 5. Aura of Protection . Invisibility purge . Curse .Cast: Offensive Cost: 3 Description: Any undead creature within 50 feet takes 1d8 dmg a level 9. 18. 1. to breath underwater. They get a FORT save or they take 1d4 DMG /lvl and are reduced to half movement speed until the Cleric can no longer be seen or heard. Shatter . . bolts or spears.Cast: Buff Cost: 3 Description: Any ally within LoS gains a +5 to hit 3. 7.Cast: Aura Cost: 3 Description: All allys within LoS become immune to Silence effects.Cast: Personal Cost: 3 Description: A continous light wind circles around your person. Bubble of Air . your choice. Aura of Freedom .Cast: Combat Cost: 1 Description: Anyone who trys to attack you with a ranged or melee weapon must roll a FORT save or their weapon/projectile is shattered. Prayer . If a ranged physical attack targets you the wind becomes much stronger and capable of deflecting any normal sized arrows.Cast: Preperation Cost: 3 Description: You and allies within LoS may walk across water as if it were ground. and anyone within the bubble. This does not work on magical weapons. Searing Light .Cast: Offensive Cost: 1 Description: Anyone who speaks out against or insults your God suffers crippling pain. Water Walking . Divine Wind .

This light extends 500 feet in all directions and has all the properties of real daylight. if you or your allys pass you avoid the trap or may roll initiative. . Freedom . Living Aura . does 2d6+5 damage that counts as a magical weapon.Cast: Combat Cost: 3 Description: If any outerplanar creature attempts to attack you in melee he must first roll a WILL save or be banished from the realm.Cast: Buff Cost: 3 Description: You become immune to any form of scrying.Cast : Preperation Cost: 3 Description: If you enter an area of darkness or particular evil you radiate with a briliant aura of Light. If anyone opposes your God he strikes them with Divine fury. 12. Any outsider with evil alignment must roll a WILL save or flee. You and your allys may roll a REF save DC 10 in any situation where a surprise trap or attack happens. Obscure . Cleansing Aura .Cast: Offensive Cost: 3 Description: A powerful divine ally stays hidden in the area. 14.Cast: Aura Cost: 3 Description: Wherever you go the area becomes holy as long as you are there.Cast: Aura Cost: 3 Description: Your allys become immune to death effects. Daylight .Cast: Preperation Cost: 3 Description: This spell gives a warning should someone attempt to ambush you.10. 18. 19.Cast: Buff Cost: 3 Description: You and your allys gain a 10/magic Damage reduction. 20. Dismissal . 13. 16. does not stack with other DR. Concencration . Any undead moving within LoS gain a -10 to hit.Cast: Aura Cost: 3 Description: Your allys become immune to poison while they stay within LoS 15. held or bound. 17. Spell immunity . Silver Shield . You also can move through water without penalty or through difficult terrain.Cast: Personal Cost: 3 Description : You may not be grappled.Cast: Personal Cost: 3 Description: You become immune to the first level of spells that is cast at you and you save against. Planar Ally . effecting creatures as real daylight would. defense and damage and take 10 damage a round. This does not work against other Divine spells. Divination . The being can attack 1 enemy a round and has a + 12 to hit. This may only work once per outerplanar creature. He also counts to flanking if anyone else is in combat with the target. 11. He counts as invisible. so the target counts as flat footed and he can critical.

Cast: Buff Cost: 5 Description: You and your allys gain spell resistance 10+Cleric Level. 11. can not come within 50 feet of you. Pain Suppression Cast: Aura Cost: 5 Description: Any ally who suffers from the Near Death effect may ignore it. 8. except ones you designate. 6. 5.Cast: Combat Cost: 5 Description: You transform into the Divine image of your Diety. straight up or over other dangerous terrain. Repulsion Cast: Personal Cost: 5 Description: Any person or creature. Disruption -Cast: Combat Cost: 5 Description: Your weapon is imbuned with divine energy. 2. You become 10 feet tall and gain your Dieties image. Retribution . Stone Meld . 10. Word of Recall Cast: Preperation Cost: 5 Description: Should an enemy speak against your God he must make a WILL save or be transported magical anywhere within 100 feet of his current position and within your LoS.Cast: Offensive Cost: 5 Description: If an enemy threatens your square a barrie of swirling blades appears. Destruction Cast: Combat Cost: 5 Description: The remains of enemies who die in combat are turned to dust. Righteous Might . . This may be over a cliff. 9. Spell Resistance . This changes your BAB to +1/per level and your Defense to +1/per level as well as increasing your weapon damage by 1 size category and reach to 10 feet.1. This does not stack with other spell resistance. FORT for half. Undead with less than 5 HD are Destroyed with no save and Undead with less than 10hd get a 1 time FORT save or be destroyed. 3.Earthquake Cast: Combat Cost: 5 Description: You cause intense tremors.Cast: Personal Cost: 5 Description: You may meld into any worked or natural stone and move through it at your base speed. The enemy takes 10d6 damage each round but recieves an AVS 7. 4. Blade Barrier . Any undead Higher than 10HD gets a -10 to all rolls of any kind. This does not work on area effect spells.Cast: Offensive Cost: 5 Description: If you or your ally take damage the enemy must make a WILL save or also takes 1/2 of the damage he caused. Any creature within 50 feet of you has a 50% chance to fall prone and lose their action (at the start of your turn) also any creature that is inside of the ground takes 15d6 points of damage. Any undead creature you hit takes an aditional 10d6 points of damage.

talking or fighting.Casting Time: 1 action Description: Prestidigitations allows you to cast an assortment of minor tricks. You may only have this symbol on 1 item at a time and it allows you to sense the direction the item is in. Color.12. Wizard Spells 0th Level Spells . if it is open or closed (in the case of a door or chest). You can not repair items that are completly destroyed. also persistant magical effects that are within 20 feet of you can be dispeled with an check DC 11+Spell Level. You can also imitate a song or other such minor things.Casting Time: 1 minute Description: You can place a permant symbol onto any item. These spells can be cast at will) Prestidigitation . You may talk back and forth without being heard.. The sound can be as quite or as loud as you wish. even if only one of you are casting this spell. Typically characters use prestidigitation to perform minor tasks to make their day to day activities easier or to impress friendly company. and if it is close or far away. clean or soil items.Casting Time: 1 minute Description: You may mend items that have suffered some damage.Casting Time: 1 action Description: This spell allows you to shoot a 1d4 damage bolt of magic at an enemy.Casting Time: 1 action Description: This spell shoots . you roll 1d20 + your level. Dispeling Aura Cast: Preperation Cost: 5 Description: Any spell that comes within 10 feet of you has a 50% chance of failing. Components: None Ghost Sound . Components: Wand Arcane 1st level spells Arcane Missiles .(A wizard may pick 1 of these spells plus 1 per point of INT bonus they have. Components: None Wizard Bolt . A prestidigation can do things like : Slowly lift a 5 pound object.Casting Time: 1 action Description: Message allows you and a target within 10 feet to have a silent coversation.Casting Time: 1 action Description: This spell allows you to make illusionary sounds. Components: None Message . Components: None Mending . Components: None Arcane Mark . You can imitate up to 5 people walking. It is a ranged touch attack with no save. start a camp fire etc.

Casting time: Conditional Description: This spell slows you whenever you jump or fall. Components: Requires a coper disk inscribed with ink mixed with 1sp worth of silver dust. The spell has a touch range and if it is cast on a unwilling target they get a WILL save Components: Mouse whiskers and Caraway Seed made into an ointment. Components: Ground Ginseng and Black Pearl mixed together Disguise Self . but is incapable of moving when doing so. If the creature is missed it acts like it doges. They deal 1d6dmg/level up to 5d6 Components: Wand and Ginseng (Wrapped around pebbles) Floating Disk .Casting Time: 1 action Description: This spell allows you to shrink a target down to 4 inches tall. and has an Defense of 10 if it is a creature. The illusion can make sounds. This disguises voice and appearance but does not mimic language. Color Spray . At that size no melee weapon can hurt an opponent and the target gains a +20 Defense bonus and a +10 stealth bonus. Components: Nightshade Mushroom(cut into the shape of a person) Slow Fall . It moves as fast as you do at any time and can hover up to 10 feet off the ground. Components: Requires a leather strap connected to a glass bead(3SP) and a Brown Hawks Feather. It does not emit a smell. beware of cats and other criters. Copy . Components: Black Pearl powder Illusion . even untrained.Casting Time: 1 action Description: This spell creates an invisible floating disk 3 feet in diameter. It automatically activates form a distance of 10 feet or greater. This spell lasts all day. Reduce .Casting Time: 1 action Description: You can disguise yourself as any Humanoid creature and get a +10 to skill. You can make inanimate objects appear as something else (no object more than 2x2 feet) or create an image of a person or creature.Casting Time: 1 action Description: This spell allows you to create a realistic illusion. It floats 3 feet off the ground at all times and can hold up to 300 lbs.Casting time: 1 minute Description: This spell allows you to copy .magical bolts of raw energy at your target.Casting time: 1 action Description: You cast a cone of prismatic energy that extends up to 50 feet away from you. They can reach anywhere that is within LoS and they automatically hit. however if it is ever hit or touched the person interacting with it gets a WILL save to disbelieve it. emits heat. Anyone caught in this cone gets a WILL save or they fall unconcious for 4 rounds. no more than large size. However. This spell lasts until the Wizard dispels it or 1 hour. Also the charm must be worn on the outside of your body so it can react to the wind shifting its position. so creatures with scent will know it is not real.

up to 300 normal size pages onto any other surface. Components: A Goose
feather and a jar of ink.

Summon Arcane Familiar - Casting time: 1 day Description: This spell
allows you to summon a familar to act as your aide and companion. Familiars
are typically small creatures, such as cats, frogs, ferrets, crows, hawks,
snakes, owls, ravens, toads, weasels, or even mice. A creature acting as a
familiar can benefit a wizard, conveying its sensory powers to its master, and
capable of conversing with him as well as acting as a guard/scout/spy. The
creature can communicate telepathically if it wishes. Also, the Familiar grants
a +2 REF save to the caster and itself. The familiar has the same HP as the
caster and is typically more intelligent than others of its type (has an
intelligence of 10 or if it already has that INT it goes up by 1d6 points). Also it
gains its master's saves. If seperated from the caster, the familiar loses 1 hp
each day and dies if reduced to 0 HP. If the familiar dies the Wizard must roll
an imediate CON check DC 5, if he fails he loses 1 CON point.The power of
the conjuration is such that it can be attempted but once per year. When the
wizard decides to find a familiar, he must load a brass brazier with charcoal
and while it is burning add incense and the right combination of herbs. The
spell incantation is then begun and must be continued until the familiar
comes. The type of familar can not be chosen, it is rolled a 1d20. Table: 1-5 -
cat, black (low light vision), 6-7 crow (+2 perception check), 8-9 Hawk (-1
perception every 20feet instead of 10), 10-11 Owl (May see in low-light
settings as well as you do in normal daylight), 12-13 toad (+1 HP a level), 14-
15 Weasel (Scent ability and +5 to perception checks), 16-20 No familiar
available within spell range. Components:- Brass brazier (1 SP) filled with
charcoal and incense (1 sp worth ) along with Ginseng, Blood Moss, Black
Pearl, Sage, Bracken, Caraway seed and Rowan. The brass brazier is not
consumed when cast.

Increase Weight - Casting Time: 1 action Description: This spell lets you
increase the weight of an object, no bigger than a 1 handed object (Anything
that can be held easily in 1 hand) to 100 LBs. If the creature has a strength
less than 16 the item is droped automatically. If it has a strength 16 or higher
they may hold on to the item, in the case of a weapon they gain a -5 to hit
and are reduced to 1 attack if they have multiple. Components: Ginseng, a
1lb piece of iron shaped like a anvil (1 SP)

2nd level spells

Arcane lock Casting time: 1 action Description: An arcane lock spell cast
upon a door, chest or other lockable objects, magically locks it. You can not
open this lock with a Device check and can only be passed by breaking the

object or dispeling it. The lock lasts forever or until the Wizard dispels it. The
Wizard and anyone he designates upon casting are not effected by the spell.
Components: Silver dust( worth 25 SP)

Protection from arrows Casting time: 1 action Description: This spell
protects the caster from any mundane missile weapon. It will protect the
caster from arrows, bolts, heavy crossbow bolts, spears and other thrown
weapons up to large size and balista bolts. It does not help against catapults
or magical missile weapons, or objects weighing more than 60lbs. This spell
last the entire day and counts as a DEFENSIVE spell. Components: This
requires a turtle or tortise shell of any size and ginseng.

Glitter Dust Casting time: 1 action Description: A cloud of golden particles
covers everyone and everything within a 10ft radius. The spell can be cast up
to 300 feet away. All creatures in the area effect get a WILL save or become
blinded for the rest of combat. Also anyone creature in the area that is
invisible becomes outlined and anyone attempting to make a stealth check
gets a -20. Components: Ground Ginseng and Quartz (Worth 2CP)

Invisibility Casting time: 1 action Description: The caster disapears from
view and his footsteps become quite and silent. All of the caster's gear and
whatever he is holding also vanishes. Any item dropped or put down by the
invisible creature become visible after 1 round. This spell can be cast on
other targets. If the invsible target attacks or makes an offensive action he
becomes visible. Components: The perserved eye of a humanoid creature
wrapped in black pearl.

Mirror image Casting time: 1 action Description: The spell counts as a
DEFENSIVE spell. The caster creates 5 images of himself. Each image is an
illusion and can be moved individually up to 30 feet away from the caster.
They can also be ordered into a spread formation where they each stand 5
feet away from the caster and each other. The illusions mimic whatever
action the main caster is doing and can all be collected on top of the caster,
making them appear to not be there. In combat the caster can shift them
around freely making it difficult to tell which one the caster is. They all have
the same DEFENSE bonus the caster has but lack any form of AVS. Any image
hit by an attack disapears. If an image and the caster are both visible the
enemy must roll a 1 on a 1d6 if all 5 images still stand. This roll may vary
depending on how many images can be seen at the time. It is possible for the
wizard to not be visible, such as an invsibility spell, but the images can never
be hiden from view even if they are stacked ontop of the caster. If the images
are stacked on eachother but not on the caster only 1 image can be
destroyed per attack. Images are not effected by area effect spells. The
images last all day or until despeled/destroyed. Components: A glass mirror
(worth atleast 5SP). The mirror is consumed when cast.

Levitate Casting time: 1 action Description: This spell can be used to
levitate a target within LoS or the caster. The Caster can move the target up
or down 10 feet a around and can only move horizontally if it has something
to pull on (such as a rope), push off of (such as a wall), or it can move along a
wall. If it pushes off someonething it is pushed in a direction 10 feet + 1 per
point of STR bonus. If the target hits something when it pushes off something
it takes 1d6 dmg per 10 feet. If the spell is dispeled by an enemy caster or by
the Wizard who cast it the target falls and takes 1d6 dmg per 10 feet. If the
target is not willing it gets a WILL save. Components: The feather of a
water fowl (such as a duck) and a golden wire (worth atleast 1 sp). Both are
consumed when the spell is cast.

Pyrotechnics Casting time: 1 action Description: The caster can create a
burst of blinding fireworks. The spell can be cast up to 400 feet away. The
fireworks can take whatever shape the caster likes and has a 20ft radius.
Anyone within the radius must make a REF save or become blinded for 1
round and deaf for the rest of combat. This gives a %25 chance of spell
failure. The fireworks can also be seen up to 1 mile away if shot straight up
into the sky. In cloudy conditions there is a 10% chance that they are not
seen. Components: Ginseng powder in a small clay pot.

Arcane Message Casting time: 1 action Description: This spell sends a
message to anyone that the caster knows the name of. The message appears
a small sheet of paper and can be made that only the recipent knows what it
says. The target of the spell may write something back, but after words the
spell ends. Components: A sheet of paper, a goose quill and ink with silver
powder( worth atleast 5sp). All of which is consumed upon casting.

Bulls Strength Casting time: 1 action Description: This imbunes the target
with the strength of a Bull. They gain a +4 to hit and damage and acount as
large size for the purposes of grapple and bull rush. This spell last until the
end of combat. Components: A bull's horn. the horn is consumed when cast.

Blur Casting time: 1 action Description: The target of this spell gets a
WILL save, if it fails the target's vision becomes blury. The target gets a -10
to perception checks and misses any attack with a roll to hit 20% of the time.
Also, in the case of spellcasters their spells will vary 2x1d10 feet from the
place the think they are casting it. Components: Nightshade mushroom
powder in a small belt pouch. The belt pouch is consumed when cast.



no greater than the size of a torch. that is within 10 feet of you in a direction for 100 feet. that is in LoS. not connected to anything or held.Casting time: 1 action Description: This spell puts out all non- magical fires. Components: 1 unit of ground Carroway seed per fire or a single unit of Rowan. If it fails the target takes 1d6 DMG for every 20 feet the spell goes maximum of 5d6 and minimum of 10ft for 1d6 dmg.Casting time: 1 action Description: This spell catapults a freestanding object. within LoS. or led away. Catapult . Demonic Flesh . In this state he does not count as helpless and can be moved. Any spell cast within 30 feet of the target is automatically redirected to the target. in a state that does not allow him to take any action for the rest of combat or until damaged. .Casting time: 1 action Description: For the rest of the day you count as having a an AVS of 5. If used offensively you need to roll ranged attack roll with no minus and the target gets and AVS save. This does not work on touch spells. Component: Bronze bowl (1 SP) and powdered Aventurine (1 SP) mixed with blood and covered in a piece of cloth. this does not stack with mundane armor bonuses. Components: Blood Stone (worth atleast 1sp) consumed when cast. The sphere is a translucent black color and moves like whisps of shadows. by anyone at a rate of 5 feet per round.Casting Time: 1 action Description: This spell creates a dome around a specified target within LoS. Baneful Attractor . Sinster Cantrip Casting Time: 1 action Description: While most cantrips do not cause any particular distress or harm to the subject.5 6 7 8 9 Demonic 1st level Stupor Casting time: 1 action Description: Stupor puts a target. Darkness . The target gets a FORT save. Bowl is not consumed upon use. This spell counts as a DEFENSIVE spell Components: Sage stuffed into a wound in your flesh. the sinster cantrip is much more powerful spell that can create horrifying and startling effects. Components: Blood moss wrapped around a clay doll.

Component: An . as long as the Wizard is within LoS he may choose to push the target on the Wizards action. Protective Amulet Casting Time: 1 hour Description: This enchantment is cast on a small talisman. Component: Nightshade mushroom shaped into a sphere and stuffed with black pearl. or other item of jewelry. The bolt deals 1d8 points of damage a level (maximum of 5d8). The target gets a WILL save and the effect wears off after 1 hour. If a save can not be made or it is failed the amulet absorbs the energy and is destroyed. amulet. such as getting bugs off his skin or search for the source of evil wails that only he can hear. Component: Wand and blood moss. 22 at 10th and 24 at 15th). The target can be flanked in the case of the second power and has a 30% chance to target anything else other than the source of th illusion. The hand is not consumed in the casting. The afffected target will do anything to please the wizard.. such as a pendant. even if it is something they would not normally do. When struck the foe must also succeed at a FORT save or be stunned on his following turn. The item is transformed into a protective device against a ginle specific spell. If more than one amulet is made to ward against the same spell. This can be done when the spell is cast and every round thereafter. The push hits the target and he needs an opposed strength check VS Strength 18 ( 20 at 5th. armor and clothing in an attempt to seduce the wizard. If the chosen spell is cast at the wizard a save is made as normal. flesh rotting from the victim's hands or face. blood streaming out of canteens etc. Push Casting Time: 1 action Description: Push creates an invisible force that pushes a target. launching a bolt of cold darkness from his left hand. if it fails then for the rest of combat. The push counts as a medium sized creature and if the target fails he can be either knocked prone or pushed in a direction 5 feet. Dark Bolt Casting Time: 1 action Description: The caster makes a ranged touch attack against a target. The cantrip causes a target to get an automatic -5 to hit and defense and can cause one of two effects if a WILL save is failed : The Target will drop whatever is in its hands and attempt to flee or The target fall begins to fight against the effect. The sinister cantrip is a concentraion effect and lasts as long as the Wizard continues to create the illusion. if one can be made.Gruesome apparitions such as insects crawling out of the victim's flesh. Component: This spell requires no Material Component. Seduction Casting Time: 1 action Description: Any humanoid of the opposite sex affected by this spell casts aside all weapons. The target gets a FORT save. Component: Carroway seeds (5) and a perserved humanoid hand. they interfer with each other and none of them work. Half the damage is cold and the other is demonic energy. The spell must be one that the Wizard is capable of casting and knows.

Components: Nightshade mushroom inside a wooden box sealed with a silk bow(worth atleast 5 SP). crawling. spells and feats can prevent this. If all legs are withered it may not move more than 5ft a round. The target recieves no save. suffers from the effects of Wounded. In the case of Skeletons the target takes 2d8 dmg/level up to 20d8. or if already wounded. The spell allows the caster to act out of turn and accept the gift if the creature reaches him to to hand the caster the object. The target takes 1d8dmg/level up to 10d8 and counts as Near death. The target recieves a WILL save. Opponents without bones are not effected. Also the target recieves a -10 to all balance checks. Devil's tounge Casting time: 1 action Description: The caster's tounge becomes capable of stretching up to 15 feet from his body. Weaken Casting time: 1 action Description: The target. Neck: The targets neck becomes weak and hangs to one side. Components: The bone of a creature that still lives. After its action the spell will stop working and the creature can act normally. up to 50 feet and is magically aimed. if it fails the caster may choose to make one of the creatures limbs wither. This can be prevented by feats or spells. If the creature does not get close enough it tosses the object to the caster's feet. costing atleast 15 SP to protect against a 1st level spell. Leg: The target loses any natural attack associated with that limb and may only move at 1/2 speed. Components: Mandrake root Crush Bones Casting time: 1 action Description: The target recieves a FORT save. it moves as close to the caster as it can get in a single round and offers the object as a standard action. Wither Limb Casting time: 1 action Description: The target recieves a FORT save. 2nd level spells Gift Casting time: 1 action Description: The caster enchants a creature so that it feels suddenly compelled to give him what it is holding when the spell is cast. The box is consumed when cast.within LoS. On the creature's next action. It cost an aditional 15 SP level of the spell that the Wizard wants to be protected against. the target always counts as flanked and gets a -20 to perception checks. Arm: The target loses any natural attack associated with that limb and can not hold items or otherwise use that limb for the rest of combat. If the subject can not perform the action (in cases such as paralysis or it can not see the caster) the spell is wasted. Components: A drop of the creatures blood.item of jewlery. It can grapple an . Near death. The subject will not defend itself normally and will move in the most direct path to the caster. even taking AoO. if it fails then the caster's magic crushes his bones.

The caster may not cast spells while using the tounge to grapple. magical or not.opponent at a strength of 20 and counts as large size. The target drops whatever is in his hand and falls to the ground in a state of crying and self loathing. making him incapable of casting spells. If he fails he is stricken with overwhelming grief and self pity. The spell last as long as the wizard concentrates. This spell last until the end of combat. with normal vision. The target will not make attempts to defend itself. This spell does not effect mindless opponents and has little effect against stupid ones. The components are consumed when cast. Festering Death Casting time: 1 action Description: The target of this spell begins to fester and rot as long as the caster concentrates. The target can fight normally. This spell last all day. This is a concentration effect and stops when the wizards stops concentrating. Grief Casting time: 1 action Description: The target of this spell recieves a WILL save. even divine ones. The Caster can effect up to 1 target every 3 levels ( 1 at first 2 at 3rd etc. The component is not consumed upon casting. Components: Blood moss and Bracken placed inside a pocket of flesh. The target takes 2d6dmg a round and recieves a -2 to all rolls. 3 4 5 . speaking. however if he is hurt he has a 50% chance to attempt to escape in order to perserve his own life. Components: The brain of a lizard and Nightshade mushroom. and counts as helpless. Suicidal Casting time: 1 action Description: If the target fails a WILL save he will target himself with all attacks and offensive spells. Components: The tounge of a devil. or understanding language. Demonic Vision Casting time: 1 action Description: The target can see through any form of darkness. ) that are within LoS. Components: Black pearl and a bronze rod. The rod is not consumed upon casting. Also the target can see the lifeforces of living creatures. even if they are invisible.medium sized creature. Components: Black pearl stuffed into the eyes of a skull of a small . Components: The eye of a demon or devil. It causes 1d6 points of grapple damage.. Tocuh of Idiocy Casting time: 1 action Description: The target is cursed with stupidity. The target recieves no save and must be within LoS. He recieves a WILL save and if he fails he drops to intelligence 1 for the rest of combat. Components are consumed upon casting.

The servant is capable of doing simple tasks. it gets 2 attacks at +2 and deals 1d4+1 dmg with each attack. It can absorb up to 10/HP a level and lasts all day. If it is small size it has 6 HP Defense 12 AVS = 0 and DR 5/bludgeoning and has 2 attacks at 1 damage. Component: You must eat a nightshade mushroom and a piece of raw humanoid flesh. If your shadow is destroyed you become weak in sunlight gaining a -5 to hit and defense. or if it is destroyed the servant is set free. The servant is bound by to an emerald which you must keep in your possession. The Skeleton has 8 HP Defense 10 AVS = 0 DR 5/bludgeoning.) up to a maximum of 5 at 12th level. The skeleton must be humanoid and medium or small size. It may not travel more than 20 feet away from the gem and can not see or hear anyone but you. The skeletons last for 1 day or until they are destroyed. such as opening doors or lifting objects no greater than 10 lbs. If it is held by another and they become aware of what it can do they can command the servant.6 7 8 9 Necromancy 1st level spells Animate Skeleton Casting Time: 1 Full round action Description: This spell allows a Wizard to animate a single skeleton to do his bidding. to control the skeleton. Component: This spell requires you to use a Salve made from mandrake to rub onto the bones of the body you wish to animate. If you give it a task and place . A Necromancer may have up to one skeleton every 3 levels (1 at first 2 at 3rd 3 at 6th etc. The spirt gets a WILL save and must be humanoid.. It may also perform more difficult tasks that are realitively straight forward. Ghostly Servant Casting Time: 10 minutes Description: You may bind a single spirit to you if you do so within 10 minutes of its death. such as cleaning a room or washing dishes.The spirit is reduced to 1 HD. Shadow Shield Casting Time: 1 action Description: This spell is a DEFENSIVE spell. whether you apply the salve on the battle field or prepare the body before hand. Or you can prepare a body before hand by turning its bones to dust and mixing the dust with blood and crushed garlic. medium size or smaller. It obeys simple verbal commands. You need to keep a small shard of bone from the body. When cast your shadow is capable of protecting you from harm.

Exterminate Casting Time: 1 action Description: This spell instantaneously snuffs out the life forces of rodents. Component: Emerald uncut (worth atleast 25sp). The spell lasts for 1 minute and there is a 25% chance each round that he reveals something important each round. Component: Corpse dust mixed with blood into a potion of unholy water. However. Cause Fear Casting Time: 1 action Description: The target of this spell sees a horrifying image that causes him to run in fear for 1 minute if he fails a WILL save. Mushrooms and fungi are not effected. The 25% only matters if the Wizard is looking for something in particular and the target has some knowledge on the subject. Component: Blood Moss and Nightshade mushroom mixed into a potion in a crystal vial. Plant Death Casting Time: 1 action Description: A fine mist of poison is sprayed upon an area of plants up to 50 feet away in a 10ft radius. Component: A brass bell (2 SP) and a bit of powdered Black pearl. When the verbal command is spoke and a brass bell is rung the targets gets a WILL save at -2.its gem in the area you may leave it and once the task is complete it will wait for your return. Chill Touch Casting Time: 1 action Description: The wizard's touch causes the target's blood to chill and slow. if someone gets hold of the gem it must follow the gem and it can see and hear what that person says though they can not see the servant. vermins. The plants in the area shrivel and die. The Target takes 1d6dmg /level up to 5d6 and gets a FORT save or he may only make a single action per round for the rest of combat. Sunblock Casting Time: 1 action Description: This spell puts a protective shield of shadow around a target blocking out the harmful effects of the sun. and animals up to 1 HP a level in a 5ft radius. . This shield lasts all day. password or location. If he fails he begins to speak at random in all languages he knows. The target must drink the potion or if undead apply it to his body. He speaks on random topics switching between them freely and can not hear or be forced to speak on any one thing in particular. Delerium Casting Time: 1 action Description: A target that has been drinking. Plant creatures such as Ents get a FORT save or take 6d6 points of damage. drugged or is alssep that is touched by the wizard enters a state of Delerium. Component: Garlic mashed and rolled into a Dragon's Blood leaf. Component: A blood moss salve applied with blood onto the Wizard's hand. pests (such as flies or beetles). Component: Black Pearl wrapped around a Carraway seed. no save. such as a name.

2nd level spells Ghoul Touch Casting time: 1 action Description: This spell imbunes you with necromantic energy allowing you to make a touch attack. fat. The hand can be attacked. and feel what the cadaver or undead feels. The target gets a FORT save and if he fails he becomes paralyzed for the rest of combat. Components: Drop of blood and a small hand statue made of silver (50 SP). a brass brazier and coals and animal fat to burn on it while casting. This hand allows you to deliver any melee touch attack at a distance of up to 100 feet. Components: Graveyard dirt and garlic Spectral hand Casting time: 1 action Description: A ghostly. but is incorpreal (Requires a magical weapon or spell to attack it. if a familiar is summoned it will be created from the skull. are consumed on casting. Summon Necromantic Familiar Casting time: 1 week Description: This spell functions like summon arcane familiar except that it must be done over a longer period of time. . although it can not prepare spells itself. Death Recall Casting time: 1 action Description: The target of this spell . The creature knows whatever langugage is common to it plus a single language known to the caster Roll 1d20 : 1-6 Hobgoblin. or Zombie within 400 feet. smell.Corpse Link Casting Time: 1 action Description: This spell allows the caster to gain sensory link to a humanoid corpse. The creature remains at its starting HP but is capable of casting any spell up to 3 levels lower than the Masters Max. The caster can see. Component: A humanoid tounge with a silver pin (5 CP) stuck in it. 7-11 Cracal. The components are Consumed after use. hear. The hand is not consumed when the spell is cast. including the bowl. The Necromancer summons a humanoid creature to serve under him. spell fails Components: A summoning circle made from the blood of a humanoid. All components. This creature is of 1 HD and will be fiercly loyal. once it is complete. On top of that the paralyzed subject causes all living creatures (except you) within 10ft to become sickened( -2 on all rolls) as long as they stay within the area effect.) The hand has 4 HP and if it takes damage so do you. taste. 15-16 Hamil (Hamil may cast spells up to 2 levels lower than the master) 17-20 No humanoid available. however the spell may only be cast once a year. If the familiar ever dies the caster suffers no penalty. The caster must continously say the incantations during the week. glowing hand shaped from your life force materializes and moves as you desire. The familiar does not communicate telepathically or give sensory information to the caster. animal corpse. a skull studded with 2 sapphires (one in each socket) worth atleast 15sp each. coal and brazier and blood used. 12-14 Dvergar.

It follows him and lasts until the creature is dead or the spell is dispeled. taste and feel anything the target of this spell does. The wizard's hand shimmers with an evil-looking black aura. The spell causes an image of an hourglass to appear in the air near the caster. Components: The skeletal hands of a humanoid creature. as long as he himself knows them. The hourglass appears to be full of blood and it drips down as the creature is wounded. They have to be melee touch attack spells and it can hold as many spells as the wizard places in it. Bone mending Casting time: 1 hour Description: This spell allows a . It does not tell you the exact number of hit points. The hands do 1d6 DMG a round as long as the Wizard is within LoS. Living Link Casting time: 1 action Description: The wizard can see. or it breaks free. The hand last for 1 day.) Components: An hour glass and a lead vial of blood mixed with Blood Moss. placed into a lead vial. large size or smaller. The hour glass is thrown into the air and consumed during casting. Empathic Control Casting time: 1 action Description: Empathic control allows the caster to control a single Humanoid. Components: Piece of bone covered in garlic. Ebony Hand Casting time: 1 action Description: This spell allows the wizard to store touch attack spells inside of his hand and use them at the same time. This spell cancels out the wizards only sensory input and lasts as long as the wizard concentrates. While controling the creature he may make it do anything that is not self destructive. Bloodglass Casting time: 1 action Description: This spell allows a wizard to roughly gauge the vital force remaining in any one living creature within LoS. He may cast any spells it has. Components: 5 rowan berry seeds. (If a creature is at 1/4 life the hourglass is 1/4 of the way empty. Crushed Beryl ( 10 SP worth). The spell last as long as the wizard is concentrating. within LoS. Upon completion of this spell the caster can see the final 10 minutes of the subject's life as seen by the subject himself. smell. The components are consumed when cast. The chosen creature gets no saving through. The creature gets a single WILL save. The victim gets a FORT save or he is unable to speak. Choke Casting time: 1 action Description: The caster causes a pair of skeletal hands to choke a humanoid victim large size or smaller. even if the target goes out of LoS. if you have a skeleton nearby and under your control you can use its hands. hear . Components: A piece of a shattered mirror. Components: Black pearl.must be a dead corpse no more than 2 weeks old. This can effect any creature within LoS and if it is not willing it recieves a WILL save.

Turning 30 degrees costs him 5 points of movement. The flames can be extinguished as a full round action. It can also be used against destroyed or dead bodies with broken bones. The magic circle is made with Silver powder ink (5 SP worth)). The membrane appears to merge with his skin and clothing. Component: A lightning charged rod (The rod must be struck with lightning while inside a small magical circle. extending along his sides to his feet. parchment. If they fail they take 1d6 points of damage/level up to 5d6 Component: Sage wraped around a copper coin. (It may be useful to reconstruct fragments of a body to see what type of creature it was.) If the caster attempts to carry a medium + load he plumets upon takeoff. For each foot of elevation he can glide 5 feet horizontally.Wizard to repair damage done to a Skeletal undead creature. If the caster jumps from a height he can glide through the air. Component: An eagles Feather. Shocking Grasp Casting Time: 1 action Description: This caster's hand crackle with electricity. paper. 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Elemental 1st level spells Burning Hands Casting Time: 1 action Description: The wizard creates a 120 degree cone of fire that leaps from his hands and reachs up to 15ft away from him. Anyone touched by the electricity takes 1d8 dmg per level up to 5d8 damage.) Components: A vial of holy water mixed with corpse dust and blood moss. The rod is not consumed when the spell is cast. and thin wood burn if the flames touch them. . Flammable materials such as cloth. If the opponent is wearing metal armor you get a +3 to hit. If the creature is not destroyed the Wizard repairs all damage done to it. (If he jumped off a 10 foot building he could glide 50 feet forward. Feathery Flyer Casting Time: 1 action Description: Upon casting this spell the caster grows a feathery membrane under his arms. If it hits a creature they must make a REF save for half damage.

The target gets a REF save or they are caught by the plant. Component: Hardwood Bark and Sage. . Barkskin Casting Time: 1 action Description: The casters skin becomes hard and bark-like. it causes the fire to flash and shoot firery bolts at any creature within 10 feet of the fire. or a nearby watersource of atleast 10 gallons. 19 at 5th. crush an object. The Plant has 18 strength. The vapor has a 20ft radius and is 20 feet high. Nearby Rainclouds. A fire spell lvl 3 or higher dispates the mist as well. Endure Elements Casting Time: 1 action Description: The target of this spell becomes immune to natural weather conditions and temperature ranging from 120 degrees F to -50 degrees F. The plant does 1d6 dmg a round. Fist of Stone Casting Time: 1 action Description: This spell transmutes the caster's fist into flexiable stone. Obscuring Mist Casting Time: 1 action Description: A misty vapor rises around the caster. 21 at 15th and 22 at 20th. The spell last all day and can be cast on 1 target per level. The fist deals 1d6 points of damage and counts the Wizard's strength as 20 whenever he uses the fist to attack. It moves with the caster or can be moved to a location up to 30 feet away when cast and moved 30 feet each time the wizard takes a standard action to move it. The amulet is not consumed in the casting. Component: This spell requires a staff that has been prepared with a sage and carraway salve and has a emerald socketed on the top (worth atleast 15 SP). Also. Component: The target's needs to wear an amulet made from twisted vines wraped around a quartz crystal ( 2 CP worth). Component: This spell requires one of the following conditions. This is a DEFENSIVE spell.Fire burst Casting Time: 1 action Description: When this spell is cast upon a nonmagical fire within LoS ( such as campfire. The staff does 1d10 damage while in caster's hands and can part natural undergrowth that slow travel or make it impossible. The mist is disipated in a moderate wind (11+mph). Shillelagh Casting Time: 1 action Description: This spell imbunes a staff or cudgel with the energy of nature. A high humidity day. The staff is not consumed when cast but the Salve must be applied during each casting. The caster gains a DR 5/Axe for the rest of the day. Rain. Component: Quartz ( 2 CP) powder mixed with Carroway and Sage. and can be broken out of with an opposed grapple check. The caster may not cast any other spells while this effect is active but may still use magic items. or candle). lantern. 20 at 10th. All targets get a REF save if they fail they take 1d6 +1/per level DMG. anywhere with nearby vegitation. the caster can use the power of the staff to entangle a target. break a chain etc. This spell last all day. Component: This spell requires a fire source and Bracken. The spell does not function under water.

it can grow to any size. It is 2ft in diameter. 2nd level spells Enchant Flame Casting time: 1 action Description: This spell causes an otherwise normal flame to become magical. The only way to put out the flame is to first dispel it then put it out or to use a spell. It can be commanded to go to fly towards a target and strike him. The ball of fire floats in circles around the middle of the caster. The piece of iron becomes the sphere and can be recovered when the spell ends. wherever the caster likes. Components: crushed sage and a opal (worth atleast 1 sp). Flaming Sphere Casting time: 1 action Description: This spell causes a sphere of fire to appear around the caster. Component: A candel made with honey wax ( 1 CP). All creatures size small or smaller on the ground are knocked to the ground. if you can find it. In this case it moves at 30 feet a round on the caster's turn. This flame can not be put out with normal means. The lights can all be moved up to 30 feet a round as a free action. The opal is consumed during the casting. The flame it is cast on can be no bigger than a torch to start off with but if the flame is allowed to spread. It extends out 60 feet in a line-shaped gust. Components: Sage and fire lizard glands. Gust of Wind Casting time: 1 action Description: This spell creates a severe blast of air (approximately 50mph) that originates from your hand. if they are flying they are blown back 1d6x10 feet. Components: small sphere of iron (5 sp worth) and powdered sage. Any other creature on the ground with Strength less than 12 are knocked to the ground. less than 18 can not move foward and require a balance check to move at all (or they fall to the ground) and creatures with strength higher than 18 are not affected. Flying creatures with strength less than 12 are blow back 1d6x5 feet. Any square it moves into with a creature in it needs to make a REF save or take the damage. They will continue to outline that target even if he attempts to hide or becomes invisible and will follow the target if possible whenever dimensional magic is used. he gets a REF save or takes 1d6 dmg /level up to 10d6. The gust continues to blow until your next action.Dancing Lights Casting Time: 1 action Description: The wizard creates 5 lights that glow like candels. The light can not move more than 500 feet away from the caster and lasts all day or until the wizard dismisses them. Missile weapons that must pass through the area effect are pushed blow away unless they weigh more than 10 lbs. If the lights are concentrated on a single target they will outline that target. with less than 18 1d4x5 and higher than 18 are uneffected. Once cast out it can move around freely floating above the ground 1 foot. Scorching Ray Casting time: 1 Description: 1 Components: 1 .

This spell last until the end of combat. no two of which can be more than 30ft apart. which must be eaten by the target. form. Components: Spider web. The area is a 15ft square and can be summoned up to 50 feet away from you. Normal metal objects get no saving through. Upon casting the metal rapidly becomes hot or cold and causes 2d6 damage a round if someone touches it. This does not work against living wood and items of a magical nature recieve a save. To break free they must have a strength of 20 or higher or make an escape artist attempt DC 25.or else the web spell fails. The swarm causes 1d4 dmg a round and enemys within it move at half speed. while magical ones do. If they fail they can not move from their spot. Attempting to attack while in the web gives a -10 to hit and attempting to cast spells gives a 10% spell failure. Components: A living spider. Components: This spell requires a ruby(15 SP) or a sapphire (15sp) for heat/chill respectively and the ash of 5 units of sage. The strands are similar to spider webs but far larger and tougher. Summon Swarm Casting time: 1 action Description: You summon a swarm of rats. A warped door springs open( or becomes stuck). The target must keep atleast 2 limbs on the wall at all times or fall off. These webs must be anchored to two or more solid and diametrically opposed points - floor and ceiling. and strength. The web causes those who enter the area ( or in the area when the spell is cast) to make a REF save. a bow or staff becomes useless. The swarm moves at 30 feet per round and if no . They must do atleast 10 DMG to cut themselves free. Also spell casters must make concentration checks at -10 while inside the swarm. opposite walls. permanently destroying its straightness. sticky strands. either cold or hot. If they pass their save they may move through the area at a rate of 5 feet per round. You may warp a single target no large than a door per caster level. Warp Wood Casting time: 1 action Description: You cause wood to bend and warp. or the like . This spell can effect up to 25lbs of metal or the metal equipment of 1 creature every 2 levels. These strands trap those caught in them. Components: Water mixed with carraway seed(5 units) and a rowan berry in a crystal vial. and can not make another save until they break free. Web Casting time: 1 action Description: Web creates a many-layered mass of strong. bats or spiders (your choice) which attack all other creatures within its area.Heat Metal/Chill Metal Casting time: 1 action Description: This spell makes metal change temperature rapidly. a boat or ship springs a leak. You can make 4 5ft squares+a 5ft square /lvl of web and it can be cast up to 100 feet away. If they have a small slashing weapon they can attempt to cut out vs DEF 5 and AVS 14. Spider Climb Casting time: 1 action Description: Spider climb allows a target that is touched to climb on walls or even ceilings at a rate of its base movement speed.

The acid causes 2d6 points of damage/round and cause the target to lose 1 AVS a round. The swarm can be creature is within it. it will move to the closest living creature. Magical armor is not effected. The creature is released when the spell is cast and runs off when the spell ends. The acid can be stopped as a full round action. Acid Arrow Casting time: 1 action Description: An arrow of acid is shot at your target. The spell can be cast at any target within LoS Components: Alchemical acid and an arrow. If not killed the spell is over at the end of combat. Components: A living creature of the type you wish to summon. 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ArchWizard 10 . it has a collective DEF of 8 and AVS 1 and 20 HP. You need to make a ranged touch attack to hit.