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Multicomunal Conservation Area of the Commonwealth of Yacus REDD3

Description: This Project aims to the creation of a Private Conservation Area of Primary Forest of Queñuales, cloudy forests and tropical forests; pro-
perty of farmers community within the 3 districts of the Commonwealth of Yacus, Jauja Province, Junín Region. This area would have an extension
of 28,477.1 has. With the REDD Project aims to reduce the emission due the deforestation produced by migratory agriculture. The profits produced
by the Carbon credits (avoided deforestation) could be use in sustainable economic projects for the inhabitant’s families of the zone. Furthermore,
the protection of this area will face the illegal cutting down of the primary forests.
Current Status: Projects Benefits:
Earliest project start date: January 2010. This project will help to reduce environmental and social problems,
Project lifetime: 40 years. such as the slope deforestation, land slides, soils erosion, low economic
Current Status: The Project has developed a Project profile. Further- income levels, market access limitations, and low quality agriculture
more, the districts municipalities of Ricran, Molinos and Masma are production, among others.
supporting the development of the project. The project will contribute to the conservation of fragile ecosystems
with high biodiversity levels and to enhance the live levels of the local
Estimated Annual Emission Reductions (tCO2/year): inhabitants trough the financing of the protection of the primary fo-
To be determined. rests and the finance of sustainable economic activities.
CER´s negotiation: Open.
Project Participant and Financing
Total project cost: US$ 500,000 Contact Information:
Name: Emerson Salinas Caparachín
Sources of finance to be sought or already identified: Company: Yacus manconmunity
Equity: not defined. Title: Technical secretary
Debt: not defined. Phone: (51-1) 996645428
E-mail: /

“Restoration of degraded forests in the Saywite-Choquequirao-Ampay mancommunity, REDD4

Apurimac, Peru”
Description: The main goal of this project is to promote sustainable livelihoods in the Saywite-Choquequirao-Ampay mancommunity, Apurimac,
Peru. The project aims to restore and conserve 21 889 ha of mosaicked andean forests within the mancommunity. This project will contribute to ge-
nerate substantial information regarding the potential of Andean forests in carbon storage and emissions reductions, in defining baseline scenarios
for degraded Andean ecosystems and in developing monitoring strategies which may further contribute to the development of mitigation projects
concerning restoration practices in Andean forests.

Current Status: Projects Benefits:

Earliest project start date: 2010. This project considers several social and environmental benefits such
Project lifetime: 30 years. as: contribution to employment generation, capacity-building and
Current Status: PIN under elaboration. strengthening in restoration activities, the maintenance of biological
corridors by restoring fragmented forests, water regulation, the im-
Estimated Annual Emission Reductions (tCO2/year): provement of landscape beauty and the improvement of conditions
To be determined. for the development of alternative productive activities, such as eco-
tourism and the carbon financing.
Project Participant and Financing CER´s negotiation:
Total project cost: 1,315,015.00 Open.

Sources of finance to be sought or already identified:

Contact Information:
Equity: not defined. Name: Verónica Gálmez
Debt: not defined. Company: Programa Regional ECOBONA / Intercooperation
Title: Consultant
Phone: (+511) 628-6152

National Environmental Fund - Peru