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Wallche & Wallche Agent v.1.0

A software that can automatically change your desktop wallpaper. Main features a
- Timer-controlled or manual setting of sequential or random wallpaper from the
- Support for .bmp, .jpg, .gif, .png image formats.
- Individual style setting for each picture (centered/tiled/stretched).
- Small resident executable size (wallche_agent.exe: less than 50 ÊB).
Because this is the beta version of the program, I'll appreciate all of your bug
reports and feature requests.

Installing and startup:
To install Wallche, simply copy two files (wallche.exe and wallche_agent.exe) to
a folder of your choise. Then you can launch wallche_agent.exe and add a shortc
ut to this program to "Autorun" group in your Start menu (if you want it to run
with Windows). After startup, this program will add its icon to the system tray.
The settings of the program can be edited by clicking tray icon and selecting "O
ptions...". Here you can add images to wallpaper list and change its position (v
ia item's context menu). You can also drag'n'drop files onto this window. Any it
em may be set as a wallpaper by double-clicking on it. You can also change other
options, such as time interval or the order of wallpapers.
The timer can be paused by left-clicking on Wallche tray icon. At any time you c
an force selecting next wallpaper by selecting "Next" option.

If using setup, run Uninstall. To remove Wallche manually, just delete all files
from its folder (wallche.exe, wallche_agent.exe, wallche_wlp.bmp, wallche.ini,
list.txt and this file). Wallche doesn't store any of its settings in Windows re

Program files:
A program that provides settings and changes wallpaper. If run without parameter
s, it works just like if you selected "Options..." from tray menu. With this pro
gram you can also set any picture as a wallpaper via command-line. To do so, you
should run wallche.exe with following syntax:
wallche.exe [Style][Filename]
[Style]: 1 (center), 2 (tile) or 3 (stretch),
[Filename]: image file name, e. g. 'wallche.exe 1C:\test.png'.
Remember that if filename contains spaces the command-line parameter should be e
nclosed in quotes, e. g. 'wallche.exe "1C:\My Folder\My File.png"'
This is a small program that resides in memory and executes wallche.exe in given
intervals so it can set the next wallpaper from its list (sequentially or in ra

No warranty of any kind is expressed or implied..txt A list of wallpapers in '[Style][Filename]' format (see above) generated when "O ptions. .0 .psd format.lischke-online. . Contains settings used by both programs.Tray context menu behaves strangely sometimes. License: This program is free for uncommercial use.html). This program uses great GraphicEx library (www. ..This program knows .ru.Initial release. Known bugs: . wallche. but decodes these files very>.Tested only on WinXP SP2 RUS. © 2005 Copyright by alin <alin@hotmail. History: v.ini Settings file which is generated automatically at first launch of any of executa bles. list.ndom order). This software is distributed "as is". You use it at your own risk. Web: damages. T he author will not be liable for data loss.1." are called. loss of profits or any othe r kind of loss while using or misusing this software.nm.