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Techno-Commercial Offer


Turn Key Supply


600-1200 kg/hr

Biomass Briquetting Plant

Infinite Energy (P) Ltd

New Delhi


heavy duty. 4 pole. The vertical hopper shall also have view ports with transparent acrylic sheet for viewing the biomass/MSW flow within the hopper. The press comprises of a cranking mechanism complete with all necessary bearings. nylon reinforced leather belt. ii. INFINITE Impact Briquettor Description i. Flywheels with adequate moment of Inertia shall be provided to restrict the load variation on the drive motor ( 60 hp. Briquetting Press The briquetting press is of reciprocating type capable of handling impact loads up to 120 T necessary for the briquetting process. housed in the die holder. 3 ph. iii. The power transmission shall be by a multi layer. Dies and Die holder The compaction of biomass/MSW shall be achieved by a pressing the biomass in the feeder box through a set of dies. Biomass Feeding The feed hopper shall be fitted with a vertical screw to force the biomass/MSW into the feeder box to ensure maximum output and free flow of the biomass within the hopper. The body shall be of fabricated MS construction with adequate thickness and appropriate stiffeners and buttresses to meet the shock load requirements. The punch shall also be hardened HCHCr steel for maximum life. 50 hz) through speed reducing mechanism. which shall be positioned in the front side of the body of the machine suitably secured by clamps. inertia loads and fasteners to ensure minimum friction and maximum reliability of operation. 50 hz) to within 5% of its maximum load and to ensure smooth and safe operation of the machine. All dies shall be of HCHCr steel and suitably hardened to ensure longer life. The punch which presses the biomass/MSW shall be fastened to the piston by means of a collet for easy removal and easy alignment. All load bearing and moving parts shall be of materials and hardness as per the requirements of their respective duties to ensure longer life and trouble free operation. The machine shall have a transparent acrylic cover for easy and quick inspection. 2 . The vertical screw shall be driven by an electric motor ( 2 hp. INFINITE Biomass Briquetting Press 1. 4 pole. 3 ph.

INFINITE iv. Suitable and adequate number of oil seals and O rings are provided to prevent leakage of oil from the machine. Provision for incorporating starter and controls for feed screw motor shall also be provided in the panel.voltmeter indicating lamps and push buttons for control of main motor. The oil distribution shall be by means of copper tubes to the stationary parts. Input Parameters Biomass/MSW Bulk Density 160 kg/m3 Moisture content < 12% Size < 3 mm Cooling Water Temperature < 40 oC Flow 15 lpm Lubricating Oil Type CASTROL PERFECTO-250 Briquette Diameter 90 mm Density > 1050 kg/m3 3 . v. The oil pump with electric motor drive ( 1 hp. Control Panel The control panel shall be of control station type The control panel shall be equipped with suitable ammeter . The control panel shall have a star delta starter for the main motor with suitable relays and timers and DOL starters for the other two motors. 50 hz) mounted on an oil reservoir with a suitably sized oil filter. An MCB of suitable rating shall also be provided to ensure the safety of the motors and the panel. The oil distribution to moving parts shall be by steel wire reinforced flexible rubber tubes. 2. oil pump drive motor and vertical screw drive motor. Lubrication System The lubrication of the moving parts shall by pressurised oil film lubrication to ensure longest life of the bearings and other moving parts. The oil shall flow on the shell side and the cooling water on the tube side. The lubrication system shall consist of an oil cooling and pumping unit and a distribution system. The oil reservoir design shall be such that it shall act as a cross flow heat exchanger with copper tubes. The oil flowing out from the bushes is collected within the machine body and flows back to the oil reservoir by gravity. All starters shall be suitably inter-linked to ensure proper sequence for starting and stopping. 3 ph. 4 pole. The Oil distribution shall be by means of a distribution header located in the back plate of the machine body.

Stroke 190 Mm 4. Oil Pump 1 Hp iv.2 m2 area 8. Vertical Screw 2 Hp iii. Gear Box Bonfiglioli Bolts/Nuts Unbrako / TVS 10. Wear parts Material Used HcHcr > 60 Rc Taper die HcHcr > 60 Rc Split Die HcHcr > 60 Rc Wear Ring HcHcr > 60 Rc 9. Bought Outs Motors CG / ABB /Kirloskar/ Panel Electricals LTLK / GE Belts Ashton (Flat Belts). Minimum continuous 22 Hours operating period o 3. Machine Output 1500 kg/h 6. Speed 200 RPM 5. Performance Parameters 1.50 m3/hr 3. Oil Cooling Heat X with 1. Maximum oil temperature rise 9 C 4. Overall Dimensions 2000 (l) x 750 (w) x 1400 (h) 11. Output 600-1200 kg/h depends on Raw material On saw dust 1200 kg/hr 2. Foundation RCC 4. Power Consumption 45 kW (max) 5. INFINITE 3. Wear parts Life Punch > 75 Hours Taper die > 75 Hours Split Die > 150 Hours 4 . Gangu ram. Screw Conveyor 3 Hp 7. Displacement 14. Specifications 1. Max Pressure 1500 kg/cm2 2. Connected Loads 66 Hp i. Main Motor 60 Hp ii.

with speed reduction gear box. 440 V. Inlet to feed hopper Briquette . Inlet/ Outlet flange of oil cooling unit. End of cooling line B. 5 . Biomass/MSW Briquetting Machine Biomass/MSW briquetting machine of nominal rated capacity of 600. 2. Control station with electric drives for all motors 6. oil filter and transfer oil piping. clamps. oil pump and vertical screw Terminal Points for briquetting machine Water .S construction with motor ( 3 hp). oil pump. INFINITE Wear Ring >75 Hours SCOPE OF SUPPLY A. 3 ph at Inlet of main control panel. Lubrication system complete with heat exchanger integrated reservoir . Die system including die holder. of 1500 kg/h capacity for feeding ground biomass into the Briquetting M/c. Power .1200 kg/h complete with the following 1. Vertical feeding arrangement complete with speed reduction mechanism 4. Oil . Briquette cooling length 7. Crank type reciprocating Briquetting Press of 120 T capacity complete with flywheels . Screw Conveyor Screw conveyor of M. Oil reservoir. Biomass . 5. one set of dies and feeder box 3. Electric motors for briquetting press. punch and internal lubrication piping.

7. 4. 5. road construction etc.. from Panels/ MCC to the respective motors.. 8. Suitable water supply and storage facilities have to be made available. The deliveries not mentioned explicitly are not included in our Scope of Supply.g. Complete civil works including civil construction for proper installation of plant & machinery.. Provide water connection within the battery limit of the plant. The requirement shall be as specified by commissioning engineer. 4. excavation. stamp paper charges are to be borne by client. Civil Works e. 3. scaffoldings. platforms railing etc. INFINITE C. 7. Supporting structures staircases. Power Connection upto Motor Control Center 3. The following items as well as their related engineering are specifically excluded and to be provided/arranged by the client 2. i. site preparations. 3 phase 50 cycles supply and 220 volt in single phase 50 cycles supply. Electrical cabling within the plant. leveling. Provide electricity connections both for running the equipment as well as for lighting the plant. EXCLUSIONS The List of Exclusions by the Machinery Supplier are as follows: 1. 6 . The Client shall make suitable arrangements to unload the equipment at plant Site and also ensure the safe custody of the equipment till installation. 6. The electric power required shall be 415 volts. not included specifically in the scope of supply The Client’s scope of work shall be as follows:- 1. Obtain all statutory clearances required under law in the client’s state/country including pollution clearance. All Bank charges. 5. ladders. Provide all necessary unskilled labour required for installation and direct them to work under the supervision of commissioning engineer. foundation for machinery and equipment. if any.e. 2. if any. Erection of buildings. pipe racks etc. Supply and distribution of drinking water 6. drainage. Provide all raw materials required by the Erection engineer for commissioning of the plant.

Labor The supplier shall provide skilled labor such as welders. On completion of erection of the briquetting press. Supervision Adequate number of supervisory personnel would be provided by us for erection. 7 . Erection work for all other equipment will proceed simultaneously with the no load running. The requirement of unskilled labour shall be specified by the supervisor. C. All works related to with the foundation are excluded from the scope of supply/work. INFINITE Erection Commissioning and Start Up A. the machine would be run on no load. These tools shall remain our property and will be taken back on completion of the work involved. 3.. Tools and Tackles All tools and tackles necessary for erection shall be provided by us. commissioning and testing. All unskilled labor shall be provided by the client/purchaser. Electrodes and gases All the required electrodes and gases for the erection work will be provided by the client/purchaser. All work would commence on foundations previously prepared by the client/purchaser. etc as may be required for the erection work. The storage at site will be arranged by the purchaser. Description of Work 1. All materials and equipment will be unloaded and transported to the storage site by the client/purchaser. D. The client/ purchaser shall provide the erection personnel with welding set and gas cutting nozzles for the period of erection. B. E. 2. 4.

Limit of Work No erection material other than those specified in this offer are included in the scope of supply/work. however. G. 6. All civil works. be necessary for client/purchaser's own operating personnel to be in attendance for twenty four hours each day and the necessary water. Commissioning On completion of erection. lubricants. Operating personnel. 4. the supplier/manufacturer would commission the plant and hand it over to the client/purchaser in working condition. commissioning spares etc. pipes. they will be taken back on completion of our work. buildings. In case these are not actually utilised. it would be. grouting. channels. Approach roads/path 2. Surplus Materials Inorder to facilitate smooth progress of erection / commissioning work. refractories. raw materials. Supply of water. Appropriate furnished accommodation for our engineers/supervisors and unfurnished accommodation for skilled workers with sanitary facilities. power. water and other services and utilities for erection. Client/ Purchaser's responsibilities The client/ purchaser shall provide the following services and facilities at their own cost: 1. H. foundations. 3. 8. 5. During the commissioning period. raw materials and other utilities to be made available to the engineers/supervisors free of cost. INFINITE F. I. etc. commissioning and testing. power and lighting at required points. 8 . Medical facilities for erection and commissioning personnel as available at site. Local transport to the engineers for purchasing sundry/miscellaneous items related to the supply. 7. locally. we may supply excess quantities of certain items such as angles. Area for pre-assembly work space at the site and storage space for erection materials.

4. Service During Warranty Period During the warranty period no service shall be payable by the client to the supplier towards professional fees/service charges for repair/service of the machine. 3. Quality The general quality of the workmanship shall be as per the normal standards that correspond to the functional requirement of each machine. without prior approval. furnished by the client to the machinery supplier on the basis of which the plant design was based. Component Warranty Equipment manufactured by the machinery supplier are warranted against defective workmanship for one year from date of dispatch of the equipment. 2. however bear the to & fro travelling expenses equivalent to the Sleeper Class Charges from Gorakhpur to the site for all service calls. the buyer shall be entitled to only such warranty as may be received by the machinery supplier from their sub contractors. etc. INFINITE WARRANTIES 1. This does not cover any defects due to faulty storage. Warranty on Bought Out Items In respect of the bought out items which are not of the machinery suppliers manufacture. The client will. and shall be repaired or replaced free of cost by the machinery supplier. 9 . 5. Other Conditions The machinery supplier shall not be responsible for any repairs made or attempted to by the client. site conditions. The client shall accept full responsibility for the basic inputs such as type and quality of raw material. operation or mishandling by the client.

restraint on transport. central/ State sales tax. Price Schedule Price against design. manufacture and supply are quoted on basis. All taxes and dutirs are to be borne by the purchaser. 5. have been excluded. Other Duties and Taxes The price is exclusive of all taxes and duties. strikes. action of the government and its statutory bodies etc. 10 . excise duties on all manufactured goods shall be payable at actuals by the purchaser as applicable at the time of dispatch. lockouts. The excise duty. Force Majeure In event of all unforseen events beyond the control and without our / our sub contractors negligence including ( but not limited to ). fire. 2. However. 4. INFINITE Terms and Conditions 1. etc. Excise duty Excise duty is not applicable on biomass briquetting machinery on this date. acts of god. engineering.. freight to site. 3. Insurance Transit and storage cum erection insurance premiums against all risks shall be payable extra at actuals by the purchaser. civil disturbance. 6. we shall be given reasonable extension in the delivery and commissioning period for the corresponding period. We shall despatch the materials to client's site through their authorised transporter as agreed mutually. The same will be borne by the purchaser. Transport Transportation charges from our works/ our sub vendors works / despatching points upto the site shall be payable extra at actuals.

Terms of Payment: Supply 50 % of the total contract price as initial interest free advance 50 % of the total works contract price ( along with 100% taxes and duties) shall be released prior to despatch after final inspection by the client at the suppliers works. Jurisdiction In respect of legal matters. Validity Our offer is valid for a period of 45 days from the date hereof after which the offered prices and terms and conditions shall be subject to our reconfirmation or revision. 11. 8. the court of jurisdiction shall be Faridabad /Delhi. the inspection shall be deemed to be waived for the equipment and it shall be despatched to site after payment. The purchaser/ consultant or their authorised representative may inspect the equipment or give a waiver. 10. Delivery Schedule The Complete Machinery shall be delivered within 120 days from the date of receipt of LOI/PO along with complete advance. Inspection Inspection call shall be given 7 ( seven) days before the tentative date of readiness of the equipment. The above completion date shall be extended correspondingly for delays caused by non- fulfillment of purchaser's obligations under the contract or due to force majeure conditions. INFINITE 7. 9. In case purchaser/ consultant does not carry out inspection of equipment within 5 days of the scheduled date. 11 .

lesser bearing load and greater bearing life  US LII tested Forged Crankshaft for higher strength and reliability  Smaller flywheel and body parts with maintenance friendly features  Feeder Box Fixture tied to the die holder for quick removal along with the die holder ad hence easier replacement of oil seal and punch  Two piece punch/piston  Piston/ Punch removal from the front of the machine for easier and quicker dismantling without need to dismantle flywheel or crank shaft  Life time lubricated Italian gear box for screw conveyor and vertical feeder. Low Power Consumption and hence lesser power cost per MT of briquette  Lesser shock loads and radial loads. INFINITE SALIENT FEATURES OF 600-1200 kg/h INFINITEMAHA BRIQUETTOR  Lesser connected load.  Variable Frequency drive for screw conveyor feed control 12 .