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REDD Project in the Ecotourist Concession “ Inkaterra” and the conservation concessions of REDD9
“Bioconservación Amaru Mayo” and “Inkaterra - Tambopata”
Description: The project aims to conserve 11,771 ha of Amazon Forest, Madre de Dios, under the integral sustainable forest management in order
to reduce deforestation and its direct impacts on local flora and fauna, the scenic beauty and climate change, whose status is threatened by the
currently before the ever-increasing presence of settlers in the area and the proximity to the transoceanic road.
Current Status: Projects Benefits:
Earliest project start date: To be determinate. The Peruvian Amazon is in great danger of deforestation especially af-
Project lifetime: The period of the concession contract is for 40 years ter the construction of the transoceanic road that goes through this
renewable. rainforest nearly the project area. This initiative provides an alternative
Current Status: Technical studies on characterization of forest on the to forestry context to benefit all stakeholders of the forest (community,
project areas. state, private, NGOs, concessionaries) give the conservation achieving
a tangible monetary value.
Estimated Annual Emission Reductions (tCO2/year):
To be determined. CER´s negotiation:
Project Participant and Financing
Total project cost: To be determined.

Sources of finance to be sought or already identified:

Contact Information:
Equity (%): not defined. Name: Dennis Osorio Málaga
Debt (%): not defined. Company: INKATERRA
Title: Chief of Conservation and Environment
Phone: (+511) (01) 4224701/2225156

REDD+ Project in Asháninka Communities - “TSIMI” REDD10

Description: The project intends to reduce CO emissions from deforestation in 54,000 hectares of the river Ene basin. The main goal of this project is
to promote sustainable livelihoods in 3 Ashánikas communities.

Current Status: Projects Benefits:

Earliest project start date: 2010. This project considers several social and environmental benefits such
Project lifetime: 10 years (minimum). as: sustainable management to preserve pristine condition of local flo-
Current Status: Participatory Diagnostic Analysis into needs and skills ra and fauna, capacity-building and strengthening of community skills
for each village and 18 months capacity building completed; Feasibility and the improvement of conditions for the development of alternati-
Study for a 10 year project under elaboration. ve productive activities (environmental, agro-forestry and livestock).
Community Fund established from PES receipts (the income has been
Estimated Annual Emission Reductions (tCO2/year): administered at TSIMI Association level for the benefit of the whole
To be determined. community).

Project Participant and Financing CER´s negotiation:

Total project cost: To be determined. Open.

Sources of finance to be sought or already identified: Contact Information:

Equity (%): not defined. Name: Carlos Montenegro
Debt (%): not defined. Company: Ecotribal Peru SAC
Title: General Manager
Phone: (+51) (01) 99576 4287

National Environmental Fund - Peru