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SPARC Enterprise T5120

The revolutionary dense multi-threading structure of your SPARC Enterprise™ T5120
delivers enhanced processing performance while significantly lowering space and
power costs. This is the way of the future. Multi-core multi-thread technology breaks
the shackles of increasing power demands necessary with simple clock speed
increases. Now you can consolidate your application and web functions with the
cool answer to dense data center deployment. Able to easily scale out for maximum
web, throughput, and parallel application performance, SPARC Enterprise T5120
provides you the answer for a more responsive computing environment that is also
ecologically friendly without you needing to make any compromises.

Enhanced Performance Ecology
Enhanced multi-core (8 cores/chip) and With fewer parts, more efficient energy
multi-thread (8 threads/core) 1.2 or 1.4GHz use, outstanding virtualization (enabling
UltraSPARC® T2 processors with up to 64 maximum use of all resources), and at under
GB of low latency memory provide out- two watts of power per thread, SPARC
standing and balanced performance across Enterprise T5120 is more energy efficient
the maximum 64 threads. This is the ideal than anything in its class. It gives you
way to scale out your web and network the ability to significantly reduce your
computing infrastructure. Able to act like 64 carbon footprint.
separate computers, this level of throughput
ensures you achieve excellent price/perfor- Manageability Key Technical Features
mance and excellent performance/watt of
power consumed. Virtualization is included in the architecture
• One CPU chip/8 cores UltraSPARC T2 Processor
and Solaris™ operating system, while
in-built service management and predictive • Up to 64 GB memory capacity
Outstanding Flexibility
self-healing ensure implementation and
Up to 4 SAS hot-plug disk drives, 3 (low operation are simple and effective. • Configure up to 2,560 compute threads
profile) PCI Express I/O slots (two of which in a single rack
can be configured at 10 Gbps Ethernet), and
4 1Gbps Ethernet slots enhance the high • Consumes under two watts of power per thread
configurability of these infrastructure
• 1U high for a small footprint
building blocks. The small footprint also
means you can configure 2,560 compute • 641 watts maximum power consumption
threads in a single rack.

UL/CSA-60950-1 RFI/EMC 47CFR15B ClassA. 2 slots (PCI Express x4 or XAUI)*2 objectives and is provided for comparative purposes. PCI card (multi-path configuration). FCC. Main memory Type FB-DIMM. UL/cUL. IEC61000-4-5. and other countries.2GHz 1. AS/NZ3548 ClassA.3183 Level 2 (On-chip) 4 MB/CPU chip us. 2. IEC61000-4-11 Telecommunications EN300-386 Regulatory markings BSMI. Standard interfaces LAN 4 ports (10Base-T/100Base- Specifications are subject to change without notice. Inc.1 x 1. Power supply unit. Specifications Model Name SPARC Enterprise T5210 Type Rackmount (1U) Processor Type UltraSPARC® T2 Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation SPARC Enterprise T5120 Clock speed 1. CNS14336. 10. IEC61000-4-3. Internal tape drive . IEC61000-4-4. Power supply unit. 641W Heat generation Max. FPC58-1813-01 11/07. Products Maximum internal bearing the SPARC trademark are based on an architecture developed by Sun Expansion units*1 2 GB (2x 1 GB)/4 GB (2x 2 GB)/8 GB Fujitsu.5 lbs.952. Use a bundle of 4. UL/DEMCO Features Redundant components Disk (mirror configuration). All other trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective CE.4GHz Quantity 1 CPU chip (4/6/8 cores) 1 CPU chip (8 cores) Enterprise Sales: Cache Level 1 (On-chip) 24 KB/core (Instruction:16KB. and Drives Internal media drive 1x CD-RW/DVD-RW are used under license. RJ45) © 2007 Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation. or 16 identical FB-DIMMs. Serial 1 port (RS232C. DSUB 9pin) All rights reserved. XAUI is an interface for 10Gbps Ethernet connection. EN55022 ClassA. GOST-R.308kj/h Environmental conditions Temperature 41 . in the U. VCCI. Product description data represents Fujitsu design PCI slots 1 slot (PCI Express x8). 8. Power system. Inc. TX/1000Base-T. Inc. Minimum capacity 292 GB (2x 146 GB) Inc. ICES-003. IEC825-2.9230 USB 4 ports (USB 2. Different capacity FB-DIMM cannot be mixed. GB9254.90% Regulatory (meets or exceeds requirements) Safety CFR21 part1040.10% Frequency 50/60Hz Power draw Max. are trademarks or (2x 4 GB) with ECC/Extended ECC protection registered trademarks of Fujitsu Limited in the United States and other countries.S.5 inch.0) System control interface LAN 1 port (10Base-T/100Base-TX. VCCI ClassA Immunity EN55024. actual results may vary based on a variety of factors. . Fan *1. AC power connection Rated voltage 100-240 VAC+/.8 x 28. SPARC and UltraSPARC are registered trademarks of SPARC International. IEC61000-4-6. capacity 584 GB (4x 146 GB) Solaris and all Solaris based marks and logos are Support HDD unit 73 GB/146 GB trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems. UL/S-mark. IEC61000-4-8. 07.shopfujitsu. CNS13438 ClassA. EN60950-1.800. *2. Fan Hot swap components Disk (mirror configuration). MIC. C-tick.95ºF (at 0 to 2. EN61000-3-3. IEC60950-1 CB Scheme with all country deviations. KSC5858 ClassA.800.831. ICES-003. CCC. GB4943. Data:8 KB) 1. IEC825-1.7 inches Weight 36. IEC61000-4-2.FUJITSU Maximum capacity 64 GB (16x 4 GB) www. RJ45) Dimensions Width x Depth x Height 16. ECC/Extended ECC protected Consumer Sales (24/7): Minimum capacity 4 GB (4x 1 GB) 1. GB17625. RJ45) Serial 1 port (RS232C.000rpm) trademark of Fujitsu Limited and Sun Microsystems. SPARC Enterprise is a joint Hard disk drives Type SAS (2.1.76 feet altitude) Humidity 10 . and the Fujitsu logo.