(4th last meeting of FRC)

PRESENT: Pete Auty, Judy Baker, Julie Bateman, John Burgess, Annie Robertson, Ric Stubbings APOLOGIES: Nil 1. Tedx peter williams (google search) (photos and videos). Pete has completed a 20 minute presentation to Tedex, and it is recommended that FRC reads this. 2. Outstanding issue: Transition and Succession Report (VBRRA) was tabled. ACTION: After discussion, the FRC asked Pete Auty and John Burgess to complete the Report on behalf of all members of the FRC. FRC asked that the report be filled out with complete honesty and accuracy. 3. Website: Initial meeting with website designer has been flagged. 4. The FRC has been in dialogue with MSC in regards to the Programme Manager position funded through the DEWAR Job Fund Grant. It is the FRCs view that these discussions take priority, in conjunction with MSC s requirements to support communities with CDOs. ACTION: John to communicate the above information. 5. Rec Reserve: Pete spoke with Claire Gibb at MSC. Men s Shed and Arts Studio Precinct are imminent. Permits for

6. Blackberry Bash has been organized around Community Teams, each with a Team Leader. Expecting inclement weather, however the show will go on. Meeting at 1pm Saturday 4th December at Moores Road Reserve. 7. Sunday 5th December: CRC meeting at Healesville. Midday 5pm. Community Bus Booked. All FRC members will be in attendance. FRC to meet at Burgos and will travel down together. 8. Meeting at Darley this Thursday. All MSC CRCs. This meeting will be attended by the Chairs of each of the MSC CRCs.

9. Community Events Program will be submitted by the end of this week. 10. Next Meeting is the final Agency Meeting. Meeting to take place at the Hall. (For the after meeting meeting: Judy to cook Lemon Merangure Pies. Burgo to make rolled roast. Annie to make spuds and pumpkin. Ric to do a gratin). This will be an FRC meeting after the Agency Meeting. 11. Expenses Tabled 12. Final question: Are we happy with transition process? Yes we are. Given that most projects are scoped and funded, the FRC feels that our transition is timely, and that there are no outstanding issues which cannot be dealt with before Dec 17th. 13. Feedback on Community Fireguard Meeting last Friday. Consensus was that the meeting was very informative and reasonably well attended given the other activities scheduled for that evening. However we did feel that this meeting went for far too long (2.5 hours) and needed to be condensed. 14. Part of the CRF funds. The Flowerdale Community House Committee have requested approximately $2500 for accountancy software and training as the CH are auspicing a number of projects. 15. Molly s Kitchen will supply dinner on Monday 6th December 2010. 16. Flowerdale Primary School visited Darley Stud for a fantastic day of education and fun. The children got to see so many aspects of the farm, including visiting the Horse Hospital, learning about feed, foals, shoeing, horse management and rose gardens. Much food and celebration was had during the day in the beautiful park-like gardens. Feedback from the Primary School was extremely positive with children saying how much they loved the staff at Darley, and every child looking forward to visiting again, and engaging in the Darley In Schools Programme.

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