1 Setup : Payment>Banks and Bank Branches

2 (T) Banks.Create

3 Create branch .

4 Create account 5 LoV for legal entity does not show anything .

The list of value in the Bank account Owner does not bring the information of the Legal Entities that have been created. Cause This is not a bug. Note 755809. Cash Management responsibility must be assigned the Legal Entities that you want to grant the access to all bank accounts.1.7 Note 415529. Note 403975.1 Symptoms Unable to create a new bank account in release 12 in Cash Management.1. it is a setup issue. Solution Please do the following to assign Legal Entities to the Cash Management responsibility : .

Log in as Sysadmin(username). 12. Search your Cash Management responsibility or role that you are using to create your bank account.1. please click in the Security wizard button. please select Miscellaneous 6. Save and apply the changes and then verify in Cash management responsibility if you now are able to see that legal entity in the bank account creation form. 2. 11. A new window will be displayed. Go to the User Management Responsibility. Wait until a new field appears. In this window you should add the legal entities that you want to grant the access to all the bank accounts within a legal entity and choose the privilages that you want to assign to this role on the bank accounts such as: USE. 7. In the Application select 'Cash Management' and click on GO button. MAINTENANCE and BANK ACCOUNT TRANSFERS. 1 Cash management . Click on the update icon. In the Type field select Roles and Responsibilities 5. 8. you will see the category field. 10. 9. Path: Roles & Role Inheritance 4. 3. For CE UMX Security wizard click on the Run Wizard.

8 Add legal entity>apply grants <Apply> .

8 Assign cash management responsibiltiy 9 Login using SYSADMIN user name to access user management responsibility and you can see that update button is active now .Error The grantee name is invalid.

10 Click on update button .

11 Click on security wizard 12 Save and proceed .

13 For CE UMX Security wizard click on the Run Wizard 14 .

add the legal entities 15 Apply .

16 Apply .

Now you are back to the earlier window 17 NOW we are back to Payable responsibility and where step 4 does not show any lov for bank account holder As we can see LOV shows legal entities selected 18 Select first one .

19 Next 20 .

Save and next 21 Save and next .

22 Add organization access 23 Selected an operating unit .

24 Continue and apply 25 .

Finish .

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