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Fall is Best Planting Opportunity ~ 2
Fall Allergies Need Healthy Spine ~ 4
Skin Care Scare Tactics ~ 10
Help Your Health Classes ~ 13
Digital Paraspinal Thermography ~ 14
Elderberry Juice Saved My Life! ~ 15
Breast Cancer and Thermography ~ 16
Chiropractic vs. Massage? ~ 18
Next Generation in Dentistry ~19
Bioelectrical Impedance ~ 20
A Healthier Look at Thyroid ~ 23
No-Needle Face Lift/Anti-Aging ~ 24
A Good Night’s Sleep ~ 26
Cholesterol? Or Your Thyroid? ~ 27
Feeding New Babies From Russia ~ 28
Herb Talk ~ Black Widow Bite! ~ 29
Fall Organic Advice from Alan ~ 30
Good Salt ~ Bad Salt ~ 33
Testimonial ~ 21-Day Detox ~ 34
Dealing with Gluten Disorders ~ 35
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Natural Living Alternatives in North Texas
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Water Returns to North Texas!
The HAYC Backyard
Glutenous Maximus
How Modern-Day Wheat Gluten is Ruining
Everyone’s Health! ~ pg. 6
Texoma Landscapes & Garden Center • Denison • 903-465-5456
Tim & Melody
by J onathan Castr o
any think that spring is the best time to plant and don’t
realize the benefits of fall gardening. The best window
of opportunity is at our doorstep.
Some of these benefits include a longer timeline for establishing
new plants (plants have a better chance to thrive), the advantage of
fall and winter rainy seasons, and the cooler/milder temperatures.
This is a great time to find better prices at the nurseries (everyone
loves saving money) with less crowded conditions. You have a better
chance of getting one-on-one attention. Not to mention, it is a great
time to be outside enjoying the wonderful fall weather!
Some more benefits of fall are that your plants endure less stress,
and less evapotransperation (moisture loss of flora). In the fall, there
are fewer pests and insects to devour new foliage, so less chemical
and pesticide use. This is a time of greater root growth, so that
when the stress of the Texas summer comes, life can be sustained.
Trees have a better chance of survivability when planted in fall
and winter. Trees are our greatest asset and are the highest value
for one’s landscape.
It is time to put the pre-emergent out RIGHT NOW! This prevents
broadleaf weeds and other seeds from germinating. With all the
water this past spring, we have an incredible amount of seeds lying
dormant just waiting for the right conditions to be germinated. Corn
gluten meal is a pre-emergent and rye grass makes a great top cover.
(Note: Do not do both corn gluten and rye together. The corn gluten
will keep your rye seed from germinating.)

Now Is the Time to Prepare
This is the time to start thinking about the type of the outdoor
living space that you would like to have. Even though you may
have not all the hardscape (patio, pool, outdoor kitchen, gazebo)
installed, now is the time to start bed preparation. Pick your plant
material according to the site of the bed. Take into consideration if
Ti mi ng i s Everyt hi ng: Fal l ~ The Best Wi ndow of Opport uni t y!
The work of organic landscaper Jonathan Castro ~ bridge too!
Excellent in Medicine,
Compassionate in Caring
Internal Medicine specialist with extensive training
and expertise in Alternative Medicine, combining
the latest advances in Conventional Medicine with
the healing powers of natural products and tailoring
them to your specific situation.
• Heart disease, blocked
arteries, other heart
• Hypertension
• Cholesterol problems
• Diabetes and its complica-
• Circulation problems
• Arthritis, fibromyalgia,
CFS, immunodeficiency
• Allergies, asthma
• Chelation Therapy
• Intravenous Vitamin C &
Other Mega-Vitamins
• Vitamins & Food Supple-
• I.V. Oxygen and other I.V.
• Low-intensity Lasers
• Lumbar Decompression
• Minor Surgery
• EKG/Stress Test/Physicals
• Lung function tests
Do you suffer from: Provided services include:
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Dr. Smart Idemudia, M.D., Ph.D
Dr. Smart Idemudia, M.D., Ph.D....
(continued on pg. 18)
Trained, Experienced Naturopathic Approach
to Gluten Sensitivity, Metabolic Typing,
Intestinal Disorders, Detoxification
Massage Therapy & Holistic Counseling
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• Swedish Massage
• Craniosacral Therapy
• Foot Reflexology
• Hot Stone Massage
• Shiatsu
• Polarity Therapy
Our Goal
• to support the healing process with
the use of touch therapies and
research of individual needs
• to bring a moment of peace in
which healing can begin
Power of
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Health Around
Your Corner
Gluten ~ The Elephant in the Room
hen I first discovered Dr. Joseph
Mercola’s website on natural
health, years ago, I was struck by
the fact that he took most of his patients off
of grains and sugars.
The sugars I understood ~ I had removed
white sugar and corn syrups from my regu-
lar diet for some years. I then discovered even
better results as we made further changes,
from turbinado to sucanat, and black strap
molasses and grade B real maple syrup.
But I had also become a member of the
“grind your own whole grains” and “crack
your own oatmeal” gang (though I had not
caught the important factors of sprouted
grains and soaking or fermenting those
grains). I couldn’t understand how a staple
of life throughout history could be harmful.
Mercola explained that he had once been
a whole-grain devotee. There was a lot of
talk about insulin resistance and increasing
information about metabolic typing, but I
don’t remember discussion (then) about glu-
ten sensitivity ~ just the fact that most people
did much better off of grains and sugars.
Now, finally, I understand why.
Lives Changed Already
Gluten is not a new subject. It is, however,
finally being recognized as a “condition that
is reaching epidemic proportions.” There is
talk about a vaccine (??!), further bioengi-
neering (!), and other crazy remedies that fit our
“give me a push-button answer so I don’t have
to change anything I do” mentality. The good
news is that the fix for gluten is easy ~ simply
stop ingesting gluten.
Three lives have already been changed for the
better due to our gluten research, even before
the magazine is published. This is an important
issue that could benefit many people ~ even you!
Welcome the Herb Lady!
HAYC welcomes the contributions of Jo Anne
Boudreau, of Boudreau Herb Farms in Mineral
Wells, known all over Texas as “The Herb
In this issue, Jo Anne describes her experience
with a black widow spider bite and her use of
herbal remedies.
Water Returns to Texas
The cover picture is the HAYC backyard ~
representative of the flooding (historic level in
Gainesville) that refilled Texas lakes, reservoirs,
and aquifers with a vengeance, after a decade
or so of drought.
We are late with this issue, but life does tend
to get in the way of a very small business op-
eration. However, we hope that this publishing
effort will continue to have beneficial effects
on many lives in North Texas and elsewhere!
Barb Tucker has opened
Super Health Food in
Gainesville, at California
and Grand.
This summer, she sup-
ported local marketers. As
you can see, the Grubb
family (below) came out in
News Bet ween
I ssues!
Don’t forget to check the
HAYC website for special
dates or events by our
Stone Creek Family Chiropractic • Flower Mound • 972-874-7554
choo! Sniff, sneeze, wheeze! Yucky
mucus! Hard to breathe! How can
that have anything to do with your
spine? It may be hard to believe that
allergies, asthma, colds, or even flu have
anything to do with the health of your spine,
says Dr. Steven Le, but it makes sense if
you realize that the nervous system is the
master system of the body. It controls the
other systems, including your immune
system. If your spine and nervous system
are not healthy, says Dr. Steve, then it can
affect your health in various ways.
A regular, wellness-oriented chiropractic
program is more than symptom relief ~ it’s
Fal l Al l ergi es, Wi nt er Col ds, Fl u, Back t o School and
Work! A Heal t hy Spi ne and Nervous Syst em i s Key t o
Your Whol e Fami l y’ s Heal t h!
Laura Kukucska Le, DC and
Steven Le, DC
an investment in
lifelong health.
There are four
principles to health:
1) Your body is a
s e l f - h e a l i n g
organism. The body
is in a constant state
of change and
repair. For this to
occur, it follows a very exact program.
2) Your nervous system is the thing that runs
this program like the computer central
command center that runs you. As long as
your nervous system can communicate
effectively with every organ, tissue, cell,
nook and cranny of you, you should have
the very best health you ever had in your
life. This is called normal.
3) If something interferes with the function
of the nervous system, then your body will
not be able to do what it is programmed to
do ~ it will do its own thing.
4) My job as a chiropractor is to restore law
and order!
Your Spine Is Your Lifeline!
Running through your spine is the cord
containing billions of nerves that send
messages and information from the brain to
every part of the body and back again. As
long as none of these messages are
interrupted, an adult or child should have
optimal function and the best health
If, however, there is any interference with
this information highway, the message sent
by the brain will not reach the part of the
body it intended to reach. The body starts
to work improperly, and this malfunction can
be a serious threat to health. This
interference can often affect the immune
system, lower body resistance, and leave you
or your child susceptible to various bugs and
Many adult illnesses stem from childhood
injuries to the spine that go undetected. For
example, the “growing pains” of a 12-year-
old boy can become crippling low-back and
leg pains in adulthood. Those “growing
pains” are often called sciatica in adults ~ a
vertebral subluxation (misalignment) in the
low back, affecting the sciatic nerve that
controls the legs. These pains can also often
be caused by a functional pelvic imbalance
that changes the way a child walks. This can
lead to the development of early scoliosis
(spinal curvature), knee problems, difficulty
with balance, and eventually bowel and
bladder issues. Dr. Steve sees a great many
young patients with Crohn’s disease, Colitis,
and IBS.
The jolly jumpers used by a toddler can
cause spinal curvatures (scoliosis) in the
adolescent. Everyday activities and stress
cause spinal misalignments, joint-motion
reduction, and nervous-system blockages in
the whole family, so regular check-ups and
“tune-ups” are as important to the body as
to a car.
For pregnant moms and babies, Dr. Steve’s
training includes the Webster technique,
which is a specific chiropractic adjustment
that reduces interference to the nervous
system, and balances out muscles and
ligaments, which in turn removes constraint
to the woman’s uterus and allows the baby
to get into the best possible position for
birth. It is highly effective in breach
presentations and has been used to
(continued on pg. 25)
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listen with a compassionate ear, think ‘out of the
box,’ and look at the whole, unique person.”
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Family Medicine
Gr owi ng t o Meet Your Needs
ou are gluten sensitive and have been all your life,” said
the naturopath. “No, no, no, not me!” I responded. How
could that be possible?
I had greatly improved my diet over the years. No sodas, no white
sugar, mostly organic vegetables and more hormone-free or grass-
fed meats, raw goat milk (but still lots of conventional cheese), and
whole grains ~ grinding my own flour, cracking my own oats ~
whole-wheat pastas (and regular wheat pastas).
Yum! Healthy! A lot healthier than most, anyway. And I was pretty
healthy, except I had put on weight for the first time in my life ~
stubborn, toxic flab ~ which I attributed to “age, hormones, and
less exercise.” One of these days, I kept saying, I’m going to lose it
~ somehow.
We had determined my husband had a problem with gluten. I
knew an elderly mechanical engineer who was very thin, who could
not gain weight, whose wife thought he had cancer, and who had
done his own research and discovered, successfully, that his
undiagnosed problem was gluten. I knew Mary Hunt of FM
Specialty Foods in Flower Mound ~ a diagnosed celiac ~ who
specialized in gluten-free diets.
But me? I didn’t have any symptoms normally associated with
“celiac disease.” I didn’t have weight loss, but weight gain. I didn’t
have a loose gut, but a sluggish one. But,… what did I really know
about celiac disease or gluten sensitivity? And what did I know
about gluten? Actually, after 20 years of researching natural health,
and 9 issues of publishing a natural health magazine, not much!
The Shocking, Sticky Truth
It’s not just a gut problem. It’s not just “celiac.” It’s not just a few
unfortunate individuals. It could very well be you, and it could
very possibly be the cause of, or a significant factor in, many or
most or even all of your health problems.
• Ramifications of gluten damage can involve far more than digestive
disorders, including autoimmune diseases, neurological disorders,
hormone disruptions, skin problems, and even cardiomyopathy (and
on and on).
• There are various levels, from sensitivity, to intolerance, to irritable
bowel (IBS) or Crohn’s, to full-blown “celiac sprue.”
• Even though you test negative for celiac, gluten is still a likely
• Modern-day gluten is a problem for everyone because,
“It’s not your grandma’s flour anymore!”
I am now 9 weeks gluten free and eating according to
my own, specific metabolic profile, under the guidance
of a knowledgeable naturopath. (I cannot be adamant
enough ~ get competent, wholistic help!!)
My stubborn toxic flab? Almost all gone in
4 to 6 weeks. And still slowly going.
Went from size 12 back to 10 and
even to an 8 in my new jeans. My system works better, I feel a lot
better, I’m on a year-long detox program, and I’m a believer!
What Has Happened to the Bread of Life?
Five major changes have turned the “bread of life” into
• Mechanical harvesting means no shocking, no sprouting in the
• Selective breeding and bioengineering over the past 50 years has
created stickier gluten that is easier to process.
• Gluten (and even stickier “vital” wheat gluten) is added to almost
every product you buy at the grocery store. It is everywhere!
• Traditional practices of soaking, sprouting, and fermenting are
gone from our kitchens and our common knowledge base.
• Pervasiveness of toxins, refined and processed foods, fast foods,
and other stressors add to gluten’s effect in damaging intestines
and organs and playing havoc with our immune systems.
The Grim Reaper
No matter what “world view” you hold regarding man’s history
on Earth and our relationship with grains, revolutionary changes in
our diets occurred from two relatively recent innovations ~ the
mechanical reaper (1831) and the roller mill (1873). Grains no
longer sprout in the fields. Flour is no longer stone ground. Modern
milling gives us highly refined flours, with nutrient-dense
components extracted for separate sale and higher profits. Faster
and easier production has led to much higher availability and
consumption. Our intake of non-sprouted or soaked, modified,
stickier gluten has gone up and up and up.
Better Living Through Chemistry?
Processed foods created quick and easy pleasures for consumers,
massive profits for producers (every level except most farmers),
and huge health problems for all of us. Selective breeding and
bioengineering resulted in higher gluten contents and stickier gluten
that made manufacturing easier and cheaper.
According to nutritionist Dr. Shari Lieberman in The Gluten
Connection, modern-day wheat has 90% more gluten than its
cousins of 100 years ago. (Spelt, a wheat relative, has less gluten
and so was not worth “messing with” by the processors, and so is
better tolerated by some people.)
In addition, the stickier wheat gluten is a hidden additive in almost
every product on the grocery aisles. No matter what we’re eating,
we’re eating more and stickier gluten, often in heated, dry, extruded
forms not intended for our guts.
Lost Traditions ~ Calling All Great-Grannies!
We modern-day shelf-shoppers and convenience eaters are told
that whole grains (and especially fresh, home-ground or cracked
How Modern-Day Wheat Glut en Is
Ruining Ever yone’s Healt h
Glutenous Maximus
Can today’s “bread of life” be a killer? Can most people have some level of gluten
sensitivity? Can gluten intolerance “masquerade” as everything from skin rashes,
infections, headaches, autism, ADHD, autoimmune diseases, to diabetes and even
cardiomyopathy? This is a HUGE issue and we all need a LOT of education.
HAYC Special Report
whole grains) are better than refined flours, etc. What most of us
don’t know is that our forebears (even many of our grandparents)
did not cook like we do. Grains and beans were soaked or fermented.
People ate homemade porridge, not dry cereals extruded at high
temperatures, and often made slow-rise breads from fermented
(sourdough) starters.
So what did sprouting and soaking and fermenting do? It sounds
yucky (and time consuming) to the modern-day consumer. What
most of us don’t know is that grains (even non-gluten) contain phytic
acid, which blocks the absorption of vital minerals like calcium,
magnesium, copper, iron, and zinc. Thus, we get mineral
deficiencies that result in myriad maladies, including osteoporosis.
It doesn’t matter how much calcium you take if your body won’t
absorb it, along with the other nutrient tools necessary to break it
down and use it.
Decades ago, oatmeal box instructions included soaking overnight
before cooking. If my body allows me to resume some oatmeal
consumption in the future, I now realize I need to soak my home-
cracked oat groats overnight. Also, yummy butter or cream on the
porridge provides the fat-soluble activators necessary for mineral
absorption. These foods were traditionally “married” for a reason!
Of course, traditional butter and cream were fresh and raw, and not
denatured by high heat and mechanical mixing (pasteurization and
homogenation). However, not
everyone can tolerate even raw dairy,
so get competent, knowledgeable
guidance. You are unique, and we all
need proper, individual analysis.
Phytic acid and the enzyme inhibitors present in all seeds are
broken down and neutralized by the enzymes and other helpful
organisms created by sprouting, soaking, and fermenting. Vitamins
are “unbound.” Ever hear about corn or corn flour being soaked in
lime water (pickling lime in water overnight)? That traditional
process released vitamin B3 and prevented the disease called
How Does Gluten Damage Me?
I had heard the adage, “Death begins in the colon.” I had heard of
“leaky gut,” and knew it was connected to unexpected problems
like joint deterioration (your gut and your joints?!), but I didn’t
understand what it was.
I knew everyone’s small and large intestines and organs, including
mine, need detoxing. In fact, it was an attempt at self-detox that got
me into the trouble that sent me to friend and naturopath Larry
Mayo, who determined I was gluten sensitive. [Again, get
knowledgeable, competent, wholistic help! That’s what Health
Around Your Corner is designed to do ~ introduce you to
practitioners who can truly help! We’ve found some great ones!
And there are even more available in North Texas.]
What is gluten? It’s the “glue” that holds dough together. It is a
Celiac disease (CD or celiac sprue) is not a food allergy, says
cardiologist and nutritionist Dr.
Stephen T. Sinatra, but an
intolerance. You may, or may
not have, detectable damage to
the villi of your small intestine.
You may, or may not have,
classic intestinal problems.
Malabsorption ~ Nutrient
What are villi? They’re the
microscopic, hairlike projections
in your small intestine that play a
major role in your absorption of
nutrients. If they are all “glued-
up,” inflamed, and damaged, your
body can’t properly break down
and absorb what it needs. It’s called malabsorption. You may
actually be overweight and starving to death. When chronic
inflammation eventually leads to the complete flattening of the villi,
writes Lieberman, gluten sensitivity becomes all-out celiac disease.
Our 1981 Tabor’s Medical Dictionary lists gluten enteropathy,
and pancreatic insufficiency as associated with “malabsorption
syndrome,” which was first identified back in 1888! Gluten
sensitivity, writes Lieberman, can affect the pancreas. Your pancreas
produces the enzymes that metabolize protein, and the insulin that
regulates sugar. That is why gluten sensitivity can “masquerade”
as diabetes. Ever wonder why adult-onset diabetes is epidemic
The pioneering German physician Dr. Matthias Rath, friend of
vitamin C advocate Dr. Linus Pauling, demonstrates the connection
between nutrient deficiency
(especially C) and cardiovascular
problems in his book, Why Animals
Don’t Get Heart Attacks…But People
Do! [available at Abundant Life
Health Foods in Lewisville]. Dr. Rath has made monumental
contributions to heart health, but I could find no mention of gluten
in his valuable book. Could gluten be a major root cause of many
of the nutrient deficiencies he saw?
Autoimmune Disorder
People who are gluten sensitive, writes Lieberman, suffer from a
systemic autoimmune disorder. Not just full-blown celiac, but the
whole spectrum of gluten sensitivity hides behind, and can
piggyback onto, a wide variety of symptoms, literally from head to
We all ingest antigens ~ substances our body identifies as foreign
invaders ~ and as long as the intestinal system is working properly,
those antigens are destroyed and eliminated. Today’s gluten, for so
many people, is an antigen. An onslaught of antigens and gluey
damage results in inflammation that produces a leaky intestine that
allows raw gluten and other antigens into your bloodstream. Trouble
spreads, dominoes fall, and the results are anything from skin
disorders to diabetes to migraine headaches to neurological
dysfunction to hormone imbalances to classic autoimmune diseases,
as well as the more easily associated gut disorders.
Another point that Lieberman emphasizes: you are not necessarily
born with gluten sensitivity ~ you can acquire it at any point in
your life. Don’t rule out granny, and don’t rule out your newborn.
It’s never too early, or too late (no matter how old you are) to reduce
and often reverse symptoms.
However ~ if you continue to ingest gluten, problems will only
get worse with time. Though many people are able to completely
reverse symptoms, even after decades of suffering and
misdiagnoses, some do permanent and irreversible damage to an
organ or the nervous system. Take action now! Don’t wait until the
Celiac disease is not a food allergy,
but an intolerance.
- Dr. Stephen T. Sinatra, cardiologist/nutritionist
(continued on pg. 8)
damage can only be halted and not undone.
The Right Test?
Lieberman’s book has a whole section on testing. The tests doctors
use to determine if you are celiac, cannot tell them if you are gluten
sensitive, says Lieberman. You may very well test negative on a
blood test and still be gluten sensitive or
seriously gluten intolerant. There are
many reasons that lab tests can be
negative, inaccurate, or incomplete.
Biopsy? Besides being invasive and
expensive, only a small percentage of
gluten sufferers will show structural
damage. And doctors tend to ignore early
inflammatory changes. That’s the major
problem Lieberman addresses ~ that only
full-blown celiacs manage to get the
attention of the medical community, if at
The possibility that disease is gluten-related is almost never
considered by physicians, says Stephen Gislason, M.D., whose own
gluten problems drove him to change his medical practice and to
learn immunology and nutrition. Since gluten-related diseases span
many medical specialties, he adds,
the opportunities for discovering
the common link to gluten intake
are limited. A typical patient sees
several specialists over many years
and accumulates a list of diagnoses and treatments. My guess, says
Dr. Gislason, is that non-celiac gluten sufferers are at least 20 times
more common than patients diagnosed with celiac disease.
Fortunately, there are stool and saliva tests that are likely to reveal
gluten sensitivity in anyone who has it, writes Lieberman, who
references a number of qualified laboratories in her resources
The easiest, most sensible way? Just do it! Find a good naturopath
and try a gluten-free, and perhaps dairy-free, diet. The final judge
is your own body. It will tell you faster and better than any test.
Resources & Recipes
For my husband’s sake, we had already successfully converted
cookie, cake, and pie dough recipes to use quinoa and/or rice flour.
I substitute buckwheat flour in my pancake recipe. It has been a
relatively easy change for me. I substitute cup for cup with flours,
often half quinoa, half rice, experimenting with ratios and mixtures,
and also replace white and brown sugars one-to-one with sucanat
(much closer to cane molasses). It has worked fine.
I am able, it seems so far, to tolerate Ezekiel brand sprouted grain
products. I just don’t eat a lot of them. Right now, and maybe forever,
I avoid corn. I’m able to eat lots of meats, vegetables, beans, eggs,
fruits, and nuts I like, including brown and wild rice. I use a little
raw goat milk, and will be able in the future to add raw goat cheeses
and some regular parmesan. “Fine tuning” my diet is a few steps
down the path of my “whole body” program.
Sometimes I lightly pan fry zucchini and mushrooms dipped in a
little raw goat milk (or egg) and a mix of quinoa and rice flour and
spices. Quinoa is a wonderful substitute for wheat as a flour, and
for oats cooked as a porridge.
Lieberman’s book is full of recipes. So is Danna Korn’s Wheat-
Free, Worry-Free: The Art of Happy, Healthy, Gluten-Free Living.
We’ll be writing about this subject a lot more in HAYC, and the
next issue for the holidays will feature recipes for healthier and
gluten-free feasting.
Get Knowledgeable, Wholistic, Naturopathic Help!
Everyone is unique. You need knowledgeable, competent
guidance from someone with a “whole picture” approach and a
good understanding of metabolic typing, advanced nutrition, and
how the digestive system works
and interacts with the rest of your
Don’t think “dieting.” Think
about eating the right things for
your health, supported by targeted, accurate supplementation for
your body.
Some people are so sensitive to gluten, they cannot even be around
the aerosols given off by opened foodstuffs, much less eat as much
as a communion wafer. Some can tolerate Ezekiel sprouted grains,
and some can eat oats and some can’t. Find out who you are! Get
help!! Reverse those terrible symptoms and start feeling good!
The Gluten Connection by Shari Lieberman, Ph.D., CNS, FACN
Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon with Mary G. Enig, Ph.D.
Wheat-Free, Worry-Free: The Art of Happy, Healthy, Gluten-Free
Living by Danna Korn
Stephen Gislason, M.D. at www.nutramed.com
Cardiomyopathy Associated With Celiac Disease, Mayo Clinic
Proceedings, 2005; 80(5): 674-676
(continued from pg. 7)
Glutenous Maximus ~
Good health may be restored to you just by
eliminating a nonessential food from your diet.
Shari Lieberman, Ph.D., CNS, FACN ~ The Gluten Connection
How Modern-Day Wheat is Ruining Everyone’s Healt h
Special gluten information section coming soon to
Adrenaline • Denison • 903-465-4300
Get details at www.AdrenalineLifestyle.net
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Fall Classic Trail Run 5K & Mini-K • Saturday, Oct 6 •
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Tuesday, Sep 25, 6 to 7 pm indoor clinic at Adrenaline
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&14 Backpacking trip at Cross Timbers
Tex oma Wel l ness Cent er
There is a Reason You Should Think of Us First
for Your Healthcare Needs
Spinal Decompression
Is Here!
“Wellness is the primary focus of Texoma
Wellness Center.”
~ Dave Tuck, DC
We have over 14 years’ experience and hundreds of
testimonials from people who came to us with:
Sinus Infection • Fibromyalgia • Colds • Flu • Asthma • High
Blood Pressure • Depression • and more!
• Complete Chiropractic Care
• Allergy Testing
• Spinal Decompression
• Nutritional Evaluation & Products
• Therapeutic Massage
• Trigger Point Therapy
• Needleless Acupuncture
580 Hwy. 377 N • Whitesboro, Texas
• Hydrotherapy
• Inter-segmental Traction
• Ultrasound
• Electrical Muscle Stimulation
• Rehabilitation & Fitness
• Specialty Wellness Support Products
• Educational Wellness Library
• Organ-Specific & Total Body Detoxification Programs
Texoma Wellness Center is Dedicated to Teaching Our
Patients the Value of Chiropractic Care, Proper Nutrition,
Regular Exercise, Adequate Rest, and Gratitude for Life
By releasing their physical, chemical, and emotional blocks, our patients are
given the opportunity to have a lifetime of health and wellness!
Computerized Spinal Decompression is Effective For:
• Herniated Disc
• Numbness/Tingling
• Degenerative Disc
• Facet Syndrome
• Scoliosis
• Chronic Neck & Back Pain
• Spinal Stenosis
• Bulging Disc
• Osteoporosis
• Sciatica
• Post Surgical Patients
Ron Urban, LMT
Personal Fitness Trainer
Therapeutic Massage Therapy!
Personal Fitness Trainer
Certified by Cooper Institute!
Paraspinal Digital Infrared Imaging!
Recently acquired! Our Paraspinal Digital Infrared Imaging Device is
the latest in diagnostic technology. Digital infrared imaging is an
extremely sensitive, non-invasive, risk-free diagnostic tool that quickly
and accurately shows spinal nerve root irritation.
Call our office today for a FREE SCAN!
Cooper Institute
Ron Urban, LMT, joins Dr. Tuck’s team at the
Wellness Center, offering Swedish, deep tissue, and
therapeutic massage treatments. He is also
available as a personal fitness trainer, from one
session to a complete customized program. By
appointment only. Call for information!
• Treating one patient at a time ~ on time ~ in a
comfortable, caring setting •
3020 Broadmoor Lane • Suite 100
Flower Mound, TX 75022-2705
Strict Adherence to IAOMT Protocols
• Aesthetic & Preventive
• Mercury/Metal Free
• Diagnodent Laser Decay Detection
• Air Abrasion Decay Removal
• Ultrasonic No-Touch Cleaning
• Lowest Dose Digital Radiography
• Filtered Distilled Water
• Mercury-Barrier Amalgam Removal
• Quiet, Soft, Slow-Speed Electronics
• Surgical Telescopes
• Computer Imaging
...all to protect your health and create
a beautiful, lasting smile!
Dr. Jonathan J. Golab & Team
Voted Best Denti st i n Denton County 2006
sel ected by r eader s of The News Connecti on
Alternative Biological Dentistry
hether it’s the “regular” marketplace or the “natural”
marketplace, competition is certainly “heated” among
the ever-growing numbers of manufacturers and
Recently there have been many bold statements made about
certain cosmetics and skin-care ingredients. After many years in
the cosmetic and health industry, I am truly upset when a flawed
study is used to discredit beneficial products that have
a long track record of safe and very effective use.
Remember, that truth is in the details, not the “sound
Preservatives of some kind will almost always be
needed in products where water is present. Water is
the basis of all life, including bacteria, fungi and molds.
Products without preservatives may have a short shelf
life, even if refrigerated. Products that are not properly
preserved, even if made in a pristine environment, can
become a health risk when exposed to the yeast, mold,
fungi and bacteria present in all of our homes.
When we started out in this business, we heard the
horror stories concerning parabens and decided to try
to avoid them in the products we offer for sale. However, the reality
is there are no great alternatives. Many of the manufacturers that
offer paraben-free products (or products free from other chemical
preservatives) make disclaimers about the shelf lives of their
products or even the safety of the products they sell without chemical
preservatives. They pass the risk of not using effective preservatives
on to you, the consumer.
Some Truth About Parabens
In the January/February 2004 issue of the Journal of Applied
Toxicology, British researchers reported that traces of
chemicals called parabens were found in breast-tumor
tissue of several patients, and hypothesized that
absorbed parabens from underarm cosmetics might
contribute to breast cancer.
Another study by Jeffrey and Williams from the
Department of Pathology of New York Medical College
found the hypothesis to be untenable and the supporting
paper to be seriously flawed on a number of counts.
What other components were in the 20 breast samples?
Nothing was said about the nature of the tumors or
their location, no background on the patients, and
nothing said about possible treatment histories, as
parabens are used as excipients in numerous drugs,
including those used for IV treatment of breast cancer. A number
of other flaws are enumerated, including contamination issues.
Nat ural Ski n Care I ngredi ent s ~ Genui ne Concern? Or Just Scare
Tact i cs for a Compet i t i ve Edge?
Body Dynamics • Dallas • 800-634-2910 • 972-245-5500 • Ask For It At Your Local Health Food Store!
Nourishing & Safe Cosmetics ~ Insights from Health Professional and Manufacturer Brenda Swartz
(continued on pg. 15)
1124 North Locust • DENTON, TX 76201
I ntegr ative Healthcar e
The Family
Chiropractic Center
Dr. Jan Nix, DC Dr. Chuck
Tillotson, DC
Technique Certified
Webster Technique
First Certified
Spinal Decompr ession Doctor
in Denton County
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Active Therapeutic Movement
Check out the press release and video demos at www.BackProject.com
Expect immediate and long-lasting results with the ATM
2 for
Back, Neck, Shoulder, Hip and Knee pain.
8/31/07 press release: World Long Drive
Golfing Champion, Gerry James, Hails ATM
to Immediately Increase Range of Motion and
Overall Fitness
Only $40 per visit!
This offer is only valid when becoming a new patient. New patient
two-hour exam and treatment price range is $185 to $215.
Beaut y Begi ns Wi t hi n!
Beating the Weight-Loss Yo-Yo?
It was 1973 in Houston, Texas, when I began
working for a major ladies’ health-spa chain and
getting interested in exercise, herbs, and
vitamins. As I advanced to managing several
health clubs in Texas, Nevada, Arizona, and New
Mexico, I realized the focus was not on getting
healthy, but rather on losing weight and getting
thin by any means. The results were disastrous
for most women, resulting in a yo-yo weight loss
and gain.
I decided to open my own business, focusing
on making lasting lifestyle changes. I started
Body Dynamics in Hobbs N.M. in the fall of
1983 and it became the place to go to lose weight
and really get in super shape.
Nothing Short of a Miracle Discovery?
Over the years, I had studied herbs and
vitamins and had been my own virtual guinea
pig, experimenting with different herbal and
vitamin combinations. I found that the right
combination of herbs and vitamins could provide
optimum health and energy. None of the
products at the time combined all the ingredients
that worked best for me into one product.
I began to purchase individual herbs and mix
my own formulas! The results were staggering!
Finally, after many years of indigestion and
bowel problems, I no longer had them, and I
lost seven pounds without changing my diet. I
considered the results nothing short of a miracle!
Good Health in the Gut Produces Weight
Loss on the Scale?
I was so enthused about my “miracle” formula,
I began giving it to my clients. They reported
feeling better then ever, and many noticed they
were losing weight! I found that the demand for
my product was more than I could handle, so I
sought the help of a laboratory to make it for
The lab’s administrator was amazed that I
wanted a product with 30+ ingredients. He said
that most people who consulted with
him desired as few ingredients as
possible, to cut down on costs of
manufacturing. However, I knew that
the quality and number of ingredients
were necessary to get the same results
I obtained with my homemade
What makes the formula so unique
is the amount of each one of the
ingredients and how they are
synergistic with each other. Mega-
Cleanse was born in 1984.
Genuine Results Get Repeat Business!
I relocated my business to Dallas in 1986, and
sold the Mega-Cleanse Internal Cleansing
Complex to every new client. From 1986 until I
closed the studio in 2000, I accumulated
thousands of customers. In fact, my formulas
have become so popular that I have increased
production dramatically.
Buying Water for Skin Care??
In 1995, mainly because of my own frustration
with finding the best skin care at prices I could
afford, I began to research the cosmetic industry.
I had satisfied customers who loved my herb
and vitamin formulas, and I wanted to create a
natural skin-care line to provide a complete
health and beauty system.
I found out that most cosmetic companies
overpriced their products to compensate for their
enormous advertising budgets, fancy packaging,
and sales/office support.
Through my research, I also realized that every
one of the skin-care products I examined had
one common denominator ~ regardless of price,
the product listed WATER as its first ingredient!
It was obvious that most of these products were
mainly water! I wanted to produce a top-quality
skin-care line that would be unique and really
get results. Through my research, I realized that
ALOE VERA would be the perfect base ~ not
The Skin Dynamics BBWI “Beauty Begins
Within” natural skin-care system is aloe-vera
based, contains DMAE, Alpha Lipoic Acid, C
Ester, 28 botanical extracts, Vitamins A, C, and
E, Glycolic acid, a patented ingredient called
Butylene Glycol Hydrocoytyl extract (derived
from Echinacea) and coneflower extract.
Clinical studies have shown that by using the
combination of ingredients in the Skin Dynamics
BBWI line, there is a 36% reduction in wrinkles
and lines after four weeks! It’s great for all skin
types. My manufacturer tells me that these are
some of the best formulas he has ever seen!
The Skin Dynamics BBWI “Beauty Begins
Within” natural skin-care line ~ used in
conjunction with the Body Dynamics herb and
vitamin formulas ~ will rejuvenate your skin
from the inside out.
Older clients with dry, sun-damaged skin
report highly refined, virtually poreless skin with
more clarity, smoothness, and luminosity.
Younger acne-prone clients notice that
breakouts are reduced, if not totally eliminated,
while scarring and dark spots disappear, and skin
takes on a healthy smooth glow.
Go to my website and read the letters
on letterhead that have been written
regarding the fantastic results achieved by
my clients. Click on “Customer Reviews”
right under the heading “Information.”
You will find all the information you need
on these wonderful products.
How I Di scover ed That a Focus on Wei ght Loss i s NOT t he Key t o
Heal t h, and That Beaut i f ul Ski n Begi ns Wi t hi n! by Br enda L . Swar t z
1-800-634-2910 • 972-245-5500
Would you like to look like this in
your 50s? Brenda Swartz is her own
walking advertisement!
Ask for Body Dynamics at Your
Local Health Food Store!
Help Your Healt h Classes Help Your Healt h Classes Help Your Healt h Classes Help Your Healt h Classes Help Your Healt h Classes
Abundant Life Health Foods • Lewisville • 972-221-1210
Over 40 years of experience with the foundations of
health ~ cleansing and nutrition ~ have made Peggy Mills
an invaluable resource for this region.
In this issue, Peggy interviews staff member Francine
Yacoub about their exciting new health classes.
Talks Wit h Peggy M ills
Lewisvil l e & Duncanvil l e st ores Lewisvil l e & Duncanvil l e st ores Lewisvil l e & Duncanvil l e st ores Lewisvil l e & Duncanvil l e st ores Lewisvil l e & Duncanvil l e st ores
Homeschools • Christian Schools
Public Schools • Parents
Hope Evans & Bonnie Graff’s
large, well-known & much-loved
educational center is in both
Duncanville & Lewisville! They’re
well-stocked, but if they don’t
have it, they’ll order it ~ fast!
SE Corner of Old Orchard Village East • 1288 W. Main St. #203 • LEWISVILLE • 972-956-8320
Shop Catalog On Line • Buy, Sell, Trade New & Used Curriculum
Science Supplies, Art, Manipulatives, Music, Bible,
Reference Materials, Teacher Supplies, and Much More!
Broad selection of good reading material for your children!
Call or see website for H.O.P.E. 2007/2008 Academy classes!
am excited about some upcoming health classes that we are
going to be offering in the fall here at Abundant Life. One of
our staff members, Francine Yacoub, is finishing a course to
become a Certified Health and Nutrition Counselor. She is going
to be the instructor. I asked Francine to tell us something about her
background in the health field and these exciting new classes.
Health Classes With Francine
Well, Peggy, I owned a health food store 25 years ago. There
were not many around then. I know you were one of the pioneers.
Back then, if you ate avocados and drank fresh carrot juice, you
were considered a health nut. I nursed my son for two and a half
years when it was fashionable to bottle feed. I remember my friends
joking about how he would still be nursing well into his forties.
I am very passionate about being able to help people with their
health problems. Since I have been here at Abundant Life for seven
years, I have had many opportunities to do just that.
A Splendid Choice?
For example, a lady came into the store complaining of joint pain
in her elbows, knees, and ankles. She appeared to be in her mid-
thirties. I asked her if she drank soft drinks and she said that she
didn’t because she knew they were so hard on the body. I guess
they should really call it what it is ~ a hard drink! Then I asked her
if she used the artificial sweetener, Splenda. She was quick to tell
me that she had started using Splenda when she started her diet to
lose weight. I asked her when she started on her diet and she told
me it was about six months ago.
Then I asked her if she remembered when her joint pain
started. She looked surprised and told me it was about six month
ago. BINGO! That gave me a chance to explain to her that there
have been some findings that Splenda could be causing some health
problems. Then I told her about the alternative ~ Stevia.
Stevia is a sugar substitute with no calories, but it does have
nutritional value because it comes from a plant leaf. She was very
happy to know that maybe just by changing this part of her diet that
she might be free of pain.
Eczema and Milk?
On another occasion, a pilot came in. He
had not been able to fly for over a month because he was covered
all over with eczema. He wanted a cream to help the itching. Of
course, I started asking questions about his diet. I started by asking
him if he drank milk. He said that he loved milk, and that he drank
a lot of it. When I explained to him that some people are highly
allergic to milk and that his rash could be from drinking milk, he
decided to switch to the alternative Rice Dream.
Actually, I have seen many cases when eczema or psoriasis is a
yeast rash from the antibiotics that the dairy industry is injecting in
the cows and the antibiotic is passed right into the milk and then
into the milk drinker, thus getting a dose of antibiotics every time
they drink a glass of milk.
I have found through the years that many people are overwhelmed
when they shop in Health Food stores. They don’t know how to
begin to change their diets. They are confused over what
supplements to take. This is why I have decided to teach a class. I
am calling it Crash Course 101 ~ Help Your Health with Alternative
Health Suggestions. The class will be at Abundant Life Health
Foods on Saturday morning from 10:30 to 12:30. The cost is $35.00,
which includes books. I want it to be fun, informative and motivating
as well.
It is sad to me that here in America we eat so much fast food. We
even have a name for it. We call it junk food. I looked up the
meaning of junk and its definition is rubbish or trash. How can we
say junk and food in the same sentence? Is it junk or is it food???
Finally, I do believe that some real foods can be very healing. In
the future when someone comes in the store with compromised
health issues, I might suggest that they go home and drink 16oz of
PH 8.5 Kangen Water, wait an hour, then eat some tomatoes,
peppers, olives, onions, garlic, and artichokes with 1/4 teaspoon of
oregano oil. They might smell like a pizza, but they may also feel
like a million dollars.
Call 972-221-1210 for class information!
Check Out Academy Classes!
Abundant Life carries Body Dynamics Products!
We Ship Anywhere! • We Sell Around the World!
Texoma Wel l ness Cent er !
Texoma Wellness Center • Whitesboro • 903-564-9815
t Texoma Wellness Center, we strive to offer our patients
the best quality chiropractic and alternative care in the health
field. Therefore, we use the latest up-to-date technology in
order to correctly diagnose and treat the cause of the dis-ease in
our patients.
We are proud to be one of the few chiropractic clinics in our
region that are using DIGITAL PARASPINAL THER-
MOGRAPHY as a means to specifically detect the root of the
problems and then make the appropriate specific treatment for every
a hand-held scanner along the
spine and takes temperature
readings creating a digital read-
out on the computer. By
measuring and creating a picture
of what’s going on with the spine,
we are able to detect specific
patterns with each patient and
come up with a very specific
treatment protocol for each
individual case. Supported by a
thorough consultation, exami-
nation and radiographic studies, we
are able to quickly diagnose and
treat our patients, getting them out
of pain fast, and getting them back
to the active lifestyle they enjoy.
The scan is safe, easy, painless,
and can be done with clothes on or
in a gown. Thermographic testing is used across the world by major
medical schools, hospitals, chiropractic offices and other alternative
health-care providers who are seeking to offer their patients a better
quality of care, using the latest medical technology.
It’s time to find out how to improve your health and maintain
your health for the rest of your life! All of us have things that are
important to us. Whether its family, work or play, life is much more
enjoyable when your health is at its best. Our goal is to get you
back to that active lifestyle you enjoy. See a list of the services
provided at Texoma Wellness Center on page 9.
Call the office today and mention this ad and you will receive a
free consultation and a DIGITAL PARASPINAL THERMO-
GRAPHY SCAN! 903.564.9815
Healthy Blessings,
How t o Get Your Free Di gi t al Paraspi nal Thermography Scan!
Dave Tuck,
Dr . Dave Tuck
Ron Urban, LMT for
Texoma Wellness, and
Cooper Institute
Certified Personal
Trainer for Texoma
Fitness Center
classes, etc.
Julie Scheu,
Certified Life Coach,
Connective Healing is a safe, relaxing and gentle technique of balancing
your body’s energy to remove physical, chemical, and emotional stresses.
This 45-60 minute session creates a sense of overall well being by reducing
tension, pain, stiffness, improving focus and clarity, and enhancing energy.
Most report dramatic results after their first session.
Certified in Life Coaching from The Concourse of Wisdom in 2005, Julie’s
compassionate nature led her to further studies in relieving the physical,
emotional, and chemical stresses that are placed on people that can cause
further complications and even disease.
In 2006, she completed her Reiki 1 training, and also became certified in
reconnection Healing Techniques. Julie utilized her advanced training by
conducting seminars and workshops on personal development, achieving
success, improving relationships, dealing with or eliminating emotional
stress, and creating a healthy balanced life. She has developed and led
several workshops, such as Powerful Thoughts, Powerful Life, Living Your
Purpose, and Collapse Process. She also taught Psychometry courses at
area wellness centers.
Julie is a recognized leader in personal development, inspiring her clients
around the globe. She is currently practicing Connective Healing at Texoma
Wellness Center in Whitesboro, Texas and other locations as requested.
For more information, or to make an appointment, contact Texoma Wellness
Center at 903-564-7981, or Julie directly at 208-859-2087.
n December of 1994, I was told I had “maybe” two years to
live. I had Chronic Obstructive Airway Disease so bad I had
been in the hospital five times in two years, and spent over a
week on I.V. steroids ~ in addition to breathing treatments, inhalers,
and medications.
It had begun as a bad reaction to medications given during a
surgery in 1992, and the steroids triggered my years of “pre-
diabetic” hypoglycemia to turn into Type II Diabetes. I lost my
vision and was very ill ~ in the hospital ~ before anyone checked
my blood-sugar levels and realized what had happened. When I
went home, I was a medical “basket case”, and had virtually no
immune system. I caught just about every virus going around, and
I was sick most of the time. In 1994, I had just turned 47. I was the
mother of five, and grandmother of 3, and I did not want to die.
Saved by the Family Farm
My brother, Dr. John Brewer, is a research scientist. He was
looking for a way to get the family farm to pay, so he could move
his family back to raise his kids in Kansas where we grew up. A
winemaking hobbyist for years, he decided to look into starting a
winery in Kansas. Our mother was convinced Elderberries were
really good for your health, so she was growing lots of them. A
retired cardiac nurse, she was into natural foods and enjoyed raising
John had experimented with making Elderberry Wine for 8 years
and, after 200 formulas, he came up with the wine that launched
Wyldewood Cellars. As we were waiting for our licenses and the
first tanks of wine to finish, we made and sold Elderberry Jelly and
Syrup, as well as Elderberry Wine Jelly and Syrup. These were,
and still are, made one small batch at a time, with the same
ingredients our grandmothers used. No corn syrup or cheap
ingredients ~ just old-fashioned good taste and quality.
A Taste of Healthy History
As we were making the Elderberry products, I was frequently
tasting and getting some of the juice into my system. I began drinking
a glass of the wine a day when it was finished. My health made
such immediate and startling improvements that we suddenly
realized the difference was the Elderberry I was getting.
After the research came out of Israel about the anti-viral properties
of Elderberries, we began to research more
about the history of them and how they were
used. We discovered they have been used for
medicinal purposes since Hippocrates, and widely used in Europe
and by the Native Americans for colds, flu, coughs, upper respiratory
problems, intestinal problems, asthma, arthritis, allergies, and
constipation. It contains many natural nutrients, as well as natural
anti-histamine, anti-inflammatory, and other properties.
Pure, Whole, Affordable Concentrate
Personally, I got off all the meds and have not had a virus for
over 12 ½ yrs now. Now as I near my 60
birthday in October, I am
healthier than I was in my 30s, and still don’t have wrinkles. The
strong anti-oxidants in Elderberry are believed to slow aging. I
think you will have to decide that for yourself, but I sure believe it.
We came up with the Elderberry Juice Concentrate because of
the way it helped my health so much, as well as others in the family.
After seeing other products coming out that contained lots of sugar,
syrups, alcohol, or strong additives, we felt people deserved a pure,
whole, and affordable Elderberry juice concentrate
The people who try it and use it are our best advertising. We have
stacks of letters from customers who say it has helped them with
managing their diabetes, arthritis, intestinal problems, allergies, viral
illnesses, and many other things. We have letters from people who
use it with their animals. We have doctors who tell their patients to
take it, for everything from asthma, allergies, and diabetes to getting
over a virus.
The best part is that Elderberry is a food, and not a medicine.
Some people decide they need more or less than others. You can
put it in anything you want, or take it straight. According to our
testimonials and personal experience, Elderberry has demonstrated
no interference with medications, other than lessening the need for
many of them, but that is a matter between you and your physician.
Our Pure Elderberry Concentrate is available in North Texas at
many fresh produce markets and health food stores. For a location
near you, for more information, or to order directly from us, call
toll-free at 800-711-9748. Retail customers, contact David Ross at
Wyldewood Cellars • Mulvane, Kansas • 800-711-9748
Pure El derberry Jui ce Concent rat e from
Wyl dewood Cel l ars Saved My Li fe!
by M er r y ( Br ewer )
O’Cal l ahan
[HAYC note: What role did gluten or diet play in the formation
of the tumors?]
Parabens are a group of broad-spectrum preservatives (meaning
they kill a variety of microbes) used to prevent the growth of harmful
microorganisms, especially molds and yeast. Parabens are derived
from benzoic acid. Benzoic acid is a chemical commonly found in
plants. So, to some extent, parabens are “natural”. They are as
natural as some alternative preservatives being proposed, such as
grapefruit seed extract. Parabens have been used extensively for
over 50 years and have been researched thoroughly. Parabens are
used in very small concentrations, causing absolutely no reason for
(continued from pg. 10)
Ski n Care Scare Tact i cs
concern for most people. For Skin Dynamics, we use 1/16
1% parabens in any product. Check out the high-end, big-name
skin-care lines that tout natural ingredients and you’ll find a string
of various parabens.
One “Natural” Alternative
Often touted Grapefruit Seed Extract is a chemically altered
form of grapefruit seed. If you’re going to call it “Grapefruit Seed
Extract,” you could, by the same reasoning, call Sodium Lauryl
Sulfate “Coconut Oil Extract.” We researched using the extract
for our own products, but rejected it as not effective.
A report from the Institute of Pharmacy, Ernst Moritz Arndt
(continued on pg. 34)
580 Hwy. 377 N, WHITESBORO
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!
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The Thermography Center’s cutting-edge computerized thermography is safe, painless,
non-radiating, affordable, and let’s you know what’s really going on in your body!
by Geni e Fi el ds, DC
ave you ever wondered about the
health of your breasts? Have you
ever thought how great it would be
to actually find out the state of your breasts
before a lump or tumor is found on a
Most tumors take years to develop to a
size that can be seen on a mammo-gram. But
what is happening to the breast tissue during
that time? Wouldn’t it be comforting to
really know? Can you really know?
And what about a lesser known but just as
threatening condition called IBC ~
inflammatory breast cancer, which has no
lumps to see on a structural picture like a
Now there is a safe, noninvasive way to
detect inflammations, blockages, possible
toxins or damaged cells even before they
are a severe problem, and it is called Com-
puterized Regulation Thermography (CRT
2000). Using a highly sensitive contact
probe and sophisticated com-puter software
~ which converts heat energy on the skin
into electronic data signals seen on the
computer monitor ~ we can measure the
functionality of not only the breast tissue,
but the function of all our organs and glands.
Thus, at any time in our life, we can know if
we are progressing toward disease, or
toward balance.
Blocked, Hot, Cold, or Toxic
With the CRT 2000, scanning of the breast
tissue is painless, non-radiating, and takes
about 30 minutes. The information gained
during the scan is generated into a graph
form (not infrared images), which allows for
precise and accurate interpretation. The
breast information is then taken from the
graph and put into a visual to see the actual
areas that are blocked, hot, cold, or toxic.
A hot spot indicates inflammation of the
tissue region. A blocked spot indicates
failure of the point to compensate to a
temperature change, possibly a sign of a
tumor or a cyst. A toxic spot is one that
overreacts to the temperature change, a sign
that can occur if toxins are present such as
pesticides, or other chemical exposures. A
cold point is excessively cold to begin with
and can be seen in several neoplastic
(abnormal growth) diseases such as DCIS
(differential carcinoma in situ) or long-
present calcifications.
A Graphic Picture
Fourteen different criteria, based on
confirmed case studies, are used to
determine signatures for breast dysfunction.
They include blocks in the liver, sternum,
tonsil/lymph, stomach, and breast.
Dysregulation in the ovaries is also a factor,
Inflammatory or other Benign
Signatures in the breast region
Benign mass evidence or
Tendency for density changes
Fulfillment of 14 known criteria
Referral to Imaging or further tests
Neck, Pelvic, Chest Lymph
Dysfunction Patterns
Indication for Hormone-Related
Organ/Tissue Influences involved in
Metabolism Rel. to Breast Dysfunction
Causal Elements Known to Create Distant
Effects Requiring Further Investigation
Mild/NonExistent Severe Moderate
Digital Thermography Breast Analysis
Sample Report
(Toward Warmer Side)
Full Body Scan/
Full Body Report
Only $235
Full Body Scan/
Breast Report
Only $235
Full Body Scan/
Both Full Body and
Breast Reports
Only $280
Report & Payment
Digital Thermography Breast Analysis
as well as increased chaos in the chest and
breast. We need the entire picture to
accurately assess the breast.
The CRT 2000 is an adjunctive diagnostic
device (FDA cleared in 1997). Thousands
of patients’ lives have been saved by its
surveillance of the body’s terrain, of
possible causal infections distantly involved
(in other parts or systems of the body), and
of local immune-system events such as
lymphatic influences or hormone receptor
The three main categories pertaining to
breast diseases and conditions are
mastopathy (meaning usually benign),
fibrocystic, and suspicion for neoplastic
Not a “Local” Disease
Advances in themography research have
shown that breast cancer is not a local
disease, but a sign of failing, or failed,
regional and global homeostatic regulation.
Many people don’t realize that there are
several functional systems of the body that
are highly influential in breast pathology.
We must assess lymph origin and stress in
the lymphatic system, endocrine (glandular)
imbalance, metabolic influences from sub-
optimal organ function (liver, pancreas,
(continued on pg. 26)
• New Generation of Thermography
• Early Detection of Underlying Causes
• Computerized Functional (Not Structural) Scan
• Non-Invasive Painless Reproducible Diagnostic
• Evaluates All Major Body Organs
• Tool in Tracking Treatment Progress
• Essential in Planning Preventive Care
• Your Unique Health Profile
Thermography Center of Dallas
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The Nat ural Choice
as an adjunctive tool for diagnostic testing with an indication for
exploration & possible understanding of the following conditions:
1) abnormalities of the female breasts
2) peripheral vascular disease
3) musculo-skeletal disorders
4) extracranial, cerebral, and facial vascular disease
5) abnormalities of the thyroid gland
6) various neoplastic & inflammatory conditions
What you don’t know
may cost you your health.
Organs & Tissues
Measured in
One Easy Test
Small Intestine
Spinal Column
The analysis provided by the CRT 2000 ®
provides focused statements of individual
organ systems, indicating the severity of
conditions, allergies, toxicity, and degen-
The CRT 2000 ® Thermographic System
quickly locates the focal points of chronic
conditions such as:
• Hormonal Imbalances
• Weight Gain
• Early detection of changes in breast
and prostate function
• Heavy Metal Toxicity
• Bowel Dysfunction
• Food allergies
• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
• Low-grade chronic viral and fungal
• Joint Inflammation
• Lymphatic Obstructions
Able to detect the very early onset of
functional changes throughout the
• First testing facility in the U.S. dedicated
for use by all doctors ~ MDs, OBGYNs,
DOs, DCs, NDs, Acupuncturists, Dentists,
• No prescription necessary, though the
report must go through a health-care pro-
fessional (state law)
• Appropriate for men, women & children
of all ages ~ we have done ages 8 to 95.
• No radiation, painless, and takes about
30 minutes.
5220 Spring Valley Rd., Suit e 604 • Spring Valley Cent er • Dallas, TX 75254
SE Corner Dallas Tollway & Spring Valley • 6-Story Mirrored Bldg.
The CRT 2000® ~ Computer & Probe
id that title get your attention? Well the answer is neither
and both. The best approach, in most cases, is to use them
together. Why? Let me review, in hopefully understandable
terms, what each one does. If you understand what each one does,
then it will be easier to understand why they work so well together.
Chiropractic ~ Motion, Nerves, Blood, Lymph?
At the most basic level, chiropractic restores proper motion to
joints that are not moving efficiently. Why is that important? Joints
that do not freely move through their range of motion cause irritation
to the nerves. This causes the muscles to tighten up around the
joint to protect it from damage.
When muscles are tight for prolonged periods of time they
constrict blood vessels and lymph chains. This causes a reduction
of oxygen and nutrients going into the muscle and soft tissues, and
a build-up of toxins and fluid in those tissues. Short term, this causes
muscle spasms and pain. Long term, the tissue can’t repair itself
properly and you get the build-up of scar tissue and chronic
conditions like osteoarthritis. Chiropractic is very good at restoring
the proper motion to the joints so that the above doesn’t happen.
Massage ~ Similar & Complimentary
Massage therapy at its basic level physically reduces muscle
tightness and thereby frees up the joints, blood vessels and lymph
chains. This would, of course, increase circulation to the tissues
and reduce the build-up of fluid in the tissues. Not to mention the
relaxation and stress-reduction value, which have their own health
As you can see, they both do similar and complimentary things.
When used together, they generally speed up the healing process.
Chiropractic can remove the underlying joint dysfunction that
caused the muscle tightness, and massage therapy can speed up the
relaxation of the muscles and the return of normal circulation to
the tissues.
So which is better? Both of them used together.
Chiropract ic vs Massage Therapy ~ Which is bet t er?
Lifestyle Chiropractic • Denton • 940-387-0405
by Todd Port er, DC
Chiropractic, cold-laser
therapy, footbath detoxification,
nutrition, acupuncture,
and on-site
massage therapy
Cold-Laser therapy is an effective tool in the range of
therapies offered at Lifestyle Chiropractic’s family-care
wellness clinic
Laura Kunkelman, LMT, pro-
vides on-site massage therapy
and additional wellness educa-
tion for Lifestyle Chiropractic.
Laura has a masters in exercise
physiology and a minor in nutri-
tion. She offers a range of thera-
pies, including Swedish, deep
tissue, cranio sacral, reflexology,
and basic energy work.
See Jonathan every Thursday on Channel 12 First AM News be-
tween 6:20 and 6:35 a.m. Go to www.kxii.com/morningshow and
find videos of past programs at Gardening Texoma. He is totally
organic and known for his innovative water features.
it is in the shade, full sun, afternoon sun, or morning sun, etc. This
is the time we all wait for. Don’t miss it!

The Importance of Trees and Fall Plants
Trees and fall plants enhance the season with a plethora of
color. The value to be learned from this onslaught of color is that,
if one pays close attention, one can see how Mother Nature allows
for, and adapts to, the harshness of summer. Plants such as calicarpa
(American Beauty Berry) enhance one’s landscape with a hidden
surprise. The truth is that, if you wait long enough, beauty will
come. My recommendation is the dwarf variety over the standard,
as it is less invasive, woody, and much more attractive and requires
less maintenance.
Plants such as aster, coral berry, and chrysanthemums make great
fall color. Other fantastic fall color plants include flame leaf sumac,
crape myrtle, redbud, and black hawk viburnum
If you have never experienced a black hawk viburnum in all it
crimson glory, you are missing out. This is the most underused
ornamental tree with the most adaptability, utility, and return on
investment of the North Texas area. The black hawk viburnum is a
sure winner!
Even though there is still much to be said about fall, one thing
that cannot be ignored is to turn your automatic sprinkler systems
to manual. It is time to give your plants the blessings of natural rain
during the upcoming rainy season. Only run your sprinkler system
if your plants have gone 5 days without rain (depending on
weather). A moist flowerbed is an insulated bed which is much more
adaptive to the extremely cold temperatures.
In conclusion, fall is not only a time for thanksgiving; fall is a
time of affirmation and glorification. This is a golden time to
reconcile your unmet spring goals. The energy you put into your
fall planting reaps a greater return on investment than you get in
the short period of spring. Fall is for those who plan ahead. Happy
(continued from pg. 2)
Fal l ~ The Best Wi ndow of Opport uni t y
Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy
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Dr. Jonat han Gol ab, D. D. S.
Center for
Dr. Golab is a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) seeking to
promote mercury-free dentistry, and an accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.
Voted Best Dentist Denton County
for 2006 by the readers of The News
Connection. Voted Best Dentist
Denton County for 2005 by the
readers of The Lewisville/Flower
Mound Leader.
Alternative Biological Dentistry
In addition to being a cosmetic dentist,
Dr. Golab maintains a full-service, general
dental practice. You can contact Dr. Golab
at The Flower Mound Center for Cosmetic
Dentistry at 972-691-1700, next to the
Flower Mound Library. Or visit Dr. Golab
on the web at www.drgolab.net. If you have
any concerns or questions for Dr. Golab,
please email him from the “contact us”
page on his website.
Find Health Around Your Corner
at Denton’s Cupboard Natural
Foods & Café!
elax. You’re in the hands of the
best. With old, cracked silver/
mercury amalgam fillings holding
together all eight of my molars, I
was in dire need of safe mercury removal
and reconstructed teeth. I came to Dr. Golab
initially for these health concerns because
he is the best in his field, using state-of-the-
art technology.
While some dentists might consider the
beauty of the finished product an “extra,”
Dr. Golab, a consummate artist, considers
beauty a priority, second only to the health
and safety of your teeth. An admitted
perfectionist, this man quietly corrected
esthetic flaws left by other dentists, and even
filled pinpoint cavities overlooked by others
with enamel-toned material. He didn’t make
a big deal about it, but I could see he was
vitally interested in creating the most
beautiful teeth you can have after your
medical needs had been satisfied.
If you have had a less-than-favorable
experience in the dentist’s chair in the past,
please be at ease. This is truly the next
generation in dentistry. Dr. Golab and his
staff treat every patient warmly, taking the
“edge” off, even as you walk in the front
door. Their concern for your comfort and
safety are obvious.
For my extensive work (two sessions, one-
half mouth each time) I relaxed in a beautiful
room with a blanket tucked around me while
I dozed and watched a movie with special
goggles, pretty much unaware of the highly-
trained medical professionals moving about
me, performing intricate procedures I’m
glad I couldn’t see. It helped to know that I
was in the hands of an expert who studies
continuously, who is skilled in the latest
techniques, and who is passionate about his
Every patient is different, of course, but I
never needed a pain pill after I got home ~
both times. As a layman, I interpret this as a
clean job with minimal trauma to my tissues.
Dr. Golab removed dangerous, decaying
metals from my mouth and left in their place
eight beautiful teeth made of the newest,
strongest materials available. Now I can
throw my head back and laugh without
exposing a mouth full of silver. Who’d think
jaw teeth could be gorgeous?
Like I said, relax.
The Next Generat ion in Dent ist ry
Combining ultra-high technology with great artistry ~ a patient
testimony by Lynn Townsend Dealey
Ed Emde, RPh
Kel ea Ti schl er, RPh
Russel l Pel zel , RPh
Cr ystal Bar nes, RPh
Kar en Hef fl ey, Phar m D.
2650 Midway Rd., Ste. 128 • CARROLLTON 972-407-0600
9:30 - 6:00 Mon - Sat
A l l Credi t Cards A ccepted
Feat ur i ng...Nat ur al Nut r i t i onal Sl eep Suppor t !
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29 Years in Business • 8 Locations
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Announci ng...
Get Your
Cellars Pure
at Peak!
If you could have:
• a non-invasive test using state-of-the art
technology that could measure 58 different
“circuits” (at acupoints) in your body
related to specific organs and systems
• then compare your measurements against
over 1.5 million tests to identify areas of
your body that have moved away from
• then customize detailed recommendations
for optimal nutritional supplementation to
fit your specific needs ~ would you?
Why Wouldn’t You!
The question is really, why wouldn’t you?
It’s safe, painless and can be used on any
age person without any special
preparation. It has FDA registration and,
in about 20 minutes, you can have results in
a color-coded, easy-to-understand, take-
home report showing what systems you
specifically need to support and how to do
it through specific supplementation.
Bioelectrical Impedance Measurement
(BIM) devices have been consistently used
in medicine to obtain important health
information about your body. They assist in
more accurately determining the best course
of action for your individual needs.
Examples are EKGs and EEGs to measure
heart and brain function. My Biomeridian
Unit measures nutritional support for 14
major body systems. No more guessing. Just
information on which to base health
decisions immediately.
Free for First 14 to Call!
To show any skeptic or to help anyone,
especially those who haven’t been able to
find out what is the underlying cause of their
symptoms, or who would like to find and
fix problems before they express themselves
in symptoms, our clinic is offering a FREE
BIM assessment to the first 14 people who
call and come in for a scheduled
That’s right, a FREE BIM test and
report. A $55.00 value at no cost to you,
unless you are like some patients who tell
us, “It has been miraculous for me,” who
found the test to be truly priceless.
Just call 940-566-0000 to schedule your
BIM assessment. Find out exactly what you
can do to improve and maintain your basic
Certified in nutrition and pain management,
Dr. Surprise has trained specifically to use
the BIM technology for the good of patients.
Don’t let this opportunity pass by.
Call NOW ~ 940-566-0000. You will be
amazed, and glad you made the call.
A Family Chiropractic Clinic • 2 Your Health Nutrition • Denton • 940-566-0000
by Juanee Sur pr i se, DC, DAAPM,
FAAIM (Nutrition)
If You Could, Woul d You?
Don’t Miss This Opportunity to Customize Your Nutrition & Supplementation ~
FREE Bioelectrical Impedance Measurement Test for First 14 Who Call!
Dr. Todd L. Por t er, DC, FI AMA, CCSP
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hyroid control, if done thoroughly, can be one of the most
challenging and confusing medical decision-making
dilemmas that a family practice provider faces. The
Association of Clinical Endocrinology and the Endocrinology
Society have not come to an agreement on the standard of care for
optimal thyroid function. Thus, many patients have been told that
their thyroid is “fine.” But, truthfully, what is fine?
Lazy Thyroid
One knowledgeable pharmacist, Joe Paoletti, nicknames a lazy,
untreated thyroid as functional hypothyroidism. He suggests that
this is caused by an imbalance of T3 and T4, excess T4 therapy, or
increased thyroid binding globulin from estrogen or pregnancy. Was
your TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) simply checked, or was
an extensive thyroid panel drawn?
Optimal thyroid function should be considered the goal instead
of settling for “normal” thyroid function. Illnesses such as high
blood pressure, high cholesterol, infertility, fatigue, low sex drive,
and obesity are influenced by a poorly functioning thyroid. Why
address multiple diseases and ignore the underlying potential cause?
Modern Life & Thyroid
Most people know symptoms of low thyroid. Some of those
symptoms include fatigue, weight gain, irritable bowel, depression,
headaches, leg cramps, general weakness, and immune deficiencies.
But did you know that the modern American way of life
contributes to hypothyroid function? Stress, environmental toxins,
diet, medicines, and much more all play a role. Other factors that
prevent the thyroid from functioning optimally include natural
aging, alcohol, alpha-lipoic acid, cigarette smoking, diabetes,
obesity, fasting, growth hormone deficiency, lead, mercury, low
adrenal state, pesticides, excess soy, surgery, and radiation.
Conversely, factors that positively support natural thyroid function
include human growth hormone, natural testosterone, melatonin
(sleep), insulin, tyrosine, high protein diet, proper hormonal balance,
and ashwaganda (Indian Ginseng).
Nutrition & Thyroid
Let’s focus on nutrition and how it affects thyroid. Lack of
selenium, chromium, zinc, iron, iodine, copper, vitamin A, D, E,
B2, B6, and B12 discourages your thyroid from functioning
Did you know that artificial sweeteners cause chromium wasting?
Did you know that there are approximately six packets of artificial
sweetners in one Diet Coke? Also, are you aware that if you take
your multivitamin with a fiber supplement or the new Alli product,
your fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K will not be absorbed well?
Maybe your thyroid numbers look good, but your vitamin D
numbers don’t. When was your last blood-level check for vitamin
Medications & Thyroid
What about medicines that negatively influence thyroid function?
Beta blockers, birth control pills, iodinated contrast agents,
phenytoin, SSRIs (Paxil, Prozac, Zoloft),
theophyline, estrogen, glucocorticoids,
opiates, chemotherapy, lithium, and fluoride
supplementation are just a few. Ferrous
sulfate, sucralfate, bile acid sequestrants, aluminum hydroxide-
containing antacids, lactose, and calcium carbonate also alter thyroid
absorption. How many of us are on any one of these at one time or
What Can Help?
So, what can we do to support our thyroid besides reevaluate
what goes in our mouth? Some suggestions would be to take
selenium 200-800 mcg daily (or eat fish two to three times per
week); do a gluten-free diet for at least 60 days; remove aspartame,
trans fats, and processed whole foods from our diet; correct any
hormone imbalances, especially DHEA insufficiency and adrenal
dysfunction; and restore proper gut function. Furthermore, kick-
start your thyroid with iodine, vitamin B6, L-tyrosine, zinc,
magnesium, and glutamine. (Did you know that B vitamins are best
absorbed in a sublingual liquid or injection versus a pill?)
If your provider chooses to supplement with commercial thyroid,
request brand name only. Studies have shown absorption varies
from 48 to 80% from generic to brand name. Plus, it is dependent
on the product formulation as well as character of the intestinal
contents. Absorption is increased by fasting and decreased by low
stomach acid. It is best taken on an empty stomach, separate from
food, medicines, herbals, and vitamins.
Watch for Changes
Also, seasons change and no “one size fits all.” Do not wait too
long to recheck the function of your thyroid. If you have gained
weight, been diagnosed with a new condition, had a change in
medicines, had a baby, or had ongoing major stressors for a season
of time, then consider rechecking your thyroid.
In conclusion, Henry Harrower, MD, in Endocrine Fundamentals
states, “Are not the feelings of the patients often as clinically
valuable as the other feelings? In no case can we wholly discount
them. A good laboratory report is cold comfort to a patient whose
symptoms remain unchanged, and the doctor can repeat such reports
until he is blue in the face, but they will not help his patient much if
unaccompanied by controlled symptoms and changed feelings. The
successful physician is the one who knows best how to make his
patients feel better.” This is our goal at North Texas Family
Medicine. Call today for an appointment ~ 940-686-0860.
Further thyroid information can be found through websites at
DrLowe.com, ThyroidPower.com, and merckmedicus.com. Books
summarizing optimal thyroid function include Overcoming Thyroid
Disorders by David Brownstein, M.D., Metabolic Treatment of
Fibromyalgia by John C. Lowe, Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected Illness
by Broda Barnes, The Thyroid Solution by Ridha Arem, M.D., and Thyroid
Power: 10 Steps to Total Health by Richard Shames M.D.
North Texas Family Medicine • Pilot Point • 940-686-0860
A Healthier Look at an Unhealthy Thyroid
by L i sa H ouk, APRN, BC
Family Nurse Practitioner
Lazy thyroids often go undiagnosed. This bio-identical hor-
mone expert discusses a “more natural,” whole-person
approach to dealing with low thyroid function.
FREE HORMONE SEMINARS • Every 6 to 8 Weeks • Call!
ging ~ we all know it’s coming, but
we’d like to put it off as long as
possible! What if we could repair,
reverse, or slow down the effects of aging?!
You have seen plenty of commercials that
promote surgery or the application of strong
chemicals to your face. There is another
option that is technologically advanced
AND completely natural!
The Quantum Physics Biofeedback
(QPB) EPFX scans the entire body,
determines your top stressors causing
premature aging, then sends the correcting
frequencies back to your cells to repair and
remodel your skin, correct the abnormal
deposition of cellulite, and give you back
your energy, vitality, and youthful
Cellulite! Did you know…?
• Layers 2 and 3 of your skin don’t form
• Cellulite (lipodystrophy) is deposited into
the top (superficial) layer of your skin.
• Fat deposited into layers 2 and 3 is
regulated by diet and exercise.
• Cellulite is regulated more by hormone
balance (or imbalance!)
• Unbalanced estrogen weakens connective
tissue around the fat cells, which allow the
fat globule cells to bulge out, causing bumps
and dimples (cellulite!).
• Estrogen and progesterone levels
determine how much fat is stored in your
• We use the QPB technology to balance
your hormones and that decreases cellulite!
Toxic Build-Up! Did you know…?
Damaged connective tissue (such as
collagen and elastin) is weak deformed
tissue that can interfere with lymphatic
drainage and injure delicate capillaries. This
causes a build-up of toxins that further
damages cell integrity, causing more aging
degeneration. We need to get at the causes
throughout your whole body! Not just
surface treatment!
How does the QPB do a face lift,
reverse aging, and decrease
This miraculous technology is able to
energetically scan and harmonize the body’s
stresses and imbalances, reducing the
stressors that cause aging, hormone
imbalance, and connective tissue weakness.
QPB technology is based on the fact that
a healthy living cell operates at a specific
vibration frequency. If that frequency is
altered because of drugs, chemicals,
accidents, emotional disappointments,
illness, or the wear and tear of everyday life,
the cell becomes stressed, causing hormone
imbalance and weakened connective tissue
that results in crow’s feet at the eyes, age
spots, lines, creases, wrinkles, and droopy,
saggy skin.
We send over 9,000 different frequencies
into the body four different times. These
frequencies then bounce back to the
computer where they are measured and
interpreted. Then, the correcting
frequencies are sent in to remedy the
stresses. Specially designed attachments
treat specific areas of concern.
One of the benefits to the Quantum
Physics Biofeedback protocol is that we
treat the whole body with anti-aging, stress
reducing energy frequencies ~ not just the
face or skin! After all, it is the internal
operations of the body that produce healthy
skin. Healthy insides make beautiful healthy
What should you do? Get a Demo!
Call to set up an appointment for a 30-
minute scan & demonstration. This is
usually $60. If you say you read about QPB
in Health Around Your Corner, we will do
the same scan and demonstration for only
$30 if you call for an appointment by
November 30, 2007!
by Cindy L. Russell, ND, Nutritionist • 214-274-6927
Face Lift/Anti-Aging Program
Doctor of naturopathic medicine and nutritionist Cindy Russell explains a
technological advancement that addresses root causes of aging, treats your
whole body (not just the skin surface), and helps you look and feel better
naturally, with no needles, surgery, or pain!
No Needles! No Surgery! No Pain!
Dr. Russell demonstrates Quantum Physics
Biofeedback (QPB) EPFX to HAYC’s Jean Heney
Who creat ed t he QPB?
Dr. Wi l l i am Nel son
At the age of only 16, Dr. Nelson was
working at NASA when the call came in
from the Apollo 13 spacecraft:
Houston, we have a problem!
Dr. Bill Nelson helped fix the computers
so the astronauts could return home. Dr.
Nelson is the inventor, creator, and
designer of the Quantum Physics
Biofeedback EPFX unit. It was his
dream to find a way to use the most
advanced technology available to help
sick peoples’ bodies return to health.
What Changes Woul d You
Li ke To See?
Quantum Physics
Biofeedback EPFX has
protocols for:
Breast Enlargement
Face Lift
Age spots
Breasts Decreased
Snore Less
Oriental Face Diagnosis
Overall Face Tone
Varicose Veins
Neck therapy
Scio Aura Cleanse
Buttocks Enlarger
Decrease lines, creases,
and wrinkles
Tone chins, cheeks, jowls,
and droopy, sagging eyes
Call for Special-
Offer Demo!
Dr. Cindy L.
Doctor of

Two Z-CoiL
Pain Relief Foot

stores are located in
Albuquerque: 6932 4th Street
NW and in the Hoffmantown
Shopping Center at 8230
Menaul Blvd NE. Call 938-5757
for the 4th Street store or
299-5757 for the Hoffmantown
store. Or visit www.zcoil.com
for more information.
Shoes relieve foot, leg & back pain
4230 LBJ Freeway
Ste. 130, one block East
of Midway on the service
road South of I-635
Come get your
custom fitting at
For more information
call us at
Work Doesn’t
Have to Be a Pain!
Helps Ease:
• Lower-Back Pain
• Heel Spurs & Foot Pain
• Arthritis & Joint Pain
For more information call Terri
You have to try them to believe it!
Midway & LBJ • Dallas
Come Try Our
Work Boots!
successfully avoid caesarian sections.
Now 16 months old, Ava Le and her “doctor mom” both benefited
from regular adjustments, from womb to birth and on through
Root Causes of Symptoms
One of the keys to getting to the root cause of a condition or
symptom is a regular chiropractic adjustment program designed
for the individual, and carefully measured to monitor progress. Dr.
Steve makes sure you understand the progress you make toward
your most stable, biomechanical position for optimal wellness,
which is why such a thorough evaluation is done on your first visit.
Dr. Steve’s mission is to help as many people as he can in his
(continued from pg. 4)
lifetime, especially children.
Dinners & Seminars
Call Stone Creek for more
information on one of their
complimentary dinners or
community lectures, and to
schedule your no-charge
consultation. Call 972-874-7554
Healt hy Spine & Nervous Syst em Key t o Healt h
Monday, Sept. 17 ~ In-office workshop at 6:15 p.m. ~ Controlling
Asthma without Medication
Thursday, Sept. 20 ~ Free Dinner Talk, 8:30 p.m. at Abuelo’s in
Lewisville ~ call for free reservation
Dr. Steve, Dr. Laura, and Chiro-
practic Assistant Embry Munsey
Peak Nutrition • Carrollton • 972-407-0600
Teasley & South I-35E
By Brookshire’s, behind Applebee’s
Jerr y & Dianne Koltes
Up to 5 Gallons FREE
on your first visit!
Reverse Osmosis Purified
Water & Ice
Bottles • Crocks • Stands • Coolers
Bottles Ozone Cleaned &
Filled with a Free Cap
Outside Vending 24/7
“ A cup of cold water...”
What Would Your Give For a Good Night ’s Sleep?
hat would you give for a good
night’s sleep? That is a relevant
question in today’s fast-paced
world. Recently, a health professional came
into the store seeking help for insomnia.
When presented with a choice, he took the
most expensive product. A few days later,
he came back and exclaimed, “It was worth
every penny!” A satisfied customer, now he’s
recommending it to his patients.
This natural product addresses a number
of problems we face when trying to get a
good night’s sleep, namely: anxiousness, not
getting to sleep and not staying asleep.
Let’s look at the ingredients:
• Vitamin B6 aids in utilization of amino
• 4-amino-3-phenylbutyric acid—a gaba
derivative known for its ability to alleviate
symptoms of anxiousness and sleep
• Gaba and L-theanine give a relaxing effect
to support a normal sleep pattern
• Citicoline helps one stay asleep
• 5-HTP-boosts serotonin levels for better
quality sleep
Anne, Peak’s manager, will testify about
how this product has put her in REM sleep
many a night. Call or come by and ask Anne
about the product and its effectiveness.
Remember, Peak can ship anywhere!
Normal sleep has two states, REM (rapid
eye movement), and non-rapid eye
movement. This is the state where most
people dream. There are actually five stages
of sleep, REM sleep being the last stage.
We repeat these stages throughout the night.
(Prescription for Natural Healing, pg. 526.)
Another top-quality sleep supplement
Anne likes is a comprehensive homeopathic
formula that helps people fall asleep, stay
asleep and “turn off” their brain. Peak’s staff
and owner represent decades of experience
and education in natural health products. We
are always happy to answer questions for
our customers.
What are some things we can do to prevent
poor sleep? “Before melatonin became
popular, for 28 years I recommended
calcium/magnesium in the evening and B
vitamins in the morning to encourage
healthy sleep,” says Anne. Did you know
that B1, B2, B3, B5, and folic acid
deficiencies will often manifest in insomnia?
(Dr. Cass Ingram’s Nutrition Tests for Better
Effects of Evening Eating
Anne lists some things you’d never
associate with a sleep problem ~ something
as simple as eating fruit or sugar in the
evening. Most everyone knows to avoid
caffeine, but most do not think about
avoiding soft drinks, some herbs, or even
CoQ10. An overactive thyroid can play a
part in poor sleep. Parasites can play havoc
with sleep. Note that, if one is particularly
restless at the time of a full moon. Not eating
right for your blood type can play a part,
this being experienced personally by Anne.
Is taking melatonin a good idea? Anne
says, in her experience, it seems to work for
some, but not for others. “Some experience
bad dreams, others do not. If your body
makes enough, you probably don’t need it,”
she advises. It works great when used
temporarily to reset your body clock due to
jet lag.
Check out other helps, including L-
tryptophan, herbs, essential oils, teas and
Vaxa’s Parasitin+ for parasites to help you
“turn out the lights.” Call Anne Hill at 972
Peak carries Wyldewood Cellars Pure ELDERBERRY JUICE Concentrate!
(See the Elderberry ad and article in this issue.)
Peak carries BODY DYNAMICS & SKIN DYNAMICS! (See ad & article this issue!)
kidney, intestines), and suspicion for heavy
metal toxicity, as well as the possibility of
distant focal infections, such as tonsil or
dental infections.
Assessing the body’s terrain is another
essential key in determining areas of
dysfunction. Our terrain is our body’s whole
internal environment, including the
connective tissue and the interstitial fluids
comprised of protein, enzymes, minerals,
and neuroendocrine transmitters.
Unhealthy terrain is created over years of
disturbances in the body’s electromagnetic
field, chemical toxins, negative thoughts,
untreated trauma including medical
procedures, and acid/alkaline imbalances,
which provoke fungal, bacterial or
mycobacterial progression. All of these
affect our overall immunity, and our overall
immunity affects our breast health.
Proven Diagnostic Track Record
In a German study, 54% of breast cancer
patients were correctly diagnosed by history
and physical examination. The number rose
to 76% when mammography was added.
However, when thermography was used, the
accuracy of diagnoses rose to 92%.
We encourage you to take control of your
health. Have your thermography screening
to create your own unique health profile.
Find a health-care practitioner who
understands the importance of prevention
and identifying the underlying causes of
(continued from pg. 16)
Breast Cancer Month ~ Thermography Center
Gluten Sensitivity? Celiac? Candida?
We can scan the GI function in one, non-
invasive test. Recognizable patterns in over
3,000 cases have demonstrated signs of di-
etary intolerance, specifically dairy and glutin.
Schedule your scan today! 214-352-8758
by Chuck
Til l ot son, DC
The Family Chiropractic Center • DENTON • 940-382-6141
Is It Real l y Your Chol est erol ? Or Your Thyroi d?!
nderstanding why you have high
levels of cholesterol and
triglycerides is the key to taking the
correct measure!
Essentially there are two and only two
reasons for these to be elevated: Your body
cannot break them down, or your body is
making too much. Very rarely is the amount
of cholesterol you ingest a part of the
problem, unless your numbers are very high.
A Sluggish Thyroid?
Elevated cholesterol and triglycerides,
plus or minus high blood pressure, can be
one of the first signs of a sluggish thyroid.
A few other signs of a low-functioning
thyroid are cracked or peeling skin, hair loss,
and loss of the lateral 1/3 of the eyebrow.
Of course, there are many reasons the
thyroid can be sluggish, a few of which are
nutritional deficiency, low adrenals, high
estrogen, or a poorly functioning liver, and
we can discuss this in another article.
Actually, dietary ~ the gluten in the wheat
you eat may also be part of the problem.
Understanding Cholesterol
Basic chemistry of how we produce
energy is a good place to start to really
understand cholesterol. We make our energy
by burning either carbs (sugars) or fats
(triglycerides) [the clear arrows].
Specifically, fats (triglycerides) utilize beta
oxidation to yield acetyl CoA, and
carbohydrates (glucose) also get broken
down to acetyl CoA, which then feeds into
the Krebs cycle (the circle in the diagram)
which spins clockwise to ultimately yield
our energy ATP from electron transport. The
faster the Krebs cycle spins, the more energy
is produced, and the more acetyl CoA is
The faster the Krebs cycle spins, the more
carbs and fats we burn. It is the thyroid
hormone, T3, in particular that makes the
Krebs cycle spin. It therefore makes sense
that, if there is not enough T3, then we do
not burn fats or carbs, which results in
decreased energy, getting fat and being tired.
However, it also makes sense that, as we
slow the Krebs cycle down, acetyl CoA must
build up. This is one way that we increase
our cholesterol and triglycerides, because
the body will divert the acetyl CoA through
a series of enzymes and form cholesterol.
The hormone-sensitive lipase which allows
us to break down fats (triglycerides) is also
dependent on T3. The most common
nutrients to affect T3 production are iodine,
selenium cysteine, zinc and manganese.
Effects of Statins
Statin drugs block this enzyme conversion,
as does red yeast rice extract; red yeast is a
safer alternative with several biochemical
advantages. However, neither should be
used longterm, because both also decrease
Is a side-effect-causing drug truly the answer to a symptom like elevated levels
of cholesterol and triglycerides? Or is the real problem somewhere else?
CoQ 10, which is essential for energy
production and all muscle contraction,
including the heart. It is also important to
remember that statin drugs can cause mild
gastrointestinal upset and possible changes
in liver enzymes, or a muscle condition
called rhabdomyolysis. Therefore, longterm
use of either of these warrants CoQ 10
supplementation. Rule of thumb is for each
10 mg of a statin, supplement 90 mg of CoQ
Treat Symptom or Cause?
Rather than treating the symptom of high
cholesterol with a statin, why not figure out
the cause. If it is not the thyroid, then what?
Remember, that cholesterol is the precursor
to hormones like estrogen, progesterone and
testosterone, plus cholesterol is very
important in the cell membranes and cell
function. It is not uncommon for our body
to release cholesterol out of the cell
membranes because we are lacking the
correct amount of the good fats like
phosphatidyl choline (one of several
important phospholipids).
“Yes, but if I do not take my statin, I will
get a heart attack!” Why not increase your
good fats to help hold your cholesterol in
the cell members in the first place?
Two good sources of phosphatidyl choline
are free-range or organic eggs, and lecithin.
Recall that the first heart attacks were
diagnosed in the early 1900s, right around
the time farming methods changed. Low-
quality eggs contain few or little of the good
fats. I eat four to five free-range eggs
everyday and my cholesterol is 112.
It is very important that, when lowering
or discontinuing a statin drug, it is done so
under the supervision of a medical doctor.
The most common nutrients to affect high
cholesterol are iodine, selenium cysteine,
niacin, vitamin C, taurine, glycine,
panathine, phosphatidyl choline and omega
3 oils. Addressing the cause and not the
symptom is the true solution to all your
health problems. This is our approach at The
Family Chiropractic Center.
(continued from pg. 28)
Millet, Apple, Cashew Pilaf (No Gluten)
Millet is the only alkaline grain. It is
delicious and you should always serve it to
anyone in your family who is sick. It will
restore the alkaline balance in their bodies
and allow them to heal. You’ll enjoy it
anytime! I usually add in ½ cup or more of
Quinoa. You may need to add more liquid.
Seems like I always do.
Sauté 1 chopped onion in ½ stick butter
1 cup millet
2 ½ cups veg or chicken broth
1 diced red bell pepper
salt and pepper to taste
1 diced apple
Bring to boil. Cover with pressure lid. Bring
to 1
ring of pressure. Lower heat. Stabilize
at 1
ring for 10 minutes. Remove from heat
and let pressure release naturally.
Stir in: ½ cup chopped cashews
Fluff & serve. Serve warm or chilled as a
Monica’s Healt hy Family Recipes Monica’s Healt hy Family Recipes Monica’s Healt hy Family Recipes Monica’s Healt hy Family Recipes Monica’s Healt hy Family Recipes
Monica Brown has 40+ Organic Produce Co-Ops all over the DFW Metroplex and north to
the Red River ~ For information call 817-793-3509 • See Monica’s story on our HAYC web
site. Every issue, we send some 800 or so magazines to Monica for each co-op member
Monica Brown
www.YourHealthSource.Org • 817-793-3509
Precious New Children f rom Russia Precious New Children f rom Russia Precious New Children f rom Russia Precious New Children f rom Russia Precious New Children f rom Russia
y newest little ones came to me June 23, 2007, at the
ages of 23 months (Timothy) and the girls at 13 months
(Christianna Joy and Elaina Christine). They were
accustomed to drinking Kefir (a fermented milk product). Each
child had a rickets anemia
diagnosis. I am feeding them
fresh goat milk and fresh goat
milk kefir.
When I cannot get goat milk
(source: La Cuesta Farms), I use
a local source for Jersey milk
and the children drink it plain
or as kefir. I feed them avocados
almost every day and other soft fruits like mashed peaches, pears,
I also cook millet and quinoa (gluten free) together in boiling
water or broth (with finely diced onions, sea salt and butter) and
keep this on hand for a meal or two each day. Millet is reported to
be high in calcium and iron and quinoa is known as a super food.
Quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) is full of fiber and is great for
nursing mothers and as a baby food. It is recommended around
the world to help moms produce more breastmilk. My older
children and husband love quinoa. It cooks up like a pilaf or very
fluffy rice. It cooks faster than rice and can also be eaten raw (after
it has been soaked and rinsed).
My goal is to give my children something fermented (cheese,
yogurt, kefir), something raw (avocado, fresh fruit or veggies),
and then, if needed, something cooked (preferably something like
the quinoa dish mentioned above). I have noticed that fermented
foods seem to help each child with digestion.
As for supplements, the baby girls are getting a liquid vitamin
and Timothy is getting chewable vitamins. I also give them cod
liver oil (for vitamin D) and an iron/herb supplement. Our doctor
recommended a vitamin D2 supplement for the next few months
to help combat rickets, so we are doing that right now as well.
Quinoa/Millet Dish (Gluten Free)
1 cup of Millet 1 cup of Quinoa
2 Tbl of diced onions ½ stick or less of butter
Water or Veggie/Chicken/Beef broth – your choice (enough to
cover the dry ingredients – be generous as the millet and quinoa
soak up a lot of water)
Saute the onions with butter, then add grains and your liquid. .cook
on high and then turn down to simmer for 25 minutes (or follow
package directions) Enjoy hot, cold, etc.!
From the NEW recipe book listed on the dry goods order form.
Healthy Recipes from the Heart of Our Homes (sisters, Phyllis &
Shirley). This book is a great resource for Bosch kitchen center
recipes and Pressure Cooker Recipes (watch for the Kuhn Rikon
brand of pressure cookers to be added to the dry good list).
Kefir, Quinoa, Millet ~ Traditional Foods for Transplanted Digestive Systems
(continued on pg. 27)
Texas’ Fi rst “ Bot t l ed Wat er”
All-Pure Water Store • Denton • 940-566-3332
by Di anne Kol t es
cleans a
n the sun-baked open range south of Fort Worth, a wrangler
encountered a wagon pulled by four big oxen. In the bed
were six casks. “They call me Shultz,” said the driver, “and
I carry precious cargo.”
This enterprising German immigrant was a welcome sight for
Chisholm Trail cowboys. He had seen a need and responded. During
drives, wranglers were forced to drink creek water, river water, or
water that Old Cookie boiled off. If they were lucky, they might
pass a spread with cold, sweet Texas well water.
Shultz had dug a deep well and found cold, sweet water. He filled
his casks and met the herds on the trail. He charged two bits (25
cents for you youngsters) for a canteen full of water and the cowboys
gladly paid it.
Jerry & Dianne Koltes from the All-Pure Water Store, located on
the NE corner of Teasley Lane and S. I-35 East (by Brookshires
and Applebee’s), can’t deliver water like Shultz did because, today,
a special delivery license is required, and it is different from the
license required for a water store.
But the wranglers and cowboys come from far and wide to fill
their gallon and 5-gallon “canteens” for less per gallon than the
two bits that Shultz got! Now, don’t that beat all!
The store sells reverse osmosis water & ice, coolers with a 5-
year warranty in black, white, and stainless steel (can also be
serviced in the local area), and beautiful designer crocks and
stands. They also have showerheads and bath beads to
filter chlorine.
All sizes of quality bottles are sold; and your bottles are ozone-
cleaned for bacteria and odors, then filled with great RO water,
and topped with a free cap. And, on your first visit, up to 5
GALLONS FREE is the standard. Water plans can reduce your
cost per gallon, as well as the OUTSIDE Vending Machine
Jerry is also busy selling siding, windows, and patios in
Craftmaster Builders, but he hopes you’ll stop by and see “the store
with the blue floor.” I wonder what Shultz would’ve thought of
1100 Dallas Dr.
Suite 122
Woodhill Sqare
A Family Chiropractic Clinic
Expect genuine concern for your well-being, a precise diagnosis of your functional
health, and the tools your body needs to heal itself. Expect results!
Stop Suffering Needlessly • Treat the Causes & Not Just the Symptoms • Improved Quality of LIfe
Frequency Specific Microcurrent®
ONLY Clinic in Denton County with FSM!
Guaranteed Results for Pain & Symptoms with FSM
• Chiropractic & Massage Therapies
• Manual Spinal Decompression
• IONCleanse® Detoxification
• Pain Management Programs
• Detoxification & Longevity Programs
• Weight Loss & Management
2 Your Health
Dr. Robert Howell
Board Certified Chiropractic Orthopedics
Dr. Juanee Surprise
DC, DAAPM, FAAIM (Nutrition)
Board Certified Nutrition •
Board Certified Pain Management
Boudreau Herb Farms • Mineral Wells • 940-325-8674
Herb Talk
by Jo Anne Boudreau,
The Herb Lady
any of my starter herbs are grown
in my 10-foot-wide and 96-foot-
long greenhouse garden.
Customers visiting my herb farm in the
winter and early spring rave about the beauty
of the geraniums, nasturtiums and other
flowering cool weather plants that grow and
bloom among the herbs and vegetables in
this garden. Cuttings are taken and rooted
from lavenders, lemon grass, wormwoods,
chaya, and many others. Small plants of
epazote, basils, oregano, mints, lippia dulci,
tomatos, and peppers that come up from
seed are potted to sell. I plant rows of
mustards, bok choy, parsley, chervil, Swiss
chard, dandelions and other greens in this
greenhouse garden for lots of fresh, organic
greens to eat all winter long.
As I was getting the greenhouse garden
ready for planting, I picked up a heaping
armload of grass to dump in the
wheelbarrow and a black widow spider fell
to the ground. I crushed it with my shoe and
felt a painful burning in my leg just above
the knee. A rectangular rash the size of a
credit card was rising on my leg. I quickly
walked to the field next to the greenhouse
and cut a Milkweed stem and smeared the
milky latex sap on the spider bite. It burned
like crazy but I know the sap counteracts
the venomous bite of black widow and
brown recluse spiders. I went inside and
sprayed the wound with Transdermal
Magnesium Chloride oil and took Noni
capsules to clean the poison from my body,
and stirred some Turmeric powder into a
glass of water to take as a natural
antihistamine. I made a Native Healing Clay
pack to put on the wound site to draw out
the venom and swelling.
The day after the black widow bite, I felt
rotten and numb all over, but the wound site
had reduced to the size of a silver dollar and
the swelling was gone. A black widow
spider bite is worse than a rattlesnake bite. I
will continue to take the Noni capsules until
the spider bite is completely healed. I drink
Native Healing Clay water and Turmeric
water on an empty stomach every morning
as a general cleansing tonic.
TURMERIC is nature’s cortisone and a
powerful antihistamine. It protects against
free radicals, lowers cholesterol, reduces
pain and swelling in joints, muscles, and
spine. Has potent anti-cancer activity. It
protects the throat, stomach, and colon from
cancer. It is a powerful but gentle liver and
gall bladder cleanser. Gets rid of allergies,
gas, and parasites. Helps digestion. It is anti-
inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral.
CHLORIDE OIL: A woman had severe
muscle cramps. After visiting several
doctors with no relief, she tried Transdermal
Magnesium Spray that helped her
immediately. Spray muscle cramps and the
cramp goes away quickly. Transdermal
Magnesium spray treats depression,
migraines, anxiety and panic attacks,
ADHD, bowel disease, fatigue, heart
disease, high blood pressure, and insomnia.
Fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, eye twitches,
cramps, and chronic neck and back pain can
be caused by magnesium deficiency. Spray
Magnesium Chloride Oil on the skin and it
goes to whereever it’s needed in the body. A
woman got rid of bulging varicose veins that
were covering her legs in one year of
spraying her legs twice a day with
Magnesium Chloride Oil.
bites and stings with a Native Healing Clay
pack and drink clay water. Clay has been
found to treat acute bacterial food
poisonings. It absorbs toxins, bacteria, and
viruses. It pulls poisons from the stomach,
liver and intestines. It relieves the heavy
burden of the liver as it purifies the
blood. Clay water is extremely effective in
removing infections caused by E.coli,
Shigella, and Salmonella. Native Healing
Clay is said to have the magnetic pulling
power of two football fields. Researchers
are finding that people of the Bible who
lived 800 years ago ate and drank clay, lived
in clay caves, or houses on clay mountains.
Find Native Healing Clay, Transdermal
Magnesium Chloride Oil, and Quality
Turmeric in the herb store at Boudreau Herb
Farm, 6 miles north of Mineral Wells,TX
on Hwy 281, just past the big water tower.
Farm and store open Wed. thru Sat. from
10AM to 5PM. Call 940-325-8674 for mail
order. We take Visa/MC.
Listen to Jo Anne Boudreau on Herb Talk,
Thursday morning from 8 to 9 on KMQX
88.5, 89.5, KSQX 89.1, K249 97.7, K72AZ
93.3 FM radio and www.KYQX.com
J o A nne J o A nne J o A nne J o A nne J o A nne
How do we care for you? Let us count the ways...
1. Free local delivery & drive-through window
2. Computerized record-keeping of your
prescription medicine
3. Friendly, knowledgeable pharmacists
4. Senior citizen discounts
5. Rock-bottom prices on health & beauty aids
6. Large selection of vitamins & herbal products
7. Medicare & Medicaid approved
8. Accept all major insurance cards
9. 24-hour emergency service
10. Our pharmacists welcome your questions!
Mark Meece, RPh
Shelly Rains, RPh, CDE
Jerry Meece, RPh, CDE
Mon-Fri 8:30 - 6
Sat 8:30 - 1
411 N. Grand
Gainesville, TX 76240
We We We We We
Car e Car e Car e Car e Car e
Your North Texas Certified
Diabetic Educators
offering group and individual instruction
Including Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement and
Nutritional Consultations
D&L FARM & HOME • Aubrey • Denton • Celina • Grandview • McKinney (see ad on pg. 22)
by Alan
Texas Certified
D&L Aubrey
Fal l I s Ti me f or Organi c Pre-emergent Weed Cont rol
& Pl ant i ng Trees, Shrubs, Wi nt er Gardens & More!
See Alan or Stephanie at the Aubrey store, or Keith at Denton, for expert advice
regarding all your organic product needs & questions
all is the perfect time to get a jump-start
on troublesome spring and summer
weeds. Applying a pre-emergent now
can help eliminate annual weed seeds from ger-
minating, thus minimizing the need for post-
emergent weed herbicides.
An organic approach to pre-emergent weed
control can also be obtained by using Corn
Gluten Meal, a natural pre-emergent weed con-
trol and fertilizer. It can be used in vegetable
gardens as a fertilizer and can be useful in weed
control. This is a powerful fertilizer, which will
create large, healthy weeds if applied after
weeds have germinated. Corn Gluten Meal re-
duces weeds such as henbit, dandelions, crab-
grass, and grass burrs.
Soil Amendment & Bed Preparation
Fall is also a good time to add compost and
other organic soil amendments for both new
and existing plantings. The roots are still work-
ing all through the winter. New plants need to
get their roots established. If they are planted
in well-amended soil in the fall, the new roots
have the opportunity to get established and
ready for spring growth.
Soil is the resting place of a plant’s root. The
function of the root is to provide anchorage,
absorption, conduction, and storage. The func-
tion of the soil is to make those processes avail-
able to the root. Without proper preparation
and amendments, it will be difficult for the
plant to achieve its maximum potential.
Depending upon the conditions of your soil,
additions of lavasand, green sand, composted
manure, and many other available amend-
ments will ensure healthy, vigorous plants,
shrubs, and trees.
For clay soil, the recommended bed mix is
two parts soil to one part compost. Drainage
is a big problem. With some exceptions like
willows and cypress, nothing kills a plant faster
than soggy roots.
For sandy soil, moisture and nutrient reten-
tion is a problem. Use from 1/3 to 1/2 com-
post with sandy soil. For all soil types, remem-
ber evenly moist ~ no “wet feet” for the roots
~ and plenty of loose, non-compacted organic
If you must collect grass clippings, compost
them and put them back into the soil. Put the
mower discharge on mulch. Soil energizers
such as dried or liquid molasses enable thatch
to break down more efficiently, as does Corn
Gluten Blend (corn gluten on a yeast culture).
Avoid high-nitrogen products for the lawn as
they can cause late vigorous growth which, if
exposed to a freeze, can be transported down
to the root and cause die-back.
Dormant oil spray is highly recommended
once all leaves have dropped in late fall, early
winter. This smothers any eggs and diseases
(molds & fungi) that are trying to hibernate.
Essentially we follow the rule: an ounce of
prevention is worth a pound of cure!
Gr een Ma r k et
1909 Tex oma Pk wy
903- 892- 8667
Rely on Store Mgr. David
Murray, & Green Market
owner Tom Oxley (in
picture) for healthy food
& friendly service.
And don’t forget your
copy of
Health Around Your
Na t ur a l Foods &Vit a mins
See D& L Farm & Home and HAYC at
Garden InfoFest
Showcasing Organic Products
Demonstrations & Lectures
Hosted by Denton County Master Gardeners
October 6, 2007 • 9 AM to 3 PM
at Upper Trinity Regional Water District
900 N. Kealy Ave. • Lewisville
www www www www www.Heal t hAYC.com .Heal t hAYC.com .Heal t hAYC.com .Heal t hAYC.com .Heal t hAYC.com
Dear friend,
Confessions are tough. Real tough. But, sometimes a
confession can set the record straight, and I want to give
credit where credit is due. Before I talk about my confes-
sion, though, let me say a few other things first. Let me
start by explaining the photo in this letter. I’m the one in
the middle and that’s my husband beside me. Let me tell
you my story.
Years ago something happened to me that changed my
life forever.
“I remember like it was yesterday, although I was just in
high school at the time. It was the day I got hired to work
for this incredible man. The more we talk and the more I
learn about him, the more I get interested in what he tells
me. He tells me how excited he is to go to work everyday
and how passionate he is about his job. He loves seeing
kids, families and all kinds of people come to see him.
And, that’s not all…
You see, this incredible man is a doctor, but not just any
doctor. He tells me that his type of doctor has a very dif-
ferent way of looking at health. They understand that the
body knows how to heal itself, and because of that these
doctors do not use drugs or surgery at all. But, there’s
He tells me stories about kids that were really sick, and
got help nowhere else, getting well. He tells me stories of
people with terrible migraines that get well. He talks
about people crawling in and walking out. I can tell he
makes a positive impact on their lives and that they all
love him for the miracles they see happening. By the
way, this amazing doctor is a Chiropractor.
After hearing my new boss’ story I am fascinated and
impressed. It was soon after that I begin to witness all of
these wonderful testimonies of his patients. I am so
touched by what chiropractic has done for these patients
that I eventually decide to go to chiropractic school
myself. Now, I, too, am a chiropractor. And, you know
what? I’ve never looked back; it was the best thing that
I’ve ever done. I have the best job in the world. And,
that’s how it happened!”
Now for Michael and Alaina, they are twins and were
born at 26
/2 weeks and spent their first 3
/2 years of life
in and out of the hospital. They were taking medications
three times a day everyday! Their parents were very tired
of always being in the pediatricians office taking medica-
tions and thought that there had to be a better way. That’s
when they decided to try chiropractic. Alaina suffered
from attention deficit tendencies, asthma and was taking
medications regularly. After getting adjusted not only has
she been able to focus better and doesn’t struggle like she
used to, but her asthma is no longer an issue and is off of
all her medications! Michael also struggled with asthma
and motor development issues. He was born with emphy-
sema, a collapsed lung and suffered from a misaligned rib
cage. After getting regular chiropractic adjustments, he is
off all of his medications, including his steroids for his
asthma and has grown 3 inches in a year and a half. His
motor development problems continue to improve. They
are now both happy and healthy and not riddled with
being sick and taking medications all the time! Their
mom, Shannon also states that “chiropractic has also ben-
efited us financially by saving us money! We no longer
spend $400 a month on prescription medications. If the
twins do get sick it never lasts long and is not as severe,
they recover much faster and don’t have to take all those
It’s strange how life is, because now children come to see
me for asthma and childhood illnesses. Also they come to
me with their headaches, migraines, chronic pain, neck
pain, shoulder/arm pain, whiplash from car accidents,
backaches, ear infections, asthma, allergies, numbness in
limbs, athletic injuries, just to name a few.
Several times a day patients thank me for helping them
with their health problems. But I can’t really take the
credit. My confession is that I’ve never healed anyone of
anything. What I do is perform a specific spinal adjust-
ment to remove nerve pressure, and the body responds by
healing itself. We get tremendous results. It’s as simple
as that!
Being a chiropractor can be tough, because there’s a host
of so-called experts out there. They tell people a lot of
things that are just plain ridiculous about my profession.
But the studies speak for themselves, like the Virginia
study that showed that over 90% of patients who saw a
chiropractor were satisfied with their results. That’s just
Forty-eight million Americans no longer have health
insurance, and those who do have found that their bene-
fits are reduced. That’s where chiropractic comes in.
Many people find that they actually save money on their
health care expenses by seeing a chiropractor. Another
way to save…studies show that chiropractic may double
your immune capacity, naturally and without drugs. The
immune system fights colds, the flu, and other sickness-
es. So you may not be running off to the doctor as much.
This is especially important if you are self-employed.
And an entire week of care in my office may cost what
you could pay for one visit elsewhere.
You Benefit from an Amazing Offer - Look, it should-
n’t cost you an arm and a leg to correct your health. You
are going to write a check to someone for your health care
expenses, you may as well write one for a lesser amount
for chiropractic. When you bring in this article (by July
27, 2006) you will receive our entire new patient exam for
$37 out of pocket. That’s with x-rays, computerized
scan….the whole ball of wax. This exam could cost you
up to $250 elsewhere. And, further care is very affordable
and you’ll be happy to know that We have affordable
family plans and we file insurance. You see I’m not try-
ing to seduce you to come see me with this low start up
fee, then to only make it up with high fees after that.
Further care is very important to consider when making
your choice of doctor. High costs can add up very
Great care at a great fee…Please, I hope that there’s no
misunderstanding about quality of care just because I
have a lower exam fee. You’ll get great care at a great fee.
And best of all our office has one of the only computer-
ized adjusting machines in the area. This computer can
show you your improvements immediately on the screen.
Your spine gets adjusted without hearing any “cracking”
sound. It’s awesome.
My qualifications…I did my undergraduate studies in
Kinesiology and Health Sciences in Ontario, Canada. I’m
a graduate of Parker Chiropractic College from right here
in Dallas and have advanced training in prenatal and pedi-
atric care. My husband and I practiced in Southern
California seeing thousands of patients and then we
moved our practice to Flower Mound over two years ago.
We’ve been entrusted to take care of tiny babies to some
movie stars that you may know. We just have that low
exam fee to help more people who need care. Our office
was voted #1 Chiropractor in Denton County for the 2nd
year in a row.
Our assistants names are Barbara, Bethany and Marilyn. I
practice with my wonderful husband, Dr. Steven Le and
they’re awesome!
Our office is both friendly and warm and we try our best
to make you feel at home. We have a wonderful service,
at an exceptional fee. Our office is called STONE
Morriss Road, Ste 200 (we are in Stone Creek Plaza at
Morriss Road and FM 3040). Our phone number is 972-
874-7554. Call today for an appointment. We can help
you. Thank you.
-Laura Kukucska Le, D.C.
P.S. When accompanied by the first, we are also offering
the second family member this same examination for only
P.P.S. Can you imagine not having to wait at a doctor’s
office? You will be seen within minutes of your appoint-
Copyright 2000, KA
“A Doctor’s Confession to the Town of Flower Mound…”
And why, despite all, I still do what I do…
St one Cr eek Fami l y Chi r opr act i c
Stone Creek Plaza • Morriss Rd. & FM 3040 • FLOWER MOUND
by Nov.
6, 2007

1130A W. Main
S.W. corner Main at Valley Pkwy.
MC • VISA • Discover • AmerExp
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(fresh each Fr i. & Sat.)
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Vitamins • Minerals • Herbs
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A2O Wild Alaskan Salmon
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Grains & Nuts
Large Pet Section
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Ion Cleanse Detox Footbath
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“Learn to get to the root of your problem”
Nature Has a Remedy
would like to share with you my
melanoma cancer battle and the
alternative modalities I used. I was
diagnosed with skin cancer over three years
ago. The only medical solution offered was
surgery with no alternative medicine
options. Meanwhile, I discovered a lady who
did QXCI biofeedback.
The QXCI/EPFX showed all the same
health issues my cancer doctor had found
by muscle testing, yet the doctor missed
some key issues such as a colon obstruction,
parasites, fungus, bacteria, tooth infection,
mercury toxicity, geopathic stress, and even
emotional issues.
The QXCI/EPFX was used to help balance
these problems. Following the therapist’s
Karen Moore • Certified Biofeedback Therapist • 214-476-2922 or 940-321-3393
How I Dealt Wit h My Melanoma Cancer
(continued on pg. 33)
Plants &
Unhealthy Soil
and coming soon...
t seems everyone is all in a tiff over salt,
and the consensus is that all salt is bad
because it will lead to high blood
pressure and heart disease. I would like to
submit to you that the medical community
isn’t exactly telling the truth.
The American Medical Association
(AMA), the American Heart Association
(AHA), the American Dietetic Association
(ADA), and the National Institutes of Health
have begun a campaign to cut the salt intake
of Americans by one-half. The AMA is even
pushing the Food and Drug Administration
to withdraw salt’s designation as “safe,”
according to UCLA’s Healthy Years.
As usual with controlling organizations,
there are a few things left out. Why is there
too much salt in diets? Because industrial
food manufactures destroy the nutrients in
food and they enhance it with things they
think we like ~ salt, and sugar (high fructose
corn syrup). They also use poor quality food
and “enhance it with MSG” ~ which is one
of the causes of obesity.
What should we do? Stop eating foods
advertised on TV and the media (nutritious
food doesn’t have a high enough profit
margin to be advertised and still make a
profit). Read labels ~ this isn’t difficult, and
you will find some of the strangest products
with salt added and you will scratch your
head and wonder, “Why the addition?”
Ask yourself, “What is salt?” It is an
essential substance that we have to have or
our bodies will stop working. There have
been salt wars because people knew that if
they didn’t have salt, they would die. The
chemical designation for salt is NaCl ~
sodium chloride. Where does it come from?
Mostly from some kind of “salt” mine or
evaporated seawater.
Salt is usually mixed
with minerals, whether
from the ocean or
underground mines.
However, the salt
manufacturers make
money in
two basic
ways ~ sell
salt and/or sell trace minerals. They make
considerably more money selling off the
trace minerals and then taking the remaining
NaCl and adding a very small amount of
iodine (to prevent goiters, but not enough
to prevent thyroid disease) and then an anti-
caking agent that usually contains an
aluminum compound (associated with
Alzheimer’s disease).
A lot of patients and friends get all warm
and fuzzy when they tell me they are well
Good Salt ~ Bad Salt
Before you condemn all salt, read this.
informed and purchase sea salt. I am sorry
to report that most of the sea salt has the
trace minerals removed and isn’t any better
than grocery store salt.
One of the most important things that we
know today is that high blood pressure is
caused by the lack of magnesium (not
excessive salt). Check out Dr Sherry Roger’s
The High Blood Pressure Hoax. Why is this
true? Because there are no trace minerals in
the food we eat
Redmond Minerals produces a salt dug
from ancient oceans in Utah that have dried
up and been covered over for many
thousands of years, so there is also no
pollution in their products (as can be in sea
salt). The salt is called Real Salt and it has
approximately 52 trace minerals in it,
including magnesium. This company has
thousands of testimonials about people who
switched from table salt to Real Salt and
their blood pressure returned to normal.
We need ocean minerals (because there are
92 trace minerals that are plant derived and
ionic), virgin salmon oil (Omega III’s, DHA,
EPA’s and others) that is processed without
damage, and locally grown food whenever
possible. As simple as this sounds, this
“diet” probably would prevent 50 % or more
of the disease that exists in this country and
in other industrialized countries today.
Dr. Robert
Bard, OD
Optometrist •Gainesville
suggestions, I also worked to clear toxins
from my liver, kidneys, and lymph system
and used nutritional products to correct
indicated deficiencies.
The Quantum QXCI/EPFX is designed to
detect energy imbalances and to bring those
imbalances into harmony using frequencies.
Once the energy field returns to harmony,
good health should naturally follow. The
body has an amazing capacity to regenerate
and heal.
Once the QXCI/EPFX has measured
vitamin levels, amino acids, nutrients, food
sensitivities, minerals, enzymes, toxins,
hormone levels, bacteria, molds, fungi,
viruses, and the health/balance of internal
organs, tooth/organ health, it then compares
these figures against the “norm”. The
“norm” comparison is helpful to show
anything that is imbalanced and/or affecting
one’s health.
The QXCI/EPFX is a highly sophisticated
Electro-Physiological System that utilizes an
Evoked Potential Stimuli with sensors
attached by straps to the ankles, wrists and
forehead. These measure and feed resonance
information between the QXCI/EPFX and
the client. After measuring the body’s
frequencies, the QXCI/EPFX feeds back its
own frequencies to reduce or neutralize
destructive wave patterns. Unlike any other
device in use today, the QXCI/EPFX has a
built-in mechanism that monitors the client
during the session and ensures the
individuality of each test in the procedure.
I am a Certified Biofeedback Therapist and
have been trained in all three levels. I can
help people detect the imbalances that are
hindrances to their health. Having been
through my own healing, I understand the
importance of balancing the body/mind in
all aspects.
(continued from pg. 32)
How I Dealt Wit h My Melanoma Cancer
Call to Set Up an Appointment
at our New Facility
1445 McIver #208 • CARROLLTON
A session is $150.00 or a
30-minute demonstration for $45.00
Call for details or questions.
Karen Moore, CBT
Biofeedback Energy
214-476-2922 • 940-321-3393
Lewisville • 972-434-7780
Another Great
Testimonial ~ The 21-Day Detox!
he 21-day detox has been an answer
to 15 years of prayer. I was a very
healthy and active child. At the age
of 14, I began getting chronic sinus
infections. There were no explanations of
the cause and the only option I was given to
get over these was antibiotics. Most of the
time, this only helped for a few days.
So, two nasal surgeries later, I finally
found some relief. However, I have never
been the same. I went from being a very
strong and gifted athlete to struggling just
to make my bed every morning. My arms
alone felt like they weighed 50 pounds
apiece. I continued all of my activities to
the best of my ability, but each night as I
collapsed in my bed, I would cry myself to
sleep out of complete exhaustion (and
I was diagnosed with mononucleosis at
one point, but I knew it was more than that,
especially after a year of getting worse rather
than better. At that point they labeled it as
Epstein-Barr and Chronic Fatigue
Syndrome. It was great to finally have a
name to it; however, this was 1993 and these
illnesses were even less understood than
they are today.
Since 1993, I have battled the fatigue
every single day ~ some days worse than
others. In 1999, I started experiencing
extreme pain in my neck and upper back.
My hands also began to ache and cramp
really bad. By 2000, it was difficult for me
to write, type, or grip anything. I remember
the time that I went water skiing with my
sister and brother-in-law, soon after I got
married, and I realized that there was no way
I could grip anymore. I remember crying as
I was expecting my first baby, wondering
how I was going to hold her for more than a
few minutes at a time. I remember trying
not to break down as I painfully typed the
last pages of my many college papers.
God has provided the strength through it
all, but He has now done much more than
that. He has provided healing ~ through
learning how to feed my body properly and
leading me to The Whole Body Healing
Center that helped me rid my body of all
the toxins that I believe are responsible for
15 years of sickness. Praise God!!!
The 21-day detox was not easy (especially
days 0-7; day 0 was the anxiety and emotions
of starting it all?), but it was an incredible
experience, both physically and spiritually.
It was incredible to see how much food had
controlled my life.
By day 10, I was feeling better than I have
felt in 15 years. By day 21, I felt a huge
difference in strength and energy and the
brain fog and depression was lifted. The 12-
pound weight loss was also a nice bonus
I am seeing that my illness had more to
do with me holding onto things that were
keeping me from being the whole and
healthy person that God created me to be.
My big ones were perfectionism, self-blame,
and food addiction. I praise God for Dr.
Shawn and his team at The Whole Body
Healing Center for allowing God to use them
in such a powerful way. I believe that Dr.
Shawn and others like him are leading the
way in helping our country realize that so
much of the disease and illness that we are
experiencing and seeing all around us is
being caused by things we are putting in our
bodies and/or exposing our bodies to. After
15 years of medical tests and no answers, I
believe I have FINALLY gotten to the root
of the problem! Thank You!
My message for everyone still in the midst
of their battle ~ there is hope!!! And I believe
you may have just found it!
Jana Clark’s Message
of Hope!
J ana C lark J ana C lark J ana C lark J ana C lark J ana C lark ~ The Colony, TX
(continued from pg. 15)
University, Greifswald, Germany has been
spun various ways on the internet,
depending on the skin-care manufacturer.
The report concluded that the potent, as well
as nearly universal, antimicrobial activity
being attributed to grapefruit seed extract
is merely due to the synthetic preservative
agents contained within. Natural products
with antimicrobial activity do not appear to
be present.
WellVet.com lists a number of studies (not
just the one above) concerning this issue,
and concludes that, “It seems to us at
WellVet.com that the entire effectiveness of
grapefruit seed extract is due totally to the
presence of the preservatives, and the
grapefruit seed extracts have no
antimicrobial effects on their own.”
Safe, Effective Preservatives
Let’s face it. Skin care products need
preservatives. Most are kept in our
bathrooms where there are hordes of
unknown germs, lots of humidity and warm
temperatures. This is the perfect
environment for growing… well, just about
Certain essential oils, like Tea Tree, and
some vitamins, can help reduce some forms
of bacteria when used in high
concentrations. But, the concentrations
required for longterm preservation under
less than ideal conditions put you at serious
risk for skin irritation.
We will continue to follow the research in
this area. But, in the meanwhile, parabens
are highly effective and have been proven
time and time again to be safe for most
people. Their benefits (including health
benefits of preventing disease) far outweigh
any risks associated with their use.
For a long list of testimonials as to how
well and safely our Skin Dynamics products
work, see the bodydynamics.com website.
Even better ~ try them for yourself and enjoy
the beautiful results!
Ski n Care Scare Tact i cs
News Bet ween
I ssues!
Don’t forget to check the
HAYC website for special
dates or events by our
Robert D. Bard, OD, FAAO
Optometrist • Gainesville
Sign up for Dr. Bard’s e-newsletter!
Dr. Bob the Health Builder
Sharyce Wise
Michelle Martz
Founder of TWC
Nutrition & Naturopathy
Chronic Disease Support.
Donna Bowden
Nutrition & Naturopathy
Hormone &
Endocrine Management
Jennifer Powell
First Line Therapy
Cranial/Fascial Therapy
Cold Laser Therapy
Spinal Decompression
he related issues of gluten sensitivity and celiac disease have
increased dramatically in prevalence in this country in recent
years. This increase is no doubt due to the fact that gluten is
now found in almost all of our processed foods. Gluten is one of
the primary proteins in many grains. It is a major component of
wheat (including duram, semolina, and spelt), rye, oats, barley, and
related grain hybrids such as triticale and kamut.
Immune Response & Inflammation
The bodies of people with gluten sensitivity and celiac disease
respond to gluten as if it is an antigen (a foreign substance). This
means the immune system launches an attack against gluten when
it is absorbed by the intestine, causing the lining of the small intestine
to swell. This causes damage to the lining of the small intestine,
making the absorption of nutrients from food difficult, if not
impossible. This leads to a variety of gastro-intestinal conditions
such as irritable bowel syndrome, weight loss (or gain), ulcers, and
Gluten can also migrate to other body systems, including the
nervous system, and cause a multitude of other health disorders,
including autoimmune diseases, headaches, arthritis, chronic
fatigue, fibromyalgia, ADD, ADHD, as well as many other diseases
and symptoms.
Trinity Wellness Can Help
At Trinity Wellness Center, we offer a variety of options for
indicating gluten sensitivity and celiac disease. We offer
Electrodermal screening, which is a non-invasive tool that utilizes
acupuncture meridian points to screen for allergies and sensitivities
as well as help indicate which nutritional supplements are best for
each patient and their specific needs. Another option is saliva test,
which tests for the gluten antibody itself.
We also offer comprehensive nutritional counseling programs.
First and foremost, eliminating gluten from the diet for a period of
time is typically recommended, so dietary counseling and
monitoring is important. Also, in patients with these sensitivities,
healing and repairing the lining of the gut is extremely important.
We use a combination of homeopathic remedies and nutritional
supplements that counteract the negative effects that gluten has on
the digestive tract and on the rest of the body. One main focus that
we have when dealing with these patients is enabling their gut to
once more properly absorb the nutrients needed to fuel the body
and keep it healthy and strong.
At Trinity Wellness Center, we firmly believe that any disease
process can be halted or even reversed if you remove the burdens
and give the body what it needs. This certainly includes the issues
of gluten sensitivity and celiac disease.
We understand that many patients who suffer with these conditions
have been sick for a very long time and have been to numerous
doctors, often with no success. At Trinity Wellness Center, we are
committed to supporting these patients, helping them overcome
these debilitating illnesses, and enabling them to live their lives to
the fullest. If you are interested in learning more about what we do
at Trinity Wellness Center, please call us at (972)317-9355.
Trinity Wellness Center • Highland Village • 972-317-WELL
With Testing,
Dietary & Nutritional
Counseling, Natural
Healing Approaches
& Support ~
Trinity Wellness
Can Help!
Dealing wit h t he Mult it ude of Disorders Associat ed wit h Glut en
Detoxification and Remission
What do these have in common?
Both can be improved with
Humates detoxify toxic waste
dumps and people. There is emerg-
ing evidence that Humates can put
some viruses into remission.
and coming soon...
Detoxification for less than
a dollar per day!
Stop by the office in the front of Wal-
Mart in Gainesville for free CD
(shipping & handling if we mail it out)
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As Far As Los Angeles, Seattle, and New York City
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Neuro-muscular Re-education
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Dr. Wise Dr. Bowden Dr. Martz Dr. Powell
I n-Home RO Syst em
ecently there have been a number of
articles in papers and reports on TV
which basicaly take the possition that
there is no value to bottled water. This alone
is rather mind boggling and, when you add
to it the fact that no one is countering such
misinformation, it makes one think, “What
am I missing?“
It is a sure bet that one can find some
bottled water somewhere that is not better
than a specific tap water that can be found
somewhere. But that isn’t the impression the
reporters are giving. The general impression
these reports are giving is that most tap water
is better than most bottled water.
Municipal Warnings
It makes one wonder if any of these
reporters have ever tasted or smelled tap
water. Just what have these fellas been
drinking? And haven’t any of these reporters
ever read the water reports put out by the
municipal water supply where they warn the
public that, if they have medical problems,
have infants or are elderly, they should
consult their doctor to be advised as to
drinking the water.
No, it‘s not being said that the municipal
water treatment is doing a bad job. There is
only so much worth doing to a water which
is then going to be put into a distribution
system that is guaranteed to contaminate the
water. So, yes, there has to be a very strong
disinfection system to kill the microbes in
the distribution system and chlorine does
that very well.
Chemical Soup
But why would anyone want to drink the
disinfectant? These reporters totally miss
this issue. They seem to ignore the reports
that chlorine mixed with water containing
organic matter (from lakes or streams) can
produce suspected carcinogens, and the fact
that most cities add ammonia so they can
reduce the carcinogens by reducing the
Tap Wat er Bet t er Than
Bot t led Wat er?
Copyright 2007 Richard Cure
BYOB Water Store • Lewisville
(continued on pg. 39)
Grade A Certi fi ed Raw Dai ry
Goat Milk • Jersey Cow Milk • Yogurt
Natural Buttermilk • Kefir • Goat Cheese • Goat Meat
Beef • Free-Range Eggs • Whole Grain Foods
Rocky & Carol Testerman
R&C Dairy and Farmstead • Collinsville
40 Crossroads Rd. • 903-429-2319
Seasonal Produce Available!!
A Walk on the Beach
The IonCleanse© creates
the same environment as a
walk along the beach
because your feet are in
direct contact with the ions.
When you place your feet
in the water millions of
ions enter your body and
begin to neutralize tissue
acid wastes.
Residues found in the water reflect the wastes
that have left the body during the 20-30 minute
Healthy individuals can expect to feel lighter
and experience a greater sense of well being
from each session.
640 S. Stemmons Frwy, Suite 401
1-35 Frontage Road Keaton Exit 1/2 mi North
Sanger, TX 76266
We Accept All
Major Credit
Walk-ins Welcome • Anytime By Appointment
1~$35 3~$90 5~$125
Massage & Aesthetics
Bodywork and Bodywork and Bodywork and Bodywork and Bodywork and
W WW WWellness Center ellness Center ellness Center ellness Center ellness Center
Support for Body, Mind and Spirit
305 W. Woodard
Ste. 102 • DENISON
BWC is so thrilled to announce its relocation to North Loy Lake
Road, on HWY 75. We will be next to Huck’s, in Denison this
fall. We are so excited to be more centrally located in our
For your continued support for body, mind, and spirit, the three
therapists who have made up BWC for over three years are now
being joined by other like-minded therapists of massage and
aesthetics. There will be more therapists, appointment times and
therapies for you to choose from.
What does a bigger facility mean for Texoma-land’s future? In
the past, the therapists at BWC have shown their dedication to the
community through the donation of gift certificates to local charities
through raffles, auctions and door prizes. In addition to that, a bigger
facility will enable our staff to provide free community workshops
for the education of massage, skin-care and healthy lifestyles. We
are so happy to be able to provide more for you!
So come relax, relieve your pain and detoxify your body within
our circle of qualified practitioners.
Peace and Harmony,
Jennifer Batts, LMT
Cindy Deis, LMT Norm Deis, LMT
We are expanding for your convenience and
therapeutic needs!
Mention this article for 20% off your first massage!
Massage ~ Aromatherapy, Headache Release, Hot
Stones, Myofascial Release, Reflexology, Swedish
Relaxation/ Therapeutic, Trigger Point
Detox Treaments ~ Steam Therapy, Seaweed Masque,
Mud Wrap, Sugar/Salt Scrub, Hydra-Surge Facial, Ear
Candling • Energy Work ~ Gentle Touch/ Reiki
We Accept: Cash/Check/Visa/Mastercard
Chair Massage • Couple Massage • Gift Certificates
Special Event Outcalls • 100% Pure Retail
J ennifer J ennifer J ennifer J ennifer J ennifer
D ear Friends, D ear Friends, D ear Friends, D ear Friends, D ear Friends,
orking together with veterinarians and owners, we
compound customized medications of the proper size,
shape, consistency and flavor for each animal. Our
specialized equipment allows us to prepare concentrated oral
solutions; pastes; tablets; dusting powders; nail,
hoof and beak preparations; ear drops, and
much more.
We flavor oral medicines in tutti fruitti for
birds, banana for exotics, liver for dogs, tuna
for cats, and many other interesting choices.
As an alternative to oral administration, many
medications can be compounded into a transdermal gel which can
be applied to the inside of the ear or the inner surface of the leg or
abdomen, allowing the neededdrug to be absorbed through the skin.
If you have problems with a dog licking a sore, we can compound
a bitter-tasting solution which can be sprayed onto a wound or over
stitches to protect them. Community Pharmacy solves medication
problems for people and their pets. Conveniently located near I-
35 and Loop 288 (Lillian Miller) in Denton ~ call 940-382-1618.
Easy-t o-Use Easy-t o-Use Easy-t o-Use Easy-t o-Use Easy-t o-Use
Medicat ions Medicat ions Medicat ions Medicat ions Medicat ions
f or Pet s f or Pet s f or Pet s f or Pet s f or Pet s
and and and and and
Exot ics Exot ics Exot ics Exot ics Exot ics
Do you have problems medicating
your pet?
Compounding = Customized Medications
to Meet Your Needs
Advert isers’ Index Advert isers’ Index Advert isers’ Index Advert isers’ Index Advert isers’ Index
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Adrenaline 4 8
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Body Dynamics 12 10
Bodywork & Wellness Center 37
Boudreau Herb Farm 29
BYOB Water Store 36
Carrollton Massage Institute 32
Cindy Russell, Dr. 24
Community Pharmacy 39 37
D&L Farm & Home 22 30
Family Chiropractic Center, The 11 27
Family Chiropractic Clinic, A 29 20
Golab, Dr. Jonathan 10 19
Grace Medical Association 2
Green Market (Sherman) 30
Natural Health Solutions & Detox 38
Home Educators Resource 13
Hometown Pharmacies Group 19
Karen Moore Biofeedback 32
L&S Ion Cleanse 37
Lifestyle Chiropractic 22 18
Mattresses Plus More 39
NT Family Medicine (Houk) 5 23
Peak Nutrition 20 26
Plaza Pharmacy 30
Power of Health Naturopathics 2
R & C Dairy and Farmstead 37
Stone Creek Family Chiropractic 31 4
Super Health Food 38
Texoma Landscapes & Garden 2 2
Texoma Wellness Center 9 14
Thermography Center of Dallas 17 16
Trinity Wellness Center 36 35
Whole Body Healing 34
Wyldewood Cellars 21 15
Your Health Source Co-ops 28
Z-Coil 25
cl assi f i eds
MASSAGE TABLE ~ new, $115 ~ 903-786-9100.
VIKING GAS RANGETOP ~ 48”, 4-burner, Double Griddle,
$1,800. 903-786-9100.
10 Organic Acres ~ good soil and pasture, organic for 10 years,
corner property, horse country, good price. 888-642-0249
www www www www www.HealthAYC.com .HealthAYC.com .HealthAYC.com .HealthAYC.com .HealthAYC.com
at Abundant Life Health Foods in Lewisville?
Want Your Own
Nat ur al Foods Del i
We’re looking for someone who would like to run their own
natural and/or organic deli providing ONLY soups, salads,
raw foods, sandwiches, smoothies, drinks. You run the
business, we provide the space.
Call 972-221-1210
Call or Email
Jeannette Romonofsky, Herbalist & Foot Spa Specialist
903-870-0632 or 903-271-1300
By appointment only
Herbal Hour Classes
Training opportunities
Natural Health Consults
The B.E.S.T.™ (Bio-Electric Stimulating Technique) unit works through
the most basic and plentiful substance in your body: water! The human
body is approximately 80% water and water is an excellent conductor of
electricity. The body functions off of electromagnetic signals. The brain
sends signals to each part of the body and back to the brain. When cells
have enough energy they are able to function properly. The Energy Foot
Spa charges the water, the water (which your feet soak in) charges your
body, similar to a car battery that charges a car. Thus, the body absorbs
vital energy on a cellular level, creating cell balance.
The body receives the energy and starts detoxing on its own; this unit
does not pull out the toxins as this would then also pull out things that
the body wouldn’t normally release. The purpose is to help the body
work the way it was intended. Thus, in just 35 minutes, the B.E.S.T.™
unit may increase your overall sense of health and wellbeing. Several
Energy Spa users have even testified to a dramatic increase in the potency
and effectiveness of supplements when using the Spa! (This increased
energy may last for several days.) It can be used as often as every other
day, but most people choose to have a treatment on a weekly or bi-weekly
We do not directly dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of herbs or
supplements as a form of treatment for illness. The information provided in this
brochure, and at Jeannette’s classes, is for educational purposes only. Please
consult a licensed health professional should a need be indicated.
Natural Health Solutions & Detox Center
2436 Texoma Parkway, Sherman,Tx
Carol Testerman
of R&C Dairy &
Farmstead in
Collinsville helps
Aubrey’s Lucette
Beall, DVM, and
Hallie Sewell.
Look for HAYC at
the grade A
certified raw
dairy and at
Aubrey Animal
Medical Center.
The Whitesboro
Farmers Market
on Saturday
mornings at
Wellness Center
was a success
for organic Wolf
Creek Farms’
Melody & Tim
Look for Wolf
Creek produce at
Green Market in
Sherman and
Cupboard in
Denton’s Premier Full-Service Phar macy Since 1981
Customized medications to meet each patient’s specific needs
Bio-Identical Hormones for Women & Men
Special Pediatric Dosages, Flavors
Veterinary • Dental • Sterile
Wellness Products including Metagenics®
Hormone & Wellness Consultations/Assessment
Pain Management
Kelly S. Selby, R.Ph., FIACP
Nancy Penn Selby, R.Ph.
Andrew Komuves, R.Ph.
Deeatra Craddock, Phar m.D.
2500 Lillian Miller Pkwy.
Denton, TX 76210
M-F 8:30 - 6 • Sat 9 - 2
www.community-phar macy.net
You eat right. You exercise. But if you are not
getting enough sleep, your health could be suf-
Even the mildest sleep deprivation can be the
root cause of many medical and psychological
conditions, including high blood pressure, heart
disease, obesity, impaired memory, depression
and anxiety. You need eight hours of Z’s a night!
Here are just a few reasons:
For more
information call
$399 Memory Foam
Queen Mattress
Locally Owned and Operated by John and Jackie.
Look for our Balloons Across from Jalapeno Tree.
(continued from pg. 36)
amount of chroine used. Some chemical
soup! And then they add flouride.
It is said that all the water created at the
beginning of the world is the same water
we have to work with today. Like our hands,
God made our water so it can clean and be
cleaned. If the water is contaminated, it can
be decontaminated. It’s just a matter of using
the right treatment processes.
The consumer (YOU) is the only one who
can properly decide what he or she (and your
family) is going to drink. Yes, it is the
responsibility of the producer to properly
label a product, but in the end, it is up to
you to check the label and decide what you
are going to consume.
On our website, www.byobwater.com,
there is a chart showing what the different
water treatment systems do, and a written
discription of various water treatment
systems to help you understand what you
are reading on a label.
Tap Wat er Bet t er Than
Bot t led Wat er?
BYOB Water Store • 972-219-1551
Old Orchard Village East
1288 W. Main • We Fill & Load
35¢ per gallon • 30¢ outside 24/7
Packaged Ice
Welcome to the 10th issue of
Printed Copies Are Available At:
Hometown Pharmacy
Texoma Wellness Center
Texoma Fitness Center
Super Health Food
Plaza Pharmacy & Wellness
Fried Pie Co. & Restaurant
Barthold Tire Company
Bosco’s Gym
Dr. Robert Bard, OD (Wal-Mart)
Kwik Kar
Workout Express
Women’s Wellness & Aesthetics
Main Street Pub & Eatery
Essential Kneads
Lake Kiowa
Kiowa Pharmacy
Mountain Springs
Mountain Springs Feed Store
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Texoma Landscapes & Garden Center
Cotton Patch Restaurant
Bodywork & Wellness Center
Gilley’s Antiques
Antiques on Main
Fit 2 Be Tied
Wild Lotus Beads
Jones Barbeque
Mattresses Plus More
New Life Therapies/
Glyconutritional Science Center
D&L Farm and Home
All About Fitness
Aubrey Animal Medical Center
Pilot Point
North Texas Family Medicine
Pelzel’s Hometown Pharmacy
Integrity Car Care
Recycled Books Records CDs
Cupboard Natural Foods & Café
All-Pure Water Store
CHEC Enrichment Classes
Hair Waves
Nature’s Remedy
North Texas Health & Wellness Center
Community Pharmacy
The Family Chiropractic Center
Lifestyle Chiropractic
Kwik Kar
Jupiter House (on the Square)
Denton Public Library
Inanna Birth & Women’s Care
D&L Farm & Home
Apostle Internet Radio
The Body Design Studio
Small Animal Wellness Center
Bella Fontana Spa
Kelly Square ~ Downtown
Green Market
Power of Health Naturopathics
R & C Dairy & Farmstead
Highland Village
Trinity Wellness Center
Abundant Life Health Foods
B.Y.O.B. Water Store
Lewisville Library
Grace Medical Association
Smith Farm & Garden
Senior Activities Center
Lakeland Baptist Church
Repairs Unlimited
Home Educator’s Resource
Whole Body Healing
Hartwell’s Nursery
The Shepherd’s House Church
Flower Mound
KwiK Kar
Flower Mound Herbal Pharmacy
Stone Creek Family Chiropractic
FM Specialty Foods
Flower Mound Center for
Cosmetic Dentistry
Diabetes Education Center
P.O. Box 580 • Tioga, TX 76271 • 1-888-642-0249
Medical Spa 407
Andrew’s Restaurant
Lantana Gardens
Family Health Market
The Bookworm
Your Health Source Organic Co-ops
Throughout the DFW Metroplex and North to
the Red River • About 700 Members
Peak Nutrition
Firestone (Josey Ln.)
Herbal Health Traditional Chinese Herbs
SpeeDee Oil Change + Tune-Up
Josey Ranch Pet Hospital
Carrollton Massage Institute
Bic’s Restaurant
Exodus Chiropractic Center
Durant (OK)
Family Health Food
Bryan County Animal Hospital
Spiritual Fitness Center
Positive Touch Massage Center
Silver Pyramid
KeKino Institute of Healing
Abrams Royal Pharmacy
Mineral Wells
Boudreau Herb Farm
Mike’s Health Collection
Farmer’s Branch
Norma’s Cafe
Grand Prairie
Henry Guy, DDS
Katy’s Kottage Health Food
Years to Your Health
Tennant Institute
Family UMCA
StarCare Family Medicine
Argyle Feed
Thyme for Life
Crucial Health
North Irving Library
Cimarron Park & Recreation
Half Price Books (NW Hwy)
Herb Mart (Mockingbird)
Nature’s Harvest (Abrams & Skillman)
Renaissance Massage School
Paperbacks Plus (Lakewood)
Legal Grounds (Gaston/Abrams)
Borders (Lovers Lane)
Cosmic Cafe’ (Oak Lawn)
Mawker Coffee (Dallas Farmer’s Market)
Massage Envy
Thermography Center
Abrams Royal Pharmacy
Center for Spiritual Living
Holistic Chamber of Commerce
Z-Coil Pain Relief Footwear
L&S Ion Cleanse
Health Around Y Health Around Y Health Around Y Health Around Y Health Around Your Cor our Cor our Cor our Cor our Corner ner ner ner ner
Coppell Farmers Market

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