Bill McCarthy
for Massachusetts Republican State Committee Chairman

Bill McCarthy is deeply rooted in Massachusetts and Republican Politics where he has been an activist and leader. As a State Committee Member
in the 1st Worcester District, and as Worcester County Republican Club President, Bill has worked as a grassroots organizer, coordinator and
campaign manager on a number of elections for candidates and for ballot questions. Bill has experience assisting people who have run for office
which range from school committee and selectman races, to city council campaigns and state level representative races, and at the federal level
(Representative, Senator, and President).

"The MA GOP Leadership has lost its way as demonstrated in the recent election cycle where all the Republican candidates for Statewide Office
and US Representative in Congress failed to get elected. However, I know there is a way home and that is to return to our core values." Just ask
any new activist, supporter, volunteer, or Tea Party member "Why they got involved in politics during the last two years?".

We need to build upon and emphasize the local republican town committees, establish a strong "Get Out The Vote" (GOTV) Program, and create
a platform that our candidates can get behind which will demonstrate to the voters the difference between us and the Democrats. We must rebuild
from the ground up with a grass-roots program. I believe we can not only regain our lost ground but also surge ahead and become the dominant
party in the state.

It is obvious the next chairman must take aggressive action and I plan to lead on the most pressing issues facing our Party: Redistricting, voter
fraud, and the upcoming local elections.

 SLuLe CommILLee Member, CILv CommILLee Member-Wurd CIuIrmun, WorcesLer CounLv RepubIIcun CIub-PresIdenL
 RecIpIenL: WIIIIum W. WIILe, RepubIIcun oI LIe Yeur Awurd zoo¤
 ProIessIon: CrImInuI JusLIce ProIessor
 BucIeIor`s Degree, Annu MurIu CoIIege, SocIuI ReIuLIons
 MusLers Degree, CIurk UnIversILv, PubIIc AdmInIsLruLIon
 DocLoruI Degree, ¡ouIsIunu SLuLe UnIversILv, Humun Resources EducuLIon & WorkIorce DeveIopmenL

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Please take a moment to review some excerpts from the Executive Summary of the Strategic Plan I have already begun to put together.

MA GOP Strategic Plan January 2011- December 2011
The objective of the Strategic Plan is to answer four basic questions with regards to the implementation of a "Model for Winning" for the MA
1. Where are we now?
2. Where do we want to go?
3. When do we go?
4. How do we get there?

A Review of the Recent Election Cycle: This review will include a presentation of Polling Research from the recent MA GOP Candidates (141):
who ran for office from the Statewide level to the Congressional, to Countywide, and to the State District level. Data from a sample of the
candidates attitudes toward State Committee assistance and support during the election cycle and their outlook toward the most urgent strategic
issues facing the MA GOP heading into the 2011/2012 Elections. The following conclusions and implications were derived from the findings:

• "Stay on top of Redistricting or else the seats we won will be lost, and the folks who came close won't have a chance"
• "Stir voter interest where we are strong"
• "The current leader can't take us to the next level"
• "There is a concern that the MA GOP chair will let the state representative seats be forgotten. Please build up the Town Committees"

An Action Plan for the Implementation of Phase 1 of the MA GOP: The Action Plan includes key action steps including priorities, a
Schedule, and fundraising activities. This section answers the question " When do we go, and how do we get there?

Action Steps Key Activities Priority
Execution Dates
1. Elect New MA GOP Chair State Committee (SC) Members vote for Bill McCarthy as Chairman Priority-
January 6, 2011
2. Create a Chairman's
Hotline on the Website
Allow everyone to ask questions and see answers. Hot Items will include:
Redistricting, voter fraud, and the upcoming local elections.
I will respond in a timely manner.
Priority -
January 2011
3. Professionalize the MA
• Disclosure of Accounting Procedures and Transparency of Fundraising Activity
• Posting of State Committee Meeting Minutes Promptly
• Responding to phone calls and inquiries from our Constituents
Priority -
January 2011
4. Start Regional Fundraising
Target regional areas we have analyzed where we can win. Set Local Fundraising Goals Priority -
February 2011
5. Start Grass-roots Programs
with RTC's
Identify and work with potential candidates to set goals for 2011 Elections and
Attain those goals in preparation for the 2012 Elections
Priority -
February 2011

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